Elissa says Aaryn is viewed as a horrible, despicable person. Helen says siding with the mom’s would help her.

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 19th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


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11:30am – 11:50am Helen and Elissa head out to the backyard couch. Helen comments that she feels a lot better after having a good nights sleep. Elissa says its exhausting being nominated isn’t it. Helen says I think I have Aaryn, you and Ginamarie. If I stay I will have to work with Aaryn, I can’t work with Amanda and McCrae. I don’t know what it is and why Andy is more drawn to Amanda and McCrae. I don’t know if he is brainwashed or what. I feel like he is my son and I am just disappointed that he has strayed. Elissa says if this was real life Amanda and McCrae are not people you could depend on. Helen says I love Amanda, if I was watching this game I would love her. I would rather got out by her than Spencer. When it comes to the game I don’t have her any more. Aaryn and Ginamarie have themselves. I need Aaryn to give Ginamarie the green light to vote for me. Elissa says I just don’t trust her, she will tell you whatever you want to here and then she will go and tell Amanda everything. Helen says I know she could do that, I just have to trust her. I know the night she was talking about back dooring Amanda it was real. Aaryn was really upset that night. Helen says I think Aaryn is concerned about how she is viewed by America. Elissa says she doesn’t think Aaryn gives an F. She is viewed as a horrible, despicable person. Helen says siding with the mom’s would help her. Elissa says I know you like her but nothing will ever change the way I think about her. She is not a solid person. She doesn’t have good character. Helen says there has to be something that affected her in her life. Helen says that Aaryn could be around bad people like in the beginning and it brings out the bad in her or she could be around me and you and it brings out the good in her. Elissa says that is what I think about Ginamarie. If she hangs out with you she could be successful, if she hangs out with Aaryn she will just bring her down. Elissa says that Aaryn just wants to be famous. Aaryn doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She will stab you in the back every single time. Even in real life you could be her friend for 10 years and she would steal your husband.

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11:50am – 12pm Big Brother cuts the feeds and when the come back Helen is inside the house removing the pot of milk Elissa had put on the stove to make ice cream. (They forgot about it while it was boiling and big brother warned them about it.) Helen says it was on fire. Elissa asks was it?! Helen says well it was steaming. Elissa says I can’t believe I forgot about it, that’s what slop does to you. Elissa says I can’t believe no one smelled that, you could smell it all the way to the diary room. Elissa cleans the pot and they start making it again. Elissa says I cannot leave the kitchen again.


12:20pm Helen says I wonder what the Brenchel Army would think of me. Elissa says they would love you. Helen says Brenchel Army pray for me this week! Helen and Elissa head back outside with the new batch of ice cream on the stove. (WTF?) Helen we’ll come back inside in 4 minutes. Helen says if I leave what will you do, how will you win this game. Elissa say I will die if you leave. I have nothing in common with them. Helen says I have nothing in common with them either. Elissa says if Spencer wins this game I will die. Helen says if he is in the final two and has been a pawn 9 times that is amazing. He is going to start winning competitions. Elissa says you need to start telling people Spencer is going to win this game. He has played a master game. Helen tells Elissa she should tell Amanda that. Elissa says that she will tell everyone that they will vote for Spencer if he is in the final two. Elissa says but really I would never vote for Spencer, I would rather vote for Aaryn. She then says well maybe not. Helen says that McCrae needs to start winning things or I would not vote for him. I would love to see someone who loves this game to win. Elissa says that Ginamarie does not love this game. Big Brother blocks the feeds again and tells Helen and Elissa to go back inside for the ice cream again. They check the ice cream and comment on how its starting to smell bad again.

12:35pm – 1:50pm In the kitchen Elissa cleans the pot that had burnt milk in it while Helen is in the diary room. Helen and Elissa head out to the backyard and talk about the game up until now and other random things. Helen tells Elissa that she would love for her to make it to the end so that she could vote for her. Helen wonders what Jeremy’s life story is really all about and what he got cast for. Helen says that she wants to talk to everyone outside the game. Elissa says that she will never ever want to talk to Aaryn again outside the house. Elissa talks about how Candice is a much better person than Aaryn. You wish you had the things that Candice has. Instead you surround yourself with less successful people to build yourself up. Helen talks about how she is more driven to be successful than she was when she was younger. She says that her husband tells her not to be frumpy. Ive always been the nerd and my husband has been the only person to tell me that I’m beautiful. Helen starts crying and says I don’t even know how I got cast on this show. I have always been okay not being the pretty girl. Elissa says I want to work really hard to not being around people like Aaryn ever again. Helen says that she really wants to start a workout clothes business with Elissa.


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194 thoughts on “Elissa says Aaryn is viewed as a horrible, despicable person. Helen says siding with the mom’s would help her.

  1. Helen needs to quit with this mom shit. And i was getting so mad when Helen was giving Amanda all that unnecessary praise that a vain was popping out of my head and my friend asked if i was ok xD

    1. Helen is tries to relate and connect on surface things it seems because she’s so disingenuous overall. It think it’s really asinine to say Andy feels like her son when she is 26 and she’s 37. Besides it is a game and all those roles of mom and all that are removed. If you are annoying and unlikable than who cares what you are and do. I wish she would be voted out unanimously like the others.

      1. Hell en, first of all, you are full of yourself if you think just because you are a mom you are automatically liked in this game. Far from it! I wonder what kind of role model you are for your kids Helen by playing the part of dictator and bully? Then blatantly lying when you are called out on plotting against an ally. Then bad mouthing your allies when they aren’t agreeing with you. And now acting like a desperate rat making false promises instead of acknowledging your game is over and leaving the house with some dignity. And it wasn’t “being on slop” that made you forget about the ice cream, it was your incessant plotting and delusions of grandeur about who the good guys are in the house and who isn’t. Here’s a news flash: you and Elissa aren’t good. And Elissa talking about Aaryn’s character? That’s rich. I would take 10 Amandas and Aaryns over 1 Elissa. Everything about you is fake: your eye lashes, your hair extensions, your Botoxed duck lips, and your self righteous disposition. I would love to see GM or Aaryn get you out. So, you two twits can continue to wallow in self-denial. But please wake the eff up and recognize you two are on the outs with everybody left in the house. Those are normal people, not stuck-up dumb asses like you two.

        1. The world is really going crazy. I don’t know how you would prefer 10 Amandas and Aaryns over one Elissa. I guess you like nasty racist people who curse and are perverts, over someone who doesn’t like racists and is a good Christian. Well to each his own.

          1. A good Christian? I don’t believe a follower of Christ sits in judgment all day and talks about how everyone around them is scum and beneath them. Please. That’s all the good digging uppity Botox queen does. Aaryn and Amanda aren’t perfect but at least they don’t pretend to be somebody they aren’t. That’s what I meant about taking them any day over Elissa, who walks around all hoity-toity like she’s perfect. And her constantly talking about the other HGs (which is NEVER anything nice) makes her just as bad as what she is carping on them about. Seriously, Elissa really believes her sh$t doesn’t stink. People like that make me sick. None of the other HGs, except for Helen, think like that. That’s why Elissa will be shown the door next week.

          2. LMFAO.
            That is so funny!
            Elissa? a good christian? Good christians don’t judge others, and as I am a Christian, I often try to refrain from judging. But I can’t when iut comes to her.seriously, Elissa is a hypocrite and a judgemental bitch who looks down on people for their wealth and money. She’s just like her sister.

      1. i would like Helen to come back and put up Amanda& Mcrae (amanda go to jury goes batshit worrying about Arryn around her man) Then Helen could get Mcrae And ANDY put up THen she can go home. it’s a sham when all you want to do is pull against people because theres nobody in the house worth pulling for. BB 15 YOU SUCK

    2. Aaryn ,Amanda , Ellisa will be the final 3 ? If Aaryn wins CBS will get trashed , If Amanda wins the info many of us out here have will take CBS down . They have gotten away with stuff that is against the law ? Howard should also think about a lawsuit . They allowed him and Candace to take all that hate . The LIVE FEEDS have all the proof he needs to file that lawsuit . He lives in dirt poor Missississippi HE SHOULD FILE THAT LAWSUIT .

      1. This has to be the absolutely dumbest comment I have ever read. A Lawsuit are you kidding me. CBS did not hold Candice and Howard prisoner; they could of walked out at anytime if they chose. This is America and it is not illegal to make mean, racially or stereotypical comments, or just be plain old disgusting or nasty or hateful. Most of America does not give a rats rear end about CBS, Big Brother or any of these stupid people and neither would a court of law. Grow Up!!!!

        1. So, based on your logic, its perfectly fine to tell anyone getting bullied or sexually harassed at work to shut up because they have the option of quitting, right? “There is nothing more dangerous that genuine ignorance and conscientious stupidity”

          1. This isn’t a workplace machinegunner, and nobody is being sexually harassed. This a Reality TV show where 16 HGs are put in a fish bowl to proverbially have at it for 90 days. Those who are week or not savy get evicted. Those who are able to win competitions or align with the right people survive to continue fighting for another day. This is an all-volunteer cast with no promises of riches unless you make it to the end. So the 1st Amendment does – and should – reign supreme. If what comes out of HGs mouths offends you, don’t watch. But STFU otherwise. Poor Candy did her share of being mouthy and saying racially insensitive things (about whites) but I guess she gets a pass. And Howard said a lot of things too which should offend most people (like wanting to eff the sh$t out of Amanda). Everyone one in that house has said something which has probably offended somebody. But that’s their right. Suing CBS? Please. On what grounds? Because your sensitivities were offended or someone’s feelings got hurt? Awwww. Tough shit. I’m so over all the whiners who want to push the politically correct agenda. If HGs don’t like what a fellow HG says then vote them out. But don’t censor them. And you, machinegunner, are but an observer. It’s not your game so you have NO say in how it’s run.

        2. Perhaps a lawsuit is a bit extreme, HOWEVER…. according BB making physical threats esp. death threats are grounds for removal, this is in line with the law. So, if you utter death threats, that’s subject to your butt getting hauled in for questioning. I can’t even keep count of the number of times Amanda and GM have threatened to kill, dismember and explicitly violate Jessie and Candice (plus Candice’s family).

          At minimum, extremely distasteful, disgusting and disturbing…..

        3. Last. I heard bullying was a crime, and since race was injected during the bully. This could fall under a hate crime which is against the law. Also, one could argue that the houseguest are employees of CBS, therefore, if they expressed their concerns about the hateful comments and feeling unsafe because of the threats, and CBS didn’t act they would be liable, just like any employer. I have a degree in Human Resources so I am fully aware of what employer’s responsibilities are in regards to a safe work environment.

      2. Come on man a lawsuit is just plain silly, maybe in a workplace environment but not reality TV.

        This is America the capital of race-hatred around the world, we have more Hate groups and Hate crimes than all other countries combined!

        Imagine an All-white jury giving Howard a verdict when Amanda walks in the courtroom crying and saying that the Big Black dude tried to rape her or the blond Arayan walk in the courtroom crying and says the dark Candice tried to bully her.

        ….the All-white jury says “Candice & Howard you are guilty of a Hate crime against these two lovable white children of God, I sentence you both to 20 years in a hostile racial environment”.

        1. I’m tired of this poor old black people are always victims of racism, give me a break. There’s plenty of racism going both ways, but its not popular in the liberal community to comment on the black on white racism because that effects their voting base. Racism is no where near as bad as it was 50 years ago, its just a lot more popular to bring up every little thing as racism.

          1. So when the time comes when whites are no longer the majority, and Latin speaking people are, you will not want equality? When Latinos hold the power in government and corporate america, because they have the numbers. Will you stand by your words, when their views of non latinos are prejudice? When they start following you in stores for no valid reason, or when they say hateful jokes at your employment that all whites are lazy and low-class and your employer does nothing? When your kid comes home crying because they were called something derogatory based on their white face, will you be so forgiving and complacent?

            1. More ignorance that has plagued the comment section. This season has given racists an outlet for their hatred. Tammy, maybe one day you’ll think about how you’re acting.

      3. “the info many of us out here have will take CBS down.”

        Yea, Black Lion, I’m sure Les Moonves is quaking in his boots at the thought of you and all the other moronic message board conspiracy theorists coming at CBS. You’re having delusions of grandeur. This is just a TV show and you only watch it like the rest of us. Take a break for your own psychological well-being.

    3. OMG, HELEN and ELISSA think way to highly of themselves. I mean Helen is one nasty human on the inside and out and Elizza is just a self absorbed botox injected plastic duck lipped narcissist. Really, Elissa you think Gina Marie is a good person. Gina Marie is probably the most delusional nastiest racially bigot I have ever seen. There is no one that can help that racist bigoted nasty NUTCASE, and that you think she is nice makes you sound so STUPID!! I mean to hear them talk about themselves you would think they put themselves on the cross right beside Jesus Christ himself. Hey WAKE UP IDIOTS NO ONE IN THE HOUSE IS VIEWED BY ANYTHING BUT DESPICABLE BY THE OUTSIDE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Elissa is right about Aaryn……Aaryn is disgusting and negative, she always instigate situation…and does not own up to sh*t she says or does……I believe if Kaitlin stayed and Aaryn was evicted….Kaitlin would of been more positive:……her and Candice would of already spoken to each other…GM would of been at least 35% less vile……But Aaryn is horrible and brings out the worst in people…….Whenever the camera cut to Jessie, Candice, and Elissa…..you never heard disgusting and vile talk out of them…………Kaitlin would of been a positive reinforcement to GM…..If Amanda was not in the house Aaryn would be the biggest bitch in the house…….When Aaryn had power we seen how she instigated the wine situation, cheer Jeremy to wipe Elissa hat down his bung hole..and the racist comments she made…..Aaryn has not change…..is just they there is bigger bitch in the house that she’s afraid of….

    1. According to Elissa, Aaryn will never have the things that Candice has. What exactly does Candice have that Aaryn needs LOL. Aaryn is so much prettier and speaks ENGLISH correctly. Don’t even talk about class because they both lack that.

      1. She also has a really rich dad, a very rich mom and an extremely wealthy grandfather. Oh yeah Aaryn is so jealous of Candice; would have to say it is the other way around.

        1. Sooo, what you’re saying is because Aryan’s family has more $$ she has nothing to be jealous of? Fair enough she’s pretty, but what has she ACCOMPLISHED on her own? She’s a psychology student for crying out loud (imagine her counseling people?????? Chills – down – my – spine!!!)

          Candice actually entered beauty contests and won. Candice did not demean others or stoop to racial slurs like Aryan did. She didn’t play mean girl and flip other people’s beds. She tried to maintain a classy attitude, as much as she could given the abuse she suffered on a daily basis, so maybe deeeeeep down, THAT”s what Aaryn is jealous of . As a psych major she of all people should know that her hate is just a reflection of all the qualities/characteristics she herself is lacking. Peace !

      2. I guess you are not aware that Candace won The Miss Louisiana Beauty Pageant and competed in the Miss USA Pageant(That’s why GM hates her, she won the Grand Supreme Overall Pageant [which I’m sure you all have heard of.] Right) She is a speech therapist with a degree She does not say axe. I have seen Amanda say axe. Arryn is cute but so is about 300,000 little blondes. My Step=daughter and her best friend are every bit as pretty as Arryn and alot better people.Arryn will NEVER win a Miss Texas Pageant or compete in a Miss USA Pageant. Who would ever go to someone like her for help? God gave Candace her goods. She did not have to buy them like GM & Arryn and make payments. Beauty fades Dumb is forever

    2. According to Elissa, Aaryn will never have the things that Candice has. What exactly does Candice have that Aaryn needs LOL. Aaryn is so much prettier and speaks ENGLISH correctly. Don’t even talk about class because they both lack that.

    1. She has been very accurate on how people are being portrayed so she either has great instincts on how everyone would probably be viewed from the outside or Production is telling her this to get Aaryn out before she has a chance at that $500K which I don’t mind b/c it would be a bad way to end the season with Aaryn the poster girl for racism receiving that check

      1. Outside of Elissa the rest of the HG in the house are terrible and if it wouldn’t look good to have Aaryn win it would look worse for Amanda, McCrae, Spencer or GM to win.

        1. talk about brainwashed…you guys are ridiculous. Elissa is at an unheard of level of pretentiousness…never seen anything like it. Plus 90% of her is fake, where does she get off talking about other people doing things to build themselves up. Not saying Aaryn has good character, but Elissa is not some sort of role model.

          1. It’s almost frightening how Brenchel drones talk about their duck-lipped messiah like she’s the greatest human being to ever walk the Earth and we should all be in awe of her purity.

            I also find it ironic how they all complain about how “vile” everyone else is in the house, even though they rooted for Rachel, the most vile houseguest in the history of the show.

        1. Why don’t you take the President of the United State’s name out of your idiotic OOB name…. if you are so great plus wonderful smart?

    2. Elissa knows what’s up? Then she should’ve known for the last two weeks when they HAD votes to get Amanda out they should’ve. Face it Elissa is as clueless as Helen. She’s floated by this whole season except the first two weeks where Helen and Candace saved her. She thinks she’s a better person then the rest of the HG which I agree somewhat, she still talks smack about people behind their backs and she has been voting her “friends” out along with the rest of the house. She’s just as bad as anyone else they call puppets etc.

      This is a game show and really only Amanda (strategic) and aaryn (comp wins) have been playing. The rest are playing high school tattle tale and sleep in bed till eviction. Sure this season has blew and most are catty teenagers but if anyone wins besides those two it would just add to how bad this season is.

      I know all your brenchel and Elissa fans will thumb this down but I ask if you do to reply how Elissa is a strong competitor first.

      1. Good question. I’m not 100% behind Elissa (or anyone at this point) – I think Elissa has a good read or insight into certain house guests and this may serve her as the game moves forward. She has won when needed (helped by production? I don’t know, Frank was last year) – but at the end of the day if she’s number 1 or 2 – I do not think that the jury will vote for her because of her sister.

      2. They had the votes to get out Amanda the last two weeks??? Another person living in fantasy land. I dislike Amanda as much as anyone and I’m not a fan of Helen’s but anyone that thinks they could’be gotten Amanda out the last two weeks is as delusional as the hgs. Amanda wasn’t even on the block last week and two weeks ago they did NOT have the votes. They tried, they couldn’t get them. I’m sure someone will come up with some magical way they could’ve gotten Aaryn or Mcrae to vote Amanda out but it wasn’t gonna happen.

    3. Elissa has one of the ugliest faces ever. Big ugly duck lips and the most annoying voice. She is all plastic and a true gold digger.

    4. Oh yeah she knows what is up when Helen tells her and the two dumb idiots still do not know that Andy is playing them. Actually thought Aaryn might work with the two dumbbells but after they way they talked about her and thinking the two of them are GOD I hope but their butts get booted out and better yet Helen gets booted out and then old Duck Lips is made so miserable by the others that she self evicts and goes back home to her self righteous life.

    1. Wow, what can you say. I can’t stomach some of them but don’t wish anything horrible on any of them other than them getting theirs in the game and being held accountable about some of their attitudes( within reason). Surely you jest.

    2. so i wanted to see if there was any before (duck lips) pics out there of elissa and found her on an Anderson Copper “Bridezilla” show and see that she looks way better before the injections…clips found on youtube…search was “bb15 elissa” i think…btw, to all the elissa lovers, is “Bridezilla” a good thing???

    3. I wouldn’t put Helen in the same category as Elissa. Elissa is in a whole world of her own when it comes to having a shitty personality, as well as being a semi- functional retard when it comes to anything requiring the thinking process. Maybe she has so many fans exactly because of that.

      Elissa has been railing on Aaryn all day and the whole time you could tell Helen hasn’t been buying a word of it. She just doesn’t want to contradict Elissa, since she’s her only friend at this point.

      According to Elissa, Jeremy is a really great guy who has become a new person in this house. And Aaryn is the kind you’d be friend with for 10 years, then she would steal your husband. She is FUCKED IN THE HEAD.

      Anyway, too bad there are so many wacky Elissa fans here. Must be the same people who kept giving her the MVP. What I don’t understand is that she is so different than Rachel, virtually the opposite of her sister. What’s the attraction and why the support?

      1. it seems the logic here is dingbat = good person;) or it maybe it’s due to all the fake body parts??? who knows???…she keeps saying how fake aaryn is yet she’s the one with all the fake body parts…go figure???

        1. At least Elissa and Helen are not nasty cursing racist perverts like some in the house. But I guess some people are into all that.

          1. What, you mean like Amanda? Elissa likes her too. She just hates Aaryn and Gina.

            Elissa: Jeremy and Amanda are good people; Aaryn and Gina (when with Aaryn) are bad people. She is fixated on Aaryn for some reason.

            Explain that, anyone… please.

            Let’s hear some Elissa fans tackle this one.

  2. Elissa, please do not listen to Helen about any game strategy. That is why she is leaving. She does not have a fricken clue and she is totally delusional. Who goes on BB and tries to be mom-in-charge, cheerleader-in-charge and motivational-speaker-in-charge; this is a cut throat game and this maladjusted woman thinks she has it all figured out (absolute BS)!!!!

    Like Andy or not (which I don’t) he said it best: “It’s just insane to me that she knows nothing that is going on.. like nothing” -Andy

    1. I disagree with one part: LISTEN TO HELEN about going after Amanda and McCrea if she wins HOH. Forget Aaryn & Gina Marie. It’s pointless. Go after the person who thinks she’s running the whole house.

      1. Actually, Helen said to backdoor Amanda, which is stupid. You put both McCrae and Amanda up at the same time. That way if one wins POV the other remains on the block. Then your replacement nominee should be Andy. But Helen told Elissa to put up GM, Spencer or Aaryn as the replacement nominee.

    2. Helen is so clueless, patronizing and delusional. She’s the kind of person who will write a self-help book on being a good mom/parent while her kids are hating her and her husband is filing for divorce.

    3. Thank you Sociology, I couldn’t say it any better. Elissa don’t listen to Helen and work with Amanda. Amanda can get you to the final 7 and then break you loose.

      1. Hey Kiren, I stopped counting. I just say damn, I can’t believe I did that again. Luckily no fires, just alot of smoke and odors and the house fire alarm beeping. Thanks for windows, fans and lysol sprays….

  3. helen is realizing she’s doomed for thursday but little does she know, she might be reentering the house on thursday.

    oh the looks on the faces of andy and amanda. i wanna see that so bad.

    1. All the talk over the last few weeks about (production saying this or telling that) needs to be investigated after this game. The houseguests need questioned. This is supposed to be no help from anybody and we sit back and watch. If there are people in production giving hints and helping certain players out, they need fired immediately.

      1. Amanda has 2 family members who work on production of the show . She also has someone she has slept with that works for CBS i have the evidence and will release it if she wins ? Its a blockbuster but i will get paid for this info . I want her to win so i can get paid ?

        1. Maybe, you can use the money to go back to second grade and learn how to use punctuation in a sentence.

          1. There should not be a comma after the word “maybe” in your sentence. Your sentence is also what is called a “run on” sentence. So anyway, this is a blog, not an English lit paper. Get over it.

        2. Black Lion, You don’t need to wait for Amanada to win , there are lots of entertainment media that would pay for the info you claim to have about Amanda right now, approach the ones that have been reporting on the racism in the house. If you have the info, then release it now. Otherwise you should change your name to Black Lying. If you really had evidence you don’t need to wait till Amanda wins, in fact you have a better chance to sell it now cuz if Amanda loses, by then no one will care, the game will be over. I call BullShit, you don’t have any info.

    1. I agree with you. They casted way to many drug addicted liberals. A liberal wouldn’t know a lie even if it bite him or her on the butt. That’s why this BB season is so bad. Liberals are being heard around like sheep and The Republicans are all on one side and just slaughtering them.

      1. Why don’t you take your political bullshit to another website like Huffington Post there are tons of Grand Old Tea Party assholes making pointless comments..you would fit right in. This site is to enjoy.

        1. You know JL, the mere statement “Grand Tea Party Assholes” implies that you are on the other side and do not like that group of people who do not agree with your own political leanings. Because of those three words you wrote, your post was just as political as the one you are bashing, lol. I love how blind and contradicting people become when they get angry at words on a screen. JL you don’t even know the person who posted that they casted a bunch of liberals, yet you let them get under your skin enough to make you post something that makes you look like an idiot who is oblivious to what they are writing and posting. LOL.

        2. JL, apparently, you have no idea what you are talking about. The Huffington Post is an extremely left wing news outlet. The Teaparty leans conservative. Looks like you only repeat things that unreliable sources tell you (like a sheep). Baaa…

    2. Well, maybe BB will do a Pandora’s Box that well clean the house of the current sheep. And, replace them with some good people. I’d even be happy to see past house guests that were the first one evicted from their season get another shot.

    1. So Hillary is leaving Thursday, that’s great. She can get a head start on her 2016 Presidential Election and lose to Governor Christie. Taking this country back one election at a time.

  4. Question – How would Ducky know how Aryan is being portrayed? Does she have a special source to the outside world? AND who in the HELL told Helen “The Twit” she was a good guy? Who even suggested that America has divided the house into good and evil with her being on the good side? Was she just not the hand of execution for Queen Demanda until this week? Aryan allying herself with moms……HAHAHAHA……just because you are a mom does not make you a good guy. (Now, most moms are terrific…..but some ain’t. Some abandon their children to pursue strictly personal goals.)

    1. If you recall “Bedgate” it was Amanda who blew in the bedroom and told Aaryn that she is being portrayed as a racist. I believe it is common knowledge as to how she is being portrayed.

  5. I was hoping they get Spencer out so they can target Amanda and McCrae next, but at this point Helen can go….I hope whoever comes back from Jury turns everything upside down and “restarts” the whole game…..that or Elissa wins HOH.

  6. This season is for the birds. Why did they not nominate Awhorda??!! WTF!! I cannot wait until Thursday when Helen gets evicted and comes right back in, cannot wait to see Awhorda and Rat’s faces when they see he walking in!!!! I cannot stand Helen, but Judd coming back into the game will do nothing, he will grovel and Awhorda and McMinute’s feet. Candice, she will just beat the crap out of GM, then maybe that piece of trash will shut her trap about Candice and Nick. Such delusions with GM, she is wacko!!! Jessie coming back in will be good to see too, since whe will target the queen bitch and her croonies!!

    Save us from this season BB!!!!

  7. Hmmm, Elissa does have a brain and it works! She has a good read on all the house guest. She has figured out that GM is about the only one remaining in the house, she can “REMOTELY” work with for her game. Which is not saying much, but this is the hand Elissa has been left with, unless Candice can get back in the game. Elissa is looking for a life raft in this BB perfect storm scenario. Unlike Helen, Elissa has been observing and listening carefully and is way more cognizant of the what’s going on.

    1. “Hmmm, Elissa does have a brain and it works!”

      And it belongs to whichever producer feeds her info in the DR!

    2. Few things wrong with your post, one the hand she was left with? She helped pick this hand with ever vote she casted to evict any ally she had and kept quiet in her bed or away from other HG instead of playing this game.

      And two she knows what’s up? If that was the case she would’ve saw her and Helen going up around this point as they keep picking off people like Howard, Candace and Jessie who wanted to work with them.

      Sorry to burst your idea of Elissa but come time she will be a lamb to the slaughter as well because now she will not have ally’s to vote with.

      1. It’s true! If you consider yourself part of something called “The Brenchel Army” you should look at yourself in the mirror, because you are a total loser!

    1. I don’t normally criticize another Republican. However, Spencer shouldn’t be the one talking about losers. Spencer has voiced pedophile tendencies. Spencer is also a sexist and demeans women. In any definition that’s a loser. I will take the hit on this one, even the Republican Party has their losers. I just hope that he turns liberal by being around all those house guests.

  8. One more mention of that stupid idiotic “Brenchal Army” bullshit and I will vomit. Tons of morons out there that claim to be in this Brenchal Army?

  9. I tried to not like Elissa, but in the end I feel like she is the only person worth rooting for. She has good skills of perception. Helen has finally woken up but she has been delusional for so long, that she put herself in this position. In a normal season I would be rooting for Aaryn, because she is a competitor. My issue with Aaryn is she is so hateful and nasty. I also do not like how she plays Amanda’s gama, and not her own. This decision to get out Helen does not help Aaryn in any way. I actually think it is a huge mistake and depending on who returns from jury, Aaryn may be the next to go. I cannot stand McCrae. I wuld much rather see Amanda win because if either of them make final 2 it will be because of Amanda. I want Spencer out, he is truly a floater, and now a minion of McCranda. Andy baffles me, because Im not sure what his future plans are. He wants to go to the finals with either McCranda & Spencer or GM & Aaryn. In my opinion in all of those options he will not be taken to the finals. He will have to win himself to the end. I hope Elissa wins the next HOH, solely becuase it will cause chaos in the house. The 3am alliance of convenience will crumble. It will be fun to watch McCranda throw Andy and Aaryn under the bus to salvage themselves…..

    1. Jack, Jack you idiot dunce…..how will a Duckie win shake up the house? If Production rigs an HOH competition for Duckie and she actually pulls it off she will nominate whomever Queen Demanda tells her too. Duckie is no great shakes and she is NOT the season savior that you think she is. This sorry excuse has been nothing except Helen’s trained pet all Summer, how will that change? Sounds of bravery rattle past her bill but she has no inclination to carry out her big talk. She resembles McMinute in that regard. All talk. Nope, the season’s or even the franchise’s biggest floater will not save this season of Boring Brother for you. Cry me a river you dumbass Brenchal Army A-holes. Nope, I am afraid that Duckie is doomed to follow he master out the door next week or the following. Good Riddance!!!!

      1. Fully agree elissahater, the fact is, if she was going to go against Amanda and mccrae then they would be that way now they would stand up to her etc, but because she is playing the whisper game with Helen still it goes to show they are scared sheep. How many people wanted Amanda out but did a unanimous vote? Why would that change now? The house is a pyramid and Amanda is at the top, everyone wants to just play safe enough till its the final four knockout. First person to go against amanda just moves everyone up closer to that mark. The only fight we have seen is for a few hours when a person is on the block, then resorts to kissing @$$ to hope they can stay one more week.

      2. WOW! Don’t get so personal or hateful, it is just a TV show. I am not in the brenchel army. If you read my post, then you would see that I did not like Elissa in the beginning. I didn’t like her mostly because she was Rachael’s sister. After observing her behavior for these past weeks, I do like her character. I think she is smart in a subtle way. I find her funny, as easy going. I also love that she is the most perceptive in the house. She has never and will never follow Amanda. I want her to win because the others are smug and nasty. Educate yourself and get better skills of perception, you obviously need it!!

  10. Surprise! Surprise! for GM and Aaryn and Andy and Amanda and Spenser when / if they get evicted—the audience is going to rumble from all the Boo Boo Booing …
    CBS will need to take 10 commercials – to quiet them down!?! Omg! LMFAO!! :-)

    1. CBS is going to stack the audience with people who will cheer and not boo the audience. Probably other shows production people. If they let the real audience in they would have a problem since they may not be able to air the full show.

  11. Isn’t it funny how Rachelissa always seems to know essentially what type of edit everyone’s getting? Hmm, wonder how that is!

    Keep on ignoring the blatantly obvious truth that Rachelissa is production’s pet, Brenchel drones – but know that the rest of us aren’t stupid.

    1. It doesn’t seem that hard to figure out cosndiering Aaryn’s attitude is pretty much negative even she she’s supposely having a normal conversation unfortunately. I don’t know if she’s the pet or not. All of her edits haven’t been that relatable unless you follow more than the CBS show to get a better scope of her personality. I would guess they maybe give some of them bits and pieces ore maybe during questioning they can pieces some things together. Amanda seemed more like favored than Elissa.

  12. Has anyone noticed when the HOH nominates 2 ppl they tell them , it’s nothing personal. It’s what I need to do for “my own game.”
    Then when it’s time to evict. They say, I’m voting what the “House” wants . 

  13. By far the trashiest, nastiest,most racist group of people that have ever been in the big brother house !! This season will be go down in history as the worst season ever !! Seriously talking about getting butt f***,cottage cheese vaginas, yougurt in vaginas,and a whole lot more that I’m too disgusted to even mention,they are talking about people that aren’t even there to defend theirselves in a deragatory, horrible fashion.. Do they not realize these players they are talking about like Jesse,Elissa,Helen, have people hearing all the sick disgusting things they are saying about them! They have kids, parents, husbands loved ones who really shouldn’t have to listen to this crap !! I wish honestly that CBS would just pull the plug and say enough is enough !!

  14. Wait, if this is a social game how exactly is Elissa going to deal with the HGs that she despises? I mean once Helen is gone.

    She’s either going to have to hang out with them, chat about movies & music, deal with farting and beer……OR go to bed early and be voted OUT.

    Is there a stratagy beyond just complaining about Aaryn?

    1. No, because Elissa’s only stupid self righteous attitude is to put people down, and that Elissa claims to be a Christian just blows my mind. She needs to read that BIBLE a lot more because she is not a Christian because Christians try to elevate people and do not spew hate like Elissa does. Her church if she does have one which I doubt would be so ashamed of her especially any church in the Concord, Kannapolis, Huntersville areas of North Carolina or North Carolina period. She will be seen as a pariah when she comes home. She is an embarrassment and a hypocrite who uses religion and Christ’s name to try and make herself look like something she is not.

      1. So delusional lol. There are hypocrites in all denominations. Christians try to elevate people? Do not spew hate? Really?? Wars throughout history have and are still being fought because of religion. Many people spew hate because its in their hearts and souls not because of their religious beliefs. Just like many on this board spew hate because of their personal feelings of the hg’s. Pick on their game play, yeah, but seriously.. to pick on a persons looks or way she speaks because you don’t agree with her opinions on your favourite hg? Elissa is expressing what many many people who watch BB feel about some of the houseguests and the only ones to disagree with her opinon are the fans of those hg’s she doesn’t like. So your comeback is she’s ugly, shes a crack whore, shes fake, blah blah? Real intelligent of you. Most if not all the females in that house are wearing fake something. Be it hair extensions, eyelashes , boobs, whatever. So game play wise, yeah Elissa hasn’t done much of anything and does seem like a poor player. Aaryn, much as I dislike what comes out of her mouth is doing very well. Since she has had HOH 4 or 5 times, cant remember exactly, I like to see if she will play for herself and not the head honchos. Kudos to her for getting as far as she has. GM besides winning HOH once, has also done nothing game wise but follow orders. Yet many of you elissa haters seem to forget that. What has spencer done game wise? Oh and if Elissa actually wins HOH or POV, maybe she actually did it on her own without production help.
        Even GM has one something. Did production help her too?

  15. There’s no “Brenchel Army”, it’s just a group of BB fans that wanted to see if Elissa was as good as Rachel in comps so they wanted her to stay longer (not get evicted the first or second week, they would be cheated out of knowing and would forever live with the “what if’s”)….as far as reading people, Elissa is right, I have to admit it, she’s much better at figuring things out, whereas Helen is delusional, but since Helen is the alpha female between the two, Elissa just lets her say what she wants while disagreeing on the inside.

    Helen had TWO chances to evict Amanda so it’s her own fault she’s in this situation this week, she turned her back on the “good people” to help the “evil people” get further in the game, she played poorly and now it’s time for her to go. Candice would bring fireworks, wow, she’s who I want to see come back, not because she’s such a great player, but at least she’ll create some drama….GM will flip her top, Aaryn’s hidden racism will come to surface again, and if Candice got HOH then that would be epic, I know some will disagree but with the people in Jury, Candice is the only one that will stir up the crazy pot.

    1. Paulie, what makes you think that Candice would want to come back into that House of Hate and resubmit herself to that shameful racism from the two evil Princesses of Darkness? Why would any of them want to come back other than Helen “The Twit”? Okay sure he 500k but they all have to know that they will not / can not win except for delusional Helen “The Twit”, she still has visions of grandeur. But I hope that poor, sweet Candice is nor re-subjected to GinaMarie’s abuse.

      1. It’s not that I want Candice to be subjected to any of that again, I’m just saying if anybody other than her goes back into the house it’ll be like watching the past couple of weeks all over again. Jessie will suck up to McCranda, same with Judd, Helen will do the same crap she’s been doing this past week…at least with Candice it’s not predictable. And since Aaryn is getting more likable with her gameplay/comp wins, she could redeem herself as far as the racism is concerned if she takes a different direction with Candice, it might make things more bearable, who knows. I just want to see something different happen in the house, Candice is the only one that I don’t know what will happen so that’s who I want to see go back in.

  16. the best move going forward when hellen returns lol would be if she or elissa wins hoh amanda cant win shit dont nominate her just yet nominate andy and macrea if andy saves himself put amanda up best move because andy will save amanda if he isnt on the block and wins veto …… thats the best move going foward if they nominate amanda and macrea and macrea wins veto andy is up they will rally the house to get out andy so best move nominate ANDY and MACREA because amanda cant win shit much less aveto to save someone

    1. Nominate Demanda and McMinute and during the nom speech say if one of them comes down Andy goes up. Then sit back and watch them tear each other to shreds.

    2. Okay if Helen and Elissa really want to mess with Demanda they need to go into full Mean Girl mode. Set up situations where Demanda will think she’s eavesdropping and start talking about things like “did you see McCrea with Aaryn?” “Yes!! I couldn’t believe it with Amanda just in the (fill in the blank)” Demanda’s already got it in her head that Aaryn is going after McMinute so use it.

  17. GM is not playing with a full deck! Seriously think she could have an undiagnosed brain tumor … ?
    Problem is she is like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz…SHE doesn’t – have – A ¿ brain ¿
    Imo she has many “screws” loose and I am guessing she is “brainwashed” by anything with a penis !

  18. The best would be if the person who comes back is also HOH for the week lol Then put up Amanda and Aaryn …Amanda never wins anyways and if the POV winner takes Aaryn off then put up Mcrae that way Amanda goes! only bad thing would be if Mcrae or Amanda pulled a win and got POV

    1. You would have to put them both up, if not which ever wins the POV would be able to take the other one off the block then your screwed. I don’t think Andy will rock the boat if he won POV, he tries to stay on the Head of Household’s good side. Plus, that would just put Aaryn in jeporady of being put on the block.

  19. “Elissa says you need to start telling people Spencer is going to win this game. He has played a master game. Helen tells Elissa she should tell Amanda that. Elissa says that she will tell everyone that they will vote for Spencer if he is in the final two.” ….Now that is a good strategy move. They should also mention that they will convince the other jury members to vote for Spencer. Aaryn should panic because she knows that Candice, Jessie and Judd will not vote for her.

  20. Can someone please tell me why Spencer has been kept in this game sooooo long? Is it because each of the others think it would be a shoe in for them to win if he is final two? I can’t figure out why he’s there? He is about as worthless as tits on a boar hog!!

  21. IF Helen wants to stay. She needs to cause drama between Aaryn and Amanda. Every time Aaryn and Amanda have a argument Aaryn thinks about going against Amanda. If Helen can get in Amandas head in the next couple of days. Amanda (who cant keep her mouth shut) will confront Aaryn and Aaryn will turn on her and tell GM and Andy to vote spencer. Amandas biggest weakness is her mouth and her need for confrontation. Use it against her and you could win the game.

  22. So my mother has caught BB a couple times this season, her first ever. I asked her how she liked it. She said she didn’t. I asked why you don’t like it. She says it feels like a bunch of actors are there. I said who is her favorite characters, she says the gay guy and the Asian. She seems like she is playing to win and he is socially acute and funny. Everyone else just aren’t likable. She even mentioned elissas botox face and and mccreas long greasy hair. I told her reasons why people online talk poorly about all the house guests. Like Amanda’s bossiness and abrasiveness and aaryn and GMs racial slurs, along with other things….I then told her the consensus by every human being watching this show that it is the worst cast in BB history, maybe in all of reality competitive television……her reply: “No shit”. Just a little bit of an outside view of things. We don’t need a coup d’etat, we need a coup d’grace. They should actually let everyone back from jury and do double evictions for the next 3-4 weeks. That could be epic as hell.

  23. The people worth rooting for are real weak game players. Amanda is going to strong arm these idiots until the end. She will not win HOH or POV unless they are punked into letting her win. Which would be ridiculous for production allow to happen. IT would make a mockery of the game, and be pretty stupid to watch.

    1. When they start smelling the $500,000 Amanda won’t stand a chance. Even the smell of pizza and onions or starting to dissipate from he air for Mccrack. Amanda will come from behind the trash can and into the trash can where she belongs.

  24. Did you see Andy do his Pee Wee Herman impression when he told Aaryn to nominate Helen and Elissa on Sundays show? What a creeper.

  25. I am glad Helen is going home, she is getting what she gave to those who were her allies. I can’t wait to see the reaction of those who she put in the jury house when she walks through the door. I hope Candice comes back. My family was originally rooting for Andy until we started seeing and hearing the vile things he has been saying. I remember the day Spencer was telling Andy how the Jeremy gang, including Aaryn, were making remarks about him being gay. He was upset and it was Elissa who went and sat next to him consoling him and now that RAT is calling her all kinds of vile and nasty names. Nice job the parents of Aaryn, Amanda, GM, Mc creep, Andy, Spencer did in raising those vile, racist, despicable, hateful, disgusting kids…..what embarrassments they are…….instead of Aaryns mother waiting for her racist, vile daughter to come home and chastise her and make her apologize to Candice, Howard, Elissa and others for her disgusting, vile, racist remarks, she hires her a PR firm. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree……way to go mom!!!!!!!

  26. If you don’t like the show or the people then simply turn the f*cking channel and shut the f*ck up. It’s assh*les like some of the people on here that gets our favorite shows cancelled all because their lives were ruined because a contestant said something they didn’t agree with. Don’t ruin it for the ones of us that still enjoy watching the game rigged or not. Get a life idiots!!!

    1. Are you from Brooklyn? You sound like you are from Brooklyn. You write like you are from Brooklyn. Please vote democratic you moron.

  27. I feel that Elissa is the most “INSIGHTFUL” player in the BB house! I don’t care if people are saying that she does not need the $500K…WTF! And if she gets info in the DR..bfd!
    She gave up her life/career to be on the show …same as the other 15 players…she puts the others to shame physically-no doubt about it! She is a bright caring Mother & Wife that deserves to be in the BB house…imo!

    BTW: Where are the BB house rules that say if you have $ you can’t be a player in the game?!?

    She has not progressed along this far by playing a crappy game.

    So I think people should give Elissa a fair chance to play the game! STFU and let her play!

    1. She’s had a more than fair chance to play the game – in fact, she’s been given several unfair advantages over the rest of the house from Day 1. Ultimately, her utter lack of strategy and total futility in non-rigged competitions is her own fault and nobody else’s.

      1. It’s going to be funny when Elissa gets booted next week and all the airheads who disliked the comment is all butt hurt because she’s gone.

  28. Can’t wait for Helen to leave, and hopefully Duck Lips will be quacking her way out of the house next week. Get those two out and MAYBE it will finally dawn on the rest of the house that Demanda must go, as she’ll have no one left to hide behind (other than McPussy or Andy who won’t win shit anyway).

  29. Twice, within a few minute’s they leave the same pot on the stove & ruin twice as much milk.
    Scatterbrained or what…
    & they have the balls to judge the other hg’s…

  30. Andy is like a son who’s gone astray to Helen?! Baaahahaha!!!
    All Helen does is act condescending and patronize the other house guests by talking to them all like children. I have been wanting her to go for weeks. The comment she made in the DR about crying in order to get her way with her children closed the deal for me. Goodbye Helen. Glad to see you go.

  31. Why do people want Helen to come back? OK She will come back and try to get rid so Spencer and GM first. OK Her and Amanda will have a two weeks truths OK and Amanada will convince Helen to join her to take out Spencer and Rat Andy. OK and Helen will tell Elissa it is too soon to take out Amanda. OK

  32. When watching BBAD last night (Mon) and saw & heard GM go-off on Amanda for getting in the cabinets …. GM had tied them … shut – with string ¿ OMG ! WTF ? The bleached bomb GM … was about to blow ~ all bc the string was broken ¿
    Did GM think she could keep the ants in them … if the doors were tied shut?
    She is too spacey and could blow up like TNT!
    CBS better check their batteries in the smoke alarms in the BB house! Forget about light bulbs!

    1. They have ants because of the HG that don’t lift a finger to clean up after themselves. GM, Helen, and Elissa cleaned up when they found the ants and they left out enough dishes for each of them to use and then WASH. Amanda, the slob, can wash up a few dishes to use instead of stacking dirty stuff on the floor. I would have been upset too if I cleaned up after the lazy ones and then they went back to making a mess again!

  33. Helen must go then next week whoever wins should put up Amanda and McCrae. It’s not smart to leave two people together this far in the game. The thing is leaving them in the game so long is not good because what if McCrae wins HOH and then theres a double eviction everyones gone and they have a easy path to the end. Everyone is going to regret not going after them sooner!

  34. I did not like Elissa when the show started, I was actually rooting for her to get voted off the sooner the better. But I have def changed my mind, she is the only one left worth winning the 500k . She wins POV when she has to and actually has some morals. The others are just shitty people or rats. The one thing I didn’t like was when she was willing to quit. I realize it would be tough being away from your kids but she should have conidered that before she walked through those doors.

  35. Listening to Aaryn & GM talk and pretend to play this game¿
    is like watching the Rem and Stimpy show…
    But the thing is – R & S are worth watching!
    A & GM are worse than watching paint dry !
    NoT sO MuCh fun when those 2 steal the cameras!

  36. Elissa is a gem.

    You want a friend like Elissa in your life because they will have your back and keep you grounded.

    Helen is delusional but she is the type of Asian-American who spent her entire life trying to be accepted by whites, her husband is a white male if that gives you any insight into her personality and nature.

    Being the only Asian in a house full of racists who mock your culture and ethnicity must be difficult but I guess Helen figured they would accept her if she just cooked enough, cleaned enough, cried enough, and gave them friendly pep-talks and played the house mother. Unfortunately in her quest to be accepted she opened herself up to Andy and befriended him while Andy went behind her back and exclaimed how he would like to punch her in her fucking face, GM responded to Andy’s comment that maybe Andy’s punch to Helen’s face would make her eyes go straight…..Andy laughed.

    Elissa being cultured, educated and spiritual made alliances with the non-hateful people in the house and became friends with the non-hateful people based on being able to relate to them but sadly these people were evicted with the assistance of a delusional Helen who thought by eliminating the less hateful people she could appease the hateful people who controlled the other side of the house.

    Now that all the “good” people are basically gone Elissa is by herself and as a mode of survival she has to find someone who can advance her game and the only person left that can be manipulated is the raving lunatic Ginnamarie who Elissa has disgust for.

    It’s not looking good for Elissa but hopefully something shakes up the pot, I’m hoping Jessie comes back and goes after Amanda but they are still outnumbered and don’t have the votes unles they can get the psychotic GM to recognize that Amanda voted to have Nick evicted and wants to evict GM after Elissa & Spencer.

    1. You’re an idiot! Elissa may be a snob but that does not mean she has the morality and sophistication that you elude to. She lies about everything, things about her life and about things that has happened in the game house. She is a miserable lout, but a lout with money.

    2. No one wants a self righteous hypocrite for a friend. Why do you think she only had a small destination wedding because she has no friends, and the only friends she “thinks” she has are those of her husband’s who have known him a long time because he is a nice man.

  37. I’m curious in the history of BB has anyone ever remotely come close to burning down the house . If not and it happens who’s insurance pays for the damages also in the Cali building codes when it comes to studios or sound stages aren’t all building supposed to be equipped with a sprinkler system in case of a fire . I consider the BB house a mental institution so it is required to have a working sprinkler system . CBS should also advise the house guests on what the plan is Incase of fire .

  38. I am tired of listening to Elissa whine about Aaryn. It’s to the point that I think she is jealous. Rachel was a competitor, Elissa is not. If she wins HOH she will put up Aaryn and GM or Spencer. She will do this because of the feeling inside her. I watched the Bridezilla episode and she too is not a nice person. If she was really in there to play BB then she would put up Amanda and MC. If Elissa has so much profound insight than she would know that she cannot win the game with Amanda and MC in the house. Being older she should be wiser.

    1. I didn’t see the whole episode, but saw a clip of one of her bridesmaids saying Elissa made her have to really go through severe pain to tighten her braces ahead of the schedule her orthodontist wanted because she didn’t want her to have braces and be in the wedding pictures. How rude is that? And what kind of friend does that to another friend? Yeah I am totally convinced Elissa is trash too……

      1. I watched the whole episode and Elissa is a hateful BITCH!!! She is one mean sorry excuse for a human being!! Rachel was mean but Elissa is a real hypocrite biotch without two brain cells to put together.

  39. Every time you think the season can’t get worse, it does. This is literally the worst season of BB ever. Ever.

  40. Does anyone notice how all Ellisa does is complain about Aaryn. Even when Helen is crying about something very personal to her, about her husband, all Ellisa does continue complaining about Aaryn.

    I lost all respect for Helen and Ellisa when Aaryn told them about David PERMANENTLY BLINDING SOMEONE and their only concern was how hard it must have been to lose all their money…. Just shows where their morals are. More worried about their wealth than the kid WHO CAN’T SEE.

  41. I’ve never been a Helen fan, nor have I liked her game playing style. What I dislike most is her taking credit and saying that she is responsible for every eviction!! She says in her goodbye messages that she had to send so and so home…or that’s why I had to let you go…etc., etc. Well, Thursday night she can take credit one last time….for getting her own stupid ass evicted! She missed the opportunity to….make a big move as they like to call it, (there’s an old saying…those who hesitate…). Ms. Helen can kiss her own ass goodbye.

  42. Fake face, fake duck lips, fake body, and fake personality – yet Bridezilla thinks Aaryn’s the fake one. Every time she whines about Aaryn, it makes me root for Aaryn that much more.

    1. You know what they say if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, walks like a duck it’s a duck.. and in elissa cause she does look like a duck.

  43. These Elissa haters are just plain weird.

    I don’t know Elissa personally so I can only judge her based on the actions and behaviors that I see on the live-feeds, broadcasts and You-tube videos.

    I don’t see her bullying
    I don’t see her being bigoted
    I don’t see her using racial slurs
    I don’t see her being homophobic

    So that eliminates the majority of the HG’s

    She doesent seem like shes an entitled-snob subscribing to white privilege who might ask an Korean person to “Go make me some rice” or ask a Bi-racial person to “Go make me some pancakes”. Elissa seems like the type to embrace Koreans and Bi-racial people without racism or prejudice.

    The people who love evel Dick most likely hate Elissa because she isn’t mean-spirited and hateful towards others but thats not what us normal people respect.

  44. I suspect that Elissa would be crawling up Aaryn’s ass if she was an heiress or wore more expensive clothes than Elissa. She’s all about the money. Her prejudice? Those with less money of any color, religion, ethnicity or gender.

  45. DAWG, question for you. I assume you are Canadian from something you mentioned in a previous blog. I am a Canadian, of Irish ancestry. I have a friend who is Canadian of Chinese ancestry, another who is of Italian ancestry, another who is of Trinidadian ancestry. None of us refer to ourselves in the hyphenated manor that is so popular in the US — African-American, Korean-American, etc. I would think that if you are born in the US, you are AMERICAN, first and foremost and the same applies for Canadians. Why is hyphenated citizenship so important to so many people?

    1. Hi Taylor, I don’t think Dawg would catch this comment until tomorrow so i’ll try and reply.

      Where I live in Canada I never hear _______-Canadian but I live in a more rural area

      1. Thanks Simon — I grew up in Toronto and never heard hyphenated nationalities. We were, and are proud to be CANADIAN. Watching the posts here where everyone discusses the African-American, the Korean-American, etc just made me wonder why Americans feel the need to hyphenate. That is not to suggest that anyone should forget their heritage but be proud of the country you were born in or chose to live in.

  46. that house is gonna be a dump if helen and elissa are evicted lol i cant believe the other sheeple didnt smell anything

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