“I am psychotic! When I don’t give a f**k, I will literally lose my f**king mind.” – Elena

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9:12pm HOH room – Matt and Raven
Raven – f**k I can’t stand that tw@t waffle! He is such a tw@t waffle! Matt – Well babe he’s going to the jury house and in not even 24 hours. Raven – I know. Matt – and you get to send him home. Raven – he annoys the piss outta me! Yeah, blame it on me! What the f**k! Shove your di*k in the dirt dude!! You had balls the size of Texas and now that she’s not here you’re the biggest pu$$y I ever did see! Matt – pretty much! Raven – I am sorry your girlfriend couldn’t handle my intense-ness. I shut her down. Matt – yes you did! Raven – she’s not even going to know you name by the time you get out of here. Alright rant over. A$$hole. Matt – OOOHhhhh that makes blood boil! Raven – it does.

9:15pm Bathroom. Jason and Kevin.
Jason – she says she’s a sweet girl and she’s called Jessica a c*nt and a b***h. Kevin – you know what the motherf**ker did one day? There was someone in the bathroom, so he went in the shower and pissed. Matt – I really wonder if one day he will looks

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9:50pm HOH room – Alex and Jason.
Voice – even when Jason is doing nothing he is extreme. Jason jumps up and yells –
THAT’S BECAUSE I’M SO X-TREME! Alex comes into the HOH room and asks what happened. Jason – I was just watching to see if Kevin would look up. Alex – he’s getting so paranoid. Jason – he hasn’t looked up here. Alex – because I stared him down. Jason – he’s on our team you f**king a$$hole. Alex – no he’s not. Like Cody telling Christmas and Josh they’re apart of it but didn’t put them in the plan. Jason – that’s because we told them we were going to clip those two before final 4. Alex – why would he tell them that deal if they didn’t need to know that information then? Jason – that’s what we need to ask that f**Ker. Point blank because I’m having a hard time here trying to figure out what’s going on with us. Alex – you idiot. He doesn’t know which one will take him to the end. Jason – I get that. He wants to have a final 2. He feels like everyone has a buddy. Alex – you’re being so empathetic and you’re being stupid. He wants someone to take him to the end. He doesn’t give a f**k about a buddy. He wants someone he can control and will take him there. Jason – well that would be you or Paul. I mean he is obviously not going to get either one of you two. Alex points at Jason. Jason – how am I going to take him. I don’t even know what the f**k is going on. Alex – if one of us doesn’t win this, one of us is going home. Jason – if you and I are on the block, they’re sending you home because they think I’m just your little soldier boy. Alex – then you have to win. Because if you go out right after, I will beat the piss out of you in jury. Jason – one of us will win the POV and if I win it I while pull you off. Then they would put someone else up and we would campaign like a motherf**ker. Alex – that’s why he is getting closer to Mark because once we go he can throw his saddle on him and ride him to the end. Which I am nervous about, Mark does better under pressure. He nails down when he knows his life is on the line. Jason – he’s not a dumb jock. He (Kevin) was studying the dates with Mark.

10:05pm HOH room – Alex, Paul, Raven and Matt.
The talk about the upcoming HOH competition. Alex – hopefully Josh wins again. He (Mark) does better under pressure and Elena does worse. Paul – if we need to we can drop a few bombs tomorrow. Matt – if its necessary after the vote I’ll say so you dropped my name with Paul? If its necessary, I have no problem saying that. Guaranteed if I ask him that question, he will respond with a question.

11:50pm Havenot room. Jason and Kevin.
Kevin and Jason study dates. The conversation turns to talking about their families and how they’re doing without them. Kevin – so 9 people were still not HOH. Jason – yeah. Kevin – Cody, Paul, Alex, Jessica, Josh, Paul and Alex. (People who have won HOH) Kevin – if Matt wins who is he going to put up? Jason – f**ked if I know. Kevin – Mark and Elena right?! Paul was saying Matt has some speech tomorrow? Jason – that’s because he’s on the block. He’s got to speak for his life. So does Cody and Elena. Kevin – What if I was to tell you I was in soap operas. Jason – I already speculated that. Kevin – you wouldn’t be mad would you? Jason – no, I decided for awhile that you were an actor. And then I thought you were a detective. Kevin – no, that’s exactly wrong. My father was C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L his whole life. So I am not a detective. Not even close to detective-ism. You’re not going to believe this, Cody said to me.. before I leave will you tell me what you do? Jason – did you tell him? Kevin – f**k no! I said no, I don’t do nothing. Jason – I started off thinking you were some kind of gangster / criminal but then I thought they wouldn’t let you on the show. Jason – lets say I did win. (BB19) That’s still only $370,000. Kevin – $360,000. Jason – I still own more than that. Like another $30,000. Kevin – what would you do, pay it all off? What would you own? Jason – I would own my house, truck and trailer and I would own the 20 acres. And I bought a tractor and a planter. They asked me what I would do with the money if I won. I said I wouldn’t pay one single bill. I would use it to invest or promote myself.

12:30am Kitchen – Paul, Christmas and Josh are talking about tattoos.

12:30am Bathroom. Mark and Elena.
Mark talks about the house guests getting after him about eating all the eggs. They’re not going to worry about it next week because they’re going to be havenots. Elena – who would you make havenots. Mark – Christmas, Alex, Paul, Josh. Elena –
same. Mark – Paul or Matt depending on my conversation with Paul but definitely Christmas and Josh. And I’m going to f**k with the pillows all week.

Mark – he’s (Josh) a b***h but if he gets that bed, there’s not much I can do about it. What would you do? Elena – something. I am psychotic. I am very much in control of what I do and being level headed but when I don’t give a f**k anymore. Like I’ve had a reason to stay level headed and be mindful and intentional. But when I don’t give a f**k, I will literally lose my f**king mind and like not care. Mark – what would you do? Elena – I would be psychotic. Mark – say he went in there. Elena – and I wanted to go to bed and said hey get up and he didn’t or he refused. I would probably go get the skim milk and pour it on top of his head. Mark – he would just tell you to join him. Elena – he would be covered in skim milk. I might just get two things of milk and cover the whole bed. If you’re sleeping in it and I’m not. Guess what, you’re not sleeping in it. Mark – Huh? Elena – I would literally just pour two of them into the bed and be like enjoy! Mark – I would lose my sh*t! Do you know how many stop it’s you would get?! Elena – do you know what they can actually do to make me stop? Mark – absolutely nothing. That would be so f**king awful!

12:50am Matt and Raven …

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12:45am Havenot room. Kevin and Christmas snuggling..

1:45am Mark and Elena in the lounge. Elena heads to bed. Mark stays up to eat and then goes to bed.

2:20am All the house guests are sleeping..

4:10am Late night gaming

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Cameron for AFP

Jason is almost half a million $ in debt, and he wouldn’t use the money (if he wins) to pay one single bill? Yikes! He’s one of the few HGs left that I kinda, sorta like, but I’m starting to understand why he follows Alex and Paul; the guy is just not very intelligent.


Investing is smarter. He can still continue to make his payments, but also use the money to make more money.


Unless he’s going to invest in Paul’s clothing line…


You’re right. I just reacted to being in debt and not paying off any bills with the prize money. Personally, I would hate to be in debt, but obviously he can handle it. He must have an excellent credit score. And, who knows? He’s said he wants 3 boys, so maybe he’s planning on setting that money aside for his present and future children. My bad.


Can you name a famous rodeo clown? No matter how much you invest to promote yourself, there’s only so far you can go.


Basket the rodeo clown-Zach Galfinakus

Harry Knipple

AFP!! show cbs how much we love the show; VOTE CAMERON!


I’m voting for Cody!

Anti Paul Puppet

Me too! He is the most hated within the house and the most loved outside of it. Makes me laugh!


What has Cody done? The guy had the rare chance to have a do over and did nothing differently. That it’s just terrible.
“he stayed true to himself!!” Is what the idiots say. Let me ask you idiots some questions:
-Is your favorite store to shop Montgomery Wards?
-Do you still rent movies at Blockbuster Video?
-Do you still have a CD tower next to your entertainment center?
Adapt or die! And this moron went back into the BB house for his second chance just to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to us that he in fact is the worst player in the history of the game.


Excuse me. If it was not productions fix for Paul at the beginning, he would have decimated all of them. Especially seeing that they are all dumb as s@@@ and Paul is the only one playing.

So, what Cody would more than likely done in the absence of productions BS, is rid the house of Paul at the outset of the game and then kicked a## all WITHOUT selling his soul for the half million and playing the game in a principled way (or any way he saw fit).


Well, if the best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour,
I disagree. The man was even given a second chance, and he certainly didn’t “decimate” anyone. He actually advised Jessica to keep her noms the same instead of targeting Someone stronger that would have furthered their game. People keep forgetting that he HAD that chance to get rid of someone and he Didnt even try. He isolated himself with Jessica in bed, and focussed More on building an imaginary life with her, instead of building relationships and working to stay in the house. He threw away his game. If Paul wasn’t around, I doubt the outcome would be much different. He would still be a target because he is a comp threat, Has a huge ego, and no one can trust him. He lied about his age, etc so who knows what else he is lying about. He threw people on the block that he was working with in week 1. He made dumb moves the first time and he continued to make dumb moves the second time he was in the house. I don’t think anything would be significantly different with Cody, if Paul was there or not.


Sorry, you missed my point. Cody is a a major threat and amazing at BB competitions. I suggest that he is so much so that he would not have to brown nose that much especially with 2 or so other followers.

One of the biggest competition threats in the shows history if you ask me. The fact that the house has had all but one objective so far this season is proof of that.


Big Brother isn’t just about comps though. Ask Victor.


He was the objective for so long because production kept interfering and giving him and Jess chance after chance. They had to evict him twice and work through jess curse.

Shit Show

Cody has made the last couple of weeks entertaining and has driven Paul mad just by being in the house. Cody has brought out Paul’s true colors and shown us how much Paul is a hypocrite saying it is just game. It has become very evident that this has become personal to Paul. They should want to keep Cody so he can take out some of their targets for them and help secure jury votes. The house is not going to vote for Cody to win. Instead Paul is going to try the same tactic that failed for him last year and take Josh or Xmas to the end and lose. Then have the fans boo him for the way he has used bullying to progress his game in the house.


@SHIT SHOW. Spot on! Paul’s true colors coming out. Sort of like the beginning of the last season he was a house guest when he started out and rubbed everyone the wrong way. Such a tool. Then the whole “friendship” act began and people seem to have forgotten how his last season began. He was always a sh+thead.

What a loser.


Cody is literally the only one in that house with any balls to go after Paul, and would have succeeded had Paul not been saved by a twist.

Aside from that, it’s “Americas favourite player” (I.e. Who is your favourite person in there??) not “player you think played the best game.

Sooo… yeah… Cody for Americas favourite player, and Paul can win the 500000 prize of who played the best game (the one Cody isn’t going to win because he didn’t play the best game).

See the difference?


Many adults who buy a home, own a car, and so on are in that much debt. It’s called a mortgage or homeowner line of credit. Nothing new. 20 acres for that money is good. Good for him.

Bolt Uprite.

What will it take before Jason gets tired of being Alex’ b*tch? She’s heaped more nasty abuse on that guy than she has on all the other HG combined. I hope at some point he just has enough and kicks her to the curb by having a hand in getting her evicted. I hope Cody’s eviction speech is the stinkbomb to end all stinkbombs and completely guts several people’s games.


That would be awesome, however, last night Charles Manson aka Paul and his followers decided that they are going to heckle Cody so he can’t be heard. Paul is the most insecure boy w/sms (short man syndrome) ever on BB. I am not a vindictive person but I hope with all my heart that Paul, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Alex pay for their actions when they are in the real world. Josh is a man child and manson follower as well as Jason, Mark and Elana just don’t matter to me at least they try, sad as it may be, Kevin trys but same as Cody you just can’t take on the cult once the masses are after you. Worst BB ever. Paul hopes Cody gets new friends when he gets out of BB. Paul says the kid needs help. Well Paul you better hope Cody’s current friends don’t get a hold of you.


I hope Paul runs into several marines when out in the real world. I hope Paul runs into marines everywhere he turns.


didn’t think of that!!! lololololololol


He has (in his words) “small man syndrome” (which Josh called small mad syndrome, lol) which is why he took martial arts lessons imo for a scenario as you describe.

Captain Obvious

Of course Paul and his minions are ALL TALK. They will NOT heckle Cody while giving his speech on TV because if they did, they would look like even bigger idiots then they already do. A part of me hopes they do actually try it, then maybe people will wake up to the absolutely darling edit CBS is giving Paul.

This whole BB production is just turning into one big LIE. The tv show is not a representation of the truth (live feeds) and I find it a metaphor this season that CBS would cast Raven who is lying to scam people from money, the exact same thing CBS is doing by not representing the house in a proper light and creating their own version.


I hope they do. . .Julie could stop Cody’s speech and tell the hecklers to go to the storage room. When they leave, Cody could continue with his speech and only the people who are left would be able to vote. Cody would still be voted out, unfortunately, but then have everyone come back into the living room after Cody leaves and Julie could announce that the house guests who were in the storage room would not be able to participate in the HoH comp. Could you imagine? Only Mark, Elena, Kevin and possibly Jason and Matt could play for HoH. I would laugh so hard!


Jesus that was dumb.

Shit Show

Has that happened in the past????
It would be great if it did but then CBS would have some explaining to do and then they could lose their precious Paul. So sad cause then the players would not know what to do.

Let's Get Real

AGAIN,the Jody disciples who denounce the bullying in the house, yet want the shit beat out of Paul on the outside. The ppl on this comment board are creepers and are worse than anyone in that house! This is a f’ng TV show….some of you need serious help!


@CAPTIN OBVIOUS – Bravo, well said.

Shame on Production, Les Moonvass, Chen and CBS as a whole.

As I said before, if you are going to permit people to watch live feeds, you kind of lose all credibility when distorting reality with your BS edits. Of course we all know ‘reality TV’ can oft times be practically scripted, but here they have created a total fiction based on very careful selection of what to televise…… What is most perplexing, is to what end and for what purpose was this done?


No way will Paul heckle Cody. He has told his sheep that they will heckle but Paul will be the one who does not move his lips. He can then blame the others as they continue to baa baa baa.


I can’t believe people think Charles Manson was a hippie cult leader still. He was a crook that ran a gang. They killed 2 drug dealers the 1st night and any else there. Second night they killed a mob associate before that killed a mescaline dealer and shot another dealer. Do some research


Charles Manson was a narcisstic cult leader who played with minds of weak people who followed his lead. Just like Paul, Period. No one is saying anything about killing anyone. Just the weak minded followers doing his dirty work.


Just a connection of weak minded followers, thats all, don’t get so deep.


Thank you… I don’t even try to explain it anymore.


Do you know when Paul said that? A part of me really hopes that they do so America can see how bad they really are since CBS has been giving them the best edits on TV.

Raven's pussyfart

GinaMarie heckled Candace during her live speech. Julie even told her to stop but she kept talking. That’s the only one I remember.


Difference here is if Julie told this group to stop they would because they are followers. I don’t think they’ll even try it though because I think they mentioned that for someone else too and it never happened.


If Julie told them to stop, they would look at Paul to get his permission to stop or keep going. Then Julie can see just what kind of vile creature CBS has created.


They’re not going to do crap…..Julie would put a stop to it ASAP. But regardless of that …..Paul is all talk when it comes to that stuff. His minions might try but again…Julie would stop it.


Karma will come to all the HGs, it always comes back around; there is no avoiding it.

It is based on an energy principle that is even affected by the thoughts (energy) that others give off towards them.

The biggest fall is that in their minds they are going to be massive stars with a large following. They think their social media is going to blow up, but has Paul or Xmas seen a big addition to what they had pre-entry (the answer is no). Their fall from grace and then all the reminders will devastate these immature, selfish (yet unaware of their true self) HGs.

Imagine if they would all be looking back and reading what everyone has to say about the feeds?


Think of how many guests have talked about using the show as a platform to become recognized and become famous with future job prospects in the entertainment field.

Some of them are backtracking and trying to re-win fans over, they know that their potential ain’t what it used to be; they just don’t know how far gone it is. Paul, Elena, Xmas, Josh, and Raven will be in for major shock.

The question is: when they get evicted, is the studio audience full of fans or people planted to cheer and avoid any leaving to boos. Christine16 has nothing on these people and she got it bad. My guess is that the audience will be selected, imagine their golden boy winning the 500,000 and being booed out of the building.

Anti Paul Puppet

Yes. I am only watching on Thursday for his speech. Its sad when your favorite show is reduced to this.


My wife and I are 70 Years.have enjoyed bb for years .taught school for 30 years,teach respect ,character, don’t think u are better than ! We are disappointed wih people bulling others mob mentality


Alex to Jason: “He wants someone to take him to the end. He doesn’t give a f**k about a buddy. He wants someone he can control and will take him there”. WOW….talk about projection! This is exactly what Paul is doing to Alex (& everyone else) ….AND what Alex is doing to Jason & he doesn’t recognize it! She’s adapted Paul’s personality/moves really quickly. Dislike her even more than Paul!

This is why you shouldn’t have a vet in with the newbies. They can’t see it because they haven’t played before or because they’re recruits & not real fans. I hope CBS never does this again.

Here’s hoping that Mark wins HOH & goes with his first instinct & puts Paul & Alex up. Would LOVE to see that!

North Best

I agree this was a horrible idea putting a vet in , it only works when there is more than one vet. having one vet they all just worship him and believe everything he says. I swear I’ve been reading the feeds and it sounds like they are making up stuff just to get people mad with others and the idiots won’t even go one on one and fact check they just believe every word. And I’m just praying for Jason to wake up and team up with Marlena and Kevin and leave Alex behind because she doesn’t care about him or his game she hoping for second place with Paul , which she won’t get because he’ll cut her before then, her face when he does will be priceless: -)


Completely agree with you! They learned the “making stuff up” from Paul & it’s so bizarre that no one talks about it with anyone else! Jason, Marlena & Kevin would be perfect. Here’s hoping you’re right.

I can’t wait for Alex’s eviction either!

Outta here

These people have elementary school playground mentality. Its nonstop and hard to watch this season.

Harry Knipple

Shameful but this is the shit CBS wants to promote. Fan base is shrinking due to hate, bullying, and just mean spirited guests trying to promote their easy street money careers.


CBS has to compeat with the WH drama for viewers


No doubt, look at the country right now. This mirrors exactly what’s going on in the real world. Our President is the biggest troll on the planet, he can’t even denounce Nazis for pete’s sake! This house actually pales in comparison to the stuff that goes on daily in our reality. SMH, common decency has left the planet!


you;re an idiot
take it elsewhere tool


keep politics off this board, please.


My bad, you’re right politics doesn’t belong here. Won’t happen again, apologies to everyone


Maybe if you’d watch REAL news and not just bb news you’d know he denounced the disgusting Nazis and the alt-right losers! He also called out the alt-left hate filled George Soros backed antifa group!


You political comments are not needed. There are many of us who love Trump and support him and don’t listen to all the fake media that twists all the truths.

Not Here

Wrong place. This site has asked posters to keep politics out of it and you should respect that.


Don’t watch it if it bothers you that much .


Maybe the producers are actually very intelligent and creative artists who use this show to illustrate the true facts of life in North America; the majority of people are scavengers trying to survive and would go against everything they stood for just to get a measly crumb and steal away more, while only a very, very limited number of people will actually think of others before reaching out for their fair share.

I don’t think that this is the case, I think AG et all are soul thirsty and get off as society implodes.


That’s way more thought than actually occurs. I’m sure it’s more, how can I monetize this? That’s it. There’s a channel on my TV dedicated to dogs. You’re supposed to turn it on when you leave so your dog can enjoy it…my dog can enjoy himself already as he is able to lick his own balls.


Still praying for the BB gods to save Cody. I liked Alex in the beginning but now, she just got lost in the game. Making this game all about Paul! Smart move Alex. Smart move. ALSO, attacking Cody unpurpose. WTF??!!! Bitch, wait til you go home and see he wasn’t even after you! Actually, pretty much everyone besides Mark and Elena are making this Paul’s big brother. These people are so horrible to these three (Mark,Elena and Cody) and maybe even Kev now, its actually making me sick! BB just isn’t being played how it used to be played. Get a grip people, start playing BIG BROTHER NOT BIG BULLIES! From this point, GO JASON or MARK!

Harry Knipple

Alex is just showing her true colors, foul mouthed mean spirited bitch. Let’s hope she finds herself after this season and finds a charm school to attend.


What charm school would you recommend for Alex, Mr. Harry Knipple? :/


All the more reason to play the game. Who would want some game player that doesn’t do anything.


That would be awesome, however, last night Charles Manson aka Paul and his followers decided that they are going to heckle Cody so he can’t be heard. Paul is the most insecure boy w/sms (short man syndrome) ever on BB. I am not a vindictive person but I hope with all my heart that Paul, Christmas, Matt, Raven, Alex pay for their actions when they are in the real world. Josh is a man child and manson follower as well as Jason, Mark and Elana just don’t matter to me at least they try, sad as it may be, Kevin trys but same as Cody you just can’t take on the cult once the masses are after you. Worst BB ever. Paul hopes Cody gets new friends when he gets out of BB. Paul says the kid needs help. Well Paul you better hope Cody’s current friends don’t get a hold of you.


BBGods already did enough for Jody, allowing Cody to practice the maze comp before the taped show then giving Jessica the Hex, then when she had POV she didn’t save Rameses… They Fxcked up their chances… You don’t get rewarded for constant bad game play. People only like Jody because of the bullying which ironically was started by Jody week 1 after the vote, where Jody attacked Josh, then the house continuously attacked Jody…


Hi Downvotes are from Jody fans who refuse to see FACTS… Reminds me of Jeff & Jordan fans. They keep those blinders on when it comes to their favorites. smh

I don't mind Cody

Up votes are for Paul fans who refuse to go see that nothing Cody and Jessica did in the beginning is as nasty as what Paul and his gang have been doing.


Jody (aka Jessica and Cody) did some of their own bullying. They were just as bad so I’m glad the Jody crap is almost finished. I still say it would have been way better if Dominique would have went back in.


Paul’s big brother? How about Little Paul’s Big Brother. CBS, really. Is this what you wanted when you gave Paul so many weeks of freedom? Shame on you.


If the new cast members wouldn’t have taken temptation the very first time they wouldn’t have had Paul in the game, Your new cast members were greedy.


Come on, he was going to come in regardless.


I’m not that upset that Paul came into the house. I’m upset that he was given three weeks free from eviction instead of one. And, why in the world did CBS have America vote on the FIRST night for who was to receive the temptation? Because, at that point, Paul was the only houseguest known by America. CBS guaranteed that Paul would get the temptation, and it made the prize three weeks to assure his safety. Also, I would not call a man with seven children going for $25,000 greedy.


I heard Paul tell the houseguest that when he was told about coming back that there was a chance he would not come back in. So yes the houseguest have only themselves to blame being greedy and having a vet in their. It would be the Cody and Mark show then ( gag)


In order for Paul to not have come in, everyone would have to give up the 25k. There is no chance someone wasn’t taking it. Paul was coming in the game.

Done watching

Alex, Jason, Kevin and Cody would’ve made a great alliance.


I hope when Raven gets evicted she is booed. That will have made this season totally worth watching. Actually, I’d like to see Matt & Alex booed, too!

Harry Knipple

Watch vids last night on YouTube with Raven and her psychotic mom. They are grifters. Mother is just as crazy as Raven.


Don’t forget Josh!

Smitten Kitten

I can’t wait for them to hear the roaring ovation that Cody gets, that should have them (paranoid Paul mainly) extremely concerned.


I just hope CBS does not rig that so he does not get cheers like they do everyone and everything else! They definitely will not let Manson wanna be Paul or his minions get boos! That I guarantee they rig with CBS interns just like they do the edits for Manson!

Go Mark & Elena!

I have to say this… the thing about, “lying, yelling, mental warfare is not really who we are, It’s just a game,” is all B.S and here is why… Russel and Willie Hantz… take them for instance. They were completely bat-sh!t crazy in their environment and remained exactly who they were inside. Don’t tell me the Hantz’ did this for show. That is who they were. Take Tony & Sarah, the cop winners of Survivor… they did adapt to their environment and changed into liars and backstabbers. NOT GANGING UP and bullying other cast mates. THAT is what you call adapting “only for show.” What these idiots (Paul, Alex, Christmas, & Josh) have done and continue to do, is straight-up pack mentality ugliness that exists in each of them– not just “for show”. FFS will they leave Cody alone? Pisses me off! It’s Paul that tells them, “Turn it up to level 10 with the pots and pans.” “Start with the crazy.” He should be worried about the outside. I really liked Paul and was so happy to see him walk through the door in the beginning, but he has turned into this Ugly human being that I just can’t stand behind.

Harry Knipple

Paul thinks all viewers love his act. That act got old last year which caused him to lose. Wait til the annoying bearded gnome does searches of himself through social media. Notice the evil in his eyes?




And he doesn’t screw it up like Johnny Mac & Steve did win the V person. Paul’s mist is a lingering stench.


If you notice every time Mark brings up putting Paul on the block, he always ends it with “depending on what conversation I have with Paul.” So basically it appears it would be pretty easy for Paul to talk him out of it.


Wonder how Julie will handle the live eviction of Josh? He will probably sit there crying for his mommy, not manage a coherent word and rub snot over his clothes. Perhaps it will be pre-recorded.

Am I watching Carrie

If Kevin is sketchy, why is Xmas constantly in bed with him? Is she that lonely or attention starved? That is an example of sketchy.

Harry Knipple

Xmas has some serious issues. Originally her brazen demeanor seemed to just point to her being gay but then I realize she just wants to be the boss, powerful, but also a mean twat!
No other guy in the house seems to wanna warm up to her except the old man. Paul just uses her as another beard.


I believe Simon said he wouldn’t mind getting up on Xmas.

Bolt Uprite.

I think he may have been talking about the holiday. 😉

Simon's Gota Have It

Nope! Simon knew of Xmas the person from Crossfit.

He said something to the affect, “I gotz me the hotzypants for Xmas.”

Which sounds a lot like he got pants for the holiday, but….


My old Xmas crush is exposed 😉

hehehe not anymore I assure you.


If Simon is married, he would be Christmas’ type.

Raven's biggest fan

A woman has needs…

Truth Tea

Die, Matt.

Smitten Kitten

I honestly think that Cody may have ADHD.

Most people who are uneducated about ADHD think that the traits are people who are hyper or can’t sit still or concentrate in class (and those can be definite challenges, but not everyone with ADHD struggles with those stereotypes).

I believe he’s got it because most people with ADHD struggle to pick up on social cues. They can have trouble reading social situations correctly or can become hyper sensitive to something they’re perceiving, but may not be really happening.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Cody has been SPOT ON with his perceptions of every-ONE & every-THING that’s happened in the game…. especially with Paul. That’s why he’s leaving.
Cody has had Paul’s number since day 1, which is why Paul is SO incredibly threatened by Cody (add the fact that Paul can’t control Cody like one of his littleminions & that drives him BANANAS!).

Paul is so used to waving his little toddler sized hand and successfully utilizing his “these are not the droids you’re looking for” mist on these idiots, however Cody’s the only one that barks back “Bitch, YES they are & while we’re at it, let me see your damn identification”.
Again, it drives Paul bananas, so sadly forward thinking Cody MUST go.

So, while I think Cody’s opinions of his fellow hg’s are 100% correct, the way he went about his social game was kinda awful (trying to throw a silver tongued veteran like Paul on the block without even considering that Cody wouldn’t have the votes to get him out, would be a social move that someone with ADHD might mis-perceive). He had the right idea, however his execution & his delivery couldn’t be overcome, but I have the utmost respect for Cody for trying.

I would LOVE for there to be some game saving coup d’é·tat this week for Cody, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. It’s gonna SO suck once our only hope for an actual strike against Paul is gone. 🙁

I cannot stand listening to Paul or Alex anymore, they’re SO arrogant, malicious & downright smarmy.

The way they derive pleasure in using whatever personal info they have that will hurt their target most & doing so just for sport, is absolutely disgusting.

Good luck getting/keeping your job in “customer service” after this season Alex.

* apologies for the really long post, I just get annoyed when thinking about those two deplorable f*ckers.


I think you are referring to is Asperger’s Syndrome not ADHD and I don’t think Cody has either one of them. He couldn’t have been a well decorated military man having one of those syndromes IMO. I think he just had no idea how a show like this could turn out- much less this very sick and infantile cast. He sadly made the mistake that some do- going into a show who you are, with honesty and integrity. Silly Cody.

A proud mother of an ADHD child

I have to disagree with you, people with ADHD or Asperger’s can and do accomplish many things. It’s just ignorant to clip them like that. People with ADHD are leaders in business, science, technology, journalism, politics, athletics, entertainment industry and not to mention the military. Get educated!!


ADHD, many people can believe it limits others but really its just another way of perceiving reality. We all perceive reality a certain way and there is not a “one size fits all” way of doing so. ADHD is not a limitation, just a different level of perceiving.

Smitten Kitten

Very well said, Canadian!
I rambled on forever and you said exactly whatI was attempting in 3 sentences. 🙂

Smitten Kitten

Proud mother, I too am a “proud mother”. 🙂

I apologize, as I should have clarified/mentioned it in my original post, however I started thinking about Alex & Paul & all of the terrible things they’ve said & done and the great, squeaky clean edit they’re receiving from CBS & well, there I went. My apologies.

I think you were replying to the “anonymous” poster after me who mentioned people with Aspergers / ADHD wouldn’t be allowed in the military or couldn’t be successful & I couldn’t agree with you more… one million percent I agree.

My cousin has Aspergers & he is a professor at Cambridge University in England, he’s absolutely BRILLIANT & we come from a long line of hereditary/ genetic ADD/ADHD & have had successes in business, trade, armed forces, etc (yes, even in the military, anonymous!).

As the mother of a child with ADHD I sincerely hope I didn’t offend anyone, as obviously that would never, ever be my intention.
I was trying to draw extreme similarities I see in Cody with my son, most especially not picking up on the social cues aspect.
That definitely wasn’t an insult to Cody AT ALL, just very strong similarities I see between them.

I was trying to say that not everyone fits into the same with ADHD, not everyone checks the box that so many people “perceive” when they hear ADHD & none of it was ever meant to be hurtful or insensitive to anyone, ever.

We ALL have challenges or obstacles we go through in life, nobody makes it through life without being challenged in one way or another, nobody makes it through completely unscathed. Everyone’s challenges are different & its how we face our challenges that make us who we are.
There’s no rule book, no right or wrong, everyone should do what’s best for them & nobody else’s opinion should matter.

I look at my son & I see strength, determination and fortitude & I hope he always views himself with that same resiliant spirit that we all see in him.

Again, as the proud mother of a kid with ADHD, I apologize if anything I said hurt or offended anyone.

A proud mother of an adhd child

Thanks Smitten, thank you for your comments. I was replying to “anonymous”, I probably was a little too heated, it just crushes my soul when I hear someone say a person with ADHD or Aspergers can’t be something. These are beautiful, talented people, they are never less than anyone else!


Honesty and integrity ??!! Cody lied to his entire alliance week 1 that’s not integrity




As someone with ADHD I thank you for your post. In actuality I didn’t read all of it, well cuz ya know…


I couldn’t agree with you less. Cody, understandably, figured that the rest of the house wanted the vet out, too, at that beginning stage of the game. I believe if Production hadn’t set Paul up with safety for 3 weeks and he had been on the block he would have been voted out. He hadn’t had time to hypnotize his minions, at that point. Cody is clear thinking (unless Jess is beside him). He is focused and does have a fine social game with those he chooses. Cody got over zealous and had to nominate so many different people during that first HOH.

I didn’t care for Cody for the first many weeks of the game. Now, I’m really hoping he wins AF. If for no other reason than to see the look on the Paul’s face!


Smitten Kitten, your post about ADHD and your references to Cody about it is full of contradictions.


“He is focused and does have a fine social game with those he chooses”

Focused? Obsessed, just like Paul.
About each other.

Social game?
What show are you watching??


Cody just comes off as a collosal a**hole & Jessica a entitled b*tch, they are a match..

Take Paul away, & Jody would have the same rule over the house. Their fans like yo pretend that they’re good people, because of how the house treated them, but I look at how they handled the vote week 1 & how they attacked Josh personally… They had no real reason to do that. Paul wasn’t going regardless if he had protection or not. Cody never had the numbers.


I agree that Cody is a db. Poor Cody now all by himself in the house and apparently being bullied by Paul and his minions. Oh, Cody is holding himself so well so let’s vote him our favourite HG. But who is responsible for the situation he finds himself now in? Himself that’s who! He has a trait of instant dislike for some people even before he gets to know them. He hates Paul right from the start. He hates Megan and said so bluntly to her face, possibly being the main cause for the reemergence of Megan’s phobia causing her to self evict. He has instant dislike for Christmas and coarsely told her “you’re up”! If Cody had any bit of skill to play a social game, the situation in the house now could easily be the opposite with JODY and their minions (Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Ramses, Kevin) ‘bullying Paul, Jason, Josh, Christmas, and Alex. And the bullying could even be harsher since Cody has killed people and he has a strange perspective of not recognizing reality : ” If I win HOH, I’ll do something ‘unprecedented’ in BB game. Really.? ; “My exit speech will blow up Alex and Jason’s game” Really?? The reality is that he has demonstrated nothing good in the house, and most likely nothing good outside the house.


I wish I could “Thumbs Up” this comment 100,000 times!


If he was ADHD he would not have been able to joint the marines.


I think it’s time for a HazMat team in that House after seeing what I just saw tonight. !!!
( no pun intended )

Harry Knipple

Does anyone wash their soaked, stained, crusty old bed sheets? Christmas could get impregnated by sitting on one!


Her penis would get in the way


Were they doing it with other people in the room? All they do is have sex.


Matt cleans the kitchen.


Go Elena and Mark. Our only hope.

Anti Paul Puppet

You are half right. Go Mark! Elana is still hoping to get back on the Paul train.


On the feeds last night i heard crap like this:

Paul about cody ” he prolly has no friends in real life, he needs to find ppl like us to be friends with”
Jason- “i think hes schizophrenic”
Xmas- “he has some sort of personality disorder”

Later, Alex was commenting on all the plastic surgery Elena has had and how her stomach was hanging out in a top she was wearing

Paul- “no other bb vet has ever returned by themselves in a season, Im the only one”

Paul was criticizing his cast from last season saying they were all super aggressive, and how no one is in this season.

These people are really sad.


Didn’t Jessie (Mr. Pectacular) return by himself? I am thinking of his season with Nat, Jeff & Jordan, BB11. I do prefer if a vet returns with other vets to divide the fan worship. Paul needs to stop believing his own hype.


True Jessie did return, but he wasn’t ALONE. he was placed with a TEAM, remember Brains,Brawn, Nerds, Losers or whatever the teams were called LOL. Also Jessie had to compete with other vets to enter the house. Paul actually came in alone without a team. He got lucky gaining a team by way of Cody blindsiding them.


The Funny thing is Jessie was completely running the house. He had all those girls basically throwing themselves for his game. CBS tossed in that twist to Jeff essentially destroying Jessie’s side of the house. the Girls collapsed after he left.

Christmas the Charlatan

I find it highly paradoxical also that Christmas wrote a book called: “The Badass Life: 30 Amazing Days to a Lifetime of Great Habits-Body, Mind, and Spirit”…..I laugh hysterically that Christmas mentions “great habits” for mind/body/spirit…..so being a complete evil person is a great habit for the mind/body/spirit? I would just label Christmas nothing more then a Charlatan.


Jason Roy bb vet returned alone in BBOTT last fall and was also on BB 17 prior.


I always thought paul will b gone eventually but just realized hell never go….hes closest w alex and jason, closest with maven, closest w xmas/josh, and even if marlena puts him up, whoever hes up against hell stay….so frustrating!


Which equals a totally boring time-wasting no reason to watch season.


Its obvious Jason will sail into final 2. Hes with everyone but there all bigger targets cuz he does nothing.


Jason is one of the few dangerous people to Paul’s 500K. He is liked well enough if he sits F2 and a bitter jury he might beat Paul. That’s why he’ll be targeted and evicted before F4 in my opinion.
Unless there is a complete anti Paul/bitter jury vote Paul wins 500K this season. It may not be 1 bit enjoyable but at this point it inevitable.


I don’t think Paul is going to win game I really believe someone will take him out before final 2.
I don’t think he cares about the money his family is wealthy. Paul loves the game itself and tries too have moves way ahead . Kinda of like chess.


In my perfect BB world:

Mark will win the first HoH tonight (that shuffle board thing) and Josh goes to jury. Elena wins the 2nd HoH (endurance) and Alex goes to jury. As much as I would love Paul to be evicted, I don’t think the others would vote for him over either Josh or Alex. Hopefully, Kevin and Jason would then join Mark and Elena to get the nasties (Paul, Christmas, Matt and Raven) out. IMO, that’s the only way this season can be saved.


both cody and elena need to say in their speech that paul gets their vote if he makes it to the end, any one on the block for eviction needs to include that statement in their speech. maybe then these idiots will wake up!


That would be a good one, although, I don’t think Cody has thought of that. We’ll see.


Cody needs to congratulate paul on winning this season and say he doesnt vote for betas he votes for sharks.


Cody has said that if Paul is in final 2 that he’d vote for him to win because everyone else was stupid enough to keep him.

Harry Knipple

Think those statements will be enough to wake them from their comas? GNOME go HOME


Yes do it Elena, and you and your Fat Lips will be out the door as soon as he gets the next HOH, and believe me he will be there to get it. By having Josh on the block beside Paul or anyone except Alex when the voting takes place, Paul will remain in the house. Then it will be Mark and Elena on the block till they leave, because they cannot win back-to-back-to-back…no one can.

Just me

I don’t understand what all of these nitwits are thinking. They DO know that Paul can only bring one of them to the final 2..right??? I’d love to see him get the punishment Dan got a few years ago, where he was isolated for a couple of days. Then maybe the house would realize that they function fine without him. Why did he give up the Outback meal? Probably so he could make sure Cody wasn’t talking to the rest of the house, namely Kevin and Josh. As much as I hate it, these houseguests deserve to lose if they aren’t smart enough to figure out Paul is pulling all the strings and inciting arguments …Cereal?? Really??


A house full of vile hate filled people with pack gang mentality! Not fun to watch! Hope Karma bites Hitler Paul and his minions when they get out and for the rest of their pitiful lives!


Calling someone Hitler is quite hateful.


Bullying someone and wanting them to break mentally and getting your group of spineless hate filled minions to berate someone every day and night is hateful just because you do not like someone is hateful so Paul gets the name because he earned it!!!


Hitler was a real person, a tad worse than Paul.

The act of calling someone Hitler is in itself full of hate. Looking at your many posts, I suppose you’re someone not totally unfamiliar with one being filled with hate.

I’m just saying, maybe you should read up on Hitler…


You wasn’t saying that when Cody & Jessica was bullying Josh week 1 after the vote… I agree there’s been way too much bullying in th house, fact of the matter is it started with Cody & Jessica & what they did to Josh week 1 was very hateful & showed their true colors & it bit them in the a** as Paul took full advantage of the house turning on Cody because of the blindsided & the was he reacted when he didn’t get his way…


HATEFUL IS THE BULLYING THAT IS GOING ON IN THE HOUSE BY PAUL AND HIS MINIONS! If this is how Paul acts with millions of people Watching and cameras on I hate to imagine what he would or has done when the cameras are not on! He has deep seated hate for people which is frightening!!


Paul’s Dead Skull business is hate-filled and evil if you ask me. He’s got a few issues if you ask me.


Paul has earned that name HITLER due to all things he is doing. He is not playing a game he is personally attacking other HG,

Get Some Perspective

Then you’ve earned the name, IDIOT.

Paul’s behavior in the house is horrible. He’s not invading countries. He’s not enslaving millions of people to his National Socialist regime. And he’s not murdering anyone.

But then again — Paul is Hitler because Paul is a little old meanie who hurts some peoples feelings on a freaking reality television show.


I’d like to see Mark win HOH and put Paul & Alex on the block for double eviction night. How great will that be?


And, if needed, put Josh up as a replacement.


It doesn’t really matter who the HoH puts up. These people are NOT going to vote Paul out anytime soon. Paul will rally his disciples and target who he chooses to leave.


Given that it is usually one that has not been HoH before, Who do you guys think will be the short-term HoH? I say it is between Kevin, Elena, & Mark. I will laugh if it is Matt and he finally gets his 5 minutes


I hear the tw*t waffle is the latest special at IHOP


I have watched BB since is started and I have to say this is the first season that I actually don’t even want to watch the show . .because it is very dark and mean and full of bullying and hatred. This is supposed to be a fun game . . . .Paul The Leader . .has taken this to a very low level of social entertainment. As a viewer and fan of this show, I know that the TV show, actually shows very little and very heavily edited . .to what exactly is going on in that house. Paul is disgusting and his family should be ashamed him. Not only the way he treats people and the things he says . . .but the way he convinces everyone else to hop on the train and drink the Koolaid . . . the bullying and the disgusting things said about the other people and to their faces is unbelievable.


I agree but what about Amanda’s year
Terrible too


I am no fan of anyone in this house but I hope Mark wins that HOH just to stir the pot Paul needs to be knocked down a couple pegs! I think it would be great if he put Josh and Paul on the block, although I don’t think they would ever vote Paul out whoever is next too him is going home since he has them all so brainwashed! Elena gets on my nerves but I think she would just put up Matt and Raven I don’t think she has the backbone to go after Paul directly or his close minions! This game has always shown people’s true color’s and these people are all ugly inside!


Mark and Elena know they’re in Paul’s cross hairs, but I don’t think they’ll nominate him yet. They will want to get rid of Josh and Alex first (easy noms: “I put you on the block because you put me on the block.”) Then, if Paul gets HoH in the next couple of weeks, they can say that they kept him safe. Not that it would matter to Paul. . . but, they don’t know that yet.

Actually, I don’t care who Mark or Elena nominate, as long as one of them wins HoH. . .fingers crossed!


I wish they would give Cody a standing ovation tonight and chant USA when he leaves so the other houseguest mainly Josh, Paul and Alex realize how much they are currently disliked in the real world especially for questioning Cody’s military background. Throw them off their game for the DE because they basically just got smacked with a taste of what’s out their for them when they get evicted. Josh definiately won’t be able to
handle it.


It’s a game! They can question whatever they want.
Standing ovation?
Man, drinking the Kool-Aid much?


Standing ovation!?!?
Dude, go cry a river elsewhere you sensitive Nancy!
This is BB.


It is interesting to hear Chenbot’s opinion on The Houseguests. She said Paul was close to a cult leader & called Cody a “blockhead”. She said clearly Cody hurt Jess’s game and wasn’t sure if their relationship would last outside the house (thought her friends would be turned off by him). She was also annoyed at Matt for using the veto on Jason instead of himself (I agree. he should be glad that he was never in danger of going home this week)


Matt’s going to find out soon how much Paul loves him…BBye


All Alex does now is talk about everyone’s personal lives. She is truly sick. The way they are turning on Kevin is sick, he is a nice man and seems very kind and because he is talking to other people they are turning on him? Just insane. I think Jason is getting a bit annoyed at Alex and Paul and what they are doing to Kevin but not sure if he has it in him to stand up and side with Kevin. I really hope Mark wins HOH, he is truly a nice man who is being attacked and I hope he can make a dent in this quad of assholes. Paul is really in for a rude awakening when he leaves NOT one past winner of BB supports him, they all think he has destroyed this game! LOL….momma get his diapers ready at home


Just because Kevin is “Nice”?
Kevin hasn’t done anything game wise this season. He should win the game because of that?
I think not.


Social game.


How childish is Elena dumping out water trays to spite Alex. Alex is not the only one that uses ice all other HG do too. You can see her spoilt, more entitled mentality coming. Can’t stand people like that.

I don't mind Cody

Alex dumped the sugar and exchanged it for salt . She is just as bad.


Paul and Alex changed Cody’s caffeine coffee to decaf… so mean…this is the worst BB EVER!


Paul & Alex changed Cody’s coffee from caffeine to decaf…so mean and hateful….WORST BB EVER!


I think it will be a case of who strikes first when the numbers get down. There is no way in hell that Paul takes Alex to final 3, and same for Alex. They are both playing the same game. They will continue to feed off of each other till they get to the final 5 number (if both stay in the game) and then make the hit. That is the reason Paul wants Christmas and Josh to remain in the game so badly. He needs at least one of the two at the end so he has the majority vote to get Alex or Jason out at that point. Do not think for one minute that if they make it to that point that Josh and Christmas would take Paul to final 2. They are looking out for one another till the end. If the plan goes as I think Paul would like it to go, they get rid of Jason at final 5, leaving Alex without her ride-or-die.


I really don’t see much difference in Paul’s game play this year from last, other than he has the support from other players this year he didn’t have last year. He was exhausting to watch last year running around lying about everyone, and getting in everyone’s face. He is annoying to listen to, over-the-top aggressive, in-your-face nasty just like last year. I was shocked that he came out of the game with the amount of followers he had last year. I just couldn’t see the love these people had for him, but think he has lost a lot of them this year. I refuse to call Cody/Jess the saints some people have called them. They are just as nasty as others who played the game. That is the main reason most of the houseguests turned on them in the first place. Yes, Cody was a Marine, and we all thank him for his service……PERIOD. It does not excuse the fact that he has been a complete asshole as well. There is not one character on this show this year that has any redeeming qualities.


I think Victor helped him a lot last year with fans.


Watch out for Jason as the game goes on. He’s playing the good ole country boy clown (which everyone likes). But he knows what’s going on with Paul (and Alex). I think he really likes Kevin more than he likes Alex but is using her strength and connection to Paul to protect himself. If he sees a chance, I believe he will pull the trigger on Paul (and hopefully Alex).


remember Will and Boogie and how funny they were? These people are evil. They should be ashamed of themselves. If that were anyone I knew, I would surely get on their a$$ about how disgusting they were in that house. This is not entertainment tv. It is sick!


Umm, alot of people that Will and Boogie were idiots.


yes they were idiots and smart and not evil mean like these people.


Does Raven’s lipstick turn you off? Could you kiss that? Thumbs down if it’s dreadful. Thumbs up if you like it.


Paul calls out Raven on live feeds (Matt, Kevin, Josh, Raven, Paul). “Did you tell anyone your disease is fake yet?” She gets frustrated and says, “Paul, I’m trying to be quiet about that sh*t….I’m trying to be Incognito…gaaahad.” (The look on her face is priceless) You can see it on #ravenexposedparty


Simon and/or Dawg,

If you ever need to take a break, I’ll be happy to take over the morning shift for you:
9:00 a.m. Cody is awake. Cody brewed coffee. Cody is sitting at the kitchen counter, drinking coffee and staring off into space. All the other house guests are sleeping.

(Hit Repeat)


HEHE thanks!

Actually Monday to Thursday we aren’t watching the feeds between 6am and 11am so much appreciated 🙂


i hope mat go ho,e because he voted against ramses curse lives on~


I make it a point not to thumbs up or reply to any comment that doesn’t look like English.
You guys?



Where did they find this chick

Raven – I am sorry your girlfriend couldn’t handle my intense-ness. I shut her down.

Oh plezzzzz! Jess will shut you down no questions asked. Put you 2 in a ring and your dumb fake a$$ will be out. You are only brave to go against Jess cause everyone in the house hated Jess! Calling Cody a pussy? Hahah! Matt is the biggest pussy! Most insecure person I ever seen on BB!

Sorry I can’t stand her..


Matt/Raven…. is all they do have sex and they do it with other people in the room? So, disgusting!!!


Mark would NEVER put up Paul or backdoor him. He is scared of him! He told Elana he would make a Paul a havenot if he was HOH but then he said “well maybe”. He is scared of him!!


I disagree, I think Mark would.

Season 16 you met your match.

Man this season really jumped the shark when Jess left. Cody goes tonite and it’s down to Mark and Elena to rock the house. Even if one wins HOH. They have no numbers. Many of u think Matt will flip. Nope. Matt will go out and Julie will be like “Do you think you could of done more in the game than just be a follower of Paul? Matt will say “You know Julie I was in there just to try and get Raven to the end” Julie: “So is there a true love connection?” Matt: “You mean with cereal? Yes…oh Raven..Well I will ask Paul on that. If he says be with Raven then I’m down”

“CBS will go a different direction for next summers programming” That is actual quote. Thank god for us BB addicts the nightmare is almost over.


From Twitter:
@CBSBigBrother 1 hour ago

The feeds are down until tomorrow night around 9pm PST, but it will be worth it! Tune in to a special Friday night episode at 8/7c on CBS.

BB, the game isn't bad; the current players are

A lot of us were drawn into BB because of its intriguing concept and have followed it year after year. We’ve both enjoyed and detested some aspects of most seasons. Simon’s and Dawg’s site has given us an opportunity to play “armchair quarterback” to BB in a way that’s become almost addictive to many fans. Most people who come on here seem appreciative of what they do. (God only knows I never could; nor would I attempt it!) However, this season seems to have thrown many of us for a loop. The HGS are doing mainly what we’re used to (lying, manipulating,distracting,acting out etc. Oh, I almost forgot shomancing!!!) except they’re going about those behaviors in a way that wasn’t typical (usually) in the past. They’re (Paul and his minions) always going for the jugular in very personal ways over slights, events, comments that are frequently pretty inconsequential (EX. cereal, pillows). It’s demoralizing to see how the game is devolving because of how some think the best strategy is to gang up on 1 person until he or she feels personally attacked instead of being involved in a game move or strategy which can be unpleasant without being a personal attack. Paul, Alex and their minions aren’t playing a legitimate game of BB, in my opinion and none deserve to win. If there were a way to disqualify all the HGS this season, I really wouldn’t feel anybody got “robbed.” The HGS just lost their summer in a nightmare of their own creation (with a little help from BB Production.) Sorry about the rant, but I just had to get it out there. I feel better now!!!

A chance?

Is there any chance Cody is not going home or is this a done deal? Sad to see things are so predictable. 🙁


I personally want either Alex or Christmas to go before Paul, mainly because I can’t handle them but also because a part of me really does want Paul to win just so all of them can be like “well, shit, we really fucked up, Jessica and Cody were right.” Maybe, just maybe, they’ll learn to stay a little bit more humble and respectful! Ugh, what a tough season.


I like Cody without jessica, he is different. same way Christmas without Josh, Mark without Elina, Jason without alex, Matt without raven. Kevin needs his own show keeping up with Kevin. they all rub each other a wrong way. oh yes, BB19 without Paul 😀 (though he is playing great for himself but nasty)


If someone else mocked that sociopathic little c**t with the mad TV skit they would be called racist, but if she mocks it, it’s OK? No matter how you slice it this little Garfield with a huge chip on her shoulder has done some really nasty things. She has hit Jason (pretty hard too) and wasn’t told to stop (like Raven hitting Matt). I’m a woman and I don’t accept any form of physical aggression to be funny/cute. She has now put salt in the sugar. This can have serious health consequences on certain people with heart/high blood pressure problems/other dietary requirements/aversions. NO – I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT RAVEN the pathological. Anyway I hope Alex gets a verbal lashing soon – just her squirrelly voice is enough to warrant fast forward.

Whistling sissy

Even if Paul doesn’t win hoh, I’m sure producers have the veto comp rigged for him. Chenbot: “tonight’s veto winner is the person who’s handed out the most friendship bracelets this season. Congratulations, Paul”