Enzo “I’m getting jealous of whoever is leaving this house! We’re here to the end YO! I think the jury house sounds good YO!”

Head of Household Winner – Christmas
Have nots – No havenots this week
Nominations – Bay & DaVonne
Power of Veto Players are – Christmas, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole, Ian and Dani.
POV Host: – David
Power of Veto holder – Christmas
Power of Veto Ceremony – Veto not used.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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8:08pm Lounge room. Day and Kevin.
Kevin – you know you got the votes secured in the bank! Day – I’m excited.. bitter sweet. Kevin – of course. Day – because that’s my baby. Kevin – I don’t think its buffoonery in the votes. Day – I saw you talking to Tyler for a long time in here .. was it about that? Kevin – Partially. Day – what did he say? Kevin – He confirmed the information. Day – see don’t talk to me in riddles. Talk to me. This is what I’m talking about .. you’re on my team but you want to talk to me in riddles. No.. No .. NO. Either you give me the tea or I’m serving you water from the tap. Kevin – you need to give me the tea on Christmas too .. not old stale tea either .. awhile ago on the hammock. You were like oh I have some tea on Christmas. Day – no she volunteered to be next to Kaysar. Kevin – how do you know? Day – Enzo told us. Kevin – why did she volunteer? Day – I don’t know!? That’s a good question. I didn’t ask! That’s a great question. He said she came to him and said you gave me the safety suite so if you need someone to put up next to Kaysar .. I feel confident this week so you can put me up. Kevin – There is something there… the way she views the safety suite .. like she saved Ian and called him her untouchable. Day – that’s important. Kevin – which I talked to her about and she unequivocally denied. So we know for a fact from Bay that she said Ian? Day – MMmmmHmm. Kevin – so lets file this away. Day – Liars lie! Kevin – she also views Safety Suites plus one as a huge play. The fact that Enzo safety suited her .. is huge. Day – which is why also he felt so comfortable during her reign. And he is not sharing that information. He wouldn’t even share that with me and Bay. Kevin – don’t press him on it though we will just file it away. We don’t want the one potential alliance member feel like.. Day – but you can make me feel like.. You didn’t tell me all the tea! But you do me like that?! Kevin – what do we do moving forward. Day – these people have to go. Here’s the thing, there are powers .. we assume Tyler has one. We KNOW Christmas has one. Why not put them up together.. flush that sh*t out. Kevin – so you’re saying the worst case means the power .. I just have to replace them? Day – and if we have to replace them.. then we go for the other two. But you have to remember that there are three people in here with powers. That is scary. Do you have it? Kevin – I do not. Its my fault people think that because I stood next to the power box because I wanted people to think I had it. Day – I think its Christmas, Ian, David or Enzo. She (Christmas) came to me and apologized. She said everyone came to me and helped me realize it was my fault. Kevin – but what does that mean that she is kicked out of the alliance? Day – If she is still attached she is at the a$$ end.

Bathroom. Cody and Enzo.
Cody – no one feels like they have to go for it. (HOH) Enzo – what the f**k is that about!? Cody – yeah there are like 5 of us that are like going for it. Its the most bizarre thing ever. Enzo – this season is f**king crazy YO! Everyone wants to be friends instead of making moves… I don’t know.. Cody – the thing that I don’t like is this week or next week is the double and not playing in that HOH is the worst. Enzo – have they campaigned to you? Cody – no not really. Enzo – they campaigned to me at the same time. I was like I’m voting with the house yo!

Bedroom. Enzo, Cody and Dani.
Enzo – I’m getting jealous of whoever is leaving this house.. we’re here to the end YO! I think the jury house sounds good YO! F**king go there and that’s it! It is what it is yo! F**k it! Cody – you alright?! Enzo – yeah I’m good. Cody – you seem like you have a lot of weight on you. Enzo – I just want to get this show on the road Yo!

10:30pm Bedroom. Tyler, Ian, Enzo, Cody, Dani chatting about instagram, twitter trolls and other random things.

1am All the house guests are in bed sleeping..

8:44 am Nicole and Cody
Nicole – you and I need to sit down you said Derrick would know what to do who to send home at what time.
Cody mentions that Tyler has been talking about how much he doesn’t trust Dani for weeks.
Nicole – Does Tyler trust me because I don’t talk to him that much
Cody – Yeah, Tyler trust you.
Nicole – I want Kevin gone this week
Cody – for me Kevin, David, and Day are the first three. The only problem with Ian is people in our alliance.
Cody says Christmas doesn’t want Ian out but Memphis and Enzo do.
Nicole – let them go after him
Cody – then who do we go after
Nicole – I will go after Memphis before I go after Ian
Cody – when would you go after Memphis that’s like 3 weeks out.
Nicole says she would put up David and Kevin if she won HOH.
Cody – what if one of them come down who goes up
Nicole – I would put up someone from out alliance as a pawn.. Memphis.
Cody says Memphis will be pissed
Nicole – Someone will volunteer..
Nicole says if she wins HOH it’ll mess up her game right now.
Nicole says Ian basing his game on the wall yeller is a lame excuse and she’ll never trust him. She’ll use that to nominated him as a pawn.

Nicole says if Ian wins they are fine but she’s not sure about their alliance. Says she’s guessing Ian will put up Memphis and she’ll influence him to put up Kevin.
Nicole – but he’s friends with him (ian and Kevin)

Nicole – If Tyler wins will I go up
Cody – NO
Cody says she has nothing to worry about if Tyler wins Dani should be worried.
Cody says he had to talk Enzo off the ledge “So much for so many things’
Nicole – does Enzo trust me
Cody – yeah
Cody adds that Enzo thinks Dani is running around whispering to everyone.
Cody says if Dani puts Tyler up these next 2 weeks he wouldn’t “send him home”
Nicole – Tyler has your back right ?
Cody – Tyler has my back. He’s not going home the next 2 weeks.

Cody says that Da’Vonne is in a really good spot she’s got relationships with everyone.
Cody now saying that his target order is Kevin, David, Ian and Da’Vonne.

Nicole points out that taking out Ian is cutting one of her numbers without cutting one of Da’Vonne’s numbers.
Nicole says she doesn’t trust Dani completely “is she going to backdoor me?”
Cody – that will never happened she would plant seeds for someone else to do it.

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Memphis looking and acting older than Jerry.

Praying to god Day wins HOH tomorrow.


Please stop wasting my time with your goofy prayers.


“God”, or whatever you are, why do you care?

Joe Hiden

Too bad that can’t both go.

Tyler's Toes

Nurk, buddy I live for your responses. You on Instagram or Facebook?


I`m not on social media sorry. Only on here.




He looks fine. You’d wish you look like him at 40 lol.

He’s a grumpy douche for certain but talking about someones looks does never make you look better.

Nicole's al discharge

I wish Dani and Cody would just bang already and get it over with.


If Dani and Dominique have a open marriage ….why not?


Any Love Island fans on here?

Guy From Canada

Ha ha that show is the worst….fan no watcher maybe……


I have been watching every episode so far. They have some good looking people, but it gets boring after a while because there`s not much really going on


I think once someone gets a new STD they vote to see if you should stay or go.


You need to be coupled up to stay. One week there`s a extra guy, the next a extra girl, and so on. Every week one girl or guys does not get picked and they leave…. But they keep bringing more people every week.


The British version is the best show EVER! but the US version sucked last year, so haven’t watched this season. Is it any better?

Big Bertha

Me! Me! Me! I’m so disappointed in Johnny

Jan Nan

If Enzo doesn’t make a move soon he will be in the jury house.


He is in the jury or top three.


Enzo just want to be in the penthouse again he must be glad he is staying in a 3 storey big brother house.

Houka Inumuta

I heard what has been going on with Dani, Memphis, Nicole, Cody and Christmas.

All i want to say is Ian is VERY normal. In fact if he has never mentioned that he has autism i world have never even guessed. He’s just a social awkward guy with a great job and a pretty girlfriend that doesn’t rely on social media for his incomes like most of these people.

FUN FACT ——-Satoshi Taiji (the creator of the legendary POKEMON) also has autism and he’s more successful than any of these people.

Ian is going to WIN. Just you see.


So doing nothing is the recipe to winning ? I will be disappointed if he wins.


Work for Jordan and Derrick… Derrick didn’t actually win anything.


I agree. I saw them on live feeds & their disgusting. Memphis should be kicked out, and Nicole is the worst. How could you laugh at Memphis talking about Ian, and then tell him your his friend? Wow.
Janelle was dead on about Nicole.


And even worse she considers Ian one of her numbers that she says she trusts that she doesn’t want yo vote out but will make fun of. People show their true color. At least the parts that production doesn’t edit out

Not Really a Fan

He has indeed mentioned he’s on the Spectrum, and his rocking back and forth is uncomfortable to watch, but shouldn’t be made fun of in the house.


Exactly this!!! It probably took a lotto open up this time. i don’t remember him opening up last time


I said before and I will say it again.

Ian does that in front of people to make them feel nervous around him. I personally get anxious watching him doing that.

Ian even said in the DR his plan is to play and act dumb. Remember when Xmas said “I`m cooking (in the sun), and Ian was like “What are you making”?….

He is very very smart and a nice guy. But in the house it is all a act. Just pay attention the way he talks with Julie from the Dairy Room…. nothing shy there.


Ian has autism… his stimming (or rocking) is a way to self-sooth and its a way to release any anxiety that he may have or may be building at the moment.

Please don’t turn his stimming into claims of strategy… that’s definitely not what it is.


Not making fun of him but I think he rocks alot more than on his season. I don’t recall him rocking while just sitting there. I only remember it when he was in the hammock. I do feel bad for him though.


He had a mentor, didn’t he? He had someone come along side him for support. I don’t see anyone whole heartening having a real friendship with him. He may be more anxious than before


I totally agree with you about Ian on the Spectrum. I teach Special Ed in high school and I didn’t recognize it. He does rock a lot, I am constantly moving my feet and/or rocking.
I am so glad he is speaking about this! We need more people that are known on TV to be a great example and how life can be, If Dani is making jokes or disrespectful gestures, it will be her own fault when the masses turn on her, as they will.

another name

Given this season’s edit

I can’t wait until tomorrow when we see baby harp seal Christmas beset upon by those horrible parka clad pelt hunters Da’vonne and Bayleigh.
Cut to a shot from earlier that day of Memphis sipping coffee (to establish his hand as the mastermind).
and scene.

At the end of the Mama Da

I hope Da wins HOH tomorrow. It would totally shake things up.


Agreed. Is she my favorite player? Absolutely not. But she is the only one left that will actually try to come for the big players. Otherwise….it’s another week of the same…..and I can’t take anymore of the same. It’s exhausting!


They would be shaking in there boots… Especially Tyler n Cody! They would be so fake and so far up her ass… especially Dani

big brother 22

Davonne has zero competition wins in three season and still counting.

This week Dani and Nicole tried throwing the veto to her (Day)
this week and instead Day went out first in the competition. Davonne should be thankful she got 5 k after after she wanted a punishment two weeks to be safe ONLY TO WEAR A COSTUME so badly! And in the process tripping out a few people in the house about being so paranoid (Enzo, Cody, And Tyler).

An original week 2 evictee in BB 17 with the worst competition track record in 20 years of the show with a social game that is horrendous to boot Because of her inability to use information when it’s appropriate and exposing people that she might Even Be Aligned with by giving a way with their intentions And feelings proves
that Davonne never deserved a second chance to play.

News flash Davonne it is strictly game info when you talk about final 2 deals!! There is no such thing as personal game info especially when your ally Bay stupidly gave out to Christmas that you two are a duo!
Each week Davonne shows that she is further inept when it comes to playing Big brother because just like BayLeigh she can’t not decipher what is game from personal!!

What makes their game even more dreadful is the fact that they both have no accountability for their actions because they both can’t even recognize when they threw each other under the bus to make each other a bigger target in the game.

You never give out who final 2 is Bayleigh and Day. And Davonne you never tell the HOH that your ally still has a MAJOR BEEF with Tyler after Tyler offered himself as life vest to leave and the fact Krampus and Tyler are aligned made you look foolish Becuase you are giving out unnecessary information about your ally bayleigh about her intentions which is something Christmas doesn’t need to know!

Both bay and Day buried each other because they gave Krampus too much information and unknowingly told on each other and ratting each other about their true intentions about how they are a Duo and Tyler offered them a chance to stay and Day still can’t keep her mouth shut and completely give away her ally’s (Bayleigh’s) feelings.

The fact that Davonne still has this problem and takes no accountability for her actions or inability for that matter of recognizing game from personal proves that DAY never deserved a 2ND CHANCE to Play!

Hiden Biden

I hope DaVonne gets blindsided.

big brother 22

And Davonne goes out first this week

Dixie Rekt

I wish Ian wouldn’t rock so much. I feel like he does it on purpose and is using it in a strategical way. Dani already said his constant rocking makes her nervous. Yet he continues to do it. And with a puppet on his hand. Fuckin weirdo.




That’s what I’m thinking, he didnt rock like that during his first season.


That is not in his control. Some people, even not on the spectrum, have ticks and habits which they can’t control. You should be more understanding than that, or at least research that subject more. Fuckin ignorant.


I had a brother that did that his entire life. My mom also rocked and neither were autistic. I always thought it was anxiety but I’m not a doctor.


It is, I do it!!


Are you friggin kidding me?? The guy has autism! That’s a very common coping mechanism for people with autism. What could make someone uncomfortable about someone rocking? It’s weird you think that. Should he stop rocking because of Dani? Maybe she should understand why he does it and deal with it. He can’t help it if he has autism! People are so dam ignorant.


He has autism. His behavior is normal for his condition. What condition do you have to excuse your idiocy?


You think he’s a “weirdo” because he has autism and uses stimming/rocking as a means to self sooth his anxiety??

God, are you fucking ignorant and hateful.


I have aniety/panic disorder. I sometimes rock, tap my leg up and down, and other things to “release” built up anxiety….to me its very normal.


Ian has ALWAYS rocked etc! https://youtu.be/w1HdSOjD5V4


Thank you for this!! He looks so young there

Kaysar rockstar

Don’t even need to explain about Ian’s autism. Fact is that ‘weird’ is a demeaning label meant to elevate the labeler as somehow superior. Some people, though, are insensitive to others’ differences and feelings.

Paul’s Beard


Tyneisha Power

Hey, he has this thing called autism you buffoon. Stop being a terrible ableist person. Thanks!

Miss Impression

You are a disgusting human being!And I use the term human being loosely.


Interesting how CBS did their edit of the sh!tshow that happened this week.

It’s only my opinion but I do believe Tyler was genuine in his offer but the edit by TPTB had a different motivation in mind.

They made it look like Day’s words were the verification Xmas needed to not trust either Day or Bay moving forward. The truth is she can’t.

It was an easy option for TPTB b/c Day does this all the time – like today telling Enzo how Nic F is Cody’s number 1 not him which under different circumstances could’ve resulted in shifting the vote.

We’ll see if Julie follows this up tomorrow by telling Bay that Ty did offer but what Day said ruined the opportunity (as per tonight’s edit).

Day’s dual goals today feels like something Dani would do & seem to have TPTB’s fingerprints all over it. First the convo with Enzo would indicate he should target break up Cody/Nic while her chat with Kevin is an abrupt 180 of Ty/Xmas needing to go up to flush out their powers (and no reason why she believes Ty has powers)

I guess Day is buying what Dani’s selling & believes each of Nic/Dani would take her to F2 or that the females (even though she hates Xmas) can get deep in the game. It’s an odd choice b/c she has to know Dani/Nic are closer to each other than her.

Also odd is her belief in Enzo yet she’s telling Kevin something completely different. I guess the only way we’d know for sure what her true plan is would be a conversation with her & Bay.


What is TPTB?

What up Kaysar!

I’m guessing “The Powers That Be” (production)


Sorry – yes it’s The Powers That Be (ie: Production)


Day has been known to talk too much about the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time with the wrong idea. It will never EVER change


HOH tomorrow it should be interesting (with a number of people throwing it).

Nicole won’t want to win HOH b/c the ONLY people she can put up are Kevin/David so if she has to put up a renom she’d be in trouble (which she would b/c David has the power).

Dani would love to backdoor Tyler BUT… no way in hell she’ll go there. Even with the banter Dani is guilty of saying those things so putting him up would out her – put her in jeopardy with the Commission & Cody/Memphis/Xmas would be pissed & by association I think Enzo too. The ONLY people that would be happy would be Day/Kevin and maybe David. The question when Dani would play her power (if at all). The hamsters expect a DE next week so odds are that would be when she would use it if on herself. OR she could use it on whoever wins this week if they are aligned with her (like Cody or Nicole for example).

Cody probably doesn’t want to win & probably feels safe – I think he’d put up Kevin/David & backdoor Ian if he had opportunity but I also don’t think he’ll try to win until DE.

Memphis also doesn’t likely feel the need to win but if he did he’d put up the David/Kevin and Day as re-nom

Enzo says he wants it but what he says (Dani/Nic) and what he does would be two different things. B/c he’s been nurturing the side alliances with Day/Kevin/David so he can’t really afford to win or he’ll be exposed.

Tyler on the other hand I think would go directly after Dani and have no bones about doing it whether in a straight up nomination or via a backdoor. I can’t see him targeting the group of Kevin or David or Ian b/c he recognizes he needs them as a voting block to break up Cody/Nic/Dani but of that trio Cody is safe (for now). I can’t imagine him putting up Day either and that HOH convo would be interesting b/c if he’s in power telling her “Dani said…” it will carry far more weight (she’d have to listen then right?)

Kevin/David had implied they would go after Dani/Nic/Cody BUT … now Day is pushing them to go after Tyler/Xmas instead. How much influence does Day have over them? How will Kevin/David react to finding out Day made a girl’s alliance? She sort of told Kevin but he knows it’s only her including him so not sure how that would work. One of David’s noms for sure would be Memphis. I could be totally wrong but I don’t think they would target Ian or Tyler b/c they both still sense they could work with them.

Ian: The most intriguing HOH would be Ian IMHO b/c I do think he’d put up Cody/Dani from the get & if he needed a renom that’s where things would get interesting. Would he chance putting up Nicole? OR would he put up Enzo believing he would stay and tell him that?

Suffice to say I’m pulling for an Ian HOH.


I agree with eaxh synopsis. But I’m wondering of their all so scared that they’ll play? I’m assuming Memphis will not be playing? I actually want to see David win and nominate the other side. That would be sooo funny. But Ian would be interesting, but I think he would listen to Nicole & Dani.

another name

Many are saying throw this HOH so that they can play in the double next week.
Problem: I don’t thing the double is next week.
Episode scheduling has the two hour episode on October 1.
Anyone with a power should realize this. They wouldn’t have a power available during a double that would screw up their time blocks.

Memphis has said he was told it was a jury of 7 this year. I still say the proper way to counter the pregaming is bring back all the jurors from home if they watched episodes, read social media, watched feeds… don’t care. Call it postgaming. it’s what they deserve. If it’s going to be a shit show, make it a four flusher. It’ll never happen.


Yeah – I do think Cody will still try to win so he can break up David/Kevin/Day trio and may use it to backdoor someone but based on his chat with Nic today and learning more about Dani working others to get F2 deals (Day) he isn’t as solid on taking out Ian — YET being the operative word.

I do think he believes Dani would give him her power to let him play next week so even if he/they think next week is DE he’ll prob still go for it depending on who is still up and competing.

How great would it be if Ian won with Cody jumping down thinking he was safe only for Ian to then target him? lol


I don’t think CBS will do a double until the powers are expired. The player with power wouldn’t have time during a double to announce using it and still give CBS enough time to explain it (have them read a card of the exact rules to the power etc) So I think the double is still a few weeks away…


i’m not sure we’ll get a double at all this season. because of quarantining procedure there’s no way to do a buyback and doubles are usually to allow for buybacks.

another name

They released the schedule.
On October 1 there is a two hour episode.
If not for a double eviction… why?
They will have a double. It’s the highest advertising rate episode, next to the finale.
They aren’t giving up those ad dollars when they are paying a private security company to guard the wall.


If they do a “roll back” or “play back” week where they wipe out the former week then they could have a DE.

I think production will want to do a DE b/c of the ratings they get for it so my guess is they’ll save the rewind/replay week to save Cody or Nicole if they are on the block and targeted to leave. That way they get to save their F2 favorite and also get the ratings.

Although I’m hoping it saves someone else other than Cody, Dani or Nic.


yeah, rewind or eliminated houseguest goes straight into some kind of competition to win back their spot (hopefully easier than a 5 piece puzzle) seem probable, but once they talk to julie i don’t think they’ll be allowed back in the house.

Same Ole Same Ole

Didn’t Janelle say something early on about them having to stay quarantined after they leave the house? Could this be for a buyback?


My gosh this house is boring AF, let’s just get the stragglers out so the backstabbing begins. I want Dani and Nicole on the block together, Nicole’s tears and Dani neurotically running around sh*t talking everyone and everything and no one will say she’s full of crap. Or Tyler and Cody on the block together with Cody thinking he’s Derrick and Tyler putting him in his place. Give us something because all the talent has already left the building, I’d rather have a house of first timers than this BS Allstars season


I see Memphis in two pictures, but not a peep out of him on the updates, lol.

That’s the first Memphis siting I’ve had in the wild for a while.

He must go to sleep super early because he’s never, ever on the feeds after 9pm.

another name

Well come on, once he gets back from the early bird special buffet, he barely has time to get to bingo, watch an episode of Matlock, then get back to the house before med pass and lights out in the ward.


Ahhh, you went there, lol!


Well that’s presumptuous of him… So nice that we are watching camp with the mean people taking out unliked randoms. They already know how long they and others will stay like we don’t need to watch or air this nonsense. I hope Enzo just gets tossed out soon but won’t. He didn’t do jack all to win so there’s that hope. There’s no game moves. Just everyone following the leader. Whoever that person wants to be that day or week


Okay now… I know you could’ve gotten a better pic of Memphis. ?

Your Common Sense

Why? Memphis is just shitty wallpaper.


it is nice to see Memphis again lol
it would interesting to see who wins the HOH
whoever wins the hoh hope he or she makes a big move and stop playing the game more seriously
the more they keep seeing each others as friends and floaters the more they giving power and control to the strongest players.

I was the next HOH I would try to backdoor Cody Tyler or Memphis.
cmon meow meow wake up and stop making the same mistakes from the past! Cody would never take you to the final 2!

BB Fan also

Why is Nicole in the game if she always wants to throw the competitions and have someone else win? I don’t like throwing the comps from any of the cast!


Legendary will Kirby always threw the challenges. So..
And she isn’t always throwing, but some are them its not in her best interest to win. That’s a legit strategy.


Someone please tell me why Christmas is rated so high in the ranking?? I’m really confused by this and the posts I’m reading. LOL, my wife said at the beginning of the season that she is going to be an ugly old lady by what she has seen when no makeup and many of her facial expression are seen and said Nicole F isn’t far behind. They better enjoy their youth now because its fading fast.

Starry night

Not very nice to say. We should stick to the game.


Truth hurts? If you were going to be on TV broadcast to millions of fans/people would you want to be seen looking like a homeless person like Nicf did during the PO V ceremony? I mean, have some pride in yourself, people! I wouldn’t be caught dead (literally) like that. And to be on television…

Xmas is Hot!

Pretty harsh from someone who looks like a dog themselves.


What is wrong wrong with some of you??? My cousin’s kid has autism and rocks, so sorry if it makes you uncomfortable!!! What disgusting comments saying he is doing it for the camera. Thank god my children have a heart and understand why people may not all be the same. This gets me so angry that their are actually people who think this way, you weren’t raised correctly!!


couldn’t agree more!!! would give a 1000 thumbs up if i could. maybe some volunteer hours with an agency providing services for autistic individuals is in store for these pathetic fools that are too ignorant to educate themselves on the subject before making themselves look stupid! grow the f*&k up!!!


It was a rigged show from the start with pre show alliances, counselling, suggestions and game plays coming from production. Now that fans want to save the show with hints on what production has made and rigged, they’re upset??

Backseat Driver

Seriously……Big Brother needs a revamp! I watched another season during this “stay at home” confinement and what a difference. No “career” houseguests….


This is exactly my thoughts. Like you have premade alliances. They are showing a completely skewed version of what’s really going on and it’s ridiculous whoever they are protecting. What’s happening and what’s being aired isn’t the same in the least. Past seasons have shown the wall yellers and the aftermath. It’s like it didn’t even happen. Ian just came up with the scenario all on his own apparently. The worst season, and I say this often, but this isn’t BB. How’s production mad ?? Worthless pieces of ….


We need drones to drop in.


Hey Simon I was checking out TMZ and they shared Memphis Nicole Dani and shiitmas were mocking ian’s autism which is very sickening. I mean we are living dark times in America with trump bullying and racism. I mean Memphis and other have kids. What message are they sending to their kids and people? I hope Julie Chen highlights their awful behavior.

another name

There was also an article in newsweek about the 4 mocking Ian.


pretty sad when some kids are harming themselves cause they are getting bullied. This is why we need to bring to attention when this happens. We are talking about older people who are so uneducated and ignorant. Shame on anyone who bullies people with autism.

Homey Clause

These times are dark in America when Democrats bully innocent bystanders eating dinner at a restaurant, condescend and intimidate witnesses before congress, and fuel HATE and lies simply because they didn’t like a supreme court nominee – not counting the racism of Biden when he called the 1st black US president “the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean” and “you ain’t black if you do not vote for me.” You brought it up about Trump – I’m just responding in like kind and agree we are living in dark times.


good Im glad you are adding your two pieces of sugar.


And THIS is ALL we got to see of the disgusting behavior. So knowing what we have seen, can we even imagine how many of these people really act and what they really think? It’s a shame we are not afforded the entire story of what the true effects of such behavior is with production. Unfortunately most will never learn with edits, programming and fixed ideas.

another name

Cody said today that he came back this season to prove to his haters that he can win, and that he’s more than just Derrick’s sidekick.

IMO great way to prove it when you have Derrick setting up alliances for you before you enter the house their, Cody the boy blunder.

another name

Think about Derrick’s social media message last night.
He said he had no part in pregame alliance building on zoom.
notice. on zoom.

My questions: what app did you use?
were there zoom calls you know about that you didn’t participate in?
how stupid do you think we are?
Knowing you already worked with production in 18 to rig a season (discussion between James and Nicf on feeds in 18) why would anyone believe you now?

another name

Anyone that can explain it any other way, please do.
And then explain the conversation starter between Nicf and Cody where she asks him what order Derrick told Cody everyone should be evicted in.


Memphis needs to go. Im not sure Ive ever seen a slimier contestant. His comments about Ian are gross


I can’t stand him. He is an arrogant POS that thinks he’s so much more superior than most of the housemates. Notice how he targets David and Ian. The people he perceives as weak? I really want David to win and put his ass up and watch his ass go home


Actually. I’m not a total David fan. I just think he dislikes Memphis enough because if the way he was treated that he may just pull the trigger. Memphis and Tyler. OTB but then TPTB will tug it for Tyler to win and take himself off. I can see it now

Big Bertha

Did anyone else see the story on TMZ of Dani, Nicole, Christmas, and Memphis mocking Ian? It made me sick to my stomach. Not cool.

Soul child

Yes I jsut read that. My mom said Cody was in the room too laughing. I can’t stand Memphis you can tell he’s probably a dick in real life too. I wonder if Enzo or Tyler would of said anything if they were in there or if they hear about it?they can laugh all they want except for Nicole,Ian’s actually won the game. I read that Olay is pulling their contract with Nicole now because of it.

Big Bertha

On top of that Nicole was a ER Nurse! Are you kidding me? Memphis is a real dick. All of them (except for Nicole) have kids and they are not showing a good example at all!

I didn’t know Cody was there too. Anyone who participated lost all of my respect.


I just saw it and I’m disgusted! What a bunch of losers and to think they are winning the season. SMH

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Affiliates have been informed that tonight’s HOH comp will be on feeds… not sure if that will actually happen with the feeds being off until the west coast airing the last two weeks, but they’ve put out the message. This would generally mean endurance comp (in past seasons wall or rope spin or slip slide)

Okay. I’ve just always wanted to do one of those spoiler boxes.

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As Nicf has decided that Dani is betraying her for doing exactly what Nicf is doing… only quicker (that pretty much sums up the argument happening in Nicf’s world), you have to wonder:

Would the Nicf strategy work without a showmance? Is Cody going to remain Loyal to her? Possibly. Is Cody going to be able to continue protecting her? Not if he continues to be so openly brazen in his defense of her to the other guys. One of them is going to say, hey yo, oh ay, wait a second heyere, whatchu mean i can’t take out your goyle? Fuggetaboutit yo.

The only salvation that Nicf and Cody truly have is the prealliance that Derrick made for them, and the protection of production as alluded to in conversations of the house meeting.


Can someone pls explain where is this distrust of nicole about dani coming from?

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He’s telling her Dani tried to final 2 with him.

My 2 cents

What is your theory regarding Derrick’s anger with Nicole? If she got him kicked off the show, then why is Cody working with her? And why is their pre-gaming acceptable? Could Derrick and Cody be setting her up for a massive blindside down the road? I’m just confused by the whole situation and thought you could shed some light!

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my theory? Regarding the anger messages Derrick put out?
not since long before 3rd feed day when they started slipping up what pregaming was going on.
As soon as they all started spilling information on pregaming i formed a completely different idea about how the pregaming went.


I heard he denied pregaming “on zoom” but nothing about angry messages targeting Nicole— please do share the tea!

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Derrick after releasing a message about not being on this season released two messages saying he was upset with Nicf.
The rumor was Nicf got him kicked off.
I never bought that.
I think Nicf called to get Janelle booted. It’s more fitting with her comments within 2 minutes of Nicf appearing on feeds.


This is a good week to nominate Cody and Christmas… tell Cody to win PoV replace Christmas… if he wins… put up Dani (Tyler and Cody both can smoke Christmas… but Tyler was the one Christmas thought was so important to keep in the house.). Tell everyone they betrayed every player that trusted them… that is including some people still here. Who is best for your game? It is all on the rest of you. I’m going to relax now, my job is over.

That is how you do this weeks eviction…. the worst possible thing that could happen is Cody looses the PoV and people take a shot at him… and Cody goes… not a huge loss and the smartest move for all of them.


Never really been a fan of ian or enzo, but if one of them wins and does what they have been implying/saying they’ll do (cody/dani or nic/dani), then they’ll find a new fan in me. Tyler could maybe be interesting also, but his lack of commitment is frustrating.

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When David again tried to warn Christmas about the optics of the week, She asked if the Tyler thing is why everyone will be talking (and why she’s being named in the house). David says no. Also says he feels bad for what Christmas had to go through this week.

My brain: oh silly Christmas, big brother fans especially on twitter have more than enough hate in their hearts to be mad at you and Tyler simultaneously. Just be happy Autismgate is happening… or wait you were named there too. oops.

Da tells Bay that D/R was asking if there was any difference in how Da and Bay are treated in the house because Da is darker than Bay. ANNNND… Stars.


I’m really glad to see that Nicole is losing sponsorships for the day she spoke about Ian. Her and Dani are such classic mean girls.

Same Ole Same Ole

Every year I think “Wow. This is the worst season ever”. This year is no different. Once they got rid of K/J, no real point in even watching anymore. Nothing has really changed. Cody is still a bitch, Enzo is still annoying AF, Christmas is still a racist buffoon, Nicole F. is still a waste, Day still thrives on drama, Memphis is still an asshole…what a terrible season. Ian is the only redeeming person left in the BB house. What a mess.


Interesting convo’s today esp between Cody and Nic F – TPTB (the Powers That Be) favored F2 today.

Since these two are committed to go to F2 we learn a few things that are ‘truths’ versus some of the bull the hamsters typically toss at one another.

Still there were a few white lies told. For example — Enzo does want Nic F gone. Perhaps Cody hasn’t been privy to Enzo REPEATEDLY saying she has to go OR Cody believes he can talk Enzo down if the situation arises OR Cody knows she’d be sitting beside a bigger target such as Ian or Dani.

I outlined below who the hamsters would target & this chat confirms some of those points such as Cody wanting to break up the trio of Kevin/David/Day. Nic F NOT wanting to win but doing similar to Cody with by the sounds of it Memphis being the re-nom (not Day b/c they have a deal).

Other relevant intel pulled from recent chats:

The reason Day has done a 180 on Dani is b/c they made a F2 per Nic.

Even if Dani nominates Tyler or gets someone else to, Cody will NOT vote him out at least for the next 2 weeks. The only way Ty would be in jeopardy would be if he was sitting beside Nic F or Cody (although Cody would be the correct target) & even then I’m not sure Enzo/Memphis/Xmas/David or Kevin would keep Nicole over Ty.

Someone recently mentioned how Dani & Nic are friends outside BB but they suspected that won’t last after this season (wish I could remember who said it — apologies) and they were on the money. This became obvious in the NiCody chat when she learned Dani has lied to her & does have a F2 with Cody and is holding back intel from each of them. Cody buried Dani & we all know how much Nic hates not knowing everything, losing control or heaven forbid has someone suggest she be targeted.

Cody is “Derricking” Dani and wouldn’t be averse to her leaving if they have to lose someone from the Commission + Enzo group. And why would he? He has F2s with Nic/Enzo/Memphis & maybe even Ty.

Many had stated Nic F is super safe with no one targeting her BUT —- I wonder how true that is. Enzo/Memphis/Dani/Ty/Ian all know she is Cody’s true F2. The question is what scenario would make her the priority boot? Clearly if Cody is on the block he SHOULD be the priority boot. Doubtful Enzo, Ty or Memphis would vote him out either due to F2’s or shield reasons.

I suspect Dani would prefer to keep Nic but I’m not convinced she would do that if she thinks her deal with Cody would protect her more than her deal with Nic. For sure Day and Ian would want to keep Nicole. Xmas would likely keep Cody once she spoke to Enzo/Ty/Memphis so the swing votes would be Kevin/David & presumably one of them would be HOH for this to even be a reality.

Fortunately for Nic her biggest allies are also much bigger targets but I do think Ian has made inroads. If it was Ian vs Nic on the block we know Cody/Dani/Day/Memphis are all keeping her but I could see David/Kevin/Ty keeping him. I think Ty would influence Xmas who already has a relationship with Ian & if she learns Nic wanted her targeted that’s an easy choice.

Enzo’s vote would be the most interesting as her removal would clear his path to Cody’s true F2. However, the same reason the hamsters will vote this way is also why it’s unlikely they end up on the block together. Only Enzo might put them up together citing the “previous winners” argument.

The other intriguing development is the trio of Day/Kevin/David — I’m not sure they are all that solid. Kevin/David made inroads with Ty/Ian while Day has aligned with Nic/Dani. What made this even clearer was David sharing information with Xmas today about “someone” (Dani? Day?) targeting her.

Kevin wants so desperately to be a factor with the cool kids & Ian has shared more information with Kevin than anyone so he’ll have influence. David prefers working with males so I believe he could be influenced to go after Dani/Nic. Then again, his motivations are never clear so other than Day being safe & Memphis going on the block anything is possible.

How powers could affect this week:

Moving to HOH this evening — IF anyone other than David, Kevin, Ian or Tyler win HOH it is pretty much guaranteed Kevin/David land on the block.

As for the powers Dani wasn’t wrong her “Replay” power isn’t really that handy unless she senses (read: DR tells her) when the DE is so she can be eligible to play in B2B weeks and senses she is the target.

Christmas’ ‘Blocker’ power could come in handy if she suspects she would be a renom (or one of her allies — Tyler?) although the key for this power would be to save it for DE if possible.

The most intriguing part of the equation will be David and his “Disrupter” power which would allow him (or someone else) to stay off the block & be safe for the week. The biggest question — will the HOH find out at the moment they make nomination announcement? If yes – it has the potential for some drama in a season in desperate need of “true game drama”.

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Dear Autism trashing houseguests:
Remember your ap?
Remember your advertising influencer gig?
Remember your restaurant?

The way the press jumped on it now (it’s been happening for weeks) in order to deflect the is it racist or isn’t it articles of the early week… remember them fondly. They are most likely a memory now.
Just saying. Not endorsing, or promoting per se, Just saying. Two advertisers with the influencing have cut ties already, and the ap? yeesh.

Terrible Horrific Season

Tmz posted the bullies making fun if Ian. Apparently Nicole F. has been dropped by her sponsors. I can’t wait for her to see her ignorance.
Why big brother do you constantly fail to get better people to play the game.

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This week on SIIIIIIIDEKICK REDEMPTION: Because Derrick Called Grod too.
CommitteecommitteecommitteecommitteeMemphismastermindcommitteeMemphis. Sorry, that’s me getting prepared for the episode frame of mind.

Bayleigh and Da’vonne’s obvious from before the premiere ended lifelong sisterhood (well look at them) became a concern to Christmas (notice in all the holidays i’ve called her… it’s never been Kwanzaa. I saw season 19 feeds so mmhm).
Tyler tried to be woke, and escape this clusterfuq of a season, however, Grod preferred he not wake up and got Felonykaren to keep him in the game, promising an edit that would make everyone look fine, except the nominees. Would Grod lie? 
And now before the end of the episode Either psa returncast member 1 or psa returncast member 2 will be going home.

veto meeting fallout.
Tyler’s d/r here is… mechanical.
Still running with the effect not the cause edit. (The promises the HOH wanted both to stay).
Still not including that Christmas did name an untouchable. oops.
Da’vonne cancels Christmas d/r. Coal for everyone.
Da’vonne again. now Tyler.
David and Enzo. David d/r? He don’t love Da. What’s that?

Jumping to Cody’s Grandfather segment. not going to sarcasm it.
sorry. I’m human. I’ve lost people. not doing it.

The fight. Mostly accurate depiction (excluding the alcohol facillitation) Little cuts and odd cam switches. Not massive cuts.
The Ian d/r tension breakers… why?

Eviction Vote.
Da speech lord, daughter. BLM. Keep me.
Bay love. Da’vonne. Vote how you want. No welcome to Jury message yet.
Dani: Bay:. Ian Bay: Cody: Bay. Enzo: Bay. Commercial.x8
Tyler: Bay. David: Bay. Memphis Mr. Committee: Bay Sloppie: Bay
Kevin: Bay. Unanimous vote. eyeroll. 9-0
Bayleigh interview oh cut to commercial with special announcement coming before HOH.
Okay up to 6 commercials already and getting annoyed. up to 17 commercials now since half way through the eviction vote. really? 20 now. who says controversy and media attention isn’t good for ad revenue on a reality program. 24 commercials snce 35 minutes into episode. reeeeallllly?
pushing the committee again. The committee only exists to Christmas, Memphis and Grod. OOOOIIII. STFU about Committee.
The HOH is the WALL. ANNNNNND MORE COMMERCIALS. GTFO. without commercials is this episode even a half hour long????? At 7 commercials i wonder. 4 minutes left to episode.
Announcement: NO battle back. Jury has begun. multiple hand grips.
first three to fall are have nots. if Jessica from 21 was there, she’d have fallen already.