“GM has to go before Spencer.. to be honest the way she’s acting maybe Aaryn” -Amanda

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


5:18pm HOh Bathroom Aaryn and Amanda

Amanda is saying that she has to trust Amanda she wants Aaryn in this game. Amanda explains the 3am will have to vote to keep her Amanda is trying to make sure two of them don’t go on the block. Amanda reiterates that the chance that Elissa wins HOH if she feels safe are more remote than if she felt threatened.

Amanda: “Everything I do is for 3am alliance.. “
Amanda swears up and down that she is on Aaryn’s side. She tells Aaryn to be as nice as she can to Elissa they all have to make Elissa feel safe after the veto on saturday. Amanda adds that she has been in control of every single nomination she will keep Aaryn safe she promises.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here (Added a new one of Helen)


5:30pm Hammock Helen and Elissa

Helen is saying she has a feeling a guy is going to win this season. Elissa:” Ugh we gotta get these guys out” Elissa starts talking about how much she cannot stand Aaryn, calls her fake. They start chit chatting about their wedding rings

5:46pm Helen saying that she needs to figure out what is going on with GM and Aaryn,

Elissa thinks they should pretend they are mad at each other. Helen then can get in good with Gm and Aaryn. (Feeds keep cutting out this conversation is horribly broken up)

Helen wants to figure out a way they can get Spencer in a fight. Elissa suggest they just keeping saying spencer is going to win the game because he’s been a pawn so many times.
Elissa: ‘It’s so funny.. I would never vote for him in the end”
Helen: “There might be people that vote for him”

Helen says that Elissa has to get on GM’s good side incase she wins HOH.
Elissa: “Oh my god”
H: “Spencer is going to win this game because he’s going to get pawned.. wish Spencer had gone out that week instead of Howard” (Last night Helen was telling everyone that Spencer will go home next week so there is no point allying with him)
Elissa says her one worry is that after the show she will find out she should have allied with Aaryn. She knows this won’t be true though. Elissa: “Aaryn threatens me every week.. she put us up on purpose” Elissa adds that Aaryn is not loyal to her, “I mean I would have worked with her but it’s just one horrific thing after another”

Helen: “Maybe they would get Alcohol and they will start fighting”

6:11pm Hammock Elissa and Helen
Helen says she quit her job so she has a lot of time to commit to their business plans. Sounds like they want to design Helen and Elissa branded clothing, Jewelry, mugs etc.
Elissa says she only trains people yoga one on one, “I don’t know hmm umm my life is so busy it’s so crazy”
Helen says she will find a graphic designer and she if she can learn how to do it. Helen suggests their name be HelElissa. Elissa doesn’t like that name.
Elissa: “I design a lot of stuff on our websites.. “

CBS Interactive Inc.


6:13pm Cockpit Andy, Amanda, McCrae
Amanda is pissed at Aaryn getting mad at Amanda in the HOH after Amanda told them about her conversation with Elissa. Aaryn was saying Amanda is throwing them under the bus to keep her and McCrae safe. Amanda says she was just wanting Elissa to feel safe so she didn’t win the HOH.
Amanda “What the f*ck is wrong with Aaryn, no matter what Elissa will be targeting her.. does Aaryn rather it be her and those two (Gm or Spencer) or would she rather it be Amanda and Aaryn”
Andy says she walked in on the last bit of that conversation and didn’t want to be part of it.
Amanda: “Stop trying to protect GM”
Mcrae: “Thats all she cares about.. Spencer knows what the f*** is going on.. “
Amanda says Aaryn understands it right now but still what the f** why does this always happen with her.
McCrae thinks Aaryn’s plan is to keep GM here over one of them.
Amanda: “I told her don’t go to Elissa and be her best friend and out me because what will happen is Elissa will go after us both” They agree that Elissa will target Aaryn no matter what.

McCrae says he doesn’t understand why Aaryn doesn’t get it.. If Amanda and Aaryn go up Aaryn will go home,. He’s talked to Specner about this and he understands fully what has to be done.

Amanda: “She’s so f**** stupid”
Amanda: “Aaryn doesn’t trust you two by the way.. ”

Amanda and McCrae head outside for a smoke. Amanda says if Aaryn keeps acting like this it might be a good idea for them to Keep GM and Spencer over her, “I won’t say that in front of Andy.. This makes me so made”
Amanda says they don’t want GM to win the HOH because if the POV is played one of them will go up and someone might decide to make a move on them.
MC: “Aaryn … this drives me f*** crazy”
A: ”So mad so dumb”

They agree that GM has to go before Spencer, Amanda: “To be honest the way she’s acting maybe her.. “
MC: “I would rather take Spencer”
A: “She trying to make it look like I’m hurting GM.. GM is not in our alliance.. what the f** is she doing’
MC: “She’s being a paranoid freak”
A: “You and Andy have to instill in her you would keep her over anyone.. “


CBS Interactive Inc.

6:38pm HOH GM, Amanda, Spencer, Aaryn, McCrae
Amanda says the first couple days she was the only one that didn’t know Elissa was Rachel sister. She was up in the HOH and was talking mad sh!t about Rachel in front of Elissa. Amanda shared with everyone at the time the story about Brendon j***king off and sending pictures of it to a girl on the internet. The pictures were released and everyone had a look.
Aaryn: “She needs to make a chemical compound that seals her lips permanently”
Spencer: ”like a polymer bond”
Aaryn: The brenchel Army is the biggest joke I have ever heard”
Mcrae, Spencer and GM agree.
Amanda: “Like she’s lady gaga with her little monsters”
Spencer: ”I would drink that f**king bitches bath water..”

They start chit chatting about musicians.
GM says she likes Eminem, tupac, Biggie and 50 cents but doesn’t like Beyonce or Will Smith.
They start talking about how musicians and movie stars deal with Fame. Amanda says she thinks she has no idea what life is going to be like when they get out of the Big Brother game.

Aaryn warns them that people are going to take it so fa. McCrae agrees says the people on the internet can be brutal.. “We asked to put ourselves out there so we cannot be pissed off what happens” McCrae adds that in five years their Big Brother fame will really die out and nobody will talk about them.

They agree there will be people that absolutely loves them and there will be people that think they are the devil.

They start trying to figure out why anyone would be part of the brenchel army.
Amanda thinks it’s because they bring drama into the house and were on it two times.
Spencer:’ I hated those mother f****”
Aaryn points out that Spencer has a strong emotional response to Brenchel same with many people that is why they are always on this show.

They start talking about Elissa again. They are all convinced she makes more money in her stipend than they do.
McCrae points out they all had a chance to negotiate their stipend.
Spencer: “Uhh how about X amount” Spencer impersonating production “How about you don’t go on at all”
McCrae: “Ya they have 4 people that look the same”
Aaryn: “The difference is we want to be here”
Aaryn: “Helen told me she’s on here to get Elissercise popular” (Elissercise is the name of Elissa’s yoga training services)
McCrae doesn’t think the internet people like Elissa too much because of all her talk about quitting and hating her time in the house.

Amanda comes back up tells them Andy and Helen are on the hammock and Elissa sat down next to her so she finished her smoke and came up. Aaryn tells them that Elssia had asked the DR for a muscle relaxant because the have nots beds were too uncomfortable.
Gm mentions how she asked for Jessie’s cream for her hand and they wouldn’t give it her but she’s noticed that Elissa got it. Aaryn asks Amanda if they gave her the monistat. Amanda says yes.
Amanda mentions that production doesn’t like when they talk about Elissa being favoured by production.


7:14pm Helen and Andy
Chatting about events that took place in the game.

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CBS Interactive Inc.

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Stupid Amanda. Why does everyone has to play the game to fit her needs. She has her 3AM but is mad if Aaryn has GM? What a crazy fool?


because cbs cast a bunch of sheep and puppets to do her bidding


Are you not paying attention? GM is not part of 3AM….Aaryn should be protecting her alliance, not GM. If she is going to protect GM over her alliance, then the alliance should get rid of her. If Aaryn and Amanda are both put up, Aaryn will be going home, so she better wake up. If she keeps trying to keep GM over her alliance members, she’ll be gone.


She’s gonna be gone anyway if she sticks with Amanda and Mccrae. There is no way they are taking anyone but each other to the final two. She better wake up and start playing her own game instead of Amanda’s. I don’t get the fascination everyone has with Amanda. She would talk to me ONE time like she talks to everyone else in that house and she would have definitely been my target early on. As soon as I saw her picture (before the show even started) I told my husband that she looked evil and I would never trust her. Boy did I get that one right. Of course when I looked at Aaryn’s picture I thought she looked sweet. Guess I got that one totally wrong.


So what Sawyers mommy is saying is that you don’t know sh!t.I would this and I would that. Your dumb ass would do exactly what everyone else I doing. Your husband should slap you but he is probably a Mcpussy.

Over Everyone

Really? Is that the only way you know how to have a discussion, vile language and attack people that don’t agree with all you say and think, oh wait, I take back think, not sure you can.

Power player

Then you would’ve been voted out that week by Amanda and her minions. Amanda has/had her claws in almost every HG since the departure of nick, why would that change now. The game plan has been laid down and everyone is playing the same game, go under Amanda’s wing don’t rock the boat and vote with the house. It only changes when you get put on the block because your either A. Low man on the totem pole, or B. had drama/agreed to a different plan.

What’s aggravating about Amanda whining about Aaryn is that they both know what each other is saying but are beating around a bush. aaryn isn’t happy because Amanda moved in on Elissa and Helen and has pretty much secured safety from them but by doing so put aaryn and GM in the crosshairs. Even though aaryn knows she would stay aaryn wants to keep GM as 5th to overthrow Amanda and mccrae before final 4 similar to Andy and mccrae wanting to keep spencer.


aaryn has a way better shot than amanda at winning the final comps and taking herself to final 2. she just needs to stick with the 3AM to get herself to final 4 and then it’s all comps. by talking about keeping gm over the 3am alliance, she is absolutely jeopardizing her place with them. Hello? is absolutely right.
people in these comments are so blinded by their hate for amanda that they forget that the players are trying to play a game where you have to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. you do NOT tell your alliance, real or fake, that you really doubt them and want to protect someone else outside the alliance. it’s just bad gameplay. same goes to the people on here who think aaryn should have nominated amanda over helen. how is helen good for aaryn’s gameplay? helen is just as much a manipulator, she has no plans on bringing aaryn far in this game and her closest ally, elissa, has aaryn as her no.1 target! plus, she confirmed before replacements noms that she didn’t have the votes to evict amanda. whereas amanda is at least claiming that she will bring aaryn to final 4, has more allies on board with aaryn and has agreed to bring gm to final 5. if aaryn really thought about it she should just keep her mouth shut and turn against them with her vote if it’s comes to saving gm or another 3am alliance member. no sense in ruining a possible alliance when gm is NOT going anywhere this week for sure.
people on here just completely forget to put themselves in the players shoes and see what relationships they have and what deals have been offered. for gm, elissa or spencer, it would make total sense to target amanda next week, but for aaryn, it didn’t make sense. for helen it made sense to target amanda weeks ago, but we all know how that went..


Aaryn can win POV. Amanda can’t. Any smart HOH would not put them on the block together at this point in the game. If Aaryn is the target better to backdoor her. Who’s been planting that strategy in Aaryn’s head for the past few weeks? Oh Amanda has! Maybe that’s why Aaryn doesn’t believe it! Is she really dumb Amanda? Or are your lies finally starting to catch up with you!


Exactly, she’s a total bitch to everyone in that house, yet people still flock to her. Maybe she needs to become a cult leader after the show. I don’t know if everyone is just that scared of her that they are willing to do anything to keep from getting stabbed in the eye by her or if she is just that good of a conman to get everyone to do whatever she wants done. I really think she is being fed information by the crew since she is a friend of the producer and that’s how she knows exactly what moves to make and who to trust, etc.


AMANDA Disgusting filthy nasty human being .

This Season Blows

“McCrae doesn’t think the internet people like Elissa too much because of all her talk about quitting and hating her time in the house. ”

Sadly, McCrae’s wrong – Duck Lips has a whole bunch of delusional fans who just excuse everything she does while criticizing everyone else for the slightest thing.


alot of people probably see her as the least offensive of the bunch. i know, because i’m one of them. her biggest sin is being a little standoffish and arrogant. while i dont like that at all, its small potatoes next to every single one of the other remaining houseguests


That’s how I feel, too. I can’t stand Rachel, so was really disappointed when I found out her sister was going to be on the show. Luckily Elissa is NOTHING like her trashy sister. I don’t particularly love Elissa, but I certainly don’t despise her like every other person in the house right now. I can’t even think of a second person I would want to go to the final 2 with this crappy bunch that’s left.


Hit the nail on the head with that one. They claim they like her because she is the “least offensive of the bunch”. F**k that. If you think that then you obviously don’t pay attention to the show at all and are just a mindless member of the Brenchel Army. Sorry, I know the truth hurts, if it makes you feel any better the downvote button is on the bottom left. I can take it :)


Slightest thing? What show have you bee watching. Sounds like you are the delusional one.


Helen is demented. They did wonderful work. Helen you attacked people that had no power. You attacked your own supporters that’s why you are leaving. Helen get a clue. Even as Helen is leaving, she is trying to dictate who Elissa allies with. Ellisa says Aaryn has nothing to offer in real life. Bam! Ouch! Please let the shit talkers Gina and Aaryn hear that statement. They like to bash people and here is Elissa bashing them. Elissa please say more. I would take one of your yoga classes if you continue your attacks. Please keep it simple for Gina so she can understand. Let Aaryn know that tingling feeling she is experiencing is the crabs she brought into the house. Bam! Yes, please get from under that mind control of Helen’s. Helen is not your mom Elissa. You can fight it, think of Rachel and break free.

Hopefully someone comes into the house, I don’t care who, and they also want to stir shit up as well. Elissa tell Aaryn she’s not even a natural blond. She dyes her hair. Bam! Candice said Aaryn had cellulite. I love it. Use that as well. Aaryn and Gina likes riddles, say something like: cellulite, bleach blond and wanna be host.

Elissa stay strong. Amanda wore down Jessie as well. Jessie wanted to go out firing then was shooting blanks by the end of the week. Elissa, Amanda is a bully and a evil person. Don’t let Amanda have you start doubting what you saw and remember. Hey Big Brother when is that evicted person coming back into the house. Elissa needs some help here before she gets mind swiped. Getting dumber by the day by just being in the house. Bam! Wow! Is someone writing this stuff for Elissa or was she just playing possum. Oh Elissa, please say more, if the conversation ever dies down between you and Aaryn. Just ask Aaryn about the black fish and white fish. Elissa doesn’t even want to waste her breath on these despicable people. Bam! Wow, what a put down. I wonder if Aaryn knows about that. Amanda please tell Aaryn about some of these zingers. Its like Elissa is Zena the Warrior Princess. Elissa is taking on all those wanna be Super Models. LOL! Aaryn and the delusional one that is not be named……please jump in Elissa’s face so she can tell you all about yourselves.

Look at the fake hug that Elissa gives Amanda. Elissa is not buying what Amanda is selling. Elissa tells Amanda that she wants to play her own game. Wait…. is that allowed in the BB rules, that a player can play their own game. Is that like some BB twist? Hey Big Brother! Lets get Elissa some help in here. Lets get that evicted person back in the house before this week’s eviction vote. Stir it up, turn it around, an let’s see what type of BB cocktail we just created.


I think rpoduction is waiting for Elissa to win HOH so they can give her the Diamond Power of Veto.

This Season Blows

“Hey Big Brother! Lets get Elissa some help in here.”

Like she hasn’t had ENOUGH help? I’ve never seen a more entitled houseguest and fanbase. Pathetic.


This Season Blows, meet Amanda…..Amanda, meet This Season Blows. Now you have seen one.


Joker, Oh my God, I rolled on the floor all night laughing at that pile of crap you wrote. Duckie as the Warrior Princess, quack, quack. Do you honestly believe this lame duck is gonna save your season? How is that gonna happen…Production would have to re-rig the entire game to fit Duckie’s intelligence level (crayons and paper). No I do not think this idiot is your savior. Out in the real world where real people live she would be eaten alive.

BB Bring in the clownies

Re Elyssa’s chances…….Having had 6 siblings ( all different ) — I have seen the same sibling dynamics in my own family as between Rachel & Elyssa. No two kids alike, . We have two sisters (one born 3rd the other 4th)— the 3rd born has to dominate every conversation & attempts to impose her will (i.e Rachel) on the (4th born) (Elyssa) sister. I remember seeing initial BB episode where Rachel was coaching Elyssa. I think Elyssa so use to being told what to do…that she will not have the strength/,gumption, or know-how to be a significant player in the game. Thats why she adopted Helen as her mentor . Helen is a political strategist & high caliber person . But she failed to realize that she was going up against a group of wannabees & backstabbers (in or out of house). Helen was too trusting & expended the most effort in the game & thus placed a target on herown back… In the end, and it will cost her. Elyssa will be lost unless she finds another mommy to fight her battles. UNLESS Elyssa is just playing dumb & laying low (even fooling Helen) and somehow turns out to be some brilliant mastermind,,, ….. waiting for the sharks /backstabbers to kill each other off….before she makes her own bold move—– She will need a
h***eva speech to prove & convince the jury that was her strategy all along if she were to somehow miraculously make the final 3……… I highly doubt she would have any chance of winning or even make the final 3 or 2 unless Amanda & Ronald Mcr adopt her. I pity anyone who has to have constant contact with Amanda.


Ugly, horrid ogre….Elissa.


C, I see you are at your job hating. Hater’s hate and players play. Play on Elissa, play on!

Helens false ray of sunshine

Joker. Tell me you’re joking.


Well, now we know Amanda has a yeast infection! I just threw up in my mouth.


demanda gives me that response no matter what she does


Can someone help clarify (even if you don’t know all the details); why do have-nots seem to be able to eat or drink things that were considered ‘have’ food?
Amanda eating popsicles
Elissa making ice-cream
GM drinking chocolate milk
Does anyone know about the changes or what they are allowed to have?


Because they made them with the food have nots get to eat….. Popsicle is made with that blue electrolyte drink, and the ice cream is made with milk and cream… Pretty cool actually, I’ve never seen HGs do this in any season, but I’m guessing nobody ever thought of what they can do with the have not food before…


The popsicle is made with electrolite type drink (like gatorade).
The ice cream is slop ice cream (the girls concocted a recipe made with milk & such).
Besides slop they are allowed other things. Chocolate milk being one of those thing.

They are also allowed sweet/iced tea, coffee. milk, pickles, olives, and a whole mess of condiments.


Simon, my post tripled (think I hit submit a time or 2 too many!).
Can you delete the dupes?


From what I understand, they have protein shake mix. I think they mixed it and froze it to make an ice cream/shake thing…Jessie had one when she was a have not a few weeks back. As for popsicles, I don’t know.


They make popsicles out of the electrolyte drink that they are allowed to have….just freeze it. They make ice cream out of regular or chocolate milk…which they are allowed to have. (they may use vanilla as well…since it might be considered a “condiment”) They have always been allowed to drink chocolate milk as have nots.


They never used to be allowed to have milk. So it either changed with this season or it happened within a couple BB seasons. So these HGs are spoiled. Maybe because Amanda is on and they want her to be comfortable because she is going to win? Or maybe she has the production staff as scared as all the HGs


they added the list of approved condiments 2 or 3 seasons ago, about the same time america started voting for the have not foods. they can have milk for the protein shakes, pickles, ketchup, mustard, spices, etc.

slop alone is not healthy for extended periods of time, so they had to supplement, but it’s still not pleasant.


Clicking on the live feeds, first screen, HoH room. Amanda: “…it’s like a different kind of orgasm. It’s amazing…” Sigh. Second screen, Kitchen. Elissa is doing dishes as Spencer says, “I’m just laying around like a big bum.” Yup, that about sums it up!




So Amanda got monistat for her yeast infection. I guess she won’t need the garden tools to harvest the onion patch.


amanda, go on and keep planning the next eviction. pray that spencer, gm, or helen don’t win hoh. really pray you don’t go on the block. you may not realize it, but now your game is just as transparent as helen’s, and the remaining hg might not be as willing to follow you to the finale. here’s hopin’, anyway.


it’s basically amanda’s way or the highway, aaryn. take it or leave it.

i would rather leave it. don’t play into amanda’s game.


SO Amanda gets pissing vex when anybody questions her motives. Aaryn take that as a warning. Should have taken Amanda out when you had a chance. Might as well hand her the money.

Gina Maries Fart

Again, production comments. I’ve never heard other seasons talk like this. There seems to be some shady stuff going on between some members of production and a few of the houseguests. CBS needs to handle this.

Doing it in BB Houseguest Style

Hey Morons! Who voted above comment for to be a thumbs down? What do you want???? The WWE???

Doing it in BB Houseguest Style

Let me guess???? The Brenchel fans. You truly are morons. You have no problem with production trying to take her to the end?

Bunny in a Box

Team Billy!!!!! The invisible player that knows how to play the game, not be a racist disgusting bimbo, not a floater, and not a fake ass Helen!! That’s who Billy is, and I’m rooting for him!!! WOOO WOOOO!!!!!!!


Billy will be the next houseguest on Amanda’s Hit List to be evicted, after Aaryn & GM. Billy had a good run though.


Good thing McNasty used a condom since men CAN get penile yeast infection from women.


amanda: stop putting perfume and baby powder down there, and make your man take a bath before you crawl in bed with him. this is what is causing your female problems.

Rio Seven

Name, I have said this before too and I am relieved to see that someone else has figured this out. You can’t put baby powder on your twat! Aside from infections, it is a carcinogenic.


amanda needs to take better care of herself. she’s putting herself at risk for cervical cancer and other problems too. female parts are extremely sensitive – they have to be kept clean and you can’t put perfume or baby powder down there.


There only one type of women that would sleep with men that don’t take baths, we call them whores, skanks,tramps, ect.

I knew dudes like McCrae, the types that would jump outta bed, throw something on and head out for work. Those types, hardly get girls on the regular, so it doesn’t matter if they shower or not, but if they do get a date, they wash their ass, put on some cologne to impress the ladies, LOL. McCrae don’t care, because Amanda don’t care. That’s her problem though. She must like getting yeast infections.


Helen must feel like a dumb ass now after Candice told her not to trust Andy and she trusted Andy anyway. I would like either Jessie or Helen to come back in the game because they would try and take out Amanda/Mccrae. Judd would join them instead of trying to get them out. Candice would what to get them out, but she would not win any competitions to do it. I also think she been through enough in that house. They still talking about her and she is not there, imagine if she was there.

Surely you jest

I wouldn’t take anything Hell en or Botox princess made even if they gave it to me. Helen is still suffering from delusions of grandeur if she thinks the world is so impressed with them that they will buy their fashion designs. And Helen quit her job so that she could start this new venture after her BB experience? I bet her employer (a political consulting firm) told her she couldn’t take a leave. So bully Helen said fine, I’ll quit. You better hope you have talent in your newfound field Helen. Because after watching you this season manipulating people and then getting outplayed at only a little beyond the half way point, I wouldn’t hire you for shit. Wonder what pathetic desperate scheme she and Elissa will cook up for tonight and tomorrow.

BBfan from Florida

I was discouraged by the cast of this season so I watched the entire season 7. WOW they were good and that was a game.

Brenchel Army FTW

F*** these houseguests they all suck except for Elissa and their constant bashing, just because they are all hated and will never be as popular.

The stick in Elissa's butt

Yep, Elissa dont bash nobody thats why everytime Helen says something to her she complains about Aaryn.


another ignorant hypocrite has spoken!!!

even has the nerve to call the other’s bashers… get a clue Brenchel army ftw (or possibly an education)


Gasp! Could it be? Aaryn might go after Amanda.


What a disgusting bunch of freaks!

Why is adoption a source of humor for these soulless mutants?


Boring nominations, house consensus, unanimous eviction…Lather, rinse, repeat. Amanda is just a piece of work… No words to describe that mental case of a woman & she’s maddeningly getting an incredibly favorable edit by CBS. Clownie has it right…time to commit BB 15 suicide.


I don’t like Helen, but I do give her credit for even trying to have a conversation with Duck lips. Apparently she has a one track mind and it’s only about Aaryn.


i a big fan of elssia simon she my favorite in the house i want her to win hoh so bad so her fans could enjoy the week with her hoh it will be entertiament


i vote for clownie to win bb15


Spencer: ”I would drink that f**king bitches bath water..”

OK, that was the nastiest thing he’s said all season…


Question…….. who wouldn’t Spencer f*ck?! He’s pretty freaking disgusting.

Bat sh!t crazy

Everybody have to sacrifice theur closest ally except for (guess who?), Amanda and McCrae..Sounds logical for me..


I just went to “Elissercise” website… Yep, she’s conceited like a motherfucker.

This Season Blows

Look up her “Bridezilla” episode next. What she made her “friend” do to her braces is easily worse than anything the rest of the cast has done (that we know of, at least).


let me tell you why i hate ellisa 1. shes annoying 2. she said she wanted to leave like a bitch 3. she doesnt need the money (her husband has a lot of money) o ya hes 40 lol she married for the money 4. she said he gets payed more then every1 eles (the weekly pay they get 1k ellisa gets more) 5. ellisa breaks the rules and dr doesnt care


Exactly why everyone should want to drag her to f2…


let me tell you why i dont like the rest of the HGs…

– demanda: totally disgusting racist/bigoted bully. youtube amanda zuckerman social justice warrior for more
– mcpussy: supposed BB superfan who was given a chance to live out his dream and instead decides to play the role of keychain/sex slave to the worst HG of all time
– rat bastard andy: biggest liar in the house and snitch and the main person keeping demanda safe for some dumbass reason
– spencer: extremely crude loser who had one good thing going for him, standing up to demanda. but he quit that act to become yet another one of her puppets
– GM: racist who fixates way too much on candice, even though she is gone and has a looney infatuation with nick providing the very definition of stalker/someone needing to be protected from in a restraining order
– aaryn: liar and racist who also plays the demanda sheep role a little too well
– helen: sanctimonious liar who thinks she’s a great player, when in actuality she is totally clueless. also horrible with loyalty to people that would be good team mates with some crazed fixation on trusting the rat bastard andy, leading her to protect demanda too like a puppet

and each and every one of them have as their biggest hobby of talking shit behind anybody’s back they possibly can


Well considering you left out Duck lips and her elitist attitude and obsession with Aaaryn. I take it you are a fan of her, Mr. Slater


i was replying to a guy who only listed elissa and a bunch of reasons why. i wasnt trying to pile onto that, i was explaining why the other HGs he did not list needed disdain


Really? Right now Ellissa my favorite hg. I am having such a hard time reading the updates on the house as they are so vile. AA in the beginning and continues to be a vile person. I so understand where Ellissa is coming from. Is she willing, like everyone else to lower her standards because of the game. I am hoping Ellissa wins America’s Favorite player. How many times has it been posted that when the rest of the house and start their bashing she will walk out of the room. A mature woman with class … MATURE … maybe that’s why, if she did, marry an older man. Funny if it were an older man with younger woman it wouldn’t be so talked about. I have so much more respect for her. Tell, me who do you think has the most class in the house? I dislike the vile hate the hgs converse about and I don’t like it on here either, makes us no better, because we aren’t on national tv. Really telling that AA father doesn’t want his picture broadcasted on t.v. but i don’t doubt he will love her any less but is probably disappointed.


Her husband is 51 not 40 He is 51 . 40 is not old ?


First of all, why does it matter how old Elissa’s husband is?
Maybe I missed something , but what makes you say she
got married for money? Did she say that? You’re as ignorant
as the hgs.

amanda's yeast infection

my girl Amanda’s controlling this game.

elissa's lip injections

I agree with Matttt.
I hate Elissa for the mentioned reasons.

I would rather be Amanda’s yeast infection.


What is this “brenchel army” exactly? What is it’s function? How does it relate to Elissa? Do people know they are a part of it?


Elissa’s sister Rachel and her now husband Brendon were on the show. Now their fans are supporting Elissa, it’s how she got mvp 3 weeks in a row….


These house guests are disgusting, xcept Elissa!


I really, really, really, don’t understand these HGs and their vision of how the game should play out.

Elissa doesn’t want a guy to win the game. But instead of figuring out she should work with the girls whether she likes them (or trusts them) or not, she mentions again how she cannot stand Aaryn.

Then Helen tells Elissa to get on GM’s good side in case she wins HOH. And elissa’s response is OMG.

These people have to realize that earning their way to half a million is hard work. And working with people is always easy, you can’t always like your “co-workers” but you gotta work with them. If it was easy then the prize wouldn’t be so big.

mr. smith

These house guests are disgusting including duck face herself.

The only decent one of the bunch, imo, is Helen. She is full of herself and played a god awful game, but she is nice to everyone (gaming aside). MC is kinda ok too, maybe………………………

Ah screw it, they are all terrible.


I actually saw on BBAD McPizza and aMANda sitting upright in their chairs. Amazinnnng!


OMG…just when I thought I could skip watching and not missing anything….low and behold you tell me they were caught sitting!! Amazing…not just sitting…but totally upright!!!! That’s a first….lmao!!


GMs stomach hurts and she is pounding that slop in her bowl…constantly…. guess whose puking tooonnniiiiiight!……yup, GM is. Very very sad.

mr. smith

elissa is the worst house guest. She is ugly and dumb too.

That’s it.

derick alaska

One of the greatest moments in this game is this…the moment when Candice, Jessie, and all the livefeeders can say to Helen…

KARMA BIIITTTCCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda's Therapist

Watching tonight(tue) on BBAD as hg’s sat around the big table eating their food…made by Aaryn & GM ? Wtf?
All their bullshit ” spewing ” around was fuckin nuts!
Liar after liar after liar-NOT entertainment…for damn sure!
hg’s slop words about each other! OmG!
Was like a bad therapy session…for Dummies!
Helen & Elissa talking about Andy being with them…Amanda & McPussy…hmmm
Pissy night in the BB house!


This season gave me a new appreciation for the previous seasons of all stars. “those were the days!”

Amanda's Therapist

Amanda talking about in college she took theater & drama & dance … among other classes,etc. Amanda’s a jewish girl – wonder IF she possibly attended an all “girls” private school?
Might explain her loosey slutty whorey behavior… imo!


This season gives me an appreciation for the all stars seasons. I never thought I would say that, but those were the days!”BigBrother Spoilers


these cast members are gonna flip out when the game is over and they find out they destroyed their lives back home

Tired of Drinking the CBS Kool-Ade

I agree, this season’s cast should not be referred to as “house guests”. They are more like “house plants”! A group of them have modeling, acting, production experience. A few have expressed an interest to pursue careers in the entertainment industry post BB. These people seem to be the one’s involved the most dramatic “hot topic” interactions such as racism and bullying, thus giving them their much desired camera time. Amanda has already had a role in a CBS production a few years ago. Elissa has been on the Anderson Cooper show where she won a honeymoon and has ties with the industry through her sister and friends. Aaryn has been in pageants and was a cheerleader as well as small acting rolls. McCrea was in a commercial and I believe he is a DJ and produces music when he’s not delivering pizzas. GM has pageant history, Maxim model and connections to production. Candace was the first black Miss Louisiana, NFL cheerleader, and her adoption story was featured on the OWN (Oprah) network. Howard was a football player and has done some acting/modeling and would like to return to L.A. Even Andy has done impov acting. Spencer, Jessie, Judd, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and David all seem like average clueless Americans, just like the rest of us.


Northalabama, i couldn’t agree more,