Spencer says Elissa is a robot, we call her the Terminator because you can’t f**king reason with her.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.
12:15am In the backyard Laying on the hammock are Helen and Elissa. Helen asks Elissa who she thinks would win America’s Favourite. Elissa says I don’t know. Helen says if you are in jury they would vote for you to get it. Elissa says I would have to thank Brenchel Army because they’re the ones that kept me here. Helen says I think if you didn’t get it, it would be Ginamarie. I would vote for her if I was watching. Elissa says I don’t think so, I think you or Judd would get it. Helen says I don’t think I would get it, I am too boring in the diary room. Elissa says I am boring too. Helen and Elissa head inside.

Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Andy, Spencer and McCrae are in the HOH room hanging out and talking about random things. They talk about all going to Vegas together after the show is over. McCrae asks isn’t Vegas a dry state? Andy asks if he means Nevada? The others are confused and then McCrae asks isn’t Nevada a dry state? Spencer says he doesn’t know. Ginamarie thinks he means dry weather wise. McCrae says no if you are caught with drugs you go straight to prison immediately. McCrae says that’s one thing I would worry about. Spencer says well you know my rule never carry any more drugs than what you’re willing to shove up your butt hole. McCrae says yeah exactly. Ginamarie says yeah that’s true. McCrae says that you’re willing to eat. McCrae says that he has so much garbage in his car and says that his theory is that if I was transporting drugs .. which I never do .. I could roll it up in a McDonald’s bag and jam it down to the bottom of all the garbage because no cop is going to dig through all of that to find it. Aaryn says well everyone knows now. They talk about how they might not have the money to go to Vegas unless they get their stipend. Aaryn asks Spencer what would you have done if Kaitlin wanted to jump your bones. Spencer says I would have rejected it. McCrae says and you did a couple times. Spencer says I know, I saw her left tit one time. McCrae says I walked in on your one time and you were like no way. Andy says I’ve seen Ginamarie’s, Amanda and Jessie’s boobs. Aaryn asks have you seen mine? Andy says no. Andy says oh and I saw Helen’s once too! She was in a bed next to me changing and I looked over and saw nipple.

12:40am The cameras switch to Amanda and Elissa putting fruit in Andy’s pillow as a prank. Elissa laughs at how Andy wears glasses and says he’s such a nerd. They try on his glasses and Elissa says oh my god he is legally blind. They laugh and leave the room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1am – 1:40am The camera switch back to the HOH room. They’re talking about Jeremy. Aaryn says that there is someone about him that is hot. She then says it doesn’t matter because Frank Eudy (bb14) is my soul mate. Amanda joins them. They talk about Jeremy coming back. Aaryn says you don’t think the internet would be in an uproar if Candice came back. Andy says it’s more likely that someone would come back from jury. The conversation turns to talking about who was hotter Nick, Jeremy, David. Ginamarie won’t back down off thinking Nick was hottest. Helen asks Andy if Nick was gay would you have hit on him. Ginamarie says stop with the Nick is gay! Helen says I’m not saying he is, just asking if Andy would hit on him. Andy says I would have hit on David and Nick. They continue to talk about random things.


1:50am Out in the backyard – Andy, Ginamarie and Spencer talk. Andy says he is annoyed that people keep saying they couldn’t beat me in the final two. I just don’t want people to actually think they can’t beat me. I don’t want to be taken out next week because of it. The conversation turns to talking about competitions. Spencer says its sucks being a guy because in that OTEV competition we couldn’t shove Elissa’s face into the mud. They talk about how up in the HOH room Amanda and Elissa are talking about money. Spencer says that Amanda talked about a family friend that takes a family vacation using a private jet that costs $50,000. He says that Elissa was telling her they should just buy it, it would be cheaper. Spencer heads back inside. Ginamarie asks Andy are we still voting out Helen? Andy says yes. Andy says that Helen being here, she makes Elissa stronger. My head is telling me it’s the right decision and my heart is telling me its not. But for my game she has to go. I am going to tell her Thursday she is going. We just can’t let Elissa win HOH. Ginamarie says I’ve got you and Aaryn’s back. Gina is worried that if McCrae wins Amanda is going to take all his money. Andy says we have to get Elissa out next week. Gina agrees. Andy says if you had HOH and Elissa won veto who would you put up? Gina says I don’t know maybe Spencer but if Amanda got to cocky or started fights with Aaryn then maybe I would have to get her out. Andy and Ginamarie head back inside to go join the other in the HOH room. They talk about renovating houses and travelling. Amanda says my question is if I murder a house guest can I use their meat and eat it? Elissa says EWWW! Elissa leaves. Amanda comments that Elissa’s husband is rich as F**K! Like RICH AS F**K! Big Brother cuts the feeds and then when they return all four cameras are on Elissa in the bathroom.


3am Out in the backyard – Amanda and Andy talk about if there is anything new. Andy says that he will tell Helen she is going on Thursday. Amanda says I think she knows she is going. Amanda says poopy (Aaryn) was acting like a psychopath this morning. She pokes at me when she is drunk too trying to instigate things. They talk about taking out Ginamarie. They will take out Elissa next and probably Ginamarie after that. Ginamarie joins them. They wonder if tomorrow there might be a Pandora’s box where Judd or Candice come back into the house. Amanda says that would be so annoying. Gina says we just wont talk to them. McCrae says it’s annoying because these are crucial weeks. Amanda asks if we could vote someone back in who would it be. Andy says I know you are going to hate this Gina but Candice. Gina says no why?! Andy says because she is so weak we could easily get her out. If Judd came back it would be so dangerous. Amanda says but if Candice was so easy to get out everyone might be like we could get her out any week and then she would stay. Gina says f**king hoe!


3:20am Up in the HOH room – Aaryn and Spencer are talking. Aaryn says that it’s better for our game to have Elissa at the end because anyone could beat her. Spencer says for personal reasons I don’t what her at the end. They talk about how they could beat McCrae at the end because he’s done nothing but that Amanda would win because she’s been the one making all the moves. Aaryn asks who is going to make the move though. Aaryn says maybe Ginamarie. She says she thinks she could get her to do it. They talk about waiting till they find out who wins HOH first. Aaryn says if you are ever on the block at the end I would keep you over Amanda, McCrae and Andy. The only person I would keep over you is Ginamarie. For us to go far we need balls and I have balls to do sh*t. Aaryn says Amanda and McCrae would only want to keep me if they thought they could beat me but with my wins its getting harder and harder. Spencer says with your wins and what it took for you to get here you would win in the end.


3:30am Andy and Spencer are in the rainbow room talking. Andy says I feel like McCrae is trustworthy. Spencer says Aaryn wants Amanda out bad. If Ginamarie wins HOH she is going to try and get her to get Amanda out. Andy says that’s fine as long as it’s not us. Let Amanda keep pissing of Aaryn. They will keep being the targets. Spencer agrees. He says that Aaryn is trying to make a deal with me, her and Gina. She just isn’t sure about where you stand. So you need to do some more trust building. We can wait till after the HOH to see if we have to make that deal. Spencer says I’m loyal to you number one and McCrae as the third. Spencer says that Gina wont put Andy up if she wins HOH.


3:30am Andy finds the fruit Elissa and Amanda put in his pillow. He says damn it! He digs it all out and puts it on the floor.


3:40am Out in the backyard – Amanda and McCrae alone. McCrae says that Andy is acting weird, he doesn’t talk to me as much. Amanda says she thinks everything is fine. McCrae says that if he wins HOH he would probably put up Spencer and Ginamarie with a plan to back door Elissa or Aaryn. McCrae says that Spencer is dangerous but would be more loyal if Aaryn is gone. Amanda says if I put up Aaryn, I will lose Ginamarie. Amanda says it would be best if Spencer won HOH so that he could take out Aaryn. McCrae says he thinks Spencer will throw this next HOH. Amanda thinks they really need to break up Aaryn and Ginamarie. Amanda says that she doesn’t like that Aaryn questions Andy and thinks she is trying to turn Amanda against him. Amanda says it has always been you and me 2AM (Amanda & McCrae). McCrae agrees.

CBS Interactive Inc.

4am – 4:20am In the bedroom Spencer and McCrae are talking alone. McCrae says that he is going to keep close to Elissa and try and talk game with her. McCrae says it would be really nice if you won HOH. Spencer says that would be awesome. McCrae says that Aaryn scares him but says that he hopes if Elissa won HOH she would go after Aaryn and Ginamarie. McCrae says that he wants to go to final two with Spencer. Spencer says I am down with that. McCrae says that he doesn’t how far Amanda will go. McCrae says he needs to keep her here as long as possible. McCrae says that he trusts Andy but doesn’t know if he would pick Amanda or him for the final two. Spencer says he thinks only Aaryn could beat Amanda in the end. McCrae says me, you, Amanda and Andy are solid. McCrae says that he is scared if Ginamarie were to wins HOH because he doesn’t know what she would do. Spencer says Ginamarie would probably put up Elissa. Spencer tells McCrae that Ginamarie “has a bug up her a$$ about ya’ll relationship (Amanda & McCrae). Spencer says that she likes you but hates Amanda. McCrae and Spencer talk about needing to break up Aaryn and Ginamarie. McCrae asks Spencer who he would put up if he won. Spencer says I would put up Elissa and Ginamarie with Aaryn as the replacement. They agree that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Elissa won HOH because they think she would put up Ginamarie and Aaryn. Spencer says if Elissa won HOH she would probably try and put me up because she’s an idiot. Spencer says Elissa is a robot, we call her the Terminator because you can’t f**king reason with her. McCrae agrees and says the more you try and reason with her the more she thinks your against her. They talk about if its an endurance. Spencer says I am too damn heavy to hold myself up but you have freak strength. Spencer says if I am up next to Elissa I will grunt and spit a bunch because that sh*t will drive her crazy. McCrae says I need to start winning now. Spencer agrees. McCrae and Spencer go to sleep.


7:20am All the house guests are still asleep..

9:30am – 10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Helen is awake in the bathroom doing her make up. All the other house guests are still sleeping.

10am – 11am In the bathroom – Helen and Elissa complain about how horrible it is to sleep on the airplane seats. Elissa heads into the diary room and Helen starts running inside the house from the bathroom to the living room. All the other house guests are still sleeping.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Gossip, gossip and more gossip that’s all that happens it’s boring.


Constant gossip and cattiness is the result of Helen’s plan to eliminate every male with a backbone early in the game.

I Don't Have to Hear Everything

CBS at least protect these idiots. I don’t have to hear everything they say and think. McCrae talking about how he would hide his drugs in his car amongst the trash and Spencer talking about putting drugs up his butt, is that supposed to entertain me? It definitely creates the potential for additional problems when they go back to normal life. McCrae, you deliver pizza in your car. An insurance company can increase your rates as an admitted drug user. Spencer you work for the railroad. They have a huge liability risk if they let a drugged up Spencer cause an accident. They probably going to be leery of you Spencer and want to talk about this drug use with you. These guys are creating problems for themselves. CBS you need to protect them from themselves.

Mcrae is gross

Ya,not to mention that mcrea says his car is full of garbage…. And he delivers pizza in that car?
If so, that is gross and unsanitary and now all the people in his town that hears this will be so grossed out. Good luck with that pizza delivery job mcrea!


pretty sure he has said on multiple occasions that he is not going back to that job. He is moving to fla to be with amanda


Yea, evidently, Amanda loves funky men, very stereotypical of a skank ho… He’s the reason for her vagina bread.

Dea lieutenant rubbing hands with glee

So lets guess here what my dogs will find

McCrea is a pothead obviously
Spencer coke or meth
Ginamarie: glue (no arrest)


I disagree lieutenant, if Spenser was on coke or meth he would be 75 lbs lighter. There is no such thing as an obese coke or meth head.


I totally disagree I hope those drug dealers/users (whatever) keep right on talking and the police are made aware of it. No way I want my life or my family’s life to be put in jeopardy because Spencer is a conductor on a train I am on and he is using, or do not want anyone I know to be on the road when McCrae is behind the wheel delivering a pizza and high. Yes, Aaryn, GM and even skanky Amanda have said mean things, but wow since when did words ever kill you, but someone driving a vehicle (be it a train or a car) that is high on drugs can KILL PEOPLE!!! They deserve to be sitting in a dam prison cell!!! There is no excuse for the deplorable people CBS has put on this show this season.


How’s the weather on your high horse douche?


These people are so pathetic. They have nothing humane to exchange, except for filthy perverted talk, exhibitionists, drug users, mental illnesses, HATRED,
vile remarks, anything relating to unmentionable bodily functions.
Wonder where they learned these behaviors? Guess we all know.


Speaking of CBS..I’m just curious……When Helen, Aaryn, Amanda, Andy & Gina Marie are sent packed out the house….Will the producers “force” the audience to cheer for the evicted houseguests OR will they let the viewers hear what America REALLY thinks about each player. I would LOVE to see the shocked faces of Helen, Andy, Amanda & Gina Marie when they realize they are DESPISED by a majority of the nation. That moment would be priceless.


I wonder same thing about having audience reveal their expression toward the jury by CBS production.

HEY CBS Production,
Let The audience reveal their expression freely for 60 seconds when the BB15 jury enter
with two players who gets a win. YOU OWE us for wasting our time of watching BB15 being
worse season ever. 60 seconds is what we need to show BB15 what we think of them.

p.s. if you give us more minutes to boo them, that would be cool to do.

Now I am fed up !

Why should CBS protect them ? They are not 2 years old (even if they all act like it !) They are old enough to know what they are saying are they also know they are taped 24 / 7 . Adults should know when to keep their mouth shut and to Think before they speak ( I know that none of them do , but that is on them Not CBS ) No I have not enjoyed hearing or seeing most of the crap from these people but I can’t blame CBS for these people being So stupid and Classless . ….


Amanda is talking about the family friend that has the private jet and takes family on trips . See Black Lion was on to something she knows people that work for CBS ,WARNER BROTHERS and that produce reality tv she should never have been allowed to work on BB15 . Her old twitter page they left up by accident shows she is a HOLLYWOOD ,CA real estate agent its really her . Her picture is on it . Its Amanda z or Amanda Zuckerman realator twitter . The problem with this cast is they are so dum they can rigg it without getting into trouble . If you had a EVIL Dick or a Doctor Will in there . No way would they have let Amanda get this far in the game ? The cast has been the stupidest cast ever in all of Big Brother history .

So right about amanda

Ok – I was skeptical about this whole Amanda was in Hollywood, Amanda knows people in reality tv, until I googled, just as you described. Here’s the link to Amanda’s old twitter account: https://twitter.com/RealtorAmandaZ

Sure enough, it’s her picture AND she even mentions knowing a “very talented Reality T.V. editor available for work.” Well, I guess there’s a factual basis for the conspiracy theories after all.


I think they have all lied about what their jobs are in their real life. I found a website that had some very interesting things to say about Amanda. They say she is really 38 not 28 and that she is married. Her husband is the one that owns the real estate co she works for not her parents. They seem to have a good bit of documentation to back up what they say but you know how it is, you cant believe everything you read. Yall should check it out tho and decide for yourself. thedenisbackonceagain.blogspot.com


It’s funny how they are mad at Elissa…they say it’s because they can’t REASON with her but it’s really because they can’t CONTROL and MANIPULATE her!! It’s really so stupid on their part….I can’t control her so I am going to be angry at her!! How immature.


Cause Elissa is a plastic bimbo. You heard Amanda… her husband is filthy rich. Elissa can’t carry a conversation… even with her bestie Helen, cause anytime Helen says anything. even if it not game related Elissa bitches about Aaryn

Elissa is playing smart. You dont know her

You have a bad read on Elissa. She is acting. She is smart. She doesn’t say much for a reason. Wait til finale when you see a huge difference in her, she will be a totally different person, very open and talkative. She disguises it now so people don’t think shes as smart as she is. I know this because I know her :)
Regarding her and Helen, I can bet you that Elissa is acting that way (not responding to Helen and going on and on because shes trying to plant seeds in Helens thick head. Elissa knows Helen would give Aaryn a vote in the end if Aaryn is final2 and there is nothing Elissa hates more than racism). You just dont know her. She is a really good person, heart of gold. She does not rely on a sugardaddy. She made amazing income before she met him. And believe me, she knows she comes across snobby and boastful. She is aware of herdownfalls. She said before going in BB that it would hurt her. Shows how intelligent she is when she actually knows the things about herself that she needs to work on.


OK, I know who’s drinking the Elissa Kool-aid!!


ELISSA SMART HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Please the woman can barely string two coherent thoughts together. I guess if CBS hires someone to write her lines and gives her cue cards to read from okay perhaps she will come off as at least having an elementary education, but in no part of the human brain is Elissa intelligent. The woman is as plastic as a credit card and with the brains of an amoeba, and her vile jealousy of a 22 year old girl is really getting annoying.


Thanks for sharing, love that Elissa doesn’t compromise her morals…


WOW! Great way to start the day with a giant laugh!!!!!!

Forget About It!

I agree she is acting! Lets keep it real! Elissa was place in the house as a prop for ratings. You know this — you know her. she can get hair dye! Really! why? She can wear her flashy blouses that are not allowed in BB house! yes I know this — all other house guests shirts and or blouses are taken by production but not hers! Why? she gets angry starts complaining and indicates I am going to talk to production; calling people by their names; wanting to self evict! Really she was placed in the house only BECAUSE SHE IS RACHEL’S SISTER! You know this and all BB fans know this so let’s keep it real! And if she did not sleep in the have not room last she should be penalized! I know the rules of BB as well and if you eat during a have not or you shower with hot water and if you do not sleep in the have not room–YOU GET PENALIZED! Known fact! So keep it real!


And Amanda knows this How? Elissa is the smartest one in this house. She doesn’t buy into anyone’s bullshit, she sees right through them. Helen’s too busy kissing ass thinking they’re the best cast ever and America will give AFP to Gina Marie. Elissa actually knows this cast sucks and GM would never get fan favorite. The rest of them are just pissed they can’t control her. Amanda thinks everyone should do as she says.


Helen knows that Elissa is lacking any brain cells in that botox brain of hers. If she even had one brain cell she would know you have to put Amanda and McCrae up to take them out, but wow her fixation of Aaryn is making her look even stupider if that is possible. Dumber than a sack of rocks that is Elissa!

This Season Blows

You people are scarily delusional. Like seriously, how can you claim that RoboDuck “sees right through the BS” when she’s allowed Helen, the biggest bullshitter in the house, to completely control her game? She’s voted out all her allies because Helen told her to.

I haven’t consistently watched the CBS shows in weeks. Is she really getting that golden of an edit, that her fans all think she’s playing the game brilliantly when she really isn’t playing it at all?


Sometimes it’s smart to NOT say anything, and let people draw their own conclusion…that idea seems a little advanced for some of you low intellect commentators.


Could’ve done w/o the bare-chested shot of Spencer. He even has beady eyes in that shot.

Andy is a rat.

Elissy for the win! C’mon production, let’s rig it for Elissy!


You said it!!! The game would have to be re-rigged for Duckie to win ANYTHING. But know that Duckie has her own mind (yeah right) and would do as exactly as Demanda told her to do. Duckie is a frickin” moron.


ELLISA should not win because she was the mole ? I like her and she is a good human being and very sweet person . Her botox injection has worn off she looks more pretty now . She is the type who should go on Survivor or Amazing Race after this ? Howard and Candace should go on Amazing Race also together as friends .


Elissa is not ignorant like the other HG she does’nt let her mouth overload her a$$.


Elissa would have to have a brain to be able to do that and it is readily apparent. From the way she talks and acts I doubt she has a high school diploma, and it is apparent that she had to marry because she does lacks the intelligence to make a living on her own unless it was probably on her back.


It is so clear that Helen is going home tomorrow and I pray to the Gods that Elissa wins HOH, otherwise this game will be won by a very disgusting person.


Ah did production let you use the internet, Elissa?

BBfan from Florida

Let’s just say that if Elissa wins HOH, what are your thoughts on her putting up Amanda and Aaryn? Aaryn would fight for Veto and Amanda would lose. Do you think the other HG’s would vote out or save Amanda?

Elissa for the Win

If she put up stinky McCrae as a replacement nom, the HGs would vote to keep McCrae.


It will all depend on who she puts up for the replacement nominee. If Elissa wins HOH and she should put up Amanda and Aaryn. If Aaryn wins veto, she should put up McCrae. I’m sure McCrae will stay over Amanda; however, watching them campaign against each other would be so amusing. Elissa will reluctantly work with Aaryn and they would probably make it to the final three along with GM. They will use Andy to help them knock out McCrae, Spencer, and who ever gets voted back in and then turn on Andy because they know that none of htem can beat him in the final two. This is all hypothetical of course.

Honestly, if Spencer won this game, I would not be surprised. He keeps going up as the pawn and is remaining in the house. Eventually, they will get a point where he can not be the pawn anymore and could quite possibly win the last HOH and secure him a final two spot. I would hate to see Spencer in the final 2, but people would vote for him because he has played an awful game but he made it to the end. I will self mutilate if that happens.


Betting they ALL would vote Amanda out. They all dislike her,including her studboy. Their fear of her has kept them all weenies so far. Buncha lemmings!

BBfan from Florida

Do you think whoever comes back in will be gunning for Amanda? Surely they have had time to think about things and discuss with the other jury members since being out of the house. At the point they come back in, what would they have to lose in trying to shake things up?

Just Me

I’m sure that the jury members are being sequestered and not allowed to see/talk to each other. They will go to the jury house after Thursday’s comp.


I think it’s safe to assume that the jury members have been sequestered from each other so that they cannot compares notes. That’s unfortunate, because it could really add a little excitement to this snooze fest.

BBfan from Florida

In past seasons I thought the jury was sequestered together in a house. I didn’t think they we kept separate. Does anyone know which it is this season?


Elissa is right, they are so dumb, it would be very hard to socialize IMO with people who are so obsessed with holes that’s all they talk about. How strange.


let’s face it, there are NO “Rocket Scientist” in the house


AND ELISSA IS THE DUMBEST TOOL IN THE SHED!!! The others actually have jobs and make a living while Elissa earns her keep by marrying an old man and doing what old men marry young girls for. Gag, she is a hoe bag!


40 isn’t an old man. He’s an established man that probably makes her feel secure.

La la la

Spencer is so fat and nasty! It grosses me out looking at him. I wanna pole my eyes out.

Elissa for the Win

Not only is he disgusting to look at, he’s a disgusting pervert! Hope he loses his job for the railroad!


You should do it.


all the rats are scurrying to lay groundwork to try and save themselves next week, while amanda plots who she plans to evict. it will be great to see their reactions when the jury member walks back in tomorrow night! i hope the returning hg wins hoh or pov, though. if not, the exit will be as quick as the re-entry.


I really hope Elissa wins the next HOH and put of Spencer and McCrae. With the plan to back door Amanda.


That’s not a good plan- they would agree as a house that they’re not using the veto, and that they would unanimously vote out Spencer. LMFAOO.


She needs to pit up Andy and McCrea and then back door Amanda.


I don’t care who goes up as long as they back door DeManda!!!!!!!!!!!


Andy Is such a rat he is starting to turn on Amanda know this is despicable he is one of the worst players yet


Everyone is playing for $ 500,000, only one wins it’s a cutthroat game.


LOL @ people getting mad at houseguests for playing the game. im sick of this “andy is a rat” thing, like why wouldn’t he tell information to his alliance? he has a good social game with everyone. no one really wants to take him out. it’s smart for him to be in on every conversation and be friends with everyone. and every time he went back and told information to helen or to amanda, it’s bc he was aligned with them and it benefited his game and their alliance. every target him, helen, and amanda have wanted have gone out and everytime andy wanted to save someone in his alliance that benefitted him (aka amanda), they stayed. he has more power than ppl give him credit.
and i do not blame him one bit for securing alliances with others like spencer or aaryn/gm bc it’s the end of the game and you need to keep all your options open. both helen and amanda would beat him in final 2, it makes no sense for andy to pursue either option for the final 2. and if he brings amanda with mccrae and aaryn to final 4, im sorry, but he has realized he has no real shot to win. he’s not specifically sabotaging amanda or 3AM, he’s just letting other people go after whoever they want.
i believe aaryn will be the one to sabotage 3AM, if amanda doesn’t end up getting evicted first. i thought this would 100% happen next week, that 3AM would either be revealed or fall apart (either with aaryn choosing gm, the boys choosing spencer or everyone turning on amanda), but then i realized a HG is coming back and they will probably be the main target with elissa.


At this point I just can’t wait to see who comes back. I hope it F**ks up everyone’s plans!

This Season Blows

Don’t hold your breath.

Candice and Jessie would maybe stir up shit in the house again, but then get evicted ASAP.

Judd would go right back to sheeping for Demanda and McPussy.

Helen would continue her exact same laughable gameplay because her attitude is, “I’m perfect, why change?”

No matter what, this season is beyond saving at this point.


I totally agree. at this point, they need to just have double evictions and end this travesty of a season. whoever comes back into the house will just become sheep all over again.


have double evictions every night the show is to be aired. Then it will be done before next week. Put us all out of our misery. PLS


candice, jessie and helen would get voted right back out, unless elissa wins hoh, but even still. judd is the only one who possibly has staying power. amanda would never work with him again, but i can see spencer, mccrae and andy wanting to keep him to give their boys alliance more power, even if they must go against amanda to do so. aaryn might also want to keep judd, she never really wanted him to go. i think aaryn might also try to work with helen again or jessie, but i don’t see it working out. im REALLY hoping judd comes back in, i think he’s the only one that didn’t really deserve to leave in the first place. amanda and helen just falsely believed he was mvp.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

If the returning player comes back with the golden power of veto that would be perfect, I think thats going to happen….otherwise whats the reason for allowing a jury member to return if they’re only going to be voted right on back out…


The little blond cutie, Texas Tornado for the win!

Sofia Petrillo

The girl is a SLUT!!!


I think for sure Elissa will get it of America Favorite Houseguest thanks to Brenchel Army.


Ok Helen lol.

So sick of the Brenchal Army crap.

Before this season Helen had in her profile her least favorite past HG was Rachel. So why all of a sudden she is running for vice president of the Brenchel army fan club


profiles of future HGs who are asked the question, “who is your least favorite previous player?” will all answer, “the entire cast of BB15”

This Season Blows

Grodner will probably hand her the money regardless of the actual vote, but the real America’s Favorite would probably be Jessie or Judd. Even then, they’re closer to “least objectionable” than “favorite.” Other than Jessie’s pity parties and Judd’s half-assed attempts at sheeping for Demanda, they probably gave everyone the least material to complain about, and at least Jessie tried to spice things up with some drama (though she ruined it at the end by apologizing).


that and the fact the rest suck. no one is worth voting for really, but because elissa will be backed by the brenchal army, she’d probably win.

jessie could have made a run at it if she held to her guns to be hurricane jessie, screwing up everyone, especially demanda and rat bastard andy. but she caved on doing that, and thus her biggest chance to win america’s favorite.


America can only vote jury members for America’s Favourite Player, right?

So that would be: Candice, Judd, Jessie, Helen, Elissa, GM, Aaryn, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, and Amanda. Right? (at this point is doesn’t matter who the F2 will be)

Those are the people we have to choose from. Oy. Hmmm. I guess Elissa would win. Or it could be Candice or Judd. Well I guess they are better than the others, and considering the title is “America’s Favourite” then those choices would reflect better on America than any of the others.


I hope Helen, Jessie, Judd, and Candice all share information and figure out that they need to get people out in this order: Amanda, Aaryn, McCrae, Spencer, Andy, and then Elissa. Even though the thought of GInaMarie coming in second makes me cringe, one of the four jury members have the best chance of winning against her. I like all 4 so It doesn’t matter who comes back. Jessie and Candice know who to target but suck at comps, Judd is good at comps but is pro Amanda and McCrae witch is a no no, and Helen can win mental comps, knows who to target, but is easily misguided and misinformed. they all have pros and cons. Maybe if Candice comes back people will want her around thinking she will take out the racists but won’t win in the end because she sucks at comps and got a second chance. Jessie knows her shit but everyone will target her right away. Judd is McCraes buddy he will get swayed. So I guess Helen is the best person to come back. People will vote for Helen if she makes it to the end even though she got a second chance. In Helen’s words, “brenchel army and America please lets pray for Helen to come back you know? OK OK OK OK you know?” Lol

Team Helen!!

This Season Blows

Who would really vote for Helen to win other than Candice and Rachelissa? The rest of them see right through Helen’s bullshit and realize she’s nowhere near the player she pretends to be. (Proof of that: they’ve laughed all week about how Helen thinks she knows what’s really going on when in fact, she’s out of the loop.) On top of that, getting a second chance could easily work against her, depending on how personal the jury wants to be.

The only way I’d see Helen winning if she comes back is against GM or Rachelissa. Other than that, she wouldn’t stand a chance. Ironically, she’d probably be on the losing end of one of her patented unanimous votes.


Looks like 3am is over with…too much uneasiness and no trust. Spencer could win this thing by pawning his way to the end and knowing he literally was the # 4 guy on both sides. Ugh. All he needs is to win final 4 hoh and he is guaranteed to be in the final 3 hoh comps. Damn. Amanda is pissed aaryn won’t separate with gm. Aaryn thinks Amanda wants Elissa around for a while. . .its like agreeing on mutual destruction and someone is gonna fire the first nuke very soon. Funny how Andy is still very trusting of Amanda and McCrea and continues to listen to aaryn bitch and then has to tell her when they are alone that he trusts 3am 100% (yet aaryn knows and doesn’t know)… Hate to say it…..this season has not been really worth it, but its starting to get good. Don’t want Amanda, aaryn, GM to win because of vileness. Don’t care for Elissa to win (Indifferent), Spencer, ehh…..McCrea isn’t vile, and he plays the game very well because Amanda always has heat on her. Andy may be a rat….but he got this far being that way, so kudos. This is where you start to look at who you can beat instead of who your friends/alliance lies. No matter what, who wins will probably piss a lot of people off with us viewers.


3AM breaking up has more to do with demanda never really committing to aaryn and using her. thats all she does with anyone. she’ll turn on the rat bastard andy in a heart beat if she ever thinks she has a reason. she’ll turn on mcpussy too in final 3 or final 2 if given the chance. that chick is pure scum.

but its also on aaryn too. she never really liked demanda and she’s figuring out andy is the rat bastard he is. not to mention, she knows demanda, mcpussy and the rat bastard are using her.


i agree i want mccrae or andy to win. i think they’ve played good games and they are decent people. if elissa makes it to final 2, it means that she will have won lots of the final comps so i think she would deserve to win at that point. i do not want gina marie or spencer to win at all, but spencer staying is better for mccrae and andy’s game for sure. amanda is also probably good for their games (well, over aaryn…) but i do not want her winning, her or aaryn. bottom line, amanda, aaryn, gm and spencer have vile behaviour, so by picking mccrae, andy or even elissa, im really going with the best of the worst lol


GM is so dumb she takes out ppl because she hates them… yeaa coz thats what big brother is about .. :S I thought spencer was my last hope meaning that he would put up mcrae and amanda but nope hes also fallen into their web…. dumb asses just give them the money! smh


You mean like Helen did with Jessie?

You mean like Elissa wants to do with Aaryn?


As much as Andy has cried this year.. when Amanda dump Mcpussy he is going to ball his eyes out. He admits his car floor is littered in McDonalds bags and trash.

His life is video games and working a part time job while mommy and daddy pay the bills. Unless he wins the money, Amanda will dump his loser ass.


That’s just sad, and more proof that Amanda is just using him to get the money, she has to know she has very little chance of winning, but if she keeps him on the leash she won anyways.

This Season Blows

Oh great, another thread for delusional Brenchel fans to act like Rachelissa has never said one demeaning word about anyone and is the greatest person to ever be on the show.

The fact is, Spencer is right – you CAN’T really reason with her. Helen has tried to have conversations with her, but all she’s ever willing to talk about is Aaryn or her personal wealth. She’s isolated herself from almost everyone in the house because she thinks she’s above it all, when in fact, a big part of this game that she’s missing is being able to talk to and work with people you wouldn’t be friends with in real life. The object of this game isn’t to decide whose morals are the best, it’s about winning, and she doesn’t have a prayer of getting enough votes (if she makes it to the final 2) because of things like refusing to sit with houseguests she thinks are “gross” and “not worth associating with.”

Also, Demanda is really illustrating how weak her game actually is. A smart player would keep Aaryn on their good side for as long as possible because she can consistently win competitions. That’s especially true of a player like Demanda who NEVER wins competitions and therefore needs someone who can to keep her safe. Instead, she’s already plotting to get Aaryn out because she’s jealous that Aaryn actually wins competitions and isn’t a brainless sheep. She’s lucky this cast is so horrible because any other season, she’d have been gone weeks ago.


And now McMinute is a lowlife drug user. I a not surprised. Just for that admittance he should be pulled from the house kicking and screaming by his greasy mop by the nearest coppers. And what a friggin” moron not knowing anything about drinking laws in Vegas. Did the idiot not know that Las Vegas was in Nevavda? This loathsome piece of garbage is almost hated by me as much as Duckie.


It’s like trying to decide whether to eat garbage straight out the trash can, or put it on a plate and eat it! Either way you’re getting garbage!


bring on BB16. :( what a suck-ass season.


A lot of these houseguests are in the entertainment industry or they are trying to get into the entertainment industry. All I have to say is they do not deserve the right to be in that line of business because I have not been entertained all season…I believe Thurs will turn things around and hopefully start some excitement in the house. If Amanda does not leave in the next week or 2, she will probably win this game.

Andy is a rat

After hearing Mcslob describe how the inside of his car is filled with garbage it’s no wonder Amanda the skank ended up with a yeast infection…..If that is what his car looks like I can only imagine what the inside of where he is living looks like. And from seeing him in the house always laying around and sleeping he doesn’t look like he has very good hygiene…….YUCK


He lives at home of course his room looks all nice and clean. Mommy cleans it for him. Didn’t he spent his 21 birthday at home watch BB feeds. I dont now about you but when i turned 21 I was out getting drunk.

Yeah right...

Did you guys see the screen cap of Andy on the night cam? His profile literally looks like a rat… *vomit* (Thank you Dawg, that made my day.)

It pissed me off when Andy said that the last time he was nervous about going on the block was Aaryn’s first HOH… so basically, week 2. That’s pathetic. Someone please put him up, even if he doesn’t go home — he needs to feel the pressure of this game. He’s all talk and no action. Would be even better if he was on the block with Amanda or McCrae so that he’s finally forced to get some blood on his hands when he attempts to save himself.

Judd's Shirt

I’ve been pondering who I really want to see return from the Jury house… Weighing the pros and cons of each…

Candice: No doubt this would cause explosions with GM and that would definitely be entertaining, but beyond that I don’t see her return making much of a difference in the game, because she would be an almost universal target. If there is no short-term automatic immunity for the returning jury member and she doesn’t win HOH or POV, it will probably be a revolving door for her.

Helen: Another revolving door. Really, unless she won HOH or POV, next week would be an almost repeat of this week. And if there is some kind of automatic immunity for the returning houseguest, then Elissa would probably be the one to go instead, to take away Helen’s main ally, and then Helen would be in the crosshairs a week later – no real excitement there.

Jessie: I love Jessie and wish she had had a prayer at winning, and she’d probably come back guns blazing at all the right targets. But, sadly, her game sucks, she’s too focused on how the cameras see her, and there are few in the house that would work with her. She’d probably make a lot of noise but in the end she’d be in and out as well.

Spencer: In the incredibly odd chance that Spencer leaves and then returns, then it could get interesting depending on who exactly turned on him and voted him out – on his return, Spencer would have really no choice but to align with whoever didn’t turn on him, and if that was Helen and Elissa, then it could get interesting… Not a very likely possibility though, and that assumes that Elissa would work with him.

Judd: I was not a huge Judd fan while he was in the house, but I’m starting to think that he would be the most interesting choice to return only because he would be the one that the most people who have a hard time immediately re-evicting. Just look at how many of the houseguests were kicking themselves after he left – would Andy and McCrae and Aaryn have “the heart’ to just send him packing immediately after he came back? I suspect that rather than becoming an immediate universal target, Judd is the one that most of the houseguests might think of as being a potential new ally. Now, if he ends up allied to Amanda, then no big difference, but if instead it is Aaryn or Elissa or one of the other underdogs that get him on their side, then suddenly there are possibilities again for the game to take a turn for the better.

So much to my surprise, I am hoping for Judd to return this week. Not because I think that he himself will do anything brilliant, but because I think he’s just about the only one that others in the house could use to make a difference in the game.


Judd was very delusional, which made his blindside hilarious. Even as he was going out the the he was still hating on Jessie, who would never have put him up. To Judd I say in the words of the late Fred Sandford, “you big dummy!”

Mary Jane

Too bad they can’t smoke left-handed cigs – now that would be entertaining.


whut?!? outside elissa’s yoga and helen’s runs, just about all they do now is eat, sleep, and plot (well, less sleep now that candice is gone!). you think the season’s boring now, it would be unwatchable if mary was added.


Amanda and McCrae I think have become the most annoying people in the house. They literally never leave each others side and god am I the only one who finds McCrae’s voice so irritating?! They are just so rude lying on the HOH bed every week. Not to mention how you can do anything to prove your trust to them and they still will shit on your face. Gosh can someone please put them up??

Elissa for the Win

and i hate it when he shuffles around the house in those ugly slippers!!!


If Judd comes back, i hope production tells him everything that has been going on. Because if he comes back and runs right back to amanda and Mcrae’s arms then what would be the point?

Andy is a rat

I want Helen to go and NOT come back…..I liked her in the beginning but can’t stand her now. I think she is nothing but a manipulator, just like she says Amanda is. Wait till she finds out what the rat Andy has said about her, I wonder if she will still want to be friends and watch the end of BB15 with Andy like she said she wanted to do. There are those who claim Elissa thinks she is better than some in the house. Why is that because she doesn’t like hearing and being around racists, vile, disgusting hateful people……kudos to her it just show that she has values and morals, unlike others in the house….she’s not the one who got fired and is hated by MANY on the outside of the house because of their vile, racist, disgusting remarks……Candice is going to have the last laugh when she finds out her racist tormenters, Aaryn and GM were fired from their jobs……oh how I wish I was a fly on the wall that day……lol


I wonder how many times Aaryn’s family members comes into these BB blogs to dislike any negative (YET TRUE) comments about Aaryn.


There are more Duck Lips/Brendel Army fans here disliking stuff about Aaryn then Aaryn family disliking stuff negative about Aaryn.


I doubt they come on here. I am becoming an Aaryn fan because at least she is winning something and mostly because cannot stand Elissa’s sick fascination and jealousy of Aaryn. Geez, it is the only thing that comes out of duck lips mouth anymore. My gosh the ones that come on here all the time are all the sickos of Brenchel that try and defend that dolt Elissa. I bet her IQ is non existent!

Andy is a rat

As far as Amanda and Mcslob they are both so disgusting. Mcslob is such a disgusting, dirty pig with the worst hygiene and Amanda is a disgusting hooch who sits and sucks on Mcslobs nasty d***, know wonder she ended up with a yeast infection…….YUCK!!!!!!

Do Get Mad Elissa

Beside the annoyying Brerachel Army comments, Elissa is saying what everyone is blogging about.These people are all disgustiing.

This Season Blows

“Elissa is saying what everyone is blogging about.”

Only because her fans hate on Aaryn just as much as she does.

Pinocchio Obama

I starting to worry that Andy is going to float himself to the final.

Elissa the Golddigger

After Helen goes, Elissa will follow and I won’t have to hear her annoying voice. God it’s worse than chalk on a chalkboard.


Helen and Elissa are so delusional. Helen actually thinks that she hasn’t made big mistakes in the game. What a laugh! She just thinks she’s been running things because Amanda let her think that. Now she is going home, and good riddance! She can go and sing kumbaya with the people she helped evict when they would have helped her stay in the house and evict the real threats. That’s what she deserves for “voting with the house”. Elissa doesn’t understand that in order to win, you have to shmooz with people you dislike and would never hang with in the outside world. Once Helen goes, she will be utterly alone, and unless she wins HOH, which I’m sure production is working on, she will be gone. She is a stuck up bitch and if she wins because production and the Brenchel fans want it, I will be disgusted. She has done nothing of worth since she had the MVP, and even then, the nominations weren’t hers, they didn’t benefit her game at all. What a waste of a power! If she can’t swallow her self importance and work with someone, she has no hope. You can’t win if you refuse to talk to people in the house. McCrae is hiding behind the Amanda shield, all the heat will be on her, and if he plays smart, he will survive and she will go. I don’t think he is that into her, but she makes a good shield. I hope Amanda and Elissa go next so we can see if pizza boy has any game of his own.Andy is playing a good game, but sooner or later he will have to face his rattiness and it could be his end. Aaryn should have been gone weeks ago, and if she keeps winning competitions, she could be a serious threat in the end. As for Gina, she will make the end only by accident or because she is a good goat to take to the end. I have a feeling that this year they may do like survivor and have a three person finale, which would mess with their plans. Spencer is sitting better than it appears. Everyone suddenly needs him to further their game, and all it will take is an HOH win and he could move some of the annoying girls out of the house. I hope Judd comes back and a new 4 man moving company takes hold. I would rather see any of the 4 guys win than any of the girls.


Always like to read your obsevations. I was amused to see Helen’s kudos to Amanda, like she was Amanda’s peer and not her flunky. I would rather a guy win this season, I think b/c the women were just so reprehensible.


Well, its was 4AM…which is Amanda, Aaryn, Andy and McCrae….Aaryn has finally start asking the right questions, so she must go

Then it was 3AM…which is Amanda, Andy and McCrae….Andy is getting sketchy to McCrae & Amanda…so he must go

Now it is 2AM…which is Amanda and McCrae….McCrae thinks he won’t win because he has been Amanda’s lapdog…so she must go

Then it is 1AM….which is AMANDA….So was it rigged or did she play the master manipulator, OR, ……

Is it 12:00 Midnight….which is the bewitching hour….and the re-entry of the evicted juror runs the game and wins????


This is the strangest group of players. The actually don’t want to competitions thinking that will get them to the final two. What kind of sorry game play is this. The less players, the more competitions one needs to win to protect themselves from back dooring, etc. Andy should get a clue and learn this. Also, why does McCrae want someone else to win HOH next? These players make no sense.


What is interesting about this whole season and the current status of this game, is they all see and knows what needs to be done….

Aaryn knows that Amanda is only looking out for McCrae and herself…..

GM knows that Amanda and McCrae is the only power couple still left in the house…..

Spencer knows that Amanda and McCrae were the one’s responsible for leading the charge in evicting Howard….

Elissa knows that Amanda and McCrae were the one’s responsible for leading the charge in evicting Helen….

Andy knows that he can not allow Amanda and McCrae to both make final 3 against him or he is done…..

But these 5 people can not seem to come together and formulate a plan to nominate Amanda and McCrae for eviction, due to personal BS……

Andy is a fat

To those who keep attacking Elissa for her calling out Aaryn for who she is a vile, disgusting racist, it doesn’t say much about you as a person. How anyone can defend Aaryn a horrible hateful racist is beyond me. Her mother is just as vile, instead of waiting for her racist daughter to come home and chastise her for embarrassing the family and then making her apologize to all those she has offended with her racist and vile remarks, mommy hires a PR firm for when her racist daughter Aaryn comes out to help clean up her image……I guess mommy thinks money can buy anything, no wonder Aaryn thinks like she does…..apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree……

This Season Blows

Aaryn made a few off-color jokes and got a horrible biased edit despite others in the house being far worse.

Rachelissa is apparently homophobic (like we’re not supposed to see what she was doing by putting FRUIT in Andy’s pillow?), conceited, obsessed with money, and egged on the racist comments by laughing at them when Candice wasn’t around. Hell, she made her best friend get her braces tightened (causing her immense pain) so she could get them off before her wedding! She of all people should not be criticizing Aaryn 24/7.


What a very obedient little Elisa nazi.


Hey Andy is a rat if CBS was doing to my child what they are doing to Aaryn they would have a lot more than just a publicist to worry about. My attorney would be sitting in the office and wanting to know why they were only showing one side of the story and blaming only one person and why Candice got away with taking others things and wearing them and going through others dressers or egging on the entire flipping incident from behind the doors which was not shown on television.. They better be able to prove that Candice did not take anything that was not hers when she left because she certainly did not mind helping herself to whatever she wanted when she was in the house, and who knows if something did not walk out of the house. CBS would be explaining to me why my daughter was in a house with admitted drug addicts, perhaps a “child pedophile”, or with someone who talks about gang raping women and murdering another, and why the darn show was rigged. Why blame the mom for doing what she needed to do and just proves what an imbecile you are that you think it is wrong. Parents should love their children and do whatever they need to do to protect them, and that love does not stop or diminish because they say a lot of stupid dumb ass comments on a rigged television show! I would also be going to the FTC and make sure they were watching very closely how this show ends because CBS got into a load of trouble back in the day because of the rigging game show scandal, and this show is in fact nothing more than a very tacky and tasteless game show.


Any average lawyer can blow your theories up….Aaryn was saying all her crap LONG before everyone else. “Aaryn is actually the precipitant” a good lawyer would say…they all just came to her then her best buds attention party.

Elissa's ugly duck lips

Um no, that is Elissa who thinks money can cure all things because dam she talks about it enough. At least Aaryn’s parents did not have to get their money by laying on their backs; they did the unthinkable thing they WORKED for it. A little known thing that Elissa knows nothing about called WORKING TO EARN MONEY, AND ALSO AARYN DID NOT GET PREGNANT AT THE AGE OF 19 SO APPARENTLY HER MOM IS DOING A PRETTY DARN GOOD JOB AND Aaryn actually went to college, and did not depend on an ugly husband almost twice her age to support her. Oh yeah Elissa is one class act the skank hoe that she is.


i want Candice to win America’s favorite player because of all the ridiculing she endured because of her race. Their jaws will drop because they will see that they were in the minority for harassing and continuously hating Candice.


Everybody keeps wondering who will be returning from jury and if this will change the game. That ALL depends on who wins the next HOH. I really don’t see a lot of difference on which one comes back into the house because they will all probably run to whoever is HOH and promise to work with them as that will determine who will have the numbers in the game.
I think Aaryn will be gunning after Amanda and her alliance. And Amanda will be going after Aaryn and GM. So depending on which side wins, they will have the numbers from here on out.

Elissa Hater

New nickname for Demanda – Cuntzilla


I get Amanda putting the “fruit” in Andy’s pillow, that’s what type of person she is, Elissa proves to be no better.

Now, I’m hoping Elissa don’t win HOH, she’s going to sheep for Amanda and McCrae,… AGAIN


“McCrae asks isn’t Vegas a dry state?”

I weep for our nation…


I am not an American and I knew Vegas was not a state.


“Gina says f**king hoe!”

Says the hoodrat obsessed with a man that don’t like her at all…


All I can remember about Rachael, she whined or cried or both. Runs in the family

This Season Blows

Rachel was so crazy that IIRC, production had to bring in a psychologist on at least one occasion to calm her down. She also was just as big a bully as Demanda. Yet her delusional fans made excuses for her while vilifying Demanda for the same behavior.


I bet they told her Brendon was coming back for a week, so she would calm down, she was ready to walk out when he got evicted.


Right about that, she was one of the biggest sore losers in BB history, if it wasn’t for her getting help from production when she didn’t win a competition, she would’ve never made it far. Elissa is just a failure LOL


Can’t believe I’m saying this but…. I miss Nick

Andy is a rat

GM is a time bomb waiting to explode. I fear that when she gets out and finds out she lost her job and Nick doesn’t like her we might be reading she loses it and took her life…..


How big of a f**king loser do you have to be to be part of the Brenchel army??? Just look at all the losers that dislike this comment!! You guys are losers for being part of the Brenchel army!! Big time losers!!!


Hmmm, not everyone is apart of the Brenchel army. However, the does not mean that they can not like Elissa for whatever reason the choose.

Food for thought, now chew on it slowly….

How much of a loser do you have to be to worry about and slam someone’s freedom to choose any affiliation they want or whatever floats their boat???

Maybe its you that need to check yourself or get the F**k over it, because it’s not a nice look….Seriously


You sound like a gay


A gay??? Hmmm, wondering what junior high school you dropped out of….WTF, is a gay???

Seriously, if I was gay or straight, I wouldn’t f**k you with someone else’s dick or dild*, so how you like me now BIO**H!!!!!


I’m new to Big Brother. Season 14 was the 1st season I watched. I have only heard who Rachel and Brendon are and have absolutely no opinions about them. Even then, I like Elissa more than the other HGs. She has morals, seems to be a nice person, proved that she can win comps and sticks up for her allies. And she has good hygiene unlike the other trash featured this year.


All excellent reasons for winning BB. Not!!!


I wasn’t passing judgements on who should win. But maybe America’s Fav player! Its def easier to watch her than the rest of the players… and she’s easy on the eyes :)


Don’t get caught with drugs even pot in Las Vegas they will throw your ass in jail, also do not argue or be an asshole to a cop they will shot you.
Hell, OJ is still in jail here…..and he didn’t even kill anybody.
Stay in the hotel and party party party.

This Season Blows

I’d like to say I can’t wait for RoboDuck to leave so her delusional fans will STFU, but we all know they’ll just cry about it for the rest of the season. “Rigged for Demanda, how can they let these gross people win, never watching again, blah blah blah.”

Elissa has class

I think its natural that u like the other trash better. The fact that Elissa has class makes you insecure about yourself.

Elissa's ugly duck lips

You must of meant to say Elissa has NO CLASS and NO INTELLIGENCE EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

people can be jealous

I make more than 150,000 a year and face petty jealousy all the time. I can totally understand people being man to Elissa. Its easier to pull people down than to rise up themselves.