Day “That motherf**ker said I feel recharged, like I can restart and play this game now.”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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Veto Results:
– Christmas Won the Veto
– Dani won the Home Gym
– Day won the 5K
– Nicole got the Slop-tard punishment
– Bay has to do 500 laps riding a tricycle on a track
– Ian didn’t feel well so he didn’t play

7:05pm Backyard. Day and Bay.
Bay – that girl deserves to be here more than I deserve to be here because this is your world! I got recruited off of instagram. I’ve never seen the show before two years ago. I came in, I got my husband.. I am good! So as much as I try .. I am trying to catch up. I haven’t been watching these games my whole life. I haven’t figured out .. I am still nervous to compete. I can’t wrap my mind around all this. I am trying, I am trying .. but I am behind the curve. So if I were to choose I would choose her. She is a great representation. When I was coming in .. I can say this to you now .. You’re the mean queen. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Bay – he attempted .. it was just a day late and a dollar short. David – yeah. Its frustrating. Bay – I feel at least better knowing. I am okay being the gullible one. Day – you’re not gullible. Its your heart and I am telling you that’s not a bad trait. People just take advantage of that and prey .. P-R-E-Y on that in this game. That is it, honestly and truly but that is a lesson for the outside world as well. Bay – the bible says when someone strikes .. even seven times .. turn the other cheek. So that’s what I do .. even if it makes me look stupid. David – I don’t think it makes you look stupid. I think some people when they play this game they go into a mode where they detach themselves or it can be heartless. Bay – I feel you but for him.. I am not giving him that excuse because for two years I’ve been tortured online from him. We’ve had texts, we’ve had threats, we’ve had everything. We’ve had him saying things to other people about me and Saggy. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Bay – literally we got asked to go to Thailand and Fiji with Angela and Tyler .. me and Swaggy and they said if we’re there …they won’t come. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Day – I don’t watch seasons that I do .. but I am going to watch this sh*t! Bay – you can give me the summary.

Backyard. Enzo, Cody, and Ian.
Enzo – I’m about to go listen to Miley Sirus. Cody – WHY?! Enzo – I am vibing it. I’m going to listen to Miley Sirus and go to bed. I’m tired Yo! The noms are locked! Cody – yeah, don’t talk to me. Enzo – I know bro. The noms are locked! Cody – we’re all going to the f**king jury. Ian – unless there’s a twist! Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Cody – I’m not going to talk differently because there COULD be a twist. If there’s a twist I am booting his (Enzo’s) a$$ out! Enzo – the only reason why I want to win HOH is not for the power its for the liquor yo!

7:25pm Kitchen. Day and Dani.
Day – I think I need to campaign hard …or I am going to go home. Dani – Don’t campaign too hard. We will get you the votes. I don’t think it will be as hard as we thought. Day – who are you going to go to? Dani – I am pretty sure we can get Cody and Enzo. I know you think we can’t but I think we can. He said whoever you want to go with I will vote with the house. Nicole, Me, Ian, Cody, Enzo, Kevin. Kevin is the one that told me that he doesn’t know if he is voting for you. Day – he is telling people that. Dani – just to say it? Day – yeah. That is six right there. So its Memphis. David you’re not getting. Tyler you’re not getting. That’s it! You’re good girl! Do your thing. Don’t push too hard. Don’t say too much. You’re good. I promise. You know I would tell you if you weren’t. Day – yeah I am holding you to that. Dani – do your thing. Go to everybody. IF there is any hesitation I would 1000% on my life tell you. I didn’t think Cody and Enzo would be so easy but I think they will. Its stupid for their game to go against everyone. It could be a double, it could be endurance. I am down for anything. I am not afraid of anything or anyone. So what is the deal with the untouchable? I think that is crazy if that is the reason why she put you guys up. I am your campaign manager. Its a game and I am really really good. I just feel bad. I don’t know what to say when she talks to me. I really like her so much and feel so bad. Its the part of the game that sucks so much. And I know that you’re like literally losing your best friend. And you guys will always be friends forever after this. Day agrees.

7:50pm Lounge room. Day and Tyler.
Day – so what happened? Tyler – she (Christmas) told me that it wasn’t good for her game to backdoor someone this week. Day – I don’t know the direction this house is going to go in .. I don’t know what is going on. Tyler – you’ve got my vote! Day – UHHHH?!?!! Why though? Tyler – Bay gave me information. Day – oh. So moving forward what is it that you want to do? Tyler – I don’t know .. I feel like I am at a reset point. You know what I mean? Now that we are here .. at jury .. I am like whatever. You know what I mean? I got you the same way I had you before. Day – okay. If you had told me I don’t know Day .. I am having second thoughts.. I would have been like.. Tyler – I know .. I didn’t have second thoughts .. I was told that I am not .. that is against the whole rules of everything. Day – have you talked to her (Bay)? Tyler – no, I talked to her before. Day – she feels really bad for throwing me under the bus. Tyler – she didn’t throw you under the bus .. I think it was a slip up. Day – there was no malicious intent behind it what so ever. I think she feels responsible for me being on the block and its eating at her. And I feel so bad. I am glad that you reset because I need you in this game. Tyler – me too. I hope this can be something that builds us for the future. Now that we’re here.. we’re here. I think both of us thought we were gone this week. Now that we’re in jury ..I’m here to stay and I am going to make sure you stay. Day – I’m proud of you. They hug.

8:15pm Lounge room. Bay and Ian.
Bay – One, I have become a big target in this house. So I know for a fact that if I stay it eludes some tension from you. Ian – correct. Bay – So that is the biggest thing that I can offer. The second thing I can offer is that since I am a big target it means that I am going to have to try a winner at some of these competitions. I can also let you know that I don’t have a power so that means that there is even more pressure on me to win because if I don’t have a power I cannot keep myself safe. When I do gun for these things .. I have targets in mind … I believe these people don’t negatively affect your game in fact I think it can help you in the long run because you have great relationships in this house that means its going to be hard for you to move forward .. so you are eventually going to have to take out some of these people that you have remained friends with. Ian – yeah it is tough because I am friendly. Bay – you are friendly and people love you. With that said it is going to be difficult. Plus the house is in a weird limbo position… the house is going to blow up soon so what I can promise you is that I can look out for you and at least give you information. I will say this people will be after you because you are a winner in this game. That has been said multiple times. People have said Ian and Nicole ..there has to be something done about it. So I would appreciate you considering the points I have given and help keep me in the game. Bay then tells Ian how Tyler offered himself up to go home and asked Christmas to put him up but that she would not do it. Ian – may I ask another question.. a phrase that I keep hearing is untouchable. What does that mean to you? Bay – it means if I got HOH .. this is a person that I would not nominate. Ian – ever? Bay – yes. Ian – so its a final 2 deal essentially. Bay nods. Ian – okay, thank you. Bay – for me having a black winner is very important to me in this game so what I am not going to do is attack another player of colour. Ian – gotcha! And I agree with that quite a bit. And coming in here I said I would not actively participate in eliminating a POC (person of colour) in the first two rounds.

8:35pm Bedroom. Kevin, Day and Bay.
Day about her conversation with Tyler – when I tell you that Jesus himself had to sit on me he said now I feel like I can restart and play the game. Bay – I told you! That was the plan the whole time. That’s why I keep saying he is trying to get me out.. because he can’t play with me in here. Are you surprised.. everyone thought I was crazy! Everyone thought I was crazy .. and now you understand why.. this was my whole season. Day – that motherf**ker said I feel recharged, like I can restart and play this game now. He said we’re at the jury point so now I am in it! Bay – I know its me.. I know for a fact. I know when people are setting me up. I know the verbiage. He does NOT want me in the jury because he thinks I am going to pollute the votes. Day – they want me in jury because even with everything that Nicole did .. I still voted for her. I am going to light that jury house up if I am in it! Bay – GOOD! Day – I am going to light it up because that is sh*t! Bay – yeah I am used to it by now. And ya’ll better work over time to make sure he doesn’t win. And he is right! I did pollute the jury against him.. because he is an a$$hole! And all of my friends were like which way should we vote and I was like not him.. so yeah, I cost him $450,000! Sure did! Sure did! And little Miss Angela had to sell her Range Rover .. you’re welcome sweetie! Day – I was furious! I am not mad because he came up with a plan.. this is big brother… he talked about the cause… he used the cause as part of his game. Bay – he shouldn’t have used BLACK LIVES MATTER!! Kevin – the way things are set up .. this fool is going to skate to the end unless we do something about it. It was definitely a game move. So come Thursday LIGHT THEIR A$$ES UP! Day – he twisted up his lips to say anything else about black lives matter. Jesus is my fist!

8:50pm HOH room. Cody, Enzo and Tyler.
Cody – the girls that are going to be left it will be whoever stays, Nicole, Dani, Christmas. Enzo – the are definitely like there is a guy alliance we have to stick together. Christmas is doing her sh*t on the side with Memphis and whoever the f**k else. I know who the f**k I am going after. Cody – the next few people are Kevin .. pull his power if he has one .. David, I don’t know where he lies anymore. We tried to help him. I know that if Memphis wins again .. we’re not going to go on the block. If Nicole wins we are not going to go on the block. Enzo – I don’t know how Dani feels about it. Cody – Im sure she’s going to ask if we knew. Enzo – I’ll be like talk to Bay about it.. I’m not getting involved. Cody – I don’t think Dani would put us up because there is still a lot of people in the house. She would during a double though. I so badly want to clip David and Day. Enzo – I am flipping the whole house if I win HOH.. I don’t give a f**k YO! Cody – Kevin, David and Day need to go so that they don’t pull them in because then they have the numbers.

9:30pm Cody, Kevin and Dani are doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

Backyard Couches. Memphis and Tyler.
Memphis – I don’t know dude.. I think its so bizarre to see them (Ian & David) hanging out constantly. That is super weird to me. Tyler – weird. Who do you think we take out next week? Memphis – take your pick! I don’t think we need anyone right now. Tyler – like Ian we don’t need him anymore. Memphis – I mean I am worried about David from my angle because I think he would probably put me up. At least with Ian we could manipulate him to put someone up. Tyler – Day is way smarter than David. Memphis – yeah Enzo or Ian we could.. Tyler – Enzo f**king loves you. Memphis – get them to put up Kevin and DaVonne up. But what is the chance this motherf**ker is going to win HOH. Zero! Tyler – exactly! At the end of the day as long as its not two of us up there we’re fine. Memphis – we just have to continue to win. Tyler – where do Day and Kevin fall now.

9:48pm Bathroom. Christmas and Dani.
Christmas – she is f**king trying to get Tyler to throw himself up there on her f**king grenade? Because of her (Bay) she refuses to squash what happened between him and her on their season. Day joins them and the conversation ends.

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Houka Inumuta

I have a feeling that bay or day would target Tyler if they win an HOH. They both sound pissed at him.



Good God these two need help. Is there a condition where you hate the people who try to help you? They’re going to look stupid when they watch the season back and see that Tyler, Janelle and Kaysar were on their side. Taking pride in costing him 450k and vowing to make sure to taint the jury? Pretty low. And yet they walk around invoking God’s name and acting holier than thou…


Tyler was only looking out for himself! Seriously! He thought Dani was going against him so he was planting seeds with Bay and Day. Dani was saying she wanted BayDay out to Tyler and he only disclosed that to BayDay because he thought Dani was doing the same about him-not because he wanted to work with them.


That is true. Anyone who does anything else for someone in this game is not doing it out of the goodness of the their heart. They are doing it to get ahead or to look good. Done correctly, it’s a win-win for both parties. Unfortunately, most of these people are boneheads and don’t realize they need to take advantage of these gestures in order to further their own games, too.


Hey Bay, with that attitude I wouldn’t want to go to Thailand with you either. Very bitter after 2 years. She has Swaggy throwing money at her but she can’t let the hate of Tyler go. Very very sad!


That’s the problem, that you don’t see it. This is all Tyler’s fault, not Bay. No one told Tyler to throw his game, and then back out. This is all on Tyler and Christmas. That you can’t see that, shows what’s wrong with this country. Always blame the wrong person!!


This fiasco is totally Tyler’s fault. He got their hopes up, and then backed out, and now he looks like an idiot. This will not be good for his game. This will haunt him to the end for so many reasons. Better he never did any of this. On the other hand, if Bayleigh could have trusted him earlier, and not blabbed when he tried to align with her, this whole thing might never have happened. I know it’s easy for us to judge, out here, but the truth is we have All stars playing against newbies and it’s not fair and it’s not that entertaining.

The Beef

Please show me where Tyler backed out of this deal! He spent 2+ hours trying to convince Christmas to take one of them off the block and put him up in their place, and she REFUSED to do it. How is that in any way, shape or form HIS fault?

I do think he let his emotions get the best of him, and he made a poor decision by even offering to do this, for whatever reason, but that’s just my opinion. Now he’s being crucified by the people he tried to help, and being called an a$$hole (among other things), when he basically offered to sacrifice his entire game for these two ingrates.

Let no good deed go unpunished. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It fits PERFECTLY in this situation for sure!


i mean if da hasn’t learned from her past two seasons of doing that, why start now?


Da said she never watches her seasons, so she never learns…


Agree with you 1000%. I’m so sick of listening to those two whiny ass sore losers. After all these years of watching BB it still amazes me how upset the players get when they get put in the block. It’s a friggin game, someone has to go up!! What makes them think they are less deserving of going up than another player?? How laughable is it that Bayleigh thinks she caused Tyler $450,000? Haha what a joke. And saying Angela has to sell her Jeep. I follow Angela on IG and she is doing perfectly fine. She and Tyler are not lacking in the money department. If Bayleigh seems to think she caused Tyler the win then why the hell is she so surprised he wants her out before jury? So dumb. I swear if I have to listen to them bitch one more time about being targeted because of their colour I’m gonna lose it lol. You don’t get to automatically win BB cause you’re black, you don’t get to be exempt from the block because you’re black, you don’t get to not be lied to or played because you’re black!! Would they even feel good about a win based on just because they are black? If they wanna win win some comps, be social and stop being so bitchy.


lol wait till they find out David has a power that could have helped them!! lol


That is EXACTLY what I was thinking. They are furious with Tyler for telling them TRUTHS (both Dani/Nic DID want them out).

They’re just as angry that he suggested leaving — he DID ask Xmas to put him up and Grodner DID come into the house.

Now Day is mad that he’s offering to work with her b/c he’ll be stuck in jury anyway since he won’t leave this week. The NERVE of him for offering to help her get deeper in the game.

But the guy she kept over Nic A and who she already said LET’S GET HIM OUT (David) hasn’t told her he has a power. Would it have made a difference if they knew that going into POV? Would Bay/Day have tried harder in order to save all 3 of them? OR—– would they have taken that information and gone to Xmas and told her he has a power and that she needed to put him up to flush it out?

Based on Day saying he needs to go to several I’m banking it would be the latter – and David (for once) played this well keeping the power to himself.

I’m not trying to stir up negatives based on anything other than game play here – but those facts speak to the typical hypocrisy of the hamsters. All of them can find rational for what they do not being open to criticism but everyone else making precisely the same choices should be attacked/targeted.


If I was David I would not waste his power on Bay or Day. They have played a horrible game. They should have aligned theirselves with Janelle and Kaysar. Did they really think with the 6 people they wouldn’t be at the bottom? Not smart? You never tell someone that someone is your untouchable. Everyone knows about alliances but you dont just say it out loud like Bay.


Day just said she never watches her seasons. So evidently they never realize how stupid they are playing. Answers alot of questions… like why they do the same things they have done before and got voted out. Don’t care, bye!

The Beef

Exactly! What competitor doesn’t go back and review films of their prior competitions to try and get better and learn from their mistakes? Many of us have asked the same question about David, who said he’s never watched the show before coming on the first time, and stupidly didn’t watch any seasons AGAIN before coming on the SECOND time!

Not only do they not care to learn how to play the game better, I guess they don’t really care about who way lying about what in the season either? Maybe hard to tell about all of that by just watching the show, but at least maybe you could get some feel about what was going on in there. But no, these fools can’t be bothered with any of that. They’d rather just assume, and go from there. Maybe take all the info they can get from Kevin. lol

Houka Inumuta

Ian is really ramping up on his social game. He’s going to have Da’vonne, Kevin, David, Nicole and Christmas by the end of the week. Dani, Cody and Enzo are not targeting him either. He only has Memphis to worry about. He even made an ally in Bayleigh so if she survives the block he has another number at his side.

I don’t think even Tyler is after Ian either.

Ian is going to make it to at least final 3.


Yeah, Ian has been in the game way too long in my opinion. I would’ve lowkey targeted him each week until a back foot opportunity. You can’t beat him on personal game because he’s so passive, any attempt you make against him would be seen as mean spirited, but throw him up as a BD, and everyone would vote him out. Well, any smart HG would. Maybe not these Einsteins.

BB All Scum

Wow, besides being an entitled princess, Bay is one top-notch nasty, vindictive btch.

Big Brother

Angela Rummans from season 20 deserved to play again over Bayleigh this season!!!

Angela back doored Bayleigh And Bayleigh had a power app to save herself from the back door during Angela’s HOH though Bayleigh during her HOH reign had already mentioned that two weeks earlier Angela was her target as a backdoor if the Veto got used!!!

Angela completely played Bayleigh!!!

Shane from Season 14 deserved to be there this season over Davonne !!!

Shane Never EVEN WATCHED THE Big Brother SHOW ONCE before he PLAYED Big Brother 14 and still won 4 vetoes and won 2 HOH’s – Was the HOH who took out Mike boogie and also had a back door plan in effect to take out productions lover Frank Eudy – Who had production pull out a bullcrap stunt by canceling Shane‘s HOH on week 3 when Frank was about to BE BACKDOORED!!!

And yet we’ve seen three seasons Davonne play and still won ZERO competitions!!!

If anybody deserves a second chance it would be Shane considering he never watched the show and the only reason why Shane got taken out in final 4 was because he lost to Dan Ghessling the greatest player ever. Shane wasn’t aware of Dan’s game and how shady Dan could be because Shane NEVER WATCHED the show PRIOR
or had any idea how Dan played in season 10!

Shane and Angela were far superior players during there first go around in their original season AND If Shane and Angela were to still come in as rookies like they did in their original season they would still spin circles and smoke Bay and Day as veteran players!

Shane never even watched the show before he went on season 14 and was already light years ahead as a player compared to BAY AND DAY especially Davonne and her UNDESRVED THIRD chance!!!


I wish they would randomize the jury. Don’t let them know which 7 HGs will be used for Jury. Because all they do now is play a shit game of protection with one another until Jury, and then they start playing to win knowing that they atleast get to go to Jury. Or don’t let them know how many players will be in Jury, so they will be playing hard earlier than normal not knowing when Jury actually starts. Anyone with me on this?!


Let next season be all newbies and have them find out on the finale that the jury is comprised of all older generation All Stars who base their vote on game play.


Since they have to quarantine anyway, they should ALL be on the jury. That would be interesting!

Nicole's vagina

Did everyone just hear the bullhorn?!?
Nevermind, that was me. I let out a HUGE a pussy fart.

At the end of the Mama Da

Da totally threw that HOH comp.


Nah…she wanted HOH so badly itthat she jumped in before being sure of the answer. She definitely didn’t want Xmas to win it. Neither her or Bay had even talked game with her all this time. She knew that and figured she’d find herself on the block if she couldn’t secure the win. She answered wrong…so, by default, Shitmas won. Shitmas will tell you that she won because she’s a comp beast…hahaha.


Yep! She called herself a comp beast afterwards.


I keep forgetting Memphis is in the game.
I never read his name on these updates, I never hear the other house guests mention his name & I barely see him EVER on the live feeds.

Memphis is flying way under the radar.


agree, i have been thinking same thing


xmas should have insisted a guy get evicted this week.. after thursday its 4 women 7 men.. i don’t get why the women didn’t stick tighter together? now none of them really stand a chance


No, as each guy starts to rack up more competition wins, he will be seen as a threat and will be targeted. Right now, the main 4 are pretty even. Not one of them is dominating the others so they don’t feel overly threatened by each other yet. I really don’t think getting the women out was the strategy, it just worked out that way. I will say Day and Dani scare them, so one of them might still go first, to make sure there is not a strong girl’s alliance. After that, though, all bets are off.

Dixie Rekt

I don’t get all the Dani hate. She’s everything that’s perfect about this game. Cunning, sexy and smart. And everyone knows this game will be boring as hell if she leaves. Even the people that hate her know she adds a level of excitement to this game like no other. Especially this season. So the people that hate Dani, really just love to hate her. Because she is a BB legend and great entertainment.


lol she a paranoid shit disturber and has already lost everything by swearing on “everything she has” lol


Dani’s game play is a lot like Paul’s and everyone hated Paul. I liked Paul. He made BB fun for the viewers. I don’t like Dani. She doesn’t have the personality. None of these players do!


I also liked Paul… until he told Josh to go bang pots and pans by Cody’s head, so it would set off Cody’s PTSD from when he wasa Marine in Afghanistan.

I realize it’s a game based on psychological warfare, but when you start fucking with a war veteran (who received medals for serving in two wars) just to fuck with him because you want to see him lose his shit (and on top of that, not have the balls to do it himself!) I was done with him from that point forward.

another name

So, why is it that when the subject of the girls in the house comes up with the FR3aKY 3 or whatever…
Cody looks like he is peeing his pants trying to protect 2 of those girls.
Why haven’t Enzo or Tyler noticed? Those conversations don’t require a wall yeller or a banner. They speak for themselves.
Cody wanted Ian out ASAP after the wall yeller yesterday. Now he’s saying Kevin and David. David because they cut him out of the group, and now he’s talking to other people… because they shunned him. I guess he was supposed to go to a little room with a cot and not talk game with anyone? Oh wait. he did that last year. (and I think David is a boob so…)

Oh. Christmas is emitting toxins in her drunken ramblings (hide the keys to the suv) about Bayleigh to Dani. Problem: Dani might want to keep Bayleigh if she can get Bayleigh to go after Tyler easier than Da’vonne.
The characterization Christmas is using is what is toxic here. And when someone is talking to DANI and my opinion is Dani is the LESS TOXIC in the conversation… think about it.

Da’vonne / Christmas talk… guess that bombshell thing is dead. wait it died already. zombie bombsell thing is dead.

Christmas is saying she was being bullied by Bayleigh. GTFOOH.

During discussion Christmas volume raises a few times as they get heated Da got heated calling out Christmas’ bullshit and really, some of Christmas’ reasons are bullshit ( reality bad coverup of protecting her final 2 tyler no matter what he said he wanted). Christmas got heated blaming Bay. Bay walks in. Da leaves to cool down (not gonna happen in my view) Christmas stays heated and heats up on Bay. It wasn’t Bay that was hand flapping and clapping. Then it’s Christmas saying the HOH door will be locked tonight…. whu? Okay go to sleep Court appearance day. You’re drunk and under a Plea deal.

While the others were consoling to Felonykaren while she was there, as soon as she left it was like oh PSY—- cho chick.

Terrible Horrific Season

This is the most predictable season. I really wanted a battle back as the ones who are gone are the ones I wanted to go far in the game. Tyler you should have teamed with Janelle and Kaysar would have been a season worth watching.


Bay Day and Xmas fight on feeds


It just amazes me that two black women who’s highest placement is 11th are bigger threats than two winners…and people still claim it is not about race. We all know why Day and Bay are being targeted but of course ignorant fans coming up with every excuse under the sun except the factual ones as to why they are being targeted. I’m over it.


They are not seen as threats. Where did you ever get that silly idea? They are so dumb about gameplay that it is better to get rid of them than to have to constantly be wondering when, not if, one or both of them will blow up your game. Not threats…but dangerous to the rest of the house.


Man be quiet. Maybe it’s because they are a duo? Maybe it’s because Bay is a condescending, pissy faced bitch? Why EVERY time a black person is put up they cry racism? Like it’s a friggin game and someone has to go up. It’s highly possible that it’s strategy or they just don’t like them. Stop bringing racism in the game every dam time!!!


the simple truth could be:
Bay and Day are not in the alliance that’s running the house…that’s why they are up from Xmas…I think ?

Gerard Depodutie

Ian’s whole thing about not eliminating a POC for the first 2 rounds is a prime example of the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Respectfully treat people as INDIVIDUALS and judge them by their actions.


I think he, like others in the house, was forced to take that position by DaVonne (and Bayleigh to an extent) pushing the Black Lives Matter so nobody better evict a black person rant as soon as the season started. I agree with you that people should be seen for who they are, but nobody has the right to judge others (except a real Judge perhaps).


Bayleigh is on a rant about Tyler and she is TOO DUMB to see that she was the cause of it all. Tyler was really trying to help her and Day by giving them a heads up that Dani was coming for them. So Bayleigh screwed her own pooch by going to Dani and telling asking if it was true. Did she really think that Dani wouldn’t lie about it? She has personal vendetta against Tyler so she blames it all on him then spreads that crap because she can never accept blame. Yeah, it’s always someone else’s fault. Day is so ramped up that she believes her…another dummy.

I kinda wish that Tyler would have been allowed to self-evict. I have always liked him and hoped for him to have a good season, but I can understand why he wouldn’t want to be there anymore.
Bayleigh has caused so many unnecessary problems. I’m glad she’s going to be gone on Thursday!


lol he had no intention of self evicting or being voted out if xmas put him up
what do you think him and xmas talked about for 2.5 hours?
He was just trying to look good for America..thats all!!’

Cameron Pierzina

Daniele respect Dominic and stop flirting with Cody thats disgusting


Bay/Day, which ever one stays needs to target Tyler. Tyler made this crap up about throwing his game for them, just to back out of it. If he was honest in his intent, he would have had a house meeting and announce it. HE is so full of crap!! he needs to go!!


So NOW we all know why Day is such a terrible player after playing 3 times. She said she never watched her seasons. Ding! Ding! Ding!


Bayleigh is like a boomerang – she just won’t GO AWAY. Cannot wait toll Wednesday and if these AllStars use 1/2 of their brains vote Bayleigh OUT. Her screeching and playing the victim over n over are almost done. Hubby claims no more shows hope he is right. They can go live happily ever after in LA.


Let’s summarize the evictions, shall we?

Week 1 – white woman and gay POC man – white woman goes home.
Week 2 – white woman and black man – white woman goes home.
Week 3 – white woman and Muslim man – white woman goes home.
Week 4 – white woman and Muslim man – Muslim man goes home.
Week 5 – two black women – one black woman will go home (and both had multiple opportunities to win HOH, veto and three special powers).

If the first four weeks’ evictions weren’t considered racist by Bay and Day, then why is Week 5? Is every single eviction in the future going to be scrutinized by race, sex and sexual orientation?

E Pluribus Unum

The modern world is being reconstructed using the blueprints from the Balkans.


Reading Kevin/Day/Bay talk as if they are truly playing the game. They can’t win anything. Kevin sucks worse than Bay/Day. I can’t believe Bay talking about how Tyler has been torturing her as if she hasn’t done anything at all. Bay really does love to play the victim, I have no doubt she was torturing him too. She has messages of what Tyler has said, I bet Tyler has messages of things Bay has said too but of course Bay doesn’t even mention anything about that. I know she will end up having a go at someone before she leaves, just like she did the first time in the house. poor poor victim Bay – but wait she seems rather proud when she said Angela had to sell her car followed it up with “you’re welcome” so yeah, proud of it but still thinks she is the victim? yeah okay. Looking forward to her walking out. Kevin/David/Day following her. LOL

Mary Gillaspie

Why is it fair that Cody and Nicole were not only coached, but given a list of the order to take out the houseguest by Derick L. before the game even started? That was a direct quote from Cody on one of the Big Brother feeds while discussing gameplay with Nicole. When are they going to just let this game be a fair game? Neither of them should be allowed to win that is much worse than Dani’s backstabbing.