Alex to Jason “don’t ever go against Paul. I’ve been his only friend in the house.. don’t f* him”

12:14pm Have nots Alex and Jason
Jason is brainstorming ideas for their team with Paul.
Jason – the troubadours.. That’s cool but it really doesn’t match the meaning..
Alex says when Jason wins HOH next week he can make up a sweet $$ name for them.

Jason – what about Christmas what’s she doing.. She’s trying to…
Alex – she’s outside working out..
Alex gives him shit for thinking she can read his mind. She tells him to elaborate.

Jason – you me and Paul are solid right
Alex – yes..
Jason – alright I’m just not going to worry about it
Alex – Wait, If there’s something you are worried about tell me..
Jason – there’s nothing to worry about.. I just feel like..

Jason – I just feel like.. Christmas is like.. People say things in the beginning like take me as far as you can… Top 5 I’ll bow out..
Jason – people say that see your reaction
Alex – NO she said to me and she said to Paul..
Jason – she said I’m (Xmas) expandable to Alex and who else did she say it to?

Alex – Paul, me and Josh
Alex – she said she doesn’t want to be handed anything, she won’t be able to compete and stuff..
Alex – she’s like I want to help and be the part of that and not be a burden
Jason – now she thinks she’s going to get that boot (Cast removed Boot on, she’ll be more mobile)
JAson – I just don’t want her to try to do something with Josh and Paul (Actually that would be funny seeing Alex and Jason go to war with those 3)

Alex – don’t ever go against Paul.. if you and Paul are friends he will never f* you
Alex – he’s not really friends with Raven or Matt.. he’s cool with Christmas but beside Kevin I’ve been his only actual friend in the house (I get the feeling that Paul’s friendship was Alex’s Grand prize this season)
Alex – just don’t f* him and he won’t f* you

Jason – I have no plans..
Alex – he thinks it’s going to be me you and him in the final 3 .
Jason – I hope it is.. I really hope it is..

Noon Snap chat time..

12:34pm Cody and Kevin
Kevin just found out that his kids could see the snapchat video’s and he’s going to do a snap chat bit for them. He never knew, all he ever saw was “people going crazy” in front of them.
Kevin – I asked Christmas, is it a requirement to jump and act wild to make yo more popular
Cody – no .. not at all
Kevin – I won’t do it, I don’t care what they say I won’t do it. YOu don’t want to see a 56 year old guy act out of his age
Cody – no not at all
Kevin – you get the girls to do your nails and they’re younger.. you know what I mean .. What am I going to do I’m 30 years older than everybody.
Kevin – what am I going to do sit by myself..
COdy – every time there’s a camera shot these people think is going to make live they turn into f*ing animals
Kevin – I said it and they got mad at me.. you were with me
Kevin I said What the f* you can tell when the live camera’s on
Cody – I don’t know what the f* it is I don’t know if they think it’ll make them more famous
Kevin – I won’t do it..
Cody – it’s not going to make any of them famous..
Kevin says he’s never changed his personality in the house.
Cody likes that and he’s sure the viewers do to.

12:39pm Kevin and Jason

Kevin asks if everything is fine
Jason – it’s fine
Kevin says Cody was talking to him this morning said he’s never felt this lonely before.
Jason says it’s too bad things didn’t work out with Cody it would have been bada$$ teaming up..
Kevin says he feels like his back is against the wall, mentions being a target now because people don’t want to be beat by someone 30 years older.

12:52pm Paul talking to his disciples about happiness and regret..

(great time to get the feeds and try out flashback)

1:00pm Kevin and Cody
Kevin – the hardest thing in this life is pretending to be Happy too..
Kevin says he told Jessica to get a hold of his daughter when she gets out, “her nickname is sweetheart .. you’ll be shocked when you see my kids.. you’ll be like are those his kids” (I take it the daughter lives in LA)

Kevin says his wife is very intelligent and quiet.
Kevin – but do you know what happens in life.. when you’re married 31 years? sometimes you stop paying attention and they find other outlets and your so surprised in the end.. what do you mean..
Kevin – I’m going out with my friends to have some wine.. I’m like what what are you talking about.. literally they’ve never gone out without you EVER in 31 years.. to work that’s it..
Kevin – then you feel like what the f* is going on man.. but she has spent 20 years pregnant and working every single night.. taking care of kids.. we were never not there NEVER
Kevin – you don’t know what happens to someone they think you missed something even though you’re a pretty cool guy.. looks I guess was irrelevant to me.. that’s how people think sometimes..
Cody – Whats your best advice for me and Jessica

Kevin – If you’re happy do it and don’t let anyone get involved.. when you lay down to bed at night there’s no one between ya

1:10pm Paul, Mark, JOsh, Xmas

Josh says he’s grown so much.. mentions how he almost quit.

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But Simon you tell Paul’s gospel better than us seeing it on flashbacks….. Come on



Tell it like it is

Alex is dumb.

Paul is psychotic.

Paul the Punk

I had such hope for Alex in the beginning but now her devotion to mini Gandalf is sickining.


She grabbed the sack of bricks and jumped right in the Kool-Aid pool.


This is what passes for insightful commentary.

Shannon Hoon

This idiot. U keep posting how horrible the comments are here. What have you added?

Gtfo. No will miss you.

I think Jason is starting to see he at the bottom of the Alex Paul and him 3. So neither would take him to final 2 if they all even get to final 3. I think Jason feels closer to Kevin than Paul and likes Alex but sees her #1 is Paul.

Mark Elena Jason and Kevin can grab Xmas and steam roll the Paul troop of fools.




If any of these minions had even half a brain, it would be awful lonely!

It’s just funny how u moron ppl think true love exist for ppl who work in the night life industry. Its like girls like jess are out of my league for sure. It’s either u have a big wallet or something else big in ur pants. Lucky I have both. Lols jk. But girls like jess require u to be be above average good looking and rich. Her and her crew of harlots are a package. They require to be taken out to all the nice Restraunt’s and be in nice cars and u have to live in a big house. And after a few months she’s gonna expect u to start buying her shit. Lv bags don’t cut it. She ants birkins and Chanel. U think she’s gonna sport coach or micheal kors





Cody's anti-social game

SMH @ “Josh says he’s grown so much” the BB house makes people delusional.

Resist the Twist

Alex – don’t ever go against Paul.. if you and Paul are friends he will never f* you

Umm Alex this is Big Brother. Eventually he will. And you TOTALLY wasted your HOH, oh but then again it was really Paul’s HOH. You just gave all the speeches

The sad part is that these Sheeple disguised as HouseGuests actually are all sipping this KoolAid


Alex you are right. He’ll never fck you, he’ll have someone else do it.



Truer words were never spoken(written). Alex is one completely delusional chick!!!


Exactly !!!Paul will definitely get rid of Alex when it suits him. He will never risk sitting next to her in the end. Look what happened last year. Alex and Jason = Dumb and Dumber. Just too funny Alex was suppose to be so savvy at this game


Alex you are an idiot.

When will you realise that Paul wants a final 4 of him, christmas, kevin and josh because he can easily beat all of them in competitions to take himself to final 2.


In that way he should take Matt..?


Oy vey!!!!


BB should get their next cast members from this website chat room. they seem to be know-it-alls and know how to do it better than anybody.


There’s a chat-room here? All I can find is this comment box.

Shit Show

Of course just ask us we get to see all the feeds and read great updates.
course it is easy for you to troll through and throw jabs at everyone like a keyboard tough guy.
If you have not noticed it is fun to vent!!!!

Another anonymous

That is a fabulous idea. These commenters wouldn’t last a week. They get on here and bitch about Paul, only to sound like Paul. Oh, and God forbid anyone say something bad about Jess and all American zero Cody. Just because he was in the military does not mean he gets more respect in the house. Him being in the military means he should show more restraint than he has. Plus he has no idea how to play the game. If he “loved” Jess, he should’ve self evicted weeks ago. She would’ve made it farther. I would’ve rooted for her if she dropped her anchor that was weighing her down. Now I’m rooting for Alex. Despite her being team Paul. I feel she will get rid of him later. He’s the meat target in front of her. Let him be that for a few more evictions.

Shit Show

Cody may not be going out as a winner of the game but the fight he & Jess have had with the house will probably be the most significant thing remembered about this season.
Big Brother fights have usually been 1vs1 not really has it ever been this much of a gang mentality. I do not understand why so many of these people feel that Paul has to like them in order to fit into the house. It is like high school all over again.
Has anyone seen the latest poll that 75% of regular watchers of BB have decided to turn this season off because of what has been going on. Not sure if it is from a fake entertainment news source but I did find it funny. Maybe Cody may have a chance to stay another week. Who am I kidding!
Go Mark break up the stronghold on the house and put Alex & Paul in check.
If he were to do that I bet everyone who could play for the Veto would just to be a hero for Paul!


I think the last game was made for Cody, and as Paul said all he had to do was stand on the HOH and he would have won. But he let it slip sadly. I say run Cody, run for your life and not be stuck with these idiots. Get off the moron train while you can. You already won the girl and she is supporting you!


if Cody had stood in the HoH he would have LOST! or tied for last place! Duh!

Cody should have tried to WIN that comp. He is the moron on the moron train!


Won the girl? Ya okay there. Most of these comments are so stupid. I just shake my head and scroll down. You guys are insulting the house guests with insults and violence and yet you get upset when they attempt to annoy or irritate each other for a chance at 500,000. Let’s just ask them to sit there and play cards and humour us with cheap conversation and then in the end have a thumb war for the final battle.


BUT the POV was not made for him. He still would be on the block.

Survivor Starts in Sept!

I never thought I would say this, but I feel bad for Cody. Yes, he did isolate himself, but this is just hard to watch. I also thought I would never say I can’t Paul! Acting like the Boston Rob of BB. Difference is Boston Rob was likeable! Yes Paul should have won last season over lazy Nicole, but that’s the past. Paul has completely misted everyone like one of those sick cult leaders from Waco, Texas. Can’t wait until Survivor starts!


Alex would go nuts, if everyone was playing for Paul and none of them were willing to play for her.
The best thing for Mark to do if he wins HoH would be to nominate those 2.
Can you imagine the tantrum she would throw in that House ?! – I’d like to see if she went after Josh with Pots and Pans? He would probably run to his Mommy Xmas and Daddy Paul !!!


yup Paul and 1 of Alex or josh. Paul is going no where so put up Alex, less chance Josh wins POV than Alex if they both play. josh the renom if either wins. I’d laugh my azz off if Alex or Josh went out in the double. Smug and arrogant terrible players.

Even Howie would have beaten this cast of dustmites

Can’t wait for Alex to sit next to Jason in the F2 and lose.
That’s it. That’s all I got. This cast has left me speechless.


Not happening. Paul will turn on them before they get a clue.


Alex said if your friends with Paul he wouldn’t f# with you and beside Kevin I’m his friend…..Hello dumbass he’s throwing Kevin under the bus


Paul’s using a bull dozer under that bus for Kevin, he’s been throwing shade at him for a couple weeks now.

Team Ahole

The only reason I rated Paul, Josh, Alex, Matt, Raven, and Christmas a one in todays ratings is because I can’t rate them a zero.


Don’t vote for them at all, I believe that is the same as a zero.


The only reason Kevin isn’t divorced and in jail is because his wife must be a saint. Cody, don’t take life advice from Kevin.


At night, the only thing between Kevin and his wife is Halloween.


Alex is dumber than I thought. Mr. Friendship” will stab her and Jason in the back.

On the scummy meter Alex ranks right up there with Paul and the skanky Christmas.


Although I am not a Cody fan, I would love to see him not vote for someone to when $500,000 in the event of a tie. If it’s a 9-person jury and for some reason there is a tie between the two finalists, Cody opts not to vote. And in his speech he says, I cost Jess $500,000 so I am costing you $500,000. Boom! He just killed two birds with one stone. Now that would be epic! IJS


He is contractually obligated or else he’ll be in breach and forfeit the entire stipend. It’s how they got Paulie to stick around. Lawsuits can have a cooling effect on passion.


These people live in La La Land! They are so dumb and boring! Darn sheep! Baaa!


that statement describes these comment sections to a T

BB King

I know most of you aren’t getting your way but seriously this thanks up there as one of the best seasons.

And say what you want about Raven but for heaven’s sake playing at this level with a life threatening injury?!?!

This is going to be one helluva season folks buckle up babbbbbbiiiiieeeeeesssssss!


These lemmings have their nose so far up Pauls butt, they can probably see what he had for breakfast! So I have figured out a way to get a few out in one foul swoop, give Paul Ebenieser (sp) Scrooge’s scooter, tell him to race it down the hall as fast as he can go, then slam the brakes! Problem solved, they suffocate! This gang mentality of now making up chit to start a fight with someone (pillows, Mark) then finding humorous that you have made them look an idiot, it has just become much to painful to watch! I cannot believe I am saying this but so hope Mark gets a little justice before the give him the heave ho!


Production has failed miserably on many fronts this season. Most importantly was the failure to properly vet and select players who are motivated and interested and/or capable in competing (with the biggest exception being Cody). Production compounded this failure by injecting Paul, a veteran, with weeks of immunity who in contrast made the remaining houseguests cowardice, daftness and ineptitude that much more obvious.

Of course, whether or not viewers know or care, this is not the first time Production played favorites. The big difference is in past seasons they would typically lean towards the relatively bright, more charismatic and entertaining players who were actually interested in competing. They did not select insecure, hypocrite, dastard boors whom seem to take way to much pleasure in the suffering of others (whether incidental to gameplay or not).

Paul’s smearing, bad-mouthing and instigating against Cody continued unabated this week. Given Cody’s imminent exit (further cemented by the veto ceremony this week) Paul’s behavior is totally pointless and mean spirited if not sadistic. For those who argue it is game play, explain Paul muttering insult about Cody to himself.

Given the negative attention Cody’s behavior has garnered (justified or not), I expected Paul’s behavior to be deserving of the same, if not more attention and criticism by those outside the house. But alas, it seems that production does not want to tarnish the poster boy image preordained for Paul this season by televising his behavior to the masses no matter how persistent and unnecessary. Production should have removed the ‘live feed’ option if they want to sell this contrived picture of Paul on televised episodes of Big Brother 19.

People commenting here use the phrase Paul’s ‘Minions’ which is as amusing as it is fitting given the ‘Despicable’ nature of his behavior and the parallel to the titles of (franchise) films of the same name. The difference being that those films were mildly entertaining, even for an adult. This season of Big Brother is definitely not.

Grodner Hearts Paul

Good points. The Minions are mostly interested in promoting themselves on social media and just making jury and collecting the stipend. Only Paul, Cody & Jessica have ever seemed interested in winning. I think the rest are content to let Paul dictate the order of finish.

Bringing back a vet and loading him up with advantages, then casting mostly unmotivated players are Production’s major failures this season.

The Sheep Games

Big Brother should label this season, the sheep games as it has turned into who can be the biggest sheep in the herd.


Better yet, Baa Baa Brother! Have you any brains? Yes Paul, yes Paul in my ass!

Fuzzy fingers

I feel bad for Kevin. He seems unhappy.


I want to give insightful commentary but it just wouldn’t be realistic. There is still so much potential for people to exchange notes and team up against each other… but they just can’t see it!!! Being in the house must really blind people… why is everyone so bloody clueless?!?!?


I think they don’t see it because they never went in with a strategic brain. They went in to get self-promotion.


With every new post on this site I keep having hopes that a headline will be something about somebody finally going against Paul, but nope, just more baa baaing from the sheep and their herder. No game talk on how to get further, just a bunch of morons asking Paul who’s next then bashing & bullying that person…terrible season for gameplay, it’ll probably be cancelled after this sh!tshow of a Summer. Sad!


The language that comes out from some of you is horrible (swear and condescending). You guys think you are perfect?
Get a life and let the HG play their games.


Absolutely, let the HG’s play their game. If they want to follow Paul, let them. They are grown individuals and can make up their own minds. Cody was the one that started all this bullying from the first show against Josh. How quickly we forget. When it all comes down to the end, they will have to alter their thinking. And, even at the end when Josh wanted to save Jessica, she was more than mean to him.


SIMON/ DAWG Don’t know if you guys have mentioned it yet, but the Live Feeds will be down Thursday after eviction They will probably return after Friday’s special episode Big Brother

Can't stand Paul

Who will “Mini, hairy man” take to the end? It won’t be Alex, too many wins. Too many people like Jason. Josh or Christmas? Do we even care?

Brandi W.

I have starting leaning off raven and think Josh and Christmas would make a great final two!! Who’s with Brandi!!


christmas is a man, no doubt about it so pick a female please


yesterday Paul was referring to him and Alex as AFP, is that the name of their alliance? What does it mean?


America’s Favorite Player…so many have thought themselves the worthy one but failed to actually see themselves as the majority of viewers do.

God bless you Cody.

I’m so proud of Cody, I have so much respect for Cody. His a real man.

Lindy lu

And he’s not hard to look at. Love this pic of him on the lounge outside. Nice .

This is so wrong

I am still voting Cody or Jessica AFP. They are the only ones who tried to play the game. I will not vote for a herd of sheep. Nor a person who thinks ganging up on people and isolating them is ok.


Seems like Paul is getting the Boston Rob (Survivor) treatment. Bunch of blind stupid idiots that is mesmerized by him and worships him and won’t even try to eliminate him


Alex needs to get a clue there is no way Paul is taking her and Jason to the end with him. No way! Paul will take the most annoying Josh and the most pathetic this season Christmas over them heck he might even take Raven or Matt over them! If any of these house guests think he is on their side they really do not know Big Brother. But props to him for brainwashing these people so much it seems like they have lost their minds Alex’s speech to Jason Not to f*ck Paul is soo crazy the only person she should be saying to not screw over is herself wtf! Weak so weak Alex!

Alex fea puta

Alex is soooooooooooooo nasty. She’s so fucken ugly ass. The ways she walks. Puta , puta tu madre.


Brilliant! We need more like you.


Someone just told me Jessica is pregnant. (Cody) Does anyone know if this is true?


Kids must be home from school. They’re having another silly argument–over cereal. What is the average age of these people again?


Josh says today ( again ) ” I have grown a lot in this game ” ????????????????
He must have amnesia.
Either that or he is oxygen deprived from having his head up Paul’s ass too long.
Wasn’t it just last night the DR told him to COOL IT with Mark AGAIN ?! – And that’s after he was in a scuffle with Jason.
But, I forgot this was while Paul was having his disciple meeting this morning, that he said I have grown a lot. I say BULL CRAP !!!!

Mark's A$$ burns

Uh, catching up from yesterday…..WTF is with Mark dropping his drawers to tan his ass? Grinding his balls on the hammock? His poor grandparents! These ppl forget they’re on camera, I swear

Slightly anonymous

Everyone will still keep watching because we are all waiting for the glorious day they turn on Paul. I believe they are wanting to get Cody out first. Why would they want to keep a good player.? Then get out Mark and Elana. After that, they’ll really start thinking about who they can beat in the end; break into smaller alliances. Right now, let Paul be everyone else’s target. It means it’s not Alex and Jason being the target!
I know, I know….”but the minions will never turn on Gandalf” yes they will. Unless it was pre ordained that the vet wins like last year, for example when Natalie came out of the DR talking to James about production telling her to not put up Nicole (I think it was something like that) and yet here we are complaining about the same thing this year even though we SWORE we are done with it. LOL.
I know this season has been hard, but thanks to Simon and Dawg for the commentary and recaps. We appreciate it!!


“Hi, my name is Matt. I like eating cereal, dating bat crap crazy girls and following a gnome like leader into the flames of Hell.”

I had high hopes for this jabroni when the season started but he has been a total let down.

Grodner Hearts Paul

I bet if Mark won HOH and put Paul and Alex up and she won the veto, she would take Paul off the block rather than herself. She has already said she wouldn’t mind finishing 2nd to him.

I think it’s funny that Dan Gheesling called Paul’s allies lemmings. Paul is going to be hurt when he finds out how little respect BB legends have for his setup win.


As a human being, it’s painful to hear what these people do. They’re screaming at a guy who has no interest in the game and has no chance of staying. Why? How does that help their game? I’m not a longtime fan. Only three seasons. (Well, 2 1/2 because this one makes me a mix of sad/completely over the moon outraged).

But this site is nice, because I’m mad at something I read, not something I observe in front of people. So I’ll keep checking in here, and that’s all. There’s a much more truthful picture of everything here anyway.


A comment from BB winner Derek on his twitter page! Attacking someone when they are already going home is not game it is personal. Don’t let anyone tell you different! Now being a cop, I am pretty sure he would know the difference!

Joey L

OMG!!! I love Paul and Josh so much i hope they make it to the final 2 that would be the best finale ever, it would just make my summer!!

Team Ahole

Please contact your doctor as soon as possible to have him check the dosage on your medications. Thanks.


I thought Alex had some brains… Paul is not taking you to final two darling, so you need to start planning what to do next and her to keep close… Paul is totally planning to take Matt, Raven or even Josh to the finals if he gets there… do they not see clearly how he deflects every time the group brings up Matt or Raven.. And how he’s created a ‘sketchy Kevin’ to make him the next target… ahhh… I hate seeing only one person playing 100%; Paul.


Yes because no one usually votes for a floater = Matt or Raven. He is safe with one of them. Probably Raven who he met outside the house. Planned it early.


“Alex – don’t ever go against Paul.. if you and Paul are friends he will never f* you”
Alex will have a rude awakening when she realizes her behaviour has lost her votes because she flipped out on every jury member. And then she’ll put 2 & 2 together that she did it at Paul’s instruction. Perhaps then she’ll see just how bad he really did f* her.


The only goal I can see for trying to “break” someone is to make the person doing the breaking lose votes out of the hatred they aroused. Paul is making it personal and he doesn’t care because it’s achieving a goal for him. Open your eyes people!


*votes = jury votes should they make it to the end