Aaryn says you’re calling me an idiot. Elissa says you’re naïve to think that anyone would vote for you over Amanda or McCrae.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


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11:15am – 11:45am Elissa and Helen are in the bathroom. Elissa asks Aaryn if they can talk after she gets changed. Aaryn says sure. Aaryn heads up to the HOH room and then gets called to the diary room. In the havenot room Amanda wakes up and goes to crawl in with McCrae she tells him that she is going to freak out. She then goes to the rainbow room and grabs a pillow and takes it back to the havenot room to go back to sleep. Up in the HOH room – Elissa and Aaryn are talking about how no one will win against Amanda and McCrae in the end. Elissa says if Amanda is in jury she wont vote for you. Aayrn says yeah I know. Aaryn says I think McCrae I would have a chance against him. Elissa says I want us to have open communication because they are going to eat you alive. Aaryn agrees. Aaryn says they are already coming after me and Ginamarie. I am scared I feel like Ginamarie and I are everyone’s target. Elissa says I don’t know why you think I would put you up. Aaryn says because Amanda told me that you were. Elissa says I told Amanda that I wasn’t coming after her but I didn’t say I was coming after you. Aaryn says its difficult because I never know when Amanda is lying or not. Elissa says that Amanda calls you and McCrae children and not in a good way. Elissa says they aren’t carrying you in this game, no one will vote for you and I am not trying to be mean. Aaryn says I couldn’t put Amanda up over Spencer because we had no idea where Andy was at and if it backfired I would have two huge duos after me. Elissa says this game is about making big moves and I would rather go out today for a big move than to be carried to the end. Your game is bad, you are playing Amanda’s game and if you make it to the end you will not win at this point. I see it and when Amanda goes to jury she will make sure everyone else sees it. Aaryn talks about her moves to this point and how it built a bridge to get trust to make it to this point in the game. Elissa says you need to push for Spencer to go and I will push for it because if we don’t do it then Amanda and McCrae will win this game. Aaryn says as HOH you need to consult with people.


CBS Interactive Inc.

11:45am – 12:40pm Elissa says I would never listen or ask what anyone wants, even as MVP I made all my own decisions. Elissa says I don’t think you’re a threat. Aaryn asks is that supposed to be an insult? Elissa says no I just don’t think you’re a threat. Aaryn says I have 4 HOH’s and 1 POV how is that not a threat. Elissa says well most of them were luck or because of someone else. If Jeremy was my partner in that one HOH other than Andy than I would have won it. Elissa says I just told you that I am not targeting you and that you’re not a threat to me and your taking offense to it. Aaryn says it’s just the way you said it. Elissa says it was a bad move to put Helen and I up. Elissa says that Helen said that you are pliable and that’s why you were kept over Kaitlin because she had a mind of her own. Aaryn says that’s what I am telling you she is at home and I am still here so you have to do what you need to, to stay here. Elissa says if you are you don’t make it so Helen stays then I will work with them because I will know I cant trust you. You need to get Andy fired up and to get him to vote out Spencer. Amanda has played a flawless game. Aaryn asks who says that, you? Elissa says no everyone. You wont win because Amanda takes credit for all your HOH and for you staying here. Aaryn says Helen is not my target, Spencer is and I will do what I can to keep him here. Aaryn says if you hadn’t won the veto, you would have gone home. Elissa says no. That’s what you think and you have thought wrong the entire game. Aaryn says you think I am going to show you all my cards but Im not going to. Elissa says what cards Im not asking you for anything. Aaryn says you are basically calling me an idiot. Elissa says you’re not an idiot, you’re naïve to think that anyone would vote for you over Amanda or McCrae. Elissa is being super confrontational. Aaryn says I guess I am just being defensive. Elissa says I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to work with me and why you would see me as a threat. I never viewed you as a threat or as a target. Iam just trying to get you to see how imperative it is that we get them out. Aaryn says if you win HOH I will do whatever you want as long as you have the votes if you are the tie breaker. Elissa says Helen staying is your only chance at getting to te Aaryn asks so who is your target if you win HOH? Elissa says Andy and Amanda, or Andy and McCrae who ever doesn’t vote for Helen to stay. Elissa says if we don’t get Amanda and McCrae out, they will win. Aaryn agrees. Aaryn says you shouldn’t be mad at me if Helen goes. Elissa says I would be made at you because you put us up and it means you weren’t aggressive enough to get Andy to vote Spencer out. Helen joins them. Elissa says if Helen goes home its your fault. Helen says Elissa I love you but I feel even if Aaryn hadn’t put me up I would still be in this position. I am trying to bring us together not push us a part. Elissa says that’s what I am trying to do too. Aaryn says if Andy doesnt vote for you to stay I have no control over that. Helen says Amanda can get into Andy’s ear but I can get into his heart. This has been the Amanda show. Helen says I didn’t know until now that Andy was more with Amanda and McCrae than with me. Aaryn says if I though 100% that Andy would have voted out Amanda I would have put her up but I didn’t think he would. Helen says I know. Elissa leaves. Aaryn tells Helen that Elissa just full on attacked me and told me none of my HOH are mine or mean anything. She said that she is Rachel’s blood and no one would want Aaryn here over her. Helen says that Elissa is just frustrated. Aaryn says if McCrae and Andy vote against you then you know everything they have told you is a lie. Helen says I know that. Amanda has manipulated all of us. if I leave then it will just be you and Ginamarie. Aaryn says well Elissa said if you leave its all my fault so if she doesn’t go against them then she is going against what she is telling me to do. Aaryn says Elissa wont work with me she looks down on me, she thinks Gina and I are peasants. I don’t trust people who look down on me. Helen says Elissa is frustrated. I have spent so much time getting to know you and I love you. It kills me to think that they are trying to kill that relationship with you.


12:40pm – 1:05pm Aaryn tells Helen that Amanda told her that you were targeting me. Helen says why would I do that, I spent so much time building a relationship with you. I’ve wanted Spencer and Howard out this whole game. They have brainwashed you about me. Helen says people want blood on their hands by getting someone big out. I got Jeremy out, I don’t need you on my resume. They are trying to get you out because you would be so good on their resume to have gotten you out. Elissa joins them again. Elissa chimes in to tell Aaryn that they think you’re dumb. Helen says hold on, hold on. Helen and Aaryn start crying. Helen says when you volunteered to be a havenot I did too to get to know you better. Aaryn says that if Amanda is saying I don’t like you or have ever said anything bad about you its a lie. I have never said anything bad about either of you. Helen says America is watching me as a MOM who can’t be saying things like B-I-T-C-H because I have a professional job and I would be unemployable if that was the case. Aaryn says I literally feel like I am going to throw up right now. If you are telling me 100% that you were never targeting me then I can’t… Helen says if I said it, it was week two! I want you here! Aaryn asks why is Andy…?? Helen says he is BRAINWASHED, BRAINWASHED, BRAINWASHED!!! Helen says I want to run for public office I can’t be seen lying and manipulating. And maybe that’s why I go out but maybe one day someone with integrity can win this game. Helen has the full water works going. Elissa says we need to get Andy we are just wasting time at this point. Helen says that Andy needs to go for all the TRAITOR acts he has done! Elissa says we don’t need to play nice any more. Elissa says we don’t need Andy, five would be a hot mess, we just need 4.


1:20pm Elissa leaves the HOH room again. Aaryn tells Helen that Elissa is disgusting. She says that she really doesn’t want to work with her. Helen says this isn’t the Elissa I know. Aaryn talks about how Ginamarie is the only one congratulating me and lifting me up. Helen says we should all be lifting each other up and congratulation each other. I am sorry that I didn’t do that more. Elissa comes back up and tells them that Andy is on his way back up. Elissa says I feel like I should have gotten paid to do this show. That’s why my sister didn’t tell me about all this. This is a nutty freak show! Andy comes up but leaves again to put his contacts in. Aaryn heads downstairs. Elissa complains about how annoyed she is and can’t handle this.

In the lounge room – Aaryn has a quick conversation with Andy. Aaryn says it’s bad what’s going on up there. They talk about voting out Helen. Aaryn says that Elissa is going to put me and you up if she wins HOH. Andy asks she said that? Aaryn says yeah. Andy says we just have to make sure she doesn’t win HOH. Andy tells Aaryn I am not an idiot. I don’t want to go to the end with Amanda and McCrae.

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aaryn, but you are, you are an idiot, for letting amanda run every one of your hoh weeks, with no concession other than a “promise” to keep you safe. good luck cashing that one in if you end up on the block!

i know elissa is not the best in communicating her reasonings, but she has a few good points, and keeping and working with helen and elissa, and getting rid of spencer are just a couple of them. that is, unless you want to just hand the win to mcmanda.


“i know elissa is not the best in communicating her reasonings”

Understatement of the season.

And maybe, just maybe, Aaryn thinks she doesn’t have any reason to go against Amanda at the moment because Amanda has shown absolutely no ability to win any sort of competition. I’d be fine with dragging her to the final 4 then dumping her, cuz guess what? She’s not gonna win sh*t.


HOLY SHISH KABOBS i think that Elissa and Helen might convince Aaryn to force Andy to vote out Spencer… a miracle just might happen! I have faith.


mmmmm shish kabobs


This is what I believe is going to happen: Since “CBS” didn’t ask for us to vote, I believe the four evicted players will have a competition (not the remaining HG) the winner will reenter in the house being the new HOH for either a week or two or maybe golden veto. I believe the other 3 evicted HG have compared notes and know what to do (I hope). The remaining HG will sh?T because they know what they’ve done especially Andy, MC and McMeanda (Nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide). Hopefully, this will give a few more weeks of excitement to a very uneventful season of BB15.


that would be awesome

Amanda Makes Me SICK

They always try to get us to THINK they are going to vote independently on Wednesday and then we tune in to this boring mess on Thursday and then we get mad on Friday and burn up the blog w/ the i hate Amanda/or whatever name they are calling her this week. Im not convinced…..


Yeah, that stinks. Elissa is really smart in this game and everything she says is true. Unfortunately she has no tact and the way she says it puts people on the defensive. There is no way unfortunately they’re going to get the rat Andy to vote their way though. Andy’s a pussy and won’t make any big moves.


Why oh why would they get rid of non-threatening Spencer. Why is it everyone’s plan to do him in? He has no game whatsoever. Why don’t they target Amanda or McCrae or even the weasel Andy? They have the numbers. They just aren’t very bright. They are going to wait to get this brainstorm after it’s too late.


spencer is the only other hg on the block, so he’s the only choice left. it’s too late for stategy against anyone else this week.

give me a break

The crazy thing about Helen is….if she stayed and Aaryn and GM wanted to get rid of Elissa….Helen would do it……..Helen is quick to throw her own people under the bus….(Candice, Jessie)………..If anybody help Amanda’s game …It is Helen…


I’ll say this about Elissa, she has a much better read on what’s going on than Helen has the last few weeks. And much better than I gave her credit for.
Elissa: hey guys, enough with this kumbaya circle jerk blowin smoke love fest and let’s get to the heart of the problem and talk to Andy already

Amanda Rocks

Keep drinking the kool-aid NorthAlabama. Helen and Elissa are so desperate it’s pathetic. All lies and manipulation coming from their mouths. And more bullying. When Judd was backdoored it was ALL Helen in Aaryn’s face. And when Aaryn showed reluctance, Helen threatened her on live TV that if she didn’t put him up Aaryn would be going out the next week. This wasn’t the act of a loving friend. It was the tactic of a dictator. So please spare me the Helen is a good person routine. She wants to stay to win the $500k, plain and simple. Not help Aaryn out in any way. So wake the eff up. Helen’s tactics make me sick and her brainwashing Elissa to be the bad cop (while Helen conveniently enters the room and is the good cop) is even more disgusting. This week and next will see the exit of two vile despicable fakes. Goodbye Helen and Elissa!

You're An Idiot!

“Helen and Elissa are so desperate it’s pathetic. All lies and manipulation coming from their mouths. And more bullying.” ~ Okay delusional fan of Amanda. So???? AMANDA isn’t this??? She’s the BIGGEST bully in this house. What show are YOU watching?!?!?


WOW ELISSA JUST SHOWED WHAT A REAL BITCH AND BULLY SHE CAN BE!!! She is one nasty hateful vile person. Hope her son gets the same treatment she just gave Aaryn up in the HOH room, and she has to deal with the consequences of her actions when they come back to bite her son in the butt!!! Always knew she was a stuck up bitch, but she is a worse bully than Amanda. Wonder if CBS will show the bitch in her true colors or let her keep being Production’s Pet!!! Hope both her and Helen get sent out soon, and Bully Elissa just refuses to go to jury.


HELEN FOR PUBLIC OFFICE . Govenor Helen we have a emergency .


I know Helen will be voted out. But I hope she’s the one that comes back, wins HOH and then put Demanda and McCrap on the block. If one of them gets the veto, then put Sandy in their place. One of the three stooges has to leave pronto.

Maria D

What show are you watching? The deal was if she won HOH Helen and Elissa could pick the nominations, Helen had controlled 2 of Aaryns HOHs and this one her alliance 3am decided together. Helen has made the comment at least once this week that ” they need to get control of the house again”. Amanda may believe she is running the house, but the fact is Helen is along with her hypocrite friend Elissa. Elissa is always complaining how these people are just awful, yet she talks about everyone too. She is as disgusting as they come in my eyes. Her and Helen both need to go.
I’m I the only one that noticed her talking out of her month, “I’ve played my own game, when I got the MVPs I decided who to put up”. Dang it again I must have watched a show than she has been playing in… because the show I’ve been watching Helen told her who to put up and who to vote for and she always voted the way Helen wanted her to no matter what. I just love how each time (twice) Elissa has won veto she thinks she has all the power. Not sure this chick knows how the game works.
Isn’t it ironic that Elissa hates all the bullying this year, yet she is in the HOH room basically bullying Aaryn. Plus, is aligned with one of the biggest bullies ( Helen), who might want to rethink running for office because yes we have seen you lie and manipulate other HGs.


Helen would probably have a better chance of flipping the votes if she focused on Spencer and not Amanda, just saying. Amanda isn’t going anywhere this week.


I think you mean Andy.
Spence can’t do shit, he is on the block I doubt he wants Helen to have the votes to stay, lol.

I wish Amanda or MC would get their asses out of bed earlier in the day, they KNOW Helen gets
up and does her best fake crying in the early hours. They are going to get burned by doing the late night thing.

And Aryan is a total dumb ass. As smart as she can be with some game moves, she is one of those people
who can be swayed by the last person in her ear. If she actually falls for the Helen/Elissa speil I hope 3AM shit
cans her for good (Because the first thing Elissa would do with power is get Aryan OUT, period).

Danity Kane

LOL!! I was like “………. what..”


I’m saying that Helen should campaign against Spencer, not against Amanda, McCrae, or Andy because they’re not nominees. Just because the houseguests might hate Amanda does not mean that they’ll vote out Spencer, who has his own agenda.


Sorry K…I just realized what you ACTUALLY meant with your post, LOL.
(Focus on Spencer being evicted….thought you meant campaign TO him).
Excuse my lack of focus, trying so hard to not punch my monitor right now….watching
Helen fake cry and love everyone.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

True, but I think Helen knows she’s going home so now she just wants to make sure that anyone but Amanda wins the game. No point in working the Spencer angle because she knows that Amanda and McCrae are protecting him and intend to take him far in the game.


i cant get why everyone thinks Amanda will win the game watch what I say 2nd maybe but shes a dan of last year to many jurys hate her would Candice vote for her no how about Jessie no Helen elissa gm that 5 I will bet 1000 bucks she don’t win


and people wonder why mCcrae is doing what he is doing hes 10 times smarter than Amanda he knows she cant win he tried to tell her to keep her mouth shut and not get into it with people his plan is working perfectly


I would hate for McCrap or Demanda to win. But McCrap is smart, he’s hiding behind Demanda. He’s the nice one. His best bet will be to get with her to the end. Then people won’t vote for Demanda because she was a horrible person in the game, but they’ll vote for him because he was” so nice.”
If Helen comes back she should team up with Elissa of course, and Aaryn and Gina Marie and vote the other 4 out. Then they can fight amongst themselves for the final four.


Helen is focusing on Amanda instead of Spencer so that she can team up with Elissa, Aaryn, and GM (possibly Andy too) to get out Amanda and McCrae. Spencer may have survived several evictions which builds his resume, but he is no social or physical threat. Helen is a way bigger threat then Spencer, but Amanda is a bigger threat then Helen. So Helen is being smart by targeting Amanda and working her game around getting her out and using that as a pitch to stay.


And Helen?! Gosh woman! Bringing the waterworks eh…I don’t know if they are real or not but its working so keep the tears coming baby boo.

Team Helen


and what the hell kind of game do they think they are playing when Aaryn says ‘as HOH you need to consult with people’. Consult with people? Why allow yourself the luxury of being HOH, if you don’t make moves!!!
Why are they playing this way this season??


nice idea elissa, but poor execution. little too confrontational at times because if helen goes, you will be alone. needed to focus more on how the mcmandy’s are being given a blank check if game remains like it is, and how demanda is using aaryn.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Elissa cannot hide her intense dislike for the other houseguests. I think she is secretly hoping that Helen leaves the house so that she won’t be forced to “make nice” with the other houseguests all the time. It will be a relief to her. Also, she should be focusing on winning the HOH. That is how you make friends in the Big Brother House. All of a sudden, everyone wants to do yoga. LOL! Sheep!

Elissa's Fan

I think Elissa is so hot, she is so smart, she is so sweet, she is so loyal! All of you people who don’t think that are blind and dumb! I love her so much, and all of you haterades need to go away to another site because this is the site for people who like Elissa!

Elissa the Bitch

You like duck lips and plastic looking women.

That is mean

Wow, the first comment was harmless and not vulgar. I don’t agree with that person but your comment was out of line. That seems to be the reoccuring theme with the people who don’t like Elissa, they all take the game personally and somehow think they know all of these players on a personal level. Their comments are much more ugly and hateful. A lot can be learned about a person by the people who dislike them, and based on the people who dislike Elissa, maybe I should reevaluate my choice for who I want to win the game. Don’t forget, this is a game, and people who don’t use racist coments should be judged by that standard, not on a personal level like you all wnat to do. It shows a level of dillusion and unhealthy attachment to the show. It is funny however that those hateful comments are just as vulgar as the people you back on this show. I guess like minds cheer for each other.


You all people acting like Elissa is the only who ever did her lips all those movie stars have Joan River, Angelia Jolie and the lists can go on. Calling her duck lips isn’t going to stop the people from doing plastic surgery.

What is wrong with you

Oh my god, are you stable? Do you have a mental disorder, that’s not even a comment with substence. It sounds like a 13 year old boy got on to this site again, oh boy, alert the moderator!




Brilliant! You got me good. How did you think of that?!?!?! To correct my spelling as a way to show your disdain for my earlier comment. It’s so clever. I wonder if others will follow suit, and begin to do the same thing! I lose, I bow to you and your intelligence. Please, correct anything you sea in this post!

That is mean

Wow, please refer to the post above…


WTF production let Elissa a “Have Not” have a comforter? and people claim production hasn’t been catering to her the entire summer? ROLMFAO


and she has suddenly developed an allergy to bb slop, too – how convenient. i’ve been waiting for production to roll out a special “elissa have not” menu this week. i bet a feather pillow would help with her “slop allergy” headaches. and maybe an air mattress for her yoga injuries.

hell, let’s just kick aaryn out of the hoh room, and give it to elissa for the rest of the season! she already gets more stipend money than the other hg, and had her own nomination ceremony for the first three weeks, why not her own room?

if i was another hg this season, i would be looking for ways to get on elissa’s nerves.

Gimme A Break

Are you kidding? Amanda’s fat ass has been in the HOH bed more than the “Official HOH’s”, takes the goodies that are sent to HOH’s. I guess in her mind, she’s entitled because she’s had a hand in all noms. She is right about that, not one spine to be found in this house. It’s a wonder they aren’t all crawling around on the ground like the snakes that they are.

Danity Kane

You have it all wrong! Elissa was chosen as a DISTRACTION as to who the real winner of Big Brother 15 is, and that is Amanda. She was pre-selected as the winner of Big Brother 15 and in the near future, you will see how twists work in her favour, especially if she’s in a situation where she is about to be evicted.


Brenchel Drones down voting facts? Have Nots are supposed to be uncomfortable, yet she get a comforter? What next, she’s not going to have to eat slop, because she’s supposedly “allergic” now? How is that fair to the others?


“Helen just told Amanda that Elissa’s back was hurting and she couldn’t sleep and used a comforter.”

“Amanda goes back into the Have Nots Room and tells GM what Helen just said…

Amanda: “..and I got yelled at for sleeping with a towel and she has a f**king down comforter…I’m so f**cking pissed right now!”

GM mentions that production favoritism has been going on the whole game. “


Maybe whoever is given out the comforter is black or Asian that is why the others are not getting special treatment like Elissa.

It's All A Joke

Nasty Amanda has a pillow and who knows what else. No one and I mean no one tells her what to do.

Big Jim

I would love to see Helen get evicted come back win HOH and put Amanda and McPussy on the block. I can dream..


This season is so boring and so predictable that I went back and watched Season 6, which is arguably one of the best seasons of Big Brother USA . I am now re-watching season 2 then I will do 7 and 9 because I just can’t with this season anymore I just can’t.


I feel you!!! All i do is read this blog now. havent watched in weeks. if something happens, ill watch it online. until then…..watch canada. its pretty good.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Thanks for giving a nod to Big Brother Canada! Found out a few weeks ago that we are getting a season 2, which is awesome!

Big Jim

I will recap Season 9 for you so you don’t waste your time. Everyone fucked everyone Ryan started dominating the end of the game then let Adam talk him into keeping him over Shiela and handed Adam 500,000. Then Adam and Matt sold drugs and went to jail. The End


AMANDA will win ,, Because of 2 idiots who cant work together because of their EGOS , just sign the cheque to amanda ….. SOMEONE needs to humble their ass and tone this shit down elissa has made a head way wanting to talk to aaryn but aaryn her words not mine always defensive and elissa needs a better tone …… LIKE aaryn said she takes things the wrong way and now it makes me believe even if elissa humble nothing will never change between these 2 ….


Like I said from the beginning of this mess. Helen, Aaryn, Elissa, Spencer, GM against Amanda, McCrae, and wussy cry baby crocodile tears Andy. Watch Andy’s loyalty to Amanda and McCrae leave if someone is actually brave enough to go vote against Amanda or McCrae. That little sissy would switch sides so fast. I say get McCrae out and let Amanda(drama queen) and Andy flounder and sink

One Can Dream

What a WONDERFUL fantasy!!!!!!


“Elissa says I would never listen or ask what anyone wants, even as MVP I made all my own decisions. ”


She did whatever her alliance or production(saving Howard form the block week 3) told her…


She put up Spencer when Amanda wanted her to put up Howard and Amanda was pissed! Amanda was saying Elisa’s was just making decisions for herself…it was that she just knew she wasn’t playing Amanda’s game.


Saving Howard from the block was production’s doing, both her and Helen weren’t allowed to put him up due to the racial stuff that went on after Helen won HOH. Both said production wouldn’t let them put him up, otherwise Helen would’ve put him up, she said she wanted to put him up for lying to her.

So Elissa hasn’t made a decision on her own.


Helen wanted Howard out yes but Elisa never did. Production or not Elisa went against Amanda and that posses her off. Plus Elisa was put there and left there because of production. She was never meant to win this game.


Damn Elissa went in on Aaryn. I proud that she’s finally going a brain.


I am really glad that Elissa is standing up for her friend Helen, but its a wrap for Helen. Aaryn is going to relay this conversation to everyone else and they are going to laugh behind Helen and Elissa’s back. I really despise most of the people in that house.

BTW, is it me or has anyone else noticed that when dog refers to Andy he says “she”. It is the most hilarious thing. I am gay, so I dont look at it like an insult.


I meant Dawg


I am gay too and I think it’s hilarious. Poor Andy didn’t get the fashion gene either! LOL.


Tell me about it. Andy dresses like a 6 year old boy….or a walking gay flag.

Too many colors Andy….. too many colors


Dog is wrong and would just be as bad as Aaryn if this was true. Hopefully you are mistaken. Lets see if this gets through the moderation.


Elissa is standing up for Helen but Helen doesn’t have Elissa’s back and Elissa doesn’t know it. Helen has sold out Elissa several times and her final 4 and 2 deals don’t include Elissa. Helen leaving this week is actually a good thing for Elissa. Helen was never going to take Elissa with her. Also Helen saying she has never lied or manipulated someone because she is going into politics is just crazy. Ah! Helen, you have lied and manipulated people and you will fit right in as a politician.

Helen leaving means Elissa will be free to play her own game. Working with Aaryn might be difficult but what other options are there for Elissa?


Elissa= Trying to campaign to get Spencer Out
Helen= I love you all and don’t listen to Elissa


hahaha GO ELISSA. telling it how it is.


if these people are such students of BB why in the world are they so surprised when they find out that people are lying to them??? makes no since.


…and why does being a mom make them (the Mom squad) better than all the others??? don’t get me wrong i love mom’s but i didn’t know that meant they deserved to win BB more than any others???


When people think of mothers, they usually think of trustworthy, down to earth people.
With that title under her name, Helen is trying to use it to her advantage and I believe it’s smart to do (but not 20 times a conversation).
By bringing it up, she is putting doubt in Aaryn’s mind, and she’s in a way saying “Aaryn, you can trust me. I wouldn’t lie. I’m a mother and I wouldn’t lie and embarrass my family on national television. I’m just a down to earth mom trying to win money for my family!”
For the viewers, it may come off as annoying, but as a player, Helen is right for doing it.


I know right. Maybe because it’s in the Superfriends Code of Conduct not to lie or think for yourself to get ahead in your own game unless you are in the majority.


Could be they’re stupid

Big Brother Fan from Canada

This is such a disappointing season. Remember when Nakomis introduced “Backdooring” to the Big Brother game? or when Natalie (of Big Brother 9 fame) was voted out after giving up her HOH? Good times…


Keeping my fingers crossed that H+E can work some magic on Aaryn, GM, and Andy. I REALLY


once again, i feel like theres hope for some opposition. this is like the 3rd time i feel like something can happen to thwart A&MC’s game. i dont want to get my hopes up again. Elissa is right on the money. H, E, G vs A, MC…..may the best alliance win


Whoopsie. As I was saying… I REALLY don’t want Spencer to stay after some of the things he’s said. He is vile and does not deserve to be in the game.


But he’s not a threat


Ahh for the good ole days when there were actually people who knew how to play this game. None of these losers can see beyond their own stuck up noses. Wishing for Janelle, Dr. Will, etc. Now that was game play. Why is everyone so afraid of Amanda and McCrae? Why has Andy the snitch been given a free pass every single time. When America put Amanda up twice that should have told her something. Of course she blamed poor Judd for it. Let’s face it America is not on Amanda or McCrae’s side. Hope America gets to vote for something again. Andy, McCrae, and Amanda would be going bye-bye.


At this point, lets just hope Helen comes back. Even if she’s slightly annoying, it’s the only chance we will have to see Amanda go. If Helen gets to return, Aaryn and Gina Marie will likely flip, and if Elissa wins HoH like everyone assumes, Amanda would be out of luck.


I want Judd to come back. He is a superfan and the ONLY reason he was evicted was because of the stupid secret MVP. It just killed me when he was voted off. Judd is the nicest guy out of the whole bunch of HG’s. Every poll I have seen has Judd with 40 to 50% of people wanting him to return to the house.

One Can Dream

I agree with one slight change for my own personal pleasure. As someone said earlier, send McMess out, leaving her in the house will drive her insane, make for great tv and give most of us great guilty pleasure that is Big Brother.


Good Cop Bad Cop hope it works. especially now that Aaryn is beginning to realize the flames are catching up to her and she will be the one holding onto straws. assured of no jury votes since all her big moves Amanda can claim. They should sit Andy down and drill him the same way he will cave.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I think Helen expects to go home on eviction night. At this point, she is just trying to mend a few bridges for Elissa’s sake. I was expecting more outrage from Helen once she found out that Andy was playing both sides. I guess we are in for another boring week. I am so incredibly disappointed. I was kind of hoping that Helen would be blindsided on eviction night, but since she was given a heads up about her eviction (thanks, Amanda!) there will be no expression of complete shock and betrayal plastered on her face when she is evicted from the Big Brother house by a 5-0 vote. I know people have said this a million times on this site, but hands down…worst…season…ever!

Elissa's Botox

Helen loves everyone!! Did you know she’s a Mom!!!?

Love that Aaryn got called out, Elissa got long hair don’t care

Elissa the Bitch

Damn Elissa is so jealous of Aaryn. She also said that she is Rachel’s sister and was cast for a reason so she is not going anywhere. Does she mean that this game is rigged just like the MVP twist when she was in danger of leaving. This blows.


Why would Elissa be jealous of Aryaning, she is a racist, nasty, mean, rude person, Elissa called as she saw it, Yea saving Helen is not going to happen, but good for Elissa for telling Aryaning exactly what she is an Idiot! Elissa has no reason to be Jealous of anyone in that house!!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

She had no choice but to play the “I’m Rachel’s sister” card. Her only ally is on her way out of the house and she needs to quickly make an alliance to keep herself off the block. There is no reasoning with Aaryn, so she had to resort to threats.

Suck it up Aaryn

Elissa is right and Aaryn needs to grow some thicker skin. Aaryn said, and I quote “I’m putting you up because that’s what the house wanted.” when putting up Judd. Aaryn is too afraid to do anything on her own and is simply used by Amanda to keep the blood off her own hands, and Aaryn will eventually pay the price for being the pawn. She will run back and relay the conversation to Amanda and Mc. kissing their asses, because she is afraid to be bullied by them. She absolutly placates to the horrible dynamic duo. One thing I’ve learned i this life is that you can’t respect someone who kisses your ass, and as much as Amanda and Mc. act like her friend, they’ll never respect her and dispose of her the second it’s convienent for her, probably in two weeks as long as someone doesn;t come in to wisely seal with the two. Aaryn needs to wake up, apologize and own her terrible racist actions, swallow some crow and team up with elissa. Nobody woudl ever suspect it because of their dislike for each other. It would be the biggest move thusfar. But alas, she doesn’t have any courage and she can’t win every competition so she just won’t make it.


I really hate helen. Shes an asian bobble head. We know her name is not really helen


Did you catch it when Elissa said, “I’m Rachel’s SISTER. They cast me for a REASON. Do you think they (production) won’t make sure I get further in this ga—” CUT TO FISHES. haha

Aaryn is practically BEGGING them for a safety deal, and Helen and Elissa just won’t offer her one. OFFER HER ONE, ELISSA!!


Dang Elissa that was probably the wrong approach at the wrong time especially since they don’t clike and have mutual dislike.. I really like Elissa but let’s face it she should have had more gall and reasoning a long time ago instead of isolating her game with Helen who put herself in this situation. And who is also partly why Aaryn is even still there.

And on an another note, they are worried about Amanda but if they could take out Andy that would really hinder Amanda and McCrae’s game. Amanda outside of facilitating orders based off some of the foot work Andy comes back with is weaker in competition than him. And his approach of gathering information isn’t as in your face as Amanda. Think girls.


I disagree i think Aaryn is a kid and Amanda’s approach is what works best.

Talk to her like she is kid and everything will make sense or shake her into action. I think Elissa has achieved what she set out to achieve, in a sense told you want to work with me am not gonna pretend i don’t like you but if you keep Helen here we will work together and we don’t have to like each other.

When she(Aaryn) runs back to relay that information to Amanda all the points raised will be valid and they will continue their little fights fights that are opening Aaryns eyes without stuff like Amanda said blah blah. Amanda will keep throwing Andy under the bus so approaching Andy differently tell him basically u r rat and everyone the jury is going to know that u will not win against anyone he will have to re think what he needs to do and who to keep. GM is piratically ready to join the fight and if she won HOH i bet you one of the couple is going up. I predict before too long word will come out how GM is not part of the 3am or how the Amanda’s are planning on cutting it to 2am.

The DR need to ask Aaryn abt 2am if they want to light a fire. They should go, so Aaryn tell us abt 2am and then you will see a brand new season of BB15.


My money’s on Judd coming back in the game. He was pissed at what happened to him AND he’d be a huge ally for Elissa. Andy is a bigger threat at this point then McManda. Spencer is all up his ass (lolz at joke) and with him (Andy) gone they could actually rally the votes to evict Demanda.


Wuhu! Go Elissa!!! Tell her exactly what America has been thinking!!! She is exactly right, if it was me I would rather go out of the game making my own decisions instead of being jerked around by everyone in the house!


I am curious why everyone assumes Elissa would win an endurance comp, not saying she cant but she hasn’t won an endurance comp yet. Matter of fact she has not even remotely came close yet. Mccrae should be the favorite to win endurance, especially if it deals w/ hanging & paint, water & shit being splashed on them. I believe that Spencer & Mccrae are going to do their best to distract Elissa into just giving up.

Amanda's Therapist

Elissa is -imo- very insightful! She has Amanda completely pegged! She has never trusted her ! But, Aaryn is so caught up in Amanda’s bullshit & deceit – she is in a fog!
If you continue to give into the Queen Whore/Bitch like McPussy and the others have been doing since the start of this game… You, Aaryn, are going to be left “sucking eggs”!
Even though it’s hard to smell anything…but onions…Please wake up AND send the Stinky Whore/Bitch out the door! McPussy will be thankful?!? Imo

Canada Loves Elissa

geesh, we need to give elissa some credit here. at least she is TRYING. at least she KNOWS whats going on. at least she wants what we all want, to get amanda and mcrae and andy and spencer out!!!! yes, she has poor communication skills but SO WHAT. at least she is TRYING HARD. we should give the girl a break and give her some credit. fair is fair. look, every one of us has downfalls. ya, who cares if elissa had her lips done or a ton other stuff (whatever at least shes not some lazy fat ass). who cares if she gets a little aggressive when talking to arryn, she is pissed at arryn and for every right, aaryn THINKS she makes big moves but she hasnt. a big move is taking out amanda, mcrae, andy. elissa has been the only one trying for it hard. i give her mad props. she is like silent thunder, quiet on the outside but powerful inside. really, i admire her despite her few negative traits and how can i judge her, im not perfect either. so GO ELISSA, more power to ya girl. CANADA LOVES YOU <3


Why does everyone have to go to Aaryn to figure out who to vote for? Once the final noms are made, she has NO power.

I think these wusses have been subscribing to that train of thought so they can blame evictions on the HOH of the moment.

And Aaryn says that as HOH she has to consult with people (to get Spencer out). The consulting can be done before noms. Elissa, go see the people who will cast the votes! And if the HGs are following the theme they created this season “respect the HOH” then Aaryn should tell people who she wants out!

They can’t even follow their own rules (the ones they all set out from the beginning)!

But at some point they have to realize that the HOH has NO power!

I just don’t get it. I don’t get it.


Normally I would agree, but Aaryn is different because GM herself has said it that she will vote for whoever Aaryn tells her to vote on Thursday. So by convincing Aaryn, they convince GM by proxy. But I think they’ve covered it, they need to get to the house elf now and unfortunately I can’t see it happening. The only way it may happen is if Aaryn really gets on board and threatens him saying that he will go on the block against Amanda if either Elissa or GM win HoH, which is quite likely, but I don’t see Aaryn risking herself so much, nor do I think she should tbh.


Thanks for some clarity. These HGs just scramble my brains sometimes.


I hate Elissa and will always go back to this glorious site bashing duck face because she is awful talking to awful people, which makes her awful. Ummm hmmmmmmm ummm. Got it? Thumbs down. Who gives a shit? She shoulda had more couthe and tact. But she doesn’t because she thinks she is better. Being on this show this season makes them awful. Thaaaaanks.


“Elissa says I don’t think you’re a threat. Aaryn asks is that supposed to be an insult?”

Who’s the sensitive one now?

Worst BB in History!!!

Elissa says to Aaryn: “Next week it’s game on….. its going to be a blood bath from next week on….. so its not time to be playing nice anymore!!”


Helen def needs to get voted out this week thats the only way she might ( but still doubtfull ) see through the fake alliance and realize they aren’t with her. Then as much as I do not like her she needs to win the comp to get back in. She is the only one in my opinion that will get Amanda out, I do like Judd but just not sure he has the stones to go against that nasty slut Amanda.

you know - okay

Yeah, I agree. I am not a fan of Helen but I think she will be the only one to make a “TOO LATE – Big Move” to get McManda out. Judd will just come in and go with the flow and they will welcome him with open arms and he will go back to a$$ sucking McManda, Jessie will a loner and unless she wins HOH she will be sent right back out the door. Personally I want Candice back just for pure damn drama, that will be some good TV. Candice and Elissa will probably make a good power couple but Candice plays too much with emotions and will lose focus on the game and eventually be sent home packing and have to vote for someone else to win the game.


Well put, I couldn’t have said it any better .


Elissa came on to strong with aaryn, threatening her if helen doesn’t stay she’ll go with mcmanda next week. Asshole andy is stopping this from happening. Why doesn’t elissa go threaten andy/

Elissa's Botox

Helen claims to have never lied or manipulated ? Lol ask Jessie


Elissa just told off Helen! All of a sudden Elissa decided to play the game and she is playing it crazy. It’s the twilight zone right now.


I think Aaryn’s affection for Helen is genuine.. Elissa broke her down finally and she realized the mistake she made by evicting Helen. Elissa is the only one thinking right now. What she is saying is right, they got Aaryn already (thus GM), so they are just waiting time, they must get Andy. That lying piss of shit will ruin the season, damn it, I think I hate him almost more than I hate freaking Demanda


Sorry poor communication skills on both Aaryn and Elissa’s part. They have common ground, but are so defensive with each other, that they can not see their on the same page. Focus on next week, not this week. Hlelen’s fate is all but sealed, rightly so.

IMO…Helen deserves to be evicted, because she thought she was running the house, but all she did was further Amanda’s agenda along. She helped evict everyone of her own alliances, thinking she was doing the right thing, If it was, so right, then why is she scrambling to get votes against Spencer???

Only thing that would make me even considered seeing Helen back in this game, is if she admitted that she royally screwed up in evicting Howard, Candice and Jessie. And that she, is not as smart as she thinks she is game wise. Too much talking and not alot of observing and listening.


Can’t stand Elissa mostly because its clear she has NO desire to be there or play the game. When she tries it usually makes no sense, but I will give her credit for being the only one who put together Aaryns HOH’s have all been lucky wins or given to her by Jeremy. Aaryn needs to stop acting like she is a powerhouse…she’s just very lucky and useable by everyone else.

This Season Blows

Gotta love RoboDuck – who has won ZERO HOH competitions, mind you – trying to diminish Aaryn’s wins. I mean, really, claiming Aaryn’s wins were because of “luck or someone else” is highly ironic, considering that without blatant production interference in two POV’s, RoboDuck would have ZERO competition wins to her name.

She literally cannot contain her jealousy even when she finally decides Aaryn isn’t too “gross” and “disgusting” for her to talk to. Keep it up, Rachelissa, you’ll talk your way right out of the house next week at this rate.


Wuhu!!! Tell her how you really feel Elissa! Ha! I agree with her, if it was me I would rather go out of that house making my own decisions instead of being jerked around by anyone else in that house.


“Helen says I want to run for public office I can’t be seen lying and manipulating” LOL


Blondetourage 2.0
Aaryn – the beast
GM – the mouth
and Elissa – the shield aka the target

If they would just work together they could run the house at this point. As long as one of them wins HoH then someone else would go home each week regardless of who votes for who, and then BAM! Final 3. Get it together girls!! Never thought I’d be routing for Aaryn but she’s proven herself as the best competitor in the house. Break away from Amanda and you will be the best houseguest this summer girl, your horrid personality aside. Say what you will but she’s still not as bad as Spencer IMO.


“Aaryn tells Helen that Elissa just full on attacked me and told me none of my HOH are mine or mean anything.”

Which is true. Same with Elissa MVP choices, they were never hers. Amanda’s running that show from a funky bed.

Real Scandals Phony President

Helen=Control Freak
Gina=Low Class Stalker
McCrae=Whipped Stoner
Spencer=Future Felon

How are you supposed to root for one of these people? I sure hope Jessie or Judd get to re-enter the house.


So refreshing that Elissa is so forthcoming and explicit with her language.
Aaryn has no self-identity. She is a parasite looking for another mommy and daddy to
tell here what to do. I bet she does that with the men she dates.
Why would anyone put Aaryn on a reality TV show?


Some people probably doesn’t like Helen, but at least she isn’t going out without a fight. Hell she is a Chicago-based political lobbyist and she’s married to a judge. She’s good at manipulating, persuasion, and negotiation. (Have you seen the news lately we got so many crooked politicians) She needs to tell Elissa to take a seat and be quite and watch her work. Even if she doesn’t get to stay at least she is giving it all she got.


I agree, and you know what, I respect that. She may come across as annoying, but Big Brother is the experience of a life time, and for people like me who would sacrifice so much to be on the show, we should respect anyone who fights their heart out to stay.