“Josh, you have to play the game. Right now we’re doing what I do best.. Mental warfare”

Big Brother Spoilers 5:00pm HOH Paul, Josh and Alex
Alex says Kevin is Sketchy.. “Don’t promise him anything”
Josh – me and Kevin never spoke game.. I never thought I wanted Kevin out at any point of this game until now..
Josh – the way he’s been acting
Alex – shady .. close with Mark
Josh – super close with Mark.. I had your back you don’t have none of our backs you’ve been hanging with the enemies..
Alex – you see how nervous he gets..
Josh – I feel good with us 5 but .. are we going to get rid of Kevin or top 6
Alex – we’ll do it week by week

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“Maybe [Cody’s] trying to get government assistance for PTSD and he’s using this show to backup his argument”

Big Brother Spoilage 1:46pm HOH Jason and Alex
Alex – matt and raven they were up here I tried not top listen to them
Jason – Matt sucks so bad
Alex – they’re annoying.. Matt was up here while I was praying
Alex says they all don’t like mark that is who Matt, Raven and Paul are going for
Jason – I’m just going to tell you right now, If I win HOH on Thursday I’m putting Matt and Mark up. It’ll be perfect

Jason – what I’m going to say is Matt, uhh.. I needed to pull myself off the block for the veto because that was the plan you took the veto from me and then gave it back to me..
Jason – I felt like you were trying to make it look like you did me a giant solid when I had the Veto to begin with. It’ wasn’t a big move. You were trying to make me think you had my back so I’m putting you on the block so you know I see what you did.

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Cody says he’s preparing a speech to blow up Jason and Alex’s game “F* Them”

12:38pm Cody and Elena
Cody is mentioning his speech.. Mark and Elena don’t need to worry.
Elena – I’m excited to hear it .. are you going to throw their sh1t on.. out .. blow up their spot
Cody – F* them
Elena – about their alliance
Cody – I’m going to throw Alex in there, Alex and Jason
(makes a move with his fist)
Elena – perfect.. very interesting I’m excited

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“I am just letting him think that I am that docile girl but yes I am a crazy b***h!”

Paul – Kevin is always telling me that Cody respects me (Kevin) more than anyone in this game. He also said something else to me last night. He said that you’ve constantly got to act dumb so that people will do stuff for you. Alex – he always asks me stupid questions like what is that? It’s a nail clipper. How do you use that? You know how to use a nail clipper like what are you talking about. Paul – but you can’t say anything about that yet. Alex – no I won’t say anything. Paul – especially don’t mention it (that Kevin got the 25K) to this fool (Josh) because if he knows I told you he is going to sh*t.

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“WE can F*ing break her.. She’ll be f*ing demolished.. Then Christmas will jump in.. “

3:20pm HOH Paul, Jason, Josh and Alex
Trying to determine their boot order. Bringing up Raven and Matt not doing anything.
Paul says they’ve already blown up Mark and Elena they have to be easy on Matt and Raven, “we can’t make them feel weird”
After everything Paul says Josh – ya ya ya ya

Jason suggests they criss cross their targets.
Paul says they take Cody out then Mark, ”We See Elena, we can crack that.. She does not do good under pressure”
Paul – we saw it with Otev, she freaks the f* out.
Paul – for example you (Josh) say you are tight with Paul whenever it’s time for me to drop a bomb and she’s about to compete..

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“Oh my god .. you guys are lunatics.. Absolute lunatics..”

Big Brother Spoilers 1:52pm Alex – How’s your kid.. Do you have one
Cody – you guys could you quit talking to me
Alex – NO .. YOU WANT us to hate you we’re going to make you hate us even more
Alex- what’s the truth Cody .. how many people are you going to throw under the bus
Alex – do you even like Jessica or did you use her for your game.. You f*ed up her game too and you didn’t do a very good job of getting very far.
Alex – how many more lies to you have to tell dude.. What do you want for us
Cody – I mean over Cereal..

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Alex to Jason “don’t ever go against Paul. I’ve been his only friend in the house.. don’t f* him”

Big Brother Spoilers 12:14pm Have nots Alex and Jason
Jason is brainstorming ideas for their team with Paul.
Jason – the troubadours.. That’s cool but it really doesn’t match the meaning..
Alex says when Jason wins HOH next week he can make up a sweet $$ name for them.

Jason – what about Christmas what’s she doing.. She’s trying to…
Alex – she’s outside working out..
Alex gives him shit for thinking she can read his mind. She tells him to elaborate.

Jason – you me and Paul are solid right

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Josh “B***H you can’t perform under pressure! I’m bringing out the pots and pans! Call security!!”

Mark – I thought this was about campaigning. Josh – I thought so to but I’m talking about how shady you’ve been playing this game. Just know that everybody including homie (Cody) is on to your sh*t! Cody – don’t do that at the end. No, don’t do that. Josh – Alright, we’re all on to your sh*t. So you can run around here next week and do your whole flip flopping .. no one is buying it. Mark – okay. So what does Cody have to do with this conversation? Cody – I said I don’t want anything to do with it. Mark – why are you surprised I wanted you out of this house?! Because the week before you blew up my entire game! Josh – I didn’t blow up your game, I called you out on your sh*t and you f**king reacted.

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“This is crazy.. what the f* is wrong with Christmas.. they are so desperate not to be a target they all jump on”

Big Brother Spoilers 6:15pm Elena to mark
Elan – this house is psychotic.. you can survive this you have survived worst..

Elena – mark look at me.. they are not 100% neither are you.. I’ve had my shit taken from me so many times.. we just move on .. all taht stuff is not alex’s.
Elena – the conditions josh asked me last night was slightly different but whatever..
Mark – did you hear Paul jump in
Elena – I hear Paul laugh every time Josh says something
mark – Uhhhhhhhhh
Elena asks me what the status of her laundry he’s been doing.

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Paul “we’ll sic Josh on [Mark] Thursday to rattle his bones a little bit .. F*ing sack of sh1t”

2:35pm Jason, Paul and Christmas (Sleeping)
Paul – I’m going to put him in check today… I’m telling you if Mark and Elena win they aren’t putting him up they’re putting one of us up..
Paul – I’m going to call Mark out on all his bullsh1t.. that guy is a f*ing prick dude.. he’s walking around like he’s got the vacation now I’m getting HOH.. F*ing sack of sh1t.. (here we go again)
Paul about Mark – I’m trying to get that giant sack of sh1t out

Paul about Mark – you giant Vag1na
Jason laughs
Paul – now Cody’s not talking to anybody.. he would have jumped right back to mark and Elena it would have been those three..

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