Josh “B***H you can’t perform under pressure! I’m bringing out the pots and pans! Call security!!”

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ds9pm HOH room – Josh, Alex, Jason, Paul and Christmas.
Jason – so he is either trying to get closer to you (Paul) .. to cause .. this could be a back handed plea to get back at you. Paul – this better stay here. I told Alex briefly but I didn’t tell her fully.. when you two (Alex and Jason) were saying something and he walked by and asked what are them two always talking about. I said I don’t know Kev, they’re close and then just talk about things. You know what, I’m sick of them. They always keep things to themselves. Its you and me. Them two can do whatever the f**k they cwant. He is trying to riff us because he sees were all strong. Then he starts bringing your name into it.. dropping your name. Alex – he drops her name but he’s not actually protecting you. Christmas – Does he think I would ever team up with Mark, Elena or Cody? Josh – he has always had a distaste for Paul. In the beginning he always asked why everyone was us your a$$. Paul – this is what I’ll say to him .. so you say you made a deal to protect me but then Cody has campaigned all day to get me out. And then you’ve been hanging out with him … so tell me how you’ve had my back Kevin!? I’m going to put his a$$ in check! And be like if you want to continue working with me you better quit what the f**k you’re doing buddy! He will sh*t. If I put him in check and if he wins HOH he can go after me. Josh – he tells me to play the fool and then when its time to turn it up I should turn it up. Alex – he is telling you his plan. Josh and Jaf====

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9:30pm Paul and Christmas made it the 46 hours so they get to take off the skydiving costumes.

9:57pm Kitchen. Paul, Elena and Josh.
Paul tells Elena about a pillow that Mark took from him and Christmas. Paul – when I know homie is campaigning against me and you want to keep him in here, that is where I draw the line. And you really haven’t done sh*t for me. So I don’t give a f**k. Oh and by the way he (Mark) knew I was going on the block because guess what after I asked him here I went and asked Cody. Did Mark know I was going to the block week 1, and he said yes he knew. Right after, to my face he said I swear to you I did not know. Not only has he been lying to me for a long time about know I was going on the block but he has been trying to keep someone who is trying to get me out. Once with his girlfriend and now with him. I am over it because I have said nothing about the kid and I have down nothing but help the kid. But if he wants to f**k around, we can f**K around. Christmas – who is f**king around? Josh – Mark’s b***h a$$. Elena – so he has been continually lying to me too.

10:07pm Lounge room – Kevin and Paul.
Paul – what I am concerned about is this prick (Cody) has been throwing my name out left and right and he thinks he has you as a number. He thought he had you as a number. Kevin – no, we were going to use him if he got HOH. Paul – he’s been saying he has you in his pocket. Kevin – wow, I don’t even talk to the kid. Paul – we don’t believe it but don’t get sucked into his f**king bullsh*t. Kevin – you know I would never.. this game is just a lead on to other things. What about my girl, does she say things? Paul – no. Kevin – Cody would never say anything about you to me. Once he is gone Thursday night, everything will be good.

10:30pm Josh, Kevin, Paul and Jason are playing lawn darts. Kevin and Mark play a game of pool.

11:35pm Backyard – Josh and Mark.
Josh to Mark – I want to clear something up. Cody came to me as a man. He dislikes me, I know that and we can agree on that. He’s wanted me out since week 2 and what I told him what I don’t respect about you… is that you’ve been playing both sides since the moment he stepped back in. You’ve been playing the house and wanting to backdoor Cody and then when Cody is in power you want to pow wow with Cody and Jess and get me out. So guess what!? As a man I can respect that the kid is gunning for me … you have been playing the f**king middle for 3 – 4 weeks whatever benefits your game you go with .. at this point he (Cody) wants nothing to do with it. I’m letting you know that you’re shady as f**k and playing both sides since jump! When it benefits you, you’re down to get Cody out and when Cody or Jess are in power, you’re down to get whoever the f**k they want out.

Mark – I thought this was about campaigning. Josh – I thought so to but I’m talking about how shady you’ve been playing this game. Just know that everybody including homie (Cody) is on to your sh*t! Cody – don’t do that at the end. No, don’t do that. Josh – Alright, we’re all on to your sh*t. So you can run around here next week and do your whole flip flopping .. no one is buying it. Mark – okay. So what does Cody have to do with this conversation? Cody – I said I don’t want anything to do with it. Mark – why are you surprised I wanted you out of this house?! Because the week before you blew up my entire game! Josh – I didn’t blow up your game, I called you out on your sh*t and you f**king reacted. Mark – what shady sh*t? Josh – all the shady sh*t you’ve done since day 1! Mark – I wanted you out of this house before Cody came back in. Josh – thank you, say it to my face. Mark – I already told you that!! Josh – WHEN!? If you had told me in 55 days that you wanted me out, I wouldn’t be talking to you. Mark – in the kitchen after you stayed I told you I was not happy you stayed. Josh – shut the f**k up. That same hour you said lets go back to being how we were. Mark – why would I ever say that?!!? Josh – so you didn’t say that?! The house has seen that I am not a liar and that my actions aren’t sh*t. Mark – I voted you out of the house, I clearly wanted you go. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return – Mark has gone back inside. Paul – reinacting how Mark stormed off. Paul – the real b***h is Cody over there who can’t stand up for his own friend who he has apparently been with and told his girlfriend that he was going to jump on a grenade for. Josh – B***H you can’t perform under pressure, I’m bringing out the pots and pans!!! Call security!!! He ain’t going to do sh*t!!

12:07am Mark laying in bed with Matt and Raven laughing and popping zits in front of him. Mark asks Elena if she will go get his water because he really doesn’t want to go out there. Mark to Matt – I hope this goes without saying but when I was up there talking with Paul.. Cody has been trying to get… I heard that he was trying to get you to go up in whistle nuts (Jason) place and trying to get you out this week. He has been campaigning. I have had nothing to do with that! Matt – they told me he said that. This is big brother I would not anything less.

12:15am – 12:45am Alex set up her campsite and is now feeding the house guests her hot dogs. Josh comes back outside. Alex – were you in the DR? Josh – yeah, they told me to chill! Alex – WHY?!! Big Brother blocks the feeds. Josh talks to Alex about the fight. Josh – and then he called me a b***H when he walked away. “HOH on Thursday B***H!” Josh – I’ve just had enough of this sh*t!

12am HOH room. Alex and Jason.
Alex – it will be okay because they I will be able to compete in the next one (HOH), which would mean I would have this room 2 weeks in a row. Then Mark would be really pissed and make him a havenot next week. Jason – I thought he would be going up. Alex – well yeah hopefully he leaves this week being the second one (if there was a double eviction and Mark left second.) Jason – why is that fool so shady. The way this game is you’re supposed to be able to confront people, you’re allowed to be mean to people.. that’s the whole point to the game.. you clash with another person and that they’re (Production) are not allowing him to do it. is not… Big Brother switches the feeds.

1:05am – 1:20am Backyard. Alex, Josh and Christmas.
Josh – I wanted to drop so many facts on di*k head. Alex and Christmas talk about past confrontations. Once Alex is finished packing up her campsite they head inside.
In the havenot room – Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Elena and Paul are chatting about random things.

1:50am Havenot room – Kevin caressing Christmas’s face… Christmas falls asleep.. Kevin wakes her up. He kisses her on the cheek. She thanks him for putting her to sleep. They turn out the lights and go to sleep.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Just wondering

In week 1 Meghan was on the block when she self evicted so Cody had to put up another person so if Cody self evicts would they have to put someone else up….I know he would lose jury money but he’s going home anyway


I believe they’ll lose all stipend money if they walk out on their own.


For the first time on BB, they made an HOH (Cody) replace a self evictee, but since it’s Paul’s HOH, if Cody self evicts, they won’t make him replace Cody. (See a pattern?).


No I don’t….. Anytime someone self evicts or gets kicked out they still have an eviction. Regardless of whether that person was on the block or not…


Didn’t say BB still didn’t have an eviction. I said, “HOH (Cody) had to replace a nomination”. In the past, HOH nominations were already in place and carried on as usual.


theres 3 noms this week, only 2 noms the week megan left.

if cody left, one of the 2 remaining noms would leave on eviction night!

this isnt rocket science


Then Cody should leave and make the houses job easier. 2 people left on the block, Matt or Elaina gone. 2 for 1 week.


Cody wants the stipend for being in jury, he’s not just going to walk out and get no $, just to “make the houses job easier”

again, this isn’t rocket science


This entire game is set up for Paul to win. Paul is a nasty, ugly, mean spirited little buffoon


No he’s not, he’s playing the game …get over it!


He’s a buffoon!

Paul is anything but a genius

Don’t kid yourself. Paul is not playing the same game as everyone else. The deck was obscenely stacked in Paul’s favour since Day-1.


For the Minions aka Nerd Herd 2017 to still say horrible things about Cody knowing he 1) served in the military, 2) has a kid and 3) has a brother who was killed in a motorcycle accident is sad. I really feel for him. Cody has already acceptes his fate. He knows he’s getting backdoored so just stop with the personal attacks already. This season is bringing back ugly childhood memories for me of being bullied and trying to make friends but other kids telling them not to befriend me. Some people just never grow out of this immature behavior…


GTFOH, everyone have issues that they deal with, we don’t know everyone’s situation and just because Cody was in the military and has a kid doesn’t really amount to anything. This is a game and it’s entertainment, and if it’s bringing back your childhood memories stop watching the show.


You’re straight up an ass. And just like the ones on the show.


House of despicable evil guests. Get back to what BB use to be. No more damn temptations, no fake ass ignorant DR taping, earn their food and drink, and no more hateful guests using BB as a career builder. Shameful fools this season.


I’m done watching this season. No one is playing the game, just following the herd and bullying the target. There is better entertainment to watch out there.


Jessica was the one call out Paul she messed up staying too close to Cody, I am not sure that anyone except Jessica is a fan the rest of them are deadbeat

paul /josh winners

LMAO You all wish you could be in Paul’s shoes. Most of u would be his minion as well. tff

Suddenly Glad Nicole Won

These people just continue to get worse. It’s so obvious Paul is terrified of other men taking his spotlight. Sad excuse for a human being (this from a former fan!) As for him playing a great game? Bull Crap! If any of these sheep actually had half a brain between them all, Paul would have been gone as soon as his “safety” was up. Say what you will about Cody, he pegged Paul from day 1. Too bad the rest were so concerned about kissing Paul’s a** & getting followers. Can’t wait to see the reaction to them after it’s over. Karma is a b*tch & she’s waiting for them.


No surprises after Cody leaves. Wasn’t a fan of Jody at first but the more the house hid behind Paul’s “justifications” of why someone had to go and followed him blindly, the more I wanted Jody to stay! Hiding behind the excuse of making the house happy and only seeking jury is bull! CBS needs to cast PLAYERS and not attention-seeking, “connection-makers”! BRING BACK THE REAL BB!!


Would have been a whole new game without the loser from last season. That fugly gnome has brought too much hate. His is a product of his parents. VILE

holy moly

WTF is wrong with you? You are more vile than anyone in there for being so hateful. They are playing a game and Paul is doing nothing wrong. He is actually a lot nicer than some of the previous winners. Get a grip and stop being so triggered.

dont over shoot ur mouth

and u know that Paul’s parents are vile??? how so??? explain how Paul’s parents are vile. stop shooting off your mouth just becuz ur behind a screen geez

as for cody’s game, cody served our country tyvm, cody has a daughter awww, cody’s bother died in cycle accident heartfelt sorrow. cody came in thinking he would be kingpin, ur only kingpin if you can handle ev1 in the house no matter who they may be, not just the lil minions he wishes he was controlling now. Paul’s the better manipulator hands down. paul wins cody loses end of story

Anti Paull Puppet

Paul’s game of Big Bully is looking at another very bitter jury. While his game play is effective, its also sickening.


Well said.


This is not going to be well received but it needs to be said.
Paul is like a Hitler ruling by fear and intimidation. Everyone is so terrified of being the next victim that they turn on/in their neighbors/friends. Since everyone else is doing it then it becomes acceptable behavior.
As you can see it doesnt take much to turn into a mob.

Shit show

Well said

Crap show!

I totally agree!!!!


and what is Paul using to threaten people with? Are you seriously insane? This is a SHOW! and 122 insane people agree with you. You are comparing BB to the Holocaust. Cmon Simon, I can see from your comments you are not a fan of Paul but you have to admit these boards are insane this year.


The other house guests perceive Paul as production’s pet. How many groupies banged the ugly, fat roadie to get to Mic Jagger? They are all about making TV insiders happy so they can get some sort of deal to guest star on some show so they can be famous. Difficult, intractable people don’t get asked to appear on other shows. They show how they’ll listen by becoming a mob at the drop of a hat. Paul doesn’t have to have the power to wield it.

dont over shoot ur mouth

Now comparing Paul to hitler??? Grow up


Paul seems out of control. That bearded gnome thinks this is is The Gnome Show. What a hateful lil bitch. None of the sheep will stand up for themselves. I can predict an act of violence before end of 19.
Julie should be embarASSed and well as the rest of cbs.


The only bright spot in such a predictable season will be the inevitable turn on Raven for eviction in the next 3 or so weeks. I will be loving the feeds that week.


Paul is terrified to lose 500 grand. You would do worse if you saw a ten dollar bill on the ground you almost could touch. This is not real is a game for a crap load of money and the only way to get it is to scheme, like and manipulate. you people are all insane.


Ya fucking Paul is a little bitch himself maybe first BB suicide (Paul/Josh/or sidelonglikealady)

Little Gnome's Bark

Paul is such a little coward. His confrontation with Kevin was so underwhelming.


Funny how Paul talked for days and days about how he was going to talk s#*! to Kevin, mad it sound like he was going to really go at him, but when he did have the talk he was very timid – and he did it without an audiance. Probably so he can still look tough, without the rest of his little crew knowing what a pussy he is. I was disappointed he didn’t win last year, now I’m just disgusted by his actions. After the way Mark has been treated, and the way he is handling it he deserves the win!


I’m sure that Paul’s re-telling of what he said to Kevin and what/how Kevin reacted will be much different than truth. If these dimwits would compare notes, oh…I don’t know… ONCE they would see that Paul is playing them ALL. What a bunch of sheep.

Wakeup CBS

This season of BB is a reflection of the current attitudes and acceptance of bullying with personal attacks at the highest levels in US.
Take a look at the news. How do we stop bullying if it’s glorified in the news and on national tv shows.


Bullying, these days, is just another way of winning.


I doubt actual bullying occurs anymore than it did in the past….. it’s just that everyone talks about it and accuses others of it incessantly now. To the point that the very term bullying has lost much of its potency.

If two people get into an argument (as human beings do), these days there’s a good chance one will accuse the other of bullying.


In past years it would be one HG up in anothers’ face. That was a fair fight. This 5 on 1, with Mark and the pillow argument, or 8 surrounding Jody in the backyard to hurl personal insults in hopes they will self evict is pathetic. This is not entertainment, and I hope this isn’t the strategy BB players will take in the future. It’s ugly.

pot calling kettle..

and you don’t think these boards are in any form bullying? You think the house guests won’t be reading some of these vile comments about them. There is nothing going on in this house that has not gone on in the BB house in previous years so i suggest YOU take a look in the mirror and realise that the accepted bullying you speak of is happening with your commentary. Ironic huh? You are a part of the problem that you speak so passionately against.


Yes, the build up to this supposed confrontation was for the benefit of the other HG sheeps listening, Paul never had the intention of fighting with Kevin. He is planting seeds in case it’s a double eviction (it is) and if They can’t put Mark…Paul knows DE scrambles and they have to choose targets quickly…He wants to have a couple of names out there before his own…Right now it’s Mark, Elena, Kevin….Even if he is not planning Kevin out just yet, he is trying to damage his reputation since he knows how beloved Kevin is with all HG’s….I don’t understand how the HG cannot see how this could potentially be them in same position soon enough…That’s what happened to Dominique too..


paul the gnome farmer!


Lots of good posts on this thread. D’EX is just about perfect. Trashing names on a double is classic strategy as D said. Creates options depending on who wins the HOH. The idea isn’t to get Kevin out as the second 1/2 of the double. But rather have a back up target. That keeps the sheeple comfortable and they keep following blindly.
Paul has a lot to manipulate to get down to 5/6. Both couples need to go plus Kevin early if the couples get an HOH. Maven don’t realize they are not in the inner group of sheep. Think Paul can manipulate either of them if they had HOH. Because of numbers Paul can slide to F5 easy. Then a matter of him going up and folks deciding to play for 500k and get rid of him or not.

Lastly I do echo others here that the boards don’t need to keep bashing Cody he’s gone. After the double 9 left and 7 evictions. They short F5 and F4 to a week if I remember or F4 and F3 in the final week. Last 2 weeks 3 evictions and F2 on finale night. Hope I’m correct that leaves 4 evictions in 2 plus weeks, perhaps 3. Haven’t checked the calendar. Looks like no real excitement for quite a while yet.

I’ve come to have a very healthy dislike for Josh. Would love Mark HOH on the double and put up Josh and Paul. Either comes down Alex goes. Alex and her smart mouth could use coming down a few pegs. It’s wishful thinking.

Elenas back door

My gosh, who cares who said what to whom in big brother.its been like that since the beginning!!! I want it all. I want to see the fights, the manipulation, the playingbof this game. You millennial fans want no confrontation, no fights, no shit talking, yet you want to sit behind your computers and phones and spew your own hatred for certain houseguests. lol you’re exactly the same as what you claim to hate, lol


I agree that I don’t like some things will right in their comments

However, there is a major difference between trolling comments and the harassment that Paul and his gang have been using as “game”

paul and josh have turned this season into a nightmare and their harassing ways are not exceptable! I’m sure evel dick would say this is a bit excessive!


FACTS! That’s what’s so entertaining about BB. I only been watching since season 10, has anyone ever won without confrontation? I don’t think so..


Derrick won by playing the game. Not with physical or personal attacks.


I didn’t like him but season 16 was very entertaining and suspenseful


I remember everyone hating on Derek at that time and everyone said that was the WORST SEASON EVER! How soon we forget!


BB16 Is still the worst season, It was just as predictable as this season minus all the fights.


The level of indolence generated by that cast is still causing issues with casting today.

Check it out

Derrick won the game because Paulie had the option to either take the 500k or accept second place,He gave the game to Derrick!


Cody was with Derrick, not Paulie…wrong brother


Actually Paul and Josh are millennials. Which is the probable… No one can think for themselves or they are deemed “traitors” and the bullied way beyond what is acceptable – then they play it off like they are victims. Poor me, he said he wanted to get me out, I am going to go in the bathroom and cry like a little girl and then I am going to make an ass of myself by acting like a fool.


…but… no body is manipulating or playing the game except for ONE PERSON! Paul literally tells them what to do.

I can honestly say this is the worst season of Big Brother, and I’ve seen them all. There’s usually at least a handful of good players – name one person other than Paul in that house who is playing a decent game.

Fighting with people and antagonizing them isn’t game play. It’s just being a dick.


So what was it that Cody did Week 2 after Jillian got evicted? Damn sure wasn’t playing the game, it looked like he was attacking Josh for playing it safe as everyone does week 1. So in other words the “Bullying” started with Cody & Jessica, & unfortunately it continued. This is a bad season,but nowhere near as bad as season 15.


I’ll take your observations a step further. I think your comments are spot on…….the question: other than Paul, and yes he is hated, who of these HG’s would you select for all stars. The answer is no one and that speaks to how bad this season has been on game play.
Folks like Jason, Kevin and Alex have thoroughly disappointed. The rest are BB trash bags. And even though I have compassion for Jody they just didn’t play very well and certainly are not all star worthy.

holy moly

Exactly! This has been the worst season for these boards. I have never seen it so ugly on here.


BBOTT was rougher..


So Cody is going out. Mark has made himself the next target, replacing Elena. Kevin is competing with Elena to become the target after Mark goes. This season has become a game of “Next Target Up”. Mark must win HOH or Veto or he is gone. Very simple game right now. I think Paul will not go out til F5. Jason, Xmas, Alex are F3. Alex FTW.


P.S. I realize this is no longer a site for discussing the game, strategies, or anything interesting. It is now just a place for unhappy people to express their anger and hatred and threaten players after the game is over .Or threaten to go away ( please do.) My comments are an attempt to communicate with the people who have pulled back from this nonsense, but still love this game. Hang in there, folks.


It’s difficult to discuss strategy when all they do in the house is torment one person at a time.



most of the strategy is Paul, Christmas, Alex, Josh trying to “rattle” people.. Add Matt and Raven in there sometimes. It’s WAY TOO lopsided of a game. It’s Paul and all his lemmings VS 1 to 3 people of Paul’s choosing.


That’s my issue. No one can play because as soon as Paul sets his sights he plays mental manipulation and tells everyone not to talk to the target, so no one can flip the house. While it’s not illegal or against the rules it makes for a boring, terrible season.


This is the most unlikeable cast ever!!!
Saying mean nasty things and talking garbage behind someone’s back is not strategy! It is just being a jerk!! I truly believe, whoever wins this year, is not going to be very popular.
If this crummy cast gets my BB cancelled, I am going to be disgusted with CBS………………all they had to do, is fire AG and go back to the old format…how hard is that?? The old saying…..”If it is not broke don’t fix it”, AG took a top-rated show “broke it” and threw it in the gutter!!


“Josh – I’ve just had enough of this sh*t!” Yeah, I think we all have Josh. I think it’s time CBS calls out this horrific game play and stops giving Paul a good edit. Make it clear that production has had to step in and stop this behavior. Otherwise, it sends a message that this type of strategy is OK and will continue in future seasons.

And no more past players in a newbie cast.

Having some fun

Simon/Dawg love what you do especially rankings but maybe you should rank them by who is the biggest douche bag… Then we might have some people scoring higher than Ramsus… And maybe Raven could actually win something.


This is so true – rankings in order of greatest douche bag would be more appropriate. I was just thinking today that I can no longer use the Ranking vote system any more because they have mostly become so despicable and it is no longer possible for me to vote for any favorites. People such as Mark and Kevin are no longer able to play the game as they choose because it is now Paul’s Way or No Way. If Paul doesn’t approve of your style of game play or who you want to socialize with, you are subjected to the most horrid personal attacks by his Minions. Yet, all the while, Paul keeps lecturing everyone on being sure to enjoy themselves while in the BB House and make it a memorable experience. Paul has become an Asshole and his Minions are all Shitheads – what is the difference between a brown noser and a shithead??? DEPTH PERCEPTION!!!

Little "Man" with Big Ink Stain on Chest

Paul call’s Cody a little bi$&@ for not defending Mark! Is he for real? He calls a a war veteran a little bi$&@. What have you done Paul besides hide behind your puppets?

Annoyed with hypocrites

Yet he didn’t defend Josh when they were calling him a fat f!@# last week. But it’s ok because Paul is “king”.


And hiding under his mother’s skirt

Little Knipple

Why does the gnome go shirtless? That is one awful excuse for a tat. His mom must have told him he is hot without a shirt.
Wont even get into his see through black daisy dukes and always showing off his underwear.
He is gay? right?

Mark's towel belly

Alex’s core alliance is a bunch of nitwits.
She has to lay out everything so that they
Understand. And Josh is dumber than a rock!

Bolt Uprite.

It is looking more and more that Josh is attacking himself inside his own mind because all of the things he projects on Mark are a product of his own imagination and he alone is guilty of everything he complains about. Even Production told him to just shut up.


Remember last week Elana was his big target(which she got zero votes) now that Mark is on the hit list he is trying to sleep in her bed and keeps telling her she’s beautiful and doesn’t need makeup. Sounds like familia is doing a flip flopp….


That’s been his entire season. The golden apple; no one was gunning for him until after that selfish move. He came into the house paranoid. But it’s all very new to him; before this season he has only slept in his bed at home when he feels safe and then runs into mommy and daddy’s room when he gets scared. His first BB bed became the third bed that he has ever slept in.

STFU Donny

What a stupid little idiot. “its BB and your suppose to be mean to people ect ect.” No, you go into the house with strangers and see if you can get a long with them to form an alliance/connection and get you further through the game. WOW is this what people think BB is about now?
Is Paul for real? Cody wasn’t even in the fight and gets asked a question he doesn’t want to be part of. After all is said and done Paul blames Cody for the fight and not sticking up for his boy? Ummm WUT?
Again I will say. So no one is allowed to speak to Cody. Ever until he leaves.? Nose to the wall Cody. I mean, as a human FFS, its mean and cruel. I am wondering how come no one has said. “Do we intend on treating everyone like this when they are a target”? And see who answers.
Did you know that it was Codys fault that Xmas broke her ankle. Oh and that America gave them pieces of the game to help them along. You know, like other people got too. But that’s Codys fault. I think the cereal is done…guess whos fault. Im so over the hateful way Mr “Im the only one playing this game” tries to run shit. Raven talking to him was just a waste of a conversation. Matt, why check your hair? How messy can it possibly get sitting down all day long.
Mark is way to nice to give this shit back to this house. Paul saw he was not confrontational and boy does he use that.
Love how Josh was quieted down real quick like a good lappy dog he is. Comes in with the “Cody this and Cody that, I am going to….” Shat appp….Cody was being chill. And then Josh stops in his tracks. I wonder if he can roll over and hop on one leg at command too.

Elenas back door

It’s always been about fighting, manipulation and shit talking! What show have you been watching?! Wow, seriously how do you not know that.???? This must be your first season

The Truth

I think Dan Gheesling said it well in this tweet…..


Yup, the goose is totally right with that one.


Right? In Dan’s first season multiple people fought and shouted at Libra at the same time. In Dan’s second season multiple people fought and shouted at Willie at the same time!
The Goose is totally wrong with that one!

The Truth

You’re misremembering the big fight in BB8. It was Keeshas’s birthday and Jesse instigated a fight that started as April, Michelle and Jerry vs. Libra, and then they yelled at Memphis and then Keesha and Renny got into it with April and Michelle. Jesse watched the whole thing smirking and Dan avoided it altogether.


There has always been a social element to the game. The best way is when a player can charm others into believing or doing things that benefit the player. Or con them in a way they will still want to vote for the player once evicted. Not every player has this skill. However this cast, there isn’t an ounce of charm in any of them. None of Paul’s group cares about playing in away that evicted members may vote for them. They counted out the jury, decided who was in jury and decided to run the others out by intimidation and mind f games early. This is one way to play the game, but its gross


Oh dear. Here we go again. It is true what another commenter said on here. The game is ABOUT fighting and backstabbing! If they were walking around being nice to each other, viewers would be saying “This is SO boring!” Sure, when Toronto had their spinoff of real housewives, they called it a “joke” to the housewives franchise. You want to know why??? They said Canadians were too nice!!!! How quickly everyone forgets other BB seasons. This board was WAYYY worse when Amanda and Aaron were on the show! Every second post was “vile, disgusting, etc” and everyone second person claimed they were sending letters/calling CBS, etc. Same story every year. If you don’t believe me, go to YouTube and watch some highlights of Amanda, Aaron Gries, or Evel Dick. The house guests this year are like a bunch of puppies play fighting in comparison.


Josh is upset that Mark chose Cody over him.
That Mark flipped on him. That’s what I think josh’s problem is with Mark. Nothing more nothing less. Oh wait..
Pickle juice and hot sauce.


Josh jealous Mark has Elana plain in simple. And little dick Paul mad cuz nobody wants him who talks about another mans dick size unless u have a small one yourself and xmas u look stupid u kissing a married man on tv and u talk bout how good person you are


Silly question:
How is it that in the recaps and comments there’s no problem spelling out words like cum, prick, butthole, whore ETC. but write “a$$” instead of “ass” ? Writing ass is a absolute nothing burger compared to half the x-rated words written out in full. Like I said, it’s a silly question.


If they felt so bad for Paul getting robbed last year why didnt cbs just send him a check for 500k last winter and not bring him back so they wouldnt have ruined another season by bringing him back? This is horrible to watch. Boo

Eat My Sammich

DAYUMMM You Sure told him Paul! The chips were sure flyin weren’t they? Good Grief what a block head! I am going to check him. UHUH…check him where? To see if hes comfortable and wants a tea? You facking pansie.! He knows OG would tear him a new one, regardless if he looked worried. Wouldn’t you if you thought 500k was in jeopardy ?

It sucks to see people who are good with their words go up against people who are not so much. Why, because its easy to trip someone up in their own words, esp when they are not a quick thinker. Not meaning slow, meaning not so quick with the quips or the hurtful remarks like someone who is use to saying this type of shit on a regular.

I would give my pancake and bacon breakfast right now to save Cody. And yall know that’s huge! Food hello!


I could care less what the HGs do after the show.That’s their business.
I don’t wish physical violence on them.
I don’t want anyone to lose their job.
I don’t want them to get booed.
Why would anybody want that for someone they don’t even know?
The HGs played a game. They entertained.
None of the houseguests are innocent in that house.
Part of playing the game is –
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap.
Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap.


If a house guest is going out because “the house” has the votes, how come no one can talk to that person? What is this first grade? I think people go along because it is not them, not realizing that soon it will be them. I think most of the house guests hold jobs, have friends and family and survive in society, but seem to check their common sense at the door. Many of the players will watch once game is over and think “is that me?”, why did I do/not do that?”, “I can’t believe I …”. There is nothing wrong with being a fierce or strong player. Professional sport players do it all the time and receive kudos for it. If they go too far they receive fouls, flags, red cards, fines or suspension for not following game rules. But there is still a thing called basic human decency and playing within the rules/boundaries of the game. That is missing in the BB house and if you try to show decency they mock or target you.

My Name is Mud

What would it actually matter if he was talking to the whole house? Do you not trust them Paulie? No one is questioning that part of it? Who cares what Cody says to anyone if you trust everyone, right Paul? Again, no one questions.
Is it just me or doesn’t anyone else hate when Alex talks? You cant hear wtf she is saying. Looked good on her cooking all those hot dogs all the time. Womp Womp!
I see no mustard or Ketchup was thrown on Jasons unitard, so I take it the “I will hurt you Josh” worked? haha.
Its weird to me how Josh doesn’t see how Paul talks to him or pushes and orders him around.? And was Xmas really going on about what happened week 1? Holy hell sister ease up. She also looked like she was way into the whole “lets get him about the pillows”. I cant stand Alex for all that noise. Not like I could before. But the look on Xmas face was just demon like.
I cant stand people who enjoy being nasty to people. I mean they seem so joyess when they do it.
LOL @ Josh, “I am a man”. Now that one was hard to hear.


Paul is very good at isolating his minions


Wow it just keeps getting worse and worse. A trainwreck of epic proportions!


Yup even Kevin has gone from a likeable gangster to a pathetic old pervert


I don’t care. I still like Josh.
I feel bad about the things the houseguests say behind his back. Fag,fat blob, retarded.
Just to name a few.


I’m pretty sure they’re said right to his face. Josh is a psycho with numerous mental and mommy issues.

He let’s Paul command him and he apparently likes it.


but it doesn’t bother you how rude and mean he is to people? He lies and makes things up all the time. He is so annoying with those pots and pans and his circus song. How can you like someone who is a constant liar and then turns around and believes what he says. He is cruel and mean, then turns around and goes inside to cry. Boo hoo, if you can’t take the heat, don’t dish it out.


Josh needs a mental evaluation. Am sure he was bullied throughout school. The shit that comes out of his pie is just plain stupid like he failed a ghetto test.
Josh also needs to see a speech therapist or better yet STFU!!!


Is it just a coincidence that they show commercials for Leah Rimini’s anti-Scientology show during BBAD while L. Paul Hubbard reigns and demands that his non-followers be scorned and ostracized? Hmmmmmm…..


Paul was great last season but came back entitled..the vet thing has gone to his head and this bullying is unbecoming…who said that’s part of bb? You can still be sneaky to win the game without being an a@@hole


Can you though? Give me some BB examples to change my mind. Even Dan made Danielle cry when he was trying to save himself.


I don’t get it! Down votes, but no one can back it up. I legitimately would like to be proven wrong!


Kevin’s just a dirty old man. What he does with Christmas is gross. The fact she lets him do it is worse. She must not have any self-respect. Her books are a fraud.


I agree but it’s not kevin who jumps into bed with ho ho ho….she is aggressive as hell and always climbs on him….if she needs spa therapy to fall asleep cuz of wearing mask n goggles she could double her pain meds. I think kevin treats all the girls with compassion and even has some for Cody…he just wants to win money and trying to keep all calm so he can. But tell the one legged ho ho ho to back the freak off. Hope his daughters smack her silly also


That’s why I said what Kevin does is gross, but Christmas is worse. And, Kevin could say “please don’t get in bed with me.” He invites the attention from her and like the skank she is, she goes for it.

Deez Nutz

This season has been an epic failure, so far!


Happy Gastroparesis Week everybody! Let’s celebrate by filling our tummies with hotdogs & cereal!

Still Laughing

You made me laugh!


Please let it be double eviction next week with Paul first and then crying Josh after that. I really want to see the minions have to think for themselves for once. They follow Paul around even worse than the cast in derricks season!


Is it possible that the wannabe Rooster Josh has such animosity/envy of Mark because Josh has a huge Cock-stand Crush for Elena and that is why he takes his frustration out on Mark? His relentless interrogation of Mark this evening was disturbing. Equally disturbing was how Josh tried to ingratiate himself with Elena by showering her with flattery. Yuck. He’s so crushing on her it’s embarrassing to witness.


Jason is turning out to be one of the biggest back stabbers and liars in the game. He talks nice to your face but doesn’t have the balls to say what he says to his creepy buddies.

They’re all nasty creepy except for Cody. Mark’s only half creepy.


I agree about Jason, but unlike the rest of the followers, he won’t let them abuse him. He stood up to Josh the other day when Josh was going to spray ketup and mustard on him for hurting his neck in a wrestling match. Jason said he would take him down if one drop got on his Extreme costume. Josh did not spray him. That’s when I realized, Jason isn’t scared to go to everyone by talking crap behind everyone’s back. If it gets back to Paul and Paul try’s to use Josh to harass Jason….good luck with that!


Bring Cody home for your daughter and see how much you like it. He is as unbalanced as anyone on the show. I frankly don’t give him a pass because he has served in the military, or has a daughter. He gets his daughter for the summer only, so what the hell is he doing on this show instead of spending his time with her. He is a nasty man, has a rotten personality, vile tempered, and has a tendency towards violence. Do you not see how he balls his hands into fists every time he gets into an argument, and goes over the top with his nasty comments? He already told Jess that he has a tendency to use his fists and be confrontational.


Yes! I expected him to be loyal to Kevin as the are best buddies in the house, but he keeps snitching on him..

His attachment to mean and nasty Alex is annoying, especially since he’s married.


Maybe the only casting requirement was you be a full blown narcissist.

This season sucks balls. The only bright spot is now all of America knows how nasty these people are. Cody and Jess will emerge heroes while the rest are shunned.

Give me all the weenies!

So, let me get this straight…. Alex is a firm believer that in this game you are not only allowed to be mean, but you’re actually SUPPOSED to be mean to each other. That’s why she’s fine with making up fights about pillows just to rattle Mark. Okay. So then I guess she needs to shut the f**k up about Elena lying to her and getting the 5K, which made Alex end up with the punishment because that’s all she talks about! In Big Brother, meanness is fine but lying isn’t? LMAO! Shut up and cook your weiners honey.


Exactly. The hypocrisy is thick in that house.


Mark is right , these people are psychotic! Pls big brother gods have Cody stay so Mark and him can take these people out! Alex, Xmas, josh and Paul. Bye bitches!

Joey L

Team Paul and Josh!!! gotta love a bromance! come on big brother bring back the pots and pans!!


You must be 12! Grown adults shouldn’t act like spoiled brats.


I can’t stand how Paul went to Cody the other day saying he knows what it’s like to be on this show and if he ever needs someone to talk to that he can talk to Paul…..He was being all nice but then he talks so bad about him to his little minions…..That is gross to me. Don’t be nice to his face to try to make yourself look good…..He is really starting to get on my last nerve. Ugg!!!!

Now Jason…..what is his deal? He tells Kevin what Alex and Paul were saying about him and then goes and tells Alex and Paul what Kevin said about what they were saying to him…..Did I miss something? Is this the plan??

I really hope that Cody stays (I know, it’s not looking good) just to make these people sweat….


With out Cody I’am done with bb…


I can’t stand all these house guest. Stupiddddd


I think it was Evel Dick that said, Alex is like a “3 year old child hyped up on sugar”. You can’t understand a word she says, that is, when she isn’t sucking on Paul’s left nut.

Alex is such a disappointment.

Yeah she is extremely hard to follow when she talks….like her mind is having three separate conversations with itself.

House is under Attack

I guess i’m not sure why the distaste for Paul. I get in here people are following him but in the end people are each individual they are choosing to following him regardless so not sure how that’s his fault. Honestly if I lost 500k last season because Nicole played 3 guys and ‘played’ BB while I played ‘friendship’ then if I had the chance I’d prob change my game up too.
I do think the pots and pans and throwing stuff in faces is over the top. Not that we haven’t had that before but still thinks it creates more conflict than not but the verbal confrontations and talking behind the back has always been a part of BB. Paulie had the same issue going on last season when he was acting entitled and better than everyone and ended up watching himself out. If Paul does the same thing it will happen on it’s own.
I don’t like Elena and what she’s doing to Mark. I get it it’s BB and she wouldn’t be the first to have a guy do her dirty work but in the a dirty game will reveal itself.


I think it’s because of the way Paul is doing it. Yeah, I watch Survivor too so I agree that lying and backstabbing is part of the game and I know that bullying and harassment has happened in past seasons but not to this degree and not with the venom that’s being displayed.

It always amazes me on both BB and Survivor that people seem to forget that you want people to vote for you at the end and being nasty and vindictive to people is not the way to do that. You can finesse your way toward the end without leaving a bitter taste in the people you vote out. All you’ll have in the end is a bitter jury and finalists no one wants to see win.

Observer from Canada

I am confused as well. I have been trying to figure out why so many viewers are triggered. There have been exact same scenarios in every season if not worse. I think some of it has to do with Cody being a veteran. I would bet my last 2 dollars that a lot of Cody supporters are Trump supporters. You have extremely polarising figures in your country right now and it seems to be bleeding into simple things such as BB. I have NEVER seen this type of hate towards house guests in any year and I have been on this site each and every year. It is just a game people…relax…these are human beings and you are castrating them based on game play…maybe you could do better in there but they are all doing what they think will lead them to a pot of gold. The world is going to shit and so is everyone in much hate and anger.


Season that came close or surpassed this season in hate.

BB11 there was a lot of hate against Natalie
BB12 there was A lot of hate towards Rachel
BB13 jejo fans hating on SHelly
BB15 Frankie
BB18 believe it or not there was a lot of Hate at Paul
BBOTT All of them


BB is going to have their first heart attack on live TV. Will it be Mark or Kevin?


I am so disgusted with this cast, I’m actually thinking of voting for Cameron for AFP. Seriously.


I am. Hopefully he hasn’t said anything stupid yet…

This is so wrong

This cast is sooo horrible. I really think they all feel that America loves them. Let’s all vote for Cody or Jessica for America’s favorite player just so we can see the look on all their faces. Let them know they are coming out of the house as hated people. Not loved ones that they think they are. Besides Jessica and Cody should win so far they are the only ones who could think for themselves.


They really need a BB all stars. 20 people that actually wanna play the game.


I didn’t see last season, so I really did think Paul was playing a good game at the start. But this “make someone a target and isolate them” nonsense is out of control. Cody is your target. Cody is going home. So let people talk to him! Its just cruelty at this point.

I do get that Mark flip-flopped & questioning his loyalty makes sense. But he is handling these attacks about petty, made-up things so well, that he’s becoming one of the few people I can root for. Its hard to watch him being picked on, though, especially when he actually has a kind heart & doesn’t trash-talk the others the way they do one another.


Paul is isolating the player going home because he doesn’t want them to talk about whats going on. Look at the way he acted at the eviction when Jess called him out. It’s disgusting. But since these people are so dumb and blind, then Paul will get the $500K. Paul will chop Alex at the first chance he gets because she has won comps and he won’t be able to get votes against her. Paul has only won when its been thrown to him. I thought the first 3 weeks with Paul being safe is why these people worked with him, but now it just shows how dumb they are. These people came in to get followers, Cody came to play the game and thats why he’s a threat to Paul.


Looking forward to the double changing the course of the show otherwise.. it’ll be Kraken from here on in.


i admire your restraint… i’d have figured there’d be a kraken shortage by now.


I really wanted this to be a no Kraken season..

Paul and his depraved band of misfits

If permitted by BB, I have no doubt these vile creatures would physically torture their victims if Paul encouraged it.

Can't stand Paul

Why does this 23 yr old…who acts like a 3 yr old feel the need to keep telling everyone he’s a man? How much more is Paul going to have his “minions” do before they realize that he is in complete control and has a bad case of bipolar disorder? If this is the direction that this show is going, does Allison really think people will keep watching this crap?? Calling all bullhorns to tell these people what is really going on?


He is a very little child wanting to be a man and is intimidated as hell by Cody. Paul once said “I enlisted” really, little PAB, you enlisted? Military men say I served. Enlisted means your punk ass couldn’t pass the tests to even get into basic. Nice try little punk ass bitch. Do an all star cast with Will, Boogie, Janell, Dan and Derrick and see them eat this little prick for lunch


Paul is so scared of Cody. The only two brave and trueful people in the house were Dom and Jessica for calling out Paul. Cody called him out but not in the right way. PAUL AND HIS GANG ARE BULLYIES AFTER WHAT I SAW LAST NIGHT ON LIVE FEED. If Josh acted like this in the real world he would get his ass kicked, he is a baby and does Paul’s dirty work. I am so dispointed in Alex and Jason I really thought they were better than that. CBS is promoting bullying and its GROSS


Paul is so scared of Cody. Why if he is such a “GOOD” player? The only two brave and trueful people in the house were Dom and Jessica for calling out Paul. Cody called him out but not in the right way. PAUL AND HIS GANG ARE BULLYIES AFTER WHAT I SAW LAST NIGHT ON LIVE FEED. If Josh acted like this in the real world he would get his ass kicked, he is a baby and does Paul’s dirty work. I am so dispointed in Alex and Jason I really thought they were better than that. CBS is promoting bullying and its GROSS………


This game is like chess you’re always trying to be a a few moves ahead of to keep yourself from being a target. Paul is playing a good game kind of like how good he is at real chess game. He knows as a vet he always has to keep a target in front of him so he can’t be checkmated. Mark , Kevin, and Elena are the targets in front of him if someone else wins HOH. If Mark or Elena wins HOH Mark would probably go after Josh, Christmas or Alex maybe Paul but he has three other opponents that might be a target before him.

Backseat Driver

I’m hanging on with high hopes for Thursday’s double eviction……


It’s the last chance before full Kraken.

End my life I can't stand Paul's voice anymore, IT HAUNTS ME!



This is so annoying. Seriously!! I really hope all of these idiots leave and Mark and Kevin make it to the F2. Why? Because they are the ONLY ones that are somewhat likeable. I’m even ok w/ Elena making it. I just really cannot stand anyone that’s left that much. Like if Alex and Jason were playing Paul and using him to get big targets out then were gonna get him out right after…. Then I’d be like ok.. if that’s how you have to play to win then fine. But it’s not. They legitimately think they are in an alliance with him. I’d love to see Mark make it to F2 with Kevin or Elena only because it will piss everyone else off sooooooooooooo bad. I realllllly hope Paul goes out in the DE. Since he wanted to play in it so bad I would love to see him go out during it. I’m sure production won’t let that happen though.


One cant help but like Mark. The only decent human in the house. He takes too much shit from the pack of vultures.


So true. I liked him in the beginning…. then kinda tapered away from him, and now I like him again. He seems like a nice guy. I still like Kevin… i’m just not digging his affections towards Christmas. Like dude you have 7 kids and a wife at home, please don’t disrespect them in any way. I hate everyone else. The only people in the house that I could vote for AFP with any sort of “okay” feeling are Mark and Cody. Mostly because I don’t like any one else in the house. I was thinking I would vote for kevin, but I just don’t know if I want to anymore.


I just want to say what the hell is wrong with Alex? She had a GOLDEN opportunity to get Paul out. She TOTALLY could have used Cody and Mark to help her get a little further in the game. What is wrong with these people??
lol First I thought “idiot” when Jess got Ramses out…. instead of putting Paul or one of his minions on the block…. now I’m thinking “bigger idiot” for not getting him out this time around.. and going after a man who said many many times that he will not go after her. Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid.


Jessica and Cody both played horribly. They wanted to go after Paul they just were terrible at doing it…. With that being said I am very VERY tempted to vote for either Jess or Cody for AFP ONLY because I cannot vote for any of these other idiots. Nor do I want any of them being in the running and thinking people thought they played a good game. Like Jess and Cody may have played terribly…. but at least they didn’t follow around Paul like a lost puppy.


Sorry Cody’s game goes back to Jessica if she wouldn’t of been such a snot to Josh he may have gotten them to turn the votes.


Really Paul wanted Jessica out there no way in hell Josh could of sway enough votes and also remember Josh gave xmas the blink to get Cody out of the veto comp…


No he didn’t I never seen him blink. He then told DR he couldn’t blink.