Tyler “I won’t be mad at you if you put me up or backdoor me because I deserve it.”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Bedroom. Ian and Nicole.
Ian – although it isn’t one of us up there… Nicole – Mmmmhhmmm..it could be a lot worse. Ian – this is probably the third or forth best outcome. I am more embarrassed about losing than anything else. Nicole – don’t be embarrassed. You did really good. Its very easy for your hands to slip. Ian – true. That could have gone way worse. Nicole – definitely. Ian – Who do you think? Nicole – I don’t know. I was thinking “K” and I don’t know who else. I haven’t talked to her. Ian – at least we made it to jury which is pretty cool. Nicole – so you’re guaranteed a little bit to the end. Ian – and we get a say in the outcome .. unless.. Nicole – yeah. Ian – we’re doing good.

Day – she told me I was safe. Kevin – this was before or after. Day – after, right before she went into the diary room. She said don’t worry about sh*t. I think she was annoyed how all that played out. Kevin – do you think I’m in jeopardy. Day – I’m a going to get her to put her a$$ up.

9:35pm Kitchen. David and Bay.
Day – Day – you’re the first African American male to even be called back. That’s double! That’s big. David – I’m proud. Your speech got me fired up. I wanted it even more. Day – I have to just keep telling myself its possible. As long as I’m in this house its possible. As long as you’re in this house.. its possible. If we make it to the final two chairs .. that’s history too. That’s never been done before. Never! The juggle is out of control. Conquer that conquer that! No one has sat in that seat since Danielle Reyes other than on Celebrity Big Brother but that was a spin off. There is more game to be played. David – oh yeah.

10:30pm Bedroom. Memphis, Tyler, Enzo.
Memphis – that was crazy DaVonne lasted what two minutes?! Enzo – come on! Memphis – what the f**k is that?! Enzo – what are we doing yo! Memphis – I get it .. like I get the idea if you know you’re not winning .. then dropping. Like I know my back ain’t going to handle it so like I am just trying to not be in the havenot but I am like at least put some effort in it. Enzo – I got upset! Like what the f**k is this!? Memphis – even if you know you’re not going to win .. at least put in some effort. Make it f**king hurt! I don’t f**king know! Tyler – I was thinking that she had a power or something. Enzo – that’s weird yo! Memphis – that is a good point like maybe she has some ace in the hole .. like f**k it! Enzo – no she would have used it this week when she was on the block. Tyler – yeah but maybe it was something else that she felt safe. Enzo – I don’t know .. I was like what the f**k!? Tyler – I feel like I might go up. Enzo – I am f**king 42 years old! What are you doing!? Memphis – even David fell. I was like what the f**k!!! Tyler – before you! Memphis – I was like dude.. I am literally crippled over here and you’re f**king falling. Enzo – F**king crazy yo!

11:18pm Bathroom. Tyler and Dani.
Dani – are you hurting? Tyler – yeah, I’m hurting. Dani – my shoulders are killing me. Tyler – my neck! You killed that though… that was crazy! Dani – that was really hard. Tyler – were you looking at me and saying drop? Dani – no. You thought I said that? Tyler – when you looked at me. Dani – I said Good Job! You thought I said that?! Oh my god! DROP! No I said good job because he dropped and I didn’t want to yell it. Tyler – do you know what you plan on doing? Dani – I guess. I feel bad. This game sucks. It sucks because I like everybody. How did you in 20 because you liked everyone didn’t you? I’ve never played like that.. like I am used to hating people. Tyler – I know it really does suck. Its going to be new for you putting people on the block. You forget what its like until you do it again and then its like UUgh! If you put me up .. I would totally understand. Dani – be quite. I just don’t like hurting people. Tyler – I would be careful giving people hints or anything like that just in case of powers. Dani – I didn’t even think of that!? Tyler – I don’t have one. I won’t be mad at you if you put me up or backdoor me because I deserve it. Dani – shut up! Tyler – I won’t be upset. You do what you have to do. Dani – shut up! I could slap you.

11:30pm – 12:05am Dani gets called to the diary room. Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the live feeds return Dani and the other house guests are in her HOH room. Dani checks out all the things in her HOH basket and the HOH food she got. She tries a back of chips and says that they’re stale. “These are going back! I hope you kept the receipt!”

12:25am HOH bathroom. Dani and Day
Dani – So I have to make sure .. like I am not even thinking about powers. Day – that’s how I would have to play it. They don’t exist. Dani – no, they don’t exist to me. I can’t let anyone have any inkling in case they do because they could use it. That’s my goal that there are no powers in this house in my mind. Day – what do you think? How close are you to him? Are you guys close? Dani – Tyler? Day – yeah. Dani – no! Day – I wondered why he keeps saying all this sh*t. Dani – I feel like we squashed it but honestly Day, I can’t trust him. Especially after what you told me. Like he looked me in my eyes and promised that he would clear my name to you and Bay and then still tells you that. Day – he said that he did tell the truth about her (Dani). Dani – that is like shocking! Literally shocking! Day – if you don’t want to swing at him .. I get it. Dani – my thing is that if you swing at him you can’t miss! I’m not afraid to do it but I can’t miss. Day – its hard to do it. Dani – and you can’t pretend like the powers aren’t here.. they are. Dani – yes. And I just have to make sure at the end of this week I am in the best position I can be and not the worst place. I love doing crazy things in this house but when I do they put me in bad spots and I am not here to play that way. Day – right. Dani – I am not here to just entertain people on tv.. I am here to go really far. So I just need to talk to everyone. Day – everyone is probably going to try and get you to put up David because the idiot .. he keeps going around the house saying I just want to make it to jury so now I guess its fulfilled. Who else would you shoot at if not for Tyler? Dani – I have no idea.. that’s the problem. Day – because you don’t have issues with Cody. You don’t have issues with Memphis to my knowledge. Dani – I don’t even see him as a threat. Day – I don’t think you have issues with Enzo. Do you have issues with Kevin? Dani – no I like Kevin a lot. It sucks! Like this week sucks. Day – its hard.

12:30am – 12:50am Dani – I’m going to end up hurting people’s feelings. Day – I think it boils down to .. who do you feel if someone won HOH .. you would be in trouble. Like this is my opportunity to get you before you get me. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Dani – I wouldn’t be saying that to you so you are guilty or you are guilty and this is what you were thinking of me. Day – that sounds like somebody’s conscience. Day – how do you think I should handle this Christmas situation? Dani – She talked to you and said I am willing to put it behind me .. go along with it. Do whatever you have to do. I will back you. If you get HOH next week or the week after and you want to go after her .. I will back you 1000%! But for now you have to play it cool because she could also win HOH next week. Its your game, game her, play her. Do what you have to do. You can do it. You don’t have to be her best friend either. Day – yeah. Ian and Nicole were trying to stay up here to talk to you. Dani – Ian is always trying to be the last one every room too. I think Ian threw it again too. He tells me he is 100% fine and then he falls. I like David but he hasn’t once talked game to me. Day – I think he is trying to do the Memphis .. I’m the lone ranger.

1:15am – 2:05am HOH room. Dani and Cody.
Dani talks about how annoyed she is that everyone is just talking about making it to jury. Cody – I haven’t heard it from anyone. Dani – even Enzo said it today! Cody – yeah but Enzo just talks he will get over it soon. I think he just says sh*t some times to try and fit in. Did you talk to Tyler? Dani – not really but in the bathroom he said if you want to put me up or backdoor me I understand. Cody – he literally said that to me .. he woke me up. Dani – he said it to me three times. Cody – he is obviously worried about it. He put his foot in his mouth. I don’t know what you want to do? Dani – I want to put you up! You’re really loud and annoying. I’m mad at you .. you literally dropped after Nicole! You did really good though.. the types that normally do well on that one are the Ian’s and Tylers. Cody – you weren’t sitting next to Nicole who was screaming. When she yells its like a rooster! It comes out of no where! I was just happy to play in that comp and not go out early. They talk about Memphis. Dani – I think as soon as he is feeling better he is going to turn it on. Unless he really turns it on and wins everything .. I can’t see him winning next to anybody. He hasn’t really done anything. He isn’t really liked. Cody – sh*t well maybe I will go to the end with him instead of you. Dani – you’re a piece of trash! Cody – why do you say that when you know I’m obviously joking. Who are you going to put on the block? Dani – I feel so horrible. Its worse than you. Cody – its worse? Dani – I feel like I am in a worse position than you because Kevin really likes me. And David really likes me too. Cody – this is going to make everyone think that Memphis and Christmas are aligned with us. Dani – I don’t think so I am just going to tell everyone that I don’t see Memphis as threat at all. He is not a threat to me at all. Christmas kept me safe last week I not going after her. David never talked game with me at all. I am just going to feel like a piece of crap. Cody – the hardest part is the lead up after that its not so bad. Dani – just don’t want him coming after me. He is a good competitor. Dani talks about how Ian threw the HOH comp. Cody – what are we going to do with him.. and Nicole is like so.. I told her that Ian has single handedly been the worst person for her game. She told me to put him up if I wanted. Dani – I think she won’t put him up. He is single handedly the best person to play this game. Cody – I am nervous about doing it and then exposing Nicole. I am not targeting Day. Dani – I don’t think she is coming after you. Cody – I don’t think Ian is coming after me. Dani – but he is also a huge threat overall. Like how long can you let that slide? And we don’t fully trust him. Cody – there is a lot now .. there’s him, there’s Tyler. Dani – do you honestly think that you could beat Tyler in the end? Competitions-wise? Because Tyler is really really good at comps. Cody – I don’t know. Its a good thing now but is it a good thing later. I feel like he won’t be bitter. Nicole could go after him. Enzo said Day is nothing to me .. all she does it talk. Ian joins them.

2:10am – 2:40am Bathroom. Kevin and Day.
Day – are you going to talk to her tonight? Kevin – I was going to but its 2am and Cody is up there. Day – he is definitely persuading her to not put up Tyler. But I go to her and planted the seed to her planting the seed in Cody. Do you really think you can beat Tyler!? Or is he just going to be your Derrick again?! Kevin – Cody at this point will not get my vote. If he keeps playing the game that he is playing. Day – I don’t think he is going to get anybody’s vote. Kevin – because he plays a game where he is everyone’s friend and not strategic. Like I don’t see it. Enxo joins them. Enzo – YO! I think we’re good YO! Yo I got a power! This could be our power trip! Day – I knew I wasn’t going to win that sh*t. I was out! I’m not hurting myself. I think a lot of people are here to get to jury to get that coin. What is it nine weeks? Enzo – how much money is it ..like 14 grand? Big Brother blocks the feeds. Cody joins them. Day and Kevin head to bed.

2:45am – 3am Bathroom. Cody and Enzo
Cody – do you have a power? Enzo – I swear I don’t have a power. I swear on my family I don’t have a power. I swear on our relationship I don’t have a power. But I know if I had one, you and me would be golden. Cody – I would f**king tell you. Enzo – do you understand if you leave this game, I am done! I’m f**ked. Like you’re my number one guy in this house. Cody – no you’re good. You don’t need me. You’re so zen in this house. Enzo – if you need me to go after them I’m gonna. Cody – now that we’re at this point its going to speed up. Tyler has to get his head in this game yo! He is f**king us up! Cody – I thought he was going to last longer on that thing. Enzo – why get your hands dirty.. its jury now.. who you evict now goes to jury .. that’s a vote for you. Cody – do you think they’ll do a jury battle back? Enzo – if we do that then we have to do two doubles. Cody – no if they do that that’s three doubles. Cody – if she puts up David and Kevin.. what if they have a power. Enzo – I say put up David and Day .. they fell out first. Cody – that makes sense early on.. you can’t do that now. She is not going to do that. Day would be like are you serious that’s what you’re putting me up based from??! Enzo – you’re not pulling your weight .. you haven’t won nothing .. you’re going up! Its all stars season YO! If I win HOH next week that’s whos going up.. That’s it!

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Can i get a thumbs up?!


Are Thumbs Up/Down shown on ur screen? Not an option on mine today. Wonder what’s up.


Kevin and David would be my guess possible Tyler backdoor


David would definitely use his power


I think Tyler is done playing.. His conscience is getting to him and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to offer to go on the block every week. What a waste.

The guy

It’s more… Last time he played this he made one enemy…. Bayleigh… He also tried being nice but he comes off very condenscending…. This time it’s different… He feels like he is the reason two people are on the block for no reason…. And he’s the reason Christmas is being disgusting to them and also Dani is being gross…. Nicole as well…. He feels he put the women on eachother and now the black girls are being bullied

another name

5 minutes. 3 minutes. 2 minutes. 1 minute. Since feeds came back the amount of time Enzo says Da’vonne lasted in the HOH.

By tomorrow he’s going to be saying
yo, did you see Da fall out of the HOH comp before the rest of us even voted out Bay?




I cannot stand listening to Enzo and his “Yo’s”


I know. I find it worse than all the sentences that end with Bro/Brah or where every other word is “like”. LOL

another name

Kevin has asked Dani if he can talk to her tomorrow.
My Chaos Gremlin sense is tingling.

Just let her eat her vegan nuggets (now made from real vegans) and have her HOH headache in peace.

Like Enzo isn’t going to be pushing mad agenda tomorrow as it is. Don’t look at me like that. You know he’s going to be pushing for a woman to go this week, and thinks he can get Dani to do it.


D & D talking F2 already and yet they wouldn’t even be able to save a spoon if it was nominated.
Ugh, Kevin. I wonder who he will sell up the river this time. smh. I literally have no one else to vote for this season and that started the day Kaysar walked out. That is just horrible.


There is no way Ian threw that competition. Why would he willingly be a Have Not


Enzo talks so much smack about who he’d put up when it’s everyone else’s HOH’s… but he’ll still go for the lowest/easiest man on the totem pole if he wins hoh again (like he did when he nominated Kevin & Kaysar).

another name

Beginning of Week 6.
Expect multiple changes.

bb22 WEEK6.jpg

What a amazing photo of The Queen of Big Brother.

Dani asking Cody if he can beat Tyler and he saying he does not know, show that Cody wont vote Tyler out and has no intent to backdoor him. Same will be for Enzo and Xmas. I dont see how she would do it without their votes. David will be off the block, if Ian is the one left on the block against Tyler, Ian goes home.


Carmen Sandiego?


And if it’s not ian up there against tyler you know nicf is voting with Cody so that’s 4 votes. David likely votes for tyler also.

Feeds Gold

i think its another new record for boring play this season…

after the first full 5 rounds of voting, there has been 51 votes to vote with the house majority…3 hinkeys against the majority…and only 1 single vote against the house out of 55 combined votes

previous low combined votes against the house the first 5 rounds of full votes to start a season…

season 16 had 2
season 12 had 3
season 2, 4 and 10 each had 4, as did bbcan 6

if youre excluding hinkeys…season 22 breaks the record with only 1 legit vote against the house after the first 5 rounds of voting to start the season

add to this the new record of only male hoh/veto winners combined 8 in a row to start the season

and all 6 hohs won by the majority/combined alliances, all used to target outsiders

and only once the veto has been used plus no backdoors

and the pre jury phase first 5 rounds systematically targeted the fan fave janelle and her 4 closest allies

all but 5 north american seasons(season 3, 4, 10, 18 and bbcan6) vetos have been used at least 50% or more…this season is shaping perhaps as one of the lowest veto usage seasons(1 of 5 currently at 20%)…the best usa season record for veto usage % and only usa seasons to have a 75% veto usage % or better is season 14(10 of 12=83%), then season 7(9 of 11=81%), then season 6(8 of 12=75%), and interestingly all 3 seasons were janelles first 3 seasons…season 17 also had veto used 10 times(out of 15 opportunities)…the only season of bbcan to be 75% or better for veto usage % is bbcan3(10 of 13=77%)


These players are all fools. Wow. I guess it’s what we all deserve for begging for a “remake of all stars.” Everyone knows all sequels suck!


I think casting was just desperate to grab enough folks to fill the house and figured since NicoleF and Ian were there, they couldn’t use Second Chances but maybe Redemption? I think they had planned to get a few more heavy hitters through the quarantine/pre-start time but had to go with what was available and they didn’t know how to change the theme in time.

Feeds Gold

if david, kevin noms and david uses his power and ian blindsided going up its going to be very interesting seeing ians reaction

in season 14 ian was very openly combative at times especially against frank

i hope ian fires up and goes off on dani and wins veto

then maybe she tries to put up xmas who also uses a power, and before dani knows it she possibly has nominated or attempted to nom a combined 5 players in one hoh, shades of cody nickson the first round of season 19


How long would you last playing the yoyoyo drinking game?


Sounds like she’s putting up David…and Kevin? David comes down, that’s when it will get fun for her.

When are noms?


Why is Day telling David he is the 1st Black male to be called back. Kevin in his past season always had considered himself Black, even though he’s half Asian and half Black. Maybe Day doesn’t know this

Blasian Power

Perhaps it’s just a blind spot for Day but I too find it strange that Day doesn’t consider Kevin to be Black.

BB Juicy Blast

Or is it just that Kevin isn’t black enough for Da’vonne. Which only highlights the ridiculousness of judging everyone by skin color.


David is claiming that production told him the same thing, even though Marcellas played S3 & was called back S7, so….


Kevin sure looks white. It would have never for one second occured to me that he’s anything else.

Feeds Gold

the first player to open pandoras box(s11) and the last player to open pandoras box(twice in successive weeks in s14)…kevin and ian respectively are both still in the house

for nostalgia, once these current 3 powers are over, i think it would be fun to see pandoras box return this season, for allstars…final 8 would be the perfect week…that was the amount of people left when frank had pandoras box s14 and unleashed the balls filled with quarters in the backyard for the crane game golden ball of veto(2nd veto) than ian won, the week of dans funeral


And Paul walks out of the box with his friendship bracelets…that would be a…twist. A terrible, terrible twist

Pandora’s Box might be fun depending on the repercussions.


Janelle is in there and gets to play if opened.


Last night Kevin said that production “made” him open Pandora’s Box on his season.


“The first African American male to be called back!!!” Marcellus faints dramatically


I am so sick of this cast already.