“it’s throwing my sh1t off, I’m drained.. I have a distaste for this situation so much”

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4:58pm Matt, Raven and Paul
Raven – Josh can’t bang anymore pots and pans
Matt – that’s ridiculous.. that’s part of the game dude
Boyz2men – so Josh can’t play his game because people can’t handle their emotions
Paul – Yup, that’s exactly it
Matt – Literally part of the game.. that’s unbelievable
Raven – I agree..

Paul pouring scorn on Mark for not saying anything. Paul calls Mark a hypocrite
Matt – that’s ridiculous..
Paul going on about Mark not saying anything.. .
Paul – don’t hide and say you’re a f*ing hero when you’re standing there not doing sh1t.. (ZomG)
Raven says Mark heard everything
Paul – we all get under each other skin that’s the game..
Paul says there was one time with Paulie last season he almost lost it.
Paul goes on about how there’s been 4 times where Cody has lost his cool.
Christmas points out that Jessica was banging the spoon and picked up the cup.
Matt – there gotta be a limit dude
Christmas says Cody keeps charging Josh
Matt – that shouldn’t be the limit to wait until somebody gets hurt

Paul – it’s even throwing my shit off, I’m drained.. I’m annoyed, I’m over it, I have a distaste for this situation so much
Matt says that is not why they came here.. (they came here for the Cereal)

Raven calls Jessica a big b1tch
Christmas says there’s not way she’s going to let Jessica and Cody get under her skin when they were attacking Josh she was running around with her scooter being happy.
Matt says he doesn’t want to see people in the house get hurt
Raven raises her hand “Got hurt Slightly” (She claims to hurt her wrist pulling Alex out of the way when COdy Charged Josh in the kitchen. it was off feeds)

5:20pm Xmas, Matt and Raven
Xmas – you saw how I was perched right there./.. i wasn’t moving she came at JOsh with that Wooden spoon
Raven points out that production didn’t give them a “Stop that”
Xmas – her approaching a man breaking a spoon putting it in his face

Matt – not cool dude ..
Xmas – I thought she was going to stab him

Xmas – if she (jess) F*ing touches me.. it’s a whole new game.. you can bark bark bark bark b1tch b1tch b1tch b1tch bark bar bark bark threaten threaten .. i give zero f*s
Xmas – you touch me you have opened a whole new world of hell..
Raven – every fight that in this house who has caused it
Xmas – Jody

5:30pm APSR (Austin power sex room) Paul, Alex, Jason and Kevin

Alex says she doesn’t trust Matt and Raven at this point.
Jason – Same.
Paul thinks everyone in the APSR and maybe Christmas
Alex – yeah I trust xmas ..
Paul says they can use Matt and Raven as pawns to backdoor Cody
Alex says they need strong people to play in the veto to make sure Cody doesn’t get it.
Paul tells Jason he should throw the next safety competition so Jason is guaranteed to play in the veto , “Or i’ll do it”
Jason – OK

5:38pm Pool table Josh, Paul, Alex, Kevin
Alex says she doesn’t feel bad about the Raven thing, “did you see her? I didn’t see her I think she got hit like way later”
Jason – I think she staged it

5:55pm Matt and Raven Hammock
Matt says Josh has never gotten personal everything he’s said over these 49 days has been game related.
Matt – i’ll be honest I do not like that fact he’s not allowed to do that.. (pots and pans)
Matt – everybody has to play to their strengths in this game and that’s one of his strengths and it’s something that well within the constrains of the game. (they’ve actually damaged the frying pans and Jessica broke a spoon today)
Raven – they (production) wasn’t happy about me getting hit
Matt – of course not
Raven – I’m concerned what he’s going to be like when she’s out
Matt – exactly
Raven – I’ve been around people that are hostile it’s not fun.. I didn’t come into this house for that
Matt – you can’t have someone that has been trained by the US military that cannot control his emotions and has shown on 4 separate occasions that he will resort to physical violence
Matt – I’m just worried I’ll have to keep you in bed all day to protect you
Raven – can we start now.. (I thought you guys started 4 weeks ago)

Raven – I was concerned about Alex.. I didn’t want her to get hurt.. I know how it feels to get hit by a man
Matt – it’s not your job to protect the people in this house from physical violence
Raven – it’s the momma in me

6:30pm Jessica saying Cody’s eyes are green.. .(just showmances playing grab a$$ on the feeds)

HOH Paul, Xmas, Alex, Josh and Kevin

Alex is warning them about Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena forming up .
Christmas – this is pretty tight I like this group
Paul – smart level headed doesn’t do crazy sh1t
Xmas – logical (also delusional af )
They agree the plan next week is to backdoor Cody
Xmas is now offering to throw the temptation to prevent Cody from doing it.
They think Cody will want to throw the temptation so that he’s guaranteed to play in the veto.
they talk about how everyone told Jessica to not use the hex otherwise she would be the target and now she’s going home.
Paul – you threw it away for this f*ing a$$hole.. he wouldn’t do the same for you
Raven joins them..
They talk about Cody having to win all the competitions in the game or he’s gone.
Josh – everybody told her don’t use the f*ing Hex..

Christmas says Jessica is a independent women she might not want Cody freeloading on her.
Raven doesn’t think Jessica is says she’s pretty dependent on Cody
Paul says he doesn’t care about the love story of those two.

Paul says Cody and Jessica tried to bully their way through the game to get what they want.
Josh going off that they are not the bullies, Jessica and Cody are.
Christmas says she’s so happy that fight got on snap chat she hopes production lets that go up (Christmas isn’t wise to the feeds)
Paul – they won’t

Josh – I told production that whole thing getting in my face what are you going to do about it.. that needs to stop
Paul says why is production saying that you hitting pots and pans is instigating a fight when the words “What are you going to do about it” and getting in your face isn’t

Feeds flip..

6:43pm Mark and Elena
Mark doesn’t want Christmas to win this week.
Elena – she’s going after Cody
Mark – he could be safe though

7:30pm Everybody wants Paul’s attention

Christmas rubbing Paul’s arm..

Kevin asks Raven how her wrist is. raven says it’s bruised she has to ice it.

Elena now rubbing Paul.. soon everyone will be..

7:43pm Alex and Jason
Alex says ever since Josh won HOH Matt and Raven have been acting super weird.
Jason says it’s her, him, Paul, Josh, Christmas and Kevin (Aka the Paul minions)
Jason – Matt just told me he wants me to win the HOH
Alex – Matt thinks he’s Derrick
Jason – without the brain
Alex says Derrick wasn’t a great character, calls him a sleeper but he was super good at the game.
Jason – I don’t even remember him on the show.. I remember Caleb because he’s a bad a$$ and Frankie because he stomped on competition
Alex laughs at people who would write Synopsis about BB16 didn’t know who Arina Grande was. (LOL I was one of them)

7:48pm Jason and Kevin
Jason says he told Cody he wouldn’t vote out Jessica but he is. He entertained the idea in the morning but then that big blow up happened.
Kevin says if Cody wants to do something for Jessica he can just walk out the door.
Kevin – I’m telling you right now I’m voting out Jessica.. I voted the way everyone wants so far..

Kevin says they should put up Matt and raven have Paul or Alex throw the Temptation and they backdoor Cody.

8:32pm Kevin and Xmas
They talk about the likelihood of a double eviction coming up.

Xmas says she doesn’t know what Matt’s deal is, he doesn’t compete that well
Xmas – now that he’s made Jury he’s like I don’t f*ing care
Kevin – I don’t think he’s that competitive of a person
Kevin – he’s just a passive type guy
xmas – it doesn’t make sense to bring a passive type guy into the house

8:40pm Kevin and Paul start playing pool. Kevin tells him that come Thursday Cody will be on his own and nobody is scared of him.

8:48pm Elena and Josh.
Elena – can I be honest with you I think the votes will be 6-1-1..
Josh – why would it be that..
Elena – I dunno just wait and see
JOsh doesn’t think so he thinks it’ll be 7-1-0 with Cody voting out Raven.

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233 thoughts on ““it’s throwing my sh1t off, I’m drained.. I have a distaste for this situation so much”

  1. Maven be fuckin that cereal up. Every season they got all the cereal. Now if the HOH was eatin’ cereal Matt would beast that MF.. Production take that milk away it’s gone fire Matt up. LOL

    1. I’ve never seen so many people (HG’s) give up $500k to scum bag Paul and lick his balls as he is cashing it in. What happened to this bullshit gameshow?
      When you cast scumbags, you get a lame show.

  2. This year has devolved into trash and chaos. I blame casting. If they would look for people who had the mental capacity to play the game instead of casting T&A the outcome would be much better.

      1. Not vets versus noobs. It’ll never work because the vets will think they have to become more of a caricature of themselves. James was a waste, I avoided the shows because of Nicole, Da’Vonne was background, and I can’t even remember who the other guy was. It has to either be all vets or no vets.

        I think they included Paul this season because they don’t think a group of all noobs will draw the viewers. Production apparently doesn’t realize that we watch the show for the game and the personalities this game creates in the unique environment that is the BB house.

        1. That episode was INCREDIBLE.

          A close second for me this season was when Olenna Tyrell admitted that she was the one who poisoned… (just in case anyone has been living under a rock, I won’t say the name)… but in the posthumous words of Olenna Tyrell “he really was a c*nt, wasn’t he?” ;)

    1. Casting is terrible thousands of actual fans of the show apply every year and instead they choose to cast a bunch of dating show rejects who have never watched an episode or want to be famous people like Christmas Elena and Whistlenut

    2. Bringing back a vet that made it to final 2 (and already played nearly every com) plus give him 4 weeks of safety, is going to skew the game. Of course he’s going to be running things. Nicole didn’t even make top 6 her first season and said she had learned so much that it gave her a huge advantage. She knew that she was really only competing with the other vets..

    3. I’d like to see an older cast all around. Mature adults who could actually show younger viewers how to act, not just self aggrandizing women like, Dom, xmas & Elaina, all vying as the rational soothsayers. (Act this way & you’ll get this reward) Can’t play that roll if you can’t keep up the facade for the whole show.

    4. I’ve applied twice. I have dealt with every type of criminals from petty thieves to mass murderers (even John Wayne Gacy). I have 3 college degrees. I think I could handle
      Big Brother. Oh what a sight I would be in a unitard or as a V-toad! !

    1. And if Cody is so dangerous WHY would the sick Josh in him??? They tell Josh to go after Cody and then say Cody is dangerous????? So does that mean they knowingly put Josh at risk? They are woosies and can’t stand up themselves so they either have Josh do it or rant on Mark why he didnst stand up …..well why didn’t YOU if you feel so strongly??? These people are sooo annoying.

      1. The funny thing is, if you go back and re-watch the fight tonight between Cody and Josh when Cody said he would destroy him outside the house, he as talking verbally, not physically! I have watched it three times now (just to be sure) and it had nothing to do with putting hi hands on him! (just saying)

      2. The other things is the pots and pans are not even original. (Evel Dick anyone). It would be different if he had his own thing to annoy players. Also, Josh is doing what the others rile him up to do. It’s stupid/childish and loses all potency when the person who does it turns around and cry.

        This has fast become a really bad season. Seems like a slow crawl to evict Cody and Jessica has been going on for MONTHS. Nothing else really gets done. Mat and Raven and the stupid (passive/aggressive) pranks they play—yawn. So sick of Paul. Just give him the money already and end the season early.

  3. Jessica and Cody are the MOST whiny a-holes ever. It’s just a game when they are food, but it’s Cody’s f-in life when they aren’t. She’s already told him he needs to control himself and he can’t. She says everyone is fat, because that’s all she can say about people because her character sucks. And the people she says are fat aren’t. She whines more than anyone. And he’s just a big turd. I’m tires of them. I’m tired of Raven. Elena can go too. I want to see Paul, Kevin, Jason, Alex, Mark and Matt go to the mats to see who will win.

    1. A message to the Cody haters out there. Yes this may be a game and Yes Cody is socially awkward. Here is one thing Cody is not..FAKE! Until you know what it’s like to serve this wonderful Country we live in that allows you to sit on your ass and comment. To know what it’s like to watch your friends die. To know what it’s like to have to take another persons life and have to live with it everyday. To Know what it’s like to come home from deployment , unable to sleep, eat, fighting the visions of what you had to do and had to see in a time of war . To know how to readjust to civilian life after you time in service . Don’t be so quick to judge. Yeah he may make light of the things he did in combat, but I’m quite sure it’s the only way he Knows how to talk about or deal with it. When you have a little rat dog like Paul in the house( the cage fighter… lol such a pussy) and a tard like josh banging pots and pans, Raven with her bullshit illness, Matt .. is Matt still in the house? Oh wait just caught a glimpse he’s up Paul’s ass. Christmas rolling her broken ass around on her rascal scooter talking about getting a restraining order ( lol holy shit balls ..fucking snowflake) . But I digress.. Cody is surrounded by a bunch of twinkle toed, self proclaimed victims ( except Kevin ) that I hope he shits on. Thank you for your service Cody ! I know your pain. To all the flag burning commies who wanna thumb down this . Go F- yourself to everyone else hope you have a great day

      1. Well said!!!! These snowflakes would never have the nerve to say anything to him if production wasn’t protecting their ass!!!

      2. Just to add a couple things if I may! But while fighting said war, learning your big bro was killed while overseas! And to top the entire list off, to have these fucktards question you on your service and if you were ever really a marine!! I may not agree with the way Cody plays BB, but I would never jdge Cody the man till I walked in his shoes!

      3. I know current and former marines, Army and Navy vets, some who were in combat. My dad was career Military. NONE of them are assholes like Cody and threaten people in real life. So shove it up your self righteous ass. Serving in the military doesn’t give you the right to be a fucking asshole to others. Remember it was Cody who started all this with Josh back in week 1.

        1. Well I also bet they haven’t been provoked so much the way Cody has…I would have snapped already. They tell them to go away and they keep on pushing and pushing.

          1. Then he shouldn’t have gone on Big Brother. Anyone that’s ever watched it knows this type of stuff happens every season. It’s just most people don’t react like he does.

          2. You Cody lickers forget, it was Cody who did the provoking, Cody and Jess who attacked Josh first, since week 1 when he called Josh a Bitch and charged him. Josh has only been reacting to their initial threats and berating. Now they are fat shaming him and planning to destroy his life outside the house. Get over yourself Jody. Fucking pathetic. Pots and pans are not new to big brother.

        2. Ha know someone who knows someone gtfoh Cody hasn’t hit him he is using intimidation if you know one person in the service this is a tool utilized in the military dtop being such a puss josh and every one talks all this shit but josh “successful” business man who is evil and rude gets a pass gtfoh

        3. You sound really stupid. As a Vet with large circle of Veteran friends, I can tell you we would have dropped that MF’er so quick. You do not push people’s buttons and expect them to not be human and react. Cody is very patient especially with the training he has under his belt, he could f***king kill Josh, no weapon needed. These people in the house need to learn respect. I have seen people get their @ss handed to them for a lot less.

        4. Thank you….my husband did over 21 years in the military and is appalled and embarrassed by Cody’s behavior. I also had the privilege of being a quasi den mother to 7 Seal’s in San Diego and not one of them would ever speak like that to someone else unless they were joking with each other. When a few of them came home from deployment near Halloween I would see them flinch when a random firework went off, broke my hear,t but it didn’t make them any less kind or considerate. So don’t use tours of duty as a reason to be less than good citizens of society. Cody get over yourself!!!

        5. Have those people you are talking about had jerks banging pots n pans in their faces or having people constantly provoking them? I know lots of military people too and they would not put up with that kind of disrespect from anyone.

        6. Notice you say you knew of… were you nope! Can you understand or speak for anyone who was nope!
          You can’t handle the truth!!! We need men like Cody or this country would be taken over! We need aggression or this country would be sitting ducks God bless the brace! Oh and I too am married to former Marine have a grand father and Step Dad who were in the Marines and yes they sure as hell would act like that if some twirp called war on them week 1 for just “playing the game”

        7. Notice you say you knew of… were you nope! Can you understand or speak for anyone who was nope!
          You can’t handle the truth!!! We need men like Cody or this country would be taken over! We need aggression or this country would be sitting ducks God bless the brace! Oh and I too am married to former Marine have a grand father and Step Dad who were in the Marines and yes they sure as hell would act like that if some twirp called war on them week 1 for just “playing the game”

        8. Get your story straight, Josh started this crap week 1, with Megan, to the point the girl decided to self evict over it!if anybody is the Bully and needs a really good ole fashion ass spanking, it’s josh!

          1. I think you’re forgetting that Josh apologized to Meagan and they squashed it. It was actually Cody that was a total di*khead to Meagan, never apologized. Jody are actually a big reason why she left.

        9. some in combat…others are pencil pushing pussys then eh? Theres no way what paul and josh have done in terms of harassment and bullying…that they wouldnt get their wimp asses kicked in real life

        10. Then josh should be a big boy and end it. Not give into peer pressure and act like a fcktard. Maybe if idiots in someone’s face got knocked out for their mouthy bull they would learn to leave people alone. Where was your bleeding heart when the house followed Jody outside to scream stupid shot at them while raven barked like a dog.

      4. I respect the military 100 but when u take and respect him for his service but that’s it when he says big brother isn’t a game he’s done lost his mind not a good representation of our service members he must be part of the minority that were assholes before they joined I’m from a military family who doesn’t act like that ww2 korea Vietnam the gulf desert storm Iraq and Afghanistan all of our generations of lifers not 4 years etc

        1. Jesus christ, reading that comment made my head hurt.

          Im notThe one to be a grammar Nazi, but use a fucking comma… a period… ANY punctuation mark.

          That shit was taught in second grade.

        2. The military is a sample of our society so please don’t put us in a box and say we aee only supposed to act a certain way. The military is full of the same MF’er you would encounter on the street that wouldn’t put up with the type of BS these house guest are getting away with.

          1. All you self proclaimed “Vets” are lying. You’re just internet tough guys. I didn’t serve, but all my Vet friends don’t conduct themselves like Cody has. They don’t go out looking to start shit, like Cody did, arenit hateful and anti social, like Cody is, or threaten to destroy someone because they are above that BS. Oh yeah, and they certainly don’t sell out their loyalty to people like Cody did week 1, turning his back on his alliance by nominating Paul and Christmas. Face it Cody sucks at this game, and doesn’t know how to keep his damn mouth shut. That’s why people like Josh and Paul react in response to Cody’s bullshit

      5. STFU with that bullshit. His military service has nothing to do with him being the social dumbass in the game. And did you really serve?? If you did, you would know that most, if not all military veterans would act that way. The way he is and the way he acts has everything to do with his sucky personality, and nothing to do with his military experience.

        1. Here we go, another lazy @ss American that has never done anything for this country questioning the service of someone that did. You clearly have no clue about people who served with your dumb “most if not all” mentality. You and everyone else that feels that you can put Veteran behavior in a box is full of shit.

          Just so you know the military is full of good people, criminals, alcoholics, rapists, racists, people with tempers, people with PTSD, people who don’t give a f**k about your life (I’ve encountered all during my service) but they still wake up every day and put the uniform on. Some do it because they are patriotic, some do it because it is a way out of their previous situation, and some do it because they love their job/role in the military. Until you have served and not a family member, a friend, or a friend of a friend, you really need to STFU and stop pretend you know anything about Veterans other than the image the world has fed to you.

          1. Honestly, do for the “country”? If by country, you mean the elite of this country then sure. The only “war” we are fighting, or have been fighting for decades, is to gain control of oil, or particular governments in the form of a coup. This doesn’t serve the American people or their interests.

            I know I’ll get thumbs down for this, but I don’t care. It’s the truth.

          2. All the vets in my family would never act that way period! Cody said it himself no friends and family don’t talk to him I wonder why maybe attitude and mouth. Lots of people in the past have just ignored it and were the better person. So you must be one who thinks that talking shit about someone is ok. He messed with someone who has PTSD and got in her face and yelled, she left is that ok. Josh is not one that I like either but I don’t think he has gone over the line like Cody.

        1. The game would be so boring if Cody and Jessica were gone. After they are gone it will just be all of the dumb ass minions following Paul around and doing whatever he says. These people are the dumbest players ever to play this game. They need to pull their heads out of Paul’s ass and realize that he will go to the end and win if they don’t get rid of him.

      6. If everything you say is true and I believe it is then there is no reasons he would be in a game like this. The other “players” don’t need to be around the type of guy that can go off on a whim. He is not stable enough to play a game that is as psychological as Big Brother is. The people who cast his did a horrible job and if anyone gets hurt inside or outside of the house by him then big brother should get sued. He is just not right on the head.

        1. You try getting pots and pans banged at you for two weeks and tell me that you wouldn’t blow up. The fight was 100 percent Paul and production’s fault. Paul for telling Josh to do it and production for allowing it to continue. Josh should have been kicked out days ago for his antagonist behavior. Cody did what any person would do, military or not, and finally lost his patience with the dumb bully. End of story. The fact that the losers are twisting it into something it wasn’t shows just what sniveling little tires they really are.

          1. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Don’t agree to go on Big Brother. This show has zero to do with the military. You have to be able to handle all sorts of pressure, even pots and pans.

      7. No one is saying anything about his service to our country. If he has issues because of what he has Been through, then this type of environment is not good for him and he should not have come on the show. It appears that you have some major anger issues too. I am sorry for that.

      8. I don’t dishonor his service at all, but I don’t believe if he has anger issues he should have been placed inside that house in the first place! That house is a pressure cooker that has caused one vet to leave due to PTSD.

      9. Really?? My uncle fought in Vietnam. Saw horrible things and was not welcomed home by the vast majority. I appreciate all Cody has done for our country . My uncle was a gentleman when he came home. Because he was a gentleman when he left. I guess Cody was a jerk before he deployed.

      10. Amen Sir! I agree with what you say. I served as a police office, have somewhat of a idea what your saying and now volunteer in the civil air patrol, still serving this country. with the exception of Cody, Jessica, and Kevin the rest of this cast in a word are Bull Droppings for players. I’m with you all the way!!

      11. now that was the best comment ive seen!!! the day of the GANG BULLYING LEAD BY PAUL better be remembered and everyone of those idiots need to be told that they were the ones in the WRONG…and reminded how stupid they looked for just following that piece of shit Paul!

      12. Your the best Brother !! I served as well and really am touched by all you said..I have seen and done some horrible shit,thigs that people could not imagine.Cody is the real deal,a true patriot..I hope he wins it all

      13. You go! I admire Cody as he is real. The house does not like him because of this, they all can kiss his and Jessica’s sweet cheeks!

    2. Take Paul and Matt out of this and I agree. Paul a piece of shit who has instigated all this violence and Matt is just nothing.

    3. What is sad about Jessica is I think she defines success by being cool and having Instagram followers . Josh has a college degree and a business and I think he defines success from the love he has for his family and the love they have for him .I do think he wants his family to be proud of him . Jessica probably doesn’t really think about her family being proud of her that’s why she’s having sex on camera should probably get more Instagram followers out of it .

      1. I have to ask: Everyone here complaining that JESSICA had sex on national tv, whats your deal?????? You aren’t mad when others have done it, you aren’t mad that pornstars exist, you aren’t mad that its on tv (NATIONAL TV) or in movies, but you are annoyed by the fact that an adult willy participated in coitus with a guy she’s known for a week (not 1hr)? Have known of you ever gotten layed??????!!!!!! Why you mad????!!!! What time are you living in? Why are you bothered? How does that impact you? Are you perfect?
        And the whole time y’all have been complaining most of you ignore the fact that Cody was in that bed too!!!!!!!
        “I” wouldn’t do it , maybe you wouldn’t. Thats ok! Or maybe you would. And thats ok too! It doesn’t make her a bad personal or a whore or a slut. Get off your moral high ground and her live life!

        1. But big brother isn’t about porn it’s about gameplay and when you care more about getting off in the big brother game then playing a good game of big brother and there something wrong with that

    4. Calling a girl farting around is not offensive? omg, this kid is all over himself. Josh, you are a man right? You can cry about being calling a fucking fat ass but you don’t feel ashamed to say a girl farting around to her face? Right? SHAME ON YOU!?

        1. fuck off…with your offending you shit…its just a word to define that

          “pussy suck ass…can give it but not take it..candy ass goof”


      1. Calling people retarded, thumbs up for calling people fat or gay.
        You people are f*ing disgusting, especially the moderators on this site for allowing it.
        Just report the shit you see, don’t add in (you’re own opinion) just to feed the mob.
        I don’t want Paul to win, I am pulling for Kevin but for crying out loud, how about reporting the happenings in the house so that readers can make their own opinions of the houseguests.

        1. I’ve never been called F*ing disgusting before :) I posted pages of straight dialog today the odd comment here or there is upsetting you?

          1. You guy (the moderators) are the best. I really appreciate your site. CAPT. Obvious should just pay for the feeds and watch it alone. Instead, he/she comes on here and complains. (Simon and Dawg are awesome!) I bet that person is flipping their lid that I inserted my opinion. Love the site! Thank you and keep up the great work!

        2. And here you are calling us disgusting! Sounds like a page from Paul’s playbook. I happen to love Simon’s occasional comments, they are more entertaining than than the absurdity of this season’s cast. Plus owning this site, they are his to make.

        3. How much moderation works? If we start expecting Simon and Dawg to evaluate each post carefully then posts will take ages. You can reply to an offensive post/poster asking them to take a look. I think most folks have the capacity to bypass the posts that bother them. There are people who will have very strong opinions about a variety of things and they will clash on these boards. That’s part of the passion and why, even though I don’t bother with the CBS shows anymore, I still check here to keep up to date. I don’t even have a HG I want to win.
          Basically, scroll past the comments that make you regret you’re not allowed to amputate someone’s fingers so they can’t type and laugh at the ones that you enjoy. It’s a TV show and at the end of the season, I will no longer care about any of them.

  4. Really, what you did last week or any time before that was any better? Paul and his dumb minions are such snowflakes. The more Paul whines and Josh with pots and pans and his antics, the other snowflakes stupidity, make me support Jess and Cody more. Cody keep it up, maybe Paul will self evict! Matt mark stick to your guns and don’t let Paul manipulate you like the others.

  5. If Paul is SO certain that Cody is a potential serial killer in their midst, why didn’t he go to the DR to voice his concerns? Oh that’s right … he knows he’s so full of it, his eyes are brown. And the others are just lapping up all his feigned concern. Looks like only Mark sees through this whole farce named Paul.

  6. Posted on wrong one before sorry..

    These ppl ALL suck! They have all been back and forth and said horrible things and two wrongs never make a right.
    I will say I’ve watched the entire thing twice and no doubt about it Jessica started the sh*t storm today. And surprisingly I was kinda impressed with how Josh handled himself DURING the arguments. Of course last week that was not the case but today.. not too bad. So maybe I don’t dislike him as much as I did.
    Paul is by far the most disgusting POS this season and I hope CBS listens to SM and stops protecting his sorry ass.
    Kevin has been my favorite for awhile now but Mark just moved way way way up there after that conversation with Paul.

  7. Raven is my favorite houseguest. I hope she and matt and get to the final 2 and josh will win America’s fav.

    Raven, Matt, Josh FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Is someone going to tend to Raven’s wrist or what? What her pitiful whiny mouth that looks like a dogs butt right before he drops a deuce? What about her horrible personality? What about her goddawful fake laugh? Somebody help this girl please!

      1. Thanks, bud. I have a beagle too. And this morning while I followed him around with a biodegradable bag I was like “Raven, is that you?”
        Then I realized that my dog is far less punchable and is far more interesting to listen to.

    1. Ding ding ding
      People we have a winner!!!
      Dude you hit it right on the head!!!!
      But, it is ok because this is just a game, not personal!!!! So therefore, I can say what I want, do what I want, cause it’s just a game, so it’s ok.
      Great post!!!

  9. Yo, you think there will ever be an All-Stars 2? I think there’s been enough seasons where they can make a great lineup of vets,but NO Couples..

    1. Vanessa, Caleb, Frankie, Zach, Victor, Johnny Mac, Amanda, Judd, ian Terry, Michele (bb11), Lane, Enzo, Elissa, James (bb9), Xmas, Alex

      1. Oh god not Vanessa or Frankie couldn’t stand either of those self important pieces of crap. Paul belongs with them too.

      2. Caleb, Zach, Johnny Mac, Christmas, and Alex aren’t skilled players. If we are looking at an all-stars season, I want people who played the game in a skillful manner. They may have been enjoyable on their season but they aren’t in an all-star league.

        Now if you want a season of previous memorable players…

  10. Really Paul? “it’s throwing my sh1t off, I’m drained.. I have a distaste for this situation so much”
    If my memory is correct, YOU and YOU alone started all this SH1T! It’s way to late for you to become the voice of reason. You have ruined this season with your presence……had you not been so OBSESSED with your jealousy of Cody, we might have really seen a good season. I hope you’re evicted sooner rather than latter. Don’t let the door hit you on they way out………….SOON!!!

    1. Words out of my mouth!!! Paul got Josh started with the pats and encouraged him. He started a mob last week and pushed two people to the breaking point. That was in fact his goal. Now this week it turns his stomach. Well he turns my stomach.

      Saying all this does not mean I support Jody’s actions, but really. Let point out finger in the right direction.

  11. Can someone please tell me why contestants can’t sing or even hum, but Josh can slam pots and pans with his song and dance. About time production puts a end to it.

  12. I am a nasty woman! Why is BB allowing me to get strung out on my pain meds! BB should take me out of the game to recover properly!

  13. Once more if you can’t stand the heat…… get out of the kitchen. Paul instigated all of this garbage because Cody had the audacity to go after him……..isn’t that what the game is all about? They harassed them all last week and it still spilling into this week, that is what happens when you start a lot of stuff……….it doesn’t get swept under the rug.
    I knew that Production had a conversation about Josh’s behavior…….there was no way that he came to this conclusion on his own. I suspect they had the same convo with Paul and Xmas and they are mad that they are being perceived as the bad guys. Too bad production doesn’t play back these people conversations so they could hear how they are coming across. This is not game play……….this is just being nasty people………this goes for everyone in the house.
    I love how Raven used this situation to make it all about her………why doesn’t she just leave, her and Matt are a waste of space.
    Anyone that throws competitions is a loser and should not be in BB. This cast stinks!!

  14. No one in their right mind can feel sorry for Jody for isolating themselves and being absolute horrible human beings in a social game. Let’s see how their “relationship” works on the outside. I feel sorry for Cody’s daughter because he’s made it clear he wants all boys. Funny how Jess wasn’t on birth control before the show. My thought is because she would be happy for one of her “VIP’S” to get her pregnant, but when it comes to Cody, umm, maybe not. Anyone else pick up on that?

    1. She has already asked for a ring after a month. She didn’t like codys responce that it would be small. lol she’s not going to be happy living his lifestyle. She’s needs money for her fake Body….hair, eyelashes, new boobs. One thing not fake…. her nasty attitude!

  15. This season is absolute trash.. Of course I’ll still suffer through it as we all do every year.

    Big thanks to Simon and Dawg!!! They and the rest of the fam here at OBB have made this fun! Much appreciation because these HGs are losers to buy all of Paul’s crap!
    Clearly Mark knows what’s up and hopefully he and Cody can go back to back HOHs and give us a few fun weeks!

    1. Mark and Cody would be amazing if they team up. Let’s hope they win the next 2 HOH’s. The unraveling will begin. Jason had it right when he said Raven staged the wrist “incident ” she is one big scam artist. It’s such delusional behavior from Paul and Christmas. They just think they beyond reproach. Wacko…

  16. Listening to these asshats tonight I about died laughing! How can we find derogatory things to say about these sweet adorable saints, they have never done a thing wrong in their lives! Just ask them, they will tell you! They have officially gone beyond delusional, not really sure where they are at possibly orbiting space somewhere cause they are certainly nowhere here on earth! If I were in there right now, pretty sure I would be begging for eviction, these people need to be certified!

    1. Raven probably sprained her wrist rubbing Matt off and knew CBS wouldn’t cover it, so used her saving Alex to get it.

  17. Such a hard season to watch. I’m trying to still love BB, but this is stupid! People can’t thunk for themselves. I respected Cody wanting Paul out in the beginning, because that was normal thinking, and what the game is about. They (production ) really screwed up with giving Paul so much safety un the beginning, and then these mindless people, who clearly never watched the show, to follow him like a cult. Is this supposed to be entertaining? People screw up in the show, granted, like Jess did. No wayyy I will keep watching this show if something doesn’t change. Never have I disliked so many of the crew. They dont deserve to be on TV. I know I’m only one person, want to like this show as I wait for it to come on every year, but this really might be the end for me, sorry….

    1. I see this season being used in schools across the country as a bully prevention video. this is just horrible behavior and I cannot believe it hasn’t been cancelled by CBS ( just shut the show down and no one wins that’s how your treat this behavior, not reward them). ring leader Paul instigates just like a true bully does, then sends his crew of “meangirls” and boys to harass and bully who ever doesn’t agree with him. then plays a victim what a piece of work. I sure hope CBS gets boycotted for this

    2. I think they recruited them for their physiques. Matt is a pro body builder and model apparently. Same goes with Christmas and Mark. Elena recruited for her boobs. Ravin to promote her illness. Jason recruited because of his odd profession. Kevin just needed a gig. So the problem is most aren’t there for the game, but their careers.

  18. Well that escalated quickly.

    Has anyone noticed the ant issue is not as bad this season?

    I really prefer wave room to APSR

    Why do they never put in a new pool table? Every season it’s the same beat up one that’s tilted. And do you ever watch them play pool and be like god they suck I could beat any one them easily.

    The bacteria level that must be in that hot tub grosses me out. Elena oftens talks of it cleaning her twat out. Barf.

  19. my ideal end would be Cody and Mark teaming up, somehow recruiting Kevin and Jason and taking out Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven, And Matt (in that exact order) with the rest following suit. How awesome would that be?

      1. More like Alex’s pussy! Jason I have feeling will be getting divorced when he gets back to Montana after the wife figure it out!

      2. Yeah his head head is up her ass and her head is up Paul’s ass. Can’t be too much room left in there. Anytime there’s any type of good game talk it ends with running it by Paul.

  20. Josh does have a college degree and his own business Jessica is a waitress it’s funny that she think she’s so much smarter than Josh . The fact that Cody and Jessica think it’s so mature to call someone fat and ugly is funny to me .. And Jessica talking like she doesn’t want Josh to have any pleasure in her leaving because it doesn’t have anything to do with him it’s also hilarious you’re right Jessica it has everything with how you played the game you couldn’t even do the competition this week to save your own life .you’re so mature that you let men and scary costumes scare you out of saving your life in the game you use to hex to save Cody but not yourself. you and Cody are the worst game players I have ever seen in the game of big brother .. The fact of it is Josh is a way better game player than they can ever think to be .Victoria from big brother 16 or 15 is a better game player think Cody or Jessica .. When Cody was walking with Kevin and Jason I had hopes that maybe he would get his head out of his butt and quit worrying about revenge and actually start playing the game Kevin was trying to help him so much and he can’t even hear it because he so pigheaded .

    1. So are you trying to say that waitresses are lesser people??? Josh is a brilliant person just because he has a degree??? There are waitresses that make more money than people with college degrees. Maybe Jessica actually is VIP concierge it is LA and clubs pay big money to have big name stars come by their establishments. Don’t be someone who thanks they are better than everyone else just because of your position in life!

  21. just finished looking at the ratings table .. all i have to say or ask is this …..how can anyone vote for the likes of CHARGING CODY .. he was my fav at the beginning .. but he continues to bully .. verbal and physical .. one time he is gonna charge someone and that person is gonna get hurt …. BB should be putting a hault to that and not the banging of the pots and pans… just saying .. and concern

  22. Paul, without a doubt, is a manipulative bully. I can’t believe that he has not been continuously called into diary room and told to stop provoking Josh to do his bidding. The others have all resisted to a degree at some time or another and he may see his welcome is waning, so he uses Josh.

    Josh thinks he is going to bat for “the team”, and expects them to support him up when Jody fights back. Unfortunately Paul has no intention of releasing the hamsters against Jody, he’s just there for the entertainment, and Josh is inevitably almost always defeated and left in a puddle of tears.

    The only reason I dislike Cody is his social game and the fact he is infatuated with Jessica ( I think that is more about her living in the fast lane than about him wanting to settle down with her), but honestly, the guy wasn’t an @$$hole until he was pushed too far. If he wasn’t attached to Jess I think he could have formed some alliances and moved forward, if not all the way to the end, in the game.

    Mark needs to take his conversation to the house and let them know that Paul, “the mastermind of one” accused him of not stepping up for Josh and ask them who, out of them all, defended Josh during the altercation with Jody.

    What a pathetic group of people, …I’m hoping for Kevin, Jason and Mark f3, wish Alex would stop wondering what Paul would do and finally say something intelligent to give me 4th option, but unless Jason can shake some sense into her she may have wasted her season.

    1. As a live feeder, Cody was an a** from the start. He hooked up with Jessica on night 2 and together they thought they were the king and queen of the house. He was never social. And then Jessica and Cody just hid out the entire game. When they would come out of their hole, they would fight with others. I appreciate his military service, but other than that, the guy has some serious issues. I hope he gets help for his anger. And it’s rubbed off on Jessica.

      1. And just how would you react to being ostracized by the entire house? God forbid ANYONE talk to them, if they did dare talk to them, they faced the wrath of KING PAUL. If anyone needs help it’s Paul what a vile person he has proven to be! At least Cody and Jess have done their best to ignore Paul and his minion army. Not saying what they did was the right way to approach the situation, but they did the best they could considering the circumstances.

  23. Elania is the biggest pig. She walks around with no bra, and her ass hanging out just begging the guys to look at her. She was even playing with her boobs in front of Paul, mark and josh in the HOH the other night. She wouldn’t admit her boobs are fake just like her personality. Doesn’t she realize it’s more sexy to leave it to the imagination. She grosses me out. Tired of her game play is trying to make the guys droole.

    1. Elena did admit her boobs are fake yesterday while Alex was doing her nails. The three of them (Alex, Christmas and Elena) were talking about it. I thought Christmas also said hers were fake and that she had to rub them in the shower – and so does Elena – because they need to be massaged. I couldn’t believe Christmas has fake boobs. They are so small.

      1. Competitive female athletes with very low fat content often get implants because their breasts shrink down to nothing and they don’t want to look like men. Elena says she already had her breasts reduced once, hence the implants.

    2. Ok, I just have to say, her ta he’s do NOT look fake! If they were, they’d sit up all part like a shelf. I can’t justify a breast lift – her’s look like mine without a bra or proper support. Not that it matters, but all the commenters stating they fake must be male. JS.

  24. DId not think it was possible to dislike a cast so much that you do not watch BB anymore just read the updates but it has happened! RAven with her constant lying, Paul the dictator and instigator, Christmas the drugged out scooter king, Matt who, and now even Kevin and Jason who are hopping on the blame the victim train make me sick! Lord it is like Paul has a. Charles Manson mob mentality with these zombie like fools! I think most people would snap after being hounded for days on end! THe only personI can stand is Mark because he does not seemed to be surrounded in the Paul mist!!! UGH!

  25. Oh for pete sake, we’re going to see tomorrow night that Production has provided a scooter for Raven’s wrist. SMH. The delusion is REAL.

  26. The Paul group keep stating that Jody is personally attacking other members of the house. The ironic part of that is all these people do is sit around bashing Cody and Jessica behind their backs. So they are just as at fault as Jody is. Only difference is Jody says it to your face and has been provoked for almost the entire show. Full disclosure: I don’t think any of them should make it personal but don’t sit around bad mouthing these two contestants and then get mad when you get bad mouthed. It is ridiculous. How can any of America really like any of these people.

    1. Jess and Cody have said a lot about the others behind closed doors that they would never say to their faces. Jess and Cody would have looked better if they never said what they did to Josh today. They stooped to a new low. I was thought you take the high road. These people (all house guest) don’t have class. You can play the game without being trashy. I can’t say there is one classy person in this house. They have all trash talked about one another.

  27. I’m perplexed.. if everyone witnessed Cody going off on Josh how come NOONE said anything? I get asking Mark but what about asking Elena, Matt, Raven, Xmas etc.. these people r disgusting all around. I do feel bad for Josh but he shouldn’t dish it out if he can’t stand it when it comes back

  28. Kevin would call Josh the Blob since early on in the season. Some other people picked it up like Paul but it’s not used too often anymore.

  29. Christmas needs to stop rubbing on Kevin. First she acts like she’s giving him a hug, and then begins her rubbing. In the kitchen earlier, Kevin adjusted her mic on her chest. They are both inappropriate.

  30. Production has screwed up this game so badly. Paul’s safety for 3 weeks and the 8 “friendship bracelets” made him dominant in the game. Cody was equally set up with having to nominate 5 different people because his one big move got wasted. So he became enemy number one. Paul now is the same Paul that almost got evicted in his first BB house because of his behavior, but there were stronger personalities that weren’t going to take it. So he learned to survive and change his tactics. His behavior, insecurities, and mouth have preyed on the emotions of less strong players, i hate the way he is using Josh…he never let’s up. Josh is so eager to please and be “in” that he has been manipulated and used in an abusive way. I lay this “Lord of the Flies” season, the personal destruction at the feet of production and their favoritism of Paul as well as Paul’s megolomania with having so much power. Can’t watch the negativity anymore, so just check in online if i get curious. Too bad.

    1. Production had nothing to do with Megan leaving….that was all Cody, Josh, Jess and Alex. Cody could have put up Ramses and he till would have had his alliance.

    2. I’m hoping that at some point ditching Don’t…..who had a friendship bracelet comes back to bite Paul in the ass….

  31. BB FANS

    they are so dumb because Pail is control everything. They are abuse!!! I don’t understand why BB allows it. I like to see Paul, Josh, Xmas, Alex, Raven, Cody, Jessica and Matt out of the house. They are bullied, verbal abuses, harassment, insulted, and made fun of. They are immature.

    I am victim by bullied, abuses, and made fun of me because I am Deaf.

    I want Kevin, Elaine, Matt, and Jason stay in the house. They are mature!!!

  32. If Cody ever managed to get to final 2 he would lose. They could put him up against anyone in the house and they would take the $500,000. This man is so stupid to think that they would ever give it to him with the way he treats other people. He obviously has forgotten the social aspect of the game, and has instead honed in on the physical. If he thinks he can lock himself in a room till the end of the season ( even if he could manage to win his way to the end) and be awarded that money he is crazier than Christmas is supposed to be.

    1. He knows he won’t win. His only goal is to blow up the house and take a few down before he’s evicted. Then my bet is he walks. Won’t be in jury, doesn’t care.

      1. He may need to care. Jess wants a ring, and the small one he said he would by wasn’t good enough. So, that money may mean a lot more to him now.

  33. This season makes me nostalgic for the relatively mature, restrained, reasonable discussions of differences of opinion between Paulie and Michelle/Natalie/Bridgette. Wasn’t Paul only an insufferable jackass about half the time back then? Good times.

  34. Can’t wait to see the show after Jody and Mark are gone. The rest of the house can say things like: “Paul, would it be better if you evicted me this week or next week?” “Paul, can you tell us a bedtime story about how awesome you were last season?” “Paul, what can I do to get you to the finals?” “Paul, when you send me to the jury house, do you think production will still let me come back to wipe your bottom?”

  35. I think Jessica is just fuming that she’s leaving. By Josh, no less. I also think..because she firmly believes that she and Cody are the new Jeff and Jordan (her words) she prolly thought Cody would give her his spot (ala Rachel and Brendan). They have messed up their game from the getgo.
    This CONSTANT kissing etc is for the cameras. Thinking that everyone just loves a showmance…but it’s just TOO much.
    Cody spouts that Paul was coming for him from the beginning. He bases this on what? Cody is the one. He hated Paul from his season.
    The truth is..he put up Xmas out of spite, thinking Xmas was the closest person to Paul.
    Cody says he’s watched every season. How on Earth did he think he would or could play this game? He is anti social..his views on life are..just bizarre. He has nervous tics….(his constant pulling of hair..and he is very uncomfortable in his skin. In the kitchen..you see .his movements are very jerky..
    Jessica had all the makings of a good player. However…she and Cody bring out the worst in each other.
    I understand that they are very much into each other…but they came supposedly to play the game.
    It seems that Jessica is OK financially..and no doubt feels like she won the biggest prize.aka Cody.
    And, Cody will make enough money (getting into Jury) to improve his financial life.
    I just wonder why they didn’t want to TRY and get the the $500.00?
    Reality will come. It’s one thing to be all over each other in the house. Lots of free time. But in the real world..there’s work, bills, a child..distance..
    Jessica is very jealous. How will she be when Cody is in Iowa (or wherever)..and something tells me she will not be happy about Cody’s love for his daughter. She now wants him to call her baby.
    In short…they are not good players. They are playing in their own soap opera.the star crossed lovers.
    Everyone’s against them. the victims.
    I do hope they make it as a couple. Because otherwise this was just a waste of opportunity.
    As to that…Raven and Matt are the worst. Boring. Taking up space.
    Raven acts up for the camera every night…with her so called fights. I really dislike her.
    As for Paul. Say what you will. He’s playing a good game. Lots of people lauded Vanessa for manipulation.
    So what if he’s a vet? These are different players. Without Paul…Josh would be out. So would Xmas.
    He’s had it tough..and he works the game every day. He’s not Nicole….snuggling all day and yelling for *Coreeeeeeeee* all the damn time.
    I’m happy if kevin, Jason, Paul win at the end. Maybe Alex.
    I would have pulled for Jessica…if she would have only used her social game. She’s smart enough…good at comps and gorgeous. Even using the Hex ( and I don’t blame her..although I wish she would have kept the hex to herself)…she could have regrouped. She could have saved herself and Cody.
    But….*love* has ruled her gameplay and common sense.
    She’s blown it. And her anger is not pretty. As for Cody. HOW did he get selected? This guy has some serious issues.
    I do think he’s was an excellent Marine. And that’s great. But…wow. In the real world…a loose cannon.

      1. Thank you so much for getting it. I feel really upset about this turn of events. Jessica should have gone so much further in the game. $500,00 is not chicken feed. Im sure it;s amazing to even get chosen out of 100;s of applicants.
        But..bloody hell. Don’t waste this opportunity on a very *strange* person.
        Personally…I have had friends be * in lust*. It has NEVER ended well,
        Reality is going to be an eye opener.
        However, I still hope that this is true love. Otherwise….mucho regrets.
        I have to say though. I do believe people can be in love at first sight.
        BUT..when looking at cameras…OVERDOING it…in words..PANDERING….murmering * Just like Jeff and Jordan…I just think…ummmmm..NO.
        For me…Jeff was liked by men and women. Same with Jordan. When Jeff asked her what kind of animal she would come back as..and she said *squirrel*..i just loved her.
        Its Just TOO MUCH kissing and ….well.
        I know it’s for the cameras.
        I would like Jessica to understand. Beauty comes from within. I have friends who perhaps are not considered oil paintings..but their nature is so lovely..they ARE beautiful. And guys would be lucky to have them.
        But..this is BB. Jessica….you could have won. Such a waste. For what. You and Cody just cannot make it in the real World. Cody is just SO angry. I would worry if someone told me he doesnt have friends. Is distant from his family.
        Even so. I like Jessica for standing up for him. It shows a good heart.
        Loyalty is a good thing…until it’s just WRONG.

      2. SO happy someone gets it.. Youre my kinda gal :) keeping it real. My friends tease me…pull me up if I get * bossy) :)
        But really. How much is TOO much! The kissy kissy. Hello Cameras.

  36. If there were ever, EVER (!!!!) 2 people on the planet that deserves each other it’s Jody. And she has the audacity to think that she and Cody could be BB “legends” (her word). The problem being is the other BB alumni married couples are decent, quality people who did not viciously abuse other housemates verbally to their faces. Whereas with Jody, well their infamy will be due to disgraceful behavior, and they ‘outta hide under a rock when they leave the house. Don’t let the door hit ‘ya on the way out.

    1. And those other couples were together a long time before rings were discussed. When you are in a house with someone 24/7, life is great. But once you throw in real world…..family, friends, jobs, kids is the test. They are 2 different people, but have the same attitude, they will not make it. Jeff and Jordan never acted the way these 2 are, they kept it nice. These 2 think they are entitled to something, but not sure what! Nothing special about them.

  37. I can’t believe these pieces of furniture pretending to be houseguests don’t compare notes on Paul. I know having a God’s eye view is different than being in the house, but it seems like his nonsense would be easy to figure out if they just talked about him amongst themselves. The biggest mistake Jody is making is not pressing that issue. Just launch a verbal accusation hand-grenade into the house casually about Paul having a final 2 deal with someone and let them all start talking about it until they figure out he has one with everyone.

    1. Yeah one has to wonder why Jessica and Cody aren’t doing this. If they put some effort in, no doubt they plant alot of seeds of doubt. But they seemingly have rolled over and said f it.

  38. Raven probably sprained her wrist rubbing off Matt, but knew CBS wouldn’t cover it, so she jumped at the opportunity to say it happened saving Alex.

    1. My god! Is it that wrist?! Matt must be devastated and may need a circus chimp…Elena could do it.

      Wait…it’s service chimp…

  39. What I can;t figure out is when Xmas told Jess not to use her hex on Cody and her, and that she was just blowing her chance at 500k. Jess should have said
    why because you are wasting 500k on Paul and you have no connection. These houseguest suck! The other thing that noone has caught onto is Paul making them be bullies and he says “I’ll take the heat” but he doesn’t. Wake up people! Stop playing Paul’s game!!! Raven, is the most vile person in the house next to Paul. I don’t think Matt knows he is playing a game as long as he has his cereal.

  40. Dear BBAD,

    Please do not show any more of Cody and Jess. I cannot take ANYMORE of this middle school romance, kissing (makes me gag), lying around, or the fake eyelashes! GOD! I cannot wait until Thursday!

    Thank you!

  41. My fucking god the minions are such hypocrites. What you did last week was disgusting, calling someone fat isn’t even close to that. FOH

  42. Our Pastor has started a prayer group for our beloved Raven Walton to ensure her continued success on the show. Her recent wrist injury has the congregation concerned. Our beautiful angel showed her bright spirit when she lovingly consoled our Brother Joshua after his brutal attack by those fornicaters. Raven has captured the heart of America! Raven Walton for AFP

    1. Sorry, She ain’t no Walton jacking Matt off undercover on national television, maybe you need to take a lil closer look at her character before starting a prayer group for her!

  43. At this point I think they just need to pull the plug on this season and call it a day. They are all garbage human beings. I honestly cannot think of anyone who should win. Maybe Mark just for not making an ass out of himself? Really not a reason to deserve the money though. I wish they would just turn the lights off and tell them all to go home, possibly also heavily fining Paul for damages as he ruined the season. He continually provokes the other houseguests and demands that they throw competitions to him. He shouldn’t just be kicked out, he should have to pay, as all he really cares about is money and that is the only way he will understand that what he is doing is wrong.

    1. Papa Smurf has really sucked all the oxygen out of the BB house and left very little for anyone else. Too many snowflakes; I think BB needs to focus on creating safe spaces next year along providing puppies and kittens.

      This year has been a bust. Entertaining at times, yes. But, the BB house does seem to be mirroring whats wrong outside its’ doors. That’s what’s made this year en epic fail without question. First time since BB inception that I have stopped watching.

  44. Well, I have come a long way, following Big Brother after watching season 2 in it’s entirety and really enjoying being able to forget about my own problems but quickly became so emotional and now I have a whole different perspective.
    So – my point is I don’t see the houseguests and still have to remind myself they are like chess pieces in this game (maybe not the right analogy but it works).
    So – now my absolute final statement about this – after watching BBAD and seeing the pool game Kevin had with Cody; there was such ease in their communication. Cody acted like a little kid that he made great shots and Kevin was cheering every move he made in the way a gentleman of his nature would. It was quite a beautiful thing. Kevin has a gift to give people their freedom to shine and brings it about. That’s his gift. He somehow does it effortlessly but knows exactly how not to diminish people. This is definitely an overwhelmingly emotionally-charged season with this mix of personalities and I’m really enjoying seeing the positives come out when ( they do), – just like weirdnesses of others do too. I am by far the most perplexed by Raven’s qualifications/motives being on this season. Just better leave that alone as I’m not paying her bills so I don’t care. Apathy maybe. None of my business……

  45. Paul says why is production saying that you hitting pots and pans is instigating a fight when the words “What are you going to do about it” and getting in your face isn’t”

    LOL it is forever going to burn Paul that Cody made him look like a little b1tch on national TV

  46. This is my opinion. I thank Cody for serving our country and putting his life on the line to keep us safe; and for that, I salute him. Now as for his attitude, he sucks. He had It in for Paul the moment he walked into the house. Also he attacked Josh first and belittled Megan during the nomination ceremony. He want to come off as a good guy, but he isn’t. Jessica and Cody think of themselves as the Next Jeff and Jordan?! Umm, I don’t think so. If you all recall, Jeff and Jordan did not have sex in the HOH room because they have class! Jessica is a classless woman, think she is better than everyone, and the hottest woman in the house (which she is not). She’s a very insecure woman and certainly not a hottie. Her extensions RIP out her real hair, she poked some of the guys with her finger in their butts, grabbed Alex’s va Jay jay, called Josh fat and disgusting, and want to say she and Cody are the victims?! Give me a break, lady!! As for Paul, he really disgust me this season because the way he’s manipulating most of the HGs and I blame the HGs for allowing it to happen. I love Josh, but come on…don’t be crying about being bullied when you bullied others! Stop listening to Paul and be your own man! Elena, you’re not all that so stop using sex as a weapon to further yourself in the game. Jessica, you being with Cody ruined your game so live with that! Matt and Raven are the superior floaters this season…all he does is eat cereal, wear that frigging orange shit, and having sex with Raven; and as for Raven…Lord Have Mercy…why does she make everything about her?! Can we say “attention whore”?! Mark is making me sick! He is pining for Elena, cries just as much as Josh, a true flip flopper, and a hypocrite! I had high hopes for Alex, but she was easily manipulated by Paul. Christmas should’ve been pulled from the game and went home to take care of herself (BB/CBS would’ve had her back next season). Kevin and Jason I see as the Final 2 with Kevin winning because he’s playing a really good game (and beating Paul at hus own game) and Jason winning 2nd place!

  47. “Christmas says there’s not way she’s going to let Jessica and Cody get under her skin when they were attacking Josh she was running around with her scooter being happy.”

    Super surprised that Paul didn’t confront her for not saying anything to Jessica and Cody for their “bullying” of Josh.

    Well, no, not really. He got what he wanted. Josh is now a victim and he’s painted Mark (again) with the bad-guy brush.

  48. Only in the US does an employer (CBS) allow harassment to continue.

    Yes, Paul instigated (bad!)
    Josh is as much a bully as Cody.
    Cody is clueless and scary. He blew his chance to save Jessica’s game. They were so clueless about entertaining the idea maybe there were enough votes to save her. They blew it so they get need to reap what they sowed.

    Cody alone in the house without her–would be pathetic to watch. I hope he self-evicts.

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