Big Brother Spoilers “Everyone in this house is under her spell”

6:30pm HOH Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae

Aaryn brings up how Helen thinks she is a power player. Amanda says Helen is not a power player because anyone who allied themselves with ELISSA isn’t a power player. She adds that Helen cannot manipulate people she always resorts to bold threats.

Aaryn brings up how Helen was calling them all the bad people.
Spencer: “we’re the decepticons”

They agree that JUDD will be happy to see Helen and Elissa enter the jury house. They talk about the HOH endurance and how they hope it’s cold because Elissa will not be able to handle it.
Spencer: ‘In OTEV she was trembling”
MC: “I’m from Minnesota I am built for cold”
MC and Spencer say they are going to make comments during the comp saying how cold they are feeling.

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“3am is going to have to be 2am.. If we cannot get Elissa out then Aaryn or GM has to go” -Amanda

5:12pm HOH everyone Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Amanda
Andy saying he will sh!t his pants on live TV if a jury member comes back.
Amanda: “How can a 33 year old woman have her head shoved up a 22 year old a$$ hole” (talking about GM and Aaryn)
Spencer thinks it’s a jealousy thing, Gm has the blue contacts and bleached hair she’s trying to be Aaryn.
Amanda: “If you say anything wrong about Aaryn GM will back her up.. regardless”
Spencer says GM cannot be reasoned with you can’t tell her anything.
Amanda: “All you need is a arrogant 22 years old have a 33 year old to back you up”

Andy says he snapped at Elissa today he couldn’t handle it any more “She said she never threaten anyone.. She was threatening me.. she said to me If I vote out Helen, Aaryn, GM and her are gunning after him and i’m going home”
Amanda says in Elissa mind that is not a threat it’s a “Game move”

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Andy says you are not swaying me by threatening me! You are actually pissing me off!

1:30pm – 1:45pm Up in the HOH room – Andy tells Helen that he is considering voting her out. Andy tells Helen I know you aren’t coming after me but you have been consistently been coming after people that are loyal to me. Elissa says Amanda and McCrae aren’t loyal to you. Helen says if you vote me out then you will have people coming after you that have never been coming after you. Helen tells Andy he is the swing vote and she needs him. Helen says that if Spencer makes it to the end he will win, he will start winning soon and will have the record for being on the block so many times. Helen says I will vote for Spencer because I will be shocked at how good his game is. Andy says you are not swaying me by threatening me! You are actually pissing me off! Elissa says I am not threatening you. Helen says I am not threatening you! Andy says you just called me up here and threatened me! Helen says I am sorry I don’t mean to do that, I just really really want you to consider keeping me.

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Aaryn says you’re calling me an idiot. Elissa says you’re naïve to think that anyone would vote for you over Amanda or McCrae.

11:15am – 11:45am Elissa and Helen are in the bathroom. Elissa asks Aaryn if they can talk after she gets changed. Aaryn says sure. Aaryn heads up to the HOH room and then gets called to the diary room. In the havenot room Amanda wakes up and goes to crawl in with McCrae she tells him that she is going to freak out. She then goes to the rainbow room and grabs a pillow and takes it back to the havenot room to go back to sleep. Up in the HOH room – Elissa and Aaryn are talking about how no one will win against Amanda and McCrae in the end. Elissa says if Amanda is in jury she wont vote for you. Aayrn says yeah I know. Aaryn says I think McCrae I would have a chance against him. Elissa says I want us to have open communication because they are going to eat you alive. Aaryn agrees. Aaryn says they are already coming after me and Ginamarie. I am scared I feel like Ginamarie and I are everyone’s target. Elissa says I don’t know why you think I would put you up. Aaryn says because Amanda told me that you were. Elissa says I told Amanda that I wasn’t coming after her but I didn’t say I was coming after you.

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Spencer says Elissa is a robot, we call her the Terminator because you can’t f**king reason with her.

12:15am In the backyard Laying on the hammock are Helen and Elissa. Helen asks Elissa who she thinks would win America’s Favourite. Elissa says I don’t know. Helen says if you are in jury they would vote for you to get it. Elissa says I would have to thank Brenchel Army because they’re the ones that kept me here. Helen says I think if you didn’t get it, it would be Ginamarie. I would vote for her if I was watching. Elissa says I don’t think so, I think you or Judd would get it. Helen says I don’t think I would get it, I am too boring in the diary room. Elissa says I am boring too. Helen and Elissa head inside.

Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Andy, Spencer and McCrae are in the HOH room hanging out and talking about random things. They talk about all going to Vegas together after the show is over. McCrae asks isn’t Vegas a dry state? Andy asks if he means Nevada? The others are confused and then McCrae asks isn’t Nevada a dry state? Spencer says he doesn’t know. Ginamarie thinks he means dry weather wise. McCrae says no if you are caught with drugs you go straight to prison immediately.

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Big Brother Spoilers – A broken record, A yeast infection and 36 hours to get rid of Yukon Cornelius

9:30pm Backyard Elissa and Helen
Helen says Andy is kinda with everyone in the house but his loyally is with Amanda.
Helen: “You know.. Amanda and Aaryn kiss each others butt you know.. I don’t think they will ever get rid of each other.. you know”
Elissa: “Maybe not.. and that means Aaryn had a really lucky game”
Helen: “that means you gotta do it you know”
Elissa: “All the HOH’s she won.. she was the last player and that song played for 15 seconds”
Helen: “I don’t know why no one picker early you know.. because they are protecting her”
Elissa: “Another skank player”

Elissa says if Candice had to choose between Aaryn and Amanda she will resign from jury as well.
Helen: “I think she will cry”

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“GM has to go before Spencer.. to be honest the way she’s acting maybe Aaryn” -Amanda

6:13pm Cockpit Andy, Amanda, McCrae
Amanda is pissed at Aaryn getting mad at Amanda in the HOH after Amanda told them about her conversation with Elissa. Aaryn was saying Amanda is throwing them under the bus to keep her and McCrae safe. Amanda says she was just wanting Elissa to feel safe so she didn’t win the HOH.
Amanda “What the f*ck is wrong with Aaryn, no matter what Elissa will be targeting her.. does Aaryn rather it be her and those two (Gm or Spencer) or would she rather it be Amanda and Aaryn”
Andy says she walked in on the last bit of that conversation and didn’t want to be part of it.
Amanda: “Stop trying to protect GM”
Mcrae: “Thats all she cares about.. Spencer knows what the f*** is going on.. “
Amanda says Aaryn understands it right now but still what the f** why does this always happen with her.
McCrae thinks Aaryn’s plan is to keep GM here over one of them.

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Elissa makes a play to keep Helen “Spencer wins if he gets to the end.. he’s been a pawn 9 times”

3:40pm Cockpit Amanda and Elissa

Elissa:’ Oh my gosh I literally cannot deal with these people”

Amanda confronts her about them calling her a bad person, Evil person and A bully. Amanda says that hurts her because she has never done anything personal to them. It’s always been about game for Amanda she’s never lied to them.

Elissa:” You know who is saying that about you.. your little side kick Aaryn.. She is trying to pin all this to you to the cameras.. to everyone she is trying to make you look like a evil person.. She is the worst person I have ever met Umm hmmm”

Amanda: “What kills me the most is Helen told me that you are using me and pretending to be my friend..“
Amanda: ‘The reason I knew why Helen was coming after me is Andy tolds me.. and he wouldn’t lie about that”
Amanda: “I’m not lying to Helen and there are people in this house that are lying straight to Helen’s face”

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Helen tells Amanda I have met my match. I really think you’re one of the smartest people I have ever met.

2:40pm – 3pm In the lounge – Helen and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells Helen that she has never bullied her. I am the only person that has been honest with you. Helen says I care about you very deeply and I can admit when I have met my match. When we get out we can have a talk. I really think you are one of the smartest people I have ever met. Amanda says I have never bullied you and I don’t do what McCrae wants. Helen says I am sorry and I have mad respect for you. I care about both of you deeply. I will talk to McCrae separately. Helen says I want you two in my life after this. I am who I am and I don’t like that about me. As soon as I finished talking to McCrae I felt bad about it. I don’t ever want to be the one that puts you down. Amanda says my feelings were hurt. With Jessie she attacked me on a personal level and so what I did I think was warranted. Helen says yeah I tried to separate what happened between you and Jessie. That is between you and Jessie and has nothing to do with me. Amanda says I know you were coming after me even if you won’t admit it. Amanda says if you leave I have Elissa and will protect her I am not going after her.

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Elissa says Aaryn is viewed as a horrible, despicable person. Helen says siding with the mom’s would help her.

11:30am Helen and Elissa head out to the backyard couch. Helen comments that she feels a lot better after having a good nights sleep. Elissa says its exhausting being nominated isn’t it. Helen says I think I have Aaryn, you and Ginamarie. If I stay I will have to work with Aaryn, I can’t work with Amanda and McCrae. I don’t know what it is and why Andy is more drawn to Amanda and McCrae. I don’t know if he is brainwashed or what. I feel like he is my son and I am just disappointed that he has strayed. Elissa says if this was real life Amanda and McCrae are not people you could depend on. Helen says I love Amanda, if I was watching this game I would love her. I would rather got out by her than Spencer. When it comes to the game I don’t have her any more. Aaryn and Ginamarie have themselves. I need Aaryn to give Ginamarie the green light to vote for me. Elissa says I just don’t trust her, she will tell you whatever you want to here and then she will go and tell Amanda everything. Helen says I know she could do that, I just have to trust her.

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Ginamarie says Jessie was a h*rny toad. Andy says that b***h wanted to get f**ked!

12:40am Up in the HOH room – McCrae tells Aaryn that she doesn’t need to worry about Elissa coming after her next week if she wins HOH. She’ll be coming after me and Amanda. Aaryn says she doesn’t think so, she is coming after me, Ginamarie and Spencer because she thinks we’re scum. McCrae says she thinks we’re all scum. Aaryn says well that’s true. McCrae says overall she thinks we’re all scum, she will want to go after us because she believes we were the reason she went up on the block. I believe Helen is going to tell Elissa to make a power move is she wins HOH to put up me and Amanda. Aaryn says but one of you would come down off the block. McCrae says not necessarily like who wins veto that would take one of us down. Aaryn says me, Ginamaire. McCrae says but then she could put up Ginamarie if you took one of us down. Aaryn says I didn’t join the 3AM Alliance (Aaryn, Andy, Amanda, McCrae) just to not save one of you if I could because if I didn’t and I was up next week none of you would save me.

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“It’s just insane to me that she knows nothing that is going on.. like nothing” -Andy

10:46pm Kitchen Amanda and Elissa

They are both preparing food.. Silent. Andy comes in and Amanda starts talking to him.
Amanda leaves. Andy asks Elissa how she is doing.
Elissa says she’s alright she starts complaining about her teeth saying the slop and protein is causing a lot of tarter to build up.
Elissa: “I hate it when your teeth don’t feel like you’ve just came back from the dentist”
Elissa: “Do you have Sonic care”
Andy: ‘No.. I use a regular toothbrush”
Elissa: “You got to get sonic care”
Andy: “I’ll take you up on that offer.. I’ll look into it” Andy goes back out side

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