“Da’Vonne was up there for 5 minutes. It was crazy yo.. 5 minutes if that.. what the f***”

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Power of Veto Players are
POV Host:
Power of Veto holder
Power of Veto Ceremony
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
Live feeds —-> Grab your Live feeds here. Try it free.
Rank the houseguests —-> Big Brother 22 Ranking

7:44 pm feeds return..

7:47 pm Da’Vonne and David
Da’Vonne – we can come up here and strategize and no one will know the room is soundproof.. He’s (Ian) is gong to be down there with them that gives us time to find plans to move forward
Da’Vonne – how close are you with Dani
David- not close
Da’Vonne – I am I’m going to try to work you and to work Kevin to make sure she don’t put you guys up.. If there is at all a crack in that alliance somewhere she’s the one that can be planted.
Da’Vonne – you have a rapport with Nicole though.. right?
David – not strong.. not on any type of game level
Da’Vonne – Tyler. aren’t you good to Tyler..
David says he doesn’t know what “all that works”
David – she is tighter with Memphis, Christmas, Tyler and all of them.

7:51 pm Memphis and Cody
Memphis is suspecting Ian threw the competition. Cody isn’t sure says Ian is known to be good at competitions “wouldn’t be a good look”
Cody – dude we’re in such a good position. we get to play in the double that is the most important competition
Memphis – the committee is crushing it

7:58 pm Enzo and Cody
Enzo – first time I’ve done the wall.. I liked it YO. F***ing fun man
Enzo – Da’Vonne was up there for 5 minutes. It was crazy yo.. 5 minutes if that.. what the f***
Feeds cut

8:05 pm Dani and Cody
Cody – do you think Tyler threw that
Dani – NO
Dani asks him what Tyler whispered to him in the bathroom. Cody says he has no idea what she’s talking about. She says it was after the eviction he ran to the bathroom and Tyler whispered something to him.
Cody – are you sure you’re not making this up.. are you having a power-trip already .

Dani jokes says she’s already told everyone she’s having one on one meetings starting in 1 hour,.
Cody – you’re going to be that
Dani – my name’s not Christmas

8:12 pm Ian and David

Ian saying 8 years ago he would have been on the wall a lot longer. Ian says you don’t throw the HOH when you can be a Have not.

8:14 pm Nicole and Christmas
What happens when all you Makeup affiliates drop you.
Talking about beds..

8:26 pm Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

8:40 pm Chit chat about the competition.

8:55 pm Chitchat on some feeds. Coins resting on another

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Don’t over think it


Kid Rock

Prime rib, smothered in sauerkraut.

the corey's

It really is too easy. Pre Season alliance working wonders.


Did they pregame the comps too?


Tyler and enzo also didn’t made a pre game alliance with them.

Rick Dawson

Dani, David and Christmas will all be using those special powers. I guarantee it


Why should Christmas ? She is safe.
She will use it next week. Dani said she wants to keep it .
David for sure.


Fasten your seat-belts and get ready to pop a NO DOZE cause this upcoming week is definitely going to be a cure all for insomnia on BB SNORE STARS ZZzzzzzzzz


You think Kevin and David or Day going up is exciting? How odd.

Oliver Riches - Isle of Wales

Davonne sucks at competitions


Hahaha, you think?!?! Honestly, I’m with Enzo on her performance, “5 minutes, if that, WTF?”


Who’s Da’vonne?

big brother 22

The one (Day) who is the worst competitions all time in big brother history!

There is no strategy in how she (Day) even wants to try to throw or win Comps because she always goes out of them first or always blows them in such a bizarre way. And if last weeks veto comp and this week’s HOH wall Comp is an any proof for you than I don’t know what it is! Because Nicole and Dani wanted Day to win that veto and yet Davonne got last and was the first to go out!
Davonne 5 min on the wall comp for HOH?? Thats is just plain pathetic as far as effort and a competitior.

This is further proving why Davonne never derserved a second chance to play BIG BROTHER!


ya? i thought she was evicted lol…she could have tried a little harder…somehow thinks she is safe??


I honestly think she didn’t want to mess up her hair. This is allstars, time to take off the hair and kick some ass. She’s a have not and shouldn’t feel safe after the week she had. My ass would have taken off the hair, nails and clothes on that wall. She will most likely be on the block and will have no one to blame but herself. It’s really sad!

The Beef

IF she gets nomn’ed, she won’t have any problem finding someone to blame for it, or reasons to blame them. If there’s no reason in her mind, she’ll just make one up (Oh, you know what it is – she talked about it in her speech on tonight’s show – it’s always about that)! But I suspect Dani will look elsewhere for nominations this week, unless the powers are somehow used to just force her to put up DaVonne.

Master Plan

Hey Dani won the competition tho ? DaVonne safe this week while y’all chatting. This was all part of the master plan!


Bayleigh would have done much better. But 5 minutes. Smh. My dog would’ve done better. My mom who’s 84. You let grandpa beat you, and Dani said she had cramps.
Dani may want to go for Tyler, but they’ll talk her off the ledge.

Lady E

Even Sheila has won a competition LOL. Da’Vonne has now taken Kathy’s crown.


Five minutes for the wall comp this Hoh and in big brother 18 for the battle back comp Day was on the wall comp for 16 minutes when she had a second chance to come back in the to play this game and Nicole was able to be out there for 2 1/2 hours and won the HOH in BB 18 and can got 3rd in this one.

Even last week when they tried to throw Davonne the veto Day couldn’t even help her self or put herself in a position to win because she was the first one to falstart and eliminate herself lol

She should be very thankful that Nicole gave her the 5K when just two weeks ago Davonne was going on a fit just to wear a damn costume in yet she tripped out part of the house for the safety suite (Cody, Enzo, And Tyler).

To be fair though Nicole does deserve a lot of credit for giving the 5k to Davonne, Because Davonne went out first in the competition and blew Up the plan To throw the VETO TO YOU DAVONNE. Davonne literally shot herself in the foot once again in this competition and just like how she does continually when she speaks and runs her mouth about information in the house. Newsflash Davonne you literally threw Bayleigh under the bus when you told Christmas that she (Bayleigh) wanted Tyler’s head on a SilverPlatter Haha
I mean honestly how bad can one social game really be when they don’t even recognize that they throw their #1 ally under the bus unintentionally to the actual HOH WHO IS TARGETING BAY and YOURSELF DAVONNE why on gods green earth are you telling Christmas this ??

Quite frankly that might’ve been the dumbest gameplay I’ve ever seen To throw your number one ally under the bus to the actual HOH Krampus who also has you both currently on the block what sense does that make

Not to mention Nicole could’ve played it off about Davonne wanting a costume and never having an opportunity to wear one Truly that would’ve been a legitimate excuse considering they tripped out the house about wanting a costume so badly just two weeks prior!

What crazy is that Davonne probably would’ve held it against Nicole if she didn’t get the 5K !?
When rightfully Enzo would’ve told Nicole yo if Davonne comes to you yo and complains you could’ve been like yo you wanted costumes here you go Day.

Nicole totally could’ve been justified for keeping the 5K because she did deserve it Considering she got second place in the competition And Davonne got dead last especially over day full starting when they wanted her to win the competition!

It is fair to say that Davonne is the worst competitor in Big Brother history!

Clearly if Big brother 18 has shown anything it’s that clearly Davonne doesnt value her second chances!
The wall comps and last weeks Veto have completely exposed Davonne as the worst player we’ve ever seen at competitions!

3 seasons And 0 comp wins and counting… take that for data DAVONNE! You never should’ve been brought back for a second chance.


I can’t wait for Enzo to go to the wedding and say Nicole Arroyo-yo!

Yo-yo. Her new nickname. Hmmm. Haha.



another name

Dani questioning Cody.
Oh, that’s going to make Cody greasy squirrel and get pissy when talking to da boiz.
The question: what were Cody and Tyler whispering about in the bathroom, she saw them.
The response: variations of never happened.
When the question includes I saw you, it’s stupid to say never happened.
Is “interesting” a pit viper variation on the standard : long pause”…. fine.”
Cody is doomed if he ever gets married. Just sayin.

Will it be a thing or not a thing? This is the question.
Dani doesn’t want to be steamrolled by a sausage frat.
Will she pull a Dani (betray her alliance) or play safe?

David doesn’t want Da to work on his behalf to Dani.
Probably smart even if David didn’t have a power.

Had to turn off feeds for a few minutes but did a quick social media check:
May be real. May be a joke. Someone on social media said if Dani gets hairdye in her HOH gifts, it’s a message from Dom to turn on her alliance, or her alliance is turning on her so strike first.
Probably a joke.

Jaysar for all stars 3

As of now, her alliance isn’t turning on her, right? I know Dani and Tyler don’t trust each other, but I don’t think at this point it would be worth turning on the alliance.

Granted, Dani has done it for less in the past, but still.

another name

Are they going to turn on her? Tyler and Enzo are saying yup. Cody got Nicf all ‘Dani committed the ultimate betrayal’ just today.
None of them are taking her far.
Her alliance isn’t turning on her while she’s HOH, no. but they’ve already turned, they just aren’t evicting her yet.


If that is the case with Dani’s HOH basket, I think that is BRILLIANT!!! Why not try and cheat the system, as production is constantly screwing with everything.


DAY lasted 5 minutes? 40 year old Janelle would have lasted 2.5 minutes.

another name

Da’vonne lasted 13 minutes officially.
Janelle would have sucked at endurance. She always sucked at endurance.
Janelle was good at days comps (before after, events in order,etc) and she was good at race style comps (head to head group running back and forth who can complete tasks first things). She let go of the buzzer in 3 different endurance comps.


You could be right but I’m still voting for Janelle to be AFP cause none of the remaining players deserve it.

another name

Btw. Never trust Enzo’s concept of time.
he exaggerates times on EVERYTHING.
He’s now saying she lasted less than 3 minutes.
By HOH reveal time he’ll be saying ten seconds.

Kid Rock

I think we judge them a little too harshly. They may say something inappropriate but does that mean they should have their lives ruined?

You want action, you get action. Then, you complain about the action and go straight for the throat. Relax people, it is a game.


Yea, this cancel culture thing is scary.

Miss Impression

How do I cancel you?Serious question.How does that work?I keep pushing the delete button but nothing happens.

Tyler's Toes

So true. That sherry is a piece of work. Comments on everything and just talks off the top of her head.


And you too #metoo. Oh I forgot that’s not a thing anymore. Too many I’m the entertainment industry getting caught up in the web if their own making.


I was thinking the same thing about you.

Miss Impression



Mob rule, it’s never worked.


Why would you want someone mocking and laughing at someone mocking a disability? I wouldn’t want them to be my friend, let alone have them represent my brand.
Their adults. So be held accountable.


If you are making a living off of being a person others aspire to be like pretend to be an actual good person on TV. Otherwise find a different way to make a living. No one made them become a Instagram celebrity.

Soul child

Yes and isn’t she a nurse? Should she not show more compassion?




Except this isn’t just ‘TV’, it’s a non-stop feed. And if they were constantly watching what they say, the fans would complain about how boring the show is. BB & CBS are able to push the ‘mute’ button on negative convos, they could have easily done that in this case. But they let it go through because controversy creates chatter and interest in the show. That’s how it’s always been, since Aaryn’s season. The only people who get to walk away from this unscathed are the producers who let this go out on the feeds or on the air.

another name

When I was a wee spawn of the third ring of hell,
my mother told me, “Mean what you say what you mean all you want, but you tick everybody off, you’ll only be talking to yourself.”

Cancel culture is nothing new. It used to be called blacklisting.
The entire influencer thing? Mind what you say and do if your piggybank depends on your image.

Roisin Dubh

I know what you mean and you are totally right. But for me personally, BB doesn’t have to go to that level. The game itself is clean if production wouldn’t mess with it. The first 5 seasons were just classic. Even the douche bags showed some decorum. Today’s BB, I’d rather watch The Challenge if I want to see people lose their shart from house mentality.

Lady E

While I agree with your comment, I feel like they didn’t have to make those statements about Ian. I think they forget about the mics sometimes, but how can they say that Ian stresses them out, when he probably feels stressed out himself?


I was browsing any information online, if Ian opened up about his autism prior to this season. The only reference I could find was one right after his win of BB14. He was looking at online forum comments and this is what he says about it autism:
“I saw another thread that said I was ‘clearly autistic’ and that hurt my feelings pretty badly,” he said. Over the course of the summer, Mr. Terry had discussed with others his obsessive compulsive disorder. Whenever he felt anxious, he liked to wander out to a hammock, where swinging back and forth “just got the stress out.”
I don’t know if we’re allowed to post links here, but you can copy and paste the quote in google to call it up.
Just that because the topic never came up with his name, only ‘OCD’, that may be why folks in the house are casual about joking about him or maybe don’t believe him. And I’m assuming they all talk among each other and socialize a bit outside of the house.

Golden Gate Granny

If people want to be talked about warmly… they need to conduct themselves better. Stop excusing and rationalizing awful, unnecessary, behavior and banter.


I agree. We’ve all said something we’ve regretted, engaged in some stupid talk behind someone’s back, etc… But now everything is being recorded, our surveillance culture is now making one dumb moment, turn into an earth shattering event. Now, if they were torturing Ian, yelling at him, throwing things at him, that would be another story.
Anyway, we have to understand that the show, and the contestants are a reflection of society, and some people in it. Sometimes we are perfect angels, and sometimes we act in an imperfect manner. And the TV audience demands the imperfect part to come out, otherwise it’s just ‘boring’ TV. So you have a catch 22. If everyone was lovey dovey and nice in the house, nobody would watch.
If BB and CBS don’t want the contestants to say inappropriate, triggering things, they will have a talking to. If they aren’t being talked to, then you can blame the content on the production.


With Dani we can finally expected the unexpected. Would not be surprising at all to see even Nicole or Cody on the block.

Things are about to shake up big time.


I think Tyler before he exposes her. She said she wants to flush out powers too. She doesn’t like Kevin as much.


i think she puts up tyler and david, david uses his power, kevin goes up as replacement.


I think if Dani turns now she would be the one going to jury next week. The ones she would be newly aligned with don’t win comps and she knows that. I don’t think she would even have the support of Nicole/Christmas if she did. Unless she gets a lot of support from her alliance, i just don’t think she will. It would be a smart move to get 2 strong guys out though and she has flipped on her alliance before, so, I guess we’ll have to see. Everyone has caught on to what she is doing except for maybe David/Kevin but I don’t think those 2 have even caught on to where they are yet. LOL I think she will get out a guy but it will be either David/Kevin/Ian – wont be a strong guy.


I sure hope so, but greatly doubt it. She’ll just go with the flow, unfortunately.

Golden Gate Granny

Are you the reason frozen pizza says: “Do not eat without cooking.” That would explain so much.

The Beef

Well I’ve been surprised before, but I’d be shocked if she put up Cody or Nicole. I could see her putting up Tyler, but not the other two, and even if she puts up Tyler, she may face a back lash from within her own alliance (Christmas, Enzo, Cody), so I’m not so sure that would be a smart move on her part.


Dani already on a power trip. I had a feeling she would win this one. Does anyone actually think she’ll backdoor Tyler? I know she wants to, but it seems like that would just turn her alliance against her. It doesn’t seem like anyone else wants to do that at this point.


She does have a tendency to play too hard too soon.


True. The only reason she went far the first season is because evel Dick was there. In my opinion, she’s not a good player on her own. She did the same thing on BB13.


How many times did she win and saved her daddy’s a**?

Roisin Dubh

I wouldn’t say too soon. She’s a claymore mine.



In my top worst seasons of all time.

Sonia Santos



I’m sure Dani wants to backdoor Tyler but she would not have the votes right now. David, Cody, Enzo, Christmas and Ian would not vote him out because he’s good with them, that’s 5 people. You need 4 votes to tie so it’s a non starter even if one of those people is on the block with him because I think it would piss off too many people this week.

Welcome Back

If she tried to backdoor Tyler, Xmas could use her blocker power to block his nomination. Dani will probably use her power to play in next weeks HOH, and if nominated, David would use his.


The thing is we need clarification on the power. I’m pretty sure if Christmas uses the power for Tyler, she can still be nominated herself. I don’t think her power works the same as the veto because the description says herself OR another houseguest, it doesn’t say she remains safe if she uses it on someone else. At that point, Dani may be angry enough at Christmas that she would nominate her which would be pretty funny. Christmas using her power on Tyler opening the door for herself to go on the block.

another name

If Christmas chooses to use her power to save another person, Christmas leaves herself vulnerable to be the renom, unless she won the veto that week.


I don’t really think Ian would necessarily vote to keep Tyler. Ian knows how to play the game he knows Tyler is hard to beat in comps. David doesn’t seem to have a clue about this game at all, so what he is thinking, who knows! The other guys you mentioned are pretty much working with him, so they would keep him.


I would agree if Ian were not bleeding allies. He and Tyler have a secret alliance called the insurance policy and if Ian wants to eventually turn the game around, he knows he needs Tyler. The reason he backtracked and made up with Nicole last week is because he knows he doesn’t have much to work with. Losing Tyler at this point would be bad for Ian.


It would depend on who he was sitting besides but I agree with you (and touched on this earlier today).

Both Kevin/David have been working their relationships with Ian/Tyler so if that trio (including Day) wasn’t seated beside him he’d be saved. I’m not sure who that trio would vote for if it was Ian/Ty but I think Tyler would win out. It’s also highly unlikely she would put Ian on the block b/c it would cause way too much conflict for Dani with Nicole.

Speaking of Nicole – as long as Ty wasn’t seated beside Ian or Cody she would also keep him b/c she’ll do what Cody tells her to do and he doesn’t want Ty targeted for at least 2 more weeks ie: until they can get out Kevin/David and in truth I think he’d prefer Dani, Ian & Christmas leave before Ty too b/c he needs to keep another ‘big male threat” in the house as long as possible — otherwise his own target grows.


The men on this season with their gossiping and fake outrage… only five minutes? Yeah y’all should be familiar with this duration from the bedroom, what do you think you’re girlfriends think of y’all every time… lol. If you’re smart, Davonne or anyone not great at comps is someone you take to the end to win against. Duh!


So she can get a BLM vote, no chance


No, because now with the black thing they’ll feel like they have to vote for the POC so they won’t look racist.

Starry night

What exactly is David’s and Christmas‘s power? Do they only get to use it on themselves?

another name

Xmas. Shield power. She can keep herself or someone else from being the renom at the veto meeting. must inform the d/r by 10am the morning of the veto meeting.

David. Disruption power. After noms, he can go to the d/r and save himself or any nom from the block forcing the HOH to choose a new nominee. the saved person cannot be the renom that week either. can go to the d/r any time after the nomination ceremony.

The Beef

Seems to me that David’s power is the only really good power of the three. He can protect himself (or someone else) AFTER the fact, so he knows when to use it, and is then safe for the rest of the week.

In Christmas’ case, she’s got to be some kind of soothsayer or prophet or something, know that the HOH is going to nominate her (or the person she wants to protect) before the fact, and if she’s wrong, her power has been wasted for nothing, which really weakens it in my eyes. It’s only strong if she knows she’s going up before the fact – then she can truly use it to save herself.

Maybe production wanted to water the power down a little bit by doing this I guess, but what we really needed was STRONG powers in this game to shake things up! This just seems like a cheap production trick to make us think they are trying to stir things up, when it’s really just status quo.


What did Bay say in her speech? I watched online and the stream skipped


Something about acknowledging that she’s a racist.


That’s really the truth without Bay even realising it. Same with Davonnie. Everything through the prism of color, everything. I actually have begun to like David. He is level headed, relatively rational and hadn’t made it about race whatsoever, unlike the 2 other race hustlers in the game who almost convinced Tyler to self evict over his white guilt. Thanks coin slot for showing her white guilt by giving away 5k to someone who didn’t deserve it other than due to the color of her skin.

another name

Started off saying thank yous and loves to everyone. talked about da’vonne and how much she loved her. told the house to vote whichever way was best for them.


thank you


Who cares. Bye bye Bay! Too bad BL don’t matter much in the BB world.

Terry Brown

So apparently there is a lot of discussion on social media about Memphis Dani Nicole F and Christmas making fun and talking shit about Ian’s autism. There should be zero tolerance for bullying in the house. This is disgusting! Memphis Dani NicoleF and Christmas should be sent home and let 4 of the house guests that were evicted come back and play.


i don’t see why this is considered bullying. afaik ian has no idea they’ve said this. like they shouldn’t have said it, and it has consequences. but it’s not specifically bullying, it’s insensitive comments.

Terry Brown

When you are mocking someone and making fun of them rocking and the way they walk also referencing Red Rum from the Shining that is mean girl bullying regardless if they are doing it in front of him. They are adults and should know better. They know people are watching them what an example for their own kids!


As a gay male that was bullying my whole life. I can tell you this is not bullying.

Memphis was just trying to be funny , as they get bored, the girls just laughed a long.

Dont be so sensitive.

another name

I’m sorry that you were bullied.

A different perspective on the situation for you to consider:

The incident isn’t stand alone. It’s part of a long line of incidents. All behind Ian’s back. Okay, that’s not bullying per se, that’s just generally being assholes.
you factor in there are cameras capturing this. When Ian leaves he’s going to be confronted with the multiple incidents.
Normal human reaction to finding out people you spent months with were being assholes about you behind your back and the whole viewing public saw? Shame, Humiliation. Pain.
Because they are doing it behind his back on camera for the viewing public it isn’t a “Don’t be so sensitive” moment. It’s a “they should grow the fuq up, and quit being assholes” moment.


I think they were just talking about his rocking being annoying. I don’t think they were making fun of his autism. This cancel culture sucks.

another name

Then why, after being called to the d/r about it for the second time that i know about this season does Dani make the comment about ‘forgetting Ian is on the spectrum.’

Here is what I’m thinking in regard to the rocking or autism portion:

If I was making fun of an obese person with Diabetes, and you told me not to make fun of Diabetics, to which I retorted I’m not, I’m making fun of fat people… am i off the hook or am i still being deliberately unkind?

With the freedom of speech comes the responsibility of ownership of your speech and the understanding that others may disagree.
If your livelihood is contingent on your image, then don’t do things that will harm your image.


There was a whole season filled with ignorant comments said to peoples faces and they weren’t kicked off the show so why should they do that now?? I’m sure if enough people are upset and/or offended by it they will suffer for it outside the house as many did in the worse season ever where a few lost their jobs. Julie also called them out when they were on stage after being evicted. Bullying is a strong word, what some find bullying others don’t. People have claimed to have been bullied by someone who disagreed with them and then explained why they didn’t agree.

Like Literally ... Yoyoyo

Not bullying but very unkind and ignorant. They’ll get dragged for it after the season ends & should know better.


Aside from the fact Dani is already LOOKING for reasons to target Tyler asking Cody what Ty ‘ran into bathroom to whisper to him” there are larger issues to address. Most notably ALL the alliances she is in.

Case in point: (note: some of the alliance names may be incorrect but the hamsters grouped in them with Dani are accurate

  • The Committee: Cody, Nic, Ty, Memphis, Xmas
  • Slick 6: Cody, Ty, Enzo, Day (Bay evicted)
  • The Commission: Cody, Nicole, Enzo
  • 4 Prime: Cody, Nic, Ian
  • Team Freeze: Ty, Enzo, David
  • Girls alliance: Nic, Day, Xmas
  • F2s with Nic, Cody, Day

Basically the ONLY person she isn’t in an alliance with is Kevin so he should be a given as one of the people going on the block. But WHO is her second and what message does that send? Will the person she puts up out that she had an alliance with them?

As per Another Name’s post regarding the possible “hair dye conspiracy” in her HOH basket — my question would be “which alliance”? Presumably, it would mean the PREGAME alliance of the Commission but even then if she turned it would be against Tyler and possibly Memphis/Xmas as they are the least close to her.

Of all her alliances Nicole & Cody are in 4 with her (one different), Tyler (3), Enzo/Xmas & Day are in (2).

The other component we’ll have to watch for is if she outs beforehand who she’ll nominate. If she takes the safe route to nominate Kevin/David and they know prior then David will use his power to block her from putting him up. That could be TV gold since she’d have to nominate on the spot.

If Dani thinks this coming week is DE she’ll also use her power. AND — if Xmas thinks there is any threat that Dani is targeting her or Tyler would she use her power to block that option?

another name

The hair dye conspiracy… I still have no idea if it’s just a joke. Only put it in because i thought it was funny.
As far as Dani’s alliances? Which is realest to Dani?
During Tyler’s HOH Dani and Cody semi talk / whispered. She asked him if d/r keeps asking about committee and he said yeah… why are they? and she shrugged and gave face then got Dani whispermode about it.
Dani’s real alliance is with Cody Nicf (with Enzo almost being in as well to Dani) and Tyler. She does have a past connection irl with Memphis, but she doesn’t want him to get far in the game. The rest are tools that include people she doesn’t actually like very much. It’s actually super easy to tell when Dani doesn’t like someone. The fact the house isn’t picking up on her facial and posture change when speaking to someone she dislikes is shocking to me.
Dani is not a Christmas fan. It’s painfully obvious in her body language. She’s not a fan of David either.

Before Kevin won a veto, Dani was pushing to take Kevin to final 4 as the group Victoria. She now thinks Victoria looks a lot more like Da’vonne.

I’m thinking she goes for Kevin David as initial noms. then has to put up another nom. then veto, and may have to put up yet another nom. ALLLLL the blood

Kevin told Da’vonne that when Dani went to vote Julie’s picture stayed on the tv, and he could read her lips. He told Da’ that Julie said Dani is with Christmas so she should… Da’ questioned if Julie said Christmas for sure. Kevin said Christmas. This puts the kabosh on Da’ trying to get Christmas on the block.

Dani told Nicf she doesn’t want to use her power this week because the next hoh will be questions and she sucks at questions.

Soul child

I would love is she goes to backdoor Tyler, Xmas uses her power to save him and the she says oh ok then Xmas your nominated.

another name

Nicf is crying about her affiliates dropping her.

So she’s obviously been told something.

She says there’s so much missing to the story (a variation on feeds don’t see everything?)
Oh wait, did she want to talk about Ian’s ultimate betrayal of her, and therefore deserved mocking for autism? You Damn Well Know that’s what she means.. that’s the answer to everything, she hasn’t done wrong, she’s the victim of wrongdoing. After multiple seasons we KNOW this. Right now she’s denial Karen… she’s going to go misunderstood repentant Karen any minute just wait.
And now she doesn’t know what she did but she wants to take full responsibility (if you don’t know what you did, there is no way to take responsibility. Think about it. You have to acknowledge the error in order to take responsibility for the error… so i’m calling pity party).

Sloppie can go.


How can they tell her outside news?

another name

Because the makeup that she is using in the house and has talked about in the past is one of her affiliates. the company has cut ties with her, so they’d have to inform her not to speak of them again.

BUT. Big brother has in the last couple of seasons been warning them about public scandal. The crew of 21 was warned about the articles regarding the Jackholes behavior. A Bias trainer was even brought in for that meeting to once again reinforce what they should not be saying. It didn’t take. They had two more meetings. Newsweek, Us, Oprahmag, TMZ all had articles the day of the last meeting.

I’m all but certain that Tyler was given a heads up about the Oprahmag article released before the Wednesday episode concerning ‘was claiming blm ally status game or authentic’. The feed outages and production shenanigans didn’t aid in answering the question. Transparency would have helped. But transparency is anathema to Grod.


BB production can easily cut the feed if they don’t want the houseguests to say something negative. Then give them a talking to. But who would watch unless they’re being catty about each other?

Miss Impression

You can’t blame her for being Sloppie she didn’t choose it….oh wait never mind.Sloopy is as Sloppie does.

Roisin Dubh

One order of Epic crazy coming up!! If she chooses what the house wants, then this game is 1000% rigged.


The Powers that Be (TPTB) must have informed the hamsters about how social media and major national media are all over Dani, Nicole, Xmas and Memphis’ insensitive comments about Ian. It doesn’t seem like they told them specifics though.

We get verification from Nicole they were told via her comments.

First Tyler asked if she was okay “from everything that happened earlier”. This was followed by her talking in bed to herself saying she’s so confused but takes full responsibility for whatever she said/did. And then a conversation with Ian where she tells him that she cares about their friendship and would never jeopardize that so she is sorry.

So we know they have been told something and that it had to do with Ian but based on Nicole’s statement “whatever I said” they weren’t pointed to the actual moment.

The BB house has always tended to bring out the worst in many hamsters and while everyone can make a mistake this one really bothered me b/c it was so unnecessary and cruel. Nicole is in a tight alliance with Ian so laughing and making fun of something he does to calm himself is straight from the mean girls handbook.

Each of Memphis, Dani and Xmas are parents so one would think that would make them much more sensitive to this type of insensitivity but apparently not.

Perhaps the reason TPTB told Nicole is she was discussing the cosmetics she has sponsorship deals with and since they’ve cancelled that sponsorship it’s feasible they asked for her not to use them on the feeds.


Ah, your last paragraph is most likely it

Golden Gate Granny

Not to mention the energy of THESE particular people that are spinning his high sensitivities in to one long panic attack after another. This has got to be the most toxic seasons I’ve ever seen. I can only imagine how it feels inside those walls.

It’s hard enough to be an HSP… it’s even worse to be a genius HSP. The outside world is in chaos. And, I feel like he’s losing respect for the game itself too, by all the shenanigans; pre-gaming, production involvement.

Now, his “friend” is losing jobs and she’s apologizing up and down to him out of the blue. He’s not anywhere near stupid.


We’ve all done or said something we wished we could take back. The difference is, these folks are on TV 24/7. They’re expected to be less self-conscious about the cameras. No I don’t think anyone should bully anyone. But people always say something behind someone’s back, in real life. It happens, not all the time. And they shouldn’t be judged too harshly on one stupid 3 minute moment. And BB production can easily cut feeds if they don’t want something offensive to go out, but they don’t. So they’re as much to blame.

Lady E

As a huge fan of The Renegades, I am disappointed in Memphis. I really wanted him to win. He was flying under the radar for so long (although I think Dani is going to evict him soon). I know he has something against Ian because of Dan, but he really dropped the ball on this one.


This week could be interesting if Dani tries to backdoor Tyler but Xmas uses her power to prevent her from doing so. BUT if she does that, can she be re-nominated? Because then that’s not happening. But that would also mean that the power is stupid because no one would ever use it on anyone other than themselves.

Krusty the Clown

I guess realized why Dav freaks me out. She looks way too similar to wesley snipes in To Wong Foo. I threw up some krusty burgers

another name

Wall comp thoughts.
The wall comp has changed in the past couple of years.
the hand holds are different than they were in the early wall seasons. more climbing wall holds less bar or hole to hold.
This year they were told not to squat.
The angles have increased.
I’m going to have to run a few simulations in my mind to figure out what that actually means in terms of who the comp is being altered each season to benefit.

I’m not looking forward to the slip n slide this season.
I hope they don’t do it.
They way it has been altered since 19 bothers me.
Go back to say…17. look at the distance of the ramp, the size of the receptacles to fill, and the size of the “cup” they are using. As of 19 the ramp is 1/2 the length. the receptacle is 1/3 the size it used to be, and the cup is at least double the size. It’s no longer a killer comp that leaves everyone sore for 2 days and takes 4 hours. It’s now a leisurely jog that lasts a half hour.
I don’t like it. It’s not an endurance comp anymore. It’s become a throwaway.

Tomorrow. Dani is called to the D/R to make her nominations.

D:I choose to nominate Janelle
flying monkey: but Dani, she’s already…..
D: I said Janelle. What, you mean I can’t??
flying monkey: She’s not here anym….
D: I WILL be Queeeeeeeen, I nominate JAAAA-nelllllle.
flying monkey: be reasonable Dani she left two we….
D: Listen you little… Janelle. Don’t @@@@ this up for me, this is my moment.
flying money: someone.. call…. Allison.

D: I choose to evict Janelle.


Don’t know if I am allowed to post this link, or not, or it could have already been posted and discussed, but Nicole Franzel has lost various sponsorships including OLAY for making fun of Ian’s Autism

Golden Gate Granny

Ahahahaha! Yer funny Simon. Now I get the “What happens when all you Makeup affiliates drop you.”

That face. Good one. *wiping the egg off mah face* Teehee.


Just curious….why is Production blocking the feeds when the HOH Winner gets his/her HOH key to their room and everyone goes up to check it out?? I do not understand why BB is having live feeds, they go to stars every five minutes, even when they are stragey talking. It is not even enjoyable to watch. These players do not even act like they want to be in the house. Worst Season EVER!! Everyone is so sensitive. This is what happens when a whole generation expects “participation trophies”.. Day and Bay getting nominated and being insulted about it is the real kicker..it is a GAME!! A game where the “the name of the game” no pun intended is to literally compete, nominate, vote out!! GEEZ


Something tells me this is going to be tough week for Dani and by week’s end I wonder how many of her alliance members will still be trusting her. Cody’s chat with Nicole already has her questioning Dani.

Tyler & Enzo KNOW she can’t be trusted. Christmas & Memphis have been warned but if she puts them on the block given “the Committee” they’ll be out for blood and want her gone next. If she puts up Day — well let’s just say that could get pretty ugly b/c of all the BS Dani fed her.

Honestly, b/c of the two powers I really can’t see an easy path for her this week. The best case scenario would be her talking someone into being a pawn – Kevin losing POV and remaining the target for eviction. Anything less that that scenario will equate to big time drama.

In a season that has wiped out the people I was most excited to see play (Janelle, Kaysar) my ideal scenario would be for as much drama as possible, especially since Dani had a lot to do with who got targeted/evicted to this point.

Imagine the following sequence of events —

  1. David & Kevin are initial nominees
  2. David uses power forcing replacement
  3. A third person is named as replacement (b/c she doesn’t want to go directly at Tyler she nominates someone else telling them she’ll backdoor Tyler)
  4. Kevin wins POV
  5. Knowing Tyler is being targeted Xmas uses her power on him
  6. Since Tyler is voided as the backdoor option Dani is forced to name yet another replacement (the fifth person named).

With 10 people in the house, in essence Dani’s entire pecking order could get exposed in a matter of 48 hours with her having to name five different nominees.

That’s prompting giggles & happiness in this corner of the universe!

another name

In the last hour or so.
Tyler told Dani he understands if she nominates him, but he really wants to stay now.
Almost as good as Christmas this morning asking Da’vonne if she wins HOH to keep Christmas safe.
HOH reveal blocked.
Enzo is complaining about the minute that Da’vonne lasted in the comp to David.

Closer to Now
After everyone leaves HOH, Da’vonne circles back.
Dani says she’s not making a move on Christmas instead she and Da need to squash it for the week, but hopes Christmas doesn’t win next hoh.
Dani says she so wants to make a move on Tyler, but in past season making the move too soon is what sunk her game.
She wants to play the week like there aren’t three powers out there.
Don’t quote me. Dani was using low voice. I think she said a couple of names. I think one was David and another Ian. but low talk. dunno.

Da was expecting the other women to show up. I think Da is subtly trying to get Dani to take the Tyler shot. They discuss how much time Tyler spent with Christmas last week and how it was just odd. Da points out he’s probably playing the alone on the island game with everyone and that he’s most likely got things everywhere. Da suggests Dani tell Cody that Tyler could end up pulling a Derrick (i think that’s what she said) on all of them, including Cody. Now back to asking if Christmas might have alignments in the house. Dani’s answer is she wouldn’t be surprised, but she’s practically beating Christmas over the head with the thought that they can’t lose another girl. Da offers to go get the other girls, but Dani doesn’t want Christmas back because she always overstays her welcome. After a while
Da’vonne leaves.

Christmas arrives to HOH. Look at Dani’s body language. She’s keeping Christmas confined to the door area by not moving into the room, but conducting the conversation right inside the door. Yeah. Dani is not subtle IMO. without a buffer and an egg timer, Dani doesn’t want this conversation to last the whole 12 days of Christmas. Short i got you conversation before Christmas dutifully returns to being Nicf’s caregiver and nursemaid.

The feeds seem to be following Da’s move from HOH to checking on Cody in the bathroom, to the Comic room where Christmas reads bible verses to Nicf… and then explains them. (oh god) Da leaves and Christmas is now giving Nicf week 2 information about Kaysar and Janelle (oh god) telling Nicf that Bay needs to go home and see what was really going on and Bay never gave Christmas the information she’d promised before Christmas won HOH (oh god) while Nicf says she’s never say anything mean about anybody of hurt anyone’s feelings (oh god) noope. i’m going to the Cody conversation with Dani. I can’t with that whole comic room hole of suckage right now.

Cody is sure that next week is a double. Dani says nope. Dani thinks Ian has a power. Cody can’t understand why Christmas is so blind to how Tyler is being. Dani thinks all the powers likely suck like hers. A Cody and Dani conversation always strikes me as less of a dialogue, and more like two people talking to themselves while sitting near each other.

Basics: there’s nothing comical going on in the Comic room.
Da’vonne has collected information she’s going to screw up in her head especially if she talks to Kevin. And Cody is trying to mist Dani into shafting Ian so he can wedge Nicf against Dani.


Based on chats tonight Dani is digging herself a big hole. She’s told Day she’s safe, that she likes to shake things up, would support Day “later in the game” if she wants to target Xmas and indirectly that she is targeting a man.

So that means Cody, Nicole, Day and Christmas are untouchable this week. That leaves only six people she can nominate (Kevin, David, Ian, Tyler, Enzo, Memphis) on a week where she may have to nominate FIVE of them!

Dani THINKS she can put up Kevin/David and keep her options open to backdoor Tyler.

The problem is David will use his power and that means Dani will have to put up one of Ty, Ian, Enzo or Memphis (alliance members) or go back on her word. If she nominates Tyler, Cody will be the most pissed off but so will Xmas and all the Committee members. Plus Dani knows if she swings for Ty and misses it will give him free reign to come out guns blazing for her and she already knows she probably doesn’t have the votes to take out Ty.

Ditto for Memphis (re: The Committee). Likewise putting up Ian will enrage Nicole. Enzo would bury her if she puts him up and likely mean he’ll out all sorts of her secrets to the house.

This is just for the initial replacement nom so let me reiterate IF KEVIN wins POV or David’s replacement wins POV she’ll have to make yet another nomination.

AND if Xmas presumes either she or Ty are the post POV nom she could block Dani and force her in another direction.

All this and if she doesn’t put up Day when David uses his power she’s already going to be in hot water with the Committee, Enzo and Memphis.

By week’s end Dani’s game could be completely exposed and there is no way she exits the week without being branded a liar to more than half the house.