“It’s just insane to me that she knows nothing that is going on.. like nothing” -Andy

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here (Added a new one of Helen)

9:44pm Cockpit Andy and Helen

Helen goes over her conversation with McCrae. She says McCrae has to play his own game people back home are going to look at him as a follower this season.
Helen says she wants to continue with their final 3 deal she thinks it’s the smart move for them.
Andy: “I do to”

Helen talks about Aaryn finally seeing that Amanda is a threat she came to HElen about the idea to back door Amanda.
Andy says he doesn’t know where Aaryn’s head is at. He thinks she would put up Amanda but he doesn’t know. Helen: “I will always have your back if you have mine.. you know.. “
Helen: “If you lose me I don’t know.. I think elissa will freak out at every one that didn’t keep me.. “
Andy: “YA”
Helen: “If I left just makes sure ELissa doesn’t go rogue”
Andy: “I don’t think you are going to , you have me, Elissa for sure and you say you have Gm thats all you need.. done
Helen: “I just want to get McCrae”
Helen: ‘How is spencer doing”
A: ‘OK we just shoot the shit a lot”
H:” Is he nervous”
A: “He seems confident” Andy has been buttering Spencer up.

Andy says Elissa and Helen have been good to him but so has Amanda and McCrae


9:54pm HOH Andy and Aaryn

He’s relaying his conversation with Helen, he says it’s the same stuff she’s telling everyone else.
Andy: “It’s just insane to me that she knows nothing that is going on.. like nothing.. ”
Andy: “I mean .. I love her to death.. “
Aaryn: “We have to do what we have to do.. “
Aaryn: “Have you noticed that Spencer can go from nice to being a super asshole”
Andy: “Yes 100% spencer worries me.. He’s very high on my radar.. I’m on high alert with him.. I don’t think he’s gunning after each of us which is good. .. but he freaks me out a little bit”
Aaryn: “He told Amanda that he’s coming after me.. “
Andy: “I hope you are in agreeance that Elissa and Spencer have to go next” Andy says Spencer is a little more controlled than Elissa.
Aaryn says they just have to wait until after the HOH competition


10:14pm Cockpit Helen and Elissa

Helen says she didn’t noticed Amanda the first week in the house. On day 8 Amanda came up to her and told her Elissa was making her a target.
Helen: “You gotta win HOH guns blazing”
Helen says if Elissa wins the HOH her best bet is to put Amanda and McCrae up if she wins the POV make a deal with GM and Aaryn. Elissa says she wants to get Spencer out.
They start trying to figure out if they can drive a wedge between Amanda and McCrae. Elissa suggests telling to McCrae about how Amanda always talks about her boyfriend back home. Helen says she’s never heard Amanda say that so coming from her it would just be like she’s making sh!t up.
Helen says they have to think of ways to drive Amanda crazy. She suggests they start hanging out with McCrae a lot. Elissa: “she’ll reign him in” Helen: ‘Good it’ll piss him off”

Helen: “I can’t believe we haven’t gotten a Pandora’s box yet”
ELissa: “I gotta win next week”
Helen: “Hopefully they give you a power”
Elissa: “I have to win .. Big Brother give me the wall” (the wall is a HOH endurance competition)
Elissa: “I’m deathly allergic to the slop”

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:46pm Kitchen Amanda and Elissa

They are both preparing food.. Silent. Andy comes in and Amanda starts talking to him.
Amanda leaves. Andy asks Elissa how she is doing.
Elissa says she’s alright she starts complaining about her teeth saying the slop and protein is causing a lot of tarter to build up.
Elissa: “I hate it when your teeth don’t feel like you’ve just came back from the dentist”
Elissa: “Do you have Sonic care”
Andy: ‘No.. I use a regular toothbrush”
Elissa: “You got to get sonic care”
Andy: “I’ll take you up on that offer.. I’ll look into it” Andy goes back out side


11:00pm They get a bit of Alcohol Andy and Aaryn have a MUG each.
They convince Andy to chug the wine and he does. GM: “Go Andy your the man”
Andy: “Chug that wine chug that wine”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:20pm Elissa and Helen have nots

Elissa saying that Amanda is trying to seclude her, “This must be so boring for Big Brother… those girls are already not fun”
Elissa: “At least we have funny conversations”

Helen says they will know if Andy is a traitor or not on thursday. If he’s not she needs to work with Andy and they know GM and Aaryn don’t have anybody else so they can get them to.
Elissa: “Amanda is giving me such an attitude. I think it’s funny.. I hope she says something”
Helen: “I hope I get McCrae vote it would be amazing.. he’s so scared.. it’s so silly”
Helen cannot understand why McCrae would turn down her deal she said to him she would never vote to evict him.
Helen: “Starting tomorrow i’m going to have to hang out with Aaryn and GM a lot”
Elissa: “it’s a nightmare hanging out with them.. they’re boring.. they don’t really talk about anything fun”
Helen: You just have to make a lot of small talk.. this game is all about managing the boredom and small talk”

Elissa says if she was Helen she would try to make Amanda and McCrae mad at each other.
Helen: “It’s too early for that”
Elissa wants to make up a story but Helen does not want to lie to them. She’s told McCrae so much already and it doesn’t get him made. Helen says Amanda is the one that gets mad.
Elissa says she is fired up to win the HOH, “If we don’t win we go home”.
Helen: ‘Ya I know”

They decide to go find GM and Aaryn to hang out. Elsisa says it is going to be social torture. (they never make it to hang out with anybody.. at 12:04am they are both sleeping)
Elissa says her hip is sore she slept on it wrong and it’s dislocated. says she has to watch it or it will ruin her career.
H:”Which Career”
E: “Yoga”


11:35pm HOH Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda: “You know how bad I want to run up to her and rip her collagen inflated lips off”
Aaryn: “What was she laughing about”
Amanda: “Just that i’m pissed.. I want to put habanero in her slop balls”
Aaryn: ‘I want to put habanero on her tampons”
Amanda says Elissa was doing her sadistic laugh, “I hate Helen and Elissa”.
Amanda sees Helen on the HOH Screen “Ohh there’s Helen you are going home in two days.. Ohh there’s Elissa.. you’re going home in a week and two days”

Amanda: “She dresses like sh!t .. Elissa.. what the f*** is she wearing.. “
Aaryn: “Do you think he’s a husband or a sugar daddy”
Amanda: “Sugar Daddy.. “


11:47 backyard Andy, Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae
Talking about Their OTEV Riddles
Spencer riddle on Candice “A rat, a tattle tale and a Snitch are all things we call this b!tch”
Andy for Jessie “Even though you had no power you f!ngered yourself in the HOH shower”
They ask Andy if that was real. Adny says yes. Jessie told him she went into the corner of the HOH shower and “worked on out”
Spencer:’ She said it took 30seconds”
Spencer jokes that he was looking (See the image)

Aaryn asks them to do her OTEV riddle.
Amanda: “she liked to say candice’s ass was fat it’s because she sat on this cowgirls big old hat”
Spencer: “Your OTEV is terrible”
Andy: “This blonde has got one of the prettiest faces even though she’s a overt racist”
everyone howls
(the images below shows Amanda impersonating Spencer watching Jessie in the shower.. Spencer show them how he was doing it flapping his tongue around)


12:25AM Backyard Everyone but Elissa, Aaryn and Helen
They are talking about Nick leaving and the events went down. Spencer says he wanted Jeremy to go home that week but he won the Veto. MC felt the same. He was a bit pissed at Andy for talking Elissa into putting Nick up.
GM tells them if Nick would have stayed he would have won the HOH from Helen.
Amanda: ‘He told you how many seconds .. he must be psychic then”
GM: “He knew everything… we made diagrams.. he would have won that”

Spencer says he would love to see Howard’s and Candice’s joint DR sessions. Amanda complains that her and McCrae didn’t even get a joint DR and they had a wedding.
Amanda says she is pretty sure they didn’t air the wedding they haven’t really talked about it to her.

12:36AM Amanda tells them that Howard was hitting on her a little bit. Amanda says that he was rubbing her leg when she was sitting in the HOH room. Amanda: “He always had a weird thing for me even though he wanted to get me out of the house”.

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I think Helen’s game needs a rebirth. She now knows everyone was truly against her. Have the Helen’s old gameplay be evicted and vote her back in with one thing in mind: Amanda’s game’s demise! It is crucial, however, that Helen or Elissa win HOH for anything to happen. I think Helen’s return would be most entertaining as Judd will probably be whipped back to Aaryn and Amanda. The only possible POWERSHIFT the house can have is if Helen is voted back in with Elissa or her winning HOH. If not, the game is pretty much 3a.m.’s victory and I really don’t want any of them to win. They played a really simple game with the “do what the house “a.k.a Amanda” wants.


Take off your rose-colored glasses. Helen has been every bit a part in how this game has gone each week and who the target would be. You give Amanda all the credit… save some for your buddy Helen. Only difference is that Helen was a bully and threatened each HOH who wasn’t in her alliance to nominate this way or else. At least Amanda always told you to your face where you stood with her. Helen would suck-up and affirm you at every turn then stick the knife in the minute you turned your back. It’s astounding that she is surprised that she is now the target. She’s gone from being a cocky dictator to a whiny pathetic rat. She has lied to everyone in that house and has thrown every one of her supposed allies under the bus at some point, even Elissa. I love how she is still trying to manipulate Andy, McCrae, and Elissa telling them what they need to do. (While having the temerity to tell them that Amanda is manipulating them so they need to do what Helen is telling them). Uh, they ARE doing something you obnoxious twit – they are voting your ass out on Thursday! Helen acts like if they save her she will never vote them out. Never? You have to vote someone out each week so inevitably you are going to have to vote these people out. I’m surprised nobody has picked up on Helen’s 2-person deals she is making to everyone. Such desperation. YOUR jig is up rat. I bet all your colleagues and competitors are laughing their ass off. Some political strategist you are. NOT! Don’t let the door hit you on the ass Thursday night.


Helen should have listened to Candice and Jessie. Helen has no game. She did it to herself. She backstabbed the wrong house guests. The only game she had was getting Jeramy and nick and she never would have without Jessie.

Feeds again

Yay the live feeds are back again I missed out so much so Helen’s on her way out that’s so cool but I hope either Candice Jessie or Helen win to return to get Amander out


Yes Helen learned everyone was “against” her, but she still holds out hope that if Andy votes a certain way, then he really isn’t a rat and Elissa should work with him. So really she doesn’t KNOW anything.

If Elissa wins HOH then she still wants to take out Spencer even though Helen says put up McCrae and Amanda. These people really think Spencer is threat.

Elissa suggests that Helen make McCrae and Amanda mad at each other. And even though Helen believes they should go up on the block, Helen says…wait for it…it’s too early for that!

She just hasn’t learned a bloody thing. If she goes out and wins her way back in, she will follow the same road. A useless one. And we have the pleasure of watching her painful demise. AGAIN!

What is wrong with these people? I thought it was bad last year when everyone (danielle specifically) kept falling for Dan’s baloney.

These “rules” the HGs follow are self-imposed!! None of them deserve to win. Go home Helen. And next get rid of the nitwit she has attached to her hip


So Amanda wants to tear off Elissa lips ? How does she get away with so much talk of violence directed toward others ?


Good grief! These people are absolutely horrid!

Say What

And we are off! Amanda the rape victim is fascinated by her rapist, Howard. Now the guy that you are supposedly so terrified of Amanda, you are giving us such nuggets like: I bet he f$$ks like a machine, and this latest one, Howard was rubbing up on me. Oh Amanda, yep every guy wants you. That’s why you parade around in your underwear so we can view that horrible …. I mean terrific body of yours. That’s why you keep reminding us of those naked internet pictures of yours, because you are so horrified that your lover, I mean ex hasn’t put them on the internet yet.


These people are just plain vile. They need to bring in a exterminator and spray them. If these idiots get BB cancelled, I am going to be furious, It is my summer’s guilty pleasure. Please CBS, if you are going to do anything, fire the people who brought these vile idiots in the house.


Doesn’t matter what they say on the feeds. Its what CBS can edit and broadcast to the viewers. By the time this airs Amanda would be shown as the funny carefree girl she is, Spencer will be just your good old uncle trying to play with these young kids, Aaryn would be the fragile beauty queen. Nope the show’s edit won’t be even close to what actually happening in the house.


It never does, and I’ll make sure it never will…..


Amanda is a terrible human being and even her fans are starting to become disgusted by her ? She talks about hurting people . She is saying she wants to physically hurt people other women in that house ?


When you have family and people you have slept with that work on the show its easy to get good edits ?


why would you assume that just because they are less age-diverse and are a little more brash and foul mouthed than previous seasons, that it would have anything to do with bb being cancelled after this?? Ratings are all that matter. And the ratings for S 15 are fine, regardless of what any of the crying, I have stopped watching-advertisers on this board would have you believe.


What a sick bunch of bottom feeders..


Seriously, ever since Amanda had sex with MCrae he has been whipped HARD. Seriously if Amanda and MCrae are in F2 as much as I despise Amanda…I will vote for her. MCrae needs to realize that Amanda is the one orchestrating the evictions….and really….he is just there to help her game. If the jury is NOT bitter and votes who played a better strategic game thus far…..AManda trumps Mcrae….He NEEDS to split from Amanda…but he doesn’t have the balls to do so!

Roisin Dubh

Keychain knew whatever juice he had left that Amanda didn’t bounce, jerk or suck out of him left him when Judd walked out the door. He knew once and for all that he’s the bitch that’s getting carried around like a 6 pack of Keystone. Deep down he would love to see her go, you can see it in his eyes, but the BJs and the bunny boiler thing is keeping him paralyzed.


Seriously, it makes you wander if he’s ever gotten any before. If so, it must’ve been pretty bad for him to be so whipped by such an ugly, fat heifer like Amanda.

mc is really a 15 year old boy with a fake i.d.

Seriously, seriously? I think I remember MC himself describing his sexual experiences before Amanda as being really close to non-existent….he said something like “I NEVER get girls” and that at first when Amanda was trying to mac on him “she really scared me and made me nervous”…Look, even Amanda bragged to Arynn, I think, how when they first kissed it was gross and that she “trained” him to use his tongue more. First, ewwww, gross. Second, MC might as well be a virgin. I’d hate to be the next girl he hooks up with; she’ll be on the receiving end of all the new moves Amanda used on MC. Ha!


I think Mc is the only person that ;Amanda *may* get the votes to win in a F2. And I say *may* only because Mc has done 0. He may even win the F2 simply because Demanda is reviled by at least half the jury.


Dear CBS please bring back the MVP twist and let we america put Amanda on the block for the rest of the game


Seriously, where was this Helen…3 weeks ago…2 weeks ago…..1 week ago??? I’m glad she has fully woken up. I mean I understand cause we have the advantage to see everything going on in the house and their true intentions….although I like how she is suggesting to find ways to make Amanda crazy!!!! Amanda is unstable and if she freaks and spills something…..it can cause damage to Amanda’s game. Helen already called Andy a rat to some ppl…but SHE NEEDS to point it out more!!

Roisin Dubh

The best thing El can do for her game is to stop listening to Helen. Helen has destroyed El , Jessie, Candice, Howard and Spencer’s game and those were here “allies ” at one point.


The worst part is she is doing everything she can to ruin her game even after she is gone. “If you vote me out ellisa will be posses and come after you so you better get her out right after I leave.” She is such a selfish twat. I stopped liking her as soon as I saw her interrogating people during her hoh.


Howard and Spencer were never her ally. Candice went with Howard in week 3, therefore Not Helen’s ally. Candice is friends with Elissa, not Helen. Candice has bad-mouthed Helen to Howard and under Howard’s order spied on Helen to make sure he’s safe. Candice knew Helen and Elissa were targets of Howard and Spencer. Candice told Helen and Elissa in week 3 that Howard and she never talked game, just there for each other on a personal level. She reiterated this many times.


I suggest this week for Helen to ruin Amanda, MCrae, and Andy’s game as much as possible!!!

Rice Cake

What a sick bunch of dysfunctional and deviant freaks.

Every 24 hours Spencer reminds us that he’s a creeping sexual pervert.

Every 24 hours Helen reminds us that delusion is a serious condition

Every 24 hours Ginnamrie reminds us that she’s a raving lunatic.

Every 24 hours McCrae reminds us that hygeine is overated

Every 24 hours Amanda reminds us that she’s disgusting

Every 24 hours Aryan reminds us that she’s a sick racist

Every 24 hours Elissa reminds us that Yoga is awesome

Every 24 hours Andy reminds us that he’s a sewar-rat

I love checking the feeds every 24 hours because the next best thing to watching Zoo animals or patients at a psych ward is watching these maniacs lie to each other.


I have worked in a psych ward, and they are way more interesting than this group.

This Season Blows

“Every 24 hours Elissa reminds us that she is a better and holier person than you and she knows everyone in production”

Fixed that for you.


Here’s the thing- whether you like El or not, you need to realize
she may come off as you say “acting better than everyone”.
But the truth is that she is more mature than the rest of the group.
She is a little older, has a family and REFUSES to participate
in the racial, vile and disgusting behavior. It would be brutal to listen
to this group of ingrates 24/7, and it would be really difficult not to “pop
off” and go ballistic on any of these people. GM is insane and talk
about delusional, Aaryn and Amanda are vile and just as racist as
GM- Andy, Spencer and McCrae are constantly DEGRADING women.

So, even if you do not like her, she deserves props for being a
decent human being.


Rice Cake, this is the best dexciption of every person in the BB house.



Every 24 SECONDS, a hateful idiot makes a fool out of themself by misspelling a simple word while trying to be intelligent, original, and witty.


If you are going to call yourself Grammarfairy, at least get the pronoun agreement correct: “a hateful idiot makes a fool of him or herself” or “hateful idiots make fools of themselves”

mc is really a 15 year old boy with a fake i.d.

With all the cruel and unusual punishment that we have been spoon fed by this season’s cast and all of the non-entertainment masquerading as good summer television, do you really think anyone on this or any other sight needs something so utterly insulting and demeaning as someone calling themselves “the grammar fairy”? Please be serious; I realize you’r need to correct the masses and free them from their illiterate straightjackets trumps the accepting nature of almost everyone else (who just read, get the gist of the comment and in turn respond) that isn’t quite as comfortable with being as anal or control-freaky as you. I’m sure we have all taken the required English courses mandated by the state we live in to ensure we have the ability to at least walk and chew gum at the same time and not have to wear protective gear when taking the bus or some other minimal activity. I’m sure if a few of us have slipped through the cracks of the annals of proper speech format and the conjugation of sentences, we will be able to survive without you playing Hitler teaching a post adolescent ROMPER ROOM! Jeez, grammar fairy. Wasn’t it Peter Pan who said “Every time a grammar fairy is punched in the face, another fairy gets their wings ripped off?”


I think you spelled annals wrong

mc is realy a 15 year old boy with a fake i.d.

Thanks, Terryb; I probably did (I think I realized it while typing!) but was/am too lazy to go back and spell check…I’m sure somewhere along the way, the literacy police won’t be able to hold it in much longer and just like a junkie needs his shit…well, you know the rest; Ha-Ha :) It would be sad to live the kind of life, wherein seeking the approval of others and their smug back-patting, came at the obnoxious cost of having to constantly not only be “correct” but feel responsible for the correcting your’e peers. Some people will always be the hall-monitor while others will be the ones running the halls.

the last word

I live in Chi-Town and I’m ashamed he comes from the same place… i’m not buying it though, I don’t think he’s originally from Chi, he’s got to be a carpetbagger… Chicagoans are not wormy like that man SMH ~ [same goes for Helen]


He said he is from Aurora.


AMANDA….ELISSA dresses weirdly????? Honey, someone needs to have a reality check!!!!! You freaking walk in your dirty underwear and flash America every chance you get!


AMANDA said Elissa dressed up “sh*tty”…..Ironic though because Amanda’s panties must be filled with her sh*t!!!

Amanda's Misting Mist

Helen is like an inmate on death row, she seeks clemency from the other houseguest and Governor “I misting just like Dan” Zuckerman is ready to flip the switch on Thursday, NO PARDON for you.

I have never seen a group so timid and paranoid of a woman who hasn’t won $hit

Aaryn “Your racism is on the back burner for now” Gries was the only one that had a real opportunity to backdoor, Amanda, but was wise enough not too. Smart girl, she didn’t have the votes.

Pop goes the weasel…Andy, lying to Helen’s face, claiming will vote for her to stay, this guy(girl whatever) will bawl his eyes on Thursday,


Amanda HAS to GO!!!

oh please...

There is not going to be a Pandora’s box till that ‘thing’ Amanda wins HOH. Remember CBS and her production friends have already pick her. The problem is she sucks at Everything. Can’t you just hear them in the back ground…’Oh come on Amanda..win something for pete sake!!’

oh please...

Please Dont miss understand my comment…i WASNT hoping she would win…i was saying..thats what production is saying.

Can’t stand Amanda..she is So gross to look at….and by the way..am i the only one who has noticed Mc and A Never dp any cleaning in the house….Pigs!!!

Just a thought

Well if they wait for Amanda to get HOH for Pandora’s box then we are not going to see it this year. After all Last week McCrea threw his round with Amanda , and then Amanda whispered to Aaron to throw it to her and Aaron tried and Amanda still could get it. I think she can only think on her feet when she is bulling or just plain mad. I guess she needs adrenaline pumping to get her brain to work. I just hope somehow someone gets Amanda out, and soon!!!

Just a thought

Simon and Dawg, I was wondering, Did I say or do something wrong on this site. I am wondering why my comment is waiting moderation. I haven’t had that before and I’m just wondering. I enjoy your site because of how well it’s handled. And if I have said something wrong I am really sorry. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.


I’m not sure, I’ll get Simon to take a look later when he is around.


What amazes me is that both aaryn and McCrea said they tried to throw her the hoh… but if they just answered wrong she would have won as well… I think that’s the only way she CAN win. Lol.


How can Mc-nasty think on her feet when she is NEVER standing and please someone give Mc a nail file he chews his nails all the time.


EVERYONE bookmarks this conversatioon….because it goes to show how Andy, Amanda, and Spencer are all freaking trash!


I understand why You think Amanda and Spencer are trash but why Andy? Right now he is playing the congenial little brother role to keep himself in the game. If anything, I think Andy is one of the few people whose attitude and behavior does not get on my nerves


Andy’s a rat and a trash. Such an unlikeable person. His ability to lie is astounding! Hate to kow him.


Of course Andy is a liar! They all are. It’s part of the game. Imagine how much MORE boring it would be if they didn’t lie to each other.


congenial little brother?

first of all wrong. congenial is the complete opposite of the lying rat bastard he is. second, i’d like to think a little brother wouldnt act like him either.


Someone made a comment on another site – that bb 15 is boring because every time someone tries to make a big move” that freaky little elf Andy rats them out and ends it” . lol – So true


If Elissa dislocated her hip just by sleeping “wrong”, maybe she should not be doing Yoga.


I just read the whole post, and it doesn’t make me think andy, amanda, or spencer are trash. I dont see where you get that at all. If anything, it’s elissa who comes out looking the worst in this post. Wanting to make up lies to break mccrae and amanda’s “love” apart (at least i used quotes) and being so stupid that she thinks her hip is dislocated (she would not be able to walk if that were true).


watch the feeds!


The real scary psycho is Uncle Fester….a.k.a., Spencer. The perverted things that come out of gutter trap. Wanna bet he mounds GM before their departures? I remember the first showing this season he and GM were sitting next to each other in the lounge and Uncle Fester had his hand down his pants.

Garbage house

I hope when Helen is evicted that she can win the comp to get back in and open her eyes to what is going on. I hope her or Elissa win HOH and get Pandora’s box and get rid if the garbage players in that house. Please Elissa you have to win!


They have tried to let Amanda win, she is just inept!!! The only way Amanda will win anything is if no one else is playing. Oh, wait, no one else is playing.


She wins the dumpy-butt award, anyway.

Amanda's Misting Mist

Make no bones about it…Amanda or McCrae will win HOH, Production will make this possible.


Man I hope these houseguests find this site and read every single comment lol.


completely agree. this is the website they all need to find when they get out. not only to show how vile they all really were, but to find out what we really think about them (which will be funny because they all think they’ll be popular like janelle, etc. )


I can tell you right now that absolutely will not happen. Its like a common theme with bb contestants that you 100% do not read the internet when you get out b/c fans are crazy. Dr Will preached this gospel long ago and many big game personalities have echoed it since. S0, unless psychos print out these pages, stalk them and go flyer their cars and homes, then they will never know. But, I shouldn’t speak too soon b/c there are a lot of truly maladjusted, hate-filled nut bags on this site that WILL GO OUT OF THEIR WAY to do just that!


Amanda is VILE. I really hope Elissa wins HOH and nominates Amanda and McCrae, then win POV and make a deal with McAmandasLilBitch and take him off of the block and put Aaryn up. That guarantees one of the two strongest competitors going home. I don’t even mind if she puts Andy up – he needs to feel the block! That little rat!


Helen: “If I left just makes sure ELissa doesn’t go rogue”

Oh, ya, I’m sure that scares Andy the rat. She can’t win any competition aside veto and has no behind her in the house. Nice threat Helen.

aunty nobody

Rather relieved there was no “wedding” segment on the network.

Wee kiddies play “wedding”…

Why not skipping & ring around the Rosie if its kiddie games then?…

But, “silly bugger’s”, now that, they’ve elevated to the level of an art form haven’t they…

Silly twats…
(& rumor has it 1’s a rather itchy 1)

(smiley puking a swimming pool full)


It is so obvious that Amanda is jealous of Elissa by the things she says. She criticizes her clothes and her body just to try and make her trashy self look better. There is no way to make Amanda look better, she is the trashiest person I have ever seen.


She’s so jealous and insecure she can’t see straight. A few weeks ago, when el went off on Amanda, I thought el was rude and mean. Now I see why, and I wish she’d go off on her some more. Amanda deserves any and all bad things that come her way.

The Control Freak

Amanda isn’t jealous of Elissa, Amanda cannot control her. Elissa has Amanda’s number, and what I enjoy most – is Elissa’s sense of humor and she has a mean wit when needed.


Why be jealous of Elissa? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I prefer to work for the things I get in life, not have them handed to me by my wealthy significant other. I guess if you’re lazy or stupid you’d be envious of someone having everything handed to them…nice house…lots of money…MVP…


Amanda is jealous because she’s fat and ugly. No man in their right mind would WANT to give her 2 cents much less a house. El may be a little superficial at times but at least she’s not a disgusting pig like Amanda, inside and out.


I’m allergic to slop, my hip is dislocated from sleeping wrong, I’M A MOM!!!!!!!!!!

production rigged it

I got behind earlier and just got caught up on everything here. I almost pissed my pants laughing so hard when I read earlier that Amanda told Aaryn that if they made it to final 2 that they would be the hottest final 2 ever. LMFAO!! Can she get more delusional? She must not look in the mirror. Also LMFAO at GinaMarie talking about Jessie having a fat ass has she saw hers in the mirror lately and where the hell are the supermodels she was talking about at? If you count looks and personality Jessie was by far the best looking.

Here’s a little rhyme for Amanda and GinaMarie: Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the ugliest most disgusting bitch of them all, I don’t know it’s a tie between you and GinaMarie because you are both a couple of ugly, fake ass, vile, disgusting, racist, pieces of shit, gutter trash, psycho, mentally disturbed, whores who are about ready to take a giant fall (in the house as well as when they get out). ZING!!

Here’s one for Andy too: They call me the Ginger Rat and unlike Amanda & GinaMarie by ass isn’t fat, people say the both of them are whores but I’m the one that likes to be backdoored and if I tell it like it is then I won’t get no jizz. WORD!!

Lastly one for McCrae: They call me McPussy and I’m the keychain, my dick is where I have my brain, that’s why I can’t have a single thought of my own because my fat bitch is always sucking on my bone. PEACE OUT!!

Milton Friedman Rocks!

Actually Simon is McPussy. He literally is her kotex.


You really are a pussy Simon. Fucking libtard!

Ted Marie

It’s getting harder & harder to watch and listen to these house guests. I got addicted to BB from the first season and it is just painful to see it going in the direction it has gone. Thankfully, I have this site to come to and express opinions and read others opinions and know that I’m not insane for feeling so disgusted with these clowns. Watching McCrappy and his BB wife interacting with each other and the way she stomps around in her uggs and sweat clothes (but according to her Elissa is the one wearing ugly clothes) btw- at least El wears clothes. Then she literally plops her a** down and spreads her legs so far apart it looks like she’s reading for a check up. Then she will proceed to scrape a bowl for 20 min. slurping the food out of it and they just bitch & moan (kinda like me right now) about every aspect of all the people they are around. This show used to be one of my favorite things to look forward to, but now I’m grateful pre season has started for football. Funny thing is, McCrappy’s BB wife has the same shape of a lot of my fav players.

sigmund dunleavy

Wow……I can’t believe this Amnada chick.

Amanda has the worst shape of any female in the house and her face looks like a transvestite.

Howard said Candice and Elissa were attractive and he said he wanted Amanda OUT OF THE HOUSE so why is this delusional chick acting like he wanted her!?

This is the worst case ever.


Helen is going to be beyond embarrassed once she sees what a terrible player she really is. Just because she “cheers on” every damn person in the BB house doesn’t ensure her safety. The sad thing is that Mccrae is actually a good player, he realized waaay too late how Amanduh was going to screw up his game. Nobody has respect for him. Hopefully Amanda leaves soon and Mccrae will finally have a chance. Amen.


-Spencer is obsessed with masturbating and ejaculating on someone or someone’s furniture/possessions
– Aaryn will never be content with her “position” among the players or just about anything.
– Helen talks game with others as though they couldn’t possibly have another alliance and uses political deal making without true emotional connection.
– GM can’t think outside her obsessions with Nick, Candice or how she rates herself among others in all ways. (Note: Isn’t bulimia an addiction usually with some degree of Body Dysmorphia Disorder? Assuming her bulimia is chronic (week 1 she told someone in the house the longest she’s gone without purging is 14 days), that might explain her flipping to other addictions and/or obsessions. It might explain her “wacky” behavior. Just sad to see she hasn’t sought the psychiatric help she needs (ie: 33 yrs old). Anorexia and/or bulimia is very difficult to treat then patients commonly relapse. Personally, I think BB should have picked up on her disease as the house is such atypical high stress…just not healthy for her at all to be exposed to it.
– Amanda is just vulgar, insensitive, domineering, paranoid and demands 100% commitment to her will or she’ll attack with a full arsenal of weapons.
– McCrae is a passive -aggressive horndog of a young man who let his “wife” take out his close ally, Judd, only for her purposes of eliminating the threat of a McCrae/Judd relationship/alliance. Amanda can play BB and no one else is allowed to in her house!
_Amanda said her body looked better now “than in her 20’s” and that she was aging well—-wouldn’t that put her in her 30’s????
Sorry….got an another vent session and let it get too long. What do you guys think?? Too harsh?


I can’t stop watching BB. However, it saddens me that either a racist (Aaryn), a nasty flasher (Amanda), a wimp (McCrae), a sexual pervert (Spencer), a loud mouth (GM), a pansy (Andy), a “I controll every conversation” (Helen) or “I wanna go home” (Alyssa) will win half million $$. One thing is for sure on BB…a black person will NEVER win!!! That too saddens me ;(


I wonder if BB production will EVER equalize the game by putting the equal numbers of the same “type” people in at a time…. same number of any ethnic group against same number of another, same number of homosexuals against heterosexuals, etc. It would be interesting to see how that pans out.


What a bunch of fucking losers!!!


(Delusional helen leaving the house)
“Hey McCrea, we still have a final 3 right…..!?! Mc: yea Helen, yeah sure!


Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy and especially Spencer are absolutely vile and should be removed from the show. What a disgrace!


Helen has been hedging her bets, so to speak. Assuming that she’s not a dope, her ultimate plan really was to go to final four with Elissa and McCrissy and Amanda. So, she spent valuable game time driving the bulldozer on Amanda’s/McCrissy’s behalf. The kink in this plan was Aaryan, who, for whatever the reason, Elissa knew had to go. There never were opposing sides in the house until Aaryan made it through eviction, and agreed to Amanda’s (not Helen’s) terms. So, Helen, being smarter than everybody else, shot herself in the foot. That’s a support staffer for you.


Andy disgusts me so much….can he stop dressing like a 10 year old girl.


It seems like everyone just says the same damn thing everyday. Helen says MY GAME 100 times a day. Spencer’s gross sex jokes. GM hates Candice.
A-Man-Duh just bitches. MC lays in bed yawns and goes yup. Aaryn complains about how disgusting other people are but thinks she’s an angel. Elissa whines about wanting to quit. Andy tattles. Sometimes I think what the hell am I wasting my time watching this shit. Hell I could be reading a book or watching a good movie!

Just a thought

Why was comment taken down. I would like an answer, because my comment wasn’t any different in text than others I have posted. I was trying to join the conversation here. If its because someone else made comments using my name that I’ve using for awhile now then I can’t control that. I saw that someone had used it earlier, but it wasn’t exactly how I wrote it so I didn’t see a problem.. I would just like to know why. My comment is gone. Please Simon or Dawg or whoever is controlling the posted comments just give me an answer. I try to respect this site and if I’ve done something wrong just say so and I won’t bother leaving comments. I will just enjoy how well you guys are covering what’s going in the BB house. Thanks for your time

Bob barker

As I read these threads it’s so hard to believe that most of the people find it disgusting and hard to believe that people tell lies on this show. Can someone tell me a season that someone didn’t lie? It’s a game and in my opinion it would be even more boring if they all told the truth. What fun would that be? The only thing that irks me is nobody can keep a secret. Everytime something interesting is said about the possibility of someone making a big move its public news whether its from the scurrying rats or production!


Andy’s a rat!


I just don’t get it! These people say they are on to Amanda’s tactics then continue with her brainwash thinking. For example Andy tell Aaryn that Amanda plants seeds that quickly spread about other people. Amanda plants the seed that Spencer says he wants Aaryn gone. She confronts him and he says no it is Elissa he wants out. He has no plans otherwise and is just playing week to week. But Aaryn continues to fear Spencer!! Not Amanda. Even THE TRUTH is not powerful enough to stop Amanda. She is going to just keep throwing bodies under the bus until her and MC are the last two standing. Amazing. If ,Aaryn , GM, and Elissa could grow up and realize that although Spencer is not someone they would hang out with personally, the name of the game isn’t “My New Best Friend”. They could have the numbers to break up McCranda which would benefit all of their games.


It’s Insane to me that Amanda looks like the demon from THE CONJURING.


Not fair that Elissa is even on the show. Relatives of former winners should be excluded. Give others a chance to be on the show and win the money. so many people need it or would just love the opportunity to play the game.


In a nutshell what I was trying to say is that TOLERANCE is the weapon to use against Amanda. She is just taking advantage of all of these people’s prejudices and personal dislikes to play them against each other. And they are allowing it.


Saw 2 derogatory comments on here about Simon… WTF? Don’t like Simon? Then stay off his site your ridiculous POS!

Regarding BB15: I’m gonna start taking a drink every time Amanda talks about how bad Howard wanted her sexually… should be drunk thru September!


Not fair that Elissa is even on the show. Relatives of former winners should not be eligable. BB should give others a chance to be on the show and win the money, so many people need it or would just love the opportunity to play the game.


Yep, Helen has completely lost it! She’s even more delusional and now she thinks “Brenchals Army” is rooting for her! Ummm Earth to dumb-dumb, they don’t care about you or you getting evicted, especially since you’ve shown your true colors (whatever they are you little liar).

But this part takes the cake:

Elissa says if she was Helen she would try to make Amanda and McCrae mad at each other.
Helen: “It’s too early for that”

I almost died when I read that. LOL, classic Helen. Famous last words!


Helen has learned nothing!!!” She still keeps saying spencer has to go next. WHAT!!!????
Its got to be mcranda……its sooner. Not later. Omg….idiots!

Power player

Elissa, Elissa, you are not deathly allergic to slop. I don’t think she understands the difference between deathly allergic and just plain I don’t like it. She complains a lot to try and get her out of something or make people feel sorry for her. Just like saying she is allergic to lotions so nobody can sleep in the same bed as her (cop out) and then this; Elissa says her hip is sore she slept on it wrong and it’s dislocated. says she has to watch it or it will ruin her career. Drama queen.

Don’t know why people like this girl other than the fact she doesn’t speak badly about people as much as the other HG but she still does to a small degree making her no saint either, highly doubt she will win the wall even if production listens and makes it the next HOH. Gotta watch that hip you know