“worst case scenario Memphis and Christmas will be the only ones voting to keep him everyone else will vote to get rid of him” (Tyler)

strong>Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

David – Saves on nominee. HOH picks a replacement. Person he picks can’t be renom. Used during Nom ceremony after the HOH picks.
Christmas – blocks someone from being a renom. During Veto ceremony after Veto is played
Dani – can pick a outgoing HOH to be able to play in the next HOH competition.

10:40 m Nicole and Dani
Dani – you had your DR last night
Nicole – no, Did you about it?
Dani mouths something
Nicole – you’re joking
Dani – no.. I know.. I thought you had it already. I figured that’s why you went to bed
Nicole – about what
Dani – same thing. Ian already had his too.. I know ..
Nicole they’re not going to give me one?
Dani – I’m sure they will it’ll be today
Nicole – can you tell me to prepare me for this because i’m about to leave..
Dani – I’ll tell you when there’s not a camera directly at my face..
Nicole- it’s going on the show.. us being mean
Dani – I don’t think that’s what it’s about

Nicole – what are you going to do
Dani – Kevin and David.. Kevin is going to hate me Nicole.. hate me..

Nicole says she doesn’t want to be around Memphis that is why she changed rooms ‘i don’t want to be put in situations” (forced to laugh)

Dani – I feel like a piece of crap stressed out about that stuff.. and I don’t want to put Kevin up and I feel horrible putting David up..

Dani – Kevin and I have an agreement since day one
Nicole – just say there’s a bigger plan … tell him about the veto
Dani – I’ll tell him i’ll throw him the veto even thought I’m not going to do it. just so he doesn’t feel bad.. (LOL)
Dani – i’m just worried … I dunno ..

Dani says she’s never been in the Dairy room that long it was over 2 hours.
Dani – I’m scared to upset Memphis and Christmas. I feel like in the end if it gets played out Memphis will understand.
Nicole – are you talking about backdoor-ing her
Dani – Tyler.. not her I’m scared of her she’ll punch me

Dani – I don’t even want to talk to anybody.. I just want to lock my door
Nicole -that is what I will do
Dani – what do I say to David and Kevin
Nicole – if it was you it’ll be me if not me it would have been Cody

Dani – Cody really doesn’t trust Tyler any more.

Dani says Cody is closer to Enzo than Nicole.
Nicole – ohh yeah
Nicole – I need a break from this damn game..
Nicole losses her costume at midnight tonight.

Dani – did Ian ever say that Bayleigh was saying I’m running the house

Nicole says not really.. Dani adds that yesterday Ian said he’s glad she’s out of the house because she was running around saying I ran the house.
Dani is mad that Ian waited until Bayleigh was out to tell her.
Nicole – do you plan on going with me to the end
Dani – yes Nicole
Nicole – I need to get out of this funk

Dani says Tyler told her three times in two minutes “If you come after me or come after me I totally under stand and I deserve it”
DAni – you’re telling me that because either you feel guilty you’re worried i’m coming after you or you’re coming after me
DAni – I don’t trust that crap.. there’s an issue there.

Nicole – do you think this week is a good week to do this (take out Tyler)
Dani – that’s the thing she will be pissed.. Memphis will be cool with it
Nicole – do you think he will campaign
Dani – he’ll throw me under the bus so hard..

Nicole – Christmas won’t vote him out..
Dani – I already played around with the votes and stuff worst case scenario Memphis and Christmas will be the only ones voting to keep him everyone else will vote to get rid of him. everyone.. Everybody..
Nicole – if Veto is won it’s kinda a sign..
Dani agrees she’s feeling like that.
Dani – I kinda want to see who Kevin will put up.. I don’t want to put him up but I feel he would put up Cody .. it’s not good if he stays.

11:26 am Dani and Memphis
Dani – you know I’m never coming after you right..
Memphis – I feel like me and you have an understanding
Dani – I feel the same way
Memphis – I feel the same way
Memphis – when I came into the house and I saw you
Dani – i felt the same way (LOL)
Memphis – we didn’t have to talk about it.. he obviously will talk about it.. It’s tough for me to talk about what we will do at 6 because we’re not there yet.

Memphis – to be honest I didn’t think it was going to be this easy
Dani – I know America must hate us.. it keep falling into place every week it’s crazy
Dani – we’ve only had one person not in our group win .. isn’t that crazy
Memphis – I know

Dani – Tyler was throwing me under the bus. I’m like really.. really shocked. He went to Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and specifically told them I was coming after them and I’ve been talking all this crap on Da’Vonne which is not true .

Memphis – why would he say that
Dani – he admitted to me like.. me.. of all people. I’ve always been so good to Tyler in this house.. he told Da’Vonne I’m talking crap about her I want her gone.. All this stuff. And he was telling me he wants to backdoor Bayleigh and Denying that.. His plan was to go out pre jury
DAni – he said when that wasn’t happening he scrambled and took my name and took them and was trying to pin us together so if one of us won HOH we would get together and find out.
Dani – that’s all so very fishy.. I think he messed up his game wanted to covers his tracks and go home
Memphis – what you just said is crazy..
Memphis brings up Tyler telling him he had a power on his season and he wanted to use it so he spent the whole season trying to get Backdoored through 6 weeks.
Memphis – maybe he had that same notion.. I have to do something crazy to get backdoored.

Memphis says he’s a pit pissed at Tyler because they have this alliance to six and he’s already messing with that
Dani says he’s double dipping and trying to throw someone in their 6 out.
Memphis – I don’t like how sloppy that is.. that’s crazy..
Dani – lets me honest he’s probably the… (one that pleases GROD the most)
Feeds cut..
When we’re back Dani is saying Tyler messed up last week and tried to backtrack and make himself “Look like the martyr”
Dani wonders how it is getting edited because Tyler is crying “they’re not putting that on the show”

Dani goes on about making Tyler 1/2 his meals all while Tyler was tossing her under the bus.
Dani – Kevin’s like a little ant he’s always listening and looking
Memphis thinks Kevin has a power.
Memphis wonders what Tyler will do if he wins HOH next week he’s already spinning out and they are in full control.
Dani tells him he’s in a good spot with his back. Even it it gets better he should still play it up.
Memphis says he dropped on the HOH because his hand got cut up from the rough hand holds.
They agree to be on the same page about Tyler.

11:43 am Christmas and Tyler (Hard to hear Tyler)
Christmas – for a long time last night.. Dani I don’t need to know what she’s doing.. it’s just those three.. and one
Christmas – I’m watching for a future acknowledgment. Dani, Cody are like this (crosses fingers)
Christmas- Nicole and Dani are like this.. and Ian and Nicole are like this. I just want to keep an eye on that.

Christmas – Yesterday even before the HOH competition her and Cody were talking I came in and they just shut it down and I sat down they didn’t even go to another subject they just shut it down.. Her and Nicole had been slipping off to the sides..
Christmas – I don’t know if they associate me with Ian or not it be nice if they didn’t
Christmas – it’s me and you at the bottom on their list.. Memphis won’t be able to do much he won’t be able to win a veto.

Tyler mouths something about Nicole and getting her out.
Christmas – Nicole or Dani I’m good with either one but we can’t do it too soon
Christmas – Da’Vonne won’t go after Nicole at all.
Christmas – I don’t feel like she will throw us up.

11:56 am Kevin and Dani
(this is a long conversation I only took small chunk)
They’re talking about the three powers.
Kevin – we really don’t know what powers are out there so it’s like hard to play that game. you know how I talked to you about I got spooked about what happens out there with the interference.
Kevin – all the interference that happens.
Dani – yeah
Keivn – Like.. have you talked to Ian?
Dani – he told me he heard power and Final 2. Is that what you’re talking about?
Kevin – yeah
Dani – did you hear her name
Kevin – yes
Dani – what did you hear?
Kevin – I heard Final 2 and Tyler has a power or liar has a power. It was something LER has a power.. \

Feeds flip (this was a audio leak from Julie during the show last night)

Dani – if I can talk to people and guarantee you stay how would you feel
Kevin – Better.. how many votes
DAni – 4 to make a tie that’s it
Kevin – who would you get
Dani – Da’Vonne.. who else is in this house.. who else are you close to? David..
Kevin – who else would I be up against.
Dani – someone else that is good at comps.
Dani – I will never ever ever do something that puts you in a bad spot..

12:27 pm David and Dani
Dani goes on about the powers and how she’s scared to death of those
Dani says she likes David so much and Respect him so much

12:28 pm Enzo and Dani
Enzo – should we have a slick6 meeting yo..
Feeds cut..
When we’re back.
Enzo and Dani complaining about David and Da’Vonne falling so fast in the HOH.
Enzo – I was like Day you were just on the block you should have a fire ..

Dani says she’s making the easy move for her nominations then if the Veto is played she’s up for whatever.
Enzo says he wants enemies it’s too hard for them all to be friendly.
Dani – this year sucks..
Enzo – I just want to have enemies and go after them..
Enzo jokes that the slick6 was died after Da’CVonne fell on the HOH after two minutes
Enzo – I’ll take the first shot I don’t give a f** yo.. I know the core four is with me I’m picking them apart that’s it.
Enzo says Memphis is ready to go after Ian.

Enzo claims if Kasyar had won the Veto he was going to make a move on his HOH>
Dani says she doesn’t care how much blood she gets on her hands she just doesn’t want to get unnecessary blood before the veto is played.

12:38 pm Kevin and DA’Vonne
Keivn – DAy I don’t think I can make it anymore..
He cries
Da’Vonne – yes you can ..
Kevin – I keep getting nominated
Da’Vonne – she’s putting you up
Kevin – I feel like so expendable to everyone

12:44 pm Dani and Cody
Dani says if they can get Kevin to guarantee he wouldn’t put Cody up then she wants David gone.
Dani warns him what he says to Christmas. Adds that Christmas is a information taker like Ian. Dani notes that the HOH messed Christmas’ game up a bit before that everyone would give her information

1:27 pm Da’Vonne sans Dani
Da’Vonne – whatever you do I got your back
Dani says she’s got a bigger plan in mind “You now what it is”
Dani is worried about making two people very upset. Says that Kevin will be one of the nominations
Da’Vonne – that’s why he’s crying
Dani – he’s crying DAY …
Dani says Kevin is the perfect to stay. He’s been put on the block twice already no one is coming after him.
Da’Vonne says they have the votes to Keep Kevin.
Dani asks who would Kevin target
Da’Vonne says the same person she is targeting.
Dani – I feel Christmas will hate me too
Da’Vonne – why
Dani says Christmas is really close to Tyler now.
Dani – If I nominate Kevin can you help me talk him down
Da’Vonne – Yeah won’t be hard.
Dani says Kevin told her in a nice way if he goes home outside they won’t be friends, “It makes me sad”
Da’Vonne- don’t believe it he’s in his feelings
Dani says she’s putting David and Kevin up but the target is Tyler. Points out that David came up to the HOH and he never spoke game with her
Da’Vonne wants that Tyler is the veto chip master
Dani – not last week
Da’Vonne – we just have to make sure his veto chip doesn’t get pulled
Da’Vonne – maybe you can convince him to throw the veto to you.. maybe push that David has been saying he just wants to make it to Jury.
Da’Vonne says Enzo will vote out Tyler, “Enzo felt like.. when all of that sh1t happened he felt there was no need for him to do that we were all together the slick 6 was amazing.. he didn’t need to do all of that”
Da’Vonne counts votes, “me, David or Kevin, Enzo, Nicole, IAn”
Dani says making big moves in this game is her thing everyone knows it. “People that make big moves in this game don’t win”
Dani asks if David will go after her.
Da’Vonne says David is “Hooked” on getting Memphis out.
Da’Vonne tells her that David and Tyler are close don’t tell him he’s a pawn.

1:44 pm Dani and Nicole
Dani says if Kevin goes out this week she’s losing his jury vote. She says if the nominations stay the same she wants David out.
Nicole – one jury vote isn’t going to kill you
Dani says she filled Memphis in on Tyler trying to quit and throwing her under the bus, “He’s furious”
Dani – the only person I don’t know how I will deal with is Christmas..
Nicole says don’t tell her until after.
Dani – hell now, She’ll tell him. they’re like best friends now.

Dani – Kevin told me that.. ‘Final 2’ and ‘power’ and ‘A name’ (the show leak)
Nicole – who
Dani – Tyler
Nicole – ohh really with who>
Dani – I don’t know
Nicole – how does Day feel about this
Dani – totally fine.. she thinks it’s all about bigger picture. She’ll help me talk them off if they are mad at me.

Nicole says she hasn’t talked about the Ian thing in the Diary yet.
Dani says that’s either bad for her or bad for Nicole
Nicole – what did Ian tell you how he felt about it
Ian – he just said he had a DR about it
Feeds cut

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You go Dani my Queen….Only problem here is that Xmas will take a bullet for Tyler. Enzo and Cody will never have the balls to vote out a guy. David and Ian are chickens. Im afraid you wont have the votes.

Joe Hiden

Dani is a total snake.


I agree. I look so forward to seeing her ass up on the block next week. Hope Tyler rounds up the votes to stay and wins HOH.. bye bye Dani. Even Christmas winning HOH and putting up Dani up would be fantastic because I don’t think Christmas would care about what she says about why Dani is up there. LOL. Dani has to realize that everyone in both her alliances will now not trust her (if Tyler goes up) because she was so happy to turn on a member of her alliance. I think Enzo/Christmas/Memphis and possibly Cody would look at her differently. I hope it gets out what her plans are before noms. I just don’t like the way Dani plays, didn’t like it any season she was on. I hope she changes her ways before its to late. Sort of hoping her alliance is playing her considering they ALL have said at one point that she is planting seeds in everyones head or whatever it was and they take out Danis’ pawn. No great loss with Kevin/Ian/Day being gone. Just hope none of them do what Dani wants them too.


Yes. But so far the is the only one with balls to try to shake things up. I will give her that credit for sure.

Disruption time

I was annoyed David had a power but it turned out to be a good thing this is firs time all season I’m actually excited for the nom ceremony to happen

Enzo Sitting Pretty

I hope he uses it and DaVonne gets backdoored.


David Nom’d… uses his power & comes down.
?? Goes up as Dani wants to BD Tyler.
Dani does BD Tyler but Christmas blocks it with her power.
Sh*tShow ensues
Dani uses her power to play in HOH.

Could be an interesting week…. Finally.


If Christmas blocks Tyler, can she go on the block?

Lee Ann

I’m also wondering this…


Good thought. I expect she could.

another name

Yes. Unless she is also the veto holder, if Christmas saves someone else she is vulnerable to being nominated.


The wording is iffy – like David could use his power on someone and neither he or the person he stopped being nominated would be affected. I’m wondering if it’s the same for Christmas. If it is then either Ian or Memphis would be re-nom.

another name

If David uses his power on someone else, I don’t think he is safe from being the new choice. Whoever is the recipient of the Disrupter power is safe from nom and renom.


okay – thanks.

I’ve read it in different places & one said “they and the person they save” so that’s what I went with but I guess they worded it wrong.


That is correct. I think some are confusing the powers with the fact that if a player wins POV and takes someone else off the block they are also safe

Soul child

I think so and that would be so funny if she saves Tyler and Dani says well then Xmas your up


But don’t all of the people that have power have to notify Production by 10 am today that they intend to use their power? Who knows if David is smart enough to remember this and Xmas probably doesn’t feel threatened enough to think that she’s going to have to use her power this week. I guess anything can happen. Huh?

The Beef

David’s is the only power that could be used AFTER the nomination ceremony, which is why it was the most powerful.


That how the veto used to work so people were afraid to use it until BB changed that both parties are safe.

Cameron Pierzina

Idk ask the production 🙂


Fingers and toes crossed


Add in ‘Kevin wins veto’ and then watch the fun begin!


Ssssscole says she doesn’t want to be around Memphis that is why she changed rooms ‘i don’t want to be put in situations” (forced to laugh) and janelle was right all along. Sssscole is so fake and she is trying to play the victim. She knows BB cameras are following everywhere and the feeds are live. if I were her, I would apologize to Ian to America and every single autistic person looking str8 to the bb cameras. But no she is now trying to put the blame on others and not take responsabilty for her actions. If I was in the same room as Memphis or anyone who is bullying or harrasing, I would call him her or they out for their awful behavior and leave the room. But ssscole decided to stay and join the party of bashing and mocking someone who has autism. We are all humans and made mistakes, but also we good humans apologize and say sorry when we make a mistake. There is no space in BB or america for bullying hate and racism. (Sadly trump represents all of them)


Paul pulled a Cody when he decided to take Nicole to the final 2.

You might want to remember Jacob from big brother 9 when he said a houseguest Parker was a snake- Jacob got eliminated just a few hours later! If you referred to people out loud as a snake guess what you’re the one that goes home!

And if you continue to think that she’s a snake guess what she’ll bite the sh!t out of you because she uses that to her advantage and good thing you’re not in the house because she’ll play you look like a spade and get you shot out of the house.

You would have been played and smoked like Big meech or the Hot MESS-iah that Jozea.

Nicole sent out Davonne with no blood on her hands and admitted that Day was a threat in her goodbye message when Davonne and got evicted where as Paul lied his behind off and never admitted to Davonne that he wanted her out of the house when he knew all along that he was going to take her out inweek six
His goodbye message Paul said I don’t know what happened I guess we both got screwed over – Bad mistake Paul and there is a reason why Nicole got Davonnes vote over Paul because she at least gave her the respect that she knew she was leaving and considered her a threat to her game; Which a player can appreciate.

The week it was five vs two and Nicole had to convince Natalie and Michelle to put up Victor and Paul… pretty much assured that Nicole had the power to convince people to do what she wanted.

Paul shouldn’t of said in front of the whole house to Nicole: “something tells me that you’re (NicoleF) pretty good at this game and not me”
that comment right there proved that Paul wasn’t Going to be winner in season 18 over Nicole.
Because he literally just said that Nicole is the one that’s good at this game and not himself maybe dumbest point yu could ever say about yourself and then decide to take that person to the final two when you said that Nicole is the one who is good at this game and not yourself!

Never take someone to the final 2 who hasn’t been nominated for over 90 days and is only a tiebreaker question away in the final 4 HOH from not being nominated for the whole season and also kept her number one ally safe until the final four whereas Paul lost his number one Ally Victor three times!

There is a reason why Nicole won season 18!


you lost me when your old reply lol

again im not into fakes and bullies.

Enzo Sitting Pretty

From your posts it looks like your into cerveza in large quantities.


Check you facts. Joe Biden is the racist. You’re clearly a sheeple thats being emotional instead of logical. And. Trump may be a slut, but Sleepy Joe is a PERV. That’s far worse. Smh…


you forgot to say trump maybe a s and a pedo too or you forgot trump and Epstein past yeah check at the pictures and videos of trump and videos being the best bffs

but let’s put politics aside and cheer for the best good great player and not the bullies

so Go Ian?

Put Down the Pipe

Pablo speaks with a forked tongue.

Cameron Pierzina

Stfup and leave the site hateful


Memphis was the one….r blaming on Nicole???


Had a thumbs up until you mention Trump and politics.


Ian never knew of this, why is production meddling with this? No they’re creating an issue out of a non issue. They wouldn’t even need to show any of the jokes on the episode. They shielded Day with her racist remarks but this is okay!


Seems to me like davids power is way stronger than the others…
I wish they could use their powers without revealing who used it, especially if they have to tell the dr before the noms (christmas power)
I keep reading ppl saying that christmas would use her power to save tyler but it feels like thatd make her the replacement nominee 100%. Just look at it from danis pov, she’d (christmas) be ruining her backdoor plan and forcing her to nom yet another person (5th since david will surely use his power)


Tbh, I’m team anyone over Dani and Nicole.


Though I am not a huge fan of Dani – the smartest thing for her to do is to get rid of Davonne because there would be no blood on her hands. And if she did it she would still be in good with the house.

Game wise the smartest decision is to take out the Davonne and this week would be the best week to do considering how poorly Davonne has played (5 min wall comp good lord) And how Day has put her self in a bad position with the other part of Dani’s alliance.

After Krampus put Bayleigh And Davonne up together…
It’s pretty unfathomable and quite amusing to see that Davonne didn’t recognize that she threw Bayleigh under the bus when she mentioned to Christmas that she wanted Tyler‘s head on a SilverPlatter haha That moment right there confirmed that Davonne has the worst social game we’ve ever seen!


The smart thing for her to do is what shes trying to do, get tyler out. Hes openly coming after her and he even told her that hed be ok if she nominates him. But to do this she needs to secure the votes and thats what shes trying to do. In that convo with memphis it looks like hes buying what shes saying, im kinda wondering if hes just telling her what she wants to hear but in the end would keep tyler?
I cant with kevin… everytime an hoh nominates him he always acts like he believes all of their bs. Im hoping its just an act. Like come on “id never ever ever do anything that puts you in a bad spot” yeah right and since youre sooooo important to me ill put you on the block but heyyyy i REALLY care about you. EYEROLL


the problem is leaving the strongest in the house

so this is the pole according to cody

Somewhere dani and what we learned about the weakest and floaters? should we ask bay, janelle and Kaysar?

Master Plan

Smart for Dani is to take out DaVonne ? Cause it’s what the house wants? Lmaooo and you guys call yourselves BB fans. Pitiful. Dani originally planted the seeds to get out Bay/Day with the plan to scoop up the other one and pull them into a long term alliance! If Dani drags DaVonne to the end it’ll be an easy win. Just say you want the other black girl to hurry and go ?

Dani alliance WILL turn on her. It’s just a matter of when. Keeping DaVonne off the block will gain Dani a number. Learn the game.


I can’t do likes for some reason.
Defiantly agree with
master plan!


Me either


Me either. Wonder what’s up?


Me either

PAblo BB Fan

The problem is if the weakest ones played what the house wants we all know who are the strong ones will pick the weakest one by one. Once they reach the jury house it’s all or nothing. She has nothing to lose if she targets Cody Memphis or Cody. She would get allies and easily get to the finals. Cody Memphis and sssscole were already talking about evicting Daniel.

The Beef

Dani’s alliance isn’t turning on her. She is turning on her alliance, and she’s done it before. She seems to think she’s got it all figured out, but I’m not so sure she does. Christmas will for sure vote to keep Tyler, and Enzo and Cody may do so as well. Memphis could also be persuaded to keep Tyler, if he knows that Cody and Enzo want to keep him, and he learns that Enzo and Tyler have been talking about getting rid of Dani for a week or two now. Ian could also be persuaded to keep Tyler, if that means that Dani leaves next, getting rid of Nicoles #1 (or maybe #2) friend and moving him closer to her.

That’s five and that’s enough for him to stay. Assuming she doesn’t win the next HOH, you can bet most will put her ass on the block, and most will happily evict her for introducing chaos into their alliance, and David and Kevin will happily vote along with them because she first nominated them!

another name

Considering that Kevin is Kevinesing to Dani that if his ass is on the block, he’d be pissed, and if he’s evicted Dani loses his jury vote, so better choose David instead (that’s my best understanding as translation of Kevinese to English).

I think Evelkaren is going to have a very bad, no good, awful kind of week. buy popcorn.

another name

just saw a video clip of Christmas and Kevin last night. He tries to get one of the five blankets Christmas has around her bed. Christmas tells him “no,no,no,no,no.” Kevin grabs his yellow shroud of chaos, wraps it around himself and leaves the no comedy comic room. You can hear kevin in the hallway say “Selfish assed bitch.”

this sucks

Ok wait, what’s the discussion about at the beginning about the long DRs and what Nicole didn’t get. did they tell them about how them making dun of Ian was all over the internet or something?

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

You have to remember, most of these are young men that have strong sex drives and they are having a really tough time not being able to (you know). If you will notice closely on the vids, they all give a side eye to the donuts as they pass them in the pantry.

My 2 cents

You’d think Cody would have learned from his flirtmance with Christine. Altho, he seemed to have escaped from that unscathed as it’s never mentioned. But Dom can’t be enjoying watching his wife act this way, plus she hardly mentions him.

Golden Gate Granny

I noticed that too. She says love you to Tennessee all the time, but not Dom? Her LIFELONG partner. Ya know… the one who agreed to be stuck with her after Tennessee grows up, leaves the nest and has been taught by mom it’s acceptable to cruelly ghost your parents.

Dani has turned in to a Guns & Roses song: I used to love her but…

The Beef

No shit! I wonder what it’s like being married to a woman that doesn’t love you? Wait, that may be a little strong. After all, we don’t know that. We can only go by the fact she never mentions her husband by name, nor says ANYTHING to him at all on TV when sending messages. Maybe it’s just better to say she doesn’t seem to have a very strong love connection with him? Or maybe she just doesn’t miss him at all?

Geez, I can’t help but feel sorry for the poor guy. But on the other hand, considering how she treated him when they were on the show together, why would he expect anything any different than what he’s getting?


There should be a Big Brother for those easily offended and another for those who are willing to let things go.

Joe Hiden

Pajama Boy could run one house and Evel Dick the other.


So it looks like Dani will nom Kevin & David — who’ll use his power. Then she’ll need to replace David and likely that replacement will be Tyler which will let him/the house know her plan was to backdoor him from the start.

Dani is working OVERTIME to trash Ty as much as possible with her Committee members like Memphis who for the moment is fine based on what she’s telling him. BUT once he checks in with Cody he’ll learn Dani is the one who is lying plus Christmas will tell Memphis that Dani pushed hard for Bay/Day to be nominated last week. Heck she probably told Memphis the same thing and has simply forgot she did.

My bet is the POV will be a timed event that SHOCKER Tyler will win. Then things will get really interesting.

If she goes to Christmas and asks her to be the pawn that will raise red flags b/c WHY would she ask last week’s HOH that she spouted loyalty to, Committee alliance blah, blah, blah to sit on the block when Day is still in the house? THAT tells Xmas/Memphis et el that despite her proclamations to being tight with the Committee sans Ty & this new “female alliance” – she’s not loyal to any of them.

As for the POV renom – if Kevin is still on the block (who she has already told will be safe) and she puts up Xmas I doubt Enzo/Ty/Memphis/Nic/Cody would vote her out over Kevin b/c why allow Day/David/Kevin to keep a voting trio in the house? That might mean Xmas doesn’t use her power even if she knows she is going up. Presumably, Dani would ask/tell Xmas beforehand who would do her due diligence and get confirmation she would be safe – – if she questions that possibility she uses the power or holds onto it for next week if she feels safe.

She could also put up Memphis (he’ll be pissed) or Ian (but not sure how likely that is given Nic F would be PISSED and more logically the DR is talking to them about laughing at Ian’s expense so that would not be a good look on Dani – plus if you put up Ian he goes — again the voting trio stays in the house).

NOTE: I can see a path for Ty, Ian, David, Christmas working as a voting block potentially with Enzo to take out Dani next.

For the moment Day is UNTOUCHABLE but if Dani wouldn’t put her up as a pawn instead of her “Committee” allies that tells everyone in the house Dani’s alliance deals are all BS.

If Dani feels pressured by Cody or Nic to put up Day and does that confirms to Day much of what she was told was true and that Dani only wants to keep her b/c she feels she can beat her in comps and drag her to the end.

That’s assuming of course that people can take things at face value and not spin their own takes into the situation. (insert rolling eye emoji)

Bottom line – David will use his power and things are sure to be dramatic this week.

Big brother 22

If David uses the power and saves Tyler

I think the nominations will be Davonne and Kevin


David can’t save 2 people


Why would Memphis care about Danni wanting bay abd day out??
Tyler telling them that, throwing Danni under the bus really happened and that is what an alliance member should not do. ( He wasn’t in an alliance with bay and day.. and if they tell him about the slick 6 , again danni would say tyler was in the slick 6 and she got carried into that , and her true alliance was the committee )


It’s not that Memphis would care Dani wanted Bay & Day out — it’s that Dani was working Bay & Day to target the Committee!

She wasn’t working them to take out Tyler (not initially) she was working them to target others in the Committee and we know Cody and Nic were on the bottom of that list which means she was directing them to go after guys ie: Memphis and to a lesser extent Cody. THAT’s why he should care.


For maximum chaos i wish dani puts david/kevin, then david uses his power and she puts up ian. Tyler wins veto and saves ian, and christmas uses her power to not get backdoored
Ofc thats not happening but one can dream…
Can someone pls explain if dani would know that christmas used her power to avoid being backdoored before naming the person she wants to nominate in the pov metting? Or would she first name christmas and then find out she cant nominate her? Im really hoping for the latter lol


Yep — that scenario would be awesome b/c unfortunately I doubt in the reverse Ian would chance taking down Tyler so it would have to be this exact scenario.

AND who would Dani put up? We know she’s told Day she’s safe & we know she won’t touch Nic or Cody or risk pissing off Cody by putting up Enzo so that means only Memphis and Day would remain. If she puts up Memphis then the entire house knows she’s working with Day and if she puts up Day then she’s going against everything she’s spouting to Day.

Sure hope this perfect sequence of events occurs but I doubt it b/c I think she’ll put up Ty as soon as David uses his power.

another name

the Tyler’s name one is Kevin’s understanding of the wall yeller that Cody screamed over.
Kevin heard final 2. Tyler has a power or the liar has a power. That’s what Kevin told Dani.

Dani was video no audio.
Tyler was audio no video for leaks.

another name

House discussed audio and video difficulties from last night’s eviction.

  1. Julie’s video feed was still active when Dani went to vote (no audio). Kevin said he read Julie’s lips and Christmas and Dani are together (final 2). Said to Da. bathroom last night.
  2. Julie’s audio feed was still active when Tyler went to vote (no video). the whole house heard that Christmas and Tyler have a final 2.
  3. more to come I’m thinking.
another name

Cody when Dani tells him about what Kevin “heard” during the last wall yeller when Cody was trying to scream over them:

like a dodgeball inspired blow up doll.

Cody is mad that Kevin uses the wall information to form his opinions in the house.

bb22 blow up doll..jpg

So Julie’s big mouth messed up the game? Color me shocked…not. Can’t wait to see if she goes after the people who made fun of Ian when they are evicted, my guess is she plays favorites like always.


Did Dani use Granny’s afghan and make it into a shirt? Hideous!


I’m confused about these video leaks – first it was Dani was in an alliance with Christmas but somehow the Tyler (or liar) may have power wall yeller has switched to Christmas/Tyler have a F2?

Far too convenient if you ask me — sounds like The Powers That Be interfered.

Also – originally they were saying Kevin-David go up (as per her chat with Cody) but this recent convo with Day/Dani seems to be shifting to Tyler/Kevin going up from the start right after she went to DR.

WHY would Dani shift unless she was told David has a power and this would keep him open to backdoor if Ty wins POV. Unless she means to BD Tyler.

Man- this season is already sh!t but if TPTB are influencing it even more to protect their precious Dani UGH — I just can’t!


I understood her to mean IF David or Kevin have a power, she will put Tyler up.

another name

Nicf, who whines like a banshee on crack if anyone even suggests any of her human shields gets pawned or nominated… is telling Dani that losing Kevin’s jury vote won’t kill her.


Danni is not gonna pick Christmas as a re-nom . She is so worried about Christmas being upset about tyler.. you think she is gonna nominate her ?
And she won’t risk another women getting evicted now.


Is anyone else laughing at the fact Dani is buying everything DayVonne is selling to her about game strategy? I mean how often has Day buried her own allies to help her enemies?

Do you really believe Memphis is furious with Ty?
That DayVonne can control David & Kevin to do what she wants?
That Dani doesn’t expect there will be repercussions from Christmas by keeping information from her after she basically had Xmas pinned on an HOH wall last week to give her all every tidbit of her strategy and ENSURE that Bay/Day went on the block? Sure – that info isn’t going to find it’s way to Day – yeah okay.

I’m kind of laughing – – b/c the only way this is occurring is The Powers That Be pushing this plot line. It makes no sense to me otherwise.

Cameron Pierzina

What a boring season i cant believe she wont nom enzo and cody and instead wants to do easy noms to please the house

Dani overrated enjoy ur 4th place

Cameron Pierzina

This is actually so sad and lame what reality tv has become a bunch of political and bullying shit nor only that in Survivor has become a sexist show where only male has chance of winning this is so sad cbs seriously just bring Rachel Reilly in a pandora box to make both Dani and Nicole lifes a hell please

Golden Gate Granny

Wtf? Survivor has had MANY female winners. The only person to have won it twice is a female: Queen Sandra. FACTS.

The only complaint I have about Survivor is it needs to be on more than once a week. Facts are facts no matter how persuasive someone’s BS is and they’re easy to verify PRIOR to spreading BS further.

Cameron Pierzina

Cody Enzo and Memphis F3? I mean come on just put them up on the block stop the cattiness and idiocy


Why do I have a feeling David is going to Forrest Gump his way to the final 2.

Golden Gate Granny

LoL =)


Christmas is so annoying i really dislike her omg


Christmas is jealous of davonne and is a racist get her out


Da’Vonne is a TERRIBLE player. Her social game is trash because she can’t shut up and control her emotions, and she has been the first person out of two straight comps. Christmas made a mistake by trying to work with her in any way whatsoever. And btw, it is not racism or sexism every single time an African American woman does not get her way. Deal with it.


Amen to that!!!!


Im obssessed with xmas and getting her out omg i hate her


Bring back my girl bayleigh shes so innocent please


Tyler is so dumb lmaooo im sexist but like why he likes angela


Enzo is playing day so much, she actually believes that hes a locked vote against tyler. If day doesnt pick up on danis priorities when she admits shes good friends with kevin and hates to nominate him, yet shes willing to and never even consider the rest of the house, including ian who is a known number for nicole. It should be very obvious that her number 1 and 2 are nicole and cody and that shes also working with memphis
But hey its day, the same person whos willing to believe ANYTHING dani/nicole tells her… just painful to watch
Tbf tho they will try prob to make her the new victoria and drag her to the end… and somehow she will believe that she earned it for her amazing social game


Why are nominations so late today??
Arent they usually done by now?

another name

They were later last week as well.


As each houseguest is booted, there is more time to stretch out activities

Golden Gate Granny

Weren’t they late in the day last Fri. too? Weird.

Kevin T

so if David pulls himself off the block and tyler is nominated can xmas save him?


Gameplay is getting better, but surely David and Christmas will save their power to pull themselves off if they are nominated and not use it on Day or Tyler? By the way, Dani, NIcole F and whoever else was involved in the conversation are scum for making fun of Ian’s autism. I hope this is pointed out to them if and when they are eventually evicted.


Hey – Simon/Dawg:

What happened to vote up – vote down? Did you remove it?

Golden Gate Granny

Thumbs WAY up! Teehee. TY!


Since feeds are down going on an hour presumably Dani nominated Kevin/David & he (David) pulled himself off the block.

I’m hoping there was no time for Dani to regroup & she had to re-nom right on the spot. Especially since she told Tyler she WAS NOT coming after him until F6. He’ll be able to spin it to the house & say she DID say she wanted Bayleigh/Day targeted to take out Bay (Enzo/Cody/Xmas/Nicole can ALL confirm) and she told me she wasn’t coming after me at all but that just proves she lies about everything.

And the truth is Dani has no choice if they force her to do re-noms right then and there b/c putting up Day would cause huge issues (after the promises) ditto for Xmas, and Memphis would rip her a new one.

So yeah – anxiously awaiting to see what happened.


Another site has Davis and Kevin as noms


Interesting point that Cody is going along with plot line to trash Tyler. Why would Production force Tyler to stay only to send him to jury the very next week?

Something smells super fishy here

And MORE IMPORTANTLY — Why hasn’t David used his power?

another name

It’s the only power specifically called “Secret” in the description.
Therefore since wording is after the nominations have been made,
David has to get to the D/R without being noticed going to the D/R
to say whether or not he will use his power.


Is Enzo STILL complaining about Da’Vonne falling so quickly in the HOH??

He’s acting personally offended that she fell… almost like she did it to HIM.

I don’t get it?