“I just don’t want someone to come down [Kevin/David] it’ll be chaos. [Tyler] he’ll start saying sh1t”

strong>Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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3:05 am Enzo and Cody
Enzo says he’s going to bed he likes starring into the darkness ti’s his way to relax.
Enzo – I think about Game, I think about Life I think about girls I’m missing at home.. everything.. my kids.. everything YO.. Girls I flirt with
Enzo – I have one favorite girl I flirt with I think about her.

Enzo says it wold be “so money” if he had a girl in here up in the HOH “Dark as f*** big bed let’s go”
Enzo – when I get out of here I’m hooking up with somebody .. F***
Cody – right away
Enzo – right away I’m talking about within a week.. yo what are you doing.. want some drinks hang out lets go.. I don’t care if we drive around and have drinks
Enzo – you know I’m COVID f***ing negative
Cody – i’ve been tested 28 times
Enzo – 28 thousand times
Enzo says they’re going to be woken up early yo.

3:13 am Dani joins them to eat chicken fingers.
They chit chat about the crew for the show how there’s a 7-7 shift. Enzo comments you can hear them walking around the set when you are in the have nots room late at night.
Enzo says he’s not sore or nothing from the HOH. Dani says her shoulders are sore.
Dani – we’ll see tomorrow.
Enzo asks what happened to Da’Vonne she dropped in under 5 minutes
Dani – she’s just not good at competitions.. yeah that was bad.. bad. .

3:18 am Kevin comes out of the DR
Enzo – ohh shit.. that’s late..
Cody and Enzo eventually leave.. Dani and Kevin talk about how much stuff they are getting in their HOH baskets.
Dani – I feel like people got more junk in their baskets than I did.. I’m not complaining because I do not need more junk
Keivn – oh like snack foods and stuff..
Dani – I do not need more of that.

3:30 am Dani up in the HOH going through the screens on the HOH spy cam.

3:48 am Reading her letter..

4:06 am 2/3rds of the love triangle strategizing
Dani – you have to yell at me and tell me I have to do it. I really don’t want to put Kevin up..
Cody – you gotta put Kevin up
Dani – i know …… I’m going to tell him straight up I’m too scared of the powers and I’m too scared people will use them I want everyone to think.. I don’t know Like I really don’t want to put him up
Cody – who could possibly be the other person
Dani – there’s no one .. that’s what sucks.. He’s going to be genuinely hurt by it and it will break my heart.
Dani – we’ve had a understanding from the beginning that we wouldn’t come after each other.. like from week 1
Dani – I feel horrible.. there’s nobody else.. literally nobody else (Nope nobody else in the house to nominated just Kevin)
Dani – why couldn’t you have won
Cody – so I have to do it?
Dani – he wouldn’t have been mad at you
Cody says she has a HUGE group of people that are not irritated. explains that personally she’s hurting but gamewise it’s so goof for her.
Dani – if I don’t handle this the right way and he goes to Jury easily I lose his vote.

Dani goes on about how it sucks because Kevin is not coming after her.
Cody – so who is coming after you
Dani – right now .. Tyler
Cody – put him on the block .. just kidding don’t put him on the block he’ll win the veto
Dani – is he coming after me
Cody – he’s never said anything to me that he’s coming after you (See the image of Cody above)
They talk about Tyler’s Panic last week when he wanted to quit
Dani – I feel like he changed it to what he wanted it to be do you feel that way?
Cody – I just want to believe there’s no way
Dani – the thing that keeps eating at me is the stuff he told to Day. I’m just like I dunno
Dani – he’s very very concerned about his outward appearance.. you know. so that’s what keeps pulling at me.
Cody – I just don’t know what went on with all this sh1t.. His season..
Cody says he doesn’t know what type of game Tyler is playing that worries him
Dani – his game last time was trying to make everyone feel like they’re his friend
Cody – I don’t think hes trying to make me feel like I’m his best friend
Dani says the outwards appears make her think they are really close friends.
Cody says he’s not nervous right now but 3 weeks from now he is.
They talk about the jury battle back. Dani doesn’t think there will be. Says there’s less than 7 weeks
Cody brings up Memphis theory that there’s going to be.
Dani – he’s on pain killers what do you want me to say

Dani pulls out the beans. Cody Blue, Nicole red, Da silver, Dani is Yellow, Shitmas is brown, Kevin is pink, Memphis is black, Enzo light blue, Ian is grey, David is red and Tyler is lime green.

Dani – I’m HOH I do Kevin and David.
Dani says votes for David to go, Memphis, Christmas
Dani says Votes for Kevin to go, Ian, Da’Vonne, Enzo, Cody, Nicole, Tyler

Dani lets say Kevin comes off.. Who do you put up?
Cody – it’s up to you..
Cody suggests maybe do Kevin and a pawn and talk to Christmas about going up as a pawn.
Dani – that’s what you would try
Cody – something like that or throw up another person say look you’re a pawn
Cody says he wouldn’t look at a backdoor on Ian this week there’s so much more time for conversations to happen.

Dani says if she puts Kevin and David up. Someone comes off the block. She moves a bean to the nomination pile
Cody – is that Tyler
Dani – Yeah

Dani says she’s worried about how Christmas and Memphis will react. Adds that Memphis is only caring about numbers why not they pull Enzo in not as a committee member but as a number.
Cody – they already view him as that
Dani – so we have the numbers
Cody – you will have to explain we had another Alliance that Tyler was trying to do something
Dani – no no settle down, I would just say he was throwing me under the bus and making lies about me.
Cody – you think that will be enough for them.
Dani – Christmas knows and doesn’t give a crap at all. Bayleigh told her and Tyler told her some stuff . She does not care at all. She looked at Nicole and I after the veto was used and she was like you guys cannot nominate Tyler.
DAni – it’s really weird to me I get she’s on the committee but have you noticed how close they’ve gotten this past week?
Cody – Kinda.. I saw how much they are playing backgammon
Dani – they talk all the time and they never use to. It’s very strange to me
Cody – the only thing I don’t like with Tyler going this week is there no other numbers being clipped
Dani – I know I agree, We’re still considering Ian in the other side while he is a number.
Cody says he doesn’t see Ian as being on the other side. There’s just three people to him.
Dani – As much as DA’Vonne is going to be with those two (Kevin and David) she’s not coming against us
Cody goes on about wanting Kevin and David Clipped because they could win a competitions Da’Vonne won’t anything they can drag her to the final 5.
Dani – I wold love to have her in the final 5.. you think she’s going to win? what has she done in this game so far? no strategy she’s done nothing.
Dani – you wold love to be sitting beside her in the final 2 at this point in the game hell yeah. She’s great for us .
Cody – I just don’t want someone to come down it’ll be chaos.. he’s not going to sit he’ll start saying sh1t
Dani – Tyler? I agree
Cody – what damage control will he have to do
Dani – Ian, Kevin, David ..
Cody – what are we saying
Dani – Nicole wants Kevin out, You want Ian out, Memphis wants David out, DaVonne wants Christmas out
Cody – in those weeks the person they want out will win the veto.
Dani – of course
Dani explains all she’s saying is there’s a specific person that wants one of those three people out “It’s a good thing”
Cody – who do you want out
Dani – I don’t know I’m having a really hard time.
Cody – I don’t want him out anymore.. ian
Dani – whats your dream final 5
Cody – I dunno.. for me I would rather just think about the four of us going I don’t care about the 5th person.. Not Ian I’m talking about Enzo
Dani – I’ve never been asked about the core four (in DR)
Dani says the DR never asks about it and she says it’s her main alliance. She thinks it’s because all she talks about is the Cody, Nicole and her (love triangle)
Feeds cut
When we’re back Cody is saying he doesn’t have a final with Enzo. They tease around about all their final 2’s
Cody is nervous people will come to him asking him if he knew her noms, “I don’t know what to say”
Dani – say no why would you know
Cody – that’s good thank you
Dani – tell me who said that because that’s a problem I’ll throw them up there

Dani starts teasing him again about Tyler whispering to him in the bathroom. Cody doesn’t remember still. (this is the same conversation they had after HOH last night)
Dani – I swear on my own life.. strike me down
Cody – don’t say stuff like that I don’t like it
Dani – I know 100% for fact I saw him.. you’re losing it
5:00 am They continue their flirty nonsense banter..
Dani says he didn’t hold on enough on the HOH.. etc etc

5:20 am Everyone sleeping

Looks like David and Kevin are going up initially. David has the power during the nomination ceremony to disrupt. This will mean Dani has to pick another person as a Nominations. This will most likely be Tyler. Christmas and Ian’s names have also been mentioned.

9:29 am Waking up…

10:35 pm nothing much going on. All feeds are on Dani in the HOH getting ready.

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Like are they that blind that they don’t care about the climate in the world when it comes to racial injustice and discrimination. Like the committee is filled with white people and the next targets for the next few weeks is POC…. I hope they all get slack for it. Imagine being in the house and no one cares to be a good friend or judges you because you gravitate toward other POC. Like clearly they are pushed to mingle and become close. Every season this happens POC slowly gravitate together then get eliminated in a cluster. hmmmm I wonder why…. plus everyone knew day, bay and Kevin’s objective this season so why didn’t they add 1-2 POC to the alliance to help change the stigma….. I guess they don’t care. Last week it was 2 POC this week again


Wow, I never heard any comments like that before. But your entitled to your opinion so I’ll respect it.


So they should nominate, align and vote for players based on their skin colour? Get outta here


They already do though… why is it out of 7 ppl in there alliance not one POC? Hmmmm they pick alliances based on it, but it’s far fetched to think they’d nominate someone because of it…… that doesn’t include Tyler


I am tired of people thinking that a person has to consider a person’s skin color in order to put them up or not. I have seen and heard more racism from the POC players than the white players. Why can’t people play the game and not look at the color of skin. It is really stupid. POC use their race to make everything that goes wrong as racist. I am tired of. Just play the game.


Proof that racism is mainly perpetuated by POC..


it happens every season. chalk it up to casting but the white people they tend cast always have too severe cultural biases to get along with the poc and there are too few poc to overcome that. only way to fix it is to pull a survivor: cook islands where 75% of the cast is poc. though that season took flak, survivor’s been for the most part much better with representation since.


One reason this year, is that they ignored Janelle and Kaysars’ warnings. Just kept sitting there and are going to get picked off, one by one. Voting how the HOH wants, instead of realizing at one time, that they could turn the game. Not realizing that the HOH is really powerless the very next week. New players really don’t know the game of big brother – no matter what their skin color is. Danielle Reyes wouldn’t have played this way….

sandpaper barbie

They wouldn’t have had the numbers anyway? Kaysar always counted Christmas & Memphis as on their side. Ian was with Franzel and Nicole A was a paranoid mess unfit to be on *anybody’s* side.




Youre right but why can’t we strive to do better. Society is racist but I just assumed and hoped big brother would be different especially this season. I still have hope David has his power and maybe he’ll win next week! Nominate Cody and Memphis ignorant self!!

sandpaper barbie

Holy shit, you really just told them to go back to Africa…

Smh, can’t make this up. A+ job representing the worst of our society.


Blah, blah, blah! So over the race shit. Move on!


Seriously, are you actually trying to insinuate that the white people in the house are racist?? Day/Bay had the option of pulling others into their 2 some plus 1 (David). but they never did that. hmm wonder why not? If we go by your logic would it because the others are white? STOP THE BS and trying to make this all about race. Day/Bay never left each others sides so even if others wanted to have Bay or Day in their alliance they couldn’t because they would have had to include the other as well. Some HGs may not have wanted to have Bay or Day in their alliance because they recall the drama that followed each in their seasons. Who in their right mind would want 2 people in their alliance that are known only for the drama they caused?


Agreed, I’ve been ready for Kevin to get the boot since week one. I would love a bit of chaos though, see some scrambling. It would be awesome to flush some powers out and see the Cody, Dani, and Nicole freak out a bit.


But what if David uses his power to come off, and Kevin wins veto, comes off. Then what?? hmmm


Ian would probably be up and go.


david using his power will hopefully blow up the house.

another name

Last night there was an interesting short bathroom discussion.
Da’vonne and Kevin told Enzo that it’s true, if you are going to be nominated the cameras follow you around a lot more on the nom days than when you are safe for the week.
This is after Enzo tells them Tyler is paranoid he’ll be nominated because the cameras are following him a lot.
I’m betting Kevin is getting hyped up today, in part, because those cameras are following him around already today.


Won’t David take himself down with his power? so will she nom Tyler right away? Also,
I think the DR mentioned something to Nicole about her losing influencer deals….she said to Christmas in the bathroom “what causes you to lose make up sponsors”. You alluded to it being about beds but right after that convo was when she was in bed talking to herself, saying “what could it be that I did to cause that” and the feeds kept going in and out. I think the group making fun of Ian got warned in the DR………


also, now all the sudden Nicole and Cody are saying emphatically that they wont go after Ian…..I think the warning from DR bought Ian a little safety


My guess is, if David takes himself down, she will put Day up.


That really would be funny, I hope you’re right. We all need a good laugh. Man would she be Pissed. LOL


Nicole thinking she’s perceived as some sort of wholesome good girl is laughable. For three weeks she crap talked Janelle acting like Janelle was some big bad villain always talking about her when she was the one obsessed with Janelle and couldn’t keep her name out of her mouth. Then the whole Ian mess, I’m sorry if you come in and call someone a friend and then sit idly by, and even laugh, as someone makes fun of something that Ian has no control over, you are just a garbage person. Heck even if you aren’t his friend, laughing as someone makes fun of a person who is on the spectrum who is self soothing is just gross, PERIOD! I guess this hits home for me, because I have a daughter on the spectrum who self soothes very similar to Ian. It kills me because she’s accomplished so much, and to think of all she’s overcome, for her to go out in the world and have the possibility to be made fun of like this, I mean why are there some people like this in the world? It’s just so heartbreaking.

The guy

Not to mention that incredibly insensitive “thank you” she gave day but then going around talking shit about her behind everyone’s back


People who only watch the show probably buy into that sweet wholesome BS. She usually gets a good edit. I can’t stand her pretentious whiny ass and of course, her Janellousy.


she has already dated 3 players so far and that’s a BB record no?


I think when people get in a group and start talking crap most in will join in. Not many will have the courage to disagree even if what is being said is just wrong. And most of the time they won’t remember saying it. Especially when what said is contrary to what they believe. Most of us are guilty of this, nobody is perfect. We just want to fit in no matter how ridiculous the conversation is. And only after the fact is when we’re sorry.


There it goes another sheep listening to the wolf Cody about what to do LOL
cmon dani you evil D kid such a dissapoiment.

If I was here I would put Tyler and Memphis and if one goes down replaced it with Cody or Enzo. These fools are scared of getting rid of the strong ones.

These era my updated ratings

Strongest players



Bullies and Shame List (mocking Ian’s Autism)



Dani is an EPIC FLOP this season


just this season? she’s only been successful because of evel dick


Dont forget David has a power to keep him off the block. If he uses it, she might het flustered, put up Day or Ian…who knows…plus she will use her power to play HOH next week. I forget xmas power but I think it has to do with veto, so she could use it if Dani tries to backdoor Tyler. So this week has potential to flush out all the powers!


I don’t think Tyler will blow anything. I think his conscience is too fragile right now. He will probably wait until after veto, if he doesn’t win, he may start planting seeds. It also depends on who’s sitting next to him. If he’s convinced they’re the target he wouldn’t need to say anything. I have a feeling Tyler is going to try and lay as low as possible because of the line he’s walking with Dani.


Just a thought! Dani should put up Memphis and Enzo, tell them they are both pawns. Tell each one, it hides the alliance and it serves as a backdoor option for Kevin or David, to flush them out in case they have a power. They won’t be happy. In reality, if Memphis wins the veto.. she puts up Tyler. Then Cody would have to choose between his boys, and we all know Nicole will vote with Cody. I think Cody would keep Enzo. Tyler’s gone – Cody, Nicole, Kevin, David, DaVonne and Ian would vote him out. OR if Enzo wins veto, still put up Tyler. Dani could try and make the argument that no one would vote for Memphis in the end because he really hasn’t done anything/he is alone/his back is broken, easier to beat him. However, I think this would be way harder. There is a strong probability that Cody, Nicole, Christmas, Ian, Enzo, David would all vote out Memphis.
Another option would be to put up Tyler and Enzo right off the hop, with Ian as a backdoor – the chances of one of them winning veto is high but also a very unlikely scenario that Dani would do.
Either way it would make for awesome TV. GIVE US SOMETHING!!


It could be an interesting week that everyone will have to show their cards. Kevin and David go up, David comes down, Tyler goes up. Tyler gets Veto, Christmas goes up, Christmas comes down….Dani will have to decide then who her pawn will be. I hope all this has to be made split second so she can’t talk to anyone and show her cards.


Oh for crying out loud. Dani is right. Julie already said there would be no battle back for the ones already evicted. Why would there be a battle back for those who reached the jury?

grodners a b*tch

Did Cody sleep in the hoh room up there at 5am talkin to her?


Maybe Memphis was just a jerk about Ian because of pain pills – I didn’t realize that he was on them. I would hope that he is more mature than that….

another name

Memphis is a jerk to Ian because Memphis is a jerk. Period.
He’s been on meds for 2 weeks. He’s been a jerk to Ian for 5 weeks. Meds explain nothing.

another name

Went to sleep before Cody revisited the HOH.
His last conversation included subtle suggestion of Christmas as renom, and what sounded like subtle suggestion to put Ian on the block (my belief still to get Nicf mad at Dani)
Now the Ian thought seems off the table? Oh. Hi Grod.

With the way Nicf has taken to her bed crying, It’s a for sure that she was told Olay has dropped her. Wait’ll she hears 2 more sponsors did as well. Maybe she should have listened to the Reilly sisters on Amazing Race and took it to heart, “Nicole, your brand is watching, be careful.”

Anyway. I think this is what the noms are shaping up to look like:

bb22 WEEK6 nom.jpg
another name

Ian is off the table for noms due to “the incident.”
Dani told Nicf she can’t touch Ian now.


She would not nominate Christmas.
It came out of cody, not her.

another name

suggested pool of nominees. meaning who she would choose from. not who would automatically go on the block.
both da’vonne and cody have mentioned Christmas.
Dani, however is afraid Christmas would go TMZ on her and assault her.

another name

Whoever is running Keesha’s social media is still on fire and bitter.
Original tweet is a quotation of Enzo talking about losing grip on the hand holds during the HOH.
Keesha retweet response:
I bet if it was Cody’s d@ck, he’d have gripped a lot tighter.


If David uses his power for noms say Tyler goes up win the veto comes down can she renom David or is he safe for the week ?

another name

Dani is alerting Nicf that they are doing d/r calls about autismgate.
Ian has had his already. Dani has had hers.
Nicf is upset it’s making the show.


And Memphis won’t care, a royal classA jerk, Imo


Has anyone reached out to any of his business partnerships like they have Nicole?

sandpaper barbie

Whew, this comment section is UGLY. Twitter gives Reddit, Joker’s & FB a hard time, but y’all far surpass the first two and are giving FB a serious run for its money. I appreciate the hard work that goes into the updates, but let my Black self never make the mistake of scrolling down again.

Golden Gate Granny

This is sooo NOT usual the tone of this site. This site has been my go-to for many seasons now because this family of fans are mostly awesome and reasonable. In the past week… I’ve seen an influx of awful infiltrating here like never before. So many new shit stirrers.

It’s like a flood of NEW button pushers and fight pickers (Russians perhaps?) wants us all to fight with each other. And, it’s obviously working.

Today is 9/11. Remember when America was so unified in the weeks following? We need to get back to THAT. Civility from sea to shining sea. NOT this Civil War behavior.

sandpaper barbie

Agreed on the post-9/11 unity bit, and I appreciate the sympathetic reply!

Sadly, I think by most metrics it’s pretty clear that plenty Americans genuinely do still hold these views. I’m guessing that having Black houseguests talk about the realities of being Black, both in & out the game, has triggered a contingent that maybe don’t otherwise make themselves known. (Although if Russians were to be *this* thorough in their disinformation canvassing I’d almost be impressed? Lol.)

Sidenote: To be extra clear, I don’t blame OnlineBB. It’s not like their recaps set any type of problematic tone for the ensuing discussion. Plus, as far as I’ve gathered it’s literally, like, two people running the whole site lol. I feel for ’em. And idek what a feasible solution would be. Just disheartening, is all.

Another Canadian

The racism on this site has been an unusual addition. I’ve never seen comments close due to it before.


“Christmas is brown…” (jellybean)

How incredibly apropos.