Jason – “Everyone in this house is a bully when it works for them… expect for me.”

2:16pm APSR Mark, Paul, Xmas, Elena, Jason, Kevin
Paul – Mark how come you didn’t say anything..
Mark – to what
Paul – to Josh being personally attacked by his weight
mark – I was not there
Paul – you were sitting at the couch bro
Mark – I didn’t hear what was said I was talking to Elena and Raven about wildlife sh1t
Kevin – I wasn’t there when he was saying personal stuff

Paul – Cody and Jessica were calling him fat a$$ a fat f*
Paul – as somebody that has personally gone through that why didn’t you stand up.. that’s my question
Mark asks Elena if she heard those things
elena – no
mark –  so why
Paul – just asking dude
Mark – no no no you’re clearly pissed off
Paul – I am
mark – so why wouldn’t you just ask me other than assuming
mark – You asked my why I didn’t step in .. you did ask me if i F*** heard it
paul – ya .. but you just told me you didn’t hear it you don’t have to get defensive.. (WTF paul)
Mark – you could have approached me by saying did you hear what Cody said
Paul – Clearly you heard because we’ve been talking about.. you had a different approach when we were attacking Cody and Jessica, When we were attacking Cody and Jessica you said you don’t stand up for things like that

Paul – why didn’t you feel that way when Josh was being attacked
mark – cause I didn’t hear those words
Paul – no that it’s being said how come you have nothing to say about it when you have personal experience
Mark – josh attacked me not game level when you call somebody a bully or attack their personality..

Mark – not a single person said anything to me about it
Paul – what do you mean
mark – this happened twice .. in the hot tub and in the kitchen .. Josh came to me.. I’m a bad person, I’m a bully, that I have a shitty personality, that I’m not a good person twice.. I’m not expecting people to stand up for me

Mark – But did anyone take my side
Paul – I know personally you’ve been through this that is why I’m asking how you feel about it
Paul says he’s upset because he’s seen people deal with weight issues in his family with his sister.
Mark says he didn’t know who started what
Paul – Cody attack his weight
Mark – Josh was attacking Cody’s looks.. whatever is on his face makes him puke is disgusting..
Paul – oh so you heard that
mark – Cody wasn’t screaming at him, Cody got in his face..
Paul – I dunno.. none of us said anything..

Paul starts calling mark out for making a big deal when they attacked Jessica and Cody but now when the rods, Fat, Puddgy are being used he’s quiet.
Mark – I didn’t hear any of those words.. again
Paul – you heard them now.. I’m asking you what are you feeling I’m not trying to single you out I’m just asking a question

Mark – it’s wrong to say those words
Paul – vocalize it .. you’ve been through it and it hurts
Mark – so you came to me with the pots and pans.. where was everybody else..

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2:30pm Paul and Mark APSR

Mark – me and Josh have been bullied, I learned something from it..
Mark – regardless if this is personal or strategy i wouldn’t continue to harass people..
Mark – people don’t think it’s bullying they think it’s strategy because it doesn’t use words. that’s not harassment?
Paul- it is harassment
Mark – Thursday morning there was harassment on me .. the Thursday I thought he was going home he followed me around with pots and pans

Mark – nobody was saying anything.. just because he wasn’t using any words it’s ok?
Paul – no
Mark – ohh
Paul – his game strategy was I’m going to get under Mark’s skin
mark – Who was there for me .. Cody
Mark – everybody is egging it on because it’s funny
mark – now of all a sudden someone a little meaner wants to use words .. whats the f*ing difference
Paul – there’s totally a difference dude and you know there is a difference
Mark – NO, when he was doing pots and pans and sh1t with me that brought me back to when I was bullied
Mark – he could have said anything.. it’s that harassment aspect.. I’m defensive I have not control.. that’s the bully aspect that is what he’s doing

Paul- Okay point made I understand
Mark – because we have a legit tough guy in the house that doesn’t see it as just a game and wants to make it personal .. I don’t care..

Paul says the only reason he brought it up to Mark is because of the wording that Cody used and he knows Mark went through Weight challenges.
Mark – when people call me those names I’m not f*ing antagonizing them.. I’m not going back and forth with them .
Paul – it’s still not Ok dude
Mark says he didn’t hear any fat comments from Cody because he was in the other room.

Mark – it’s comical, you guys are acting like Josh is the f*ing victim here
Paul – when someone hurts you with words you’re a victim
Mark – So if I push you and you knock me the f* out I’m the victim
Paul – no.. but this is a game this isn’t real life..

Mark says it’s hard to separate game and life when it’s personal.
Paul says that is the game they signed up for the pressure cooker aspect is a big part
mark – so I signed up to get bullied
Paul – no
Mark – but I got bullied

Paul – had Josh come to you and called you a fat a$$ and a Fat F* you better believe I would have said sh1t to him to or be having this conversation with him
Mark – well here is the beautiful thing I don’t f*ing know because clearly people heard it and didn’t say a f*ing word
Paul – heard what
Mark – I dunnno if you were one of them but people clearly heard what cody said to josh (fat comments)
Paul – right (paul being 1 of them)
Mark – who said something
Paul – nobody
Mark – they want to wait until after to react.. how f*ing pathetic is that
Paul – absolutely pathetic .. I was just asking because you personally went through that.

mark – all these people want to act like it so F*ing bad what Cody says
Paul – and said nothing but Josh was standing up for himself
Paul says that Josh told them not to get involved unless COdy got in his face.

Paul says Josh was crying in the HOH after hearing what Cody said to him, “It broke my heart seeing him sobbing because of words I have seen my sister in that state”
Mark – does your sister antagonize someone like that
Paul – no

Mark – if you antagonize someone enough they are going to say something
Paul – of course
Mark – truthful I can’t handle it that is why you don’t see me antagonize people
Mark – the way Josh is acting is comical..

Paul says the things Cody is doing is Way over the line
Mark – than somebody needs to say something
Paul – we have.. to Cody..
Mark – nobody said anything in the moment..
Mark – But Paul are you really worried Cody is going to hit someone in this game..
Paul – yes.. absolutely.. if he gets to a point where I get pushed to a certain limit I might not be able to control myself
Mark – dude, who is he going to hit..
Paul says Cody might cross someones line and cause a violent reaction

Mark – everybody acts like the shit Josh did to me was deserved because of the drink
Paul – never
Mark – ok, then they think it’s because i’m just the bigger guy and can just walk away
Paul – no f*ing way
Mark – I’m not hearing people behind closed doors saying that sh1t was f*ing wrong.. i’m not understanding this at all
Paul – voice it dude
Paul says the reason why he laughed when Josh was “bullying” Mark it’s because he felt uncomfortable.

Mark says it’s pretty stupid if Cody actually hits Josh it’s all recorded.. he’ll go to Jail.
Paul says what if Cody hurts someone before he goes to Jail ..
Mark – do you think if he says it or not that will change the kid..
Paul – why is that behavior in here..
Mark – you go into someones room and hit pots and pans you follow them around hit pots and pans keep talking non stop..
Paul – it is harassment
mark – that’s f*ing harassment.. I’m sorry I don’t have sympathy and voicing concern because of words that were said to that individual

Mark points out that Christmas has a very strong point of view and said nothing during the whole thing “that’s a coward”

Mark points out that after Paul and Cody got into it. Josh and Cody did (last week) and during that fight Josh made personal remarks against Cody not game related.

Mark – I told Josh to sht the f* up and that is why he attacked me and everyone just enjoyed the show
Mark – people are just looking at isolated incidents, they just want to be with the group they just don’t want a target on their back and it happens every season of Big Brother and it’s a joke because it is a game and I know you don’t want to be on the outside
Mark – this is pathetic how this game has got

Mark – you’re crying about how somebody treated you but let me go antagonize them some more.. when you really get hurt by somebody you don’t keep antagonizing them you leave them the f* alone

Paul says Josh is a child sometimes adds that Josh is reacting emotionally that is how he is.
Paul says he’s very upset with the fat comments because his sister suffered from anorexia
Paul – I’ve had it with Cody. I’m done..

2:48pm Jason and Alex
Jason is pointing how Matt and raven are acting like Jason never had Alex’s back.
Jason – I’m not going to jump in and whip Cody’s a$$

Alex – at least hold him down while I punch him..
Jason – in the outside world I’ll hold fools for a hundred days and let you cheap shot the piss outta them.. but in here..

Alex – he ran into the house and tried to jump Josh, nobody stepped in, Matt didn’t step in, Raven didn’t step in
Jason – they don’t want to get f*ing ejected
Alex – raven is trying to say that she hit her hand trying to pull me out of the way..
Alex – I’m like don’t worry about me I’m ok
Jason – they (Matt/Raven) know they are f*ed
Jason – if I win HOH I’m putting the pair of them up
Alex – If it comes down to you and me i’ll throw it to you

3:13pm Josh and Mark APSR
Mark clears up that he wasn’t in the room when Cody, Jessica and Josh were arguing. If he heard the weight comments first hand he would have said something.
Josh says he blacked doesn’t remember who he say in the room.
Josh calls Jessica a name dropper and a loser.

Josh – no more pots and pans
Mark – was that your choice or theirs
Josh – theirs

4:05pm Alex and Jason Storage room

Jason says Josh is scared of the backlash but he keeps doing it.
Alex says they were being a bully to Josh
Jason – everyone in this house is a bully when it works for them… expect for me..
Jason laughs..

4:05pm Xmas says that CBS tried to contact her a couple years ago but the person she had answering her emails f*ed up..

4:17pm Still in the game.

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Someone please remind me why they call it the ASPR room


austin powers room



cody legit bully

i defended cody against comments about him being a soldier that rapes women and shots children in the head to increase his kill count. well after seeing the way that prick acts i take my comments back. this guy is a horrible excuse for a human being. no class. no brains. and u know he needs to get beat up to humble himself. he thinks he’s kings shit tough guy but the reason he’s like that is bc hes aggresive and no one in the real world acts like that so he gets away with it in real life cause everyones too mature to use violence for everything. he’s just ur typical loser. king of highschool and bum after. wait till jessica gets out of the house and looks around his shack he lives in after and sees all the dirty cups and beer cans along with dirt on his floor. ya thats way better then living it up in a penthouse condo with a guy that drives a bentley. she’s really gonna live the simple life for that prick. i hope this dick head reads this shit when he gets out. jessica is not in jury bc of that dick and she still listens to him. he’s a strait up goof and no on should give him resepect even if he served. if he really wants to serve then go back to the warzone and die u prick. america doesnt need red neck racist that think thier living in pre civil war days.

Trigger warning

Bully? Hahahaha ! Life’s hard cupcake and Josh deserved a dose of reality. Looking forward to Seeing you in the civil war , but probably won’t . I’m sure you’ll be the one hiding , talking shit from your safe space


Josh deserved every bit of if can’t take the heat leave the fame and go home


A bigger man walks away and doesn’t let pots and pans stir him up, Cody is not mentally able to play this game. He said it himself for him this is real life. That in it self is scary. We are constantly being provoked in one away or another by people etc do we just threaten or beat people up in retaliation? No, because the majority of us are civilized human beings!


A bigger man walks away and doesn’t let pots and pans stir him up, Cody is not mentally able to play this game. He said it himself for him this is real life. That in it self is scary. We are constantly being provoked in one way or another by people etc do we just threaten or beat people up in retaliation? No, because the majority of us are civilized human beings!


Ever hear of punctuation? When you do, then I’ll consider your opinion worthwhile

Rod Rosendouche

You are such a giant pussy!!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How’s that for punctuation??????????????????????

Still an a@@

Hey Cody, thank you for your service you pos dead from the neck up as@hole


Go to hell JOSH, you fat ass! How dare you call a girl fart to her face? This is the most disrespectful remarks I have ever seen, much more serious than calling you a fat Bitch. Don’t act like you are public number 1 victim.

So calling a girl farting around is ok? Sending someone home, faking the kindness and Trying to act pretentious in front of someone who is going to get evicted is not cruel? I have to say It serves him right, fat ass.


Josh did Not call her fat! She called him that!


How can anyone worry about Josh calling her a name. Those of us that have watched her have sex on national tv with someone she knew for a week can think of a more appropriate name to call her.

Just saying

Let’s not forget about Matt & Raven..
They are just as busy under the sheets.
Jody isn’t the only couple having sex on national television.
And who knows??
There’s always hope for Xmas & Kevin too.
They were busy dry humping earlier today..
Yes, on National Television ?


Mark any Eleana I have also


What’s the name for those who have watched? (Just curious.)

Combat vet

Insert tampon in the hole under your nose you giant Vagina


Who edits this shit? It looks like a 5 year old wrote this. Learn to spell.


Timely summaries or polished articles…the two don’t go hand in hand. We are getting more than we paid for, I believe.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

Paul is a true scum bag. He lies and lies and then to cover his tracks he lies some more. He eggs Josh on and then tells other HG’s that he doesn’t support that. I would love to see Cody take his head off (metaphorically). Play the game Jody because the other side is values and morally weak. They are SJW’s who use mob mentality to inflict their own judgements on others. These SJW’s are now the scourge of America. Hit ’em in the chops~!!


ITS A GAME!!!!!!!!!!


APSR. Austin Powers Sex Room.


Undid taping of shows and after dark, when Julie Chen didn’t step up and allowed house to bully and taunt last week. Never part of Big Brother, watched every episode and season, but I just wanted to post here: if it were done to Josh, the outrage… cowards all, and those that watch the show, there must be a bully in you too.

Watcher On The Wall

So wait… what happened??

Watcher On The Wall

Simon/Dawg do you know what happened between Cody and Josh? Last I saw, Cody was coming at Josh and then the feeds cut.

Judgmental Judy

LMBO – good one. Broken Wrist YouFundMe account!


OMG I literally busted out laughing at this! LMFAO too damn funny, Thank you!!

Watcher On The Wall

LOL Simon, good one! Thank you for responding.


OMG! Does this monster not know she could die, literally, any second from her two terminal illnesses?! He toe was already decapitated and may kill her too because of gangrene…


Well apparently she don’t know she can die if she’s gonna jump in between men fighting

Karen S

You all do realize what this is? Paul has heard in the DR that he’s getting bad mouthed by America for the bullying. So what can he do to justify Mark talking about being bullied? Cody and Jess being bullied? Turn it on the victims. It’s a legal manuever. You discredit the victims. It’s cold and callous and works in a court of law if you can make the victim look less than desirable. BUT….. what Paul is not counting on is the “Fans” who watched it all go down. And his big hairy hand in it. Oops…maybe I’m bullying Paul now. I used words lol


Surprised Matt’s orange muscle shirt did run over and break her fall. Surely, that thing must be able to roam around without the assistance of Matt.


Josh was coming at Jody with the pots and pans Cody went to take them from him then The feeds cut

big bro

So paul makes a big deal when cody and jess verbal attack josh but it’s okay when him and his followers to verbal attack jess. Paul is trying to be the good guy but it’s too late.


Apparently it’s okay to constantly tell someone that they “suck as a human being,” as long as you’re not calling them stupid or fat.


I really hate Paul. I find his behavior the most disgusting, trying to get a rise out of mark and try and twist his words!


The irony is, paul and Kevin call Josh the Blob behind his back.

So paul, shut up about fat shaming.


Paul is a worthless POS. Only somebody that stupid would call out another person that wasn’t in the room. Paul was and didn’t say a damn thing. Josh is a grown up but has the maturity of a 14 year old. Paul pushes him to do this sh!t and then act like he’s not responsible. He’s a child himself. Go home Paul and let your momma wipe your little bottom. Idiot

Fruit Loop Dingus

Paul is only doing it for the edits for prime time. Production this time around has made sure to keep this point in his head. Don’t forget Paul has played this game before and he is on day 150 in the big brother house. The edits last week were pathetic and made Paul look like he was a bystander watching the craziness rather than the guy he truly was which is the Charles Manson instigator.
I truly would not be surprised to find out later that Paul is actually apart of the production crew and he injected himself this season because they realized they had such a boring cast.


They were not being verbally attacked. Nobody ever called the any names. Stop defending These two. They don’t even play the game!
If everyone is defending them because you think Cody would have or could have evicted Paul, You are more salty than Jess and Cody are. First off, Nobody will work with Cody to do that and when he took his first shot nobody would have voted Paul out if they were able to because he had already had them locked in. BAD GAME PLAY. So, I do not want to see or hear Cody and Jessica talking about, having se and babies… like GTFO.. This isn’t the bachelor… Other people are playing the game besides Paul but by far Paul is playing the best. It is a game folks. Get over it.

Does it really matter

Wow Paul how many excuse your gonna make to Mark about Josh, you heard and were apart of trying to get Jessica and Cody to crack but didn’t saying anything then because it was convenient for you to isolate them even further, or even when it was happening to Mark, you only care when it affects someone in your circle that’s not a great way to handle things

Pauls vagina

Why didn’t you step in paul if you heard it . That’s because paul is a pu$$y


Bravo Mark! About time someone called out Paul for being hypocritical.

” Paul – his game strategy was I’m going to get under Mark’s skin” No Paul that was your game strategy that you encouraged – and still encourage.


Cody wants to go with Jessica that’s why he did what he did,but why not just walkout now & meet up with Jessica Thursday? Oh that’s right he actually needs the money he made so far. He should use his stipend to buy Jessica an engagement ring to pay her back for giving up 500,000 for him.


First of all, we all know that Jessica was not going to win so stop saying that she gave up $500,000 for Cody. Paul is right about one thing (and only one) this house is a pressure cooker and emotions are going to boil over. They are all annoying as heck in there. Paul is just making himself look worse to the viewers so keep it up Paul. He sucks the most out of all of them. I want to here the audience boo him when he finally leaves..


Troll you are an idiot. Jess never wins 500K so stop Lying about it moron! Jess goes and Cody gets stuck in Jury but gets a full stipend. He is not self evicting, period. Maybe the geniuses figure out keeping a bigger target in the game is smart. Jason, Kev and Alex should actually cut an F4 deal with Cody and keep it legit. They need votes to get rid of Paul’s sheep or no backdoor will work. Problem is these 3 just do not understand BB strategy.
Think of it this way. Worse case scenario Cody gets F2. If he does he wins 50K. There is no way he ever gets the votes to win. Keep Paul til the end F2 your all playing for 50K max as no one beats Paul heads up IMHO. None of these folks have figured this out. Kev is closest with his talk about keeping Cody til F7. These folks just do not under stand vote counting. Maven, Josh Xmas and Paul can control every eviction from F11 down as long as they are HOH. I do not think those 4 will turn/vote against Paul. The others need Cody more than any of these noobs realize. Would you risk 50K for a chance at 500K. You bet I would any day and a big target to hide behind. BB strategy 101………..


I would respect Mark more if he just gave Paul a gigantic F*U! I wish somebody would question my reaction or lack thereof to anything. I’m grown; you don’t question me, lol. All this PC bull crap! Like Paul really gives a crap about “bullying” BS when he’s the one setting that big ass crybaby up to get his little feelings hurt, lmbo.

Go Home Gnome

Shut up little gnome. You are a hypocrite and a coward. If you are so tough, go defend Josh yourself.

Sensitive Sally

Big Brother 19 season of Oblivion. This season is straight out of the twilight zone where bullies cry about being bullied and everyone plays a victim, even the bully. Each person in that house has bullied another of just flat out talked serious crap behind the others back which has nothing to do with gameplay.

What is all this talk about violence, beating the other house guests up, are these house guests really this oblivious and is this what Big Brother has come to, even Mark is starting to question the game of Big Brother. All of a sudden Paul’s ego is crushed and playing a victim.

What ever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones by names will never hurt me? This reverse psychology of I can call you any name but once you call me a name, Im a victim is just bizarro world.


#Millenials #PolitcalCorrectnessWeakness



Raven's black tears

Paul was right there. Why didn’t he say something to Cody? Paul is full of shit.


Hilarious Paul says it’s crossing the line when you call someone fat…hahaaaaaaaahaaaa ahhhh hahahaaaaaaa lmao but all the foul language and names Paul called Cody (and Raven and Alex and Christmas) including bashing his Military service is ok! No lines crossed there. What a joke. Glad Mark called him out (somewhat)


They never bashed his military service to his Face! don’t get it twisted. And all they did was question it for 5 seconds, and actually Paul said he believed he was in the service not like a few others who questioned it. get over it.


Paul started all this . Put everyone up against Cody and Jessica . He made it personal and kept Josh attacking them . Why do they still follow that piece of crap. Evict him already


Because he is secretly scared of Cody


It’s only a secret to Paul.


Because Paul is afraid of Cody…….

Pauls vagina

I didn’t say anything because im a bigger pu$$y than my mangina


It is times like this that remind me what endeared me to Mark in the 1st place

Done with it.

Mark legitimately trying to make a valid point and Paul just continues to drive his false narrative in an attempt to change reality. We see you for who you really are Paul. You jumped around like a child egging Josh on 24/7…Josh-pots and pans….Josh-get the pots and pans……Jessica was wrong for name calling but what does he expect when you back someone into a corner. They fight back and you call them bullies yet when they don’t you call them cowards and make jokes about Cody being on a leash. All lies. Props for mark trying to stand up to Paul.


Bravo Mark for standing up to the instigator Paul. Don’t let him bully you and don’t become his minion.


WOW so according to Paul it is fine that Mark was bullied by Josh and Cody and Jessica were bullied by the entire house, like them or not that is a fact, but only when Josh is called names is bullying wrong!!!!! Paul started all of this but only when it affects Josh is it wrong!! Josh bullied Megan the 2nd day she was in the house and Paul egged Josh on with the rest of the bullying but Paul has no problem with that?? BS Paul you and Josh started all of this bullying!!! I Am loving MARK!!!! Paul you really are a POS! Josh if you cannot take it then do not dish it out!!! BUllying is wrong period and Paul is the ringleader of these fools!


Actually Jody started all this week 1 after the vote didn’t go their way, their fault btw Cody blindsided his alliance with his plans without telling them to cushion the blow), not condoning what happened last week, but unlike Jody fans I haven’t forgotten what they did week 1. They got a taste of their own medicine, which Paul made it an overdose because unlike the rest of the house(including Jody) Paul is playing the game.


Seriously? Get off of the first week crap. Cody saw the real Paul before anyone else, including the viewers. He knew a looser when he saw one. Yeah, a little too early to make big moves but isn’t that what everyone wants to see for entertainment? That is why all these Paul followers are being bashed by all of these viewers, right?


He didn’t “see the real Paul” lol. He said it a hundred times, he just didn’t like Paul last season. And Cody is extremely unlikeable himself, so I guess they’re even.

Misted Zombie

Let’s all act like Josh didn’t threw his whole team under the bus the very first challenge then went after Megan on an insane rant because she seemed the most vulnerable and ran her out the house. Who cried about bullying then,Wow! Cody was the smart one to target Paul from day one except Paul had a whole year to work on his MISTING potion which clearly worked on everyone in the house except Cody and Kevin. He even Misted the majority of fans on this site. Cody actually protected them all from getting blood on their hands and look at the thanks he got. His only mistake was putting Xmas up but they had a choice not to vote her out. Pauls Misted Zombies in the house and on the feeds are pathetic!


Cody has been the instigation of it all since beginning. Didn’t you notice when he was gone all this stuff had calmed down a lot. When he won battle back and came back in it went downhill from there. He would have been better if they had let Dominique win battle back.

Queen Cersei

Not liking, Paul projecting all his guilt on Mark.
I also don’t think there’s a good/bad side. Either everyone that’s left in the game has either been involved with the Jody Vs. Josh war or sat on the sidelines letting it happen.

Hate Cody

Cody should have been ejected from the game twice now for threatening people and laying his hands on people. Why are the rules different for him? I can’t stand him I hope he leaves with Jessica so the game can get started. Why did they ever cast a “person” like him in the first place. He is such an ass!


Who did cody put his hands on and when did it happen? If everyone who was threatening violence is kicked out of the house…only kevin would be left.


Alex hits people constantly, what about that


She is a little bitch !!

Aww he was a big scary guy

Omg you are suuuuch a giant pussy !!!


Raven whining her wrist hurts because of the argument. If the stories about her and her mom of true CBS better be prepared for the lawsuit because she is definitely sitting it up like that is her plan! After this mess of a season just what CBS deserves!


You can tell Paul is really worried about not being portrayed as a bully. He really looks into the camera and says:

“Now you can see who the REAL bullies are!”

Lol give it up dude; what’s done is done.

Starting with jess

I hope they all get booed, with the exception of Kevin. The next HOH should be “Show us how badly you suck”. That would be an all nighter!


Kevin sucks too. He he all under Paul too.


…and under Christmas too…


Christmas does seem like a top to me…


Glad Paul was wearing a shirt cuz his tats are really bad.


Mark spoke nothing but truth. It’s funny to me how Paul specifically asks Mark why he didn’t speak up, when Paul and his minions were all in the kitchen when the argument happened and said/did nothing but watch. They expected someone who wasn’t in the room and didn’t see the argument, to go out of their way to jump in the middle? This entire house is made up of hypocrites, and it’s getting so irritating to watch. When you keep going at people for weeks on end, someone is bound to snap, and now here we are and they all are disgusted when they see it happen. Jody were definitely in the wrong for the name-calling. But what has the rest of the house been doing for the last couple weeks? C’mon. Raven/Alex called Jess the C-word, the whole house insulted their personalities (and Marks), and they all fed into ganging up on 2 people. Yet, that seems to be okay with them. I’m very happy Mark stuck up for himself – hopefully, he’ll get some confidence from it, and use it to try and go against the house.


Just a guess, but I think Paul has heard the rumblings from Kev and Jas about Cody joining them, and now he is scared Mark will go back to him as well! He is once again putting a stop to anyone working with Cody once Jess goes!

Hi my name

Paul sees how he is being portrayed as the bad guy and can’t stand it. So now he just takes every little thing that Jody does and tries to capitalize on it and talk about 24/7 to try and erase actuality. You can tell when production talks to him afterwords he’s all butt hurt trying to find out why he looks like the bad guy. Plus his backup to terrorizing Jody is to attack Mark for not drinking the coolaid.

Paul is a clown

Paul sees how he is being portrayed as the bad guy and can’t stand it. So now he just takes every little thing that Jody does and tries to capitalize on it and talk about 24/7 to try and erase actuality. You can tell when production talks to him afterwords he’s all butt hurt trying to find out why he looks like the bad guy. Plus his backup to terrorizing Jody is to attack Mark for not drinking the coolaid.


Never mind all of that RAVEN got hurt! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH I am not surprised she found a way to be the victim an make it somehow about her. She is what she needs………….a douche


Paul is disgusted by the name calling. Does he remember what he called Meech last year?

The Truth

The Little Dictator really needs to serIuoaly


Smartest conversation I heard since this game began. Also, it’s the first time I saw Paul not being able to weasel his way out of a conversation.


Of course he is. Now watch how he targets Mark. The more I watch and listen to Paul, the more predictable his game play is. He is starting to show his hand.

Ravens go fund me

Are they going to split the vote now between Jess and Raven? I would love it!!! Raven would shit out her second heart if get had a single vote!! Keep it going followers of Paul!


Josh is a. “Bully”. Period. He instigated the war of words by banging Pans and running his mouth. By all means I do not agree with the back lash from Jessica and Cody. Josh can dish it but he can’t take it.


Actually Paul is the bully. He rallies the minions to continue their bashing . Josh and Cody are going at it cause of him .

This is so wrong

I just realized…Paul is saying someone else needs to be HOH . Trying to tell everyone that it is too stressful. He doesn’t want to be HOH because who will he put up. He has alliances with everyone. The next evicted will go to jury and he doesn’t want to lose a vote.
Who can he nominate Alex Jason no alliance members. Xmas Josh no alliance members. Matt Raven no alliance members. Life is tough when you are a douche bag. Can’t wait till the lines in the sand are drawn. He won’t put up Elana I think he wants final 2 with her.


I am just praying to the BB gods that Cody pulls of next HOH! Not because I like Cody (far from it) but because I know just how much it will infuriate everyone else! This house needs to scurry and scramble a little! Paul will most certainly freak the fuck out!


Wow. Mark is a lot smarter than he lets on. His argument (and the fact that he wouldn’t let Paul back him into a corner) was spot on.

Two foot tall Paul

Why didn’t coward Paul do or say something to Cody?… instead he criticizes everyone else for not stepping up. Paul is such a loser.

Backseat Driver

We all agree Paul was acting like an a$$hole addressing Mark about the bullying situation….HOWEVER for now, Jess MUST GO THURSDAY! It’s the only way this BB can move forward.


Paul is the root of all the evil. Josh is a big cry baby, bang pots and pans, dishes it our but can’t take it, Raven is a joke. Code and Jessica are the only intelligent people in the house, dumbest group I have seen since I have been watching.


Paul is the root of all the evil. Josh is a big cry baby, bang pots and pans, dishes it our but can’t take it, Raven is a joke. Code and Jessica are the only intelligent people in the house, dumbest group I have seen since I have been watching.

Kevy Kev

I enjoy reading no more pots and pans….”your choice or theirs”…..Theirs…… obviously, pots and pans is basically punk and bitch. Josh, the bitch.

Colt 45 and 2 zigzags...

And the Award for Biggest Hypocrite goes to…….drumroll please…….. The Bearded Gnome! Congratulations, you egotistical ass wipe!

Scratching my head at the fact Mark is sounding like the smartest, most logical person in the house right now. Big power clap for you, buddy!

And finally, Raven actually put a compress on her wrist, from supposedly hurting it while stepping in between Cody and Alex, and continued to complain about the pain while cutting chicken. That poor thing. This on top of her terminal diseases and already dying twice on the operating table! Her mother has probably already started another Go Fund Me for her future wrist reconstruction.

mrs w

And just like that, I am now rooting for Mark! Good on him for sticking up for himself, not allowing Paul to manipulate him and for calling Paul out for being a hypocrite and not speaking up.


So sick of Paul….. if he is so concerned about Josh, why didn’t he say something to Cody??…


I don’t condemn Jess and Cody personally attacking Josh, even though he was apart of harrassing them, because its all so immature. Theyve lost sight of the game, and they continue to attack each other. I understand it was their battle, and the houseguests didnt want to be involved bc it was physical. But why instigate it right afterwards. I feel bad for Josh bc it went at bat for Jess. I agree this environment isnt the best for Jody and if they wish to further their relationship, its outside of the house. Cody isnt an asshole, bc he made a poor, game move, its bc he fails to resist the houseguests from getting under his skin. And its hard.


YAY MARK!!!! He didn’t back down to Paul. See how Paul changed the intensity of the conversation when he realized that Mark wasn’t backing down? Mark is realizing all of Paul’s manipulation is getting out of control.

Now, only if Mark could see what Elana is doing to him…….The whole bathing suit prancing was KILLING me. She has no self-respect.


Elena is disgusting. She’d make a dumpster fire look good.


Cody’s an ass.


Jess did instigate this crap with josh.. she shouldn’t have stooped to this level, but she’s revealed her true ratty colours.

Paul is a douche for not sticking up for his pet.

Jody needs to go – time for fresh blood.. tired of these two’s terrible gameplay. Wouldn’t be bad if Cody Cruise walks out with her.. he’s a short-fused arse.

Go Jason – get maven on the block!!

No one

I’m really worried about Raven’s wrist, guys! Poor thing got hurt during all of that crazy that went down. Life sure likes to use her as TP.

Paul's Mouth

Simon and Dawg
Thanks for an objective review of what happened this afternoon! I’v seen a few sites that were very SLANTED to Paul’s point if view. I applaud you both for keeping most emotion out of your posts ( though i do enjoy your side comments) it must be VERY difficult to not say what you really think and/or feel. You both do a great job, and I for one appreciate the time you spend to keep us all up to date!!


Let’s be real. Josh is a fat as$.

Misted Zombie

Pauls Zombie Mist is wearing off on some of the house guest and his Misted Zombies rooting for him in the comments.

Production caused this all

If you hate Paul, like I do, you should be happy that he has started over playing his hand. But production has changed the rules of the house twice now to prevent the psychos they picked from committing acts of violence over a t.v. game show. Seems like a bigger issue if you are a Big Brother fan.


Paul badgering Mark for not “making a stand” is harassment. Such a hypocrite, but so are majority of them.


Go ahead Cody, at this point I want a full out BRAWL in that BB House – A FREE FOR ALL – With Paul in the middle of the Pile !!!
BB WWE Style, with Christmas diving off her scooter to the top of the pile breaking her other foot. Raven and Alex Cat fighting at the bottom. Raven screaming I did not take your damn Pussy Ears, while Alex tries to claw out her stomach pace maker.
Mark can film the whole thing for us with his Snap Chat glasses and be the winner of BB !!! – While Jason knocks Josh over the head with the remaining Pots and Pans !!!
Where’s Matt ??? …. Eating his Cereal of course !!!


OMG!! I couldn’t help myself LOL!!! That would be worth the price of the live feeds for sure!


Paul is full of it and Mark is a liar! He heard what was said and didn’t care cause it was said to Josh…. ok fair they have their issues but he must not forget that the reason why Josh has harassed him is because he threw a drink in his face! He physically assaulted him and Josh has retaliated by harassing him with pots and pans ? I say fair game.


Simon do you think Cody will walk out the door Thursday with Jessica


These ppl ALL suck! They have all been back and forth and said horrible things and two wrongs never make a right.
I will say I’ve watched the entire thing twice and no doubt about it Jessica started the sh*t storm today. And surprisingly I was kinda impressed with how Josh handled himself DURING the arguments. Of course last week that was not the case but today.. not too bad. So maybe I don’t dislike him as much as I did.
Paul is by far the most disgusting POS this season and I hope CBS listens to SM and stops protecting his sorry ass.
Kevin has been my favorite for awhile now but Mark just moved way way way up there after that conversation with Paul.