Big Brother 19 Spoilers Week 6 Summary and Live Eviction Results


Week 5 ended with Jessica using her Hex to expire Paul’s Head of Household, thus saving her and Cody from eviction. The following HOH was a crap shoot called Gravestone Golf. Josh pulls out the win. 

The temptation competition

Everyone but Christmas and Josh played in the week 6 Temptation competition called Strangest Things. Cody ends up winning, granting himself safety from nomination. Jessica comes in last meaning she is the third nominations that week.   

Josh shares his plan with Christmas

Early on in his HOH Josh tells Christmas that he wants Elena gone this week. This is a big shift from “what the house wants”. He knows Paul really wants Jessica out, but josh claims for his game Elena is the better target. Josh lists off a bunch of reasons of reasons why Elena is the better target.. and for a minute gave us hope he broke free of Paul’s spell. Christmas listens to josh through this.. “it’s your HOH I’m just playing devil’s advocate” Xmas points out that Elena isn’t “activated” at this moment. She’s not after them she might be in the future but not right now. Jessica and Cody are after Josh Right now! Josh still seemed set to get Elena out. Christmas keeps Josh plan a secret only hinting it to Kevin. Sadly nothing comes of this. later in the week during one of Josh’s meatball chats he tells us he wants a final 3 with Christmas and Paul..


Paul’s Nominations

Josh nominates Mark and Elena along with the temptation competition loser, Jessica. Paul approved these nomination and  as a prize Josh gets to sleep in the HOH bed with Paul. Josh also got to use the bathtub but no in private he had to share the room and bathroom with Raven and Matt at the time. (no joke) 

OTEV Power of Veto

The power of veto Players were picked. Christmas who still had a The Ring of Replacement from way back. (Who the f* would vote her for The Ring of Replacement? KRAKEN! ) The rules for the ring state: The HouseGuest will have the power to swap with one of the randomly drawn players in the Power of Veto competition and take their place and have the power to participate in any veto competition. This temptation can only be used once

Christmas took Cody off and replaced with herself, she couldn’t compete in the veto because it was OTEV. This was a win for Paul who now has flushed the last temptation out of the game.  During the POV player picks Mark picks Alex. During the Veto it’s suspected that Alex threw the comp to Mark. Either way Josh is very suspicious of this. Mark wins the Power of Veto.

Josh’s plan for a replacement Nomination 

By Monday morning Josh was more or less talked out of taking a shot at Elena. It’s obvious for us that Mark will use the veto but for some players like Christmas, Raven, Matt, and Josh they were annoyed by this.  It was cut from the CBS show but these houseguests actually used this as a angle to slander Mark’s name. He’s not allowed to use the veto on himself he’s safe on the block. Mark is making Josh pick a replacement what a selfish person (Doesn’t he care about Paul’s game) . He must not be loyal to them if he doesn’t trust them to vote out Jessica right? Josh’s plan was to put Raven on the block. Xmas wanted to go up instead. That way they can save Raven as a Pawn until later in the season, and just get her out. Josh refuses to do this stating that xmas is his closest person in the house. In the end Josh nominates Raven. Raven is happy because now she can spread gastroparesis awareness month to the masses on the live show.


Tuesday Morning

There was a WHIFF.. The  slightest of WHIFFs.. The house could  flip to get out Raven through some vote splitting f* up but a fight between Cody/Jess and Josh changed that. Jessica asks Josh if he could spell the word “Drought” Josh of course can. (Josh’s intelligence and his speaking intelligence do not line up this is why people like Matt/Jess/Cody/Kevin pretty much EVERYONE has referred to him as a moron, dummy or blob)  

Josh, Jessica, and Cody get in a shouting match. COdy says some personal remarks against JOsh’s weight, looks, etc. Jessica goes in with some pots and pan banging of her own. Josh finishes up with some personal remarks against Cody’s personalty and looks. In the end Josh is upstairs crying to the house for what Cody said. Christmas and Paul call for a restraining order against Cody. 

Below is a collection of quotes from the fight on Tuesday Afternoon so you get an idea of what was said.

Cody – you f*ing waddle around here with your fat f*ing body acting like you are f*ing tough, you know it’s only because we can’t f*ing do sh1t in here
josh – ok
Cody – you want to f*ing try this sh1t on the outside go for it, I f*ing dare you
Josh – ok, you guys are making it real personal
Cody – it is personal josh

Cody – wait until you see the sh1t I say about you I f*ing destroy you Josh.. I’m going to destroy you on the outside I don’t give a f* about you
Josh – Nice anything else
Cody – I’m going to rip you the f* apart on the outside (verbally), I swear I will make them all know how much of a piece of sh1t you are

Cody – you waddle around here with your pudgy a$$
Josh – your face is disgusting look at you is disgusting.. you demeanor sucks like it really f*ing sucks
Jess- have you looked in the mirror

45 minutes later Josh is banging pots and pans at Cody. Cody charges Josh. Productions finally steps in and tells everyone the pots and pans must stop. This rivalry  between JOsh and Cody has been simmering for a long time.. Egged on by Paul, Christmas etc..  It’s finally reached the point where production had to stop it.

Paul questioning  Mark backfires.

Paul tries to single Mark out, saying that Mark didn’t do enough to stick up for Josh when he was being called fat a$$. This matters with them becuase Mark has a history of getting bullied for his weight when he was a youth. Mark puts Paul in his place in one of the only instances of this happening in BB19 so far.. I posted the conversations word for word here.I recommend you give it a look because Paul will continue this narrative of attacking Mark unless Mark wins HOH.

Below is a collection of Quotes from Mark FINALLY putting Paul in his place.

mark – now of all a sudden someone a little meaner wants to use words .. whats the f*ing difference
Paul – there’s totally a difference dude and you know there is a difference
Mark – NO, when he was doing pots and pans and sh1t with me that brought me back to when I was bullied
Mark – he could have said anything.. it’s that harassment aspect.. I’m defensive I have not control.. that’s the bully aspect that is what he’s doing

Mark – it’s comical, you guys are acting like Josh is the f*ing victim here
Paul – when someone hurts you with words you’re a victim
Mark – So if I push you and you knock me the f* out I’m the victim
Paul – no.. but this is a game this isn’t real life..

Mark – people are just looking at isolated incidents, they just want to be with the group they just don’t want a target on their back and it happens every season of Big Brother and it’s a joke because it is a game and I know you don’t want to be on the outside
Mark – this is pathetic how this game has got
Mark – you’re crying about how somebody treated you but let me go antagonize them some more.. when you really get hurt by somebody you don’t keep antagonizing them you leave them the f* alone

After the blow up

I want to say the game is starting to open up and that Paul’s iron grip on everyone’s mind is finally loosening. It all just depends on the HOH win this week. It’s still a house filled with pathetic followers. I hope we see Paul or someone in his  inner circle have their game implode to help open things up. It’s not a Kraken season yet I’m loving the fights every other day and hot damn those Jason/Kevin stories are the best. Once those are gone.. I hope you all like watching people eat cereal while worshiping Paul. .

Results from the Live Show

Hi Mom.. it’s been an amazing summer.. thank you for accepting my disease gastroparesis and it’s gastroparesis month.. gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis gastroparesis money

It’s never easy to witness to a false fact… blah blah blah blah..

Thank everyone at CBS.. being here is a dream.. COdy.. everyone said you ruined my game but all honestly you made this all worth it.. She ends with telling them Paul is the ultimate target and they are all fools for leaving him in teh game.. Paul performs for them.

Alex Votes to Evict Jessica
Xmas Votes to Evict Jessica
Cody Votes to evict Raven
Kevin Votes to Evict Jessica
Paul Votes to Evict Jessica
Mark Votes to Evict Jessica
Matt Votes to Evict Jessica
Jason Votes to Evict Jessica

Jessica is evicted.
Josh starts singing his awesome circus song as Jessica is evicted..
Josh tosses every dig he can after Jessica is evicted.
Julie Chen “do you love him”
Jessica – of course I do

Hocus Focus

Question 1 All true
Q2 False – Jason, Kevin, Mark, Paul all out
Q3 False –

Next performance

Q4 False – Christmas out
Q5 false – Cody, Elena, Matt out
Just Raven and Alex.. Raven asks Alex to throw it..
Q5 True – Alex is the HOH

They’ve made it to Jury.. everyone is happy. Matt feels like he’s won the game.
No Jury Battle Back Once you’re out you’re out
Double Eviction next week
Next Friday it’s a special bonus episode.

Links to the ranking system

Rank your house guests here

For those of you that like Statistics here are some expanded reports.

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Kevin is a swami. He has ESPN. A regular moose whisperer.


RAVEN OMG She looks AMAZING tonight SO HOT!! #PacerPower

NBA fan

I’m a huge Indiana Pacers fan. Thanks for your support.


Indiana? What is this? Sounds like a derogatory slur

Lady Gigi

Indiana can’t win $#%. Can’t win in the NBA playoffs, NCAA team has not gone past the Sweet 16 in almost a dam Century. The Colts? 8-8 and out the gate. Don’t even get me started on Notre Dumb


Sorry about that trade.


Piece of trash.

Elephant in the Room

Josh was dressed as a circus ringmaster (white gloves and top hat). I doubt that he brought that costume with him. Sad to see CBS stooping to this level.


Looks like a piece shit!


Yep she would definitely come in first place for the trailer park “beauty” contest.


Second place. Though the only other contestant was a pig.

Ravens Battery

Oh Stacy, please spare us. You and your daughter need some physiological help.

Also, Xmass going to go thru some withdrawals when those docs stop them pills. Now that’s a reality show I want to see.


Dude is funny! I thought that was what he said in the DR “I must have ESPN” cracks me up, some of the stuff he says. Some people think he was a drug dealer like the old man, I think from some of the stuff he talks about and knowing the area he was a bookie. Just my hunch though so not trying to shame or blame (god forbid in 2017)
If given a choice between him and the rest of those meatHEADS (dead from the neck up) I would hang out with Kevin anytime and could trust him if sh*t went sideways to stay cool under pressure

Paul sucks

Why all the Cody hate? I’ve watched live feed clips on youtube and he seems like a nice guy. I would have been pissed off too if I found out the show was rigged for Paul to win. Paul’s motto should be “manipulation” not “friendship.” I don’t want to watch Big Brother anymore because I can’t stand the mob mentality. I feel so bad for anyone left out. I’m rooting for the underdog. Go Cody!

Kid Rock

Paul threw that HOH COMP!! That was obvious…..


Where can you watch live if your local cbs is airing football? I have the feeds but it’s only recognizing my local station


Did not know it was possible to be a p*ssy and a d*ck at the same time.

But Paul manages to prove that wrong.


I thought Christmas could not choose who to take out for her temptation. It said in the rules I found that it would be a random draw. Yes everyone is acting like they have never called Josh names. Everyone has a rude awakening when they watch and see how everyone talked about each other. Cannot stand raven at all.


by random draw they meant she could choose any of the players chosen by random draw to play in the veto aka not the nominees or the HOH but anyone else was fair game

Tiny dictator please go home

I couldn’t believe on the live show (and in July Cohen’s question to Jessica) how it was emphasized Monkey Boy proffered Elena as the target. So What? Who ever took that douchebag seriously. Paul was running the show and Monkey Boy was running for water.


Yeah, I thought it was supposed to be random as well. Looks like another production rule change.


No they didn’t. She could replace anyone chosen by random draw…. Cody was chosen by random draw.

Amy N

Bye Felicia…I mean Jessica

Judge Janie

Took the words right out of my mouth! LOL!!!
So glad to see Jessica gone and denied jury too. Alex’s goodbye message was hilarious!
Every time a skank gets evicted from the Big Brother house, an angel gets its wings ?

Stacey Regan

I am so over this house bully crap. So I guess the out of loop ones are just supposed to take Paul’s minions saying a bunch of bs and josh slamming pots and pans in their faces. I’m so over the minion gang it literally makes me sick!! The fact that cbs put these “meatballs”…lol on big brother who have never even seen the show is driving me insane! Oh let’s just keep Paul and listen to everything he says because he played before and he’s keeping us safe… HAHAHA thats a big loss right there . Christmas telling jess that’s a 500,000 dollar date… um hello Paul is your 500,000 Bff. Seriously I can take it. The idiots are handing him the game and the fact that they know it is Crazy!


The minute Paul said 500,000 date all I could think about was…how last season he was going to spend the 500,000 on a Bentley for him Mom!! That really good use for the money! I am sick with CBS for one bringing Paul back a person who does not need the money nor would do good with it. Two they are letting Everyone be Bullies and not addressing it nor showing # that have comments about how many people are displeased by this immature bulling. It’s very distasteful. I rather see them all hooking up then acting the way they do! I’m sure there’re parents are proud!! Good job Mom and Dad…not


I am so glad that Jessica got evicted. It sucks that she can’t see how far she could have gotten without Cody, and I think she will regret using the hex when she did. Is it just me or have the showmances this season been extra PDA and gross? hopefully now that Jessica is gone there will be a little more game play and backstabbing! and not constant strategy of just getting out Jody


I laughed so hard at Alex’s goodbye message and was hoping she would say that! Jessica hated her from the start out of sheer jealousy. It was a well deserved parting shot.


I couldn’t help but get a huge sense of satisfaction when alex said those parting words. Jessica needs to grow up and realize that she came to play a game, not to fall in “love” and get child like jealous over alex! And then to hide in a room with Cody like babies because you didn’t get your way isn’t really a good game play either and not to mention using the hex on him!! Have some respect for yourself Jessica, you don’t know Cody, the welfare of your family is more important!


she is too infatuated with cody to even think she made any mistakes with the hex or her game. when their relationship ends in the real world (which it will cause she has already strongly voiced she does not like his aggression and he is not about to change) that is when she will start kicking herself in the a** for not playing her game differently.


Jessica had to use the hex or she would’ve been gone her big mistake was not pulling Ramsus off the block and putting Paul up then Crybaby would have gone home


Mark, please come through with the HOH!


I am so over this house bully crap. So I guess the out of loop ones are just supposed to take Paul’s minions saying a bunch of bs and josh slamming pots and pans in their faces. I’m so over the minion gang it literally makes me sick!! The fact that cbs put these “meatballs”…lol on big brother who have never even seen the show is driving me insane! Oh let’s just keep Paul and listen to everything he says because he played before and he’s keeping us safe… HAHAHA thats a big loss right there . Christmas telling jess that’s a 500,000 dollar date… um hello Paul is your 500,000 Bff. Seriously I can take it. The idiots are handing him the game and the fact that they know it is Crazy!


The fact that they even looked surprised when Jess said that about Paul is ridiculous. They’re all blind.

Florence McSimmons

Did Jessica ride Cody’s pogo stick last night?


So of course they show the remarks about Josh being a fat ass , but protected golden boy when he made ugly remarks about Cody’s military , hmmm wonder who CBS is in bed with……smh

I'm rolling lol

Alex’s goodbye message lmfao!!!


Because it showed her as a true bitch for the world to see?


woof was that ever a zzzziiiinnnngggg … brutal, but hilarious!


Do you blame her. Jessica made her own bed with that one


Highlight of the season
I’d like to see Cody then her (alex) go to jury
Then watch the live on Jessica feeds as she looses her mind.
Awesome tv!


Even though Jessica left (basically unanimously), this was still an eviction worth watching.
Still trying to figure out what Raven and Elana speeches were about.
Jess nailed it in her speech but of course no one listened. As my father says, if you can’t hear, you can feel, And when all of Paul’s ride or dies are in jury realizing he put them there and he is the one getting the $500K and they are looking at 8K…..
Cody cracked me up passing Christmas in the hall.
I enjoyed the exit interview….Jessica was calm, poised, and well spoken.
Alex wants Cody back.
Did anyone else notice that BB did not play the circus music when Josh started with the pots and pans?


Oh, so you were impressed by Jessica’s interview? Do you believe everything you see? That is just a nasty, vile twit putting on an act for the cameras and audience. She insulted the game by showing up wanting to be the next kartrashian and not playing BB.


Close but IMO Jess wants to be the donut liker Ariana Grande, now Elena on the other hand she IS a Kartrashian. (broke ho one but still) The fake hanging out of everything she wear, the make-up, the lips and last night’s “wet mess” in her bed sex tape sealed it.


So of course they show the remarks about Josh being a fat ass , but protected golden boy when he made ugly remarks about Cody’s military , hmmm wonder who CBS is in bed with……smh.
Josh just does not know when to shut the f@ck up


They are not going to broadcast negative remarks about military service in prime time network television, period. This is a family show and there are kids watching who may really identify with Paul. It would just be irresponsible of them and I’m sure Paul realized that it would never be on the show when he said it.


So Happy Jessica is gone, now come back for that asshole Cody, he is a nasty evil person and should have never been allowed in the house, So happy that I don’t have to see those two eating each other, so gross!! I will never understand people who Bully, those 2 were the worst, hope I never see them again.


You won’t… Jessica will be back to sucking VIP penis at her job in no time
and the jarhead will be rendered as irrelevant as he was b4 he entered the house

Cody's Cary Shark Eyes

Stupid Jessica! You didn’t even try to stay in the game! Quitter! Feel sorry for me…..good luck with Mr. Psycho!


Didn’t know it was a possible for one houseguest to win 3 straight HOH’s, but Paul’s done just that.


Beat me to it! lol

Haven’t seen that happen since BB2


If Jessica would of gotten her head out of Cody’s pants and tried playing the game and not be such a snot she may have still been in the game.
Please please CBS don’t ever bring either of those two back.


She did try to play the game. She tried to make amends with the other side of the house, but she still remained their target. What more did you expect her to do? Wasn’t her not putting up a real threat, like Paul, when she was HOH and then not using the veto to backdoor someone an extension of good faith on her part? How did the other side of the house thank her for that? by putting her and Cody on the block the following week. Please CBS don’t bring back any existing players other than Cody or Jessica, as they obviously have no clue what show they signed up for.


Alex gets the HOH, yay? More of the same….Lemmings keep walking towards the cliff….Will rely on Simon/Dawg’s updates as this drivel is nearly impossible to watch (only watched live HOH comp).


Seriously….Hilter would have loved these people


yes, one showmance break up!


My god these people are truly beating season 15 as the meanest and worst ever. Had to erase BBAD from DVR cannot take up 3 hours on my dvr for seeing these people licking pauls ass


No, they’re not. These people are bad but BB15 is far and beyond the worst cast ever. Let’s not let the passing of time diminish that.

Lady Gaga

Bring back Rachel/Brendon


Judy told them minions to start playing the game!


I consider this like a reset in the game with Jessica gone and next week being double eviction. Should be interesting to see what Alex does this time


She will either put up elena and mark and if cody is not safe back door cody….all for paul sake.

pauls dictatorship

she will do exactly as paul says
goodbye mark cody or elena


Huh? You mean what will Paul do this week? Promise it will be far from interesting as one of Cody, Mark or Elena will go. Then Paul will win the DE HOH and takeout one of the two that are left or grant us a gift by getting rid of a Mavin. And the noises they heard this week will be for the safety comp geared to once again give Christmas the chance to participate.
Horrible season ruined by Paul.


Is there any doubt?? She will be panting at Paul’s side waiting for her instructions. It is nauseating to watch the blind obedience. Every year I think casting can’t get any worse and damn if they don’t prove me wrong.


hopefully most Jessica fans (sad if there’s even one) are not young impressionable girls. She couldn’t be a worse role model. Im glad she now has to take her whore act out of the spotlight. That is one delusional fool.


Not a single person in that house should be a role model for any young mind. So in your simple brain if a woman engages in sex she’s automatically a whore? But Paul’s manipulation of people to turn them in freaks or Raven being a scam artist is OK?


My simple brain would crush your pea brain Jo. ‘Whore’ is not just about sex – Jessica is also a transparent fame whore & attention whore. She didn’t give one shred of care about focusing on the BB game. It was all about playing the damsel in distress, playing the victim with no regard for what an arrogant bully she consistently was. She clutched onto hillbilly psycho like she was on the Bachelorette. Are you that blind, Jooooooo?!?! All that selfish narcissist cared about was launching some pie-in-the-sky career instead of respecting the game she was chosen to play. Got it, pea brain?

t'd off and not a whore

why is it when a women has sex she is a whore. your just pissed bc you are either not getting any or just jealous bc she aint giving it to you. i am so sick of this shit with people calling women that have sex a whore. you dont like her bc of her, fine but jealousy is not a reason to call someone a name. if i knew what i know now about sex when i was younger i definitely would have been out there more to figure out what i liked. people dont call a man a whore (cody was having sex with her) jeez dumbasses on here. i am so annoyed with this! i liked jess bc she seen it all but the one thing i didnt like is she was always questioning her gut! now back to the game! Jackasses this is not just directed at you but at everyone that keeps calling her that. that is such a vile word for a women. cody never once paid her to sleep with him. so either man up or women up and start figuring out whast wrong with your sex lives so you dont have to be so angry with someone that is enjoying it. damn peeps! a lot of jealousy out there


neurotic dolt – take that passion and try and use it for something good


CBS has already paid Paul the money. Obviously this season is rigged.


It’s about as rigged as the Globetrotters vs. Generals…not really. I’d say the ending isn’t written in stone but production certainly tries to choreograph the dance.


thank you for your site! another week of not having to watch the show. can’t handle all these people who talk a big game in their introduction videos at the beginning of the season and then just lay in bed all summer (cough cough useless raven and matt). Paul makes me sick to my stomach this season, so much for him being a fan fav this year.


However one feel’s about Jessica, Josh’s goodbye was uncalled for. Glad a live audience got to see that

Elenas low hanging t*ts

It wasn’t uncalled for.. she brought it on herself by calling him forest gump. She didn’t need to make that little snide comment.. the rest of her speech was good. Jessica should not be questioning anyone’s intellect in the house..she is after all just a waitress.. hardly an iq requirement for that job.


Simon, What could they possibly show on Friday’s episode. Is there going to be a special outing for a few of them? Otherwise, if it is a retrospective on what’s happened so far, count me out

Jimmy 64

We all know what she going to do Cody , Mark, Elena isn’t that right Paul
How about this on next weeks double eviction goodbye Cody goodbye Josh
How about those two in the jury house . HAHA


Jessica got the boot and Alex is the new HOH.

Cody's Scary Shark Eyes

Hope Jess enjoys her life in isolation with Mr. Anger


Another boring week of “lets get Cody out:”.. Another boring week of Paul running things…


Whole bunch of nasty people still in that house. Like Josh once said Karma’s a bitch and it’s coming to get you inside and outside of the house.


Congrats Paul on your 3rd consecutive HOH! lol


I didn’t think someone could win 3 HOH’s in a row one winning and other two having his minons win . I was hoping Cody win so I would see everyone throw each other under the bus so they can save their behinds . For FUCK sakes play the game get out Paul like these might be the stupidest HG’s I’ve seen in BB history….


Oh great…..Another week of Paul running things. Let me guess Cody and Mark on the block if one of them comes down then Elena goes up….. Target this week………Yup…. you guessed it……. CODY!!
I didn’t get to watch tonights episode because of Football but by the sounds of it I didn’t miss much……


bye shit jessica and cody

the season is your paul! america with u


Not my president


WowMatt was wearing a different shirt tonight haven’t seen that one yet only took him like 57 days

guy from canada

Was it his 3rd shirt or is there a 4th one now?


Geez. I wonder what will happen this coming week? continue talking about Jessica…Paul will not stop talking about Cody then talk about Jessica still and back to Cody…..then Paul walks as the queen does and motions for his corgi’s….I mean sheep and they all follow in line. Man that Christmas is such a hateful person….I am sure her motivational speeches will sell out. These people are incorrigible to watch. Predictable…Cody goes Mark goes Elena goes then trailer trash and her tongue licking tool follows.


Like a trained dog, Josh obeyed Paul’s command to “ask her to spell evicted.” Josh ends up in tears and Paul tells him how proud he is of the way the puppy bravely stood his ground?? That was cruel. It was entirely predictable that there would be a confrontation. Paul knew this, but Josh lacks the insight to accurately predict outcomes. He just goes charging into FAKE battles and expects there will be no reaction to his aggression. As long as he gets Paul’s approval, all is well. It was like watching one of those animal cruelty documentaries where smaller, weaker dogs are used as bait to train the fighters to kill. It was a totally unnecessary argument. We get it, Paul. You are in charge. But you don’t have to demonstrate your powers at EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY. Despite his bravado, Josh is emotionally fragile. Paul, just stop… At some point, even you must weary of sending Josh into the pit, for your amusement. It’s just wrong…


Interesting that Jessica instigated that argument with asking Josh to spell DRUOUGHT, Paul being an instigator too told Josh to retaliate with asking Jessica how to spell EVICTED… Funny Jessica conveniently left out the fact that after Jillian got evicted her & Cody attacked Josh personally for no reason further pushing his alliance into the clutches of Paul. Cody’s blindsiding of his alliance is what helped Paul the most in the beginning, it wasn’t just the temptation. Hopefully after they take out Cody the HGs wake up & take Paul out.


thank you! Cody & Jessica are not victims – I’ve seen them instigate a lot of fights & then they make “victim noises” acting like Josh is picking on them. The whole house was targeting them but they didn’t start fights with anyone but Josh – that was bullying for those that are complaining about the house bullying. Cody started that fight with Josh during HOH after his battle back too – the minute Josh was out, Cody had to poke at him. Then they went on & on about the house picking on them. Blah – whatever. Can’t stand reading the comments that are defending any of the childish behavior – on both sides of the house!

Paul sucks

Why all the Cody hate? I’ve watched live feed clips on youtube and he seems like a nice guy. I would have been pissed off too if I found out the show was rigged for Paul to win. Paul’s motto should be “manipulation” not “friendship.” I don’t want to watch Big Brother anymore because I can’t stand the mob mentality. I feel so bad for anyone left out. I’m rooting for the underdog. Go Cody!


Ok let’s just address the elephant in the room. Someone rented Matty a different shirt again
for the live show. I am sure we won’t see it again. At first I was like “hey who is that dude” but
once I saw that goofy grin I was “Oh Boyz-2-shirt! “


So very glad Jessica is gone. Now cody can go as well. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Raven looked very cute during the live show, but fuck I’m tired of hearing about her desease, she eats like a pigs, but she supposed to have gastric problems? Sounds like BS..


Reading some of the comments on here is nuts. Holy Sh#t! Its a GAME…. its supposed to for your entertainment!! Count to 10, breathe anything but come on here and rip eachother apart to the point of vulgarity. Its almost like watching a certain countries president address the world. Be better than that….love the game!

Donald Trump Jr.

Watch it Allison!


So I noticed a couple of things. Cravin’ Raven said she hurt her wrist breaking up the fight? She walked BY but was never in the middle of it as far as I saw. Alex was by herself. As much as I can’t stand the girl and her one-up stories I have to admit she was rocking that red bikini!


Welcome to WEEK 3 of PAUL’S HOH…
I know that Josh THINKS he simply changed his mind about getting rid of Elena. He even believes that, if he had wanted to, he could have flipped the house and carried out his original plan. The truth is, he was never going to cross Paul. And Paul was never going to permit him to do so. At least, this time, Josh could use the argument with Jessica as a FACE-SAVING measure. And he can convince himself that he made BIG MOVES and was in charge of his own HOH. Does anyone know if Paul let Josh sleep in the HOH bed? (Purely rhetorical question…)


Alex didn’t like Jessica but she might be willing to leave Cody in the game as a target. Granted she may go for low hanging fruit with Mark and Elena or even Matt and Raven. Depending on how serious she takes Jason, maybe she, Jason, and Kevin decide it’s time to take a gamble and go for Paul.
If they do, Kevin and Jason can count on Cody’s vote and more than likely Mark’s. Which if there are 3 nominee’s mean’s that all they need. Worst case Alex is the tie breaker but it would mean those three would want a chance at the big prize.


I’m glad Jessica is out next they need to get f@cking Cody out he’s a stuck up a hole