Helen tells Amanda I have met my match. I really think you’re one of the smartest people I have ever met.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


2:40pm – 3pm In the lounge – Helen and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells Helen that she has never bullied her. I am the only person that has been honest with you. Helen says I care about you very deeply and I can admit when I have met my match. When we get out we can have a talk. I really think you are one of the smartest people I have ever met. Amanda says I have never bullied you and I don’t do what McCrae wants. Helen says I am sorry and I have mad respect for you. I care about both of you deeply. I will talk to McCrae separately. Helen says I want you two in my life after this. I am who I am and I don’t like that about me. As soon as I finished talking to McCrae I felt bad about it. I don’t ever want to be the one that puts you down. Amanda says my feelings were hurt. With Jessie she attacked me on a personal level and so what I did I think was warranted. Helen says yeah I tried to separate what happened between you and Jessie. That is between you and Jessie and has nothing to do with me. Amanda says I know you were coming after me even if you won’t admit it. Amanda says if you leave I have Elissa and will protect her I am not going after her. (Outside the door Elissa is eavesdropping.) Helen tells Amanda that she isn’t going to tell Elissa who to work with or not. Amanda tells Helen that she didn’t want to lie to her face. There are a lot of people that are lying to your face. Helen says if I was watching this game I would love your game. You are smart and speak really well. Amanda says thank you. I was really upset after our talk and actually felt bullied in a way. What drives me is not the money it is being here with him. It will be so hard if I leave and can’t be here with him. Helen says over the next 48 hours I want to enjoy my time with you and McCrae. Amanda says I will never speak bad about you or call you a bully. Helen says I love you and respect you and I have mad respect for you inside and outside this game. Helen tells Amanda to talk to Elissa she has mad respect for you. Helen tells Amanda she is sorry. Amanda says thank you. Helen tells Amanda that with out her and McCrae she never would have made it this far in the game. Helen and Elissa hug it out and head out to the backyard.
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Helen, you’re no match for queen Amanda honey. Bye


normal season: andy playing both side: first jury member or out before jury
This Season: andy playing both sides: final 4 or 3


Hey Elissa wake up and realize that Aaryn would not want your homely husband. Her family has money; she does not have to marry for it!!


To be fair, Elissa had to marry into money or she’d be walking dogs for a living right now. It literally sounds like she is taking a shit when she speaks.


yyyaaaa! both her and MC say it the same way…its really noticeable on the live feeds and its driving me nuts although MC says it a bit more;-(


Her PARENTS have money. How is that any different than marrying money? Neither one of them earned it themselves, so whats your point?


The difference is that Aaryn’s parents will not support her for the rest of her life while she does yoga all day.

But that is exactly what Elissa’s dumb husband does. Dumb, because he married a mental midget. All he must have wanted was a young chick to bang and now he’s stuck with her. She is embarrassing. Listen to her speak. I really don’t want to use the word ‘retarded’, but that is the only thing that pops into my head whenever I hear her.

Judd's granny

She gives good beak.


That’s ridiculous! Aaryns family just hired her a PR, because the girl can’t control her mouth! Looks like mommy and daddy r still taking care of that little Brat!

Helens false ray of sunshine

A mental midget!… LMAO!

White Tiger

Yes Aaryn doesn’t have to steal your husband. She has her eye on Nick.


Aaryn should take some of her family’s money and buy some character. With all that money you’ll think she could afford some etiquette lessons. If indeed she has so much dough, why isn’t she giving the money to charity if she wins. Apparently, you haven’t been listening to the feeds, Elissa has stated that she worked three jobs until she was 26 yrs old, and bought two houses on her own, by age 25. She didn’t need her husband to accomplish what she did. Aaryn has accomplished nothing, her family’s money (if they do have money) is not her own. There is no difference between marrying into wealth, and being born into wealth, neither one earned it themselves. At least Elissa accomplished something before marriage, Aaryn on the other hand, has yet to accomplish anything.


Helen will go down as the greatest hypocrite to ever play BB. funny how she over complimented all the wrong people in the BB house. she doesn’t have a read on no one in the house and never had.

Another Point of View

Helen’s parents immigrated from North Korea. She is “first generation” of a visible minority. What some of you consider insufferable politeness and over the top compliments could very well be a cultural thing. When you are new to a country, you try to be positive, polite, compromising, etc. You don’t behave like aggressive bullies. Helen has not been aggressive towards the other HGs, she’s done more of her share of cooking and cleaning. She is a lot more TOLERANT of others’ behavior than most of you are use to. Her polite, positive behavior is more a product of her culture than anything else.


I don’t understand which Helen some people have been watching. She isn’t aggressive and obvious like the others but garnering mobs and walking away in the middle of a conversation you can’t win isn’t polite or diplomatic. She’s just isn’t as brash as Amanda as far as game play nor is she’s socially adept. She’s been condescending and a know-it-all accept to a chosen few who she deemed worthy and better than others. She may be an okay and a nice person to be around outside the house but she’s isn’t any better than Amanda just less low class in her conversation. I don’t think it has anything to do with cultural standards as much as it is her thinking she can manipulate and talk her way out of situations. Amanda caught her red handed and she had no way out and she’s intimated by her unlike the others she deemed as unworthy. And she’s not good at confrontation compared to Amanda who doesn’t mind it.

Helen the deluded

At first blush it seems like Helen is in the final stages of grief and has come to accept she is going on Thursday. But then knowing Helen as we have come to know her, she is just pumping sunshine up Amanda’s ass so she will be receptive to their latest hatched plan of saying Spencer needs to go bc he’s been on the block 9 times and will win bc of that. It isn’t going to work. Your still going home Thursday Hell en and your fake Botoxed buddy will be following next week. Two desperate twits. Please just go away already you two big phonies.


Elissa, I could just barely tolerate you this entire time. However, your total willingness to refuse to bow down to the trash in this house…oh my god. What a righteous woman you are.
Folks, THIS is how you do not give a f**k. Rigged or not, this game is hers. She will not suffer fools.
I hope she takes this whole f**king nightmare to the bank. And if she does not, I hope ANYONE she is gunning for loses. Landslide loses.
Go forth, Elissa. You own these low rent dicks.

Helen the deluded

It’s all a big act, Yeahum. Elissa is an obnoxious stuck up gold digger who doesn’t want to work but wants to enjoy her husband’s money, his houses, and the country club Stepford wife lifestyle. She doesn’t care bc 1) she doesn’t need the money, 2) she has no friends in the house and never did, 3) she only got on the show because she’s Rachel’s shadow (even though she isn’t 1/1000th of Rachel), and 4) CBS has rigged the game giving her every single advantage. What a shame she couldn’t get on the show on her own merit like the others or that she never developed a social game with anyone but the dictator bully who is being shown the door Thursday. It will be a pleasure when she is finally gone, be it next week or when this season is over. You will be forgotten within a week you dumb elitist fake.


Ha, ha, ha. One of the smartest people Helen has ever met. Well, I believe her. Being a GOP lobbyist, one really doen’ meet to many smart people. Well let the Amanda lovefest begin. The only thing you don’t realize Hellen, the help Amanda received from CBS production in the DR. This show as told to us a month ago is fixed for Amanda.

Pinocchio Obama

Wait one minute. Don’t be associating Helen with the GOP. You have gone to far. Amanda is the smartest person that Helen has ever met. Helen leads a very sheltered life. Helen and Amanda are going to hang out. Yuck! Jessie apologized to everyone on the way out when she didn’t do anything wrong. Helen said she’s not going out like Jessie. Helen you are going out worse then Jessie.


Pinocchio Obama. Oh, misguided one. Eh…did he lie? Probably. He IS a politician.
It would behoove you to let it go.
Not even big brother fans care about your stance.

as a matter of fact, i can’t even remember what you were going on about.

Good luck, lost boy:girl. Enjoy your bunker.


Queen of what? Fat @sses and cottage cheese?

give me a break

Helen conversation with Amanda…Should be Sum up this way

Amanda: SPEAK

Uncle tom Helen: Sorry Massa

Amanda: Now wash my bloody onion smelling panties

Uncle tom Helen: Yes Massa.


Well, I guess Helen had to say all that to Amanda in case she gets to the final 2 somehow so Amanda will vote for her.

Judd's granny

Amanda spots Elissa thru a quack in the door.

This Season Blows

I don’t know what’s more annoying: Helen sucking up to everyone in a desperate attempt to stay, or Rachelissa whining nonstop about how “fake” Aaryn is (despite her own fake face, fake duck lips, fake body, and fake personality). These two are an even more annoying pair than Demanda and McPussy.


Aaryn is fake! She wised up and is playing nice for the game, which is good for her, but Elissa sees right through it. BTW who gives a rats a** if someone has had cosmetic surgery. It’s their body!

Not So Perfect As Everyone Else

I agree. What is with all the commenters being so foul? How do they know all these thing about Ellissa and her husband? Amazing how the” live and let live” crowd can’t seem to do that. Sad commentary of society inside and outside the house. Such personal hate for people you don’t even know. Talk about no tolerance. Are all of you that perfect? Might have to cut BB and discussion loose. The people in house and a great many on board are BIG downers. It’s a game. CHI87, this was not directed at you.


So Hell-en is kissing up to Amanda now. I wonder if she thinks that they would vote to evict Spencer now.


Helen, if there’s one thing you’re good at in this game, it is kissing ass.
Especially Amanda’s fat cottage cheese ass.

King Goldy

Helen is good and in love with them until she finds out the twist, Then its back on and popping. Helen will resort back to crying while she has a knife in Amanda & McCraes back. I cant wait till Thursday.


I don’t know about you guys, but the way Helen talks to these people is like as if she did not have any friends outside of the house and she was there to establish friendships to attend parties, weddings or social events with in the future. The way she tells everyone “I love you” “we will talk outside of this house” ” we will be friends after this” leads me to believe she is a lonely women, with no life other than her kids and work and that’s about it. I think she needs friends and doesn’t want to ruin the chance of becoming friends with everyone in the house, no matter what they have said about her, even after she watched this show in her home, I can see her still telling people she loves them….my opinion!


I think you are spot on! You know when she talks about being friends with them outside the house they are thinking bitch, when we get out of this house, I want as far away from YOU as possible! Just because she has kids she thinks that makes her some Goddess or something……..damn


Helen is an only child she would have made a great sister for someone.
With that being said I am indifferent to her leaving or staying.
well….except for the fact she is going before Ginamarie the cinnamon girl.

Helen the deluded

Carlos, you ignorant fool. Hell en doesn’t care about these people. She is a master manipulator. She is playing them just in case she somehow does make it to the end (and saving face at the same time by taking the high road) and she is manipulating America so they will vote her the $25k ‘America’s Favorite’ prize. I’m not buying her fake bullshit and neither should you. Her actions throughout this season belie her sudden come-to-Jesus moment. She is a bully and used to playing hard ball. It’s only because her number is up that she has resorted to this pathetic drivel of wanting to be friends with everyone after the game. She doesn’t. And won’t.


Helen has told everybody (I believe) she loves them, OK?
I guess moms who say that then call you a sl&$ behind your back are the moms of America she thinks will love her.
She is amaaaazzzzing, you know?

Ms Taz

Oh Helen… It was nice seeing u !!

Worst BB in History!!!

Uh boy…. Testimony to Helen’s inner class.
She’s not above apologizing to Amanda but does Amanda apologize??
No!!! Yet another testimony to Amanda’s classless behavior!!

Is this season over yet????

Helens false ray of sunshine

Helens inner class? Are you blind? Anyone who cries to their children to get them to mind not classy. I believe you have mistaken manipulation for class. If you can’t see through Helens bs, you’re stupid.


Elissa is the queen of classlessness because she never apologizes


lay off the pipe CHERI;-)


CHERI, strike that, i thought it said queen of “classiness”, my bad, you are correct!… i’ll put the pipe down now;-(


Why would she ever apologize for speaking the truth about these idiots?


Why are people assuming Amanda is smart?
She’s a glorified floater, had her alliance members not been in power every week she would’ve been floating to whoever had power…

In a house filled with 16 retards “rain man” would look like a genius.

They give her too much credit.


I don’t want Amanda to win at this point, however, I have to give her some props. She is a bully. But I respect that she at least will tell Helen she is voting her out. The one things she has correct is that she is being honest about how she is voting. If Andy and McCrea make it to the end with her, she just might get some votes for that reason. If I was in the house I would much rather someone tell me they were voting me out, than to pretend they were keeping me and then say they blindsided me.

Mark H

Amanda can be honest when the numbers are locked in and there is no risk to her in being honest. Helen is gone….Helen helped Amanda eliminate everyone that might eventually challenge Amanda, so now Helen has no support. Amanda had one unexpected ace in the hole in that Andy completely committed himself to her. In any other season, Amanda would have been targeted weeks ago and might have actually had to win something in order to affect her will on the game. This year, everyone plays it safe and opts to “honor the HOH and vote with the house” to their ultimate detriment. Amanda isn’t great, she just got to play against such a weak group that she was never really even challenged. Disgusting for the many fans that miss the strategy and week to week swings associated with most seasons.


Rainman WAS a genius. He was diagnosed an Idiot Savant. These people are just idiots. Period.

Tellie J

Ill Will, I have been saying the same thing man. Amanda doesn’t have any game, she has Andy and McCrae. And Andy is the sole reason why she is still here.


I swear to God these people treat Amanda like she is Don Corleone.


AGREED! It’s not so much that Amanda is a great player as it is that she’s surrounded by scared,lazy people who sit and wait to be told what moves to make. If I were Amanda, I’d take advantage too. Why win a competition when the winners do all the hard work and you get all the benefit.


Need to break out the shovels…Helen’s BS is piling up pretty deep now.


I hope the next hoh is a yoga competition.


Maybe the next event can be a pot burning compeition


Drama, I laughed so hard about your comment. But secretly I hope it would come true hahahaha

This Season Blows

Duck Lips would still find a way to lose unless production rigged it for her (i.e. making her the only contestant or something).

Judd's granny

Maybe a diving for fish comp.

give me a break

I heard the next comp is going to be a Cross Burning comp……Aaryn is going to be piss that she won’t be able to play…


I have never seen a person as equal parts arrogant and delusional as Helen. She carried Amanda’s water the entire game and now that Amanda has no more use for her, she’s being cut loose, and all the former Superfriends are still enthusiastically following Amanda’s orders. Watching Helen this week is amusing as hell.

Jack Daniels

Once again I have to give Amanda credit for her gameplay. Her minions are so foolish and I cannot wait to see them leave by her doing. Amanda is smart and is already trying to get Elissa on her side. She is basically setting Aaryn and Andy up to take the fall. So far all three of the evicted house guests could potentially vote for Amanda in the end. The minions (McCrae, Andy, Spencer, & Aaryn) are foolish. They are so happy to be in the “in crowd” that they are outcasting Elissa&Helen, not looking to future weeks. If there is a power shift, they will be scrambling, and just watch how Amanda eviscerates their games in coming weeks. Helen overall I think is a positive good person, I just hate how she never listened to Elissa. She thought going with McCranda was smarter than trying to keep Howard, Candice, & Jessie, and that is why she is leaving this week. Her delusions, and ego are what destroyed her game. Aaryn and Andy are both making a mistake evicting Helen. Unless the juror comes back, with vengeance, I expect Aaryn or Andy to get backdoored next week. Amanda and McCrae have no intention of bring either of them to the final 4. That 3am alliance is an alliance of convenience to keep McCranda safe. Next week they will turn unless a minion wins HOH. I think Amanda wants Elissa, GM, and Spencer to go to the finals with them, solely for the fact that those 3 cannot beat her in finals. This season is peculiar in that most of the contestants are driven by fear. They do not use simple logic, like who does Aaryn think the next target will be when Helen leaves or why does Andy think McCranda want to take him to final 3. Also Andy for all his great gameplay is going about the jury all wrong. He thinks people will view his betrayals as gameplay, but they will not. If he ends up in the finals with any of his faux 3am alliance members, his gameplay will be viewed as underlings work. He will look like Amanda’s loyal worker bee. I hope next week there is a shakeup. I also hope Judd is not the person that comes back from Jury. He was the most delusional and easily led person of the 4.




I can’t wait till Andy is gone and no chance to return.


Spot on Amanda’s Mother. Just forgot one thing. The help Amanda received in the DR


Thanks Jack Daniels, nice to see someone talking strategy, analyzing the Game, instead of just bashing people and talking trash. Plus, I think you’ve got it spot on!


Kudos we already know Amanda talks trash and bashes people. Now go have another Jack Daniels and keep on sticking up for your sister the Onion Smelling, infected snatch of a WoMannn that she is.


Helen is so pathetic its embarrassing listening her kissing Amanda’s ass. Come on leave with some dignity intact..Helen!!!.


She is leaving with dignity intact. Amanda outplayed her, she admits it. She has the class to admit that, and not take things personally. That’s good sportsmanship.


“Helen tells Amanda she is sorry. Amanda says thank you.” Sorry for what, sorry that I protected you, went against my own potential allies for you and in the end you were the one who is responsible for my eviction..Sounds pathetic to me, why is she apologizing. It’s mind boggling, despite how much she kisses Amanda’s ass she is still leaving..

Itty Bitty Britty

I was under the impression that Helen is apologizing for going after Amanda. Jesse threw Helen under the bus for trying to scheme against Amanda before she left the house.

Judd's granny

She is apologizing for burning the rice.


“What drives me is not the money it is being here with him. It will be so hard if I leave and can’t be here with him.”

That sounds like something GM would say. Don’t tell me there’s 2 potential psychos in that house?


Amanda admits she knew Jessie was telling the truth about Helen – I believe she wanted her out because she didn’t want her anywhere near MCrae. She was jealous everytime MC looked Jessie’s way or spoke to her….she is obsessed with MC, god knows why and that move was just bad game play. Don’t confuse cunning with intelligence (or integrity).


Too late Helen and she is kissing that slut’s gross bully’s ass. All those fake compliments are not gonna change Amanda’s mind.
Helen needs to stir some crap up and give them a reason to evict the perv.


oh, helen, please give it up. your magic isn’t nearly as strong as dan’s mist, it looks pathetic, and wears off as soon as you stop talking. no one buys your fake compliments anymore, not since jessie helped you blow up your game. you’re gonna be evicted on thursday, you should accept it.

now, set your attention to getting back into the game with the twist, and winning hoh – only judd wants back in as badly as you!


Give it up Helen all the ass kissing in the world won’t save you from eviction, her only chance is to win the competition and come back in but def see you later for now !!!




i will bet ANDY leave a nasty goodbye message for hellen and she reenters the game …. SILLY moves these house guest will make leaving awful messages … ANDY LOVES the game he’s playing i will bet he snitch on himslf in his message even though hellen already know he’s a snitch ….. I have said this before and i’ll say it again production better make sure ZINGBOT leaves a nasty impression on every single houseguest give them a reality check on how we the public view them and make sure they doubt each other after zingbot leave thats the only real shake up that will happen along with ok ok coming back winning hoh ……


normal season: andy playing both side: first jury member or out before jury
This Season: andy playing both sides: final 4 or 3


Why is it that Elissa the homemaker, nutritionist, yoga instructor is a way better judgement of character and houseguest strategy than Helen the political consultant. In fact Candice had a better idea of what was taken place in the house than Helen… Helen seems clueless… Hopefully she’s not an indictment of our political system.


I think Elissa is a hypocrite and the only reason she has a better take on the game is because Production tells her everything. I mean she got special treatment before she came in the game which was unfair, and then they make the MVP crap to save her ugly face from going home. Her brain cells died if she ever had any with all that botox in her face and in her duck lips, but then again perhaps she never had any brain cells.

Linda S.

I have always believed that Helen is a lobbyist. Maybe she thought political consultant sounded better than lobbyist !! ha

Linda S.

What is with all the personal attacks on the houseguests’ physical appearance in this blog? Those doing so sound just like the houseguests never ending attacks. I just hope one day someone attacks them on their physical appearance and have their feelings hurt so they know what it feels like. Just unbelieveable.


I just threw up. Someone help me. I cannot stomach this anymore. I think I am deathly allergic to BB15. I can’t breathe. Elissa, do mot listen to Helen. If she knew how to play the game….she would not be on her way out the door. I take that back, maybe being in the political arena, Amanda may really be the smartest person she has ever met. LOL


Life is all about ass.

You’re either covering it, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it or behaving like one.



Helen is Delusional

Delusional Helen at it again. Please girl, get over yourself. You’re not that smart as you think you are.


I guess we know we got a ton of Elissa fans on this page when yoga hoh competition gets so many thumbs up. You are all idiots and truly truly pathetic….like, ummm hmmmmmm. And brenchel army folks are that too…..and this coming from someone who rooted for Rachel because she got a raw deal, in both seasons. I enjoyed her greatly, but Elissa is not Rachel. She wants endurance??? So she can win it??? What about all the other endurance comps you lost, you ass!!!!! And let the thumbs down BEGIN!!!!! Maybe I will get 140 like the other thread. Which is probably the same 10 people doing it many many times. Good luck having a life.


You’re only allowed one thumbs down, and I gave you one.


I also gave you a thumbs down “name”! Why kind of pathetic idiot goes online to bully people while hiding behind the anonymity of their computer???

You're ridiculous "Name"!!!

Gimme a break…. The yoga HOH comment was a joke!!!
Even those that might be part of the silly Brenchel army knew that too!!

You're ridiculous "Name"!!!

And hey dimwit…the multitude of thumbs up were a result of that joke actually being funny!!!!

Forget About It!

I know that GM is CRAY CRAY but Amanda is right up there! Amanda indicated that she is in the house to be close to MC not for the money. she indicated that I am not sleeping with him on the same bed. I am on slop. I want to cuddle and all he wants to do is GAME TALK. REally! MC should be very very scared and he is! He is afraid to distance himself from her! He knows he screwed up his game because of her. A little too late Chico. She knows this guy for two monts and she is extremely attached to him ( he is not so attached to her). I think she is CRAY CRAY and he now realized that after this game he is running to were Nick is hiding.

Forget About It!



Yep, she definitely has some screws missing too when it comes to McCrae. It’s like the guy can’t get a breath with all the laying around, lay beside me, blah blah blah.


If Amanda or Aaryn win I will loose faith in humanity. The show might be rigged in favour of Amanda. It should be called the Amanda show.


I won’t because Aaryn and Amanda are the only two that deserve to win because they are the only two that have done anything. I will lose faith in humanity if Spencer or Gina Marie win. They are both sick in mind and body.


Oh sure Demanda has played a great game. She has smoked cigarettes, fucked McMinute in the HOH bed, made lewd remarks about race and religion. walked around showing her cottage cheese ass and emotionally battered and bruised other house guests. She has orchestrated a house of racism, hatred and contempt for others. She has flourished on the work of others, Helen “The Twit” and RatBastardAndy foremost. She has not demonstrated leadership, compassion or even humanity. She has whored herself for all of America to witness in their living rooms. Her game, and she played it masterfully was to lay back, get fatter by the day, find a weak willed, spindly, virginal sap and let those around her do her bidding under threat of her nasty foul temperament. And CBS found her the perfect supporting cast and a bunch of sheepish people that her vileness could be spewed upon.

Stupid Amanda

God, why does Amanda always act like she’s perfect and everyone else is wrong and mean? The epitome of a hypocrite……. Not like she turned on Helen as well or anything……..


Cause she don’t lie to anyone..

she just has Andy do it.


Okay, I hate to break it to you Helen but neither you or aMANdah are smart people, it just happens that the rest of the house were cast more on loos and entertainment (even though they’re not entertaining at all) instead of their intellecutal level. Now I’m not saying that the house has to be book smart but everyone is easily manipulated, they have no common sense, are gutless and have no mind of their own to play their own game.


Helen you suck. Why would you suck up to Amanda like that, making her think she’s done nothing wrong in the game.


Amanda is ugly

Worst BB in History

Ya, ugly inside and out!!!


Helen should of gotten amanda out when she had the chance

Marlon Brando Says

She coulda been a contender.


No it was too early….
Getting Jessie, Howard and Candice out was more important.


simon the only way america like amanda agian if she get out arayn andy gm spencer an let elssia win the final hoh in decide who go with her in stop bullying people casue you dont get your way in say sorry to candice howard in jesse to have america respect back cause if you do it at the end we want belive it cause you lie but if you say sorry now to us fans we will like you agian at the beging you had a lot of fans in clueding me but since the racist suff in the buling in tell people how they hoh should go you lost a fan in me the only way you could get it back is by sayin you sorry to the three people i said up top an dont tell people who to put up in we know they dont show everthing to us but we sill know what you say turn it around amanda in stop tell people who to put up in say you sorry america that crying not going to work we to smart for that

amen to name.....both of them.

Good words my friend


the irony this game brings out is mind blowing.. first we have the irony of elissa complaining that house guests in the house are fake, my little sister in law’s barbie doll has more of a character then elissa. Then we have some folks on this board.. they complain and complain about how racist, stupid, and boring these people are, some even use very colorful language to do it (and they don’t realize they look just as bad as the person they are spewing it towards). Let the hypocrisy end, the people in the house are no more racist, fake, boring, stupid then the average person in this world.


If Helen was watching this show she sure wouldn’t be on this site talking about how Andy is a Rat. Demanda, McWimpy.. Duck lips. cause she is a fan of them all!!


Is Elissa in an alliance with Amanda?


No. Amanda is playing the shit out of Elissa in case Elissa wins HOH next week. Amanda’s target for one week from now is Elissa. Everybody is in on the plan (except for Elissa and Helen of course, though the one person coming back will complicate things.. we’ll see what happens with that).

Judd's granny

She’s in an alliance with the plastic swimming pool ducks.


In case you haven’t noticed, Judd’s granny is obsessed with El and ducks…

Rocco Gianini

The worst thing to happen would be if Judd came back in, he would fall back in step with Mcranda, Aryan and Andrew the Rat


Helen should of told Jeremy and JUDD before she voted to evict them if she wasnt on the show and was home watching it she would of been a huge fan of theirs.

Of wait.. she wasn’t on the verge of leaving then.

Rocco Gianini

Any one of the other three jury members would certainly liven the place up, otherwise……Dullesville.

Jim 64

Hopefully only two more days of Helen
Goodbye Helen

Andy is a rat

I wonder how much love Helen will have for Amanda when she hears all the nasty things Amanda has said about her…..lol


All personal feelings aside…. Amanda is pretty good at this game. She is all the negative things said about her and them some BUT she is good at this game. Keep in mind her behavior blows me away (primarily because its hard for me to imagine someone being so shameless for all the world to see). First and foremost I LOVE BB!!! Many times I haven’t liked the winner but as far as the BB game goes Amanda is doing something that works, obviously. It is grossly done but working.
On a side note, I would like to see a big SHIFT occur with the returning houseguest. I don’t think Candice or Jessie are capable of excitement so I prefer Judd or Helen returning just for my entertainment.

XOXO Simon and Dawg!!!

amen to name.....both of them.

Dude I don’t know what you said with no punctuation and misspells. Holy Toledo.


Elissa sucks!!! Elissa is so clueless she thinks she can convince Amanda to keep Helen and its so funny how she whispers everytime she says how gross everyone is.. Production why do you allow her to stay? she obvi doesn’t know the game and doesn’t want to be there get rid of her


Its not Elissa fault the slop is effecting her in strange ways. lol


It cracks me up watching Amanda and Elissa right now….Amanda is trying her best to convince Elissa that she was very hurt that Helen was gunning for her and it “hurt her feelings” B.S., but Elissa keeps trying to direct the convo to keep Helen over Spencer etc. Amanda keeps having to repeat herself how hurt her feelings were. Elissa is smarter than Amanda thinks and is keeping her on her toes!

This Season Blows

You do realize Duck Lips is actually making herself a bigger target by begging Demanda to keep Helen, right? It’s over, Helen’s going home, and a smart player would shut the hell up about Spencer and accept reality knowing that Demanda isn’t going to change her mind and WILL use it against you later.


Does anyone know what went on in David life that was so tragic. Aaryn was starting to say but the show when into commerical and I don’t know what was said.


He was late for class and ordered a pizza to Mr. Hand class.. Mr. Hand gave his pizza to others..

of wait that was Jeff Spicoli in fast time at Richmond high

This Season Blows

“Does anyone know what went on in David life that was so tragic.”

Having to live with Demanda, GM, McPussy, Andy the Rat Snitch, Candice, Helen, Spencer, and Duck Lips for a week.


I think David blinded a kid with a dirt clot…bankrupted family….aaryn was talking about it.


A question: I am new to this sociological nightmare. Is this how all seasons played out?
The vitriolic vomit spewed forth (behind backs)is almost psychotic. Do people really treat other people this way OPENLY? Or is this just a bad crop of dicks?

Totes confused by this crew of cave men.


On live feeds right now….Elissa is not letting Amanda bowl over her….Elissa is sticking to her guns to try to convince Amanda to get rid of Spencer instead of Helen. Elissa is game on right now!