Cody says he’s preparing a speech to blow up Jason and Alex’s game “F* Them”

10:35am Paul and Matt Kitchen

Paul says Mark asks him 40 times a week if they are good.
Paul – I was like nobody asks me that question except for you why do you keep asking me
Matt laughs..

Paul – Kevin is f*ing… nobody can stand him anymore..
Paul – nobody.. Nobody
Matt – that happened fast.. How does that always happen
Paul – you know how we were talking about who’s protecting who (the fight with Cody and Alex yesterday)
Paul – Cody was protecting him..
Matt – really
Paul – YES not Mark NOt Elena.. Him (Kevin)

Matt – that’s weird..
Paul – unmmm hmmm

Paul – he’s saying he has my back but trying to flip with those two (Mark/Cody)
Paul – Christmas and Josh can’t f*ing stand him.. Those two up there can’t f*ing stand him..
Josh comes in
Paul – I called that Fool Mark out yesterday..
Josh – where was i
Paul – sleeping
Josh – at 2 in the morning
Paul – Called him out on all the shit he was stiring..
Paul says Mark thinks he’s winning HOH and he said he’s going to make a statement
They all laugh.
Josh – did you dream this because he doesn’t have the balls to do that
Paul says he told him he’s not going after Josh or Christmas
Josh says Mark came to him and told him he’s not coming after him.
Josh – We’ll I’m coming after you”

11:40am Paul, Jason and Alex HOH

Paul says he called mark out last night in the hammock and Mark told him it’s clear the whole house is against him and Elena.
Paul – FOOL you stood up for Cody .. you are the only person in this house that has stood up for Cody.. relax..
Paul adds that Mark said he’s a “Good Human” because he stood up for Cody
Cody adds about Elena “You took 5000 from the HOH when you were on the block, gave her a punishment than lied to the whole f*ing house.. That is your f*ing fault hommie”
Paul – don’t f*ing look at me as if I’m doing something
Paul – he’s like well I guess I gotta win HOH on Thursday
Paul – I was like.. I guess you do
Paul – then he said I’m not wasting int on Josh or Christmas.. I’m not scared of them. THey’re not going to do sh1t

Paul – he said I’m winning HOH on Thursday to MAke a statement
Jason – I probably shouldn’t have told that mother f*er I was going to pu Elena up.
Paul – in that same breath he said I only trust the two people upstairs and Elena.. And I thought I trusted you
Paul – fool
Josh comes in “Who does he think he is” (yeah the nerve of mark telling people he’s coming after them)
Paul – I asked him are you insinuating me
Paul – he just stood there with his dumb face… NO

Paul – in that same breath he said, Why is Matt no longer being mentioned
Paul – I dunno you can f*ing figure out on your own..

Jason and Josh say they are done being friendly “with that meatball” (Mark/Elena the new cody/Jessica, Matt/Raven the new Mark/Elena)

Paul – I think it might be double eviction because it’s a quick HOH.

11:43pm HOH Josh Alex and Jason
Josh is saying that Kevin is being Sketchy..
Jason – he’s mad because we think he’s a floater
Alex – he’s such a liar
Josh says he’s draining all his energy fighting people and Matt is doing shit
Jason – we know Josh..

Noon They get to practice a competition. This could be the next HOH or POV they are not sure. Nobody knows it’s a double coming of course Paul suspects it is.

Matt – damn I want some snapper for lunch..
They giggle

12:38pm Cody and Elena
Cody is mentioning his speech.. Mark and Elena don’t need to worry.
Elena – I’m excited to hear it .. are you going to throw their sh1t on.. out .. blow up their spot
Cody – F* them
Elena – about their alliance
Cody – I’m going to throw Alex in there, Alex and Jason
(makes a move with his fist)
Elena – perfect.. very interesting I’m excited

(Hard to understand because we missed the first 15 seconds of the conversation. Sounds like he’s going to blow people up on eviction night, Alex, Jason.. not sure what kinda ammunition he has if any. )

12:51pm Mark, Elena and Cody
Cody – I’m going to take the target off your back with my speech.. I think I can make it better..
Elena – he’s going to try and put it on Jason and Alex
Mark laughs says Cody over estimates the power of his words
Mark – I don’t know if I want to hug him or punch him half the time..

12:53pm Xmas and Raven
xmas – it’s not really nerve pain medicine.. it’s nerve medicine..
Xmas – it helps a lot..

12:55pm Paul and Elena
Paul is asking her if any one in the house is saying he’s saying anything
Elena – no
Paul thinks people are trying to split Mark and Elena up and poison things between Mark and Paul. (ZOMG)

Elena is troubled by how people talk sh1t behind Josh’s back but when he’s walking around like contradiction they’re all cheering him on
Elena says according to Alex she’s going home next week
Paul says she’s not.
Paul doesn’t understand what Alex is saying

1:03pm Paul giving Alex, Christmas and Matt more retells about calling Mark out..

Paul starts complaining about Kevin saying that he told him if he wins HOH Paul needs to pack his bags and move up to the HOH.
Paul – I was like you f*er
Paul – I think him and mark are going to start to (makes clicking sound)
Matt says he hasn’t spoken any game this season to Kevin

Paul wonders why every week someone from their group jumps shop.. Ship..
Matt says the teams will be 6 vs 3 soon

Raven joins them..

Paul’s just retelling him “Calling Mark out” last night at 2am out at the Hammock..

1:15pm Elena and Mark

talking about not trusting a word from Paul. Elena goes over her conversation with him.
Mark – Paul shut the f* up

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“Paul wonders why every week someone from their group jumps shop”
They don’t jump ship, you Paul make crap up and isolate them.


Yup. Paul pushes them overboard. He seems to do 90% of the talking.

Best thing about this amazing site is the editorial comment. Thanks S and D!

Crazy Dawg

I’ll drink to that.

I’ll drink to that!


Drinks all around!

Melt the Snowflakes

In a house full of assholes Paul is the worst.

Sally Banas

I agree 100%


I just want the BB stars to align tomorrow, give balls to whomever will be HOH in DE situation and get Paul out and just bask in Paul’s utterly confounded face when he faces Julie out the doors…One can dream, right?


I sure wish there was a way to save Cody and Elena tomorrow 🙁

Paul's Brother

I thought it was Cody and Mark first?


Can I get a HOH win for Mark? That fugly Christmas and POS Paul need to go! If not bye Alex. I would love for Matt to win at this point. He hasn’t done sh&t!


Sadly if anyone but Mark or Elena win it will AGAIN be Paul’s HOH. And they aren’t 100% guaranteed to not flop back over to appease the masses.

A Bar Of Soap

Looks like production gave Paul a bar of soap last night to wash his mouth out. I haven’t watched feeds today but by the update here, seems the belittling and swearing has subsided for now and Paul’s big choice of word is now “Fool”.

It was hilarious watching Paul backtrack yesterday and telling the minions how stressful the house is and how it has got to him….all I could think about was playing the worlds smallest violin for him.

Nothing's changed.

No he’s already back at. In complete denial. I am glad that production said something to him though tired of his shit.

Judgmental Judy

My favorite part on After Dark was Paul saying he was fine with not winning last season, because he would never sacrifice his character or morals for money (SMH). Also, when strangers come up to him and tell him about people on their death bed or at the end of their rope, were so grateful for Paul giving them hope on his season. And something about bullying – they were inspired by him to stand up to bullies. OH .. MY ….. GOSH!


I am SO looking forward to Cody’s speech. I hope it blows up Paul’s minions.


Can zingbot come in with a minion shirt on pease


That would be sooooo cool to see Zingbot with a minion shirt!!! When Zingbot comes, there’s going to be so much material that production will have a hard time finding only one line for each of the HG’s!


Production will probably cancel Zingbot and replace him with Victor this season.


Zingbot: “Hey, Christmas, you say you’re a crazy bitch. Have you met Kevin’s wife?”

Zingbot: “Hey, Jason. You questioned Cody’s military service. The marines called and said they are looking for a few good men…and that you need not apply.”

Zingbot: “Hey, Josh. You say you’re a man. You say you aren’t dumb. You say you have a college degree. But…do you have a pacifier?”

Zingbot: I posted this earlier and am repeating it. “Hey, Elena. You would make a great Victoria’s Secret model. Maybe then you’ll wear a bra.”


Moe, hilarious, especially like the one about Xmas being a crazy bitch & meeting and Kevin’s wife, LOL

Anti Paul Puppet

Cody… If you have anything good, use it now you ding dong. Try to save yourself.


At this point, Cody could have footage of Paul with a rifle on the grassy knoll and another of him strangling Mother Teresa and the herd would just look to Paul and ask if they need to throw him the HoH and veto this week. And does he need some water…

Bb real talk

Why dont all you haters just turn the channel and watch reruns of the waltons ….it appears to me that bb needs to remind everyone that this is a game with only one winner of a half million dollars and if i were in the house i would lie, steal, cheat and do everything in my power to put blame on someone else…..paul tried friendship and loyalty last year and finished second…he now understands that you do whatever and say whatever to bring home that cash…go paul…you can make friends later


Except that Nicole didn’t have to do any of the stuff that Paul is doing I this season and she won. So not a fan of Paul now. Paul can easily play the same game as last year and win with these idiots


They are so disgusting it really is sickening! Need to vote CODY AFP to piss them all off!!!

Was a Super Fan

Worse Big Brother Season yet. Like a soap opera. lots of drama, bullying, and fighting. The competitions and eviction nights have been boring.

My last nerve

Things i am tired of.. Matt wearing that damn orange shirt .. Elena not wearing a bra… Ravens stupid “cutesy ” voices.. Elena and Ravens heavily made up faces.. Cody’s crazy eyes.. Josh’s use of meatball.. Paul being worshipped.. Mark being a lovesick puppy dog.. Mark letting people talk down to him and keep smiling and acting like he’s 5’2 105lbs.. Kevin rubbing Christmas leg.. Kevin and Christmas snuggling drinking hot chocolate.. Paul repeating his stories a million times.. honestly the only people I can tolerate onscreen are Alex (although she needs to snap out of her Paul worship) and Jason. Hopefully they make it far because of they go soon the show will literally be unwatchable

I'm a blubbering fool looking at those things

I have no problem with Elena letting her rockets hang without support.

The chick has a set every woman on this site would die for.

Can you imagine the lucky baby who gets to feed of off them. It would be a bloody buffet. I’m so jealous.

Now if you could put Ravens gave overtop of Elena we would be looking at heaven.

Blubbering Fool is Good Name for You!

You missed where she said that when they did her breast enlargement they messed up and now her nipples won’t work, so no baby will be having a bloody buffet on those silicon play toys…


Oh those nipples are working for me sweetheart.


Ravens game? That is like Bigfoot and Loch Ness. It doesn’t exist.


no women wants boobs that hang down to your belly button


ALEX, very nasty person her true colors are out, her asking if Cody really has a daughter, what Elena drives? The SIZE of Marks DICK? when she was yelling at Cody about the cereals yesterday. She reminded me of MICKEY ROONEY IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY always yelling at Audrey Hepburn


Best comment lately. I did like the zingbot thing too.


Paul, don’t you dare go after Kevy!!!! C’mon Mark or Kevin. Win the next HOH! Paul needs to be knocked down a few notches.


I read that Christmas won the next HOH


They couldn’t put something Mark could win?
I know BB wants Paul because he’s bringing them ratings (first time ratings have improved in a while), but realistically Paul isn’t going home even if Mark wins HOH (Josh, Xmas, and Maven’s votes to stay against Alex. I realistically think he’ll have Kevin too this is worst case scenario), so finally having the opposition win won’t hurt ratings.
Other than the bullying it was fun to root against Paul when Jody was in the house. I think most people are on the same page about rooting for Mark to work against Paul, but after that who is there to root for?
Elena won’t do anything on her own.
NOBODY will root for Maven or Xmas and Josh.
When Jason and Alex are on the bottom and not under Paul’s influence they are likable (the edit has been kind to Alex) but I don’t think they’ll escape that before it’s too late for Alex.
Kevin is rootable but he’ll never be able to take out Paul if he doesn’t win HOH.
A friend I know hates this season but keeps checking in to see if somebody finally puts up Paul. If she has nobody to root for to put up Paul she’ll check out. Basically sums up casuals.


This afternoon I watched the feeds as they were practicing the shuffleboard, and Mark says he grew up playing shuffleboard and he enjoys it. Maybe there is some hope that he can win it since he’s used to playing it. One can hope 🙂


Yeah I heard that but I think of it this way. Maybe if they did it 10 times each Mark would average the best score out of everyone. When it’s just one time all it takes is a little bit too much push and Mark is out. With the numbers against Marlena I think it’s in Paul’s favor.


Obviously they are putting in comps in that Christmas can participate in.


Ugh…..I just can’t with these people. I think maybe Production is pumping in the crazy or something. Now Alex is having a war with Cody over cereal??? Cereal????? Really? And whether or not she is doing it out of boredom or she really is THAT crazy I don’t know but it’s ridiculous.


At least she’s standing up to that cereal killer looking dude


Alex looked liked Mickey Rooney when she was yelling at Cody


For what though? Cereal? C’mon…give me an f’ing break. And I’m truly hoping that comment was “pun intended” and you don’t really think that is how it is spelled.

My 2 cents

Can’t wait to hear Codys speech! I mean I’m not sure it will Impact the house guests but hopefully he gives us viewers something entertaining to hear! Hopefully whoever wins hoh will put up Paul and Christmas ????

What a Dud

Unfortunately, this season is turning into a dud. Coulda been great with a little luck (i.e. had a physical comp been in the cards the last few weeks) and if Kevin saw the light earlier (I’m still not entirely sure he sees it now!). A team of Jessica, Cody, Mark, Elena and Kevin would have been formidable…and would have been able to take on Paul and his cronies (a broken Christmas, Jason, Alex, Josh, and boring Maven).

Now I see no way, short of winning HOH back to back to back, that Mark, Elena, or Kevin survive. Unfortunate that Paul will get to final 2 because no one is smart enough think ahead this year and realize if he is there he is going to win. All his cronies will gladly vote for him in the final. Would LOVE for him to somehow lose out in final 2 again though, would be poetic justice!

Not a Meatball

Just like Russel Hantz came in 2nd on Survivor 2 seasons in a row. That too was poetic justice.


I want Cody to stay…hes the only one with balls to put big mouth Paul up on the block…..Paul got to go and his little puppets need to cut their strings from him and ban together to get Paul out!!…If they dont hes going to win some money again…….


this season is just the worst Paul is so paranoid he cant think properly he will be stunned to find out the backlash against him what a douchebag this year


Liked them all for a while…Paul…wow man….so dissapointed in your game play….you’re followers hopefully are seeing your game plan..”ummm nope, not yet…..but outside of this….ouch…it’s gonna hurt you big time. Elena…put a f’n lid on your braless stretch moves/staring as if you give a flying “f” about Mark… are so obvious in your tactics. Mark….come on man. Wanna see Kevin or WhistleNut or Mark to the end.


I hope when Cody is going out the door Thursday, the red light and siren goes off and there is no eviction.

ramses last laugh

atthe end of day they should have kept ramses around!


Manson aka Paul and his minions are mentally deranged psychos! It could of been a great season if BB would of rigged it for Mark, Kevin, Elena and Cody instead of rigging for Manson and his followers! IT is apparent that hate and bullying is what CBS is all about! BB what happened to good game play??


Finally, I wondered if anyone on this site every read Helter Skelter? Hard to watch, hope the public shows them all what we think of the antic’s this season. Disgusting, to say the least. Cody may have his flaws, but he kept his soul. If not for people like him our country would not be a free society, period. Paul has the worse cas of short man syndrome I have ever seen. He told America last night if America wanted to see his (Dick) we must pay him for that. I have run out of demeaning words for this bunch. Hope next year is better.


Has Alex ever seen Big Brother, getting into screaming matches about pillows and cereal is horrible game play. She can’t play in HOH and she has made herself a target. They pick fights with Mark and Elena and tell them they’re going to put Elena up. Mark will win HOH and Alex will go home over Paul. Also she totally pissed off Cody and might have lost his jury vote. They really did pick the stupidest people they could find so that Paul would steamroll the season.

Please next season already!!!!

I would like to see Mark and Kevin do something but Mark is so naive. I mean Alex walked in and talked about him, not knowing he was there and she managed to turn it completely around on him. Crazy. Paul definitely has control of everyone. If he wanted to change the direction of the game and go with Mark and Elena he could totally make it happen. I never seen anyone do this in my life.


One of the punishments should have been no talking and Xmas,Paul and Raven should have gotten it! Ratt needs to go! This year the majority checked their brains at the door….stupid follower mentality…


Cody will make his speech to out Jason and Alex, then he will be evicted.
I just hope Julie doesn’t ask the same DUMB ASS question – Why didn’t you do that all Week to stay in the game ??
Umm Julie have you been watching this Fu**ed up game ??? LoL


why would she ask that? How does outing Jason and Alex help him stay in the game? They aren’t on the block!
Uh Derp, uh derpity derp derp

clean sweep

derek xero times onthe block


I seriously think Paul might be bordering on the edge of insanity. He’s got a solid hold on the game, yet he’s needlessly going way over the top. BB should get a padded room ready for him.


He reminds me of Brad Pitt in the movie (The twelve monkeys) totally insane

Crazy Dawg

How tall is Paul? Always saying Cody has little man complex.


deflecting….Paul is jealous of Cody

Just Me

Paul and his gang of mental midgets are ruining what used to be an enjoyable social experiment. We can go anywhere and view nasty bullies. Not really what I’m looking for in a tv show. C’mon CBS!

clean sweep

yet when paul won hoh-pov there was no renom whern he saved jason but there renom on this pretty sure that breaking the rules


I think that was because Jason was the 3rd nominee, due to the temptation competition. Matt was the 3rd nom this week, due to the temp. comp. If he had saved himself instead of Jason, there would not have been a renom.

no renom

paul fre pas again with renom


Only those players nominated by the HoH can be replaced. Any other person on the block just gets removed.

paul ego

paul get free pass oops

Is Paul saying Cody has little man complex? Seriously!

Punch Paul In the Throat 2017

What does being sketchy even mean?


Couldn’t of said it any better. Matt n Raven have done nothing and I dont know why Xmas is even there.


I`m so glad the house is turning on Kevin. He gotta go.

And Cody is so so so hot hot hot hot


Dan Gheesling would like to introduce himself to you.

Paul not even top 10


It’s just a game with Paul? OMG, it’s VERY personal with Paul the Terrorist! You just don’t go after people like that unless it is personal. Imagine the professional teams talking and acting like he does in a “game”


I’m just hoping Jeff gives Alex a box of cereal on finale night.


“Paul – Kevin is f*ing… nobody can stand him anymore..
Paul – nobody.. Nobody
Matt – that happened fast.. How does that always happen”

Yeah, how DOES that always happen?

Honestly I don’t know if I’m more annoyed by Paul’s need to endlessly talk BS or Kevin being talked about/targeted more than Matt & Raven. Has Kevin actually done anything in the last week to justify the hate that Alex and Paul are speeding? I feel like Paul made just one “Kevin is acting shady” statement and Alex flew into an “I hate Kevin” tirade she has yet to finish.

These people are exhausting. I dunno if anything Cody has to say will get through to anyone, but I’m up for seeing him try. If I were him, I’d reiterate that nobody is going to win if Paul stays in that house and they may think it was stupid for Jess to give up her game for Cody, but they’re all blind, deaf and dumb if any of them think they aren’t doing the same exact thing keeping Paul around. They may not care, but hopefully it gets said.

Am I watching Carrie

I know Paul is pimping everyone but who does he really plan to take to the final 2? I realize it is not Kevin or Raven. He is mad at Kevin’s social game and does not want to risk getting supposed sympathy votes for Raven. And does Alex really think she can win over Paul. The DE will be interesting because they will have to vote out their own.

Paul's Fan

Gotta say contrary to most of you, I love Paul! He’s been in the toughest position as the lone vet yet has been able to manipulate, mobilize and master the minds and actions of pretty well everyone in this years house. He deserves the win for outperforming and conning this whole group. No-one has played this years game better.


Sorry Simon I see no Kraken here!!!

Whistling sissy

Hopefully mark wins hoh tomorrow. For DE, they only get a few moments to strategize. He should go to Paul first and ask them who he should nominate, then immediately go to those 2 people and tell them Paul wants them out. Nominate Paul and Alex. Even with a veto saving either, he should have the numbers to do what he wants. Paul will not have time to lie his way out of it. Even better if Elena did this scenario


I thought on Christmas temptation they had to draw a name not just Christmas replacing Cody I think they need to check the rules

Hate him

Paul is making everyone hate Kevin because he knows he has zero chance of beating him in the final 2. I guarantee Paul is thinking Raven for final 2, because that’s a sure-win.


Paul know’s Raven outside the BB house. She is a good friend to Victor, I don’t think it is fair for any player’s to know each other, unless it is a game twist. Also, don’t think it is fair for Christmas to be in the house, she cannot play, but can help Paul and still has a vote, completely unfair to everyone else, If any player who has been voted out had an accomplice this game would be completely different.


Big brother bullies is this season. Alex n josh n bitchmas n paul n raven. They suck. Need a twist to keep cody n turn tables on those pathetic bullies.


Am I the only one who thinks Elena looks like a blow up doll?


Maybe it’s because her mouth is always open.. look back at random shots of her in this site and she has the duh mouth open look.. and when she puts on that red lipstick.. holy horror! I think she looks best make up free

These people

I’m so sick and tired of Paul. Is there ever any truth to anything he says? I just can’t take it anymore. Why won’t Alex open her eyes or her ears and listen to Jason? Get rid of Paul, is our only hope really in Mark winning HOH? Blaaaaaahhhhhhhhh