Big Brother 22 All-Stars week 5 review and eviction results

This Big Brother week went as planned for the majority alliances in the house. Christmas won the Head of household beating out Da’Vonne in the final 2 of Filter Face off competition. Christmas nominates Bayleigh and Da’Vonne it benefits her allies, break up a couple, Bayleigh is getting a little too sassy and something about untouchables. The Veto is played and Christmas the “Comp beast” wins again. There was a lot of chatter from houseguests to nominate Dani, Ian, Tyler and of course not use the veto. Ultimately Christmas doesn’t use the veto and the nominations stay the same. Bayleigh will be evicted.

Ian has autism har har har

Ian has been open about his autism on the feeds and explained his rocking. The guy also rocked out on the hammock for 90 days during Big Brother 14 so his rocking is his thing. Dani pointed out that she suspected Ian used his social awkwardness for game. DR told her to stop. Fast forwarded to a couple nights ago. Memphis, Dani, Nicole and Christmas are all in the key room talking about how Ian’s rocking stresses them out. Memphis says his nightmare is to have Ian rocking on the foot of his bed. They go on about Ian’s rocking hooting and hollering at Memphis’ “nightmare”. Fast forward to this morning and it looks like Nicole’s makeup affiliates have dropped her and there’s article’s on TMZ and Newsweek about the incident. Yikes.

First fight of the year

Toss in some alcohol, a dash of power and a mix of angry people and you have a Christmas, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh fight. Christmas could have handled her HOH better the result was Bay/DAy being pissed at her more than needed.

Tyler an ally to the cause

It’s hard to get a clear picture of what happened as CBS blocked the feeds for most of the critical conversations.  Tyler told Da’Vonne and Bayleigh that he would talk to Christmas to put him up as a replacement. He wanted to quit so the GROD  (Glory to the grod) had to get flown in to talk err.. remind him it’s against the rules…. The conversation Tyler had with Christmas was blocked on the feeds for some reason. Somewhere in the middle of all this Black lives matter got mentioned. It was suggested that Tyler worried about what he said would looking poorly to America so all this was a Stunt. We’ll never know.

Pregamed to sh1t

A lot of talk on the feeds about the pregame alliances set up by Derrick,  Nicole, Dani and Cody. I’ve heard Enzo, Da’Vonne, Kevin, Bayleigh, David all make mention of it.

Results from the Show

Dani Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Ian Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Cody Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Enzo Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Tyler Votes to Evict Bayleigh
David Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Memphis Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Nicole Votes to Evict Bayleigh
Kevin Votes to Evict Bayleigh

Bayleigh Evicted

The Head of Household Competition will be on the feeds yo.

WALL – First three to fall are have nots.

Da’VOnne is the first out.

They’re sprayed with water.. Nicole says she’s going to pee..
6:30 pm Everyone but Christmas and Da’Vonne on the wall.

6:48 pm David out ..
Da’Vonne tells him he did good.. (yikes)

6:54 pm Ian drops followed by Memphis

7:02 pm Enzo out.

7:07 pm Kevin out

7:16 pm Tyler out

7:22 pm Nicole out (Thank the Kraken)

Cody out
Dani wins the Head of household

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Back in the day, we let stuff go. Not every word was held against them.

I miss those days, nowadays we complain when there is no action and then, when there is, we want to ruin their lives.

another name

A LOT more than I expected. Some odd Cam switches and choices. but showed a lot more than I thought.


I thought they did a good job with the edit this time, I’m surprised. They didn’t skew it one way or the other, they showed it for what it was. OMG DaVonne is out first, my gosh they definitely picked the right person to keep, I’m not sure she will win anything, I think Bayleigh would’ve done well with this comp, I’m not sure she’d win it, but Bayleigh definitely wouldn’t have been first one down.


I know, right! What’s up with her love for Kevin too?!?! I about died when she told Janelle that Kevin had her back when she got evicted, I was like what in the actual hell, Kevin is the reason NicoleA went batsh*t crazy against Janelle and Kaysar. Kevin was no ally to Janelle, plus I blame him for this season being crap, we could’ve and should’ve had Keesha. Who knows the amount of damage Keesha, Janelle, and Kaysar could’ve done to Derek’s pregamed set of douchers, I think that Tyler would’ve been more attracted to Janelle, Kaysar, and Keesha had things gone differently.


Now if Kevin gets the win and does some BB awesome shake up he might redeem himself. I’m thinking it’ll be a Dani or Tyler win though

Golden Gate Granny

Whoopsie “TeamImSoOverTheCouples” BBP1Day1. *giggle/wink*


Haha! That’s the name I used last season (and what I used when I signed up for an official account on here after donating), that name is not really needed this season, lol…..thankfully!

Golden Gate Granny

It felt good to giggle. It’s the lil things nowadays. Thank you! LoL =)


Lol, you have to admit that was a pretty good name last year…I mean Michie/Holly, Jack/Analyse, freaking Nick/Bella, YUCK!!!


Who is Derrick?

Golden Gate Granny

Dani wins. *le sigh*


was really hoping the house would vote out da’vonne. not surprised they didn’t, just disappointed.


I’m a Day/Bay fan… but I think Christmas was in the right during the “fight” on multiple fronts. Bay/Day were not listening, and they were the ones adding fuel to the fire… on the feeds Day even mentioned she specifically called Christmas a coward in an attempt to trigger her…

another name

Coward was afterward. the walk back into the room after they walked to the bathroom and then toward the bedrooms with “here we go” part. That’s where the Coward part was tossed. we heard it on the episode.

Billy’s Big Botty

I’m sorry I had to waste part of my life watching an ‘argument’ between an adult, trying to explain reality, and a pair of petulant 13yo ‘over-talkers’. Painful.

if you can’t empathise with someone even at the most basic level, how can you expect to be successful in the BB house? A pair of BB ‘also fans’ in terms of gameplay, who really did not deserve a second and third chance to win. Appalling individual players and truly dreadful alliance members, who simply can’t keep a secret or their mouths shut. Bayleigh having the added skill of utterly misreading every ‘offer‘ of advice.

i can’t wait for Da’Vonne to shuffle off.


guess CBS didnt get the memo that Math is racist, giving 2 black girls on the block a math quiz for a veto comp


You are sun burned, zero culture, and have hair that resembles the hair of a wolf


I wondered how quickly someone would say this. This is third grade math. Comments like this just add the the racial discordia. For no purpose.


Why didn’t they show when Baleigh got the tricycle punishment? They didn’t show it yesterday either. I was looking forward to seeing that.


They knew she was being evicted so they didn’t waste any airtime on it – not surprised.


Will the Comp actually be on the feeds or will the producers get “Block-feed happy” again?


Julie finally made it official to the houseguests


Lol. One looks like they are meditating and another looks like they are trying to hold in a #2


Of course the site is down 🙁

another name

Da’vonne is off. Christmas is coaching.


My CBS app is NOT WORKING neither is Anyone else getting to see the comp?


some one please be bold and break up that large alliance !!! good grief !!!! ya’ll can’t all be no 1.


Of course the damn site is down. wtf


alright i restarted pc and now I can get it.


Thank you Day for your speech about racial injustice and police brutality. Let’s hope Julie would highlight next time about Memphis, Nicole, Shiiitsmas and dani bullying behavior towards Autism.


I’m watching it Day is off already.


Is DaVonne really down?


She didn’t last 5 minutes


Are there any other contestants in the history of bb to play on 3 seasons and not win a single competition? That is ridiculous. How can she be so bad at comps?

Team New School

I can’t even sign up for the feeds right now because it’s down.

another name

water spray and bad british accents from Enzo and Cody.
Memphis says his back is hurting.
Da’vonne is still crying, but distracting Christmas occassionally from her idiot coaching.
Nicole has to peeeeee.
Enzo says this is the longest he’s lasted in an endurance comp.


Davonne is the only one who seems to have fallen off so far

another name

David is out. a few seconds ago.

another name

all we need now is for Kevin to decide the wall should spin and it will be a camp comeback have not room.

another name

Da out
David out
Ian out
then Memphis drops. he only wanted to avert being a have not.
8 minutes after Memphis, Enzo has dropped. (did he think they’d spray blood next?)


Is it weird that I am like “Anyone but Cody & Nicole. I’ll even root for Kevin to win”


So much for Kevin


Ditto! Ugh … looks like our nightmare might happen

another name

Kevin is out a few minutes later.

Remaining in the comp: Cody, Nicf, Dani, Tyler

another name

tyler is out.


is your new HOH.


And Tyler falls 🙁

Golden Gate Granny

Ya left out Dani’s cold water flashback LOUD moans and groans. Just like the BB8 Bunny Hop Comp. Cold water is usually her Kryptonite.


Day off first sitting next to Christmas…. shocker… oooooh feeds are on.


After seeing the fight I think it was definitely Davonne who got worked up first. I am not a fan of xmas at all but I think she was in the right. She lost her cool once she started clapping.

Telling someone you have an untouchable is such a rookie move.

It’s unclear wether xmas gave Bayleigh the fall illusion that they were closer than they were and if so bad move on her—she needed someone to else to take out Bayleigh. But it could also be that Bayleigh read into it wrong thinking they were closer than they actually were.

Still think Dayvonne should know better after playing 3 times. It’s really cringe worthy watching how wrong she is about the social game.

another name

In the full feeds of the argument, as Christmas kept asking Da’vonne why Bay was feeling what she was feeling, and not accepting the answer, Christmas was the first getting heated. Right after Da’vonne said lets cut the shit. The clapping and animated hands were the part where Da’vonne escalated from not dropping it to getting more vocal. Xmas was unwilling to accept Da’vonne’s position, Da’vonne was unwilling to accept Xmas’ replies. The Bay part… you saw her walk in to Xmas standing and being a little too much. Bay should have said after you sober up we’ll talk. The entire house knew Xmas had had too much to drink. Da’vonne had a couple too she said on Tuesday.
There was an on feeds closeness between Bay and Xmas. But Xmas told three people she was using Bay for game information. While at the same time telling Bay she was good, and not a target of Xmas. Ever. That’s where the confusion begins.


Thanks for sharing those details. Then that was a bad game move on xmas part. If you’re double crossing someone then you get someone else to do your dirty work. Otherwise you deal with the drama. She’s lucky she’s not a juror.

another name

Untouchables was never the reason. Nicf telling Xmas that Bay hates Nicf so she will target her because of Janelle. That was the reason. Variations of that were whispered for a week. She told some of her alliance people she’s using untouchables as the reason so nobody would figure out about the alliance.
So the reason she gave was always flimsy.


SO SICK OF THE RACIST BS. It’s completely hypocritical to say anything done against you is simply because you’re black, when in your next breath you make an alliance with the other black people in the house simply because they’re black. You walk around openly spouting BLM rhetoric and visibly have an alliance based solely on being black. Why wouldn’t someone who isn’t black and therefore isn’t in your alliance want to break up the only other obvious alliance in the house?
Stop bringing race into it.

The house has had women of every color who can’t hold their temper and race doesn’t get thrown into it. But when you start to get upset you cry and shout that it’s not ok that you can’t lose your shit or you’ll be labeled a “ghetto ass black girl.” No, you’ll be labeled a crazy bitch just like all the crazy white women who’ve done the same thing.
Stop bringing race into it.

How many heads would roll if someone said Blue Lives Matter on live TV while voting to evict?
How many people would scream racism if Nicole and Dani were on the block talking about their “white girl magic??”
The double standard is getting ridiculously annoying.
Stop bringing race into it!!!


Right on! I can’t handle the hypocrisy. No one was mad or shocked when the obvious duo of Janelle and Kaysar were put up so why is it so wrong to put up another obvious duo. Why does it have to be about race and such a betrayal. Stop it already. Stop with the excuses. You got outplayed! Period!

This sucks

You just don’t get it unfortunately. Do some reading on the Black Lives Matter movement and the history of racial injustice and prejudice. Get educated. Race isn’t “brought into” anything. It’s already there, engrained in everything we do if you deny it or not.

Russell smilie

Yeah do some research Susan Rosenberg BLM movement

PAblo BB Fan

Why would anyone dare to say blue lives matter when cops are killing minorities left and right? If you are so upset about someone talking about racial injustice then you should turn to Fox News.


Police are killing white people too. More white unarmed people in 2019 were killed by police than minorities and minorities commit 80% + of the crime therefore have more interactions with police. You do the math. Facts matter.

Kats Alien Bitch

This blog is becoming unreadable by this racist crap.

How many black people are in the main alliance?

None. They weren’t fucking asked. Black people are seldom in the main alliance.


I can’t remember the last one who was.

Get your head out of your ass.


How is Memphis still up there with that bad back. wow


Ian and Kevin look the most solid and in the zone.

"It's Jake...........from State Farm"

I thought that it was in poor taste to show Cody’s moment of shock and grief on camera.That was and should have been a very private moment.


I totally agree, that was not cool at all. I mean showing him reading what happened and the immediate pain on his face just seems so wrong to me.


I got choked up. That was real emotion. I’m not a Kevin fan but it was nice to give his condolences to Cody’s family.


Dayvonne & Christmas being all “Mama Bear” right now to those who fell off. What is Kevin doing ? He seems to be trying some stretching/gymnastic moves to stay up there while Tyler is just relaxing up there

Team New School

Memphis was holding on just long enough to not be a have not!

My 2 cents

AND….. Kevin falls. There went the week.

My 2 cents

Meaning it will be boring and predictable. Altho, David’s power could make it interesting.


Dani really wants this. I finally figured out she was chanting her daughters name to stay on.


Well only committee members left on the wall now; so much for someone changing things up …

Golden Gate Granny

Welp. All the cheaters are safe. Grrrr.

Solidarity, Not So Much

I want to see Bays face when she finds out about Davids power.


Can someone explain why the houseguests who have not been exposed to the virus since the game started have to wear a mask when they get evicted? And Julie doesn’t?

Welcome Back

I keep thinking the same thing. Pretty stupid, especially since they’re like 20 feet apart.


That’s exactly what I want to know. They have been isolated for quite awhile. They are ten feet from Julie. There is no audience. And we all know damn well the skeleton crew has all been tested. Mrs. Moonves will NOT be exposed to Covid 19.


Yes but at least it is Dani and not Cody or Nicole as HOH


I’m thinking Kevin and Ian are nominated, with Kevin being the target and David slated as the replacement nominee if one comes down.

another name

David plays his power most likely. that means can’t be renom either.
If Christmas hears Tyler is renom… does she use her power?
So Kevin and… Ian on the block post David power?
Or does she strike?

another name

Ian on block problematic due to Dani’s involvement in autismgate.


Think there’s a chance Tyler might be?


I think there is a slight chance she goes for Tyler. But Nicole and Cody will not allow it. Ian’s in danger this week. He knew he needed to win. Can’t wait to see David play his power and see their faces.

Victoria Spevak

Who is Kraken?

Dani --really?

I’m okay with David/Kevin but not Ian 🙁 I thought that Dani wanted to break-up and take out one of the guys? as in Memphis or Enzo or Cody or Tyler?) I especially wanted Ian to win so that Dani and all of them will sweat especially after they made fun of him :/ I am glad that Nicole got dropped by Olay though.


dammit. here comes another bore week. Unless Dani does something different. ugh


Oh good…just the core four left up there! What a great week this will be…again (not). So who will be the “threat” this week…DaVonne who has won nothing, Kevin who sits around all day and cries, or David who has no clue what is going on in this game. THey are all such threats, I don’t know how they will ever decide! *eye roll*

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 22 HGs

Dani is our next head of household.

Should open up opportunities for actual gameplay this week. Maybe.

Still dislike her for contributing to the Ian of it all, though.

Current Ranking: 6 %


Well I suppose out of the 4 Dani is the least annoying… I choked typing this…


Hahaha! I guess as long as it’s not Nicole. Lol could have been worse right!?


So glad Dani won HOH.


no…anybody but dani!!!!


Nope. Might sound cruel but ,when it was down to those 3, I was chanting “Fall Cody, Fall”


Dear BB gods, let Dani go rogue this week ?

Soul child

Yes wouldn’t that be nice and bring some excitement


Too bad if she does go rouge it will be on Tyler. I would love to see xmas, Nicole or day leave. The women left are not very likeable.

Janelle broke the glass sailing for me on Nicole. I used to to like her character.

PAblo BB Fan

Wonder if Cody’s grandfather passed away from COVID. My deepest condolences to his family.


no he passed away of old age in his sleep

another name

Cancer. He’d been fighting Cancer according to the family statement.


I think I heard Cody say he had cancer??

Golden Gate Granny

And over here in Cali, the land of we are now living inside a smoke filled Pumpkin… we’re still having to wait a half hour to watch the “live” show. Forgot to stream Global at 5pm. Gahhh.

Climate change IS real and kickin all our asses.


I’m thinking if Dani got in trouble for comments about Ian, she’ll leave him alone this week. Even bigger chance if others also get called out by the DR. That said, Day and Kevin. May cause David to use his power to save himself.

another name

Does anyone actually think that Grod isn’t going to tell Dani that she REALLY shouldn’t target Ian? Newsweek, US weekly and TMZ .
Oh she gonna be warned.
If Dani noms Ian now?
she takes her chances.
David will remove himself from block.
so who is on the block?

PAblo BB Fan

Cinema Blend showed another clip and Memphis Cody dani and nocole were mocking and laughing Ian autism. Talking about hitting rick bottom. I’m sure cody grandfather would be ashamed watching his grandkid mocking an autistic person.