“WE can F*ing break her.. She’ll be f*ing demolished.. Then Christmas will jump in.. “

3:20pm HOH Paul, Jason, Josh and Alex
Trying to determine their boot order. Bringing up Raven and Matt not doing anything.
Paul says they’ve already blown up Mark and Elena they have to be easy on Matt and Raven, “we can’t make them feel weird”
After everything Paul says Josh – ya ya ya ya

Jason suggests they criss cross their targets.
Paul says they take Cody out then Mark, ”We See Elena, we can crack that.. She does not do good under pressure”
Paul – we saw it with Otev, she freaks the f* out.
Paul – for example you (Josh) say you are tight with Paul whenever it’s time for me to drop a bomb and she’s about to compete..

Paul – I’ll be like Elena you’ve been f*ING and I drop one of those and she’ll be f*ing demolished.. Then Christmas will jump in..

Paul – WE can F*ing break her (WOW.. I’ve seen him do this to Cody, Dom, Jessica, Cody)
Paul – now that Mark is feeling comfortable .. he doesn’t want to win
Paul – he feels OK he knows Elena is more of a target than he is
Paul – keep patting him on the back..
Paul tells them again this week Cody goes, if it’s double mark goes then that following week they put up Elena and Raven as a pawn.

Paul – if we can’t take out Elena BOOM we take that f*ing shot on Raven Matt

Paul – Mark Elena and MAtt or
Paul – Mark matt and Leave Elena
Josh – take out Raven before matt Matt’s going to turn it up. (Boyz2men vs Paul.. lol it could happen )
Paul – if we take Matt out raven will have to attach to a male, she’ll probably turn to me
Jason – Raven will crumble if you take raven out Matt will be fine.
Paul – that’s what we’re saying..
Paul – are we thinking Mark and Matt and leaving raven and Elena to crumble
Josh – NO I want Elena out.. She makes me look like a liar

Alex tells Josh that Elena has nothing for him during the argument she was grasping at straws.
Alex – she brings up week 1 who the f* cares.. (ZOMG)

3:54pm Kitchen.. Alex, Raven, Christmas and Josh

Paul says Jessica threw her game away for Cody
Paul – Hey Jess I hope you’re watching..
JOsh – she would have done better than Cody
Alex – Jessica was not going to do good at this game

Xmas accuses Cody of holding grudges.

Paul – you guys didn’t humour what cody want then immediately flips to f* you
Paul – he wanted to make it to Jury I put them on the block .. F you you little man complex.. (ZOMG)
PAul – Because you don’t get what you want nobody is intimidated by your f*ing violence and your bullsh1t denomer..
Paul – doesn’t mean you can act up
Raven – he’s so aggressive

4:20pm Alex and Jason
Alex says Cody ate the cereal on purpose. They had a talk the other day not to take advantage of her stuff.
Alex says they were the only people nice to Cody and for him to do that. “he could have thrown up Ramses” (Week1 stuff we care about)
Alex about Elena “god she sounds like a banshee” (ZOMG)
Alex says everyone needs the money here not just Elena. Elena told people she needed the money because she lost her job, Alex called her out for driving a Audi. Alex mentions that Elena’s mom owns a “big a$$ cooperation”
Alex says she told Mark that Elena doesn’t like him.
Jason – Raven is driving me nuts
Alex – yes
Jason – good that’s what I wanted to hear.
Alex – raven hates me..
Jason – she took you coke it’s still in the f*ing refrigerator
Alex – you see that’s the thing, if you are so sick eat a f*ing apple. why are you eating all this junk food..
Jason – it’s an anomaly
Alex – she drives me nuts

Alex – I feel it would be unjust of one of them one against like Me, Paul, Christmas, Josh because they are actually doing something in this game. (imagine if it came down to that Matt/raven/Christmas final 3)
Jason – when I win HOH I’ll need to know what a tweet is

4:41pm Alex says Elena’s mother pays for all her sh1t.. says Audi cars are expensive “Lexus makes them” She adds that she lives with her parents but they worked hard to to keep what they have.

4:36pm Backyard Cody, Paul and Kevin
Feeds flip to them
Cody – everything from the start has been very simple to me..
Cody – the Christmas thing.. I was a third of the way into the cast. There wasn’t a secret play to Nominate 5 people
Paul – I feel ya
Cody – people are just running Wild with everything.. I’m just like Guys simple plan
Paul – I wasn’t going to use that against I was just curious.. I like kids..
Cody – Simple plan vote me out.. you know what I mean.. no if’s and or buts, not discussion

4:51pm Mark, Matt and Raven
Matt says Cody is borderline brilliant by just sitting there. It get under some peoples skin so much.
Mark says he thought Cody was going to be chill byut finding out he ate all of Alex’s cereal is crazy
Raven – he’s a d1ck been like that since week 1
Matt saying that it’s best for Cody just to go to Jury..

5:10pm Elena and mark

Elena mentions that Alex said in front of everyone that the next target is the person Cody is protecting. Elena thinks that’s her.
Mark says every chance Paul gets he chimes in on fights.

They bring up Paul telling her that he’s a man and isn’t going to fight someone over a pillow yet he’s talking shit about the pillow none stop
Elena says they accused her of flip flopping on Mark when she’s got nobody but Mark in the game and all she does is spend time with Mark.
Elena says she got caught in a lie and what about all of Josh’s lies, “Just because he’s dumb he gets away with it”

Mark says they’re keeping Josh around because he’s attacking other people once he attacks them (them as in Xmas,paul,kevin,alex,jason etc) they’ll get rid of Josh.
Elena – I want to blow up their whole sh1t about their alliance.. all the sh1t that Alex said about Josh.. how much she hates him
Mark – wait until Thursday.. Matt doesn’t get a vote and COdy doesn’t get a vote.. if they are pissed then.. (she might go home.. I think she’s got shit on Paul for Matt and Raven)

Elena says the only way they can survive is winning back to back

Mark says it only takes 1 win, if he can get MAtt and Raven

Elena – Matt and Raven don’t want to get involved in anything.. We’re the new Jess and Cody and they’re the new us

Mark says Christmas just wants to be in front of the camera as long as possible.. she knows she’s not going to win
Mark – I’ve seen seasons like this all the floaters stick together..
Mark – Paul is such a piece of sh1t..

Mark says Cody was up there with Alex and Jason and Paul didn’t care but when he was talking to Cody it was World war 3
Mark says it was that week when Jessica won the HOH they spent too much time in the HOH
Elena says it’s going to suck being around them all summer (the rest of the house)
Mark doesn’t mind Jason and Kevin but Paul, Josh, Christmas/Raven he’s having trouble being fake around them.
Elena – Paul today.. I was annoyed by him too.

Elena brings up Paul’s philosophical conversation with her earlier today.. brings up that Paul always wants to sounds intelligent..
Mark says as much as he doesn’t like Matt/Raven’s game play they stay out of everything
Elena says Matt and Raven just does what everyone else says.

Elena – you better win HOH, Alex and Josh
Mark – Paul.. Alex has been good to me
Elena – after she lied to you and me in the kitchen

Mark – I thought I had a chance with Alex and Jason but that’s flown out the window
Mark – Matt and Raven that’s our only hope.. (Sigh.. that’s the only hope)
Elena says she’s going to start calling Alex out for her lies.
Mark – please don’t say anything until Thursday.. I’m going to start calling Paul out too
Elena – We’re not going to have a fun summer
Elena – I thought Josh was going to sleep in here
Mark – Josh is a b1tch
Elena – I swear Josh didn’t know what condescending meant until I said it to him for saying BOO BOO

Elena regrets tossing the HOH to Alex.

Mark – Josh was hurt by the intelligence comments, Why are people always bringing up my intelligence.
Mark – I was like I don’t know Josh it’s a mystery

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Grabing that golden apple was the smartest thing Josh did this whole game.

Help Cody

Omg… all this over cereal??? Cereal??? Alex is mentally unstable. If Cody breathes he’s doing something wrong. I just keep reading the updates and all i can say and think is… wtf??? Alex needs a therapist, stat! Jason needs to grow a pai, stat! Xmas and Paul, reality check… you both are not as cool as you think you are.


You don’t mess with cereal! I’m surprised Matt hasn’t busted Cody open like a piñata and dug in with a spoon to get that cereal back.


Wish i could like this twice.

Verdadeira Baiana

Matt should go home for no other reason than that he used the POV on someone other than himself … and he’s on the block! Marcellus move.


Cody asked Alex if he could have a bowl of her Cereal she got in HER HOH basket, she kindly said yes, he went downstairs and eat the entire box, not leaving her any, that’s just plain rude, and then he told her to go FXXXK herself, that he would sit their and eat it in front of her and enjoy it and he wanted everyone to hate him and you call Alex mentally unstable, yikes, what’s this world coming to. If you come from a big family this goes on all the time with families and arguments come from out if it, someone drank the last of the milk, someone ate all the cereal. These people have been locked up 24/7 with conflicting personalities with nothing to do all day, of course tempers are going to flare over something like this, doesn’t make them mentally unstable.


Cody’s driving them crazy by not reacting to Alex’s screaming nonsense. Good for him.

Would love Cody’s speech on Thursday to be something like:
Well sheep, you got what you wanted. I’m going to the jury house to hang out & have a really great rest of the summer. I do have to tell all you sheep that if it comes down to final 2 with any of you & Paul, I’m voting for Paul. He’s the only one of all of you that’s playing the game, so if he’s still standing…he gets my vote for the money. So sheep…keep him in here, help him to make it to final 2 & I’ll see you all in jury! Baa, baa, baa.

BTW…regarding Alex: In your guts, you know she’s nuts. Truly NUTS!


So, this is what bat shit crazy looks like? Simon and Dawg should win America’s Favorite Spoilers and updates for watching and posting about these insane sick people. Thanks Simon and Dawg.

Christmas' Opiod Bottle

I stopped watching a couple weeks ago. BORING. I wasn’t sure what was happening but now I see it more of the same. See you in a couple weeks. Christmas, I will see you in a couple hours.


Hoping for a Mark/Elena HoH during the double. Wow that’d make good TV on Thursday.

An idea

If they can convince Raven who really is the ringleader in that House. I know most don’t believe it but start watching her moves and words. She has an incredible vocabulary and knows how to manipulate body language like not many people.

I think once Paul sees Raven make the move he will want to align with Mark and Elena and Raven to make final four. It is genius if they can get Raven to join them.

We shall call the alliance – the Ravenators!

Me. Conspiracy

Ravens mom is posting again


Yep, But it’ll never happen. Paul will probably win. 🙁

Martha Stewart

Alex is so cute in that scout outfit. Snoop says he wants to use her in a video.


I didn’t say that. I said I’d like to buy some of her cookies.


Snoop, no cookies ? for you. I love Alex too. That costume is adorable. I’m loving the drama. It’s good tv. Give them all kudos for enduring this human zoo.


Snoop, no cookies ? for you. I love Alex too. That costume is adorable. I’m loving the drama. It’s good tv. Give them all kudos for enduring this human zoo.


Sooo their entire strategy is to bully and beat people down soo much that they don’t want to try to win ?! WTF !!!! Is this really happening !! So yes it’s just a game , but it is also a social experiment on exactly what people are willing to do for money, and obviously these people have no boundaries . What I am loving about this, people who are watching and reading about their actions like me are totally disgusted by their behavior !! If there is one thing people can’t tolerate is bullies, and watching individuals getting ganged up on !! I hope the undeedogs can regroup and kick the shit outta Paul, Alex, Jason, and Christmas !!!


Don’t forget josh too


My bad, def Josh too !!


You said it perfectly


This season is disgusting. Rooting for Cody, Mark and Elena. If they leave I will stop watching.


Im only staying long enough to watch them all turn on Raven. I don’t care who Paul picks in the finale.

desirae's Mom

Wow,. Just wow. Thanks for the updates?

Tree house

Mark for the win


Mark – Josh was hurt by the intelligence comments, Why are people always bringing up my intelligence.
Mark – I was like I don’t know Josh it’s a mystery


At this point, the only person I’m rooting for is Mark. He might be lacking of common sense sometimes, but he seems like a sensitive guy with a good heart and he’s proven himself to be a strong competitor. I really do hope Mark and Jason team up after Cody is gone and do some damage to Paul/Josh/Christmas/Alex.


Unfortunately Jason is too stupid to stop listening to Alex and Alex is too stupid to stop listening to Paul. Production ruined this year with the 3 weeks of safety. I could see one but not three. Everyone else’s temptation was only good once. No fair.


Alex says Audi is made by Lexus? LMFO!!! I do know Lexus IS made by Toyota. Where do these people get their info?


I busted out laughing when Alex said that……obviously the genius stick missed Alex. This season has the worst players but I am still watching the train wreck mainly to see them booed hopefully or see the office staff sitting in the audience as they were for Paulie. These people have created their own personal downfall but the wreck is still ok to watch just not live feeds. I keep thinking one of them will show redeemable qualities but at each turn it gets worse and worse….for them.. Great jobs morons! Paul is basically calling Cody everything that Paul is and little man syndrome? LOL ok little gnome…go cry to momma…you live with her right?


The office staff will probably boo. Thought in their heads “I may get fired, but it’s totally worth it”.


Paul is such a little man.


Paul is garden gnome midget with a tattoo of an oil spill on his chest and face full of pubic hair.

Moe Greene

I saw a yard gnome once. It didn’t bother me none.


If paul wins i will never watch again


I’m voting Andrew for AFP


So far Cameron has mine.


Wow…after reading the updates I am rooting for Mark to win next HOH and take down Paul and his minions.


If not Cody it has to be Mark for America’s favorite player. For all the crap he has had to put up with this summer. Pots and pans..being bullied. He gets my vote.


Josh didn’t bully. Mark kept trying to flirt with and hit on Josh!


hey Big Brother!!

Can we start over…….new cast that wants to play the game and not act like idiots on a playground!

Oh and not vets please!

Florence McSimmons

All of these people are shit. Why vote for any? It’s like the Presidential Election all over again.



Backseat Driver

What does that have to do with anything? ?

Just trying to help!

Surprised Paul did not correct Alex on Audi vs lexus. Isn’t he the one going to buy his mom a fancy import last year to replace her fancy import? Alex VW=Audi and Toyota = Lexus. Also to help with any other confusion Nissan = Infiniti, Honda = Acura, Dodge = no longer American, and Ford and GM =American Garbage.


OMG!!!!!!!CBS you have ruined a once great show. these 5 idiots that you are allowing to go to the end are absolute pieces of trash. you are turning people off by allowing this crap to go on. and people are turning you off. I for one am finished and will not watch another episode this season. many others have told me the same. you freaked out when a transgender was bullied on Survivor but you are turning your back on the same crap happening in the BB house. HYPOCRITES!!

Paul is Satans Spawn

But… CBS Cares!



Can’t fix stupid


This season would probably have been really good if Production hadn’t brought back Paul.


Why are people listening to Paul..
Wtf.. And Christmas isnt innocent she is a terrible person who has very low self esteem…and a instigator…I want cody to win if not Cody Mark.


I cannot stand the sight of Paul…he’s this little hairy greasy looking ego maniac….and these people
are falling for his crap………unbelievable ! ! ! ! Even worst……pie face little Alex…..who the hell does
she think she is……….she’s a nobody…..she’s literally licking Paul’s nasty butt…………Wow…..if I was
Cody or Mark….I would walk out the door………….what a horrible cast BB is this year ! ! ! ! !


Omg. Mark. No way.

Just curious

Question: who do you all think is going to have the worst backlash from this season outside the house? Just curious, I say Josh and Xmas..


Josh will get a butt lashing from his momma and won’t be allowed play dates with Paul. Xmas may lose some business. Paul will fade away slowly after doing meet and greets in supermarket parking lots. But Raven exposed will suffer the most.

Anti Paul Puppet

At first I laughed when people said Cody for AFP. And now I’m thinking… why not. He was an a$$hole but he was pretty up front about it. And it would just piss everyone else off, so that in itself is so worth it.


Do they not realize all these ostracized people will be on jury…? I can’t wait for when Alex realizes she wasn’t a gamer but just another one of Paul’s puppets.


I really hope Julie announces the top 3 vote getters of AFP will be Jessica, Cody and Mark.
The look on Alex,Christmas,Paul,Josh and Raven’s faces would be beautiful.


Do you really think BB is going to allow anyone but Paul be both the winner and AFP? Sure, he sucks, but they are determined to make him their next star for some reason. Like Nichole, his future will probably be in porn after being reality show famous for a year or two.


Every season the AFP winner has been the houseguest most popular among viewers. If not, it’s been at least arguable. The show’s not “rigged” in that sense.


Every houseguest that’s still in the house is going to hell

Grodner Hearts Paul

Elena: We’re the new Jess & Cody, they’re (Matt & Raven) the new us.

Wow, they’ve finally got it figured out. Way too late. Same will happen to Matt & Raven.

Spoiler alert:

Mark & Elena spend the next 2 rounds getting harassed and called F-ing POS by Paul’s majority, and evicted. Matt & Raven will be part of it.

The following week, Matt & Raven will be screamed at and called F-ing POS by Paul’s majority and evicted. They’ll probably cry about it.


Don’t be silly. Raven’s gonna WIN! And donate half the money to the American Gastrointestinal Gastroface Society!

Dont thumbs down for asking

Will there be another competition for the jury to come back in the house once there’s five people in jury? Or once you’re in jury you’re out?


Julie said no jury comebacks this season.


Kevin proposing an alliance name for the final SIX that starts with an ess. Here are some for you:
Satanic Six



Min O'Pause

Skanky and Our Gang


I stop watching a long time ago when they started bulling

Why is Paul crying now?

So Jason comes out of the DR, joins his cohorts outside and proceeds to give a pep talk to Paul who is wiping tears from his eyes. Part of Jason’s talk that I caught is about stopping the fighting, it’s ok for Josh to instigate but not multiple people doing it, that they are looking like “heathens”. Anyone else catch this? Hope Simon did and can provide more detail.

Judgmental Judy

:Mark – Josh was hurt by the intelligence comments, Why are people always bringing up my intelligence.
Mark – I was like I don’t know Josh it’s a mystery”
Shade for days on that one LOL Seriously, Cody, flush their stinking cereal down the toilet, all of it.


I think that if Cody gets evicted this week, on his way out the door he should turn to Paul and shake his hand and say, “Congratulation Paul on winning Big Brother 19”

Johnny Trivago

Did Paul break Big Brother? Bc if the name of the game is who can be the biggest dickhead terror, relentless interrogation, and looking for any reason to ostracize and demonize houseguests all in the name of strategy- I don’t think anyone can ever be as rad at that as Paul and his psychos.
So maybe its time to call it a wrap and give the CBS BB time slot to something more life affirming. Like competitive eating contests or pigeon fighting or blind dodgeball or pretty much anything equally uncomfortable to watch.


Watched several of the blowups on YouTube. Gawd, it’s like Cody is the only adult in the room (my opinion has totally changed in 8 weeks). What the hell is Alex yacking about? Kevin the grown up is totally talking inarticulate crap. Xmas must be missing her steroids. WhistleDick must have got kicked in the head by Ole a few too many times.

Alex “do you even have a kid?”. Shut up you b:::tch

I think only one person in this house woukd have passed basic training.

Simon and Dawg do a great job of summarizing (and worth getting the feeds), but for those of you outside the US like me, go to YouTube.

Cody Is A Robot

“Audi cars are expensive…Lexus makes them.” Wow, Alex is a 24 karat idiot!!!

Losing interest in this season

I truly think he wants Cody so bad it hurts.


Would love for Cody to ask Julie live Thursday if she and CBS are proud of the way Big Brother is now being played with all the bullying. That would maybe be a wake-up call.