Nominations results “If you backdoor me or put me up I won’t be mad because I deserve it”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations – DAvid and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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David – Saves on nominee. HOH picks a replacement. Person he picks can’t be renom. Used during Nom ceremony after the HOH picks.
Christmas – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played
Dani – can pick a outgoing HOH to be able to play in the next HOH competition.

1:57 pm Tyler and Dani
Tyler – hows life
Dani – it’s real stressful

Dani – I’m good with you, you know that right? you keep making comments.
Dani – lets make an agreement we won’t go after each other until the committee final 6
Tyler – I’ll go one step further final 4 you can go after me final 6 and I’ll know but I won’t go after you until final 4
they shake
Tyler – if I were I would backdoor me.. because I hold grudges..
COdy comes in ..
Tyler – it’s freaking one on one time. Ian hasn’t gone..
Cody leaves..
Tyler asks if she has a plan
Dani – says theirs not a lot of options
Tyler- did you guys make amends and blame it on me.. I’m sorry SI crewed that up

They talk about this game affects their real lives. Tyler says there was so much trolling on him and Angela for two years that is why he was wanting to leave before Bayleigh was evicted he didn’t want to go through that again.
Tyler – you are thinking David and Kevin?
Dani – yeah.. there’s nobody else.
Tyler – would Da’Vonne be the third options
Dani – I literally don’t know about the third option
Tyler offers to play in the veto for her if he picks him.
They talk about how the fans must hate their alliance because they are doing so well. Tyler says if it’s just them in the end America will have to like them.
Tyler – if you backdoor me or put me up I won’t be mad because I deserve it but if you don’t I’m yours whatever you want.. Do you think Da’vonne will be confused if you don’t back door me
Dani doesn’t think so says they’re not super tight allies.
Dani – Kevin and David on Thursday who would you vote
Tyler says it’s up to the group.

Dani mentions that Kevin’s birthday is next week imagine being in Jury by yourself on your birthday
Tyler says he 100% doesn’t have a power he thinks David and Kevin might.

2:18 pm Christmas and Dani
Dani saying it’s a tough HOH because theirs no clear cut lines “and you feel bad”
Christmas – how are you feeling
Dan – bad for everyone
Christmas says she had a clear cut reason for her nominations..
Dani – totally
Christmas – I had a reason to mask, protecting my alliance.. she was coming after you, Cody and Tyler, Nicole. She was going to try and finish whatever everyone else was trying to do but couldn’t
Dani says she’s cool with everyone out of the pool of potential nominees.
Christmas – I literally have no new information. Last week was such a big week nobody was able to figure out how to move forward. Have you and Tyler patched things up pretty good.
Dani – yeah we squashed it right before the veto and we squashed it
Christmas – awesome
Dani – he admitted to everything and came clean. I appreciated that he admitted it and apologized.
Christmas – he told me he didn’t want to be known as the savage his season.

2:31 pm Ian and Dani
Ian says he heard that himself, Dani Cody , NCiole are working together.
Dani says goes on about liking everyone and having a hard time picking who to put up. “I’m so not used to it.. and we’re older”
Ian – now we’re locked in for the long haul that makes a big difference.
Dani – whats the feel of the house
Christmas comes in to deliverer food Nicole made her.
Ian – my preference would be not me, Nicole and Cody
Dani – shut up

Ian says he feels a little embarrassed by his performance in the competitions “I feel like I could compete last time this time I’m doing really badly so it sucks”
Dani – is anyone coming after any of us particular
Ian says everyone is hold their cards close to their chest because of the powers.
Dani – I like our group
Ian – I do to we’re doing a good job of divide and conquer

Ian asks her again what she will do
Dani – I don’t know exactly I’m wavering.. I’m worried about hurting people’s feelings and the powers.. David has talked zero game to me.. ZERO it’s the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in my life.

Dani asks him who he would put up. Ian says the people he doesn’t talk game to. Names Memphis.
Ian says he wants to get picked to play in veto.

3:12 pm Cody, Ian and Dani
Dani points out the HOH key leather strap is the same one they’ve been using for years “It’s so gross”

Dani asks what he thinks the Veto will be
Ian – BB weather


3:24 pm Chit chat. Christmas talking about her holidays coming up makes mention that her birthday is in December. Winks at the camera.

3:52 pm Feeds cut to pound puppies

4:57 pm Feeds return..
David didn’t use his power Kevin and Him nominated.. (OMFG)

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Is David stupid??

Couple of guys


Anti Mensa

He just proved it.

Big Jim





Momma says,
yes he is, doh!

The Canadian girl

He really needs to leave, what a waste of a potential good player’s space….


Now. THAT is a stupid question. Lol


OMG David… lol

I do feel bad for Kevin…..really hoping he wins POV

Get to Steppin

Enjoy the jury house Kevin.


I guess David will use his Power in secret?


Maybe he can sell it on ebay?


I’m pretty certain this is the case.


If David goes home he deserves it he’s a dumb ass and knows nothing about game no one will shake the dam game up smdh!!!

One Opinion

Why in the hell would David not use his power?


What is wrong with this kid? You have a power to save yourself and you’re waiting on a bunch of unreliable people to not vote you out? He is so stupid! Does not know how to play the game! What’s the logic behind that? He thinks they like him? Ughh!!!!


Marcellas gave him some advice.

Big Baby

Wait so now Kevin or David is going this week for sure ? Wow


When is David going to use his power?




In the Jury house…


ugggggggggggggh. i hope tyler wins veto and david goes home now. friggin’ useless.


Are you sure he would have had to use it right at the ceremony? Pretty sure he can use it before veto? No?


I’m confused how it works too can he use at veto?


I think this is the case because he sure acted like using it to save Bay or Day was a possibility all the way up until then, he just didn’t want to waste it in case he was ever the one on the block.


No, he cannot use it at the veto. He had until 10am on nomination day to declare he was using it. It expires next week I think.
Christmas has the veto renom block.
Dani’s power allows the HOH to play in the next HOH comp.
Powers are only good for 3 weeks.

Just Sparkles

He did not have to declare it by 10am nomination day. He can use it after the nomination ceremony. How would he magically know he would need to or want to use it, especially when he can use it on ANYONE not just himself? He could turn around and use it on Kevin if he felt like it, but how would he know until Kevin is nominated?


Why would he not use his power?? Is he really thinking he’s that safe? I’m confused. Does he have to say he’ll use it before noms so just didn’t think he was going up? Or does he use it before veto is played?

Soul child

Wtf? Why wouldn’t he use his power? I thought he can use it after the nominations. Maybe he just hasn’t had a chance to?


why wouldn’t david use the power?!?! that makes zero sense

Terrible Horrific Season

Could have been an interesting week of David used his power. Seriously what the #@%@&^% is going on with this show?

Golden Gate Granny

Jacob? Huh??? *smh*

Disruption time

Are you fin kidding me how would he not use it


Can someone pls explain the logic behind david not using his power???
Theres gotta be some bigger picture that im missing here! Can david use his power in the veto meeting??? Someone pls say yes cause i cant believe hes so certain that he’ll have the votes to stay or that he’s betting everything on winning the pov… i just cant
Someone pls enlighten me


…. he hasn’t used it YET. You are enlightened.


I am SO confused!!! Why did David not use his power???

Big Jim

Is there something about Davids power i’m missing?? Why didn’t he use it?? If nomination ceremony was his only chance to use it then he stands next to Marcellus as worst move of all time SMH

Big Baby

Davonne while on the block with her number one ally Bayleigh did tell the HoH Christmas that Bayleigh wanted Tyles head on a platter haha
I mean come on Davonne is so oblivious that should couldn’t even recognize that she threw her number one ally under the bus to Krampus who put them both on the block in the first place!
Davonne has the worst social game arguably ever!

Enzo Sitting Pretty

Why didn’t David use his power? This is either going to be the biggest bonehead play ever or genius.


He definitely had a Marcellus moment


lawon has gotta be psyched to no longer be the dumbest player.


For sure!! Hahaha




I just read somewhere that he can use his power anonymously so he will likely use it later


I hope you’re right!! It makes absolutely no sense otherwise …

Big Jim

He’s dumb but not that dumb. Must be able to use it later

Backseat Driver

Damn….I hope so!


Where will he use it, the jury house?


Why the heck would David not use his power?

Meow Meow

The fact that David didn’t use his power makes me think Dani has discussed a backdoor plan and has the votes to evict Tyler. if this doesn’t work she will be toast. Tyler knows how to deal with loose ends.

C. D.

OMG!!! DAVID IS SO DUMB!!!! What an idiot!


i read that David has to use his power secretly anytime after noms but before veto


“Tyler aka mrs angela says there was so much trolling on him and Angela for two years.” Dear Mrs angela you should blame your husband for saying nasty racist comments towards other BB players during her season to everyone to see. It’s called the bb karma. Just ask evil D and other villains, bullies who were marked for life. I believe Sssscole, memphis
Cody shiiitmas and Dani just marked themselves 4 life as the next villains and enrolled into the shame list for mocking an autistic person on national TV.

Golden Gate Granny

Wow. David IS brain dead. I want to feel sorry for him but DAMN DUDE!

Golden Gate Granny

I retract this statement. For now.

Golden Gate Granny

I thought he had to tell production by 10am on nom day?

Thank you for getting rid of the thumbs up/down. So much better.


I read the terms of his power. He can use it anytime before the veto picks. So maybe he’s just waiting.


Why turn off comment rankings??

Golden Gate Granny

My guess? The massive influx of nastyyy trolls disrupting our happy family.


A thumbs up or thumbs down isn’t trolling, nasty commenting can be. It looks pretty obvious that some people just couldn’t handle how unpopular their opinions are… how mature.


dislike 😉

Golden Gate Granny

Yeah. Trollish people aren’t very likable.


Looks to be the case since you’ve reinstalled the like feature but not the dislike feature. Too sensitive to accept that some opinions are wildly unpopular, even among the followers of your website? What thin skin.. again, so mature.

Welcome Back

Per big brother network:
David will have the opportunity after nominations to save himself secretly and force some sort of return to the ceremony… it’ll be anonymous and we don’t know when exactly it happens but of course sometime before the Veto comp the next morning.


Is veto tomorrow?


Yes, the veto will be tomorrow 🙂

Golden Gate Granny

…. for all those like “OMFG he didn’t use his power!?!?!” – isn’t he able to do so anonymously AFTER the ceremony? So he would go to the DR and people would not necessarily know (altho they would of course assume it was him). But like… he was talking about how he could (but wouldn’t) use it to save Bay or Day way after their nom ceremony like it was still possible. So….. I don’t think he had to do so right then and their and show his cards?

Michael Higgins

Did it have to be used AT the ceremony? I know it could be used anonymously


David can use his power AFTER the nomination ceremony

Team New School

Simon or Dawg, What happened to the vote up or vote down buttons?


No! Please put them back! Please?

Golden Gate Granny

No. Please, keep it this way. The trolls are ridiculous.

The Beef

Why? I like down voting the trolls! Let them know they aren’t welcome here!

Big Jim

I guess it’s more disruptive to do it secretly so no one knows if the person used it on themselves or if someone else used it on them


I guess it makes better TV if that’s the case.


Yeah, but will be easy to figure David saved himself. No one else would have saved him, not even Day.

Terrible Horrific Season

I just read David can use power before the veto. Here’s hoping he has a brain and uses the Disruptor

Just Sparkles

He literally said this is why he didn’t use it on Bay or Day. I’m no David fan but Jesus Christ, people… of course he will use it.

BB isn’t what it used to be

OMG. I posted on a page in Facebook. I said David is so bad at this game he will go home with the power in his pocket.

Just Sparkles

Why did you do that? The power is supposed to be for after the nomination ceremony.


dani just send him home (david)


LMAO I love that David didn’t use his power. He must have felt safe that Dani wouldn’t put him up. I hope that if Kevin wins veto that Dani puts Day beside him and he goes to jury. I’m glad Tyler was able to fix whatever it was going on between him and Dani. Now I hope Tyler wins the next HOH, finds out what Danis’ plan was just to see what he will do. LOL I just hope nothing changes in the next couple of days.

The Beef

But he didn’t have to worry about whether she put him up or not, because he could use his power even after she did! No activation necessary! He can remove himself any time before the veto is played, and I’m sure he probably will. So cool your jets people and “edjumicate” yourselves as to the nature of these powers before you spout off on them!


I just listened to BBs explanation of Davids power and it states “you can secretly use this power to save one of the nominees, forcing the HOH to name a new one”. Not sure how long he has to use it for though. Does it have to be before the veto chip call or once veto is played. They weren’t so clear on that. I would think it has to be before the chip names are picked otherwise the new nominee wont get a chance to save themselves. I guess most of us were confused on why David didn’t use it