Elissa makes a play to keep Helen “Spencer wins if he gets to the end.. he’s been a pawn 9 times”

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


3:10pm Helen and Elissa Backyard
Helen mentions her heart to heart with Amanda. Helen says that Elissa, HElen, JUDD, Andy, McCrae and Amanda did a lot of really good work in the house. If she goes out she will dwell on that and not take it personally. She respects Amanda in this game and she wanted her to know that.
Helen: “Its a game I know I met my match but I’m still going to do what I have to do”
Helen adds she wanted Amanda to know that they couldn’t have done what they did without Amanda.
Helen says she’s going to have to keep being nice to people in the house.
Elissa:” Like I can’t handle it they are so repulsive”
Helen: “You have to play this game smart.. you have to find allies”
Elissa: “Aaryn is a horrible person.. hmm ummm.. she is a bad person she is one of the worst people I have ever met.. she is fake and conniving.. she’s a 16 year old in a 22 year old body
Helen wants her to stop saying things about Aayrn because Helen is trying to stay in the house and Elissa making enemies will hurt that.
Elissa: “I want to stay away from her I have to.. it’s so bad.. I feel negative energy around her”
Elissa: “She has nothing to offer ever.. even in real life.. I guess in this game she is good at competitions but I think it’s because her brain is stimulated”
Helen (Long sigh) “You can do this… you can do this”
Elissa says she hasn’t been around a person like Aaryn since she was in high school.
H:” At some point if I want to stay I have to be nice to Aaryn”
E: “I’m totally cool with that you make your own decisions.. I think it’s good for my game for you to be nice to her.. In my opinion it doesn’t get worse than her”
H: “I want you to win and get to the end.. you are the only person in this game that hasn’t lie to me.. not like little lies I mean really lied to me.. America wants you to get to the end of the game.. Brenchel army wants you to get to the end of this game.. “
E:’ I think it’s so funny she’s so jealous of me.. she doesn’t know anything about me otherwise she would be really jealous..”
H: “I want you to get to the end of this game Elissa.. OK.. part of this game is you have to work with different people at different times”
E: “I don’t even want to look at her cellulite again.. every time I see her I see Candice making fun of her.. “
Elissa says Aaryn wants to be the centre of attention and whenever there is someone that will take away the attention she gets fiery mad.. that is why she didn’t like Candice and that is why she didn’t like Jessie. Hleen agrees to this adds that Aaryn likes Helen becuase Helen doesn’t take the attentions away from her.
Elissa says that Aaryn comparing herself to Elissa is like Elissa comparing herself to Oprah


CBS Interactive Inc.

3:40pm Cockpit Amanda and Elissa

Elissa:’ Oh my gosh I literally cannot deal with these people”

Amanda confronts her about them calling her a bad person, Evil person and A bully. Amanda says that hurts her because she has never done anything personal to them. It’s always been about game for Amanda she’s never lied to them.

Elissa:” You know who is saying that about you.. your little side kick Aaryn.. She is trying to pin all this to you to the cameras.. to everyone she is trying to make you look like a evil person.. She is the worst person I have ever met Umm hmmm”

Amanda: “What kills me the most is Helen told me that you are using me and pretending to be my friend..“
Amanda: ‘The reason I knew why Helen was coming after me is Andy tolds me.. and he wouldn’t lie about that”
Amanda: “I’m not lying to Helen and there are people in this house that are lying straight to Helen’s face”
Elissa says that Aaryn is jealous of her and is always trying to start fights with her. Amanda tells Elissa they are not after Elissa they want Elissa in this game. They need Elissa to go after Aaryn and GM.
Amanda: “Helen is telling people you are coming after me.. “
Elissa: “I don’t know why.. I never said that” ELissa doesn’t want to work with anyone in the house except for Amanda.
Elissa: “Half the people in here are so dumb it’s like talking to a brick wall.. they don’t want to grow from this experience they want to feel like they are on top of the world.. It irritates me I felt like you were secluding me.. I liked Candice, Jessie and JUDD.
Amanda: “You were JUDD’s main target when he was here.. Candice, Helen and Jessie were gunning for me hard core. Elissa you never were”
Elissa: “You are not a threat to me you are never my target”
Elissa: “I’m getting dumber by the day being in here”
Elissa says the people in this house are so stupid she cannot have a decent conversation with them. She doesn’t think the show is very entertaining.


Elissa says she felt like Amanda was secluding her and it appeared to Elissa that Amanda was working with Spencer, Aaryn and Ginamarie. Amanda says Spencer wanted her out since the moving company days. Amanda isn’t working with any of those players. Amanda mention how Helen is going around telling people things Elissa will do. Elissa should probably talk to more people to prevent Helen from doing this.

Elissa says the reason why she hasn’t been talking to people is they are too stupid for her and a waste of her breath. Elissa doesn’t want Helen to say things for her. Elissa: “Half the time I couldn’t be bothered to correct her”
Elissa says that giving the money to Aaryn and GM would be dumping the 500K into the toilet.

Amanda doesn’t know why Helen is trying to break Elissa, MCCrae and Amanda up when. Amanda wanted to get closer to Elissa this week but Helen was telling her she was targeting Amanda.

Elissa says it’s a nightmare being in this house..
Amanda says when Helen goes Elissa can join the majority of the house they have 4 people against 3 people. (Amanda is telling Elissa to go after GM, Spencer and backdoor Aaryn next week. It’s their plan to make sure only 1 member of 3am gets put up on the block)

Elissa whimpers that she wants Helen to stay. Amanda tries to explain toi Elissa that Helen is coming after her straight up for many weeks. Amanda: “I know you want Helen here.. she at one point has told everyone Amanda was her target.. multiple times.. She was lying to my face”
Amanda: “The whole Jessie/Helen thing.. Jessie wasn’t lying.. Andy told me.. I cannot control Helen.. I know that Aaryn did want you out.. and I knew Helen was a bigger target than you so putting helen and you on the block I knew it gave you the best chance to win the veto and stay the game”
Elissa asks if Aaryn was on the block would she vote her out. Amanda says yes.
Amanda says if she wins HOH she will put up Spencer and GM and everyone will use the veto and she will put up Aarun. Amanda says that is the best plan for whoever wins the HOH this week.
Amanda points out Aaryn is too good a competitor to keep in the game.

Amanda:” We all needs you right now.. me Andy and McCrae awe all need you”
Elissa: “Like I’m a asset in this game.. ”
Amanda: “100% you’ve always been”

Elissa: “If I were you I would be concerned about Aaryn.. she’s trying to pin everything on you”
Elissa says that Amanda is the one leaving the house that will be really upset with how she is being portrayed. Elissa says that Aaryn is saying bad stuff about Amanda to the cameras.


Elissa asks again if Amanda will keep Helen this week. Amanda say no she just can’t but that doesn’t mean Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Elissa cannot work together. Amanda tells her she wants Aaryn, GM and Spencer all gone and so does Elissa so they should work together.
Elissa agrees says she still wants to player her own game even though she’s working with Amanda.

Amanda: “I love you and I’m on your side”
Elissa:” I’m on your side to and it’s making me upset taht you are trying to get rid of Helen.. you are secluding me”
Amanda: I’m not trying to get rid of Helen”
Amanda again tells Elissa that Andy told her that Helen was targeting her.
Elissa: “Did you tell Helen Andy told you”
Amanda: “No.. she’ll find out when the vote goes down”
Elissa says she’s mad at Amanda because she thinks Amanda is influencing Aaryn, “Aaryn is too dumb to make her own decisions”

Elissa tells Amanda that Spencer is going to win the game everyone will vote for him because he’s been a pawn so many times.
Amanda: “I know he needs to go he won’t make it to the end”

Amanda:” Who would you and Helen be going after if Helen stayed”
Elissa doesn’t know “Hmm umm.. If Helen stays I will vote you over her any day of the week”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


4:30pm Helen and McCrae Backyard
Helen tells him they’ve done something amazing this year and if she goes out on Thursday she won’t be bitter she was outplayed and she can accept that. Helen: “I love you to death love you to death.. and i love you together..I want you to know that I am supportive of you together”
Helen apologizes for how she was with McCrae she loves him and she knows she came on too strong. Andy joins them and McCrae accepts the apology.


4:36pm HOH Aaryn and Spencer

Talking about GM and her poor eating habits. Aaryn mentions that she never eats during the day then she finds GM binging at night then puking it all up. Spencer says he’s getting worried about her. Aaryn is to.

GM joins them

Spencer asks when Elissa and Amanda came out were thy acting mad or weird.. GM says they seemed OK.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here


4:46pm HOH Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer, GM, McCrae
Amanda relays her conversation to them. (Doesn’t sound like Amanda took anything Elissa said serious)
Amanda brings up Elissa is saying that Aaryn is defaming her to the cameras. Aaryn: “That’s what they are doing”
Amanda: “I’m not going to believe Elissa.. you just have to tell her what she wants to hear.. She thinks you are all disgusting”
Amanda says that Elissa still wants Amanda to keep Hleen even after just yesterday Helen was trying to turn the house against her.
Amanda: “She thinks she’s better than everybody.. she only thinks personally”
Amanda: ” We have to make her feel that she is safe so that if there’s a luxury she takes it.. we just have to fight our asses off and make sure she doesn’t win HOH”
Spencer: “And veto”

Amanda says Andy gave her permission to out him with Elissa and HELen.. give it 20 minutes and there will be a explosions.

Andy joins them.
Amanda: “You are going to get some backlash soon”
Andy: “OK”
They all agree to try and make ELissa feel safe.
Aaryn congratulates Amanda now if Elissa wins HOH next week she will put up Aaryn, Spencer, Andy or GM and not Amanda/McCrae.

Spencer steps in tells them their base hope is she doesn’t win HOH
Amanda: “That is what I was trying.. I’m not throwing you under the bus Aaryn”
Aaryn complains some more that Amanda talked for too long with Elissa and was insulting her and McCrae for the following week.
Amanda: ‘Do I sound shady right now i’m trying to sound open”
Amadna:” Lets be honest if I was going to protect her I wouldn’t be coming up here telling you everything”

Aaryn says now she has to deal with Elissa being overtly bitchy to her, points out she already started today.

McCrae tells them If Elissa thinks she is in dangerous during the HOH competition “Robot Power” will kick in and she’ll sit up on the endurance. McCrae wants them to make sure Elissa is safe so they can talk her into jumping off in the endurance.

Amanda:” My conversation was to protect us.. ”
GM: “She has to put up two people”
Aaryn says it;’s going to be 2 of GM, Specner and herself.
Amanda: “It was always going to be that”
Amanda leaves to get a smoke..

CBS Interactive Inc.

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the sad part is if helen comes back in the game she is probably going to do the same thing and work with andy and mccrae. the super alliance!!!


Same reason I think it’s bad for Judd or Helen to come back they would go right back to mindless sheeping for Amanda and McCrae, Jessie and Candice would at least try to start some much needed DRAMA, before possibly going back out the next week.

I’d almost rather every evicted HG have chance to come back, Jeremy would turn this house on it’s head, and have them scrambling. He went out too early, and left this season to be the shit stain that it is.


I wouldn`t say she is the worst human, but she sure does think of herself as pretty high and mighty. Funny she comments on how stupid Aaryn is, and how jealous Aaryn is of her… but yet Elissa won`t stop talking about Aaryn, who`s jealous of who? Does anyone know what botox does to the brain?


oops I replied to the wrong post… the one underneath this one is what I was meaning to reply to.

Oh My

Aaryn has been talking non stop about Candice, Jessie and Elissa all week on the feeds. Finally we get a feed where someone is bashing Aaryn. My only wish is that every word gets back to Aaryn, because I agreed with everything Elissa said.


I totally agree. She goes on and on about how horrible everyone is but then she turns back around and says something horrible about those people. She must have been bullied as a child that is all I can come up with. She is such a whiny person it is so annoying that she thinks she is so above everyone. Ugh, speaking of the dumb lip injected, fake herself Elissa. Leave already if you have such an awesome busy life.


Screw it just bring back all the evicted houseguests so far, season can’t get any worse.


This game is desperately in need of a returning jury member. I hope Jessie is the one to come back. Then she needs to win HOH, put up Andy and Amanda and then we cans watch the house blow up. They will throw each other under the bus with Elissa, GM, Aaryn even Spencer and regardless of who goes, the rest of the house is going to have a beef with whoever is left. Could be a whole new game which is a very good thing in my opinion. This one sucks. Go Jessie girl – and ignore the bullshit, you are the most strategic player, the only one willing to make big moves – hence your demise This time, stick by your guns and do not apologize, especially to people who treat you like dirt and betray you.


Would have to disagree. GM, Aryan, and Spencer suck a lot. If having to deal with their racism, sexism, homophobia, I would be calling them out as stupid as well.

Surely you jest

Jeremy is a shit stain. Dictator Hell en learned well from him in the art of being a bully. Nobody should be allowed to come back. It’s just CBS changing the rules midstream again and appeasing the politically correct crowd. Whoever gets back in should immediately be sent out the door again next week.


Elissa is truly the worst human being I have ever encountered.


I’m pretty sure Aaryn, GM, and Spencer are much worse! I actually even believe that Elissa is much better than all of them! After hearing all the crap those people have said, I think my dog has more class than them!


ELISSA is a piece of worthless SHIT.

Forget About It!

I disagree my pretty, Elissa is the worst. She bashes people all the time and she is the one that is jealous of Aaryn. Aaryn is not jealous of her. Why should she be? Elissa indicates that Aaryn acts like she is 16 so do you my dear and your sister as well. I know that Aaryn would need to take a course on Cultural studies because apparently she skipped that course in college but what is Elissa’s excuse? Elissa is constantly talking about Aaryn’s cellulite and her behavior. Listen Elissa these are not your friends or family members and you do not need to connect with these people out in the real world. Play the game and stop taking everything personally girl!

Forget About It!

Elissa has the nerve to say that half the house is so dumb. I hope she included herself in the half! HA HA

Forget About It!

This is going to be hard to say but I must give props to Elissa for telling Amanda that Aaryn is throwing her under the bus! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


I wish you people would stop saying things like “so-and-so is so much BETTER than so-and-a-so” and making it a contest in morality and overall “goodness”…it’s almost laughable. I know every saga must have its protagonist and it’s antagonist, and of course it’s only human nature to find and label the “good” guy as well as his nemesis, the “bad” guy. This is natural to what humans do in order to explain when the angel wins, life is good… to understand and accept that when evil triumphs, hard times will follow. It makes us feel safe and gives reason to the shit that happens in this world. A moral explanation,. Having said that….DUH!!! Hello? NONNE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE GOOD! There IS no “bad” guy; one is worse than the next! There IS no hero; any ONE of them would sell their grannies dentures for an extra day in the house and the soul of their unborn children for the win! They are ALL perfect specimens of everything disgusting in humanity! This is why we post on sites like these; because most human beings (outside of family and a few close friends) are all like this cross section of people! Maggots swimming around in the lies and bullshit they spew while professing their own moral superiority above every one else not “like” them. If you ask me, none of them deserve 500 items from the 99cent store, let alone 500k. CBS should give the prize to the AUDIENCE at large!! Divide it, make it rain, who cares? We deserve it most for having to watch these pieces of turd do absolutely nothing this season except make commenters like me fight and argue nonsense with my online peers for no other reason than sheer frustration and disappointment. Of course it’s by choice, but I CHOSE to go on past experiences of having liked (for the most part) the past seasons and it’s players and believed in BB’s overall purpose, worth and quality as a show and likeable franchise. Give us the money so we can fire this years casting genius’s and hire an all new crew; cigar smoking monkeys tapping away on typewriters and tic-tac-to playing chickens…at least we’ll know the only dispicable thing THEY’LL ever do is shit all over the house and engage in some occasional monkey m@sturbation. I’ve seen Amanda do a lot worse and degrade herself a lot more in one episode alone.


Good post, Name. Was insightful. Thanks for typing it.


C…you are a idiot…Elissa is stuck on herself true but the way Aaryn GM and Spencer talk they are awful people!


You keep saying the same thing in every post all day long. I know you’re Aaryn’s mom, but give it a rest.


Why should Amanda & McC go to the inal—– other than bully people & have a foul mouth Amanda hasn’t don ANYTHING…..she’s won nothing yet everyone is falling at her feet…….this will be my last season to watch if shev& McC go to the final


OMG, Elissa really does think her shi* doesn’t stink. She is one narcissistic individual. She really is so jealous of Aaryn it is pitiful. I mean isn’t Elissa almost 30 and she is so jealous of a 22 year old kid. She is so stupid that she thinks Gina Marie is a nice person. She must of had her head up Helen’s ass the whole time she has been here. She is a delusional ugly duck face who had to marry money because she does not have the brains to make it herself. Watch the Bridezilla video and you will see exactly what a biotch Elissa really is. She is pond scum who uses religion to make her sound nice. People wanted to burn Dan at the stake last year for using his religion, but wow this biotch uses it to try and make her nice when she is one hate filled biotch. Of course the branchel nuts will thumb down on this one, but Elissa is one sick puppy. Hope her butt goes home next week as she is just like these house guests say a horrible, horrible person!!!! Does too much botox affect your brain and make you a biotch?

Brenchel Army

I don’t understand you Brenchel Army.

Elissa and Rachel are so different. Rachel is already a Big Brother legend and is second most popular Big Brother player ever. However Rachel got where she is at by slaughtering everyone in competitions, backstabbing, arguing, manipulating, and lying. That is how Big Brother should be played anyways.

Elissa is totally different though, she stays low and hides under the radar and only win when she needs too. They are just polar opposites. I don’t see how you can like both.

Oh My

Let me explain it this way. Are you your Dad? Ok that might be to hard a question for you. The answer is no. You are two different persons. However, that doesn’t stop your mom from liking you.

I say

Elissa is the only one who has not lowered her standards, to play this game. I think you can play the game without being nasty and cruel. That is the place that Elissa is coming from and unfortunately people want to slam her for taking a stand. It may make her sound mean when she calls these people out, but they really are disgusting and mean, just look how they continue to talk about Candice….gimmie a break.


You have to have standards to lower them, and it is apparent that Elissa has none. Classless Yes; class No.


I love how the same person posts the same thing under different names.

give me a break

This is going to be a rough week for Elissa when Helen leaves:

Amanda; Walks around the house with blood stain panties, onion smelling vagina, and believe her being Jewish allows her to be racists and take over the
HoH bed.
McPuss: Known for notoriously not taking showers or brushing his cigarette breath….but luckily he still able to get his balls lick by Amanda.
Spencer: Know to talk about this imaginary girl name Marilyn, the house guest does not know that she does not exist,,and is actually a blow up doll he has
underneath his bed….his dream is to make it jury and to cum on all the girls in the house.
Aaryn : Known racists but she doesn’t understand because she’s being “scientific or something”..does not own up to anything she says or does.
Andy : Know to eat alot of cheese in the morning and licks his body to stay clean….

Just wondering?

Can we just give the money to Clownie!!!

A Jew

Saying that because Amanda is Jewish she thinks that gives her the right to be racist is stupid
No where has she said that and you saying that is bigotry
I don’t like Amanda but you saying that makes me shake my head

Karen S

dumb and dumber! Just drink the pisss already!!!!! ooops… You did!!!!


I’d rather see Judd back myself, so hopefully.
Elissa though, she’s just pathetic. She’s so jealous of Aaryn that it’s disgusting. And to her her tell it…it’s the other way around. And Elissa talking about how Aaryn would steal your husband…lol…we’ve seen your husband Elissa, I think Aaryn’s got better taste than that.
Yes, Elissa, Aaryn is more attractive, younger, and is a better player. Get over it. And she’s not talking about you 24/7 like you are her.


“Amanda confronts her about them calling her a bad person, Evil person and A bully. Amanda says that hurts her because she has never done anything personal to them. It’s always been about game for Amanda she’s never lied to them. ”


This Season Blows

Cognitive dissonance at work again.

bigot brother

wait until she leaves the house.

Now I am fed up !

I agree on calling BS…..I just watched her interview coming onto the show and when she was asked what people would find if they googled her she failed to mention that we would find her “Big Shot Live ” show and if you googled “Big Shot Live -CBS” it goes back to her on that in 2008 ! I think if I would have done that for so long I would have REMEMBERED it ! How CBS didn’t pull her from the show I will never understand UNLESS it really is rigged for her to win ??? How can she say that the other HG’S are not being truthful when pretty much every word that has come out of her mouth has been a lie Even before she entered the house ! I would be so angry if she just so happens to win !!!

Stupid Amanda

As much as I dislike Amanda, I have to say the most despicable is Andy. He acts so caring to all of them, then stabs them in the back later. Completely void of feeling.

Oh My

Ok Andy is despicable. However if we are going to grade on a scale. I think Amanda and Aaryn still win as leading contenders as the least liked players. Amanda and Aaryn have a habit of going beyond game play and attacking you personally. They also like to bring your family into the discussion and attack them as well.


Andy is the worst of the worst even more then the gruesome twosome.the racist ,the jackoff, and GM cant even pick a name for her she so disgusting and now she pigs out and then throws up does it ever end with her???? I wonder when he watches this will he think he was great or just the little back stabbing fake friend to everyone he is.He really has something wrong with him.

Jim 64

When is Helen going to realize Andy is not on her side
When she is evicted. Wake up Helen .


Nooooo, don’t wake up Helen, and please don’t come back, ok?


These people are so confusing & exhusting!!!
They really need to give their meds a break.


Amanda claims she dont lie… well she just lied to either Duck Lips or Aaryn.

Duck Lips

Quack quack quack! I own 5 houses, quack. Despite my entire body being pumped full of silicone, Botox, and plastic, Aaryn is fake. Quack quack! I am the greatest human ever and everyone else is too gross and disgusting to talk to me, did I mention I’m rich and own 5 houses? Rig the show for me or I quit!


I’d rather have a fake body than make fun of someone for how they look! What are we in kindergarden?


Elissa also made fun of the way people look. She said “I never want to look at her cellulite again” taking about Aaryn. Let’s just admit that they are ALL pretty offensive toward each other and the viewers. They need to stop bring hypocrites and start thinking about game moves instead of who is annoying them.


No one has ever accused Elissa of being a rocket scientist but I don’t think Aaryn has cellulite.

give me a break

Stop trying to bring down Elissa to…. Aaryn, GM, and Amanda Level…..What Elissa is saying is true…Aaryn is disgusting…..How many of you feel dumb after hearing a conversation from the 3 racists, the Pervert, the Rat, and the Homeless Kid… come on give me a break here!……Stop hating….you know what Elissa is saying is the Truth…..I hope she wins HOH and Candice comes back…..just to watch there heads explode…

Yawning BBAD

Elissa also trashed Amanda while she was getting dressed for Mcrae’s birthday, she is cruel and mean, it showed her true nature, besides being dumb, now I do not love Amanda, but just saying, Elissa is no christian saint mommie that she tries to sell to everyone.

Yawning BBAD

This is my latest opinion, I am always watching BBAD, and the other day, Big Brother “ASKED” the house guest’s to clean up the bathroom, I believe that is the first time in BB history they were needed to be told to be clean. This cast is the most filty, lazy disgusting cast that BB has ever assembled. I hope the producers of the show see some of these comments, we all know controversy breeds rating, so I am not concerned with the show being canceled because of anything these people have done or said. They need to worry about what they don’t do, like clean. The kitchen was a mess , the bathroom looked like a hurricane had blown through it and everyone just steps over everything, I really , really don’t wanna see the bathroom… EWWWWWWWWWWW

Other quick notes: Does Mccrae have legs? That boy is the most horizontal person I ever seen in that house, if he ain’t laying down with the HUN, then he is laying on the couch in the yard or one of the other rooms, I don’t think he clocked 2 blocks of walking the whole time he has been in the house.

Elissa is the phoniest person in the house, she thinks she is entitled because she apparently has money, she hates the other people because she is on a higher level then them all. She is a princess, With a burnt out light bulb. She is my seasons cartoon character. She has the voice and the looks for it.

Although I don’t like Amanda, I have to hand it to her. She has never won a thing, yet everyone respects her, fears her, and she uses that to make everyone do exactly what she wants. I am not sure if it’s because she is smart and has a “A” Social game or the rest of the cast are just complete jackarses, I vote for the latter.

You know, I am so done with Helen, you know, she is just now finding out she is not the Boss of the house and it is killing her. You Know

Andy, oh lawd, he is the most spineless, weak, floating little rat I have ever seen in BB. He think he will win because his power HOH was blindsiding Jessie, lol lets just not talk about him ok,

Spencer, lol

Aaryn has to be the dumbest person in the house, she allies herself with people she has insulted just to stay safe, she has won 4 HOH”S and could have destroyed the house and all their alliances, if she loses it will be her own fault for being Amanda’s stooge and not having her own mind,

GinaMarie: If you need your tire changed or a body guard to go down the south bronxs she would be the one ya call, Human bull in the china shop lol
still, out of everyone left, I would rather see her win over everyone, unless Judd comes back on Thursday.

Dan would have had these people cleaning his feet. They are a joke to even call competitors, they should be called Rejects.

BBAD starts in 1 hour, let me start the coffee to keep me awake… Later… Yawning BBAD


I was so bored watching After Dark I started counting how many times Helen says “you know” I stopped after 56. She seems to know what everyone “knows” you know?




Duck lips…you are a moron.

Brent Slater


This is an interview w/ Brent Slater – Elissa’s husband — he’s a total dweeb.


Yeah, he totally doesn’t seem like a sugar daddy.

Judd's granny

Whipped! Brent: Elissa really likes Canadians. Of course, she is better than all of them. But that’s OK, right?


Wish duck lips would go to Canada and live!!! As for those of us in NC, we cannot stand her and the hypocrite that she is. She uses the Bible to try and make herself seem like a good person, but underneath she is much more vile than any of them.


He seems like a nice, normal guy. Good for her!


Actually. he seems like a supportive husband. Green really isn’t your colour.


Good for her, seems like a good guy and fellow Canadian.

Butters Mom

In that interview her husband spills the beans that she now has a CONTRACT with CBS and will keep a house in America while she works for CBS… helloooooo…. DO THE OTHER CONTESTANTS HAVE A CONTRACT WITH CBS???? Probably NOT!! HMMMMMMM

Ummm hmmm

All of the big brother contestants have a signed contract with CBS.

Elissa sucks Canadian Balls

LOL that is what Aaryn would be jealous of Elissa. That husband of yours is a a looker.


after watching this interview, i do like elissa more. her husband seems really genuine and they are probably really happy. she talks about him in the nicest way all the time on the feeds. i know elissa is completely full of herself and is a “kept wife”, but i do think she has good morals and if she becomes the competitor we all wanted her to be, i could definitely support her. she just won pov and could win the next hoh if it’s endurance. i am kind of hoping she does win it and nominates gina marie and spencer! their stories make my skin crawl.

Amandas cootch smells like onions

I wanna see the look on their faces when they find out one jury member is coming back in, and I predict they come back with the golden power of veto for the week.


Elissa the hypocrite

Aaryn is fake… blah blah blah.

Your face is all plastic parts.

Elissa and Helen bitching about how nobody cheered when Elissa won POV.

Elissa wasn’t exactly thrilled to see Aaryn’s HoH room..

Aaryn acts like a 16 year old. Why cause she is not looking to marry a 50 year old?


Aaryn is not so desperate for money that she has to marry for it!!!


Aaryn come from a very wealthy family you dumbass. That’s why she doesn’t think before she speaks, when you have money u think u dont have to


Let’s be factual here, Amanda plays just a personal as everyone else, every move she claimed as being “game” was really personal.

Howard = Personal

Jessie = Personal

Candice = Personal

Judd = Personal only because he was sheeping hardcore for Amanda and McCrae

Nick and Jeremy was the only moves that was game.


actually, amanda was completely deluded that howard and judd were coming after her. she was 100% sure they were and that’s why she went after them, along with helen. jessie actually was coming after her 100%, although i agree it was personal too and helen wanted her out, which helped. candice was also obviously against amanda, although Candice never had power to actually go after her and gm as hoh was deadset on getting her out for personal reasons. i really do believe that all the evicted houseguests were evicted due to amanda and/or helen’s paranoia about each of them coming after them, which i would call game reasons (even if it’s false assumptions) than personal. and clearly it became personal as they campaigned, but i would say paranoia fueled every eviction. now helen will be leaving bc amanda heard that she was coming after her. it’s crazy that every single HG that amanda thought was coming after her has gone, except Spencer. I don’t know how he’s still in there or how amanda does it.


Elissa…I hear you. I would rather rip my own eyeballs out of my face than have to be in there with those…people. But I wish she would just suck it up for the game. The thing is, everybody is playing too personally. This whole thing would would freaking turn to be AMAZING if Aaryn and Elissa would quit hating….and pretend at least, and work together! Nobody would expect it! It’d be a whole new game! It sucks they can’t do that.

BB15 TWIST: The next houseguest to be evicted unanimously stays in and the other one gets sent packing. Oh production, come on! Where was this twist when we needed it? Lol


I have a better idea. Since they got rid of the MVP just let Elissa pick someone to put up anonymously

Let’s make it fair *rolls eyes*


I think Aaryn would do it, but Elissa is such a stuck up snobby bigot that she cannot get past her darn jealousy. Wake up Elissa no other woman would want your 50 year old husband. She must be so terrified that the old man will leave her for something that does not quack, quack that she just has to hate. Hope she goes next, but would prefer that she just self evicts herself.


Her husband doesn’t want her to look frumpy? He’d rather let her look like an android. She’s a stepford wife.

Ummm hmmm

Stepford Wife. That’s what I have been thinking.

Ummm hmmm

I really do not understand how E’lip’s a” still has so many fans. At first, I thought it was just the Rachel fans, and they where not watching the feeds or even the show. I know that Rachel and Elissa are both elitist bitches, but come on at least Rachel was entertaining.

Ummm hmmm

Sorry, didn’t mean to cuss.


Elissa is just just repulsed by the horrible things Aaryn has said about Elisssa, Candice, Jessie, Helen, Howarad, need I go on. Jealousy is not what what it is. I don’t care how many HOH’s Aaryn wins, she doesn’t deserve a penny!


Can’t these people see that Amanda is manipulating them because she cannot win any competition. Hope Elissa does not fall for her BS. In addition I can’t wait until it is down to the final 4 where they will have to turn on each other.


Pot meet Kettle……..come on Amanda, can you really be that ignorant to see that you are telling the people that are supposed to be in your alliance you will not go up on the block that one of them has to, and that means one of them is going home. Cant you for once identify with them and say you are nervous about being put up on the block? Instead you always make sure that someone other than yourself or McCrusty goes on the block…yet you say she (Elissa) only thinks about herself.

These people need to speak up and say Amanda I am not comfortable with how you have decided for the rest of us that you will win the game. She has said clearly to everyone in their face who she has decided will go up on the block, never once has she shown any concern for anyone in her alliance with the exception of McCrusty.

To me the premise of this show is to see what are you willing to do for $500k, instead it has turned into what will you do to help Demanda or McCrusty get the $500k.

PLAY THE GAME!!! If you want the money you better start thinking about yourselves, and what you have to do to get it…or self evict and say I surrender I dont see how I can win. I would then have more respect for you as a player, and can say at least they tried to play and win.

Somebody needs to get back doored

I really hope Elissa wins hoh and back doors someone this big group of people ( aaryn, Andy, McRae, Ginamarie , and spencer) feeling they rule the house is starting to get sickening this game desperately needs a change.


Aaryn has figured it out. Awhorda just f©@ked her game she admitted that the plan was always putting up GM, Spenver and Aaryn. I hope they come together and get that whore out, PLEASE!!!!


AMANDA is throwing Aaryn/Helen under the bus to make sure she doesn’t get picked if ELLISA wins HOH this week! I pray that JUDD gets back and throws AMANDA OUT!!!


That Elissa/Helen conversation was like something out of the Twilight Zone. If Elissa thinks Aaryn is jealous of her, it sure seems the other way around. Damn, why is she so obsessed with Aaryn? She brings her up as much as GM brings up Nick!!!


I just turned the feeds on, hours later and Elissa is STILL talking about Aaryn! What the hell? She’s like on some kind of loop. Yes we get it, Elissa, you hate Aaryn, you think she’s a horrible, despicable person who is not worthy of breathing the same air as you AND she’s jealous of you. Oh and Candice was awesome. Wasn’t Candice so classy? Yes, Candice was an amazing, funny person with so much to offer. UGH! Make it stop!!!!

Seriously, if she’s not being fed this shit by production to say, she has problems.


I wish the producters would give me some meds so I can make it through the season.


Elissa will never throw the competition, she knows it was all lip service and that they are snakes.

This Season Blows

Correction: production will tell Duck Lips that it’s lip service and they’re all snakes. Even then, she’s liable to ignore that and become another Demanda sheep.


Holy cow Elissa is so obsessed with Aaryn ! Never seen a what 30 something year old talk and obsess over a 22 year like she does! Aaryn is 22 I expect her attitude and ugliness but Elissa claims she has so much class but every other word is Aaryn this Aaryn that geez get over yourself honey lol (by the way I don’t like Aaryn and all her nastiness but Elissa is the same in my book!) JUST SAYIN

Judd's granny

Elissa reminds me of Assad’s wife. while he’s killing thousands of people, she’s shopping in Paris. “Let them eat cake.”


ELISSA IS WAY WORSE. The woman is almost 30 and she acts like she is a 14 year. She is so jealous it really is pitiful how she will not shut up. Good grief just because Aaryn did not marry for money and hook the guy by getting pregnant is no reason to hate on the 22 year old girl, and wow Candice does not have class. She got down in the gutter with the best of them. Class is something you do not have honey and never will with the way you act.


I think Elissa’s jealous of Aaryn’s age, something Elissa will never be again, 22.


I think Elissa is obsessed with Aaryn. Get over yourself Elissa!


Um..Amanda flat out said that Andy was the one who told her Helen was coming after her yet Elissa didn’t tell Helen this? Did she and I missed it? All I heard from Elissa was that Andy was more like 75/25% now? Huh? What? So Amanda outs Andy and it goes over Elissa’s head or Elissa is keeping it to herself? I think I’m getting dumber trying to figure it out.


whoever said Elissa was smart?

I like how Elissa was complaining about her hip and Helen said “what career”. what was Helen really trying to say. You married for money..


So you say you’re feeling “Dumber” Well we’re going to fill “dumber” with you because that’s how this blog rolls especially with BB#15. Just like the HG, when one says evict the other’s say evict even if they don’t want to evict, O boy, what a group you picked “CBS” With the group you picked they are all sharing one brain DeMeaningMananda

Rio Seven

Okay all these comments about the house guests being racist are getting a bit old and boring. Now, before everyone loses their minds just hear me out. The fact of the matter is that we all see the world through a prism – and race, religion, and culture is part of that prism. And this is not something only white people are guilty of. Every race does it. Do you know how much Indians and Pakastanies hate each other? The answer is a whole fucking bunch. Unfortunately it is part of human nature. Now of course there are vastly varying degrees of racism. Some people own a white hood, other people may just have stereo types they unconsciously or consciously believe in, like all Chinese people are bad drivers. As a society, the best way to deal with racism involves political change, education, civil rights, exposure and communication with other races, cultures, and religions. Maybe the racist things that happen in the BB house will make us all stop and think about how we feel about people who are different from us, then at least some good can come out of it. Now everyone shut up about it – lol.


As long as Demanda and McMinute are not threatened to be nominated all is right with the world. These people have not / will not figure Queen Demanda’s tyranny it is amazing. And she makes no bones about it…..the rest of them are lambs for the slaughter.

Forget About It!

Amanda iis incredible she should run for congress! I hate them too!


If Aaryn is the most horrible person Elissa has ever met she needs to get out of her bubble and experience life!


Beautiful inside and out. I love you Elissa. Which is why America loves you. Even if you don’t win the game you wont walk away empty handed. America’s Favorite is yours.

This Season Blows

Oh barf.

This Season Blows

Duck Lips is obsessed with and jealous of Aaryn, it’s really sad to watch.


Really is that why America put her up for eviction as the MVP?


She might be Brenchel’s favorite, but the majority of America and North Carolina hates her!


Well that settles it. If North Carolina hates her she must be doing something right.

Amanda's Therapist

Please let Helen and Andy “the prick” wait until BBAD tonight(tue) to have their TALK….OMG! Hopefully she will pull out his fuzzy red hair…. hair by hair!!!
BUT if she is in her normal mood of I love you! I love you!
She is going to piss me off! WTF? Andy the back-stabber needs to have his ass…KICKED!
He did the biggest manipulation JOB of anyone (except when WHORE Amanda did her JOB on McPussy)
Andy is not a good player – IMO!
He and “rotten crotch” NEED to GO!

Say what you will...

People may not like Amanda, but she knows how to play this game. She is playing Elissa like a fiddle cuz she knows they need to control Elissa if she wins HOH. She is always thinking ahead, she is very strategic. She is definately not a floater and is the best game player in the House. You may not like her but she’s playing a hell of a good game.


Aaryn always questioning Amanda’s loyalty and tactics are gonna get aaryn evicted. Amanda will grow very tired of it and you know what happens when she doesn’t like that. and after Helen goes, there are only two pairs left. . .aa/gm and Mc/am…aaryn always only thinks about herself and only herself. Convincing Elissa to put up spe/aa/gm means 3am still owns the house. The brigade was super boring…


Hey guys check this out Hayden Moss from BB12 is on the new season of Survivor: Blood vs Water. Kat from Survivor: One World is his girlfriend and their interview is right here:



ELLISA’s husband is a NERD! and SHE controls HIM! He lives in Canada and she lives in N. Carolina SUPPOSEDLY they have only been married a YEAR!! HE is a BIG TIME sugar DADDY!!! They owe 5 HOMES and travel on vacation at 3 WEEKS at a time!! all over the world. I think they met awhile back and was FORCED to get married because of their SON… WHY doesn’t she EVER talk about her THREE step-children?? in Canada.. TOO many unanswered questions on her end?


They don’t actually have any kids together. Elissa had her son when she was 19.


Does she have any idea who the father even is of her child? She must not because she does not mention him. Hmmmm!


Why is it wrong of Elissa to not talk about her stepchildren? Don’t you people have enough ammunition to bash her? Geez! Is your life that empty that you need to know everything about her?

Ummm hmmm

She doesn’t talk about them because she can’t remember their names, hmmm ummm.

Judd's granny

Where’s Black Lion when we really need him?


Elissa’s son is in the 3rd grade. They have only been married 1 year. He isn’t the child’s dad.

Rio Seven

I think I can answer this question you have WTF. I am Canadian and I saw Elissa’s husband get interviewed by their local TV station and he went way, way, way, out of his way to mention that Elissa is an American citizen and still lives in the US. I realized after that this was probably because you have to be a US resident to participate and I don’t think she is a US resident. That would explain why she doesn’t talk about her step kids, everyone would realize she doesn’t even qualify to be on the show. Just a theory. Does anyone know if you have to be a US resident?


Urgghhhhhh I hate Amanda so much.


… but 3am is just slightly less due to the personal attacks and untrustworthiness. If Candace enters back the house will unite sans elissa and throw her back out. And the world keeps on spinnin’ like my head is due to you knows, okays, I love yous, enter Andy’s, hmmm mmmmmms, scowls, nose picks, yawns, and yup/ya’s.


“Amanda:” My conversation was to protect us.. ”
GM: “She has to put up two people”
Aaryn says it;’s going to be 2 of GM, Specner and herself.
Amanda: “It was always going to be that”
Amanda leaves to get a smoke.”

Can you say arrogance?

Elissa Keeping it Real!!!!

Elissa’s behavior does not display any jealousies towards Aaryn. There,comes a time in ones life when you choose what type of people you surround yourself with. Elissa unfortunately is amongst racist, low budget classes people. If you are of the mindset that those people are not worthy of your time $500,000 won’t change that. Aayrn so desperately wants Elissa approval which is why she cares what Elissa thinks. Kudos to Elissa for not being fake throughout this process. I don’t give a rats A_$ about this people however, Elissa is not jealous of mindless Aayrn!!!!!

This Season Blows

Keep spinning. Duck Lips is obsessed and cannot stop hating on Aaryn 24/7. She is jealous, end of story.


Are you kidding me? Elissa is so jealous she almost turns green with envy. Maybe because Aaryn will not have to have botox and plastic surgery to make her look pretty and Elissa cannot stand it !! Her husband must of really been desperate to of had to marry that or I guess she got herself pregnant and tricked him into marriage. Isn’t that what gold diggers are known to do? It is too bad that she did not bother to get an education and gain some intelligence and knowledge instead of just laying on her back to get her sugar daddy!!!!


LOL Aaryn wants Elissa approval? lol I don’t think Aaryn cares about Elissa personally. Only cause she is still in the game does she think about her. While Helen can’t say anything without Elissa bringing up Aaryn.

I see Aaryn and Gina Marie talking about who would win if they were left with this person and that person. I see them talking about who will go up next week if this person or that person is HoH. I see Elissa bitching about the slop. How she is so much better than everyone and Aaryn.

BB15 is bad

I agree with Elissa. Aaryn is not someone I would want to accociate with in real life. I just hope Elissa can pull through and get these people out. Come on honey The Brenchel Army and Jeff Jordan fans are all behind you. Pull one for the team and win!

This Season Blows

I’d rather hang out with Aaryn than a phony snob like Duck Lips.


How old are you because you really don’t seem to know what a phony person is. Keep focusing on the looks, you’ll sure get a good reading of ppl.


i say to mcare for lie to aryan about that didnt want to be next to her karma is coming your way this week you an arayn cause if judd candice or helen comes back wacth out i think its going to my heart tells me candice but my head tells me helen


GM misses her KFC because you get a great meal plus a free bucket

Bulimia: Twice the taste, with none of the calories.


Ellisa is always talking about Aaryn.


If there was any question as to Elissa’s true colors she cleared that shit up for everybody. Surely NOBODY is dumb enough to say what a good and classy person Elissa is now… yeah I know “thumbs down time”!


Simon, in addition to the thumbs up and thumbs down would it be possible for you to add a “finger” for us to click on???


To the Elissa supporters…

You think she would give you the time of day if you crossed her path in real life?

Her elitist attitude says otherwise. She would think you were gross and wasting her precious time.

Real Scandals Phony President

Amanda reminds me of Evil Dick minus the guts and game. They both are despicable.

I don't understand

Can someone please explain to me why EVERY house guest is allowing Amanda to run their game?!?? I truly don’t understand why they are keeping her at this point. I don’t like her as a person but she is the ONLY one actually playing the game!! I don’t understand these other house guest!


Amanda reminds me of Nicole from BB2. She dominates the house no matter who has HOH, is bullying, and pitches a fit whenever anyone wins something other than her. I think she’s in a great position to win $50,000, but like Nicole, she’ll never get the votes at the end.


Why doesn’t Elissa go tell Aaryn the conversation she had with Amanda and let Her explode then Aaryn will get annoyed at Amanda and maybe they will
turn against AAA vote Spencer out and Elissa, Helen GM and Aaryn can go after AAA nest week. Thet can get the power back…


Simply put because Elissa does not have the intelligence that is required to think intelligently like that because she cannot get past her jealousy of Aaryn. I doubt Elissa even graduated high school because she acts like she is still in elementary school with that type of mentality.


production doesn’t want amanda to leave. they like the fact that she turned the whole house into her zombie drones. barf!!

Amanda's Therapist

Note to “Forget About It”: LMFAO! Are you for real?
WTF? Bc Amanda has probably fuckin screwed most the men/women in state(s) of Calif & Florida and New York you say she should run for Congress ¿¡¿
She has one qualification…needed…WHORE aka SLUT
And since her jewish girlfriend has helped her land her ass in the BB house-she most likely has her connections in politics too?
Vote for Amanda Zuckerman

I don't understand

I dont particularly care for they way Amanda portrays herself. Which I agree can at times look pretty slutty – but I’m not sure what her friend being Jewish has to do with anything – you make yourself appear pretty racist so those in glass houses….btw I am not Jewish before you assume that. I just don’t like bigotry

Judd's granny

Amanda’s therapist is a NAZI BOY!


Why in hell are these ignorant fools still kissing that skanky assed vile old queen bee? She is telling them all to their faces that she is running everything and how she is responsible for who leaves.
What has she ever won? NUTTIN except for a pizza delivery boy to be her sex slave.

Go Elissa!!!