Stop Singing “I’m not singing I’m teaching them about America’s musical history 1967 Janis Joplin”

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12:14pm Christmas and Alex kitchen
Alex – every time I shave my crotch I’m always.. I can’t wait to get lasik.. I can’t wait to get lasik (I think she means laser)
Christmas says when she gets out of here strike a deal with a place and use her Instagram fame to get a deal on laser for her (you know what). Christmas says she’ll get at least 100K followers after the show.
Christmas – don’t do more than three posts a month.. you’ll get so much free stuff and sponsorship’s..

Christmas is waiting to get into the Diary room to get her medication.

Paul cleaning out his nose. (he spends a lot of time cleaning his nose ring out.. Did the same thing last year)

12:41pm Kitchen.. (Random chit chat)
Josh – Hey Matt.. you look a lot like that guy that interviewed us
Matt – Jeff..

Paul – I doubt he even knew I was going in, that’s how low key it was
Matt asks how many people knew he was coming back
Paul – there was less than 20 (plus everyone that followed the #BB19 hashtag)

12:48pm Kitchen Everyone but Mark, Cody and Jessica
They are talking about Mark being allowed to sleep when some of them get dinged from Big Brother. (They are supposed to be up from 10-10 but it’s a very loose rule, Elena and Mark always stay up until 1-2pm. other house guests get told by production to wake up.. it’s very odd)

12:52 Christmas crying.. muttering to her self.. alarm trunk horn.. alarm trunk horn..

12:57pm Look whose up..

12:58pm Raven’s new look.
Kevin is telling them about Quaaludes

1:13pm Kevin
Kevin – you guys have taken a piece of my heart so whatever you wanna do
Jason starts singing.. taken a piece of my heart
Kevin – you know who sings that
Alex – Come on Come on
Kevin – Janis Joplin
Production – Please stop singing

Kevin – Actually I’m not singing I’m teaching them about America’s musical history 1967 Janis Joplin
Production – Kevin, please stop singing

Raven leaves.. they start studying..

Kevin goes through all the sounds they’ve heard over the last couple days. (In case you missed it Since Monday Big Brother has been playing sounds, jackhammers, dogs barking, baby’s crying etc etc.. )
Kevin tells them tomorrow he’s dressing up nice he’s tired of the guys putting on Shorts and looking like slobs, “Like Mark”

1:50pm They get insulated cups from Big Brother.

1:52pm Christmas and Josh
Josh – Call me crazy but I think Mark and Alex have something or like just…
Xmas – Alex is being nice to Cody just in case she needs him at some point
JOsh – Smart ..
xmas – I feel super solid with me, you, Kevin, Alex and Jason
Xmas – there will be small groups
xmas – mark doesn’t f*ing talk any f*ing game with me whatsoever
josh – share whatever you want with Kevin but what we talk about don’t share with him because Kevin is close to Paul
Xmas – hundi

2:34pm Raven and Matt HOH
Matt says If Cody wins the temptations
Matt – if I’m HOH I’m putting up Elena and somebody else and I’m telling Elena.. we are backdooring mark
Raven – Paul would make a good pawn.
Matt – if I win HOH I want my target going period end of story
Raven – same
Matt – one shot one kill
Matt – If Cody wins the safety.. you can put me up with Elena.. and then as long as whoever finishes last in the safety competition doesn’t use it.. (POV)
Matt – that person cannot win the Veto.. it’s basically the same scenario Ramses was in.
Matt – we need to control who finishes last.. (in the temptation)

2:58pm Paul is telling them about his 1978 Chevy Nova (Random chit chat.. )

3:04pm Paul, Raven and Jeff
Paul – I feel pretty good about Kevin, Alex, Jason.. even Josh.. Christmas I feel good about but she has her ways
Raven – she can’t play..

They agree their final 6 is Christmas, Josh, Kevin, Matt, Raven and Paul. Matt wants Kevin instead of Christmas/Josh in the final 5, He’s worried because they are so close. Matt says Kevin is much stronger at competitions.

Paul – if Cody wins Safety we have to get Mark and Elena pissed at each other
Paul – Even if Cody doesn’t win Safety Mark should go up..
Paul is pushing for them to have a person throw the temptation competition to take that away from Cody. Paul wants to backdoor Cody and prevent him from playing in the veto.
Paul says he’s confident about Jason and Alex points out that those 2 reservations with Kevin, “just leave it and let them get their”

Paul says going up as a pawn is scary at this point but he’ll do it.
Matt – I’m available as a pawn from here on out I don’t care.. I made it to jury.

Matt – when we take Alex and JAson out we have to be very strategic..
Paul – VERY.. us three and Maybe Josh or Christmas will be around and those 2
Paul says they have to make a move before Alex and Jason do.

Paul – even if one of you won this week it wouldn’t be dangerous. All we have to do is put up 2 pawns and backdoor him
Paul says the following weeks the targets are Mark and Elena.

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148 thoughts on “Stop Singing “I’m not singing I’m teaching them about America’s musical history 1967 Janis Joplin”

  1. Josh is one of the most mature person in this game. Him singing with pots and pans is very classy. Paul is also mature trying to get cody to break. Raven says the nicest stuff ever. I wish there were more people in the game like them. Matt is cruising his way to the final 2 which is very smart.

    1. Matt is my favorite player, he’s really hot and I love his tattoos. Matt is Daddy and I would love for him to spank me ;)

          1. Who is Jeff? Did I miss something? I too like matt, but I really don’t know who I want to win. I know I don’t want Cody to. Maybe Kevin or Xmas, not sure yet. I hope and pray that Jessica does go home tomorrow for positive, already!!!!

    2. So yeah, i maybe covered in tape and ppl may question my existence, but at least im not as mindless as this crew. Truthfully, BigBrother has evolved into a very different game, and social media has only attracted celebrity wannabe rejects. But the most saddening part of this season is that NOT ONE contestant is truly have a bunch of sheep whose goal is just making it to jury…but tell me, which person is really trying to win..NO ONE

  2. Christmas is delusional if she thinks she is doing anything but losing followers and damaging her brand on the show. The real world is going to be a shock to these people. I hope they get booed at their meet and greets.

    1. Would that just make your day if they got booed?
      Get a warm, fuzzy feeling in your gut like you accomplished something if that happens?
      Here’s a tip, make a life goal and attempt to achieve it… instead of basing your life off of the reaction to people who you’ll never meet nor care that you’re alive.

  3. I work for a trauma clinic and the behaviours that Paul exhibit are similar to what an abusive husband does ( I am not saying he is at all, I am only speaking to the behaviours). He badgers and then manipulates and plays mindgames to make the personal feel guilty and as if they are at fault. One example is the way he tried to twist it with Mark, which was quite troubling when Paul was the one part of the bullying and did nothing and tried to put that on Mark (someone himself who was a victim of the bullying a week earlier). This goes beyond game because he constantly talks about Jody and obsesses with them, even when one is going out the door.

    1. Essentially Paul is mimicking Vanesse from BB17. Making things up in his head so hard he actually believes them so he is able to shame whichever target he has and use ” the house” to eliminate what is basically only his threat.

      1. I see you didn’t spell her name correctly, quite wise of you. I’ve heard if you write her name 3 times on one thread in here, she will appear!

    2. Paul’s obsession with himself and his need to manipulate every scenario is a classic narcissist. He needs everyone to view him as a hero and anyone who doesn’t is instantly “dead” to him. I know it is big brother and essentially that is part of the game but I have yet to see a player take it to the manipulative, abusive level that Paul has, straight up narcissist! His presence has killed any outside game play as he has to have a hand in everything, without him this season may have been amazing. The only reason I am still watching is that I am incredibly curious to see how he’ll implode once he is a target and sent packing.

      1. Even without Paul being there this season would’ve been shit as Jody would be ruling that house a with an entitled iron fist, attacking anyone that didn’t vote their way.. Paul didn’t have anything to do with how Cody reacted after Jillian got voted out, but Paul took advantage of the given situation & took it to very low levels making his gameplay over-the-top harrassing Jody. I can see the house dynamic without Paul there & Jody 100% would be running that house straight to the final 2.

    3. Paul can be as manipulative as he wants, but if someone is allowing another person to manipulate them, where is taking self responsibility in that? This is a backwards society teaching others to just blame and take no self responsibility but if people take self responsibility for themselves, then no one can be manipulated.

      1. Clearly you’ve never been on the receiving end of a narcissists’ psychological game. It usually isn’t something you see as it’s happening. They are MASTERS of deception and unless you experience it, you will never truly understand how easy it is to be manipulated by the narcissist. A ‘true’ narcissist that is. I’m no psychiatrist so I am not in the diagnosing business. However the commenter was spot on when saying his uncanny ability to manipulate and effortlessly turn his faults onto others via ‘projection’ is absolutely what a narcissist specializes in. Who knows, it could definitely just be great gameplay in his case though. I believe the players signed up for psychological warfare when entering the house. So in that respect, none of them are victims!! However, real life is not a game and being on the receiving end of psychological abuse is nothing to shame someone about. I used to have the same exact views as you do on this. ‘You’re basically dumb for not seeing it so stop playing the victim dumbass!.’ Then one day I found myself in a relationship with someone who turned out to be a narcissist. I will NEVER again judge what I’ve not first experienced firsthand ever again. You are so incredibly lucky to be so ignorant (no disrespect) on this topic, because it means that you haven’t been exposed firsthand to the wrath of a narcissist/sociopath.
        But like I said, these people voluntarily signed up to play a game that involves deception and lies. So I agree that no one is really an unsuspecting victim in this scenario!

        1. Wow, that was a lot of self projection and assumptions that you create for yourself. LOL at calling another person ignorant then immediately followed up by no disrespect, who is narcissist?

          1. She did that because most people equate ignorance to stupidity – where in fact they are just ignorant to the meaning of ignorant.

    1. Apparently the reason for the lock down was because someone posted on twitter they were going down with a bullhorn to yell for house guests to vote out Raven. To bad they didn’t wait til after the deed was done before posting.

  4. I was watching BBAD last night where Jody were in one room talking about their life outside of the house and getting to know each other, while Paul and minions were in another trashing Jody; some of the topics included bashing Cody’s personality, the way they were laying out in the sun (Jessica was laying her head on his thigh near his crotch yet paul said she had her head in his crotch looking like she was doing something there), comparing Cody to the sabateur twist of a previous season and concluding there’s no way he can be a sabaoteur because no one can act with such a messed up personality, as well as criticizing the way Cody squeezes toothpaste out of a tube, the way he and Jody ate food in the bed with some crumbs falling out in the bed and finally concluding Jessica won’t put up with him in the outside world.

    I want to watch GAMEPLAY and STRATEGY not petty, gossipy personal attacks.

    1. Gee, you must have conveniently missed the many times Jess talked about bashing and kicking someone’s face in or choking them with a bandana…… Cody with his crazy eyes saying how he could ” easily fk them up” These two are not the sweet star crossed lovers….Jody is guilty of the same thing!

      1. she also wants to drown Alex. Thats usually what Jess and Cody do, when they arent sitting in silence staring at each other they are bashing the other HG’s

      2. and dont forgot the violence Alex wanted to do to jessica. But it is funny that Jody doesnt give a crap about Paul and their minions, but Paul cannot stop talking about Cody and once Cody is out, they will continue to talk about Cody because Cody is living rent free in Pauls brain.

      3. They do say things about them but they don’t obsess on it like Paul does that’s the difference. Everyone in there has said something mean or nasty but Paul just goes on and on .

    2. I watched that too with the same observations. Paul obsessed over Cody and I believe they could really give a rat’s ass about Paul and his minions. Cody KNOWS he can’t win the game and only says he wants to do some damage before he leaves. All this “Cody’s Violent Tendencies” carry no more weight than Josh’s violent tendencies. Even Raven has violent tendencies by their definition.

  5. Of course Paul is cleaning his nose piercing in the kitchen. I wish I was surprised that nobody is telling him how unsanitary that is but these are the sort of people that use the kitchen dish towel to clean themselves off after a game of grab a$$ and then to dry dishes.

    1. Or floss in front of everybody (Alex). Some things are just best done when alone. And table manners must be a list art with all the chewing with open mouths, smacking, etc. Where do they find such Neanderthals??

    2. Well, there was an incident in the pantry last season and no one said a word…so for some reason I think the BB house either has it’s own mist or the casting people have an amazing talent for finding people with little sanitary standards.

      1. Oh gosh… I had almost wiped that from my memory, why did have to bring it up. By far the grossest thing ever done on BB or anywhere else for that matter.

          1. Zakiyah changed a feminine hygiene product in the pantry while a group ate chips and chatted. They she grabbed some chips herself and no one stopped…eating…the…chips…

    3. I’ve had a nose ring for five years. What the hell is Paul doing? I take mine out, wash my face and clean the nose ring. No big deal. Why is he making a production out of it? That fugly cow Elena has one, she’s not doing that. Kevin Rules!

  6. What I don’t get is physical altercations and physical abuse are not allowed at all in the bb house, yet mental and emotional abuse (in the form of harassment) are a free for all. With all the research that we now know on mental abuse (sometimes being worse than physical) I don’t understand how its allowed. Jessica told Josh multiple times, please leave me alone and he kept going in on her with pots and pans, following her with comments etc. as well as the whole group that day. If 2 people argue, that is fair game, they are both entering into that argument, but if someone asks to be left alone multiple times, it should not be justified that the person follows around over and over again.

    1. They couldn’t give consequences while still protecting Paul. If they told Josh to knock it off he might talk about the fact that Paul told him to do it. It wasn’t until Cody actually did get mad that they had their scapegoat for the entire situation, so they let it go on until that point. Now they can edit it as the house voted him out for being a loose cannon and they can sweep any involvement that Paul had with it under the rug.

      It’s all about BB protecting their winner. Unfortunately he has been so awful that they will probably just give him HOH every other week and tell him to stay in his room until the end.

    2. Thank you! Now, everyone wants to drag Jody for reacting the past couple of days. I don’t blame them. Everyone has their limits and I think Jody tolerated more than most people would have. That mob game crap was sickening. The others crossed boundaries they should not have crossed. Their excuses that this is BB and its gameplay fall extremely short IMO.

      And the icing on the cake: Josh blubbering like a baby!!! I’m sorry…he was due. If you can’t suffer the spoils of war you have no business starting one. He’s a lame ass dummy who can’t think for himself.

      Paul- deplorable. Just absolutely disgusting and Xmas is a close second.

      I honestly can’t root for any one of these house guests at this point but if someone asked me and I had to answer, it would be Jody. I don’t like everything that they’ve done but Cody has been crucified for trying to play the game because he was smart enough to know Paul’s ass was a threat to the entire game.

      I’ve loved this show for so long. I hate what’s happening on this season. The shunning people who are on the block, forcing them to isolate themselves and then dragging them because of it? I’m so over this deplorable cast. Shame on CBS who’s only concern is ratings whether or not it’s a shit show.

  7. Paul just needs to go. The houseguests are too afraid/dumb to play for themselves (except Jess, Cody). Once he goes, I think the game will get way more interesting, that does not look like its happening for a while though…. like seriously these people are so far up his ass that he has to clean out his nose ring 8 times a day.

    1. I have never ever said I was going to stop watching cause I don’t like the direction they are taking and so on, however I am starting to fear I may HAVE to stop watching! I swear after every episode I loose a few brain cells and quite frankly I cannot afford to loose many more! lmaooo
      Just imagine if you will Cody, Jess, and Mark gone and only Paul and his minions left! I visualize evictions as such, Paul yells house meeting in HOH on nom night they pick low two on the totem pole, and then on evection night they will either draw straws, rock paper scissors, or go by who did the most for Paul that week to decide who goes home! And each one when voting, will first stop in front of Paul name who they are voting for and get his final approval before telling Julie! No hope for this crew! Pots and pans for the win! =))

      1. Most seasons I like most of the players. Last year I hated Paulie but I was okay with the rest of them, even Paul. This year I could never pull for any of them because they are such cowardly toadies for one megalomaniac.

        People keep posting how they can’t wait for Paul and the minions to turn on each other, but I don’t believe it will happen. Each week will be a contest of who can lick Paul’s ass the best. Last place goes home.

        When Cody leaves, Paul will have eliminated the last of his opposition. I just hope Cody wins a few HOH’s and POVs and takes a few sheep out before he goes.

  8. I hope this show isn’t successful in manipulating the editing so bad over the course of the season that they somehow make Paul look good for the last few weeks and then he gets back into the good graces of the public and wins AFP after all the disgusting stuff he has engaged in and LED the last few weeks.

  9. The only people that are going to follow this group is………..”Bullies are us”, or “maybe whiners are us”. Actually I can’t see why anyone would care about this cast……….I know I don’t.

  10. Can’t wait till they start to actually playing the game. I hope we can have Cody take out Paul. At least I want to see the house realize Paul has been in final 4s with everyone but Mark and Cody. In a perfect world I want to see in any order for eviction.
    1 Cody 2 Raven 3 Alex 4 Xmas 5 Josh 6Matt. I can dream right.

  11. Just curious about Christmas’ crying after she was in the DR for mess. Anyone know why?

    Alarm trunk horn…. is she studying?

    1. She probably ran out of human hearts to eat or something. Realistically, when a succubus has no prey to exploit…You find them alone some where crying as a last ditch effort to engage an innocent bystander. Got to get those followers!!!

      1. Gotta keep it fresh to pull in the new donations. Didn’t you ever switch up the costume on Halloween to hit up the houses with the good stuff?

    1. She reminds me of trailer trash the way she dresses. She wears those white socks with everything even her bikini. If she’s not wearing make up she looks like pure dumpster fire! The only relationship Matt is leaving out of the house with is that cereal bowl!

      1. I’m appalled at all the negative comments I’m reading about Sister Raven! The congregation has been praying for Raven’s continued success on the show! Pastor Jim formed the prayer circle and come eviction night , our hometown sweetheart will be flooded with prayers! Raven displays all the virtues of a good Christian woman and surely will bring pride and joy to the church when she wins! I hope our Raven stays strong and healthy and can fight those immoral demons in the house!

        1. Is this post sarcasm? Yelling f••k you and throwing your middle fingers up at people are Christian values? Turn on the feeds now and show the congregation what Raven is doing under the covers with Matt right now!

    2. I swear I about died laughing today when I read on twitter, Raven apparently made herself up today, and was yelling at everyone “look at me, look at me: so someone on twitter said we are looking at you, who are you terminal spice? Was priceless, I think he had the entire twitterverse in stitches!

    1. Honestly, CBS should never have invited Paul back to the BB house in the first place. He won 2nd place last year, for goodness sakes. Many other past contestants who placed neither 1st nor 2nd during their respective seasons would have been more suitable candidates as to returning to the game. Vets should return only for All Star seasons, but that is my opinion. Once the BB19 cast successfully and finally evicts Paul, it will be extremely interesting to witness the minions flounder as they struggle in an attempt to think autonomously.

  12. There is Xmas and Kevin cuddling in bed together. If Kevin wins hope he is ready to lose half the prize money when his wife in the divorce. I used to think he was an ok guy. Now he is just another douche bag. How funny it would be to see his wife beat the crap out of both of them on the after show. Not to worry Xmas you can always get a restraining order. Lol slut.

    1. I can see why marriage is on the decline when people like yourself are out there being a relationship warrior! You made so many assumptions on knowledge you have no idea about….keep up the good work fighting cuddling!!

  13. Stop voting for Jody as the best players! They do nothing but isolate themselves and talk crap about other house guests, they are terrible at this game

  14. It’s been fun, but now is the time in the game when the same 2-3 people keep getting nominated week after week. I am really looking forward to Jody being gone and seeing where all the minions fall. Paul will be the alpha on one side, but who will stand up and try to conquer the Paul.

    1. My prediction is no one. There won’t be 2 sides. Paul will come up with the eviction order and the others will carry out his instructions, probably with unanimous agreement. Paul has already spoiled the next 5 evictions: Cody then Mark then Elena then Raven then Matt. If anyone tries to oppose him, the group will turn on them and they will have no supporters.

  15. People talking about how bad all the bullying is and there is no room for it. Must have not seen evil dicks season lol

    1. Evel Dick has said there was a line that he would not cross! Check him out at his site just google search him. Do not leave Simon or Dawg this site is great with their personal insight since they get to watch the live feeds.

    2. The difference between Evil Dick and “Piss-ant Paul and his minions” is that Evil Dick didn’t need minions to do his dirty work. He acted alone.

      1. Evel Dick was an original as much as I hated his guts. These pinheads, especially the giant moron Josh are just wannabees.

    3. Yeah, I did, and what he did as an extreme happens on the daily with these jack assets. Not a single one of these ass hats know how to do anything but be miserable, obnoxious rejects. The BB house was a much classier place back then, like summer camp for adults.

      1. But what a hilarious mistake it was!!! Lol Thanks, Simon! Reminds me of the joke with the punchline, “Well, let me know so I can adjust the chair.”

  16. Cody is going to win show. Cuz he will get Paul out and everyone will respect that and when they watch the little tape they get to see at jury house when they get kicked out they will realize he a solid dude. Paul will even vote for him cuz he will respect his game.

    Kevin will not win because the last comps are a couple physical ones and the scale questions. He will get knocked out before scale.

    1. Nope once Paul is evicted, these morons will go outside and start worshiping the sky and asking what Paul would do and when they hear a cricket they will claim that was Paul telling them who to vote for

  17. Ok so I have to say that my husband had a conversation about Jody and Josh. While I may not agree with the game Jody is playing I have to say Josh (Paul) is much worse. And if any “man” tried to annoy me as much as he is trying to with Jess, my hubby would have went at him along time ago. It’s not being a crazy person it is being a man that is pushed too far. But I guess men are a dying breed.

  18. I’m pretty sure Paul’s parents are well off so he’s probably not hurting so the things he does to win comes from where? He seems like someone who has something to prove, like maybe he has a little man complex or he wants to show his parents how awesome he is. Something is going on in his little head that drives him to do the things he does. He’s like a hamster on a wheel (the wheel is his mind going nonstop) who never stops. He has something to prove to someone including himself. It doesn’t seem fun the way he works it so hard. I can’t imagine he actually enjoys this. It seems very stressful.

  19. I cannot wait until that little weasel Paul is gone. Big brother has to stop picking players based on looks and body shape. Take a look back over the years and you will see the best players are just normal everyday mature people. Grant it some had over the top personalities but nothing like these court jesters.

  20. I remember Britney Haynes said in an interview that the returning vets all received guaranteed cash (maybe 30k). Rachel said the same thing.

    So Paul would also have received guaranteed cash as well (along with the lame guaranteed three weeks).

  21. Interesting reading about Kevins father, Andrew. One of the largest cocaine dealers in Boston in the 90s. Sentenced to 10 years in prison at the age of 69.

  22. Raven is playing the best game! Under the radar and well liked by all! She also has some trustworthy qualities by going up as pawn for the team, Raven all the way!

  23. Just watched the TMZ piece on Jess and the finger bombing other hgs, I agree unappropriate (sp) and it could be considered assault but their is a couple issues with the clip they showed! First, they are all seeming to find it hilarious, and second, why is Matt and others asking her to do it too other hgs if it is so bothersome! Inquiring minds want to know! lol

  24. Heard that little tart Alex on BBAD saying she want to make cookies on Thur with Laxatives in it so everyone will be shitting their pants for the HOH comp. If that happens it would definitely be assault and they should boot her ass out of there. They are constantly telling her to STOP THAT when she starts hitting Jason and she whines oh but he started it. She’s really starting to annoy me.

  25. Hi Simon,
    I think Alex meant lasik because I have the same problem in the shower, I can’t see when I’m shaving without my glasses/contacts. Damn I need lasik too lol !! ;)

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