Jason – if we all spread them the wrong way then.. umm.. we’re not spreading votes……. is it hot in here?

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1:45pm Mark and Elena Have nots
Mark says Cody and Kevin were talking and Kevin told him if Cody takes out Mark he’ll get 5 weeks of safety.
Mark – I don’t know if Cody is trying to scare me or not.. I don’t trust Paul at all.. ”
Elena – Jess told me the other day that there’s something from the other side of the house that has been talking to her and telling her stuff, keeping her informed. when Dom was on the block they came to her and offered to work with us..
Elena – she was like no and Paul made an agreement with that side of the house that.. he’s guaranteed safety either way.. and so like if power shifts over there he’s safe
Mark – I see it
Elena – Umm.. xmas told her that she doesn’t like me at all.. and the other person on that side of the house has heard Christmas say my name a couple times too.
They agree is Kevin. Elena thinks it might be Jason.
They mention how Kevin plays stupid. Elena shares a story where Kevin came downstairs where he was with everyone he didn’t see her she changed rooms. When he entered the room she was in he said.. “Where is everyone”

Jason joins them..
Elena – what did you say about the votes when we were upstairs
Mark – I want you to know if the votes come out it’s not me
Jason – it’s fine i’m not worried about the votes i’m just trying to figure uhh you know what I mean like.. .so it doesn’t get f*ed up.. like.. if we all spread them.. the wrong way then.. then it’s stupid…

Elena – why would we spread them..
Matt – spread what..
Elena – Jason, why are we spreading votes.. .
Elena – Ok Good talk ..

Matt – what are you talking about spreading..
Jason – is it hot in here.. (LOL Jason is the best)
Mark – don’t laugh.. why would we spread votes..
Jason – we’re not spreading votes..
Mark – Oh my Gosh..
Elena – so we’re spreading votes..
Jason – we’re not spreading votes..
Elena – I’m not going to lie to you I know whats going on..
Jason – you’re voting out Jess right
Mark – ya
Jason – and Matt’s voting off Jess right
Mark – Ya
Jason – then we’re good

Elena – should I just pack my sh1t..
Elena – sh1t is happening.. someone is going ot vote me out
Jason – that’s the problem.. if we get to f*ing around too much.. that’s the problem..
Mark – F*ing around..
Jason – I dunno.. I want to retract it all.. I’m just going to evict Jessica
Mark – why are you JUST going to evict Jessica that’s the plan
Jason – I thought it was your idea
Elena – to spread votes.. do I need to pack my sh1t JASON
Jason – Jessica is going home..
Mark – what Idea did I say
Jason – see this is why I shouldn’t play the game..
Mark – why would I want to spread votes if she’s on teh block
Jason I dunno

Paul comes in tells them everyone but Cody is voting out Jessica today.

Paul leaves..

Josh comes in and asks what is up.
Jason – we’re voting to evict Raven
Josh – MAN Shut the f* up.. MAn.. pots and pans ain’t sh1t.. (HAHAHAHAH)

1:59pm Have Nots Elena and Mark
Elena – Something’s up
Elena – the beautiful thing about the conversations we just had they can’t use it.. they’ve already produced the show.. it’s irrelevant production wise..
Mark says Paul is playing everyone in the house.
Elena knows that she’s known that for awhile. Once she became a pawn she started doubting Paul.

Elena asks if Cody went with the deal Kevin proposed.
Mark says he doesn’t know. Elena doubts it.
Mark – Should I vote Jessica out

Paul joins them.. they share with Paul what the problem is with Jason .
jason comes in.. “7-1 right”
Paul laughs at Jason “You can’t take this nut sack serious”
Jason leaves..
Paul- He’s just a fucking spaz
Elena- He was saying stuff that didn’t make sense.. to like cover it while walking up the stairs with me
Paul- Elena you are not going home.. in no parallel universe are you going home

They clear up that Jason was saying “Spreading the votes… uhh uhh is it hot in here”
Paul – he said that today…

Paul – if I win HOH
Mark – are one of us going up as a pawn..
Paul – no … no. that ain’t my agenda.. definitely not now..

Josh comes in
Josh – You guys have a minute
Paul – HOLD ON CAN I FINISH this real
Josh – YA YA YA YA
Paul – can you shut the door

Paul – you 2 have never done me wrong.. I get it you’re on the block.. I understand..

2:01pm APSR Josh and Jason
Laughing at how squirrely Mark and Elena are. Josh says it’s becuase they played such a sneaky game.

They count the votes there’s 7 to evict Jessica

Josh – I hope you open your eyes and see how shady those 2 are..
Josh – there shady as f* dude..

Jason says he thinks Kevin might throw a vote to Raven
Jason – it might be 6 to 2 I think
Josh – don’t be fooled by Elena and mark you’re a wise man
Jason – they bailed on Cody..

Josh says Elena threw everyone under the bus to stay off the block this week. Mark ran from Cody the second the house turned on him. JOsh stresses those are two shady players.

Alex scared Jason…

3:04pm Kevin and Paul (Alex doing makeup on the bed)
Paul – are you voting to keep Jessica
Kevin – whats that
Paul asks If Kevin made a deal with Cody if they didn’t vote to Evict Jessica he would not come after them four.
Kevin – No
Paul – then why are you guys talking about a flip vote. .. I’m just trying to understand
Kevin – no no Jessica is gone.. there’s nothing you can do that’s not what it was
Kevin – if he won HOH he wouldn’t put neither of us up
Pual – you shook on something
Kevin – that he would never put you guys up
Paul – right but what did he want in return
Kevin – that we wouldn’t put him up
Paul – oh.

3:09pm Jessica and Cody
Jessica tells Cody to last as long as he cane she’ll be waiting for him on the outside.
Cody – no matter what happens you always got me..
They’re happy they found each other.
Jessica – is there a word bigger than love.. (LOL)

they laugh if COdy goes next on teh double and Josh comes right after him.. (HAHAH)
Jessica – holy shit that’s bad
Cody – it’s going to be Mark after me
Jessica – it’ll be Alex after you

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Tonight on Rigged Brother
5:02 Paul X-mas Alex Josh HOH Room
Josh – Today’s my last day as HOH and you all helped me out so much with everythi…
Paul – Whoa, wait, someone helped you? With game? Someone other than me?
Josh – Yes all of you did, I couldn’t of done that with out you all.
Paul – Guys please listen to me, I can take all the cash, err the heat, that’s the only reason I came back was to help you guys out, why else would I be here? You all should just wait until my plan needs your help before talking, it got me to the end last year and I was handicapped because I had to carry Victor most of the way.
Alex – Didn’t Victor had to battle his way back in like 20 times last year, he is the comp beast, and all time great!
Paul – Victor would of been nothing without my help, first off it was my plan to keep getting him evicted, that was the best strategy for our game, if not for me he wouldn’t be known as battle back champion of BB. It’s what my friendship is all about, you will see
Alex – yeah Victor sucked he was last year’s Cody
X-mas – It still pisses me off you lost to Nicole last year, only thing she did was Corey, and she won. Not a competitor like me I’ve earned everything in here, I don’t fawn over a guy that’s not into me, she’s the kind of trash that would rub on a married guy to get ahead.
Paul – I would of thought by now you guys would of figured it out but during the finally last year, on commercial break I had to beg the Jury to vote for her, if she would do Corey she was desperate for money, that’s me I’m just the kind of guy that will suffer, go without so other can have, puts other people in front of myself, like in the back yard when we were defending ourselves from Jody in the hammock, I got us to charge out there and then stood back so you guys could get the attention instead of me, I say that’s selfless of me.
Alex – Who else but Paul you are a saint, we are blessed to have you here.
X-mas – So our plan is get Cody out next week?
Paul – All I care about is back dooring Cody next week, all I can dream about is back dooring Cody, when I think about back dooring Cody it gives me a boner and you don’t disrespect me and ask if I’ve gone through puberty. Only an *ss wipe does that.
Alex – I hope when Jess walks out tonight she don’t sexually assault Julie and the whole audience cause that’s the kind of things she does she has done it before, she stole my butt plug, Buzzard told me she made her die twice today already, Matt said she only he got her back was making another donation to her account , he’s worried because he’s totally broke so next time he can’t revive her.
Paul – Mark should be the target next week, Mark is weird, did any of you see him challenge me when I was helping his game by singling him out? You really going to defend yourself? He actually looked and acted offended at me like I made things personal, look buddy I did that for your own benefit, we were both standing there listening to it and he didn’t say anything to stop it, HUGE P*SSY, he asked why I didn’t stop it, REALLY who does he think he is asking someone else to step in, the nerve this guy has got. Pathetic POS
Josh – Thanks Paul for not stepping in and stopping it that’s freindship, but Mark was too busy talking to other people to notice my taunting. He just stays out of stuff and says the mob mentality isn’t his thing, he is such a d*ic head.
X-mas -Josh we talked and you know you are the HOH so now you can bully anytime you want to, if they over react you can run and scream pretty quick for guy your size and your door locks. We all have your back.
Paul – Hello, X-mas, over here what’s rule #1 before talking to someone? Anyone? Seriously people did you read your contracts it said you need MY approval before you can do anythi…


it was Mat Mark Elena and Jason talking about spreading votes??


Lay off the Kraken LOL


I thought I was ready the real feeds for a second there!



Judgmental Judy

I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this LOL. Excellent!


Thank you


Too long… but seriously a word bigger than love?! Lol shut up ho.


the word is Clients

What do you think?

I’m starting to think Paul is running things in the house.


Hold that thought. I just looked up at the sky, and it looks to be blue.

Awaiting confirmation.


Yes, Danny, it IS blue.




Is anyone else sad but me? I could cry thinking about poor Jess going home! Jody has been my favorite couple in the game ever! They are the best looking too ( sorry, J&J , Brenchel lol) I can’t wait to see them on Bold & Beautiful! They have so many opportunities when they leave the house, they’ll do great!


They are awful.


You are absolutely right! Love the couple! I hate everyone didn’t see what I saw! And hates the couple. I think this is the BB ever. I have never seen anything like this. The hate for 3 people is awful. Matt, Raven, Alex, Josh, Jason and other’s say Cody wasn’t a Marine which he was, because he didn’t go after Josh. Well that is a Soldier I know I am one. I believe Cody has put up with a lot of crap from all.!


I know, right? Cody saved this country and deserves to stay in the game! He’s gonna destroy every last one of them! I can’t wait to see the look on Jessie’s face when she runs up on stage to congratulate Cody!


He saved his country? Lmfaooooooo


The game will be super boring without Jessica


I can’t stand Paul or most anyone in the house except Cody and Jessica!! I have never seen a more mean spirited group on Big Brother!! It is almost nauseating!?


yes i can see it now….jess goes back to entertaining high rollers and cody’s head will explode lol would love to be there to see how this one plays out.


Jessica is going to feel real stupid when she watches that Josh was trying to get Elena out and she wouldn’t talk to Josh when he tried to explain that to her. She’s going to feel real real stupid. But that’s probably not anything new to her.


She will. But Josh didn’t give her much of a clue, if at all. He just should have told her straight up.


She didn’t want to talk to Josh with her high and mighty attitude. She was jealous and petty. Didn’t like her from the beginning and still don’t like her. Glad she is gone from game.


The fact that you’re sad is sad .name one game and jess made that made any kind of sense her only game move was hate Paul and Josh to isolate herself and to suck on Cody

Kam L Toe

At the end of last night episode Cody says I don’t care if I win the 500k I just don’t want any of them to. Still trying to wrap my head around that statement it’s either the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard or he’s cooking up a murder suicide plot. Something to wonder about the next time the live feeds are suddenly cut


its the same thing Hardy said in BB2 . Weird Cody kinda looks like him too


I can’t stop laughing at this comment!

DR sessions VS. Live Feeds

Cody was referencing Josh, Christmas and Paul at the end of the show. He doesn’t want the ones who got Jessica out to win 500k.

Judgmental Judy

LOL I think perhaps he meant he wants to blow up as many peoples’ games as possible to keep as many of them as possible from getting close to the end. He knows he can’t win, so he wants to do some damage before going to Jury house. Funny post though – would make for a great end to the season!


George Orwell has a big, big smirk on his face regarding BB19…
Big Brother is watching You!!

Paul's Mouth

I look for Jess to stay….Paul will vote out Raven of Elena just so he can stir the pot and accuse everyone else (mainly Mark). Kevin and Jason will just throw rogue votes to piss Paul off and who knows what Christmas will do. Mark, Matt and Alex will be the only ones to vote Jess.
May not happen just this way , but I look for some strange votes to happen tonight! And would be worth the shock factor, if Jess did indeed stay.


The more I read about Paul, the more I want to vomit.

As much as I dislike Jessica, I want her to stay just to make Paul’s life miserable.


When they sit together for any type of nomination he gets jealous. He’s a miserable person


Paul needs to go!!

Murphy's Law

It’s interesting how Cody & Jessica fans constantly whine about the ‘bullying’ they have received this season, yet justify their vulgar, venomous vocal outrages against Josh and Paul as…”they deserved it..a person can take just so much blah, blah, blah”. Let’s get some things straight: Paul tried to talk to Alpha-Male Cody the first week, but Cody rudely dismissed him and declared war on him in the DR; he didn’t like him at all, didn’t want to talk to him at all & wanted Paul out asap. Naturally, Paul read Cody’s cues & said, “You wanna play that way–fine”. What else was Paul to do? Paul can’t help it that CBS selected a bunch of weaklings to play BB19, so he PLAYED HIS GAME, damnit! Cody & Jess are SO tightly enveloped in their isolation (Cody with his anti-social personality disorder and Jessica with her spoiled, pretty-girl superiority delusions) that they never never modified or adapted their game strategies..EVER! Don’t blame Paul for thinking three steps ahead–he’s a smart dude, plays the social game exceptionally well, knowing that he is stringing along these weak-ass followers. Humor plays a BIG role in wanting ppl to stay in the house & Paul is using it brilliantly. They may catch him later, and if they do, they’ll vote him out. The shift is about to happen & they may vote Paul out, but Cody & Jess have done NOTHING but lust over each other & project their rage. We all know Josh was cast because he’s an unpredictable, immature and animated guy —but he tried to apologize for the pots-N-pans rant many times, but they wouldn’t budge from their stances. Dislike Paul for his bragging or whatever you want, but attacking this guy for being 5’2″ (your word, gnome, is disgusting!), his long black beard ( your word, terrorist, is shameful). He is playing the game and Cody/ Jess are NOT!!!


I also find it completely insane and infuriating that Jessica is so very threatened and jealous by every other girl/woman that she has to spew her venom and tear them down constantly! She immediately hated Alex (and still does), going after her with a personal vendetta, for what? Because Cody talked to her a handful of times at the start of the game & said he respected her?! And you saw she had to wear her own set of car ears on the night she used her Hex, like another dig at Alex, who’s been wearing her owe cat ears constantly since the start of the game.

Then she made hateful remarks about Christmas to Cody, saying that everyone else keeps saying she’s so fit & in shape but all Jess sees in fat and she can “truffle shuffle” herself out the door. Really?!

Then she made another comment to Cody about wanting to punch or kick Ravens face in because Raven was wearing a bandana tied around her hair like a headband when Raven CLEARLY knew that was Jess’ thing (because obviously NO ONE else in the entire world has EVER worn that style). Seriously? Besides hypocritical! Is she not thin enough and beautiful enough that she still feels the need to be nasty and mean to every other female because she still feels so threatened and insecure?!


Lol the truffle shuffle comment was directed at Josh. Not Christmas.


Amen to that

Elena's Sperm Catching Skills

Mark knows he or Cody need to win the next HOH or is ass is gone. Mark reminds me of Caleb sometimes, not as stalkerish…… maybe just pu$$ywhipped. Elena is dialing up the ho to make sure she stays in the game! Mark will get plenty of action in the HOH bed if he wins!

Judgmental Judy

I think Mark is a little smarter than Caleb. But not as aggressive. Neither were very persuasive which will be a problem for Mark AND Cody. They have very little persuasion in the house. And really, how could you team up with anyone who is left? They are mentally all over the map, and I think they’ve been hypnotized to report back to Paul after EVERY conversation. I had high hopes for Elena. Now I just roll my eyes at her. If Kevin & Jason could keep their mouths shut, it would have been nice to see something develop. STOP telling everything to Alex and Paul!


jess 🙁

Good ol whistlenut!

Ahahaha I love Jason. He just puckered Elena’s butthole so hard!!! Now she’s gonna be sweating bullets for the next couple hours!


Jason & Kevin–final two. Worth it for me just to hear their speeches


Why didn’t Jason go to Mark and elana and tell them the vote wouldn’t be for Elana but would be for Raven. Lol Jason


I glad Jessica is on her way out the door tonight wish Cody was walking right behind her.


If he were halk a man, he would.



Carlos Grullon

Come on bb production save or bring back Jessica on next weeks special bb Friday episode


asking again, does anyone know where I can watch tonight’s show live? Football is on in my area.




i tried that link. It wouldn’t work for me

Judgmental Judy

When football pre-empts it for us, they usually air the episode after the news.


So happy Jess is gone .she made the worst big brother game moves I’ve ever seen .when she used the Hexs not participating in the bowling thing not studying for the veto isolating herself in the game throwing away her game for Cody choosing to max out and be on the block intentionally I mean she is the worst of the worst of all game players I’ve ever seen . All of the moves she made sucked butt hard


NFL preseason game preempting BB to 2am in my market. Sucks……


That`s pathetic. Would be worth only if Tom Brady and Gronk are playing naked ololol


Move to Canada , hey!


Thursday night Moose Whispering preempts BB in Canada.


Guess since Matt and Raven are going to jury, they can upgrade to a double wide and 2 window air conditioners


These mofos in the house wouldn’t know a game changing move if it gave them all handjobs with a swallowed ending!!!
There are no words for my frustration with Elana and her big mouth!!


Julie should pull a joke tonight, when she reminds the HOH that he can only vote in the case of a tie, she should say Paul`s name instead of Josh, and then she says OPSS I`m sorry I meant Josh. .

Guy From Canada

That will be zing bot…..


What’s the truth? Who are they voting out?


You gotta ask Paul


Cody – I have come here to be with Jess and kick ass, and I’m all out of Jess.


I really hope during Jessica’s speech that she goes ahead and congratulates Paul on winning this season of BB since he has manipulated everyone to follow him and do what he says and created the first ever BB minion show.


LOL Paul is playing the game and he’s doing it well.. stop hating. This is what Big Bro is about.. And If you watch and read the spoilers carefully, You see not everyone is locked in with him all the way… People like Christmas, Josh and even Jason see through it, there is a lot of game being played and I’m enjoying it. I’m so happy Jess is going, Her game was terrible. Bye Girl, Bye!


Please, please, please send Raven or Elena home tonight!!!!!!!!

I think Paul would explode with anger and the house would seenthat he is a bigger a$$ than Cody.


How dare Paul say he’s just there to “help” them lol he’s also there to win the money just like the others are! Everyone is so stuck on getting Jess and Cody out, that when they eventually do leave, they don’t realize they’ll be next because they have their heads so far stuck up Paul’s ass. Like, they have to do what Paul tells them to do. No mind of their own. Paul makes slick comments right in front of their faces but they’re too dumb to realize it! I know one thing is for sure tho, a few of them already see Paul is running the house and won’t be too much more longer he loses power and is sent packing! What a good day that would be. I don’t hate Paul for playing a good game…I dislike him when he gets others to do his dirty work because he’s a COWARD and a BULLY. He’s way too cocky and arrogant. Like who are u to tell someone they can’t hold another conversation with someone else without your permission? No wonder everyone hates Cody for standing up to him. No one else will. Plus Cody wins comps. I’d be mad at Cody too if he was better than me so I turn an entire house against him. 2 people. Says a lot about those type of people!

Paul's tattoo needs whiteout

man I hope Cody wins this hoh


I don’t care what anyone says Jessica was a sorry game player. I’m glad she is gone. I was hoping Cody would walk out right behind her. When Cody came back in it messed up her game.


So Jessica did start the argument this week by trying to belittle Josh by asking him to spell DRUOUGHT, Paul instigated by telling Josh to retaliate by asking her to spell EVICTED. I would’ve laughed that off.. LOL


hail, hail, the witch is dead! bye bye bitch!


Happy Happy Alex won HoH