Paul “we’ll sic Josh on [Mark] Thursday to rattle his bones a little bit .. F*ing sack of sh1t”

Mark goes for Purple…

He gets Green! meaning he’s a have.

2:00pm Christmas and Paul Have nots
Paul – Mark is such a sack of sh1t
Xmas – such a f*ing dick head
Paul – I’ll do my best to send his a$$ out next week
Xmas – dude that will be so f*ing satisfying
Xmas – he’s such a F*ing d1ck head.. Like No F*ing consideration for anybody else.. No wonder him and Elena are f*ing playing together because they’re just the same.. . What a f*ing d1ck head..
(I believe they are pissed because Mark is suntanning with his bum cheeks exposed and it’s making Matt/Raven so uncomfortable they don’t want to go outside. Also Mark took 2 of Paul’s Pillows. If you want to see Mark’s suntanning check out my twitter page. )
Xmas – you don’t have to like somebody to still not to be a D1ck head to them.. (ZOMG!)
Xmas – walking out with the greed f*ing key in his hands..

Xmas – we’re in the home stretch
Paul – everything is easy it’s just this f*ing helmet

Paul about Kevin “when I talk to him tonight i’m going to put his a$$ in check”
Xmas – yeah because he’s been having conversations with mark 2:30 in the f*ing morning.. Not finishing the pool game..

Paul – if we don’t scare him a little he’ll keep f*ing doing jit
Xmas – mmmmhmmm..

2:14pm Kevin and Mark
Kevin says the best thing for them to do is relax outside all those people in the house scrambling around talking game.
Mark – you can talk all the game in the f*ing world… Cody’s going home..
Kevin says he’s getting shit on for talking to Cody.

2:25pm Production is letting everyone sleep and chill

2:31pm Mark and Elena
Mark – all we have to do is win the HOH. I’m on a roll..
Mark says Kevin seems to be getting pissed. Something about people saying he’s talking to Cody.
Mark mentions that Raven asked Cody if he wanted Chicken tacos. Kevin noticed it.

Mark said 1000 percent that he went for the Have not temptation because Josh was saying he’s sleeping in the same bed as Elena..
Elena – good lord Mark..
Elena laughs
Elena – what a romantic gesture..

Mark talking about targets if he wins HOH.

Mark – Christmas goes home.. that is a waste.. I’m not going to touch Matt and Raven cause I want to keep their trust.. I’m not touching Jason or Alex..
Mark – WIth Paul if I use him as a Pawn he won’t be happy about it
Elena – he wanted to use you as a pawn
Mark – Yeah and I was f*ing pissed
Mark – I don’t want to touch Kev but I might have to.. with Josh on teh block.
Mark – I can’t depend on anyone beside you
Elena – I would put you up if I won
Mark – don’t backdoor me give me a chance to play Veto..
Elena – ok deal..

They kiss…

2:35pm Jason, Paul and Christmas (Sleeping)
Paul – I’m going to put him in check today… I’m telling you if Mark and Elena win they aren’t putting him up they’re putting one of us up..
Paul – I’m going to call Mark out on all his bullsh1t.. that guy is a f*ing prick dude.. he’s walking around like he’s got the vacation now I’m getting HOH.. F*ing sack of sh1t.. (here we go again)
Paul about Mark – I’m trying to get that giant sack of sh1t out

Paul about Mark – you giant Vag1na
Jason laughs
Paul – now Cody’s not talking to anybody.. he would have jumped right back to mark and Elena it would have been those three..
Paul – Matt and RAven will never go with them, Matt will never go to Elena.
Jason says Matt and Elena aren’t that annoying anymore
Paul points out that Matt threw a comp to get on the block won the veto didn’t use the veto on himself.
Paul – he doesn’t what he says what he’s trying to do, he’s not trying to f* around..

Paul says if they get COdy and Mark out on this next Double eviction nothing is stopping them.

They laugh that Mark might put Matt and Raven up. Paul says Mark might do Xmas/Josh and Back door

Paul – we’ll sic Josh on him Thursday to rattle his bones a little bit

mark comes in..

Paul starts calling COdy a prick saying that he came into the house with a personal vendetta against him.

After Mark leaves..
Paul – I hope it’s double eviction.. I f*ing hope.. If I win I’m picking you to play the Veto and you pick me..


Paul thinks the HOH will be endurance.
Paul – just make sure you have good energy.. we’ll sleep before (HOH on Thursday) .. we’ll rattle him up (Mark) and then we’ll have Josh talk sh1t to him when we’re in endurance

Paul – WE’re doing good
Paul says he’s going to “poke” Kevin tonight
Paul – I’ll be like FOOL don’t f*ing look at me like that I see what you are doing .. Like what is it.. don’t..

Paul – don’t be just looking at me you got something to say.. say it
Jason – exactly .. I mean f* you

Jason – you think you’re outta the loop
Paul – you’re a idiot
Jason – pull your head outta your a$$

Paul – hopefully it’ll be aggressive.. I’ll be like hey what are you doing.. why do yo think you’re out of the loop
Jason – he’ll be like Huuuu Uhh h bub bub bub bub.. .then he’ll chill
Paul – then we’ll be here and talking.. start joking around..
Paul – I got to explain to him the costumes are annoying.. we’re not a good mood.

2:59pm Mark and Jason Kitchen
Jason says Cody was campaigning hard to get Matt out.
Jason – it’s going to be 7-1
Mark – HOH Thursday, you good?
Mark – you guys close to Josh alliance wise
Jason says he’s just with Alex
Mark says he just has Elena.

Mark – I feel good with Alex.. I really want to win (HOH)
Mark says if Elena wins HOH he’s in her ear he can tell her to leave Alex and Elena alone.
Mark says he has to win HOH to smooth things over with them.

3:06pm Have nots Paul, Josh and Christmas

Paul calling Mark a sack of sh1t saying that Mark stole 2 of his pillows

Josh – not only are they shady they are also greedy
Josh says Elena and Mark never do any cooking..
Paul – we get that Fool out next week
Josh – I’m going to win HOH and make that fool’s life a living hell

Josh says Cody was trying to flip the house on them three and Kevin was in on it.
Paul – I’m going to push his buttons today.. (I hope Kevin destroys you)
Josh – I was fooled by him.. I thought he had our back..

3:35pm Paul, Christmas Jason and Elena

Paul calls Cody a C*ck head because he was trying to rally the house against him this morning. Paul says that Cody. Paul says if he had won the veto Cody would have campaigned to him but instead of being against him he would include Paul in his plans.
Jason says Cody was really slick this morning, “Pulling on my gut strings” (HUH)
Kevin joins them

4:00pm Trumpets sound. Jason runs to help her. Alex has to haul the camping gear to the storage room and get the hot dogs. Then go up to the sky bridge assemble the camping gear and make the hot dog.

Alex says she’s made hot dogs 6 times so far.

4:11pm MAtt, Raven, Xmas, and Paul

Raven says that Mark told Jason that he wants to vote out Matt and Keep Cody.
Paul to Matt – you ready to go ham in a couple days..

Kevin comes by. they tell him
Paul – is he insane..

4:45pm xmas/Paul raven and Matt Paul doing his new favorite thing calling Mark a Sack of sh1t ..
Earlier Raven was complaining that she hasn’t been called into the DR for 2 days.

4:53pm HOH JOsh, Matt, Raven, Jason, Paul and Christmas

Plotting against Mark.. Sack of shit piece of shit.. etc etc…

They plan on dropping some truths on Elena and Mark to rattle them on Thursday.

Paul says he can’t wait for Mark to leave.
Raven calls him the worst.
Matt says he eats all the cereal. (LOL hahahaah)
Raven mentions how he ate all the Gorilla munchies.

Etc etc.. sack of sh1t.. piece of sh1t.. the worst.. Eating all the food..

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104 thoughts on “Paul “we’ll sic Josh on [Mark] Thursday to rattle his bones a little bit .. F*ing sack of sh1t”

  1. dude, mark what’s with the protecting alex and jason. at this point you kinda need to win comps and along with paul they’re probably the best 3. you gotta take a shot at one of those three and maybe josh.

      1. unless you put paul on the block and people witness firsthand his throwing an ally under the bus, you’re probably not getting rid of paul. i used to think him v. alex would send him home, but now i think you put him next to anyone and that person goes home (but losing alex or josh would be very welcome). eventually the tide will shift if enough minions get booted though, but i think mark/elena need to string 2-3 hoh wins in a row to get rid of paul at this point, which is extremely disappointing even if it would cull his minions.

      2. They all are playing for second at this point. They kept telling Jessica she threw away 500,000 for Cody. At least she got an relationship out of this. They are handing Paul the game for a wishful second place and they end up looking like a bunch of douchbags in the mean time!!

    1. Paul is a little b1tch.

      I hope either Cody, Mark or Kevin take a shot at him soon.

      They would be so famous for punching him out they would make more than the $500,000 for winning.

          1. LOLOLOLOL at “true fans”. You clearly think highly of yourself, but just an FYI…as a fan…You aren’t important at all. There are many fans all over who like different houseguest. Just because this particular site is a “paul-bashing” one doesn’t give anyone the right to tell others who don’t agree with them to “crawl back into[the hole you crawedl out of”. As a matter of fact…I would think Simon or Dawg would have something to say about that kind of bullying. They did last season in OTT. Just sayin….

  2. OMG and they keep getting worse. Oh how I cannot wait for them to see what we really think of them! I hope Joshs momma smacks the shit out of Paul…even though Josh is doing it, he needs to realize Paul is using him as his own personal bully

    1. “Oh how I cannot wait for them to see what we really think of them!”

      You got issues, please seek professional help!

    2. They need to stop rewarding getting to jury. They need to stop all the temptations as they seem to help out the gangs. They need to let America play a bigger role so we can alter the game when it gets so one sided.

      Any other suggestions?

      1. America’s Vote needs to stay where it is: Voting what the Have Nots get to eat & America’s Favorite. If America actually effected the game they would be bias af where favorites gets all the powers & advantages. This is why Production gives out the powers that effect the game, although Production needs to stop playing favorites too.

    3. loved the showmance cody. finally an average guy thats not balling gets the girl. just shows not all girls are cum dumpsters like how some of u think jessica is.. cum dumpster.. i guess she kinda is since she needed dick so bad so fast

    4. I hope the final two are Raven and Hitler and by that time the FBI has enough evidence on Raven to arrest her for mail fraud on live tv. Then she panics and tells them it was all Pauls plan (we all know she does whatever he says) they did meet before the show . They arrest both of them right before jury votes and as their being escorted out in handcuffs CBS announces their donating 500 grand to a bullying charity…Best bb ever

    1. Not sure but I watched her grab wieners, lick her fingers, touch the garbage can then grab more wieners and lick her fingers again. Then feeds them all to the HG’s. So gross.

  3. Paul’s gameplay is so nasty and hateful. It really makes the season hard to watch. The worst part is that most of it is unnecessary he just enjoys being a POS.

    1. So Paul’s opinion is that anybody who doesn’t roll over and hand him the half mil without a fight is a dickhead and sack of shit. And Christmas agrees. It is so offensive to Paul that anyone actually tries to beat him.He is so entitled to win. Lucky for him most of them aren’t.

      He makes every eviction so hate fueled it’s no wonder he lost the jury vote last year.

      Ian’s Lament, I think you are so right. He enjoys being a POS, especially when he has a stable of attack dogs to sic on outnumbered victims.

  4. Simon and Dawg don’t get enough credit. I can’t fathom not only having to report this stuff 24/7, but having to deal with all the subsequent crap that goes with it.

  5. so i watched this instagram video that jessica did and she’s just saying stuff like her family and codys family and josh’s family got death threats. ok its one thing to say shit about them here with impunity but death threats are crossing the line i think. thats just wrong. but her interview was wack. she’s wack. she totally doesnt wanna look like a ho that used cody but after looking at all her interviews shes done and all the people she tries to hang out with that are somebodies. its clear she has no real intention of being more then a fling to cody and will prolly give him a few more pity fucks before continuing where she left off with her life before going on bb trying to get a rich hot dude thats not over 40 with grey saggy balls. she said shit like maven were non stop having sex beside her and how she wants elena to move to la and be roommates. god. wait till she sees the rest of the show and how elena sold her out. ya forsure elena will go move to la. she wants jessicas life. she just doesnt have the looks for it. she wants to be a gold digging ho but she cant cause she;s too fat unless she finds some bbc that likes big fat bitches. then she’s lucky but thats prolly not gona happen…

    1. “its clear she has no real intention of being more then a fling to cody and will prolly give him a few more pity fucks before continuing where she left off with her life before going on bb”

      Oh no. No guy would ever ever ever want that.

      Just kidding, every guy wants that.

    2. Here’s a hint, before posting such a slanderous post, run that shit through a spell check. It will make you look a tad bit more intelligent rather than a 5th grade dropout and maybe, just maybe, we will take you serious.

  6. I blame Les Moonves for all of this. Look, it’s easy to shit on Gorilla Groddner and Robyn Kasshole, but where do Rich Meehan and the CBS head honcho get off? Meehan shared exec producer title and is just as responsible for the garbage that’s put out every week. Also, you really expect me to believe Moonves has ZERO input on what happens with this show? He signs off on the cast and let’s these morons run it into the ground. They’re just as culpable to the problem as the women are.

  7. I may be wrong, but didn’t piss-ant Paul use Paulie Calafiore last year the same way he is using Josh this year?

    1. No, Paulie was just a dick. Paul played the rat and wold have been voted out except Victor was a bigger comp threat so they evicted him half a dozen times and just ran out of evictions to get Paul.

    2. Paulie is not the brightest bulb in the carton,he literally handed the 500k to derrick.He could have had it all but was not smart enough to figure it out.

  8. “I hope Kevin destroys you.” 1000 thumbs up, Simon!!

    That would be GLORIOUS! Draw the line in the sand, Kevfather!!

    1. Kevin tried to play the Scurrying Rat game and got caught. Sorry. That’s a hard game to play. Andy was the master. Kevin overestimated himself. He needs to think!

  9. Once again Paul has made me stop watching the show. Second season in a row! Damn you, Paul. Next season is so far away, but I can’t continue watching him. So despicable.

    1. I have to agree The guy is the biggest POS there is. I stopped watching last season and again this season what is wrong with Big Brother???

  10. So Cody was a jerk for name calling but the past 3 days has been nothing but name calling from Paul, Josh, Xmas, even Jason and Matt. So how come when one person does it it is the worst thing in the world, but when the rest of the house does it, no big deal. These people are either incompetent or just plain inconsiderate. Either way it doesn’t make you look good guys.

    1. I have always liked Paul, but I’m in agreement with you. I hate how he’s playing with such venom. There is zero reason to be so nasty.

      1. And this is how he acts when everything goes his way for 2 months. Imagine what a dick he would be if anything ever went against him.

  11. I hope that the cowardly mini gnome does antagonize Kevin today. I want Kevin to snap back at him and scare the little weasel. I want to see the weasel scurrying to hide behind Halloween and scooting away on the scooter :) Kevin needs to bring some of his wise guy know-how into the game.

    1. HA!! You call Paul a ‘cowardly mini gnome’ and ‘weasel’, yet plead for Kevin—the one-time-loved-by many-fans because he was witty in that mobster kinda way & now has SUNK to the lowest levels of embarrassment for himself and to his family for’ falling in love with & wanting to f*%k Christmas in the jury house, because there are no cameras’—as a tough ‘wise guy with know-how’ to snap back at Paul??? This loud-mumbling- middle-aged misfit has been busted for playing both sides of the house! Paul really liked Kevin (as we all used to) but his perverted, twisted comments & actions have proven he is a major liability for either side! In my opinion, Kevin is in the EEEEWW stage right now!! We all know that Christmas was cuddling & using Kevin for her own needs & strategies; she’ll face the backlash & it won’t be pretty, but this guy has been MARRIED for decades with lots of kids & probably grandchildren. Why, on God’s green earth, would Kevin, the Bostonian Goober, have any credibility, alliances, or support from houseguests or BB fans?? I know—it’s easier to blame the chick. Here’s to Cody, Mark, Elana, and Kevin for going DOWN!!

  12. Goodness, I’m done listening to Paul rant about Kevin, the man can’t even miss/remember his family without Paul calling it bs. At least he cares for them. Paul’s greedy ass cares for the money and the fans. Let me tell you I ho

  13. Goodness, I’m so over Paul ranting about the other house guests and what wrong they’ve done. Kevin can’t even miss or remember his family after not having seen them for so long without Paul considering it bs. Paul’s greedy ass is so intimidated by Marks winnings that all he does is complain how he’s losing to them. What a shame for these newbies.

  14. I am officially done with this season. I can’t stand these people anymore. Their “the nerd herd” all over again with paul as maggie. It’s actually disturbing how all these house guests want nothing more than to please Paul. All I hear is “let’s ask Paul” or “we have to tell Paul”. Do any of them have a brain?

  15. Can’t wait for the scum to hear what most people think of them. Christmas, Paul, and the Cuban Psycho are the top scumbags.

    No doubt Cody and Jessica will be asked back.

  16. “Paul says if they get COdy and Mark out on this next Double eviction nothing is stopping them”
    And here’s Paul telling them production is helping him. How would he know double eviction is right after Cody leaves?

  17. I’m disgusted with this,season… I was really hoping Cody would stay so we could see some bIg moves ….shake up the house and get Paul out !!!! It’s like a slow death ..I miss the week to week game changing stratagy that kept you guessing …..

  18. So annoying. I can’t stand any of these HG’s…. I haven’t stayed caught up, but if Kevin really was trying to flip the house with Cody then I’m going to start liking him a little more again. I had really high hopes for Alex. I REALLY thought she would try to make a move this week. She totally could have done it too. She would have had the numbers with Kevin/Jason/Mark/Cody. So she could have gotten Paul out this week…

  19. Wow. Paul is an awful human. This may be a game but a person can’t pull a personality out of their a$$ for 3 straight months and since he’s so consistent….I’m pretty sure he’s exactly the same outside the house.

  20. All I’m doing is coming to this site and reading updates. Then getting pissed. I can not watch this shitshow until Paul AND Josh go.

  21. What entitled, small minded children!!! No empathy for anyone else in a costume (It’s not like fighting the enemy as a Marine, just saying). Sometime else has a little advantage in their game and suddenly they are d-heads, sacks of s#!& and greedy??? It’s not like guaranteed safely was handed to Mark on a silver platter.

  22. I get the feeling Paul’s level of respect for his minions is about the same as Jody’s level of respect for them.

  23. I actually like Cody without Jessica. Weird I am saying this – but kind of hope he stays. Elena the clown should go.

  24. So now that Jody is gone i’m sure there will be an endurance comp & either Paul or Raven will win. Raven will just do what Paul says & get Mark or Elena out depending on who wins pov. Or will it be double eviction this Thursday? Just a boring predictable season & I quit watching after Jess didn’t win pov. I won’t give cbs my ratings for a garbage show when I can just come here :) A returning player getting 3 weeks safety & can compete in HoH/pov was just a very disgusting & unfair advantage & this is why Survivor will always be the King!

  25. Holy Crap is this season for real? I mean in what universe does a show of this level of shit is even regarded prime time entertainment? I sincerely hope after Cody goes the ratings just continue to tank and tank and that A G the producer gets her ass sacked once and for all. My god this is a huge slap in the face to anyone that even has love for Big Brother. I have never hated a cast more then this season. True the racist season was bad and Frankie annoyed to kingdom come, but this BS fuckery is on another level of bad. I cannot wait for Paul, Josh, Raven, Alex, Matt, Jason and Xmas to come out and see how hated there are and how much they ruined this season. We keep hoping it gets better but it just gets progressively worse and worse.

    1. Seriously? Dude, it is a show. This is a comment blog. I want people to say whatever they are thinking, without having to filter it all. In is those opinions, often different than my own, that makes this site so entertaining — much more so than the show itself. Put down follow on comments (like snide remarks for grammar and spelling) are categorically not only not entertaining, they suck to the extent it discourages others from joining the conversation. On the other hand, you (or one or more of the other dozen people using your screen name, perhaps) have often contributed really funny comments on the show. Keep to it please. Let other forum guests speak without reprisal.

  26. I’m sorry, but what the heck? LOL

    Elena (to Mark) – I would put you up if I won
    Mark – don’t backdoor me. Give me a chance to play Veto….
    Elena – ok deal…
    They kiss…

    So, let me guess. Elena is really that stupid that she thinks she still has a final 2 with Paul? How many times do they have to use you as a “pawn” before you wake up and start playing the game girl? Are you really going to put the 1 person that actually has your back, on the block, just to “prove” to the house that you are on “their side”?

    ….and Mark…..can you please wake up, smell the coffee and demand some respect for yourself? Please?? If someone I liked did 1/8 of the things Elena does to you, I would have ditched them, a long, long time ago. Let alone, let someone say they would still put me on the block and just say…”OK” and kiss them. LOL

    She is a self-centered, selfish, person and every comment out of her mouth, just supports this more and more. She keeps saying she came on BB to “Help” her career, but from what I can see, she has done absolutely nothing but turn off any potential employer out there with her actions. I think her time on BB has actually hurt her chances of career advancement. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to work with her and would never hire her.

  27. I think the behavior of this group is pathetic, mean and so not necessary. I imagine Paul will get to the end. I can hope no matter WHO he is sitting beside he comes IN SECOND …Again,

  28. Its amazing how Paul and his groupies get pissed when someone else dares to play the game. Um hello its big brother other people are allowed to play the game as well.

  29. Sooo happy to see someone with integrity & honesty like Cody on the show! He was brutally bullied in the house by the Taliban leader just like our President is bullied every single day. I won’t be surprised one bit if Cody is honored at the White House by President Trump! So proud right now!

    1. You mean the integrity of turning his back on people he was supposed to be aligned with? The honesty of looking into the eyes of a girl he says he loves and blatantly lying through his teeth? He and his girl not only brought on a lot to themselves, they were also dishing it out during their ” us against the world” self – banishment. Be honest and admit neither side was blameless or guiltless.

  30. New record for me, I have not watched the last four episodes. I have checked in here periodically and it seems things are just getting worse. I can’t bear to see nothing but bitching about Cody, Mark and Kevin non stop for the rest of the season. Everyone says it gets better from here and after Cody is gone people start turning on each other… I really don’t see that happening. Paul’s minions will do his bidding for the rest of the game. He will turn on one person each week like he’s doing Kevin now and they will follow suit until he is left with either Josh, Raven, or Christmas in final two who have done nothing the season and will have no votes. Nothing left to watch… season is over

  31. Please end this season early….I’m such a die hard fan it’s killing me not to watch the feeds and after dark but, I can’t watch any of them I’m so embarrassed for them all.

  32. The more I watch Paul, the more I see that his extreme bashing is almoet as though he suffers from something like bipolar or paranoia schizophrenia. Something’s just isn’t right with him. Last week he said he doesn’t practice in bashing someone vulgarly, yet today he called Mark and Kevin such horrible names.

  33. Paul has to be the most hateful person to ever play this game. What the hell happened to him since last summer? Why is he so abusive to the other houseguests? Why hasn’t be been thrown the hell out of the house for his conduct? Last summer Frank was basically booted out for touching a girl when she didn’t want to be touched. Yet Paul can berate and bully people and that is somehow okay. He can literally refer to people as his dogs that he will sick on people and that is fine. It’s not. We are witnessing actual domestic violence here and the show is doing nothing about it. Are they really going to let it get to the point of Paul physically beating these morons before production steps in.

    Hopefully Kevin just makes a fool out of him and announces for everyone to hear that Paul is just trying to start fights to get camera time, then Paul will realize that everyone knows what he is doing and go cry about it while saying hateful things about him to everyone who will listen in another room. He wants to confront Kevin about what exactly? Talking to other people? Not feeding him information? Not kissing his ass? He is such a narcissist.

  34. Paul is starting to sound like Jason from BBOTT!

    The friends that I have who do not have the live feeds all are rooting for Paul.

  35. I don’t know much about Paul. Is he from a wealthy family, with perhaps domestic help? He orders Josh around like he’s been doing it his whole life. Josh.. go over there. Josh.. get me a water… josh.. go get the pots and pans…..

  36. The people in this house are dumb. What is the point of all of this pillow crap? Seriously grow up. This is not even entertaining.

    1. I think the point is they are bored. Also it is important to them that they can justify going after Mark with a reason other then Paul says so.

  37. Paul is really hurling a lot of personal attacks towards anyone that dares mention his name. He seems unstable, paranoid, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s going through cocaine withdraw judging by the nose issues minus a cold.

  38. I was a fan of Paul’s last season when he was the underdog. This season he has all the power from Day 1 (thanks CBS) with one of the weakest-minded casts ever. The power has gone to his head and his true personality has been exposed. Paul is playing a masterful game, but look at the Chenbots he’s playing with. Don’t think “your boy” would be doing so well if he was in a house full of BB vets/All-Stars.

  39. Mark says he has to win HOH to smooth things over with them.

    Has Mark learned nothing……Jessica tried the exact same play when she let Paul get a free pass during her HOH. Look what happened to her. Why are these people so blind?! He knows he is the next target and yet he does nothing to stop it. So disappointed in every single one of these people!

    Alex…at the beginning, in the first challenge she stood up to people. I thought she was going to be a spitfire. That didn’t last long. She quickly became Paul’s lap dog. She has people running up to her all the time, telling her what’s on other people’s minds. What does she do with that info? Instead of keeping it to herself, gaining some kind of advantage, she tells anyone who will listen! Stupid move!

    Jason….another lap dog. Instead of playing his own game…listening to his own common sense, he lets Alex think for him. He has had some bright moments when he starts thinking for himself, but that quickly disappears once Alex tells him what to do. He is not comfortable as a leader.

    Xmas….instead of being the powerful leader she hoped to show as an example to young women everywhere….she has shown herself to be a weak minded, follow the crowd (Paul) type person. She is as mean as the rest of them but she will likely blame the meds she is on. I hope for her sake that is the case.

    Mark ……yawn…….embarrased for him….enough said!

    Raven……embarrassed for her too….for a person who constantly begs for sympathy and attention, I find her to be one of the most unsympathetic people to play the game.

    Cody….got in the game way too soon and then way too late on his second chance.

    Kevin….enjoy his humour but not very loyal. He was doing okay until he started making deals for people. Should have stuck with the humour and left the strategy part to the others.

    Josh… much as I find him annoying I think he has a good read on people. Unfortunately everyone is under Pauls spell, including him. No one takes Josh seriously.

    Eleana…smart girl…but tied to Mark. The other girl’s jealousy doesn’t help her either. They seem to be intimidated by her. In fact the guys might be as well. Will not last long.

    And finally Paul….I can’t watch this guy. I give him credit for the spell he was able to cast on these followers however not full credit. In order to be successful he has to have people that were willing to put their game life and brains for that matter into his hands. He has proven to be desperate…a mean boy nevermind mean girls! This win at all costs attitude he has, is going to cost him in the long run. Whenever I hear his name I think ugh! So much for his after BB life!

    Sigh….I have watched BB from the beginning…..I have never witnessed such a bunch of hopeless players…if you can call them that! Very frustrating to follow..hopeful for the day they start picing one another off..but wouldn’t be surprised if they all agreed to throw all competitions so that their hero…Paul gets the prize!

  40. I kind of had hope Mark would make a big move, if he won HOH. Now reading him saying that he wants to win HOH to prove he is loyal to them, it is just like I expected from Mark, he is a nice man, kind hearted, but he was not made for this game.

    Mark is so busy trying to please everyone and be liked, he is being played by Elena, who only came back to him after she was dumped by Paul and his other followers, Mark has a heart, and it is so sad that if he actually won HOH, he would be just like everyone else left in the House, he would listen to Paul.

    It really is upsetting that Paul uses Josh like his personal pet, or servant. He is going to “Sic” Josh on Mark, why don’t any of these people see that Paul is always telling Josh to create havoc and turmoil. Why can’t Paul do his own dirty work, Josh was sent away crying the last time Paul sent him to ask Jessica to spell evicted.

    I’m sure Josh’s family must be really proud seeing their family member playing the role of an idiot/waiter/flunky for Paul. Josh is another who wants so bad to be accepted and liked, he does not notice how he is always sent away when the grown up are talking ? Paul talked about Cody and Jessica saying he was fat, but it is ok for Paul to keep calling him Blob !

    I hope when Cody is voted out, he tells everyone if Paul is in the Final 2, he has his vote. Tell them how Paul has come and talked with him, told him it was just a game, and if he needed to talk, he is here, let them know how he has made them all stay away from Cody, Cody should tell them as far as he is concerned, Paul, deserves to win.

    He has controlled every HOH, with the exception of Cody’s HOH, he should let them know that look how good Paul was, he even controlled Jessica’s HOH after she had made her nominations, let then know Paul has built a very strong Resume, what can any of them say ??? What big moves have they made, and don’t say you got me out, we all know that voting me out was what you told to do by your fearless leader “Paul”.

    As I said, if Paul makes it to Final 2, you all are going to have a really hard time trying to build your resume on why you deserve the 500K. Event though I’m not a Paul fan, I am basing my vote on game play, even though it was cruel, mean, and really showed how low Paul would go to win, how nasty he can be, and how he made all of you shun anyone who he had you place on the block.

    Game play, you all are just a group of followers who seem to only want to please Paul, you said that Jessica threw away 500K for me, what is the difference in what all of you are doing just to please Paul ?? You have all done everything he has said, you all have put your game at risk, just to please and satisfy Paul.

    Think about what I have said, I’m sure America has seen the same thing, just wait until you are out of the house and you see how Paul has went to everyone that you were forbidden to talk with, he has extended an olive branch, he has let them know it was not personal “Which was a Lie”, but you all don’t know about this, because you were too afraid to speak with anyone on the block, you were worried and concerned about Paul thinking you were not playing his Game !!!

    1. I’m just wondering what the deal is with the Jess threw $500k away for Cody thing. In addition to the houseguests, I have seen some people on the internet say that also. I don’t get it. She in no way was guaranteed the win. She had an opportunity but it’s not like she had the money in hand and said no I’ll take Cody.

  41. Worst Big Brother season ever !! I am embarrassed for these people ! Is it possible that they are this stupid, is this Stocklhom Syndrome !!!!! They all follow around Paul like little Puppies and they are literally handing him the Game. What I find astounding is how they continue to harass, swear over and put down anyone who actually DARES to try and play the game! Paul with his disgusting rants about anyone who he decides should go for the slightest deed that he didn’t like ! He is a Master Manipulator and the things he has gotten Josh to say and do is so shameful. These people are going to die of embarrassment when they get home and see the live feeds . . and see how Paul used them all !!!!!!

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