Big Brother 15 Interviews, News, Scandals and MORE.. PART 2!

After just over a week since the finale the cast of Big Brother 15 have just begun to digest how the fans viewed their experience inside the BB house over the last 3 months. While some are in denial about their words and actions others have taken ownership of their mistakes and are trying to grow from the experience. Below are a number of new interviews and articles about the cast since they’ve left the Big Brother world.

During the BB15 wrap party a number of the Big Brother Canada season 1 cast joined the party and got mixed up in some of the drama.

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Big Brother 15 – After the FINALE Interviews and MORE.. “I love my job so much and $500,000”

The finale episode of Big Brother 15 concluded last night but the reality of real life outside the house is just now hitting the cast of the most controversial season of Big Brother. After being locked away from the outside world for 3 months the final 3 and jury members are now trying to make sense of how the viewing public perceived their comments and actions inside the house. It is likely going to take time for the cast to grasp the full extent of their action and comments from this social experiment. It is hard to imagine being locked in a house with extreme personalities all competing, lying and backstabbing for the chance to win a half million dollars. With time to reflect and finally see with their own eyes what transpired throughout the season, it will be interesting to see how the cast reacts and which of the house guests own up to their actions. Below is a collection of interviews of the cast that will be added to as more are released.

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Big Brother 15 Double Eviction Results and Discussion

Chewbacca Vs. Creepy Uncle Spencer Vs. Clownie

Tonight the Big Brother house will finally be given the shake up it needs. Even if predictable people go home everyone will start to smell the money and big players will finally be seen as targets. Looking forward to tonight double eviction is always a turning point on the Big Brother Feeds. I’m starting to feel like whoever makes a big move first will gain the lion share of fans That is why I’m Team whoever makes a move against this house.

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JUDD & JESSIE FIGHT! Judd says you’re horrible to be around, I’ve been faking it this whole time! I can’t stand you!

1:05pm In the lounge – Amanda says I bet you are happy that I got my period today. McCrae asks why? Amanda says because it means I am not pregnant. McCrae says there is nothing we have done that could get you pregnant. McCrae says except for my super sperm through immaculate conception. Amanda says I don’t know why Candice seems so happy. McCrae says I don’t know, you should talk to Helen. Amanda says you should talk to Helen. They lay in silence for a few minutes and then Amanda asks what McCrae is thinking about. McCrae says why Candice is so happy. McCrae tells Amanda he loves her. She says she loves him. Amanda tell McCrae to tells America how he farted in her butt last night.

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Big Brother “Candice please change your batteries.” Aaryn says this is your last time b***h!

9:30am – 10:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Spencer, Judd, Elissa, Helen are in the bathroom getting ready for the live eviction day. Up in the HOH room McCrae and Amanda are still sleeping. In the rainbow room – Aaryn, Candice and Ginamarie are waking up. Ginamarie heads up to the HOH room and tells Amanda/McCrae that everyone is coming up here in 10 minutes! Amanda gets called to the diary room and leaves. She tells them on the way out that she woke up with her f**king period this morning! Aaryn joins them up in the HOH room. She starts to lay down on the HOH room couch. Gina yells that’s my spot I set up Nick’s picture beside me. Aaryn says no problem and moves over. Big Brother tells Candice please change your batteries. Aaryn says this is your last time b*tch! Aaryn and Ginamarie laugh. Aaryn says make me an animal bit*h! Amanda returns and complains about being in pain.

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Gina asks was Jessie raised on a ranch? Aaryn asks was she one of the farm animals? I hate her!

1am Helen, Elissa, Candice and Jessie talk about how hard it is to be around and work with people is difficult. Jessie heads to bed. Elissa tells Candice that she can’t wait for her to get married. Candice says that she thinks her friends think she is crazy because she passes up all of these guys just because they don’t feel like a puzzle.

Meanwhile in the lounge – Ginamarie and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn says she (Jessie) was being so.. like jumping on the coffee table. I was like who are you were you raised in a barn? Gina says um you’re going to break it, get your fat a$$ off it please. Aaryn asks who does that, like who does that? Who were you raised by that you think it is acceptable to jump on a coffee table?

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Big Brother Spoilers “I know what I said Roll the Motherf*** tapes yo” Ginamarie

11:30pm HOH JUDD, Amanda, McCrae, GM, Helen
Gm going off about Aaryn cornering her and telling She told Amanda Aaryn Wanted to put Amanda up.
Amanda: “Weeks ago”
GM: “I go Aaryn honey I said that weeks ago”
Amanda: “I said Weeks ago.. I literally told her weeks ago ”
GM: “She said you are fighting at it’s all my fault”
Amanda: ‘We’re not fighting at all… whatever ”
Helen is leaving GM: ‘Will someone go get her .. “

Amanda asks them if she should bring up that Aaryn told her GM hates Amanda. JUDD and McCrae say no, “Too much going on tomorrow”

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“I know a lot of people are lying to me so I’m ready to shock the house” Helen

9:06pm Cockpit Helen, Elissa and Jessie
Jessie is saying Candice told her Aaryn said something nasty about her during the party and Helen/Elissa laughed. Something about Jessie dancing alone.
Helen: ‘I didn’t hear her say that.. We weren’t laughing at you.. it’s possible Candice heard wrong to”
Elissa: “I think she probably did say it and I don’t think she changed”
Helen: “you know Jessie people have come to me and said you’ve been telling people Elissa and I don’t deserve the money”.
Helen: ‘People will say things you know to throw other people under the bus you know”

Helen says they need to squash it if they hear anyone bringing it up. Jessie agrees.

Helen wishes their original 7 would stick together. She doesn’t like how the super friends have turned out. People are being protected that were not supposed to be protected.
Jessie: ‘I’m not being protected and I was promised”

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Spoilers “you know Let’s go after the guys you know so they don’t brigade us” Helen

5:33pm Cockpit Aaryn and Helen

Helen saying they have to be really cautious with JUDD. Helen thinks JUDD has the potential to mastermind a McCrae, JUDD, Spencer and Andy alliance if Amanda leaves.

Helen is afraid of JUDD she knows he’s capable of being a “mastermind”. She has talked to friends and everyone is onboard with backdooring JUDD if they get a chance during double eviction.

Helen: ‘The good thing about keeping Amanda in the game is she keeps McCrae in check.. Amanda Is why McCrae isn’t coming after us”

Aaryn wants to make sure they are still on board with getting Candice out. Helen says yes they are it is Elissa and her way of telling Gm/Aaryn they can be trusted moving forward.

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Big Brother 15 Spoilers Competition Practice “Poopy’s on FIRE”

4:01pm They have one hour to practice for a competition tomorrow

Aaryn gets the ball in almost every time. Andy, JUDD and McCrae have been calling Aaryn “Poopy” They keep singing “This poopy is on FIRE.. this poopy’s on FIRE”. Aaryn is considerably better than the rest of them.
Spencer, Andy, Amanda can get a ball in once every two tries
Jessie, JUDD, Elissa, McCrae can get a ball in every 4 tries
Helen, GM and Candice get very few balls in

5:53pm After about a hour of practicing it’s clear Aaryn is the best followed by Andy, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie, Elissa and McCrae.

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McCrae and Andy talk about making sure Judd don’t win HOH this week. He NEEDS to GO!

1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer tells Ginamarie that he is really worried about something funny going on and that he is worried he might be going home. He asks Ginamarie if she will keep her ears open and let him know so that he will have time to do something about it. Ginamarie asks who is saying things. Spencer says that he has just seen and heard people coming in and out of the havenot room all morning and things something could be up. He says that it might be nothing but you never know. Ginamarie tells him that she is calling everyone up into the HOH room tonight to talk to them and make sure they’re all voting out Candice. She says that she is also sleeping down stairs and will stay up all night to make sure no one is scheming. Spencer leaves the HOH room and starts playing a game of chess with Helen. She tells him that she feels bad for him that he is up on the block again for the third time.

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Judd says Jessie gets so territorial, I don’t like it! I would never date her or move to Texas for her!

11am Helen, Aaryn, Judd and Andy are on the backyard couch talking. Aaryn says that she feels bad for Candice because she is going to be going home in a clown suit. Aaryn says that she thinks Candice realizes that she is going home for the way she treated people in the house. They discuss how Candice expects other people to do the campaigning for her and thinks she doesn’t have to do anything. Judd says Candice’s whole campaign to me was I will make you breakfast. Helen explains that the public lynching was what made her feel bad for Spencer. If people want to get him out that’s fine, I just didn’t feel like that was right. Judd says that made her look bad if you want to do something like that you do it in private. Aaryn says that whole thing with Spencer ruined my HOH photo time. Judd comments that most importantly we need to make sure Jessie doesn’t get HOH this week. It would be just as bad as GM getting it. Two random people would go up. Helen tells Judd that she doesn’t think Jessie would put him up, she is in love with you. Judd says I don’t get it, I don’t act like it.

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