“Oh my god .. you guys are lunatics.. Absolute lunatics..”

1:23pm Josh, Christmas and Paul APSR
Josh is saying that Kevin is much more physically capable than he’s leading on. Josh says that from day one Kevin would tell him that he’s going to make them think he’s a fool and when they come for him “Turn it up”

Paul – the other thing I’m not fooled by is his backhanded comments.. Like wow Paul’s smart..

Josh – why was he telling me he loved me last night
Paul – cause I put him in check
JOsh – I really like the dude
Paul says Kevin is placing blame on Alex.

Christmas mentioned that Kevin was rubbing her back last night and also rubbing Elena’s back.
Josh – he knew he had all of us fooled.. Everyone was connected the dots
Josh – he’s going to get even more sketched out as the days go on..
Josh – he’s going to crank it up on me
Paul – personally, I don’t think he should make it past 7
Josh – i’m not threatened by Matt and Raven
Josh – so what are you thinking us three, Jason and Alex, Matt and raven
Paul – yes
Josh – I think we should keep him top 7 then clip him
Xmas – he remembers everything you said and when
Josh – he knows everything
Josh – in the beginning he’s tried to talk to me about you (Paul) but then he saw how close we have become he stopped
Xmas – I remember talking to Kevin about you (Paul)
Josh – he was like why is everyone kissing his a$$ is he god.. (Kevin’s words of truth)
Paul – I’m the devil
Josh – yup

Paul says he’s putting Kevin in check .. “I want him to know HEY you’re not as smart as you think buddy”
Josh says Alex and Jason are not sharing everything with them. He went up there when Cody was chatting and Alex/Jason were looking at the spy screen on them.
Josh – they were watching us the whole time

Paul – this is not good right now we need to not do this..
Xmas – there was so many people in here
Paul – yeah but they left..
Josh – do I have to leave..
Paul – I’ll leave..
Josh – no I’ll leave..
Xmas leaves..
Paul – I’m just saying… people already know we have each other and people don’t like that..

They start talking about how Matt and Raven instigate things. Paul says they talk it up big when behind closed doors but out in the open they are quiet.
Paul – they just go WOW.. uhh huuh .. nothing tangible
Josh is pissed at Matt/Raven because they are supposed to draw the line with Mark on Thursday yet Matt/Raven are playing buddy buddy with him trying to protect their game.
Josh – they are playing both sides
Paul – I know they are

Josh says from now on he’s squashing beef with Mark and Cody. Josh adds it’s up to Matt to say something..
Paul – they never do sh1t man
Josh says it’s always just Paul, Christmas and him going after people and sometimes Alex.
Josh – Matt thinks he’s going to win the game.. F* no..
Josh – I don’t care who is sitting next to either of those two they’re not getting my vote
Josh – f that you play safe the whole half of the game and still play it safe and think you are going to win this game.

Josh – I just hat that I keep getting checked every time these two f*ing come at me
Paul – it’s really weird
Josh – yesterday I said I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to argue, I don’t want to scream and what does he do BOOM he takes it there.. (ZOMG)
Mark comes in..
Paul – I play a dangerous game
Josh – that is how I live my live (LOL dangerous)
Josh – I can separate personal from game..
Josh says Cody and Jessica taught him that

Josh – the whole playing it safe sh1t and sitting back… I don’t even live my life like that for me to stay quiet that’s not even in me..

1:23pm Alex and Jason
Jason is telling her about his conversation with Kevin how he gave him a rundown what COdy has been talking to him about during their times outside.
Alex mentions why Kevin Felt like he had to tell him that.
Jason – you don’t think Kevin is the one running around trying to start a coup
Alex – yeah.. I thought you knew that
Alex says Cody has no chance in this game, “he’s got a pretty sweet deal he’s getting to lay around and do nothing”
Alex calls him a salty b1tch for being rude and grumpy to her.
Alex – Matt, you going to fight Cody when you leave.. It’ll be hilarious.. (Readers.. Who would win in a fight cody or Matt)
Matt says it’s be hard enough for Cody when he gets out of Jury and he doesn’t have the girlfriend he thought he had

1:45pm Mark and Josh squashing their beef.

1:49pm Kitchen Alex, Jason, Paul and Cody Kitchen
Alex is pissed at cody for eating all her cereal. She’s telling him to stop being grumpy he should be happy he gets to go to Jury and do nothing. Reminds him there’s no chance he’ll win this game so just sit back and enjoy.

Jason and Alex yelling at Cody telling him it’s his fault he’s getting excited it was his f*ing game.
Alex – we’re trying to be nice to you and all you’re being is a a$$hole
Alex – you couldn’t save me 1 f*ing bowl of my cereal.. I’m the only person being nice to you
Cody – I don’t want you to be nice to me I don’t want anyone to like me
Cody – I would prefer you people never talk to me again
Jason – I thought you were joking at first but you’re a F*ing idiot.. For being a d!ck to her
Cody – thanks..
Josh, Elena and Xmas are now here..
Cody to Jason – You’ve done nothing for me in this game..
Jason – nothing
Cody – I saved your game
Alex starts screaming
Jason thanks Cody was using him.
Alex asks him if Mark and Dom really knew week 1 he was going after Paul or did he just throw them under the bus
Cody – I don’t want to talk about any of this with you guys
Cody – I don’t care if you peple f*ing hate me I don’t care
Alex starts doing the miss swan impersonation.. (from Mad TV)
Jason – are you even from Iowa

1:52pm Alex – How’s your kid.. Do you have one
Cody – you guys could you quit talking to me
Alex – NO .. YOU WANT us to hate you we’re going to make you hate us even more
Alex- what’s the truth Cody .. how many people are you going to throw under the bus
Alex – do you even like Jessica or did you use her for your game.. You f*ed up her game too and you didn’t do a very good job of getting very far.
Alex – how many more lies to you have to tell dude.. What do you want for us
Cody – I mean over Cereal..

Alex – you f*ed every person in this game..

Xmas shows Alex where she’s hiding the cereal.

Jason – you are full of f*ing sh1t.. Hurts me a little bit.. I’m voting out your a$$ on Thursday

Cody – when have you never voted to keep me..

Alex says the person Cody is trying to protect is going to be next.. Hint hint Mark
Josh – who is it..
Cody – I have not idea
Alex calls him a liar..

Paul – who is it..
Xmas – you never told me Mark is your ride or die since day one .. before I went to have surgery..
Cody – he kinda turned his back on that one..
Xmas – that’s not a ride or die is

Alex – you and Ramses started that rumour about the message in the sky

Cody – Oh my god .. you guys are lunatics.. Absolute lunatics..
Alex – umm no they’ll see you are when they see that rumour was started by you

Xmas – we’re lunatics that actually talk to each other and communicate.. But whenever anything is brought up to be questioned you shut down walk away and don’t talk
Cody – what’s the point
Xmas – we’re not arguing we’re asking questions (ZOMG)
Cody – I’m leaving .. what the point of any of it.
Xmas – what’s the point of you being here..
Cody – you’re right I’m about to go out the f*ing door
Josh – who are you trying to protect
Alex back to calling him a liar asking him if he ever tells the truth,.
Cody – it’s all a lie every bit of it that’s why I’m going out the door

Kevin trying to defuse the situation says people just want to talk to him maybe he can go to people and sit down and talk to people one on one.
Kevin says he should be honest and let people know the kind of person he really is.
Kevin – maybe they don’t hate you maybe they hate the way they played the game..
Kevin -the word I’m sorry isn’t a hard word to say..
Kevin – just talk to everyone.. Go out on a good foot.. Just speak friendly to us.. You got 2 days..
Kevin says they all agree Cody wasn’t a good game player maybe they can see he’s was a OK guy. (See everyone is that hard! I’m sure Kevin will get sh1t on for not being aggressive enough)

Cody – if everyone wants I will be polite and courteous .. I won’t talk to anybody
Alex – you can be a decent human being.. When did I be mean to you on a personal level
Alex continues to yell at him “we were nice to you and told you exactly what we were going to do”

Kevin speaking calm.. “People don’t hate you they don’t know you to hate you”
Xmas- why are you guys even preaching to him he doesn’t give a f*..
Xmas- he’s doesn’t say anything all he wants to do is walk the F* away

Alex – he’s trying to make himself the target..
Kevin – the victim
Josh – he’s trying to protect Elena
Alex – he’s genuinely a nice guy
Kevin – let it out
Josh – cody have you ever had an alliance with Mark
Cody – all i want to do is be myself..
Xmas – then why are you on Big BRother..

Cody – i’m going out the door
Xmas – doesn’t matter we still want answer
Cody – nothing I say people will believe anyways
Josh – that’s not true
Cody – I didn’t mean to be a jerk Alex
Xmas – that’s not an apology.. And he doesn’t answer your questions and he doesn’t want to play this game.. If he wants to alone he shouldn’t have come on Big brother..

Matt and Raven safe distance..

Mark comes out.. Tells them he had an alliance with Cody week 1 but then nothing
Alex – nobody has seen you actually have it out with him
Alex says Cody ate all her cereal

Cody comes out..
Josh asks when COdy came in the second time did he have an alliance with mark
Cody – no just jessica.. I just buddy buddy with him

Sure as shit raven and Matt comes down once the coast is clear

2:07pm Sigh…

2:17pm Josh, Christmas and Elena fight (time for the house to go after Elena)
(I’m trying to catch up.. it’s noone stop fights right now)

This fight has Alex, Christmas and Josh fighting with Elena calling out lies.
Josh calls Mark and Elena out for jumping ship with Cody.
Josh calls her disloyal, manipulative and condescending
Elena – you’re just finding big words that you don’t know what they mean
Josh – lets pull a Jessica
Elena – how the f* am I condescending

Josh – I’m drawing the line the line has been drawn
Elena – Josh.. it’s already be drawn
Josh – no I’ve drawn it BOO BOO
Josh – I want to show the house how big of a liar and manipulative person you really are
Elena – what week did I lie and manipulate
Xmas – did you not tell me when Mark wins HOH this is before you guys split..
Xmas – if mark wins HOH you were going to say congratulations and split from him you do not want to be associated with his game
Elena – HUH.. that when he wins HOH
Xmas – if he wins HOH and When he does
Elena – No I never referred to his HOH
Xmas – Lie 1 of 2
Xmas – WOW.. lets go to the most obvious lie.. DID you not make an agreement with Alex to not throw her into a ..a .. whatever this is (the costume)

Alex – I will give you your shot first.. explain what happened.
Elena – the way I understand an elimination competition
2:36:15am Alex – what did you say to me they’ve (Production) have been asking about it and they know you have lied because they have it on Camera (using production)
Alex – you said lets promise not to curse each other..
Alex you said what wrong
Alex – I said I was nervous and what did you say.. don’t worry we promised not to curse each other.

2:37pm Alex Screaming at the top of her lungs for a lie that Elena said
Alex – you have no respect for anyone..
Elena – How do I not have respect for anyone..
Xmas – deflecting deflecting ..

Alex – what car do you drive..
Elena -Why does that matter
Alex – Because you say your broke
Elena -I drive a Audi..

2:49pm after Elena leaves..
Paul start calling Cody a sack of sh1t.

Josh saying he’s got a headache and doesn’t want to fight

30 seconds later Him and Elena are screaming at each other again about Elena jumping ship on Cody and Jessica.

After things have simmered down Alex says Cody is trying to stir the pot he’s trying to be hated by everyone.
Mark to Josh – can we please stop rehashing sh1t..
They agree they’ve drawn the line in the game
Xmas tells everyone that Elena is talking to Cody he doesn’t want to talk to them but he’ll talk to her.

3:08pm Have nots room
They’re talking about Matt and Raven not doing anything during the screaming..

Raven and Alex join them say that Mark is crying..
Jason – is he though..

Paul – we need to keep ping ponging back and forth (between Elena and Mark)
Raven leaves.. Paul says after the get rid of Mark and Elena they go after matt and Raven.

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Big Brother Production

I’m just simply disappointed this is how the season turned out to be. The cast seeming promising from the start. The entire house always ganging up on one or two people is just getting extremely old. Alex and Jason take shots at Cody for eating cereal? Josh yells at Mark for playing the game of Big Brother. Paul calls Cody a sack of shit for LITERALLY no reason. This is all just making me tired as a Big Brother fan. I hope this isn’t the last season, but if it is, I can understand after this joke of a cast. Team Cody Matt and Mark for me at this point, they seem like the only sane people in the house.


I would take Matt out if the mix! RIght now the only ones that are remotely deserving of even being called human beings is Mark and Cody! The others are raving INSANE LUNATICS with Paul being ringleader of the asylum! ALl of them need to be committed as they are nuts! Can you imagine Harvard accepting a Hitler wannabe like Paul in their school? Their is something seriously mentally unstable about him about all of them!


Leave Politics out of this. Nothing more annoying to escape every day news and go on to this site to see politics being brought up. Bottom line, these people are effing assholes. Hope ratings tank after Cody leaves this week.


I felt like this after Amanda & McCrae – that the U.S. Big Brother show should be cancelled. It is vile. Paul is part of the reason. It is part of the year of Trump -Make America Hate Again.

Botox Pelosi

As bad as this season is it will be fun to see these people have to start eating each other. I will laugh my ass off to watch Paul, Alex, Josh, Justin and Xmas leave especially.

I guess I am rooting for Mark and Kevin now.


I can’t wait for them to see what most people think of them when they get out. Alex Christmas and Paul are so disgusting. It’s disturbing to read about let alone watch. I need a shower.


I can’t stand Xmas teeth. Lol just cause no one wanted a show mance with you! Omg and isn’t Paul a terrorist?? He sure looks like one. I couldn’t stand him last season and they brought him back. Kevin isn’t in the mob or he would’ve been killed a long time ago. He’s a flip floper. As if I wanna spend time with him after the show. Oh and I can’t stand Alex’s voice and her fat ass.

Aunt Cece

Astounding that some idiot would find a way to blame this on Trump. I would bet a thousand dollars that NONE of those lunatics voted for Trump except possibly Cody. The unhinged ones are ALL leftist snowflakes.

Trump Train

It could be because whines little snowflakes are in the house and don’t seem to know how to work for something without degrading others. Just a thought.


Wtf does politics have to do with any of this

STFU Whiners!

OMG! Some of u are the biggest and most whiny group of a$$holes! Does it make u feel good to call ppl vile names and then in the same hypocritical breath call the HGs “bullies?” I would love to see y’all play in a house of strangers fighting for $500k and see what kind of brilliant strategy u had! Stop with ” That’s it, I’m canceling my feeds!” F**k You! Bet you’re watching just like I am but the difference is that I’m not attention seeking and whiny like u! Power shift and paranoia coming this week, pls stop with the empty , eye roll worthy threats!


Yeah, you just ramble all the time!


you sound pretty whiney to me

Make America Great Again

I love how snowflakes can bring trump into every bad thing that happens.


This is a reality tv comment board and you have to turn it into politics?

Sad In Iowa

Lets not forget that Paul is the one person who is egging the fights on. He called out Mark for not having Josh’s back when Josh was ” attacked” , but he was the guy who egged Josh on to ” call out” and ” pots and pans” Cody and Jessica for weeks. I’m sorry but I liked Paul, I really did and then I watched as he started to play his game and I have to say that it’s not a ” love to hate” thing with me for Paul, it’s just a turn off. I don’t care for Cody’s game, but I don’t like the attacks over and over, over cereal. I would love to ask these people if they are proud of who they became in the game and house, because I doubt many of them would say yes. It’s a game at the end of the day but you don’t have to lose touch with who you are or sell your soul to play a good game. I’m just sad that this is how the game is going this year and what I was so excited about, now just seems like a disgusting waste of time. It’s just sad, I wanted this summer BB to rock and it just doesn’t.


I agree with most of your post however I don’t think they would care how they are perceived. They will most likely justify it in some way. Only way they might care is if family or friends bash them or they somehow lose something important in real life….such as a job or opportunity…because of their behavior.

Drew Kaz

I think they should do one more season to make it an even 20. Make it an All-Star send off with all fan favorites. I hate to see it go, but the casts (and humanity for that matter) is just going to get worse and worse.

1st Grade Teacher

My kids control themselves better than Alex and Xmas.


And just imaging next summer, the cast of bb20 have to use this season as a model to learn BB, the ones that don’t know abt BB, (prolly all but 2 HG). So knowing that , next season will be a bunch of fighting and vile ppl, SMH


CBS will probably bring back Josh to mentor them because he has played such a good game (gag!!!!!).


is your kids playing an adult, cut throat, player vs player game of elimination on TV for entertainment?

1st Grade Teacher

is your kids playing an adult, cut throat, player vs player game of elimination on TV for entertainment?

Well my first graders know proper English. “ARE” your kids playing an adult…… NOT “is”


i wonder what her response wouldve been had the post contained proper grammar


Watch out for the grammar patrol!

1st Grade Teacher

And Josh is not even out of Pre-School. He acts exactly as expected for a 3 year old.

Team Cody

I teach three year olds and they are more mature than Josh.

Cody's anti-social game

Paul has created this mayhem. love him or hate him, for the meantime Paul has taken the target off himself. just look how he bumped off Kevin from Alex and Jason. Alex, Jason and Kevin were a tight group, and all of a sudden Paul has convinced Alex and Jason not to trust Kevin. all hell erupts in the house, and Paul conveniently slides in private conversations with each individual in the house. Paul is def playing a 100% dirty villain this season, and he has manipulated the house in to thinking his targets are the villains in the game. no one in the house is even remotely close in sharing info to see if Paul is bouncing checks.

sugar bear

Pauls not acting…this is the type of person he really is…didnt like him last year and cant stand him this year..Paul cant be proud of how he has played this game.Hes a big baby and bully,I can do it but no one else can, is how he has played so far….someone needs to grow a pair and get him out….sadly the only one that has a pair is going out the door next……~


Cult leader. His idol, Charles Manson.


This is the type of person Paul really is!?!?! Do you know him personally, outside the house? Spent a lot of time with him? Not a fan of Paul’s game play. Unnecessary mayhem. Last season Paul had Victor to temper his crazy game ideas about things he wanted to do to disrupt the house. I agree there’s no one doing that this year, however Cody was never going to be the one to stop him. He was just as volatile, in a different way, & very ineffective. Not good game play on his part. Somehow he needed to adjust. If only he had approached people without the aggressive undertones. If only he’d campaigned, instead of hiding away with Jess. If only he’d had a game plan, other than to win comps. Not a fan of Cody’s game play upon his return. Could have been an interesting season. Seems all the ignorance from previous season has converged on BB19. Will watch, with hope

Judgmental Judy

Agreed! Revisionist history… These fools “literally” (gag) make some of this crap up as they go along. Josh and Xmas both have such conspiracy theories swimming around in their heads, they think it’s factual when they regurgitate it to the others.


Amen…so true

What is happening in the USA?

Big brother at this point is no different than what is going on in the USA. Hatred and bigotry is rampant in both sides.

Thank good I love in Canada.

Just remember USA, Woodstock, peace, love, etc…


I completely agree with you. I believe sometime things have to become so evident that change happens. There is hatred all around and how can people say “one side” is to blame, there is zero accountability and self responsibility right now with all the finger pointing. My 3 year old even knows that just pointing a finger and blaming only ends up in resisting peace!


“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” -Winston Churchill


SIMONS DAWG? anyone.??. I’m grasping for some hope. Is there or has there been some sort of power or anything that could save Cody at this point? BB Miracle? I just can’t fathom it going on like this. Every day I think it can’t get worse and it does!


OK I’m going to challenge the Boards at OBB. Putting this question up daily hoping for some creative answers and perhaps some insight……..
2 prizes who makes F2…… 500K….. 50K
Myself I have Paul 1/2 F2 and 500k. Think I’m close on F2 secondas well. I’ve mentioned that in several threads previously. What do you think folks. At least it’s a game related question with no right answer.


Whats wrong with u people. Cody put paul up. Paul is trying to play big brother. He not there looking for a woman like cody. Cody came after paul. And he didnt take it lying down. Paul there to win. And cody was there looking for a woman. I think the prize is 500.000. Not a dating service. Somebody should have explain that to cody . Im team paul. At lease he there to win.


You are right Rebecca, Paul is playing the game and he is winning at this point. But he’s being a complete dick about it, that’s why people don’t like him. In addition to him being such a douche he seems to have brought out the absolute worst in most of the other hg’s personalities too. That all makes for excitement, but it isn’t fun to watch for most people. Players like Derrick have proven that it’s possible to be strategic and win without being completely vile, but that didn’t make for an exciting season. I keep hoping that somewhere out there is a bb savant who is skillful, entertaining and likable but they are probably more likely to cast a unicorn.


Worse season of big brother ever. Production needs to stop the bulling. Not settling a good example foe pre teens and teens that watch.


Alex is the worst. She reminds me of the 13 year old, troll gamers. She starts shit with people for no reason and laughs or jumps around like a child when other people argue. It makes me wanna punch her in the face.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

Christmas is a wanna be Nazi. Her and Goebbels, Alex, make quite a National Socialist Pair. Josh is an SS soldier being told what to do, and Paul is like the Fuehrer himself. I can’t stand Nazis. They have no heart.


The abusive behavior of this cast towards cody a former marine, who honorably served our nation, CBS big brother should be ashamed of them selves, for allowing this to go on for so long. No one deserves the money, and cody should sue cbs. Julie Chen and big brother producer should stop production and end the season. Give the money to cody. Cody your America’s hero, and you sir have won the game of big brother.

Old Brother

Yes Cody is a former Marine and honorably served this country. But, has he or frankly many of these commenting trolls ever watched the show to know how awful people really are and how the show is 100% fabricated by CBS?? It was his CHOICE to come on the show. Nobody made him do it. He had to WANT to get on there and go through many hurdles to make it. These are the potential consequences of searching for fame … There can always be a down side. So stop tying his honorable service to this show. He doesn’t get a pass … He has to play by the same rules and put up with the same crap everybody else does. And to fall in love so quickly with an escort then the two of them being so bi polar … from cocky bullies to victimized sad sacks … Bad game playing. Frankly he has been a huge disappointment to me as a Marine … I really WANTED to keep pulling for him but he kept disappointing by whining and then threatening people. But the worst thing is his waving the white flag. Sad. Nobody feels sorry for him, nor would any self respecting Marine. And one last unrelated soapbox thing … STOP calling people Nazis. My God do you have any idea how that cheapens the horror and brutal history this world has endured? This is a freaking edited show for 15 minutes of fame wanna bes … Give that a rest and learn history before you continue spewing ignorance. Its a produced television show … NOTHING at all to do with reality …


Worst Season EVER! I’ve watched since season 1 and I’m so done with it now. This cast really ruined big brother! Terrible!


Oh my hell! I can’t stand watching the live feed because other than Christmas, every single one of them EAT WITH THEIR MOUTH OPEN AND CHOMP THEIR FOOD!!! It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me! And for real they don’t stop eating and they are so loud when They do it! Nasty! Matt is the absolute worst, I didn’t even know it was possible when you’re eating ice cream to chew it and make it sound like you’re eating potato chips! I am not even sure if I mad, it’s kind of impressive!

Dr Will

Can the fans vote people out this season please?


Chances are BB will have the office staff sitting in the audience for these tools when they leave. When Matt and Raven are evicted the audience needs to just pretend to fall asleep

btty fan

please let America vote ; all need to go except Cody,Mark , Matt and Kevin!!

Old timer

I know right! I just watched my last episode and ive watched and loved every single season the ups and downs but this is mean hateful and bullying beyond belief! Guess ill just watch news at least its not samo ol same ol !

Hate on paul

Yes, expect the unexpected! Do it before Thursday’s eviction.

You get me

Ugh. Impossible to get behind any group in this house and root for them. It’s the season of awful and selfish. Which one to root for?


“How’s your kid? Do you have one?”

Absolutely done with Alex.

Anti-Paul puppet

The only thing that could save the season for me is if production strip the $500,000 from them for all being such pieces of shit. They should not reward this.

Team Ahole

Alex is total class……without the c and l.


Funny, I was done with her last Thursday when she gave that disrespectful goodbye message to Jessica. The girl has zero class. She is just a hateful bitch.

Judgmental Judy

I completely get Cody now. He shouldn’t utter one fact about his personal life that they can use to harass him on nation TV. If they knew his daughter’s name, they’d spew vile insults about someone so dear to his heart and they don’t deserve to know ANY thing about him. We know more than they do because all the hours Paul was ranting about Jessica & Cody’s poor character, they weren’t giving him or any of the others any room in their heads and were sharing info about their families to each other. Are they really the losers? $500,000 doesn’t really go that far after taxes when you are a moron. And there are FAR more important things in life than money. I wouldn’t walk across the room to meet most of those people, let alone humor them at a “Meet & Greet”.

Funk Master 2417

Alex has a severe case of food aggression. Matt would beat Cody in an actual fight, but Cody would take his ass out in a pistol duel.


Cody’s a Marine vet! They are taught how to kill with their bare hands in boot camp! Unless you’re saying that Matt could beat Cody in a cereal eating fight. Otherwise, Cody would beat him with his hands or a pistol dual!


My normal sized brother knocked out 2 Marines in one fight while in college. The myth that every Marine is a skilled fighter is BS. Matt has size and reach, and comes from a construction background; he’s been in real fights. Cody was a desk jockey in the Air Force, then a grunt in the Marines. Matt would win.

Matts a mustache muncher

You must be A family member of Matt…hahaa delusional


Lmao looks like hes never been in a fight in his life. I don’t want to see Cody beat up Matt but I would love to see Cody say fuck jury i rather be with Jess and lay Paul or Josh out.


With just one of his long….piercing….stares….Cody can kill most men, let alone if he used his fists or a gun. LOL



matt's not passive aggressive just passive

cody would smash matt to pieces.. he wouldnt even have to actually beat him up.. his sheer aggression would scare the funk out of matt..

Deez Nutz

Unless Matt is eating all of the Wheaties in the house, he does not stand a chance against Cody in a fight! lol..


They keep telling Cody that they want answers, and that he’s wrong for not answering them because it’s a “game.” That he has to socialize because this is Big Brother.

Everyone knows that the guy is getting backdoored and evicted on Thursday. His game is over. You won. He doesn’t have to talk to you.


Exactly!!! I wouldn’t tell them crap or give them the time a day. Or better cody should make crap up about everyone and see if some get paranoid.


It’s really Paul that’s obsessed with Cody and he spreads that hysteria out to the rest of his good little doggies who follow his marching orders.

There’s next to no game going on. Just a giant group of blahs eagerly waiting their turn to be x’d out by Paul.

I know it’s cliche every year for people to call it a bad season, but we all have to admit this is one of the worst in a while. I actually skip episodes (something I’ve rarely done before).


Here’s the answer to all their questions he should give each and every one of them – “Blow me.”


Wow….just….wow! I could only watch the feeds by peeking through my fingers like a scary movie…..with the volume on mute. I can’t listen to Josh, Alex or Christmas. They make my ears bleed.


Lol quite dramatic there…lmao!


That’s right!! Being over dramatic is what I was going for. Give this person a cookie.


Shouldn’t you be in the hospital getting that ear looked at? Lmao


oh, come on. You secretly love me and your obsession is cute. I’m flattered, boo.


So now I’m obsessed with you because I’m replying to you and you’re replying back? Sure thing crazy cat lady! Get over yourself and go back to watching your show, with the volume on of course.


Reached my goal….I obviously irritated you. Move along now. I’m bored.

Club H.O.H

Absolutely disgusting. Thank god I already canceled my feeds but reading this! I can’t wait for meet n greets to pop them. Please email, get on the twitter or social pages and tell CBS how you feel! Seriously.

Big Brother Winners

Dan, Evel, Derrick, Rachel, and others like Janelle (though not a winner) have all been calling out the “game play” of the sheep and Paul with all their bullying and personal attacks going on and are just as dumbfounded as many BB viewers.

I would say that this season is going to force changes to the BB brand and its about time because this show needs a huge over haul or it will be the CBS sinking ship.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I wish everyone would read Evel Dick’s blog from yesterday. Like he said, no player in BB history has ever played with advantages like Paul has.

Even a bad player could win in his position. And his opponents (except Jody) don’t seem to be trying to beat him. They even look like they’re in on it, like wrestling jobbers who intentionally “put over” the company’s pre-planned winner.


shame on cbs for letting this bullying go on.


There’s more bullying from people on this site. Just because someone has a disagreement, does not mean it’s bullying. I bet any of you on here that spent 24/7 in a house with personalities you didn’t get along with and three big body builders eating all the food and your hunger and cranky you would act the same way, get off this bully kick, if your really concerned about bully start with yourself not posting nasty comments about people you don’t even know accept for what your watching on a Reality Show. It’s a game and suppose to be Entertainment, if your not Entertained, then stop watching, seriously, most of the comments on this particular site are more disturbing than anything going on in a game, because your just bully’s yourselves, when at least the people on BB are playing a game. BB has always had these kinds of people, as who in their right mind would want to go on a show where your being watched 24/7 with no privacy and subject yourself to the Bullying on Social Media as many of you are doing. People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

Captain Obvious

While I agree with you that some on here are just reflecting the actions of the house guests, I would say that the responsibility falls on CBS for allowing these house guests to bully, when CBS does news stories all the time on anti-bullying.

This is the contradicting message from CBS, that bullying is okay in Big Brother, but not in the REAL world?? I find it very paradoxical also that many of these house guests all contradict themselves with their own lies, so it is kind of fitting and a metaphor for this whole season.

Many of these house guests are going to be in a world of hurt when they get out, being in the house is there “safe space” but once they get out many fans who take this show very serious are going to explode and lead the charge on social media (its already happening). I can see house guests like Josh, Raven, Alex, Xmas and Paul getting back their bullying that they gave out in the house coming back onto them 100fold and I can guarantee you they won’t be ready for the storm that is coming.


Disagreement? These people are ganging up on one person demanding answers and yelling. They are crazy. If they wanted answers, maybe make cody feel like he’s not leaving but no you demand answers because he’s leaving.



Axe Alex

Really this has turned into a house of hate. Paul saying ” we need to keep ping ponging back and forth (between Elena and Mark)” shows what a scumbag he is.


Ya but Paul never does the ping ponging. I’d be like you go bang the pots and pans.

CBS should be ashamed

I do not have the live feeds and rely on updates here. I had tears in my eyes reading the latest update. How the hell does production allow this to continue? It’s absolutely disgusting, full on bullying.

I did sent a letter to CBS, and I don’t know if it matters, but if you are against bullying you should let CBS know they are promoting it on a reality show. Sorry, but arguing with some one you disagree with is one thing, but all those idiots piling on one person is unacceptable.

It’s so sad reading or hearing on the news how people actually resort to suicide because they can’t handle the bullying. Cody, Mark and whoever they turn on next all better be offered extensive counselling after dealing with these Lunatics.


Ugh, I just can’t with these people…Cody has the patience of a saint to put up with this.


But yet all we hear over and over again is that he is a violent psychotic lunatic but he sits there and endures this over and over again with way more patience than I would. Ridiculous… Cody needs to win Favorite houseguest and get the 50k just for putting up with these people.


I am definitely voting for Cody!


But he ate all the cereal. I thought Matt did.


They are lucky he didn’t piss in their cereal. I would give anything to see Cody pull a Brandon Hantz move (from survivor) and destroy the house before being voted out.

Cry me a river Raven

They are all lunatics! Paul is a manipulative mastermind. Kind of scary to think he may be like that (and just as annoying) outside the house. Boy are most of them in for a rude awakening when they get outside of the house and see how silly they looked as sheep.
Only person I can root for his Kevin and maybe Mark. They seem the most genuine…. And not a delusional as the rest. LOL which isn’t saying much.


Love that past winners of this show are disgusted and as Evil Dick said “f$#k you Paul”. These people are really in for a rude awakening when they leave. Cody winning AFP just to mess with these people would be awesome!

Team Ahole

Cody is getting all my votes for AFP. The pefect way to give the bird to Paul, Alex, Josh and Christmas.


Well that’s really rich coming from Evel dick. Lol


Oh ya, cause he was a class act, lmao…….

Pants on fire

I’m a bit surprised that Cody sat there and took it for as long as he did. I really don’t like him but I am beginning to feel sorry for him. Thursday can’t get here soon enough for him. Hopefully, once he is in jury and starts conversing with other evicted players, we get to see another side of him. At least I hope he has another side or he may just continue a life with just the one friend he claims to have. Sad.


Now how is Cody really a hothead as some have insinuated


If Jessica was in the mix, the real hothead Cody would come out…..just ask the baby mama


I hope Cody gets to see another side of the houseguests because what he has seen is some bull shiggity


The Big Bully House. Paul, Alex, Xmas and Josh all suck!

They're all a$$holes

I hate all of them…except Cody!

Hippo Chips

Hot take- Paul is a fascist.


What is wrong with these people?? My lord who gave Alex and Christmas the right to decide who can eat what? These parents raised a bunch of vicious lying hate filled not cases! Seriously, Cody is looking like the only sane one out of the bunch!!!! Paul is nothing but a Manson/Hitler hatemonger surrounding by his bunch of Mansonlije hate filled followers! Great job BB for a season of CBS advocating hate on a prime time television show. I mean there is enough hate already in this country without CBS casting a house full of hate filled houseguests! Geez Cody may have some anger issues but these other houseguests need to be committed! There has never been a season of this type of hate ever on BB and yet CBS condones it!!! It sickens me!


The cereal came from Alex’s hoh basket. So it actually is hers to decide. She told Cody he could have a bowl but he ate the entire box. That’s why she was mad because she was trying to be nice by offering it, but then he ate it all lol

I See Floaters Everywhere

Even if that is true, it’s still just cereal that she is yelling and screaming about. She needs to realize there are bigger problems in life.


Except they’re locked in the big brother house. So really there’s not much else to worry about right this second. They all talk about food all the time because they get what they get. When it runs out, they have to wait to get restocked, which is once a week. Some people on the past have been targeted for “eating all the food”.


AMEN! It is cereal for goodness sakes! Geez she is such a whiny baby! Once she started on Cody’s daughter she is just a vile UGLY thing!


The quickest way to get a lot of thumbs down is to state Facts.

It Just GamePlay

Well if bullying is the new game play then eating someone cereal can be game play also! Sure why not! Go Cody Go!!


Xmas hid the box….he didn’t eat it all. Xmas set up the fight !


No Christmas said she hid a box that only a couple of the houseguest like. And it has nothing to do with the hog basket.


Try again. Halloween hid the cereal.


If you remember season 15, around that time the race shit in the media was just starting, so they cast personalities to represent that racial hatred, they’ve done it again with this cast, they got 1 (Kevin) that seem to be the voice of reason… I’ll bet CBS making millions off of the media attention BB19 is getting same as BB15..


The most hated cast. With the exception of Cody I want them all booed. Nobody can think for themselves. This whole season is just so wrong. One on one nobody has the guts to yell like this.


I think I just might hate Alex the most. She never made it personal? Isn’t she the one that questioned his military service…now she questions his daughter?!? Classless!


Cody and Jessica romping on tv is so classy!


They were not hurting anyone. Alex is acting like a vicious animal.


Talking about class here! Get with the program;)

btty fan

she needs to be drafted in military!!


Each time I read the updates, I just can’t help but like Cody and hate Paul and his minions. My goodness. This is seriously getting out of hand. Over a cereal? Damn. I do hope Cody wins AFP.


Exactly!!! I so agree!! And it doesn’t just happen organically either. They have been using these “fight” as strategic hits to people as just a part of game play and amusement. That IMO is the part that signifies bullying behavior. Everyone of them has said mean things. But doing it as pure psychological torture IS BULLYING! There is a big difference between blowing up/being mean and saying let’s target a person, you go first. I don’t believe that all the back and forths that have happened have been bullying. But those that have happened are almost exclusively from Paul and his crew.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Simon, you mentioned yesterday that the big disappointment this year is the imbalance of the groups. Whether fights, comps or eviction votes, it’s always Paul and a big group vs 1 or 2 people.

That’s true. I thought BB16 suffered from the same weakness. Players pre-orchestrating the competitions and unanimous evictions.

The difference is that with Derrick running the house, you just got voted out. With Paul in charge, you get called a effing POS by the majority for a whole week and then get voted out, cause that’s Paul’s style.


Alex starts doing the miss swan impersonation.. (from Mad TV). I just have to say that this is the funniest cast ever on Big Brother, I have never laughed so hard. Plus, Simon, you make it even more enjoyable. If I worked as an editor on this show, I would be so happy, it is pure gold content. I really like Paul, he is the only one with common sense, I hope him and Josh make it to the end, and Paul wins.

Arya Stark Badass

i hope Drogon roasts Nymeria.


That is unnecessary. Don’t even start with me. Arya would never hope that for her wolf.


Cody should tell them that Paul came to him and wanted to work with him. That would mess them up. Lol


If I was cody I would be making crap up left and right about everyone. Leave the house in a s**tstorm! But I get cody not wanting to deal with these people. Hopefully Mark gets HOH but if he does Cody then is stuck in the jury house with some idiot.


Jason = I.diot O.ut W.andering A.round


This is not entertaining. There is not one likable person in the group.


What’s that word I’m looking for??? Oh wait, there is no word to describe my distaste for Alex. Now I know the HG’s aren’t privy to all the info we are BUT why is it that when Paul’s lame a** crew comes for someone that person never has good remarks? For example Mark, he knows he’s the next target but doesn’t really blow anything up when he gets attacked. He could be using Alex/Jason tryimg to evict Xmas or shedding light/doubt on Paul’s game.

Proud OBB Donater

if you haters would stop hating on the House Guests and the season, you might actually enjoy it!

Amazing season for the feeders!

Terrible season for sensitive people who don’t understand that this IS NOT a nice game! And it’s not suppose to be!

These people are here to play a cut throat game of lying, cheating, backstabbing, betrayal and revenge for $500k


These people are NOT here to be upstanding moral citizens representing the best of humanity!

Morals are checked at the door. Deals, Promises and swearing on loved ones and dead relatives are broken all the time!

Targeting people for elimination, calling people out, pointing the spotlight on individuals, Psychological warfare is the name of the game, and DRAMA is their tools. Real or manufactured!

i suggest most of you should watch some BBUK and Celebrity BB UK, where the drama is 100x intense!

Most of you act like this is your first season, you should even watch some previous BBUS seasons and Survivor!

The drama this season is very light compared to past BBUS and BB Can seasons. A previous commenter said it best regarding past seasons , … “The house guests this year are like a bunch of puppies play fighting in comparison”!

Chill out, relax! Stop degrading the definition of the word “bully” None of these grown adults are being bullied. They signed up for this!

Stop the HATE!! and ENJOY the GAME of Big Brother!

Remember it’s a GAME and not a very nice GAME! No hand holding singing Kumbaya!


Well said! @OBB

Cody's anti-social game


Tell That To

Dan, Derrick, Rachel, Evel Dick and Dr.Will….all former house guests and winners denouncing this type of “game play”. All have said that bullying or group attacks on 1 person is beyond game play.

Gimme a break

attacks? no one is being attacked, Geez!!

Dan in his 1st season there was Keesha, April, Jerry , Remi, Jessie vs Libra!
in his 2nd season there was Frank, Boogie, Janelle, Joe vs Willie

Derrick , Zach, Cody, Caleb vs Frankie

Evel and Daniel vs Jenn!
Evel didnt need help burning her with his cigarette or pouring a drink on her head doesnt earn him browine points!

Rachel lol , just like Jess and Cody fighting with ONLY Josh multiple times, Bredon and Rachel would always team up and do a 2v1. Brendon and Rachel vs Kristen, Brendon and Rachel vs Matt. in season 13 Brendon and Rachel along with Jeff and Jordan vs Daniele – 4vs1

Jeff and Jordan original season had Casey , Laura, Jordan, Russel, Michelle, Natalie, Jeff, practically the whole house vs Ronnie. and Russel continued following him around torturing him!
Jeff Jordan , Russel, Michele vs Lydia!!! Jeff , Jordan vs Russel!

Janelle and Howie vs April

i could list multiple more seasons where there were multiple people ganging up on 1 or 2 people!

This is not new!! This is Big Brother!!


Well I am glad someones enjoying this season – My whole family has watched BB since season 6, my kids are grown now, but as a family we have always watched BB and talked about it when we got together or on the phone, or whatever. We were all looking forward to the season starting. and now because of the cast and Paul – NOBODY CARES ANYMORE and no BBAD anymore, and close to no CBS anymore either….it’s just not a fun season to watch.

Proud OBB Donater

I’ve enjoyed EVERY Season. All BBUS, BBUK, CBBUK, BBCAN, BBAUS!

Because i understand that the BB game is a meat grinder, and every year they add more meat!

Stop hating the meat!


FACTS, FACTS, & More FACTS… That’s why you’re getting downvotes LOL…

Big Brother is not about being Nice, you’re supposed to target players you feel “threatens your game” regardless of how it’s done. Cody felt Paul was bad for his game so he made a move, 4 weeks too soon yeah, but he never liked Paul even before they got in the house, so that was on a personal level not game. Paul targeted Cody because Cody was targeting him.. And FUCK it’s gotten outta control. Bullying is not fun to watch, it started with Cody & Jessica attacking Josh week 1 after the vote didn’t go their way, & Paul took it to a different level.. But that’s part of the social experiment shit can go from 0-100 fast. If you’re not entertained, quit watching, because this certainly isn’t the worse season, that belongs to season 15.. My only complaint to CBS: Stop bringing Vets back to compete with noobs, it’s been done too many times, just do a All-Stars 2.. It was bad bringing just one back, that’s why I think Paul is so ridiculously aggressive 1 vs 15 is crazy unfair a team of vets vs a team of noobs, unlike season 13 tho.


I agree 100%. I’m so sick of this constant complaining about how they are mistreated. This is big brother for chrissakes. It’s what it’s been for every season short of season one. Enjoy the drama. It’s what it’s all about.


Yes! A bunch of cat ladies screaming about bullying every five seconds. Super annoying. Stick to watching Candy Crush or the Bachelor. Big brother is not rainbows and lollipops.


They think Jessica isnt into him…..BS…she is following this closely and loves this man . After this season, the term Fruit Loop Dingus is a term of endearment. Paul thinks he will be up there with Derrick Dan and Evil,,they are all on twitter saying how horrible these people are. Xmas is a grade a bitch, disgusting pig of a bitch


Lmao you are severely delusional if you think Jessica and Cody will last longer than a month outside of this house. My God, some of you people sound crazy. It’s a reality show. A game show. It’s NOT real life.

This is so wrong

Cody for AFP HE has to win. The look on all of their faces will be priceless. Hope he keeps messing with all of them. Dump out all the chocolate milk. Destroy their food. Just really give them a reason to be upset. I wouldn’t say a word about my daughter. Especially my dead brother. Let them eat their words when they find out it’s all true.

Jerry G

Okay folks – Here’s the deal:
Paul – a Charles Manson type manipulator – is a snake for sure
Xmas – She shouldn’t even be in the game – all she does is mouth off and kiss Paul’s ass. CBS should not have let her use her veto ring if she couldn’t actually play in the veto – pathetic!!
Raven/Matt – floaters and boring!
Alex – Competitive, but stupid and ugly
Mark – A nice guy who is trying to play the game – but is a good target for Paul to sick all his followers on!
Josh – A big bully, who complains about everyone and only does what Paul wants – Scarey
Elena – A movie star want to be – who is not to bright and ditzy! Game play is awful!
Cody – Has his head on straight and was right to want to get Paul out right away ! Never keep a vet!
Kevin – Another floater, who isn’t even true to himself – Is he scared of Paul?? Probably Not entertaining at all!
Frankly it is too bad there has to be a winner – I couldn’t vote for a single person there – Mean people and hope they all get booed ! It will be interesting to see what happens if Alex, Josh, Paul and Xmas have to go against each other!

Pleasant Jenny

Your post is pure oxymoron.


These people are so desperate for Paul’s approval…even Jason and Kevin are hopping on the verbal abuse train and it’s pathetic to watch.

Please Big Brother....PLEASE

I really feel CBS should cancel Zingbot this year and throw in Evel Dick in the house for 24-48 hours. This cast needs an Evel Dick rampage let loose on them…..Please make it happen CBS!!!


Oh Please YES. Let Evil Dick run to Paul and Josh and bang the shit out of pans following them around. How wonderful and deserving would that be


Top 10 comment this year. I truely love the idea and the choice!!!

Min O'Pause

Oh hell yeah!!!!! 🙂


Alex is a disgusting excuse of a human being. Who attacks someone about there child. Cody is a better person than me because that is a line that you don’t cross with me. I would have taken us both out of the game. Cody and Kevin have a personal conversation about his life and they think that gives them the right to use his child,his service,and the death of his brother as “strategy” and “gameplay” to try to get in his head. These people are in for a rude awakening when they get out of that house.


I liked Paul to begin with, but the last week and a half of hearing him spew the same crap and rally everyone to be bullies is just sad. Codys going, just leave the guy alone already. All these little doggies barking but not one of them would actually bite back if Cody or mark did something, they’d cower like little wimps. Because as everyone knows, more often then not with bullies, they are all bark no bite. Just dispicable behaviour happening in the house and big brother just stands by condoning it.


I like the fights… but not when it’s the whole house against 1 or 2 people. It’s like man up and argue with someone 1 on 1. Enough of this 6 on 1 crap. I liked Paul last season, and continued to like him this season. Now I’m just over it and would like to see him leave along with his minions. I feel bad for Mark because he seems like such a nice guy.


Production please please allow the viewership that’s still watching the show to vote 1 of them out. That would liven the rest of the show up, and change the dynamic. Watching this every day is brutal.


BB would break the highest ratings ever if they were to happen. Viewers would overload and shut down the website voting. I would have a hard time choosing between Paul, Christmas, Alex and Josh. They are equally heinous.


I love BB but this season is just sad. I honestly watch Paul and he reminds me of Hitler. If it is just a game like they keep on stating then who cares who talks to who.


Ah, the drama.
Had me in stitches.
Everyone has clearly lost it. Hehehe

I See Floaters Everywhere

Who the hell do these people think they are? If I was Cody I wouldn’t want to talk to them either, they don’t believe a word he says and whenever he does talk they always turn it around into something he didn’t actually say. I’m so sick of the BB Bullies, especially Alex, Christmas, Josh and of course Paul who always stirs this sh*t up and then sits back and watches his minions do his dirty work for him.


If Cody was running the house, ppl could get behind him bc he is a Marine and not the leader of the taliban! Cody is perfect for Survivor!



Not cool comparing a BB player to a taliban leader. This is just a TV game show. These people are not terrorist leaders, they are bums who still live in their parent’s basements and have 5k “followers” but no actual friends.


I guarantee they think nothing of what they are doing because Paul (piece of Shit) has played this game before, and he’s condoning everything they do ! They truly believe this is how the game should be played !!! I promise I am not justifying the mob mentalaity and the shitty cruel things coming out of Alex and others mouth , you have to be a pretty dispicable to say and do what they have done !!


Raven can go next. Please!


This is a nasty group of people……………..you can’t win with them.. That’s because they have to justify their ugliness to themselves. That is what makes them feel superior.
Technically most of this group has an inferiority complex……..the only way they can feel good about themselves is attacking and maligning others.
Fire AG CBS save BB!! I wouldn’t mind if they pulled the rest of the show for the year and not give out the big money………this cast {except for a few) is undeserving.


Welcome to the far left ideology….

Min O'Pause

I am having flashbacks of junior high….


This game has never been so violent . Ganging up on people yes , but violent and hateful and downright disgusting , never . Hope your parents are proud of you all . Alex Josh Paul and especially xmas are the poster children of what a bully is .


If Paul or any one of his little minions receives AFP, I’m going to say production absolutely rigged it. No one in their right mind would actually vote for one of these bullies to win that.


These people suck. The funny thing is they literally have nothing to use against Cody and it is driving them crazy. They are trying to go back to things that happened on week 1 just to have a reason to argue with him. And then Christmas wonders why he doesn’t want to talk to them. Because they don’t want to argue and they know it, they just want drama to get them more camera time and for Cody to snap back at them so they have something else to gripe about for three weeks. They are so obsessed with trying to justify why they are so mean to Cody, it’s pathetic. You are being mean because you are a mean person, realize it and fix it.

I don’t know how these losers got cast. It’s not just how ugly and mean spirited they are, how they bully others and then sit around for hours bragging about bullying the other person and calling them profanities so that it can’t be used on the show, it’s just how boring they are. None of them know how to have fun. You would think that BB picked these people up from a homeless shelter and that they have all had serious trama in their lives, instead of picking them from social media. They are all sad excuses for human beings, just disgusting people.

BB should just put them all out of their misery and call the season. Turn the lights off and tell them to go home, none of them get the money.


All the house guest need a time out!

Pissed Off Pete

Great news, guys! BB’s rating are getting even higher now thanks to all the drama! Production now doesn’t have any incentive to change what they’re doing, so we can expect even more awesome seasons of petty fights, cult behavior, and pure idiocy! WOOHOO

(Sarcasm level: Infinite)


More people to watch despicable behavior….more people to boo these house guests. I prefer higher ratings over no one watching and allowing these assclowns to get away with this. LOL – you all wanted to be famous…have fun with that! Paul says he smokes pot to handle stress, I sure as hell hoped his mom bought a farm for him, he is gonna need it!


Alex and Xmas are pure trash


Worse big brother season in my book. Sad.