Big Brother Spoilers – Dan’s topics, Acid Highs, Molly, Blow and Breast Implants on Ian

10:20pm Cam 1-4 Dan, Danielle and Ian
Dan says that once Frank came up to him and gave him the tickle monster and it felt really uncomfortable.
Ian: “I felt really uncomfortable a lot of times in this house and tickle monster is one of them.

Dan: “would anyone be opposed to me drinking tonight”
Ian: “Your beer.. no go ahead”
Dan asks Big Brother if they can have some pokemon cards. Danielle Says they won’t do that because it only involves 2 people, they have to include everyone.
Dan: “You can be the prize girl..
Danielle: “What the hell is the prize girl”
Dan: “You flip over the prize cards when I beat Ian’s Charizard”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Ian tells Danielle her Fan Base is Old Men and Cat Ladies

7:10pm Cards

Dan gets out Ian’s volcano set and starts taking it out. Pulls out the instructions and throws them into the kitchen says “Instructions Who needs them”. Ian tells him they should keep the instructions otherwise they will not know the correct amount of water to add to the paper mache.

Dan asks Ian if he wants to build it and Dan will ignite it. Ian wants them to build it together and they can start the eruption together. Ian just doesn’t want Dan to break it. Ian asks Dan if During Big Brother 10 on the first night was Jerry going to sleep in the lounge because he didn’t know where the HOH was suppose to sleep. Dan doesn’t remember all he recalls is Jerry was super worried about where to sleep the first night.

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Danielle goes looney : ‘What makes me the maddest about Dan is I carried him the entire way”

4:00pm Cam 3-4 Danielle and Dan

Ian says it feel like eons ago when Frank left. When looking back at that veto he won it’s “Scary Sh!t”

Danielle wonders if what Dan did last night brought in a lot of ratings. Ian thinks a lot of people watched it. He thinks it will affect how viewers like Dan but it won’t affect the ratings.

Ian: “You want him gone don’t ya”
Danielle: “you have no idea”
Ian: “Holy Sh!T”
Danielle: “You have no idea… you (Dan) just took out my best friend.. my romance.. whatever.. and it wasn’t that you took him out it’s how you took him out”
Ian: “What did he swear on”
Danielle: “Nothing.. he just swore he would keep Shane safe”
Ian: “Cold Blooded”

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Dan says just please don’t send death threats to my wife because I voted out Jeff 2.0

1:45pm – 2:10pm Dan is in the arcade room talking to himself. Dan starts talking about the jury. He says that Ashley, I didn’t really do anything bad to her, I didn’t really talk to her in the game. He says that with Britney I basically stabbed her in the back with the funeral so she’s going to be mad at me. He asks if he has any shot at Britney’s vote? He then says possibly. Dan wonders how he can get Britney’s vote? Dan says that Britney might vote personally. Dan then starts talking about Frank. He says I have lied to Frank’s face twice. Then he says probably more than that and stabbed him in the back. Dan says that Frank might not want to vote for Danielle over me. Dan says that Frank doesn’t want a girl to win. He says that if he stroke Frank’s ego then he may get Ashley’s vote too. Dan then starts talking about Joe not liking him in the game. Dan says that Joe will tell Jenn that Danielle was playing her the whole time and had no intention of taking her to the final two but that Dan did. Dan says that now he has to get Danielle in the final two and wonders how to do it. Dan says that he has got to finish this game off. He says I have come way too far not to make it to the final two.

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Danielle tells Ian that she couldn’t sleep last night because she had nightmares of Shane being evicted.

8am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the feeds come back, Danielle wakes up and tells Ian that she couldn’t sleep last night because she had nightmares of Shane being evicted. Danielle gets up and heads to the storage room to change her mic. She then goes to the bathroom where Dan is brushing his teeth. Dan hugs her. Dan heads into the kitchen to make his breakfast and to clean up. Ian gets up and joins Danielle in the bathroom to shower. Dan heads into the stereo room to grab some of his things. Ian comments on how he really wishes they would let them use the washer and dryer. Dan tells him to spray his clothes with a spray to make them smell better.

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Dani “I want Dan’s head on a platter and I want to serve it to Shane” Ian “there goes our Quack Pack t-shirts!”

12am Dan says think what I just did to him (Ian) in the first round, I could do that to him in the third round. Why wouldn’t you think that I could do that?! Danielle says it might not do any good because I don’t even know if he was trying. Dan asks did you ever think he would drop off that thing? Danielle says that he was on that thing telling me to beat you! Dan says huh?! Danielle says when we were swinging. Dan says that’s good because then he thinks you are taking him. Danielle says that kids smart too. Dan says he thinks we are both taking him to the end, he doesn’t care who wins. You have got to make him believe you are taking him to the end. Danielle says I haven’t made a final two with him. Dan says even if you haven’t you probably won’t have to make it. Danielle says I don’t care if I have to fucking cut him at this point; I just want to get there. Dan asks Danielle do you think all this happened by accident? Danielle says no, but I am so drained. Dan says all I ask of you is one more competition and I will take care of the rest. That’s all, you’re best effort. We will look back at this and laugh.

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Big Brother Spoilers – After the Backstab of the Season Danielle gets to popping zits

9:30pm Bathroom Dan and Danielle No talking going on.. Danielle just mad a deal with Dan and threw him the first part of the HOH she goes right to popping zits on her chin. Ian is in the Kitchen rocking on the chair
9:41pm Danielle tells him they were on the HOH competition for a hour and a half.

9:48pm Ian goes into the bathroom and asks Dan how the hell he was able to get her to drop. Dan says they will talk later tonight. He tells Dan they can hear production Setting things up in the backyard. Dan with a big grin on his face “For the Fianle” Ian: “Ya”

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Big Brother 14 – POV Ceremony / EVICTION / Part 1 of 3 HOH ENDURANCE RESULTS!


  • Danielle uses the Veto to take Dan off the block and nominates Shane as the replacement.
  • Dan then casts the deciding vote to evict Shane
  • Final 3 Prediction: Ian, Dan, Danielle

Tonight on the live feeds

The final Power of Veto Ceremony will be held and the one person that is not HOH and not a nominee will then cast the deciding vote to evict one of the house guests on the block. Following the eviction, the final 3 will then compete in Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH competition.
Endurance on the live feeds? 
The 1st Part of the 3 Part HOH competition is always an endurance, so we will get to see the final 3 house guests battle it for one of them to secure their spot at competing in Part 3 of the 3 Part HOH. The endurance competition will begin at the end of the episode and carry on tonight on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Danielle tells Dan she IS going to USE the VETO to SAVE him. Dan says he will then evict Ian!

2:50pm Dan and Danielle are talking in the kicks room. Danielle says that she is thinking, and says that she needs to think for herself and says that she is going to use the power of veto on Dan. Dan says that he will evict Ian. Danielle says that Shane said that Shane said he is going to drop during the endurance competition. Danielle says that she can’t beat Ian in endurance. Danielle says that if I drop the endurance to you (Dan) then I can win against Shane in the puzzle. Dan asks when is Shane going to drop endurance. Danielle says after a while, and then I will wait a bit before I drop. Dan and Danielle hug. Dan leaves the room.

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Shane tells Dan that no matter what happens with the Veto today you are good!

2pm Shane is in the kicks room packing up his clothing. Dan is just waking up in the HOH room and heads down stairs. Danielle gets up from the HOH bed and starts eating snacks and packing up her stuff to bring it down from the HOH room. Dan says to Shane I don’t want to keep asking but we are good right?! Shane says Yeah, I don’t know if you want me to swear on Dozer or not? Dan says no that’s cool. Shane says that he isn’t sure if the nominations will stay the same or not, I haven’t talked to Danielle about it but either way you are good.

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Random Camera shots inside the house and A Big Brother 14 First Danielle’s zit free face

9:29AM Cam 3-4 Lights are on in the Big Brother House. Looks like Shane has escaped Danielle’s bed before the lights cam back on. Everyone else is sleeping except for Ian who just got called into the Diary Room.

cameras are panning all around the house.. Danielle’s Bag (Image Link)

9:51AM Cameras are either showing sleeping houseguests or random crap around the house. Occasionally someone gets called into the Diary Room.

cameras are panning all around the house.. Apples (Image Link)
Cereal box (Image Link)
Sony PTZ Camera (Image link)

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Ian says Britney told him beware of the mist, winning against Dan in the end would be the hardest win.

12:20am Dan, Danielle, Shane and Ian are all in the living room talking about who to set Ian up with. Dan says what about Sharon from big brother 9. Ian says that is actually realistic, yeah that is very much my type. Dan says that she super nice I meet her at the wrap party. Danielle says Renny. Ian says oh come on! Danielle says it’s a joke. Shane says Kathy. Ian says she is way too boring. Shane says what about pre-marriage Britney. Dan says something. Ian asks Dan what he said; I will kill you in the sleep! What did you say? Dan says nothing you were good friends. Danielle says that she loves how Ian threatens people, “I will rip your face off!”, “I will kill you in your sleep!” Ian says that he would be so mad if he was portrayed in that way to Britney. Dan and Danielle both say that he wasn’t. They talk about how Lane and Britney were portrayed.

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