Christmas “I’m the new Tyler for Bayleigh”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

7:30pm Bedroom. Christmas, Dani and Nicole.
Dani – have you talked to them? (Bay and Day) Christmas – They won’t even look at me. Like that is not my place to approach. They let me know what they want me to hear though. Like when they want me to hear something they start talking loud when they know I’m in the other room. Like I don’t do well with that kind of passive aggressive and like yesterday was my fault for not removing myself before it exploded. I should have just don’t that. I know better. I just haven’t been to that point in so long and I didn’t recognize that I was there and like the double whammy. Nicole – did they try to say stuff to you today? Christmas – no. I heard last night. And then like .. yeah today too. Did Day talk to you two about? Dani – the situation? Christmas – what we had talked about upstairs? Dani – about the girls thing (Alliance)? She was just upset about everything last night. She didn’t bring that up to me. Nicole – I barely talk to her. Dani – she is just upset about the situation and how she was trying to stay calm. Christmas – I don’t understand what is upsetting to her. Dani – just how it all played out. Christmas – I still don’t get it because their thing with Tyler .. is not my responsibility. I never agreed to that (putting up Tyler) and I never told them that they were safe. They never asked me to be in an alliance or that she wanted to work with me. I felt like it was a little bit of a set up. They’re upset but I didn’t mislead them in any way. Three times this week, Bay said to me that she understands and its just game. Then as soon as I didn’t use the veto .. suddenly its personal. I am not okay with that. Tyler was doing it .. I know he wanted to go home but he was also doing it to mend fences with Bay. Nicole – I think it was strategy. Dani – he has actually talked multiple times to leave leave though and they wouldn’t let him. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Christmas – I am the new Tyler for Bayleigh and I also can’t say that you are literally targeting my alliance because she was coming after you (Dani). She was going to put you up. Dani – yeah, 100%! Christmas – and Day would have done the same thing. Nicole – I feel bad that Tyler is so sad because I really like him. Like I hope he can get through it. Christmas – I say look, no offense but you signed up for this.. Big Brother switches the feeds. Christmas – And like I am three months away from my kid. I know he misses his girlfriend but she is going to be there when he gets out.

8:30pm Cody and Enzo.
Cody – Yo, last night you were talking in front of Kevin like you knew Day was staying already. I was about to be like SHUT THE F**K UP! Enzo – when? What did I say? Cody – you were like It would be amazing if Day would win the HOH next week and puts up Christmas. Enzo – I said that in front of Kevin? Cody – yeah. Enzo – I apologize for that. Dani joins them. Cody – I am going to put up Kevin and David and see where that goes. What are you going to do? Dani – honestly I don’t know yet. Enso – who do you want out more? Cody – Kevin. Enzo – don’t you think David is the better player. Cody – No I think Kevin has a power. Cody – what are you going to do? Enzo – go after the other side of the. Dani -who is your end goal? Enzo – what do you mean? Dani – who do you want to go out next. Enzo – Everybody. I feel like we’re all in good spots. Cody – lets all throw it and see what happen.

9:30pm – 9:45pm After coming out of the diary room Cody looks like he’s about to cry .. Tyler asks Cody what is wrong. Cody – my grandfather passed away. I don’t want to make it a big deal. Tyler – I am sorry. Love you. Cody – love you too. Thanks bro! Tyler – do you want to talk about it? Cody – no, not really right now. I appreciate it. Don’t worry about it.. I would rather just be in here. Tyler asks if he wants him to tell the others. Cody says yes. Tyler tells the other house guests and they each come by his bed to say they’re sorry.

10:30pm Its a quiet evening in the house tonight..

10:40pm – 10:50pm Kitchen. Dani and Tyler tell Cody they’re making froot loop art for him.

10:53pm Bathroom. Ian and Day
Ian – I’m 65% on keeping you. Day – I dropped a point, what happened? Yesterday you said 66%. Ian – well the compaigning has been good. Day – well I pull you tomorrow but not after tonight. Ian – kind of puts the kibosh on it for awhile.

8:30 am Houseguests are waking up..

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If Tyler is that upset and wants to go home, send him home. Why make him stay? That is passive aggressive Christmas


I see what you’re saying but Tyler is her ally, why would she actively participate in that? If he wants to walk and forfeit his pay for that, that’s his decision but it makes no sense for her to have a hand in sending him home and worsen her game on her HOH.

Worst season ever

He is basically self-evicting. If she sent him home no one would be mad at her and she would’ve had an easy week. It makes no sense


That is what I keep thinking. It has happened before and no one was mad at the HoH. This may come back to bite Christmas, if Tyler wins HoH, he now has a reason to put her up. Tyler would have to explain to the house it was his decision to go


This is a complete shit show. I don’t like Christmas but I do understand her point in this. Bay, especially, is the kind of person that would hold a grudge regardless. Do you honestly believe she wouldn’t forget that Christmas put her up against her best friend? And then whispers would start that it was her intention to get one of them out from the get go and she would be screwed. All of her alliances/friends/sub alliances or whatever they are at this point would throw her under the bus in a heart beat to hudr the fact that they’ve been planting seeds about Da’ and Bay for a while now (I’m looking at you, Dani and Nicole).

It wasn’t her responsibility to put up one of her closest allies to save someone she wasn’t working with that will likely hold a grudge anyway. That would be the dumbest move ever and a complete waste of her HOH.

Did Tyler even ask Christmas if she would use the veto before telling Da’ and Bay that he would sacrifice his game so they could stay together? I can’t remember. If not, that’s pretty presumptuous on his part and puts Christmas in a bad spot.

Regardless of who you like and don’t like in this game, it would have been stupid for Christmas to get out Tyler. Really stupid. And production wouldn’t let her do it anyway so at this point this is all a moot point.

Worst season ever

But they were already chatting about pulling Bay into an all-girls alliance. Also, was Bay really going to go after Christmas? Let’s be real… Day controls what Bay does. I know Day would not waste her time trying to get out Christmas. She will go after Nicole, Dani, and Cody. She’s already said this. Again, if someone wants to go home, I don’t ever see when this is not the better option as an HoH to nominate them. Unless she had some serious beef with Bay (which she didn’t, until she made this stupid move), I don’t see how this benefits her in the long run. She could have gained two allies from this. Instead she has clearly drawn lines and is worse off for it.


It might have been dumb for xmas to put up Da’ and Bay together in the first place because I don’t believe she was high up on either of their radar. I feel like certain members of the house made her feel like she would be a badass if she put then up (in essence trying to get her to do their dirty work for them) and she took the bait. Plus she has that creepy cult team mentality. That was her mistake.

Once she put them up, that’s it, that bridge has been burned. I don’t believe for a second that all girls alliance would have lasted. It would have been as fake as the slick six with Da’ and Bay on the bottom again as the other members have loyalties to certain men above and beyond them.

Christmas screwed herself no doubt. But getting rid of a solidified ally rather than one of two best friends she nominated against each other would screw her even further and would be just plain dumb.

Da’ and Bay would always be suspicious of Xmas. Da’ is so hell bent on trusting Dani and Nicole for whatever delusional reason that they could likely influence her noms if she ever does win anything. And Bay would always hold a grudge against Xmas, so she becomes the east scapegoat to blame everything on if Da’ and Bay ever finally realize they should be suspicious of people who openly targeted them and who Enzo confirmed was common knowledge in the house that their names were on Dani’s tongue.

With her as a scapegoat in the girl’s alliance (Dani and Nicole looking to deflect blame off themselves for blatantly targeting D & B/ Da’ trusting Dani & Nicole/ and Bay holding a grudge and wanting answers for her being x-mas’ nom (which trust me she would)) and with Tyler gone, who does Xmas have left? Enzo? Maybe Ian?

Her best bet was keeping Tyler even with all the drama it produced. Even though I think she’s a piece of shit person, she’s not the one who made the grand gesture, nor does she seem to have been consulted before it was offered. If any of them wanted to execute this plan, they should have won the veto and done it themselves.

How is it beneficial to throw away one of your biggest allies to save two people who will never trust you again.


Christmas should have just pulled Day down and put up Dani and then her and Tyler could’ve worked with Bay, Day, Ian and Kevin against the rest of the house. I am shocked that they didn’t even consider that. Tyler would be the saviour leading the misfits and Xmas would actually have a chance at winning. Bunch of dummies.


I read that production told him if he volunteers to leave he’s in breach of his contract and won’t get the $40,000 for being there this season.


If a huge player comes up to me and says send me home, right on!!!!! That increases my chances of winning $500,000!!! I wouldn’t want anyone there, that doesn’t want to be in the house. I mean many would take that spot.
Xmas is sooooo goofy. I guess she doesn’t need the money. Xmas is playing the same game she did prior. Well actually everyone is playing their same game. Cody is TRYING to play Derrick’s game.


So she’s put two people on the block that are now targeting her and she’s supposed to take one down and put up Tyler, who is in a final two with her, and send him home leaving two bitter women in the house. Sounds like a good move to me :0

Kevin is the Worst

^ The voice of reason. Great point.

Worst season ever

Isn’t Tyler in a final 2 with basically every HG? Also, if he does not want to be there (which he has already expressed), is he really going to be much help to her? If anything, he might go rogue considering he probably feels he has nothing to lose.


If Tyler wanted Christmas to put him up, then there probably isn’t a real final 2!! Christmas should have thought that through better. Her final 2, didn’t want to be there and she kept him. So now she has 3 enemies…..


I would bet Angela would give permission and encouragement to Christmas to slap guilty boy into awareness

Brendan's hairline

AllStar Grades

Memphis +
Bay +
Tyler –
Enzo ++
Nicole –
Day Untouchable
Cody +
David –
Kevin +
Ian Untouchable
Christmas –
Dani ++

Dani loves Day, Day doesnt trust her, but she will when Bay is gone, I predict Day and Dani to go to the end. Enzo could win it all. Nicole seems medicated. I enjoy watching David’s game improve.

Good to see some drama finally now that they see jury and had a few labor day brewskis the end is in sight and I think these next few weeks will be alot more interesting.

Meow Meow has best social game in BB history

Peace and Love


Lmao thats really funny!
How can someone rate bay + ever?!
How are tyler and nicole – players?
Tyler came into the house with what shouldve been a HUGE target since hes a big comp threat and his game was completely outed in season 20. Even after the entire blowup only dani and day want him out. Hes one of the most strategic players in there
Nicole is one of the most annoying ppl in the house but as unlikable as her strategy of playing victim and whining is, its actually extremely effective. Look at the list of ppl who have been evicted and see who was one of the first persons pushing in that direction. She came into the game as one of the 2 only winners and it looks like most likely she will be around for a long time. She has a lot of shields in front of her. Even on an enzo hoh or tylers, who are the ones who could take a shot at her with dani, chances are that she would stay. There are really few flaws to her game other than being so annoying and hard to watch
And bay +? Really? Bays reads on the house are so bad that just today she claimed that tyler was with dani… after tyler throwing dani TO HER under the bus 1k times. Her strategic game is nonexistant. She could get the votes to stay this week but since she doesnt get the game or how to play it she prob wont unless someone who actually does know the game sees her as a potential strong ally and does the work for her
And enzo having an amazing social game is undeniable i agree. I can see him getting to the end and winning the season


good assessment. i’d add that bay has the potential to stay just because day’s game is even worse. neither can be worked with, but which is the greater threat to your own game? i think day is more of a threat as while her reads are equally bad, more people are apt to believe them, making her the greater social threat. neither is particularly worth keeping and sending them out back to back would make sense for a lot of players.


WTF! enzo best social game ever. Yo buddy, crack kills
Day blew it (had old school and sold them out)
Bay blew it (had old school and sold them out)
Memphis laying low
Tyler playing, maybe he’ll get it
Slot-nose sux a$$
Cody unfortunately controlling the game
David is an idiot who’ll make it to the final 4 just cuz
Ian laying low no real read
xmess no big move roid rage
dani should have game, playing like an newb

Miss Impression

Note to self: when I feel like someone is setting me up,that someone is me.

Golden Gate Granny

“Let’s all throw it and see what happens.”

Hey Cody… how about all you lazy ass mofos actually PLAY IT and see what happens?

Golden Gate Granny

Condolences to his family if this news of his grandfather is true. I don’t think his family would actually want him told in there though. It’s hard to trust liars, especially good ones. So… yeah.


It is true. I know the family. I learned about it earlier today. I do understand why you would question it, but I can confirm that he’s not lying about this.

Golden Gate Granny

Thanks for not being rude. I truly am sorry for his and his family’s loss. Ugh.


It’s not in my DNA to be rude. I may call out someone for being rude but would still do that as respectfully as possible.


It’s true, Pauly confirmed it and posted pictures of his grandfather and himself on his Instagram.

As much as I don’t like Pauly, he’s all about family, and that would be pretty devious to pretend that his grandfather died just to improve his brother’s BB game.

Golden Gate Granny

Thanks Skyfall. I don’t do any social media anymore. It IS the lowest of low game play and it’s been done before on another closely related game. Hence the questioning.

Obviously it’s true. May he rest in peace.


I get it… and no worries.
You’re right to have rid yourself of social media (twitter is the most toxic place, especially for the BB fandom).


Leave him alone his grandpa died

Golden Gate Granny

My condolences stand, wholeheartedly. As if this game isn’t enough of a mindf*ck, now he has to grieve with these people? Oy.

***On a strictly game RULE level, ANY outside news coming in? May very well alter the game, his and others. That is why it is supposed to NOT occur. I’ve seen MANY other seasons with player tragedies occurring while they were in the house and they weren’t told until after they exited the house. They were even reluctant to tell S2’s Monica about 9/11 and her missing relative (the only one I can recall being told to a HG).


Frankie and someone else from the same season had death in their family and were told. I’d be pissed if I wasn’t told. Depending on who it was, I would want the option to decide if I want to leave to be with family or if I want to stay.


I totally agree.
They need to be able to make the decision themselves if they want to leave.

Mary Altman

It was Derrick…..

The Beef

Then thank God they changed this rule! People should know when they lose a family member, and be given the opportunity to leave the game if they choose to do so to attend to family business. Big Brother is only a damn game after all. The loss of a family member like this is tough, and it should be up to Cody to either stay and continue to play or leave and be with his family during this time of mourning.


Bayleigh And Davonne you both are awful at this game and might be some of the worst players we ever seen because you both can’t even tell the difference between PERSONAL & GAME!!!

Newsflash when you tell your houseguest who your ride or die and untouchable is that IS STRICTLY GAME RELATED!!!! Really a dumb game move!!!! Why in the HELL would you tell somebody that Bayleigh!!!! You never give out your FINAL 2!!!!

Davonne saying bayleigh feels betrayed because Bay and Day claims x-mas used PERSONAL GAME INFO to get her put up in the block proves that Davonne is completely inept at BIG BROTHER and never deserved even a second chance in the first place!!!! Davonne is truly so bad and clueless at playing Big Brother because SHE CANT EVEN RECOGNIZE THAT BAYLEIGH MADE A STUPID MOVE TELLING XMAS THAT YOU (Day) TWO ARE UNTOUCHABLES !!!
Under no circumstances do you ever give out who you are fully all in on going to the FINAL 2!!!

Davonne By Bayleigh telling Christmas that she is you ride or die that is strictly game!!!! There is no such thing as PERSONAL GAME INFO !!!!

If Anything Day you should be pissed at Bay for telling someone that you are ride or dies!!!!! As that makes you a DUO OTHERWISE A HUGE TARGET!!!
The fact that Bay and Day thinks that’s personal info shows how bad they are at this game!!!!

Hey Davonne here’s a tip since you claim Danielle Reyes to be your Godmother on YOUTUBE do you really think DANIELLE WOULD OPENLY TELL PEOPLE THAT SHE WAS ALIGNED WITH JASON GUY!!!! That is completely mind blowing to me that Day loves Danielle Reyes and cant recognize how to cover your true loyalties or even to admit who you are a duo with!!

The fact that Davonne is clueless shows how bad she is at this game!!! Good work YOUR REPUTATION HAS PROCEEDED you Day you voted out REAL ALLIES 4 WEEKS IN ARROW just to do the dirty work of the major house alliance and your dubious honor at earning a second chance off of a week 2 eviction in BB 17 further proves that you always did have a terrible track record in the big brother house and we’re never deserving of a second chance!!!! Three seasons and ZERO COMPETITION WINS!!!


So!! Many!! Exclamation!! Points!!!



The fact that Davonne is playing for a third time and can’t realize that telling someone a houseguest about who your ride or die is STRICTLY GAME INFO AND NOT PERSONAL Further proves that DAY is AWFUL AT THIS GAME!!! AND NEVER DESERVED TO BE BROUGHT BACK!!!


I get it… take a deep breath. 😉


Its been only two days and I’m already sick of hearing about Day and Bay. I hope they follow each other out the door. Problem solved.


I agree. I watched the Live Clip and was shocked at how Day carried on with Christmas, while Christmas tried time and time and time again calmy to explain to Day that this is a GAME, and when you tell someone who your Ride or Die is in this GAME that is GAME talk and ofcourse would be used against you ! This was Baylee’s big mistake . .she opened her big mouth. But Shocked at how Day then went on a rant outside crying and saying she can’t talk to me like that ???? Like what ??? Frankly I saw Christmas trying hard to keep her composure, while both Day and Bay went out of their minds !!!!! As usual. They are both know for being overly emotional and freaking out on people.

At the end of the Mama Da

Christmas is a racist Trump supporter who likes to stalk her ex’s girlfriends and ram her car into them in her spare time. So are we really surprised by her behavior?

The Beef

I heard she was a racist Biden supporter, and got her ex’s girlfriends terrorizing skills straight from Antifa! I’m just surprised she didn’t set the car on fire after the rammed it, but only after she broke into it and looted whatever was inside of it!


Wouldn’t surprise me.


Lmao. :p


Why do you have to include politics into this?? TV shows, movies should be an escape from the everyday world and problems, but lately it’s everyone has to include racism and politics into their conversations. I personally don’t care what a persons politics are, just go and vote who you think will be better for your future and your children’s future. But lets not put our feelings, thoughts, or convictions on to others.


Amen to that totally agree


Memphis has turned into Jerry from his season. Which ironically, he despised.


Hahaha, so true!!

Lady E

Jerry called Memphis a womanizer, yet he grabbed April’s breasts on Day 1. I loved it when Renny yelled at Jerry lol. Memphis was a mixologist, not a womanizer!

Guy From Canada

Cause he is geriatric?

another name

Sort of wishing that instead of waiting the entire day until just before bed, and then putting a cam on him, CBS and Big Brother had been a little more human about it, and a little less get it on film.
A little humanity would have been nice or even respectful.
GIve him some space, put the cam on another room for a while.
It shouldn’t be used as a filmed plotpoint. That creeps me out.
Just my two cents.

Golden Gate Granny


Miss Impression

Priorities.They have a show to produce and it will look great when Cody wins this season for his Grandpa.Awww….my icy heart is melting…oh wait here comes a cold front.

My 2 cents

Speaking of creeped out, I had flashbacks to Cody’s first season when Christine laid all over him, stroking his arm, leg, whatever. Because that’s exactly what Dani was doing for way too long. Very disrespectful when you have a husband at home, probably watching.
Christmas sitting there, picking her nose, then glaring at Cody before quizzing him about his grandfather (“do you wanna share any funny stories about him?” Cody: ” no”) was beyond awkward. While Tyler sat there picking zits on his face. I agree. This did not need to be filmed as a plotpoint

another name

I turned off feeds for the night after my comment, figuring not much game would be had.
Question: did Xmas try to relate it to the argument the night before so that she could continue on her 796th retell?
(first coffee of the morning question. not quite awake yet).
As far as Dani / Cody, I’m of the understanding they’ve been friends for a few years.

My 2 cents

No, surprisingly enough, she did not launch into the 797th retell of B & D attacking her. She sat in silence and stared at him after cleaning out her nostrils. Then piped up with her questions when it was obvious he just wanted to be left alone. Who is it who has the “room reading skill”? David? He was needed.
Hasn’t Nicole been friends with Cody longer? She gave him a normal hug and then gave him his space. Dani was OTT. Cody went to take a shower to get away from her.

another name

Longer, yes. but duration of friendship doesn’t always mean closer. At one point in time Dani was close to quite a few other formers. I have a feeling she will not be as close to some of them after this season.


Totally agree… production has known the entire day and yet, they wait until 9pm to tell him?


hey! BB sees everything, right.
let it be

Houka Inumuta

Memphis, Nicole and Dani are just jealous that Ian is on his way to being the first 2 time winner in Big Brother history. So they resort to insulting him for rocking.

Ian is the best!!!

Miss Impression

I really want you to meet Nurk irl,I don’t know what would happen but I imagine some type of antimatter explosion.


Some times i wonder if houka actually watches the show or if he just picks someone to root for and someone to hate on from the very beginning and then just comes here, scrolls down to the comments and says some obnoxious repetitive thing just to annoy ppl lol


ian’s in an okay position and certainly could win but atm i think cody and nicole have much easier paths.


Agree about Ian but I don’t think Cody does. I think too many of them think he’s a mastermind and are likely to at least try to clip him at some point.


i think too many are worried they’d miss to take the shot. there’s no one obvious to put up as a pawn next to him. all you can really do is put up nicole/cody and hope that doesn’t backfire but i think it just sends you out the door the following week.

Tyler's Toes

Xmas is harloting herself to any and every fella in the bb house & she has a smile that makes newborns cry bloody murder.


This season is a complete and utter snooze, could have been good but the “White Alliance’ killed it.


The players so called “All Stars” killed it.


Not that skin color should matter but I don’t think the “Black Alliance” is doing any better.


oh, oh

Just stef

It’s not really all stars. But they might be after this.


Nic’s costume is the stupidest costume ever. It’s not even cute, just cheap.

Luci in the Sky

I hope it’s itchy




Lmao. Just like the person wearing it.

another name

Morning Coffee Thoughts.

Whichever of Da or Bay stays, I am fully expecting Enzo to form a fake side dealio pair thingy with them…. and insist they call it the untouchables. Much gif facial reactions to happen.

Not quite understanding the road forward that David thinks he sees. Then again, I don’t quite get a lot of David’s thought process.

I’ve just looked back at Da’vonne’s cameratalk. She plans to campaign today and tell everyone what they want to hear. Watch her talk to Kevin first, absorb Chaos Gremlin idiocy, and completely cause a house flip when she currently has near unanimous house support to stay, and Bay telling people to vote her out (wait, isn’t that against the can’t try to get yourself nominated, can’t campaign to leave Grodner rule that was sited two days ago? That doesn’t feel arbitrary at all then).
I think she said she figured out Christmas has a power because she was the last called into d/r post basement comp or something. Wasn’t quite following her logic there, but do know she follows d/r calls and that is how she knew Dani was a rogue vote because of Dani’s volume of diary calls after the HOH.

Michele Smith

another name, I look forward to reading your comments & thoughts after each new post. I seem to agree with your observations A lot. I appreciate OBB since I’m unable to watch the feeds. Anyone who follows Big brother knows the feeds are everything. Can’t trust the show edits. Gotta know what’s REALLY going on in the house. I’m actually looking forward to house full of newbies next year, after this years No-stars left season.


Yo…for real yo.


Dear shiiitmas you are not the new tyler you are the new angela, new Aaryn,……..
shiiitmas had the biggest opportunity to get rid of the strongest player but she didn’t why? cause she just want to be part of the Bruhs lol
Being a BB beast is not just about winning physical or mental competition but building the best social circle and layout the best game to win the game and she has none. (Day would never vote for you or scole) haven’t they learned from the BB Queen Jordan?

The only who I see winning is memphis, ian or Cody. Sorry Scole theres no way the jury would give you half a million for a second time.


*Memphis, Ian, or Enzo.

another name

Trying to crawl inside Xmas’ noodle to see the game from her perspective in order to analyze her HOH.

We know her stated goal is Committee unity (knowing at some point one of the Committee will probably get taken out). With that in mind, the goal should be (if I understand Xmas process) to gain an ally outside of the Committee and ensure that ally will not target her. Her choice: Enzo. (who is sort of Committee adjacent unofficially).
Her secondary choice: whichever nominee stays (logic error inhibited by whatever was going on in the couple of hours feed block and subsequent diary room call added to the extra d/r call before veto {there were 2 d/r calls for her before veto}and her tactics between noms and post veto meeting).

Who are the confidantes? The houseguests she is most freely exchanging ideas with are Tyler, Nicf and Enzo. So we have to take what she says to THEM as the closest to her actual game plan. Disregard everything she says to Da and Bay as her game plan, because she’s trying to cover her ass. It’s the knitting of her stated goals to those three that matters most (with knowledge that she lies to Tyler about her actions and knowledge).

What is the goal? To eliminate non-Committee.
Is the move she made BEST for HER game? Maybe but trending in the no direction. Wait until I’m done before getting triggered here.
She was more concerned about David because of the not an all-star rookie conversation. The move she made is Nicf’s move, because of the 3x a day affirmations planted in Xmas ear that Bayleigh has to go.
The “untouchable” thing is a red herring. She told both Nicf and Dani, as well as Tyler that she was going to use that as her reason to cover the existence of the Committee. Untouchable isn’t the reason, it’s the excuse to cover the reason. Therefore, we can’t site that as game objective because she “told us” it was an excuse in two separate conversations. The fact that she has tried to use the untouchables defense to the people she TOLD that it was an excuse I don’t get. That’s.. a non game part of her psyche shining through (the skirting responsibility for her actions thing. She does it a lot).
She is making the Nicf preferred move in order to secure Nicf as her secondary Committee ride or die (the whole look what I did that wasn’t best for me, I did it for you scenario that will, with time, play out. This is part of Christmas’ psyche as well). She has convinced herself despite Tyler’s protest, that she is Nicf’s closest pairing, and these nominations secure it. She’s incorrect. But that is her belief.
So she targeted people not targeting her (to her knowledge) in order to gain a closer relationship to someone that isn’t her final 2. That was the strategic motivation, which isn’t a real negative, until her actions lessened her house standing, and created an enemy.

How does the move negatively affect Christmas’ game? (given Xmas knowledge of what was going on).
She was last picked in a popularity contest HOH, meaning the entire house felt secure with her. She could have parleyed that into an iron clad safety moving forward.
She was on good social terms and considered a relatively straight shooter (and a bit dull witted) by the house.
Her noms, then discussions with nominees, then talk of possible sneaky moves with veto, then justifications in earnest have strained that perception of the house.
As far as she knew, she was in good standing with both nominees, and as far as she knew, wouldn’t be nom’d by either. So the move creates an enemy (that nobody is going to take out for her next because she’s outer ring not inner core). The sloppiness of saying she wanted both noms to stay, and saying she might use the veto ensured that.
She started the week as last picked to play in a knock out. If there were ever another knock out, she would not be last picked now.

How does it positively affect Christmas’ game? (given Xmas knowledge or what was going on)
A non-Committee member is leaving.
It doesn’t improve her standing with Nicf really, but she’ll believe it does.
It doesn’t improve her standing in the Committee as an alliance. In fact it could make a couple Committee members say look how she was with someone that trusted her… maybe we should clip her. That IS a possibility.
It doesn’t unify the Committee more. They are still a borderline non alliance production is pushing more than game is pushing.
It removes a non-Committee member from the game. That’s it.

In terms of game safety Christmas began her HOH in a small crowd of safest players.
Her HOH didn’t maintain or improve that. In that sense, she’ll end the week in a worse postion than she started.


Waste of an HOH if you ask me. I think both girls on the block are not a threat to her. She DID have a chance to take out one of the guys that would have been one less to beat during comps. Her game strategy seems very questionable.

another name

I really think her thought basis was I’ve got a final 2 with Tyler, I’m good with Enzo (who isn’t in Committee) now i need to lock in Nicf.
She’s being narrow in her focus. Too narrow.
If she thinks she can use Kevin for information, she’s going to end up finding out that the ants are secretly aligned with the washer and dryer, and they are all doing Janelle’s bidding from outside of the game, because she pregame allianced with them, and that’s why NicA had to go… she was beginning to suspect.


Ok. I get it..Bay and Day are HORRIBLE players. But if Christmas is so sure and so strong and confident in her decision to send one of them home, why is she going around the house campaigning like she is on the block and not HOH? Guilty conscience??? Just saying….


Maybe she is worried about how the public perceives her as she put the only two black women in the house on the block and pitted them against each other.

another name

Bathroom conversation.
Participants: Bayleigh / Da’vonne

Discuss this HOH being double or endurance.
Discuss wanting first HOH, or being in the HOH room to get in the big alliance that would inevitably form week one.
They say they did but it was fake.
Discussion turns to pregaming, and how they are both aware it was going on.
Da’ says she would have, but she doesn’t have anybodies numbers.
Bay says when Derrick called her, it was to say he wasn’t going, but someone he is close to is, so he was just checking around…feedcut to Christmas.

Tell me again that Derrick was being honest in his public statement video when he said he had nothing to do with pregaming. Not that it was believable. But that’s not the first person to say when Derrick called.
And if the show wasn’t aware of whatever happened, why did Cody say Derrick was under an NDA? And how is he releasing a statement saying he has no involvement given the NDA, unless the statement is a lie?


Wonder if all these calls (which seem to increase each season) to the DR are there to remind them to follow the scripts? They surely aren’t listening to the outside wall yells or overhead banners. What we have here are a bunch of misfits seeking glory and fame. Someone at BB needs to get fired for recruiting and calling it an “All Star” season. Its like recruiting a bunch of kids to play football and then telecasting it as the “Super Bow;” This season has really drug the show into an all time low with these misfits. I have never ever read so many negatives as this season has accumulated. Surprise sponsors haven’t pulled out or they must be getting super discounts to stay.

another name

Memphis imitating Ian’s stemming.
Dani and Nicf laughing hysterically at the imitation.

Not a good look. I’ll leave it at that.


Yet another season where it is hard to find someone to root for. The only thing I am looking forward to is how these people will be seen outside of the house.

another name

Oh. Dani must have been called to the d/r again (second time) to be reminded not to make fun of autism.
She’s now doing the whole psa “sometimes i forget he’s on the spectrum” bullshit.