“You want to f*ing try this sh1t on the outside? go for it, I f*ing dare you” – Cody

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1:10pm Elena, Paul, Josh, and Christmas
Josh is telling everyone Jessica being a b1tch to him implying he’s too stupid to spell drought.
Christmas says Jessica is just salty
Christmas is saying that Jessica used her Hex improperly while she used her Hex appropriately
Paul tells Josh to ask Jessica how to spell evicted.

1:11pm Kitchen
Josh asks Jessica if she can spell evicted
Jessica tells him to get lost “Go f* yourself”

1:16pm Jessica, Jessica and Cody
Josh comes up to them
Jess – Josh I’m warning you, today is not the day
Cody – Listen here you f*ing piece of sh1t I swear..
Jess – DON’T
Josh – I didn’t even put you on the block
Jess – Josh get away from me
Cody – you trying to get some attention on Snap chat sh1t
Josh – she made me feel.. she was like spell drought i’ll make you look stupid.. I have a degree I own a business
Jess – I still think you’re a moron
Cody – you’re the dumbest f*ing person we’ve ever met Josh
Josh – nice
Cody – you f*ing waddle around here with your fat f*ing body acting like you are f*ing tough, you know it’s only because we can’t f*ing do sh1t in here
josh – ok
Cody – you want to f*ing try this sh1t on the outside go for it, I f*ing dare you
Josh – ok, you guys are making it real personal
Cody – it is personal josh
Jess – I’m not in the mood today so just go, don’t speak to me don’t address me
Jess – but if that’s the game you want to play.. I got 2 days left baby bring it on
Josh – I was talking to Matt and you inserted yourself.. saying I was stupid
Jess – go away..
Jess – Actually I didn’t say your stupid.. but right now I’ll say it.. You’re stupid
Josh – Ok how am I stupid
Jess – do you listen to yourself speak on a daily basis? because unfortunately I have to

Josh – you guys are going to look so stupid when you re watch this.. you both played yourself
Jess – oh no evict me I’m terrified there’s nothing for me in the outside world.. Go away
Josh – I never called you stupid, I never called you a fat F* the waddles
Cody – wait until you see the sh1t I say about you I f*ing destroy you Josh.. I’m going to destroy you on the outside I don’t give a f* about you
Josh – Nice anything else
Cody – I’m going to rip you the f* apart on the outside, I swear I will make them all know how much of a piece of sh1t you are

Josh – why are you so mad? you realize you are playing a game..
COdy – this isn’t a f*ing game to me Josh this is real f*ing life..
Josh says they never speak to him they don’t know him
Jess – we don’t speak to people we don’t like.. is that weird. (it’s bad gameplay)

Jess calls Josh a coward and says he got lucky winning that HOH.
Josh – you are digging your grave..

Josh – so i’m a moron, I’m a fat wobbly f*, you making this game real personal
Josh – you are going to feel real stupid you played Cody’s game
Josh – Cody ruined your f*ing game.
Jessica- the only reason people keep you in this game is because you are a moron and can’t think for themselves.. .
Josh – I’m 23 and I’m more mature than you guys.. I’m a happy man I’m extremely successful..
Jess – I cannot stand the sounds of your voice

JOsh says COdy has no social game everyone in the house thinks he’s a d1ck head
Josh says Cody has been in the house for 50 days and he doesn’t know shit about “nobody”
Jess – maybe he doesn’t want to know sh1t about you
Josh – you’re going home on Thursday..
Jess – thank god I don’t have to listen to your moronic speech anymore
Josh – you’re a joke
Cody – nice
Josh – shut the f* up .. you’re a joke

Cody – you waddle around here with your pudgy a$$
Josh – your face is disgusting look at you is disgusting.. you demeanor sucks like it really f*ing sucks
Jess- have you looked in the mirror
Jess – you sound desperate

They start to dance and sing..

Josh – I sent you home
Jessica – I put myself on the block I took the f*ing power way from you f*ing fat a$$
Josh – I would rather be fat a$$ have a good heart and be able to have a conversation
Jess – a good heart.. when people laugh they laugh at you

Josh – I have one more thing to say to you.. no more air time boo boo your time is up
Jess – then go the f* away.. I don’t need your air time I have my own life..
Jess – go roll yourself outside then.. truffle shuffle out the door.. truffle shuffle out the door..
Josh – Karma came and bit you in the a$$
Jess – I’m going to bite you in the a$$

Mark make sure it’s on snap chat.. HAHAHAH

1:30pm Head of Household Paul, Matt and Josh
Josh crying because of all the personal attacks Cody and Jessica has made against him. He’s also upset because they have been talking sh1t about him in the DR and disrespecting him.
Paul says now America gets to see the piece of sh1t they are..

1:41pm Everyone other than Cody and Jessica up in the HOH.
Josh begs them to not vote him out
Josh – I’m going to pots and pans 24/7 a

Christmas – that’s enough for a restraining order.. absolutely
Josh – I’m going to
Christmas says because she’s such a bad b1tch she was ready to tackle Jessica when she was banging the spoon, “LIke NFL”
Josh – I’m making their life a living hell
Paul tells him what they said to him was wrong and doesn’t belong in the game.
Christmas say they should all grab pots and pans on Thursday and sing “Goodbye Jessica.. goodbye.. goodbye.. no jury for you .. but Cody get jury.. too bad for you..”
Christmas – can we sing that song”
Paul – yes

Josh says those words don’t hurt him he’s been attacked before what he’s upset about is his grandmother and mom hearing people call him that. This was one of the coolest experiences of his life and they were really excited about it.

Paul starts to rally them says the things Cody says deserve restraining order..

Josh – you guys ready for the concert you are going to experience for the next two days..
Cody – you want to bang pans Josh .. we’ll f*ing bang pans
jess – go inside fat a$$

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Aunt Cece

Josh disgusts me. Whether or not you like Jody, they are justified in calling out his baby behavior.


What Paul’s Crew did last week was justified too for how Jody attacked Josh after not getting their way after week 1 after Cody blindsided his own alliance.


Cody ran out of people to put up that first week because of production. He had to put up his group


HE did not run out of people, he chose to put up Paul and that back fired. He could have put up Ramses before Christmas which his side thought was with them. That’s why everyone was mad.


I really don’t think I am watching the same show as some of you. Cody has been the only one all season that hasn’t done exactly what Paul wanted. Cody was right that Paul was the biggest threat and at the time Christmas was his biggest ally. It was a big move and burned him with his ally’s which quickly converted to Paul bots but Cody nailed it. Dom nailed it. Mark is nailing it now…No one seems to care that their best buddy Paul kept his temptation a secret from them so as Paul claims at least Cody “flushed it”. The spelling test Jess gave Josh might be the first time they actually started a confrontation with him. Josh constantly calls them losers, cowards and disgusting and seeks them out. Cody and Jess are never looking for him. He has gotten burned by them when he tries to have a heart to heart but his timing always sucks and if he wanted to be genuine in the moment then respect when they say to not talk to them at that time. Josh and Paul are the biggest hypocrites ever. They want to be allowed to orchestrate chaos and perform psychological war fare but then want to be respected when they come back to those people for a heartfelt chat. Give me a break. Normally a game like Paul is playing has been blown up by now but this house is full of people that can’t think for themselves


Wrong, he still had Jason and Ramses to put up.


Well they are all a bunch of asses but I dont remember anyone attacking another persons career esp a war vet. If Cody did attack Josh and what he does for a living or Christmas and what she does for a living or mommas gnome and what he does for a living then I take it all back. They talk about going personal and yet attack a mans military career, thats a personal as you can get. Is Josh aware what his “alliance” calls him behind his back? At least Jody says it to his face. I am so tired of Josh acting all bad ass (as much as he can) and then go crying…..LOL

Cat Nip

Cathy agree. Josh is called “The Blob” behind his back by his alliance. They have called him stupid, or implied such…and The Blob is. Cry baby POS.

The news paper in his home town has written an editorial about how badly Josh has represented his community, and how he, Josh, had an opportunity to show Latinos is a positive light, and he blew it, I paraphrase, but you get the point. He’s a loser.


So calling a girl farting around is ok? Sending someone home, faking the kindness and Trying to act pretentious in front of someone who is going to get evicted is not cruel? I have to say It serves him right


Paul calls Josh Blob behind his back. Whats wromg with you.


no one attacked Josh.. Josh wasnt thought of…… Josh is never thought of….
he randomly went after Cody and Jessica


No, Paul has managed to push all the others to due his bidding and go after Cody because Paul wanted to make puppets out of everyone. Paul is bulldozing everyone to getting his enemies out. True, I never liked Paul, but it’s because HE IS A BULLY.


you disgust me!


Jody disgusts me. You would think after all of that shit that they would know how it felt after those extremely personal attacks. So what do they do? Do the exact same thing. I am very thankful for the service Cody did for the country but what he said about the waddling is extremely offensive and unacceptable




so you are also upset at what Paul Kevin Alex and Jason call Josh dummy or the blob>? not much difference except one does it to his face and the other does it behind his back


All these Jody sympathizers can hopefully now see how disgusting Jody really is. I’d take pots and pans all day over being called fat and dumb repeatedly.

Grodner Hearts Paul

It’s so cruel for them to call him fat and dumb. It’s mean to treat fat dumb people that way.


So calling a girl farting around is ok? Sending someone home and then faking the kindness Trying to act pretentious in front of someone who is going to get evicted is not cruel? I have to say It serves him right


let me guess, you are fat?

look, when you have an entire group of people against you and their gang taunting you and goading you in the hopes you lose it (including dough boy banging pots and pans because midget boy told him so) then WTF do you expect??????????? It’s really no different than a white person calling a black person the N word. Paul is a sick individual who can control people and get them to do abnormal things yet you people want to blame the goddamn victims. Have you not noticed this?

Please wake up and put yourself in Jody’s situation. Any reasonable person would feel incredible stress under those conditions. They are outnumbered and they have been at a disadvantage for weeks and the other side has used that to harass and taunt them. Jeez it’s not a secret. I wonder what took them so long to snap and snap is exactly what they wanted. Ever since Jess announced (bad move) she had the hex Paul has been trying to manipulate her and the others. They have been after them (even before the hex, when Cody put midget up) for weeks. Do YOU think you could handle it?


They couldnt. They just love Paul and his f***** behavior.


Wtf? How would my being fat have anything to do with anything? But for the record, no I’m not, 5’6″ 125 pounds is definitely not fat. Just because I’m “not fat” doesn’t mean I would ever call someone that. That’s ridiculous.

And no one has said anything to her in days. No one was talking to her or saying a word to her. She’s the one that came out of no where with the spelling bs just because she’s pms-ing. It’s one thing to run around banging pots and pans in a tutu like a fool, but quite another to say all the bs she and Cody said today. It’s a game, they need to get over it.


It’s actually worse when you go online and watch the video. Jess started it by trying to stump Josh with spelling. It escalated from there. Jody came off as completely vicious asses. Cody has serious anger problems, saying he was going to destroy Josh when the game is over.


Well she did tell him 3 times I’m not in the mood today and once again Josh was doing what paul said and would not go away and he was just as much at fault as calling names and talking crap as they was


There is a difference in being irritating and personally attacking someone


No he wasn’t doing what Paul said..Jess started it at 12:59 after Josh said was still upset bout spelling incident,Paul only commented ask her to spell evicted as an off handed comment. You haters need to get over yourselves.


Once youre backed into a corner no one knows how one will react?
This would have ended quickly had Cody been able to punch Josh and Paul.




Wow real smart reply. So annoying


I hope Josh asks Jessica how to spell Karma when she’s on her way out that door. That little spoiled b is the epitome of how these entitled young girls think they deserve to have their ass kissed. She has zero empathy, and her ginormous ego couldn’t find the modesty to campaign for herself to stay. Josh was her ticket to safety. At least he could have rallied some votes for her. Horrible little thing, her and Cody deserve each other.


I bet productions been revving Jody up about Josh in their drs.
Now they have a very short fuse


No, they just completely stooped their level and beyond. It was on called for those nasty words Jessica used. What a lady Cody got. They are meant for one another…disgusting!!!!


Wow, they have. Even attacked by the entire house and when enough is enough they are the bad guys. When you did at someone long enough they are eventually going to have had enough and sorry but it may not be pretty. Jessica DID ask him to leave. He was too busy Paul’s puppy and kept antagonizing them. Why do they have to sit quietly and just take it???? They don’t. Cody has been taking it long enough.


Why didn’t Jessica leave? Jessica and Cody are done. She’ll more than likely be gone Thursday. Now the interesting thing is, she’ll get her stipend. Cody may walk out behind her and get nothing cause I doubt she’ll stay with him for long unless they can monetize the “relationship”.


Jessica is used to those nasty words. She fat shamed girls she went to school with for being a size 6-8. She thinks she’s Ariana grande’s doppelgänger. She talks about killing house guests (cynaide, snapping necks). She is just as off as Cody.


What is he crying for this time?! My parents and grandparents broke us from crying and whining over everything by the time we were 3 yrs old. I just don’t understand why this big ass boy keeps on crying!

Jackie Meixner

Not the part where Cody said hed find Josh outside and near him up,sorry that is uncalled for period

Bolt Uprite.

He just said he’d bad mouth him every chance he gets. Big deal.



Do you understand the English language. He didnt say that at all. Though I wished he had. Im hoping he calls some Marine buddies to go visit Josh and Paul after BB19.


That’s silly. Getting some of his Marine buddy to go visit Josh and Paul after the game. I’m hoping they would have better sense than that. That’s not the type of behavior I would encourage of our men in uniform. Save it all for the real battle field…not for a reality show. Geez.


What friends???? Cody has NONE!!!! He doesn’t even have a relationship with his own mother.
He even said himself after Jessica scolded him for being a “bully” that is why he is single.

Fruit Loop Dingus

In the words of Paul “It’s just a game and Cody is just trying to rile him up” Yes Cody took a shot at Paul the first week and Paul has not forgave him and as soon as Cody tries to talk game with anybody Paul immediately threatens them with being treated like Jody. Then Paul will leave the room and then immediately claim Cody will not play the game. How can Cody when Paul has shut him out and then pushed them into a corner. At least if Cody does not like you he will tell you while the others call each other just as despicable names but behind each other’s back. Paul is the most guilty with treating Josh like crap with Raven & Xmas coming in second. Raven for having complete disrespect for Josh’s stuff and eating all of it and Xmas for getting Josh when he is most vulnerable to bend to hers and Paul’s wishes.
In my opinion Josh is going to watch all of this and thank Jody for being honest with him when it is all over.


What the hell is wrong with these people. This is supposed to be a a friggin game not kindergarten with all the name calling. I didn’t think I could possibly get more disgusted with this season’s houseguests. They should all be embarrassed by their childish behavior – the whole lot of them (except Kevin – he deserves a medal for putting up with this crap).

Michael Anthony

youre a dumbass then. that’s completely uncalled for and in fact, he was actually trying to save their asses this week yet they continue to spit on him and people like you continue to worship that bullshit


Josh is a trouble maker. He never shuts up and he can beat a dead hourse like no other. He follows Pauls order like a good follower. I m seriously surprised Cody had layed him out. He has been warned on many occasions that they werent in the mood to listen yo his BS. In the real world, he wouldnt provoke cody like this.


Who are they I wouldn’t shut up cause they said so they think they have a sense of Intitlemen not In the Big brother house

Elena's fat plips

Josh is weak.


pfff the one that resorts to violence is the weak one


Says the weak one.


Says the person once they awkem from unconsciousness.


men are allowed to cry lol


So calling a girl farting around is ok? Sending someone home, faking the kindness and Trying to act pretentious in front of someone who is going to get evicted is not cruel? I have to say It serves him right, fat ass


Ugh… disgusted by every person in the house! They all need to grow up!


There ya have it folks!!! This is what Cody and Jessica do. They belittle and bully!!!! And Cody is so dumb to not see right through Jessica. I don’t care how pretty you are with fake hair and fake eyelashes, it’s who you are on the inside that counts. And a woman who speaks like that to a man is just wrong. It’s one thing for Cody and Josh to talk to each other like that. But for Jessica to hide behind Cody and run her dirty mouth is “disgusting!” But whatever we all have our ways.


“COdy – this isn’t a f*ing game to me Josh this is real f*ing life..”

This from the guy that made the dumbest move Week 1 that killed their game…
Jody doing a repeat of Week 2.. Boring




CODY HAD TO NOMINATE 5 PEOPLE!!!!!! On week one? How established do you think the houseguests were at week one?


it was very established. (Cody, Jess, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Paul,Xmas and Dom)

Cody only nominated 4 people because he couldn’t nominate Paul.

The plan was to replace Alex with Jason. Cody Blindsided his team!


Yeah, Cody knew his “established” alliance well enough, after one week, to trust them with $500,000 dollars? Not only that, the “established alliance” all agreed that the vet had to go. Where were his alliance then?


not sure what BB game you are watching but it sure isnt BB US 19

Anonymous 9

He still wanted to backdoor Paul regardless of how many people went up.

Judgmental Judy

Which in hind sight (to the house guests) would have been an excellent plan. Many believe these weak game players have allowed Paul to own their games.

Just me

Cody came with his penis in his hand & got it shoved down his throat!!! And hasn’t been able to get over his failure since!!! To bad so sad!!!

Bolt Uprite.

If Megan hadn’t baled and was evicted that first week the entire game would be different.


… and if Kevin wouldn’t have gone for the 25k… the obnoxious midget man wouldn’t have come back in the house. ugh!


Not just Kevin. Others have said they tried to push the button but was too kate


you dumb mf.

cody, because of that ridiculous 3 week immunity given to the midget Paul had his plans ruined. how in the hell can anyone have a plan, a blindside when CBS pulls the rug out from under you? Seriously, think about that for a moment. The game was NEVER in Cody’s hands. It was in production’s hands and Cody was a pawn. It’s f’ing ridiculous IMO.

Cody was right to target the midget. In the end I hope he wins and the rest of them realize they were star struck and suckered and they feel massive regret. With that being said I do believe Paul go be a cult leader. He can be very persuasive. By the time they realize it’s over it will be too late.


Josh sounds like the perfect snowflake.

Josh's closet

Josh is jealous if Jessica because cody is nailing jess and not josh


I think Josh would rather do Cody


Ohhhh yessssss….. he’s soooo upset cuz he wanted an STD from her

Cat Nip

Josh – The Blob – couldn’t nail a picture on a wall. Fat ass loser.


and jess is a slut, jammin her fingers up the HG ass and cody is a complete mental patient


warranted its a moronic idea for a “joke”, its doesn’t make someone a slut!


I cannot stand Cody. Or Jessica The way the berate Josh is disgusting. They manipulate his emotions because he is a soft hearted person. I cannot wait until they are gone.


“Jody” takes everything personally – they are ridiculous.




… I believe that’s spell “headed” — “Josh is a soft-headed person”.


ROFL! Ya’ know, Josh could’ve just left them alone. He asked for it, & then cries when he gets it, lol. Big ass crybaby, lol.


Thank you! He can’t dish it but hits the boo-hoo button when someone gives it back. He needs to grow up. He’s a chump. When he gets out and sees the way they dog him behind his back, he’s going to feel so stupid. It’s exactly what he deserves. Sorry…not sorry. What they did last week was disgusting. Calling chubby a fat ass is mild in comparison.

I simply can’t root for a single house guest this year. Not even Kevin.

Judgmental Judy

Oh I forgot one more thing (lol) – I’ve heard on After Dark time after time the minute Josh leaves a room, his “friends & allies” call him a “dumb f###”, a “dumb a#*”, a “moron”, and now the Blob. It’s even from the house guests I happen to like the most (Keven & jason). The trash talk is off the chain this year, both in their faces and behind their backs. Raven is a nasty girl. Christmas is so self righteous in her reasoning behind trash talk. Who’s going to rock baby Josh when he watches all this stuff back and sees how he’s been talked about by his best buds?


LMFAO spot on Suzy

Judgmental Judy

Yep, he always asks for it. If they can tell Mark is intimidating because of his size and voice, then Josh definitely should live by the same standards. He’s an over sized big baby and he was nasty with Megan, and he’s been nasty with Jody. I don’t like the nasty comments from Jody either. It’s a bad look. But Josh imposes himself onto people; he has no self control or sense; he says vile things (I’m sure Jody has NOT forgotten the attacks towards their patriotism or Cody’s service); then he cries like a 2 year old from hurt feelings. And the others are jack asses because they don’t want to look vile, and have no problem revving Josh up to say what they are either too coward to say, or they realize the back lash that will be received for stooping so low. I have no sympathy for Josh, whatsoever.


you are obese aren’t you.

goddamn you weirdo females are unreal.


Good Grief these children need to GROW UP! JOsh starts the crap last week because Paul orders him too and says horrid things about Cody and Jessica so now they say horrible things about Josh! GROW UP! CBS needs to just evict all these fools and cancel the season! The only one that has a brain is Mark who stated quite clearly that hey why is it okay for Josh to attack everyone like Mark, Jess, Cody and even say awful things about Elena but wow when it comes back to Josh everyone is ah poor baby and Paul has no answer! All of it was personal and BB did nothing when it was Josh doing the bullying!!!!! They all make me sick!


you got it way wrong there…


you clearly could not possibly be actually watching the feeds to say that

Capt. Obvious

Do people actually have enough time to watch the feeds on their own!?!?
I thought it was just so websites like this could report the happenings thru the week…. Wow!


You forgot Jody attacking Josh week 2 after the vote? What happened last week was over the top but Jody very much deserved it.. Jody feel so entitled they never accepted they fucked up their chance to win 500k.


Josh not about that life, if I was him I’d use part of the stipend to have someone whoop Cody’s ass. Cody ruined Jody’s game, but he blaming everyone else. Can’t get made at Paul, Paul said it Week 2, Cody literally handed his alliance to him by blindsiding them then attacking everyone for returning the favor.


BS….Cody was put into a tough situation when Paul was given 4 Weeks of safety!!! He had his alliance and Paul wasn’t part of it. Who else was he supposed to put up? Do they all not realize they ALL said from the beginning that Paul had to go first since he was the only vet??? Then they let Paul give friendship bracelets.. again giving him an advantage! So exactly what did Cody do that first week that he had any other option??? Seriously, I want to know what you all think he should have done?


Excellent point!

It’s amazing what people forget.

Christamas is a broke ass ho

I think half of these nitwits only read twitter (rhymes with shitter) and forums.

Judgmental Judy

Not to mention, from what I have read on this site, most people detest Matt & Raven’s game play and even Raven as a person. They were part of Cody’s alliance. In hind sight, even though I thought he made a mistake when he didn’t include his alliance in his decision to put Paul up, at this point in the game, wouldn’t Cody (and WE) have decided we couldn’t stand Raven, and determined that Matt is a huge floater? AND not getting Paul out ASAP has the rest of the house handing THEIR potential $500K over to Paul. They are week players. Alex is a physical competitor, but she’s a complete moron in reading the house.


They ALWAYS give vets some sort of safety to start the game. They are the obvious target in the beginning (and should be throughout).


Counting down til Jessica and Cody are gone .. how do people even like them?


Jessica talking about Josh’s speaking is pot calling the kettle black. She says “literally” every other word.


And the word “literally” has caught on with the other house guests. including Cody. It is one of the most overused and misused words in the Big Brother house that I’ve heard in a long time.


ikr? this Jess and Cody storyline is played out. Its old and boring. They need to go so the house can shuffle


So calling a girl farting around is ok? Sending someone home, faking the kindness and Trying to act pretentious in front of someone who is going to get evicted is not cruel? I have to say It serves him right

Watcher On The Wall

Oh my god! What happened! Cliff hanger!!! Lol
I legitimately hate this cast so much.
Jody sucks
Paul sucks
Paul’s Minions suck
Kevin and Jason are the only ones I can stomach

I love big brother so I’m not even going to pretend that I’m going to stop watching, and I can’t deny that this season has been drama filled. But even with all the drama it still manages to be boring at the same time (aka the Paul show)
I just wish they would have either not had Paul come back, or brought back multiple vets instead of just him, or at least picked a stronger cast so Paul would have some competition besides just Jody/Dom. Paul seems to be the only one who is actually playing the game, the rest seemed to think they are on the real world/the bachelor.
Shoutout to Simon/Dawg for enduring the predictable Paul show for us! You guys rock!


Well, did Josh get knocked out?

Grodner Hearts Paul

When I saw him on the floor crying and being hugged, I thought he must have been punched out. But no, looks like he’s just being a pu$$y again.

He’s great at dishing it, but taking it? Not so much.

Paul and his mob play the victims a lot for people holding a 10-on-2 advantage.


On thing is for sure…

This season’s Feeds are very eventful!

Paul's Mouth

F u Paul, HOW DARE YOU question Mark for not defending Josh! You and you alone instigated the HARASSMENT of Cody and Jessica last week!! Who defended them last week??? F U I hope you are out the door VERY SOON!!!

Paul's Mouth

Just noticed in pic above, Paul also JUST STOOD there and did not defend Josh….further proof of what a true POS he is!


I can’t condone Josh’s childishness but I cannot comprehend the snottiness of Jess and the coldness of Cody. I don’t understand how people can be like this – such poor attitudes – actually I think Jessica is worse than Cody. Neither of them deserve a trophy for their actions – they talk about how the house is out to get them all of the time but they make poor decisions – one of which is isolating themselves from everyone constantly. They play this game poorly and Jessica needs to grow out of her naive, stuck up bullshit.


And yet, CBS gifts $500,000 to one of these fools for their “winning” behavior.

So sad!

I wish the Gong Show hook would pull these fools off the stage.

When Paul said he hates “followers” I almost lost my dentures. That’s when I turned off the feeds. Someone let me know when decent behavior is back and I’ll tune back in.


Jody suck at the game but they can have whatever attitude they want. Cody doesnt like Josh because he selfishly went after safety at the beginning and screwed over his team. Next, he berated Megan (another Vet) for no reason. Sometimes the actions of others cause other people to dismiss them. Or are you condoning his actions?

This is so wrong

Poor Josh got bullied. Sorry booboo Josh when you bang pots to annoy someone you are the bully. If you can’t take and cry like a baby you act like a moron. Didn’t mommy ever tell you if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.


If you are going to dish it out, you got to be able to take it. These people can dish it out, but they certainly cannot take it. I am soooooooooo over all of the name calling and crying……..good grief, play the game, get out of the play pen. This is a very unlikable cast.
Once more, fire AG…….save my “summer’s guilty pleasure”, this woman does not know how to produce a show, let alone bring in a cast. Get rid of these wannabes…..get normal people who want to play the game.

Josh's closet

He was hoping cody would bend him over and slip it in him

Ewww these people

Ewww cody and Jessica fat shaming and calling Josh stupid god they are disgusting I hope they both lose their jobs when they get home … I was actually kind of hoping for Jessica to stay just because everyone ganged up on them but they aren’t even trying. All they do is sit around and talk about ring sizes and if Jessica might be pregnant (is she really trying to get preggo on national tv wtf), so I just can’t root for them. Im at the point that as long as ravens scamming butt doesnt win i dont really care who does.


Cody will have to get a half decent job before he can lose it. At 32 he doesn’t have a vehicle that runs? Now that’s sad.

604 macho

Its crazy to think Cody and Jess are the people I’ve been cheering for on this show, when in real life, I would probably despise them and not get along with them for even a minute.


I think Jessica must be a very sweet and chill girl in real life


Well, there’s little to choose from….I just end up cheering for the decent people. In this case, that means Kevin and only Kevin…and I still can’t say I like him. He’s just a decent person.

Judgmental judy

Yes, Granny! I also like Mark. Not necessarily for his game play, but I think he’s got a great heart and is a good guy. He hates the nasty name calling and badgering. He won’t ignore his friends just because he’s told it makes him look disloyal. He’s on the bottom of their totem pole regardless.


Agreed! Mark is a good guy!

I was basically commenting on Paul and his crew, and I don’t believe Mark is with that side at all. He’s with Cody and Jess. He just let’s Paulmania think they have him because he knows he will always be tossed around by them. Mark knows his days are numbered, just like Jody.

It’s a shame that things have turned out this way. I like to cheer for the good guys, and sadly, there just are too few of them in that house. 🙁

Judgmental Judy

VERY true!


OMG! Jessica is suuuuch a b!+@h and Cody is such a little punk. His only defense is that he can beat someone up. Ugh, say bye-bye!


Some people the only way they learn though is to get a big punch in the face I’m not a advocate for violence but I guarantee you if you could punch somebody in the face and still be able to stay in the house that Baby Huey AKA Josh wouldn’t be running his mouth and banging pots and pans this season I also guarantee if someone punched him in the face he wouldn’t do it for the rest of the season


Wow, they have. Even attacked by the entire house and when enough is enough they are the bad guys. When you did at someone long enough they are eventually going to have had enough and sorry but it may not be pretty. Jessica DID ask him to leave. He was too busy Paul’s puppy and kept antagonizing them. Why do they have to sit quietly and just take it???? They don’t. Cody has been taking it long enough.


Yay!!! Was waiting for this since last week! I can’t wait till Cody nails him lolololol……. Josh is pudgy and dumb! So glad that Jody told him off! Cody looks extra hawt today! Yummy!

Big Bad Us

Great, now we get to listen to Cody tell Jessica how big and powerful he is all night and Jess tell Cody how big and powerful he is all night. Please CBS put toe feeds on ANYONE else but them! So boring!


Jessica is dumb. She plays right into Paul’s plan. Josh was willing to keep her & vote out Elena, but with Jessica’s “brilliant game play” /s……she guaranteed her own fate. If she did anything besides lay around with Cody, she might have found that out. Cannot stand either of them. Cody needs to grow up. He shows all the signs of an abuser. They are children trying to play house & this tv program is getting in their way. I wish both of them would go. Hope Cody put his hands on Josh so he gets evicted & neither of them is in jury.


Well one sad thing is for sure…John getting bullied today and Jody getting bullied is all Paul’s fault. Him egging Josh on to torture Jody led to him getting bullied today. I’m not saying Jody and Josh are innocent but I don’t think a lot of these altercations would’ve happened on their own. Thanks CBS!!!


Wait so JOHN is getting bullied now? I hope it doesn’t happen to Andrew!

Fat Josh

It would be worth paying for the feeds to see Cody knock Josh out.


I agree because then I can see Cody get kicked out of the house


Would you still be for Codys removal if say Paul or Josh were unable to compete anymore either? Cody could usually break their arm/leg and theyd be done in the game. Think please.


i like Cody and i didnt at first but people on here are talking about them harassing baby Huey (Josh) when almost all of them have been harassing jessica and cody. they are stupid for trusting paul.


Omg I would have snapped on Josh…I hate that Jody called him fat — not cool at all, but Josh won’t STFU…I love how Paul throws around Bullying like he is Mr. Innocent (Xmas too)….How is Josh in the real world? Does he gets his ass kicked daily? Does he tell people daily about his good heart, how smart he is and how much he has done? #waitingforcodytoknockhimthefuckout


I can just wait, you don’t have to like Josh but Jessica is going to see all the craziness about her man talking shit about Audrey! And there is a lot of backlash from that so be an ass to Josh but soon you’ll see you’re not liked and I was even trying to figure out if you could have been saved by voting out Elena but oh well keep digging


Listen no matter what happens in here its a game and violence is never the solution. Its not inside the game and its not outside the game.

I dont care how annoying Josh is or whatever he does to bother people, that part of it is a game. Personally I do not care for that game play and would ask big brother to tone down the harassment with the pots and pans garbage.

With that said , violence is never the answer. Threatening to hurt someone on the inside or outside is simply wrong as well.

Fact is you see Cody and Jess’s true colors. Instead of trying like hell and playing the game to work people. They decide they are to cool and they are covering up their bruised egos with it doesnt matter to me what happens cause WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU. Typical behavior when someone feels beaten.

So the truth of the matter she has given up and let down all her fans that have so hard rooted for her the last few weeks.

On the other hand all Cody can do is challenge with physicality which gets you NO WHERE IN THE GAME ( besides maybe winning some comps that are physical) and certainly gets you NO WHERE IN LIFE.

Shame is I was they had a chance to really work socially and get the people they wanted if they worked it right and sucked up their egos enough for a few weeks so they can turn it around.


People understand two things in life – loss of money and physical violence. If I smacked you in the nose 10-100 times you really wouldnt hit me back? Please you are either stupid or a huge hypocrite if thats the case. Paul and Josh started it and Cody wants to finish it. They could just avoid him and stop talking to and about him. Its not like he is chasing the, around the BB house, hes too busy cuddling, etc.

Resist the Twist

Josh had a great idea in backdooring good-for-nothing Elena. It showed promise that they were not all Pauls little Minions

That idea lasted exactly 4 days

Meanwhile Paul continues to lead his flock of mindless #sheeple right over the cliff. And Josh is back to being the crying whiny snowflake he was the first few weeks



Cody and Jessica are horrid people. They deserve each other. Violent much Cody? Assholes!


Has Cody punched someone? His violence is words just like Josh and Alex…no action…Christmas loves to throw around restraining order and sexual harassment…..here is one for you…adulterous – back the freak off from a married man! talk about a whore. Josh is called the blob and dummy from his own alliance (behind his back), not much difference

Bolt Uprite.

Christmas said she was ready to tackle that little girl Jess, “Like the NFL”.


well that’s enough for a restraining order


Judgmental judy

I’m drowning in the hypocrisy. Christmas is the worst! Well, no, Raven, Alex, Josh and Paul are equally worst lol. “It’s only mean and threatening when it comes out of someone else’s mouth. When it comes out of my mouth, it’s GAME!”.

Go yourself

Josh is a complete bitch. The true definition of someone who can dish it out but can’t take it. He’s the kind of person that will talk all this shit and get in your face and then call the police when you get in his. 100% complete bitch. Cody is right. He wouldn’t be doing all this shit in the real world. He’s a coward who hides behind production.


Dude he can do that because its a game.

I have news for you. If you hit someone in real life no matter what they say to you, its a felon.

You have to show restraint, PERIOD.

If you have a problem with someone and they keep at you, the best thing to do is walk away. If walking away doesnt work then dont stoop to that level and file a complaint of harassment.

If you cant walk away then who really is the coward???


hitting someone is a FELON? wow…..take some classes and learn a few things. Cody has shown a ton of restraint from this crew. God can Matt stop licking his freaking mouth and mustache..


Mary,,,……You should do your homework

In the case of assault, threatening to cause harm to a person but not carrying through on the threat would be classified as a misdemeanor. Assault that resulted in actual bodily injury, or in which a weapon was used as part of the assault, would be considered a felony.

You better hope you do NOT hurt someone when you HIT someone.

You do the work that CODY is suggesting ” I WILL F–K you up” sounds like more then just a easy punch that doesnt do much harm.

You can’t go around hitting people. If you want to do that, then go ahead but in todays day in age with video everywhere you are going to end up in a criminal court and hopefully plea for a lesser charge.


And after all the videos of Cody getting harassed by 10 individuals do you really think that EVERY jury is going to side against him? Many might yes but I think you dont understand California Courts very well. Do you remember the OJ case for example. Jury trials are tricky.


The law is clear, you can only respond in kind. Charges of harassment deal with Josh’s crap. You cannot physically attack someone for calling you names no matter what. That may play into the sentence but you’ll still be found guilty.



Cody is always walking away from the situation, except they live together in the same house and he cant avoid him 100% of the time. Cody isnt starting with anyone, hes lip locked the majority of the time.


Cody’s mom, is that you?


Will Josh and Cody be in the jury house together? If so, that will make better tv than BB.


Honestly, Josh was totally asking for that from Jody days ago, but the held back. Yes, Jess made a snarky comment about his ability to spell drought (I was impressed with his ability, too, which goes to show that I doubted he knew) but he made it much, much more than it was. Jessica warned him multiple times to back off. Cody actually stayed quiet a lot longer than I expected, but Josh made it personal FIRST. He’s a school yard bully. Throws insults around then cries to mama when someone hurts HIS feelings. I can’t stand that kid.

Mark scores major brownie points with me. He is exactly right that Paul is trying to “start something” (he is the puppet master, after all) and he didn’t back down to Paul’s interrogation. I like that Mark stood his ground with Paul.

Mark is right…Josh asked for it (Jody’s harshness) when he started his psycho circus show days ago. Then he cries that he feels bad his family sees him being called a fat ass. Oh my! His self-perception is completely off!

These fools (every single one of those house guests minus Kevin) are so misguided if they truly see Jody as the instigators here. I am not a Jody fan, but I’m a realist. That crap is just wrong.

You don’t poke a bear. You just don’t do it, especially when your first encounter with the bear begins with you throwing rocks at it.

Josh does lack maturity, intelligence, a sense of reality, and a filter.

Paul and his followers are so completely disgusting to me.


Granny you said that perfectly



No one to blame but yourselves

Neither Cody nor Jess have what it takes to survive in the house. Period. Yes, there have been awful things said from both sides. Yes, both sides love to play victim when the tables turn. Yes, Josh needs to stop crying like a toddler. But Cody and Jess have screwed themselves socially, strategically, and mentally. She threw in the towel a long time ago. They have no one to blame but themselves for choosing to stay curled up in each other’s butts since week 2, minus the week Cody was out. They have thrown away a chance at half a million bucks for a relationship that probably won’t last a month (that’s being generous) on the outside. I wish I could see Cody’s face when he finds out how she makes a living.


I really tried to become a fan for this season, and I can’t. I’ve been watching since season one, and I have never tuned out. The only person with any game play is Paul, and I don’t like how veterans are allowed to come back, and thrown the power to be safe for 2 or 3 weeks…….cheating!!! Where is all the smart game moves? Most of the house guest unpacked and gave up, and turned their chances over to Paul. I’m missing season 12, bring the BRIGADES back if you’re going to continue to bring vets back. Other seasons not only played, but they also kept the show entertaining, and watching this season is just a group of bullies. I’m done for now, and hope next year they cast all rookies and retire the vets. This is the first season I didn’t have a group or individual to root for.
Enjoy rest of your summer folks…..Smooches

Tiny dictator please go home

Paul got the whole ball rolling, explicitly stating his intention was to get Jody to self evict. CBS ignored it, because their star can’t be allowed to be brought down. This is the aftermath of what they created.

Cry Baby JOshie

JOsh is very infantile with his emotions. If you’re going to fight, fight — don’t go crying to mommie and grandma when someone you’re fighting with hurts your feelings. He says he’s 23, yet he crys like a 4 year old. Momma’s don’t raise your babies to grow up to be cry-baby morons.

Big Brother Production

Well, I liked Cody and Jessica, but they officially sealed the deal on this one. It was nice to see someone stand up to Paul, but in 2 weeks it will turn from the Paul show to the Paul extravaganza.


A restraining order Paul and Christmas? But what you said and did to Cody and Jessica was ok, attacking military service, etc? This is the worse season of BB ever and the root cause is Paul, instigating the other house guests to behave in this manner. A horrible and terrible show, no game play, just violent behavior, all because of Paul. Good job, cbs.

But this is a game

There is a lot to hate about this season’s cast to me Jody is the worst.

He has ZERO social game & even acts like he resents the very idea of having a social game. He also is acting like a complete tool. Is that the example he thinks is appropriate for a father to set?

She has lost herself in this showmance like they have anything in common in the real world. She had an advantage & was making social connections before he came back in the game. The idea that she came on the show for a relationship is shocking to me. She talks about her family and not wanting to embarrass them, then she has sex on a TV show with 24/7 cameras. I can’t wait for them both to be gone.

Please production cast people that want to win the game & not those that want a showmance or to build their social media following or think they a going to get a career out of being on the show.


It’s Official, this really is the worst I have seen with BB. I don’t even watch it anymore, I just check the feeds, and I tell you, once I’m finished watching or reading this stuff, I want to purge myself. Everyone that is left are like cows being led to slaughter, afraid of a little gnome like Paul…uuggghhh. I would not last a day, because I would have told him long before it got to this point where to go. I’m still baffled why these people are following him, and protecting him. They only seem to want to be on the Show AND make it to Jury, that’s it- soooooo $500,000 is not an option? I am proud of Mark to speaking up, of course he will either be evicted next or right after Cody, and after that they should just go ahead a write Paul a check.


A restraining order Paul and Christmas? But what you said and did to Cody and Jessica was ok, attacking military service, etc? This is the worse season of BB ever and the root cause is Paul, instigating the other house guests to behave in this manner. A horrible and terrible show, no game play, just violent behavior, all because of Paul. Good job, cbs.

Baby Josh

Josh, what part of leave us alone do you not understand? You have to keep poking and poking, then you go cry ………take responsibility for your actions, after all you are not 12 yrs. old, you have a college degree and a successful business (Your word not mine!). BE A MAN!!!


Josh = Fredo Corleone: It ain’t the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I’m smart! Not like everybody says… like dumb… I’m smart and I want respect!


I bet bb wish they didn’t bring Paul back cuz this season sucks just like Paul


Christmas needs to shut the hell up. We’ll see how appropriately she used her temptation 2-3 weeks from now.
Paul is a hypocrite saying what Cody said to Josh is worthy of a restraining order. Yet what the whole house did to Jody last week was kosher?
I think I like Mark now.
I am huge Jody fan, but they did not have to carry it there. Josh wasn’t even talking to Jess!

josh is slow

Josh will still want to get Elena out after this


Does anyone else feel their IQ dropping watching this cast? There is like NO strategy happening – just stupidness.

Close only counts with grenades

Paul complaining about being a hostile environment that he helped create. Stfu


Jessica started that sh*t period. She is vindictive little B**** and I’m so glad she is going home Thursday.

Kevy Kev

This game just ends up turning most likely decent people into really big pieces of shit. Pots & pans? Slut shaming? Weight mocking? Military condemnation? Mob mentality? …so all we need now is a xenophobic bigoted comment to hit the PowerBall.


I hope Cody beats the stupid out of Josh and Christmas Shouldn’t be in the game she hobbles around on her broke leg and can’t play for shit! Kick a$$ Jess! You could win if everyone would get Paul’s cock out of their throats..


Ah Tuesday fights! Looks like after the slight tease Jess will go home. Still hope a couple of Raven votes that may just kill her.