JUDD & JESSIE FIGHT! Judd says you’re horrible to be around, I’ve been faking it this whole time! I can’t stand you!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:05pm In the lounge – Amanda says I bet you are happy that I got my period today. McCrae asks why? Amanda says because it means I am not pregnant. McCrae says there is nothing we have done that could get you pregnant. McCrae says except for my super sperm through immaculate conception. Amanda says I don’t know why Candice seems so happy. McCrae says I don’t know, you should talk to Helen. Amanda says you should talk to Helen. They lay in silence for a few minutes and then Amanda asks what McCrae is thinking about. McCrae says why Candice is so happy. McCrae tells Amanda he loves her. She says she loves him. Amanda tell McCrae to tells America how he farted in her butt last night.

1:15pm In the kitchen – Candice enjoys her last meal in the BB house. Only a Coup d’etat or a BBCA Powershift can save her from eviction tonight.


1:20pm Jessie and Candice head into the bathroom and Candice offers to do her hair.



1:20pm In the lounge room – Judd goes into the lounge room and talks to Amanda and McCrae about how he wants Jessie gone so bad. He says he is tired of that bit*h cuddling up next to me. Helen comes in and tells Judd that Jessie is crying and that he should go talk to her. Judd goes to talk to her and says that he doesn’t know why she is upset. Jessie says that he said it sounds like she is being f**ked in her sleep because she moans. Judd apparently told her to shut the f**k up in the HOH after he made a comment and she got mad about him says that it sounds like someone is getting nailed in the bedroom at night because she moans while she sleeps. Judd tells her that she is being a drama queen. You just do this for attention. Judd says that she is horrible to be around. He says that he has been faking being around her this whole time and can’t stand her. He says lets just not be friends anyone and not talk anymore. Judd says every day it is another thing with you and I can’t take it anymore. Judd says I feel like I walk on egg shells with you all the time. Helen tells him that she didn’t think it would get like this and tells Judd to leave. Judd says okay I apologize. Jessie says I don’t accept your apology. Judd says that everyday she looks for something to get mad about, it’s all about attention. Helen takes Judd out of the room into the lounge. Candice continues to go off about Judd telling her to shut the F**K up. It hurt me and scared the F**K out of me when he yelled at me. It scared me which is why I didn’t defend myself in that moment. This is Jeremy a$$ behaviour and if you all can’t see that … thats just ridiculous. In the lounge room – Judd talks to Amanda and McCrae about his fight with Jessie. He says that now I am worried about tonight. Judd says am I crazy or is she crazy. McCrae says that she is crazy! Judd says I was trying to be funny, did it sound that way? McCrae says yeah I was laughing. I don’t know how Helen took it though. You tore into her a$$! Judd says maybe I shouldn’t have said I am tired of faking it.



1:40pm Judd apologizes to Helen and Candice in the bathroom about the fight. He says that he doesn’t want them to think that he degrades women or is like that at all because I am not. Candice tells him that Jessie is just confused about whether you like her or not.

1:45pm- 1:55pm In the havenot room – Judd talks to Helen and Elissa. Helen says that Jessie needs to go! Judd says that was a set up by Jessie. Did you notice how as soon as I came out of the lounge room all of her tears dried up and she immediately started to bite my head off. Judd asks Elissa to be down with getting Jessie out. Elissa says yeah. They ask Judd who he would put up if he won HOH. Judd says Jessie and someone else who for sure wouldn’t go home. I wouldn’t put either of you up though. Judd says I just dont want ya’ll to think I am a woman hater because I am not. Helen says no we don’t think that at all. They hug and Judd leaves the room. Helen talks to Elissa about how its better to keep Amanda in the house a bit longer and get rid of Judd and Jessie first. Helen says can you imagine Judd, McCrae, Spencer and Andy working together? We would lose the game! We need to get the guys out.


1:55pm McCrae talks to Helen and Elissa in the havenot room. They tell him that Judd has to go, we don’t need him anymore! He needs to go! McCrae agrees and says that he can’t do it though. Helen says well you can’t win HOH then. McCrae says yeah, I will throw it unless it’s Jessie up there and then I will stay in it.


2pm – 2:20pm In the storage room – Andy, Helen, Elissa and Judd talk about making sure they knock Jessie out of the competition tonight if its a knock out comp. Judd says we need to put Jessie against someone smart like you Helen or McCrae to knock her out. Judd talks about how draining Jessie is for his game. Helen says yeah your game will improve exponentially when she goes. They all fist bump at how well they have all done with each other. Judd says any time anyone talks game with him he just agrees, unless it’s about Elissa or one of you then I try and talk them out of it. They start studying the events of the house just in case it’s a quiz competition. Candice joins them. They talk about how Judd kept a couple of Nicks shirts but doesn’t want Ginamarie to know because it would just become part of her LOVE SHRINE for Nick.


2:20pm – 2:30pmJudd, Helen and Elissa talk about who would come back for an all-stars vs favourites season. Judd wonders if Aaryn would come back? Elissa says no not after the degrading comments she made. Judd talk about how he didn’t know about the comments Ginamarie had made after the mattress flipping incident. He says about how that must be that side of you coming out to Candice. They all then finish up and head out of the storage room. Judd starts getting all of his stuff together just in case it’s a double eviction.


2:30pm In the storage room – Helen confirms that everyone is on board with getting Judd out. She says McCrae, Amanda, Elissa and her are all on board. Andy says okay good. They leave the storage room.


2:35pm – 2:50pm In the rainbow bedroom – Judd talks to Ginamarie and Spencer about his fight with Jessie and how she was crying. Gina says that these girls are weak as sh*t! I mean I cry over relationships but this is ridiculous! I can’t believe Jessie hanging out with the enemy. What an a$$hole! Judd talks about how Jessie just wanted to make me look bad and start a fight with me. Gina tells him to not let her start a fight with him. She says or I will have to chop her legs off at the knees and make her look even shorter. Umpa-Lumpa Umpa-Lumpa Umpa-Lumpa! She looks like a teradactyl, sh*t! Ginamarie looks at Jessie’s underwear and laughs about the discharge on it. She laughs. She says all girls have it a bit but this is crazy yo! Judd and Spencer both wish she hadn’t told them about that. Judd says I can’t get that image out of my head now. The cameras switch to McCrae and Amanda cuddling in the other bedroom. She asks him if his is scared. He says no. I am worried about a double eviction though.


2:57pm All of the house guests are milling around eating, cleaning and hanging out waiting for the live show to begin. Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that he is scared about Jessie being in the house because this (the Judd/Jessie fight) could happen to me too! Jessie joins them and Andy leaves. Jessie talks to Amanda and McCrae about how sh*tty it was for Judd to tell her to sh*t the f**k up. Amanda asks who she would put up. Jessie says Gina and maybe Judd after what he said to me.


3:52pm Feeds on trivia.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Get da boys out.


IKR!! Starting with Spencer tonight!! Not Candice!!

Team Jess

good luck tonight Jess, i respect your spirit and heart

if you stay that will be great, but if you dont its good you made jury

everyone keep voting amanda as 3rd nom until evicted

if the mvp vote returns vote for elissa as she is the most likely to put amanda on the block

i hope you all strongly consider voting for Jess as americas favourite player – she is going against amanda, calling people out, trying to shake up the game to make it less predictable and more entertaining for us, and for that the house guests are treating her badly…in a house full of mostly assholes, Jess is the nicest person there

America is cheering for you Jess


Jessie is an annoying little drama queen, and a terrible player. She couldn’t convince her own parents to make a big move with her.


who is jessie, and why is he picking on judd?


who is jessie?

the only one there not being a sheep with their head all the way up the racist bitch amandas asshole

most of the house guests remaining are hated by america for a reason

it would be awesome to see jess get mvp as she is doing and saying what the majority of bb fans want done – amanda out, shaking up the game and to make things more interesting

and i dont want to give any of the others get the 25k, it would be great to see it go to jess


you display the level of intelligence of judd:

dumber than a moron, with a hint of f-cktardism thrown in

Big Sister

No way! I am encouraging everyone to vote for Howard to stick it to these fools. I didn’t think that Gina Marie could sink any lower, but this last thing with Jessie’s panties is beneath any living human being.


regarding the 25k prize americas player vote, howard is a good guy but i think jess is more worthy of it, and my respect for her has grown every day

for the 25k im voting for jess


Howard got my vote for the $25,000 He not perfect but he tries to be a good human being . AMANDA IS NUTS SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND AT HOME AND SHE HAS SEX IN THE HOH ROOM LAST NIGHT


judd is a real creep, but then so is the whole cast, what would be cool is julie hits the reset button and all of the sudden big jeff comes through the door and starts kicking ass on the dudes, the rachel comes in and says “racist better grab a vest.” that would be a great BB!!!!!

Say What

Candice is ruining Eviction Night!

Candice you are upsetting eviction night for Amanda. Candice you are supposed to be crying and upset as you leave. Amanda, Gina and Aaryn can’t enjoy your eviction if they don’t see you miserable.

Judd is off his meds again and can’t handle stress so he’s easily irritable and thereby, unloads on Jessie. Ah Judd, hate to say it, but that faking thing goes both ways. Jessie was only sleeping with you for a vote. But Jessie wins in the long run, Aaryn has demented Judd all to herself now. Judd goes ape on Jessie and Helen agrees that Jessie has to leave. Oh my, I am glad Jessie didn’t accept your apology but she is so isolated in the house. Who does she have left in the house? A back stabbing Helen, and Elissa, who is wondering why did I sign up to play this game. Candice please keep the love advice to yourself. Judd tells Jessie to shut the “f” up. Candice tells Judd, oh Jessie is just confused she doesn’t know if you like her……ah!..ah! Candice, Jessie is not confused, when a guy gets up in your face like that, its serious. Judd saying now that he was just playing is just outrageous. Jessie didn’t do anything to deserve that treatment. The only season Judd is apologizing is because he doesn’t want to be a target.


Jeff comes in and says,” CBS is kicking the racists out, sorry!”


so i guess that means EVERYONE goes?


Actually, Elissa has yet to make a racist comment. In fact, she’s the only one that still insists that Aaryn get evicted for her comments. She was also the only one who spoke up in DR about Amanda’s racist comment to Candace. She may be a little dense at times, but that girl’s heart is in the right place.

This Season Blows

Rachel coming back for round 3 would be enough to make me stop watching BB forever.

Jessie's dirty panties!

I love you Judd!!

Candice is an idiot.

I’m sorry, GM but Jessie does not look like a pteradactyl.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

I guess Judd needs a couple Xanax bars. Sounds like he was pretty jerk-ish. And I seriously doubt Judd pulls any attractive women in the real world, so maybe he should pump the brakes a lil’.


Judd prefers to soul mate himself with Andy & Spencer over Jessie.


As disgusting as it sounds, Judd is a practictioner of Mike Boogie’s methodology: “Bros before Hos”. I think this is what Judd envisioned from the very beginning–getting all the females out of the house and having only males left to compete. The women in the house appear to be an annoyance to him and are basically a means to an end.

Judd's Best Friend

Well Judd is from a small town, population around 90 people. If you subtract family, and cousins from the population total then there is only about 20 in the town. Of that 20 there is only about 2 single females of age that Judd can date. Obviously the pickings are a mighty bit slim in these parks. That’s why when Amanda told that story about the attraction she has for her dog. It made me think of Judd. But instead of a dog its cows. Well I don’t want to get to specific, but Judd has an eye on a few. So you are right, Judd just doesn’t get this kind of play from females of the human kind normally.


While I can’t condone the imagery, this is the most colorful comment made to date. Are you a writer?


If being racist isn’t enough lets just throw some stereotyping in hear as well.

Judd's granny

Judd has 7 girl cousins who like him just fine.


Can’t even like Judd anymore. Such a douchbag..can’t wait for him to realize he was used by them all and his only true ali was Jessie.
And he screwed that up too. Judd is a mumbling dumbass!


Anybody who hangs around or is friends aMANduh or Aaryn turn into instant jerks, just like alcohol but only more toxic to one’s health and personality.
This season reminds me of high school, the rejects try so hard to fit in with ‘the plastics.” Do these people have any decency or integrity left?
And many of the cast this year passed the tests and evaluations, unbelievable. This is the most f*cked up year as far as contestants go and it pains me as a HUGE BB fan to even say that.


You can’t pin these idiots being jerks on Aaryn nor Amanda as they were already jerks when they came in that house.


Judd is right.
Jessie needs attention and when she does not get it she creates a situation.

I dunno why all of you are so enamored of her.
Maybe a lot who like her do not have the feeds?
I do, and she is annoying and whiney and EXTREMELY self- pitying.
Those things and the BB house do not mix (She has a little Danielle BB13 in her I think).

Just because she decided to get herself some TV time by coming back at Amanda does
not a warrior make. She just wanted to try and make a mark in the house.


We love her because we love BB and she’s the only one playing this game the way’s supposed to be played, making game moves by getting rid of big targets and no one wants to do it, which makes her an easy target for everyone! 9 vs 2 (Jessie and Candice) not much they can do!


OK Carlos, I will be fair about it then, I guess a lot can like her for seeming
to be trying to be a gamer.

I feel like she is only trying to make moves because she does not feel like
“the cool kids” respect her. Not as much for game as fo revenge, ya know?

Just how I see it though, not liking her personality makes it harder to see the
game play. I just see her having pity parties way too often.

Wayward Irish

The only one playing the game the way it is supposed to be played? Please continue…


feeds or not, you’re a moron.

you can’t sit there – bitch and complain about boring cast when she was the only next to howard/candace who wanted to make a big move and get out an obvious threat! all season we have complained why everyone keeps protecting these big threats, and the underlying targets, but weak after weak people who would’ve made this game get interesting gets voted out because of, you know, you know, the house wanted it you know? ok ok ok ok


Gee Johnny, I am a moron for not liking Jessie?
Way to make it way too personal! Stay classy bud =)

BTW, I am not one of the people whining about the season being boring.
I think it is anything BUT boring.
Just my opinion …….

THEOriginalNoName says...


Just stop posting dude–just kidding…kinda.

Seriously, you make little sense each time you post. Learn the game and then give us something rational and relevant. Most of your posts seem based solely on emotion and inexperienced opinion.


THEOriginalNoName says… says:

Just stop posting dude–just kidding…kinda.

Seriously, you make little sense each time you post. Learn the game and then give us something rational and relevant. Most of your posts seem based solely on emotion and inexperienced opinion.”

OK not sure what does not make sense to you.
How about this?-
Vote AmanDUH/aMANda/Demanda for MVP!
This season sucks!
I am not watching anymore!
Judd is a Douchebag!
Jessie is awesome!

Does that make it easier for you to comprehend?

I know the game pretty well by now, I should think.
Just because I do not agree with what everyone else wants on this
board does not mean I do not grasp how is should be played.

BTW- Yep, emotion sneaks into some of my posts. I do not like
Jessie, therefore I can not get on board with her hero worship.
BUT my opinion is based on emotion AND logic.
She is weak, if you watch her all day it is hard to miss.

I get it, you all think it is boring because one side has so much power.
Normally I would agree that is awful.
This year I have the foresite to see that once the non- players are gone
there is going to be a war in that house, which will be very entertaining.
(BTW, every year it is the same shit. There is ALWAYS a period of boring
game strategy. Ya gotta roll with it).

To conclude,
Thanks for your post, but I will probably stick around a bit more =)


Johnny that is a racist remark and you know it


Thank you so much. You took the words right out of my mouth. Jessie is a huge baby who needs to grow up.


Many of these people are on medication: Amanda, Aaryn, Judd that we know of. Sometimes they say they’ve missed their meds, or take them off schedule. No wonder there are fights and personality clashes within the house. Elissa made a valid comment last night that those on Adderall have an advantage in the comps, as the meds may make them more highly focused, hyperactive, more talkative, etc. I wonder if a physician has their medical records and is keeping an eye on their dosage during their time in the house. No wonder they are not given as much alcohol as previous seasons!


Also, you are not suppose to drinking alcohol on any of those drugs as it can cause bad side effects and on Xanax at least death. Geez no wonder they are all nuts.

Judd's Best Friend

What gave it away that you finally realized that you hated Judd? Was it when he sold out Howard and Spencer? Was it when he wanted to fight Howard? Was it when he called Helen the “c” word. Was it when he didn’t agree to flip the house. Judd has so many great moments, hard to tell when your dislike of him started.


What I don’t get is how the guys don’t pick up on Helen wanting an all female house.

Candice is an idiot.

Even if she gets an all female house , she will still do all the cooking.

Judd's Best Friend

I’ll explain it to you later right after the eviction tonight.


Helen is 99 years old. She’s on her death bed. As she takes her final breath she speaks her last words :

Helen : “Still…too….early..”


If she doesn’t make it to F3, this phrase would be classified into the “clown shoe” file as far as dumb moves go. Sorry Jeff, I love you, a huge fan, but man, that was dumb. ( A huge fan, Jeff!! No hard feelings :D)
Any future potential BB fans, don’t pull a “Helen” and wait, please. This could be you next year. Please God, let there even be a next year! Helen is the most wishy-washy houseguests ever, her target changes by the day. I wonder who hired her as their political consultant? Hard to believe that IS her job with the way she plays on here.


HELEN is not a political consultant, she is a LOBBYIST which explains it all!


Well she lives in Chicago. Dirty politics = dirty BB game.

Anyone in there should pick up on that.


Helen Kim

Age: 37
Hometown: Falls Church, Va.
Living: Chicago, Ill.
Occupation: Political Consultant
Marital Status: Married Mom
Three adjectives that describe you: Stubborn, loyal and energetic.
I got that from tvgrapevine.com


Helen is an experimental BOT, designed and built in Japan, CBS commissioned her to be made. If she wins, the money goes to charity. The designers struggled with the specification: Korean-American. That’s why she is a bit cartoonish. But overall, I think they did a good job


A big leap forward in cyborg technology.


Now the “You Knows, and OKs” make sense, that’s when she’s receiving new programming.


When she says HeSheIt’s gotta go whenever someone leaves a room, she is just re-booting.


Did you not hear her on the show tell Elissa she made up that title because lobbyist has bad connotations associated with it? She is a LOBBYIST!


What I do not like about Helen is her constant sucking up to whoever is HOH, Like last night she told GM that she was one of the only few that she would like to keep in contact with after BB. YEH OKAY! Could totally see Helen and GM hanging out in the “real world” LMAO. The house guests don’t seem to be catching on, so good for her I guess.


Yeah I can see Helen now saying oh thank you GM for saying you was going to knock my str8 ok thank you for that you and Aayrin are really good girls for saying yous wanted to do that for me!!!!!


Does anyone think they will bring back an evicted player tonight?


This is hilarious, because it’s true, Helen is thinking at all about her own game, she could’ve gotten ANYONE in that house out if she wanted to by doing the same thing she did to get Jeremy out, She willingly chose to be a sheep.

If she had any sort “game” she would’ve taken Jeremy’s deal and let him go beast mode on the sheep hoarder and her flock of sheep.

News Update

Ah! News Flash! Helen is never going to agree to vote out Amanda. What is the one person that everyone wants to be with in the final 2. Answer……Amanda! Amanda has bullied, badgered, and threaten everyone at one time or other in that house. While Helen has played the mother for everyone in the house. Helen the understanding one. Helen the one that is so concern for you while she orchestrates your eviction. Helen opposite Amanda in the final 2 and she wins.


LMAO!!!! Now that was funny still to early!!!!!!


It just hit me.
Helen WANTS to keep Amanda because she wants to be with her in F2.
Helen knows if it is her and Amanda she can lay all the nastiness on her
and come out looking like St. Helen.

Helen has talked about getting rid of Aman, but more and more she seems to be
pushing to keep her longer.
Helen needs to be blindsided, bigtime.


Helen’s right on targeting Judd but it will be a mistake to let go of Jessie. I just hope Kessie wins this week veto or HOH, that would send the house in a craze.


Jessie can win, however she need to stop crying and get her head in the competition that’s coming up. She needs to go to sleep and rest her mind.
He knows if Can. Leaves she is up next. Even though they are talking about Judd. She need to play it cool with Judd bag off of him- she see he pulling
Back. Get out of bed with him. Get close to Elissa Win put up, Helen and Andy America will add Amanda. Then she will have more control
Over Aaryn, Gina, Judd and others because they don’t want to be replacement. Who ever come off replace with Mccrack. Then you know a power player will come out.


It has been my thoughts exactly. Would be too sweet if Jessie backdoors Helen, I really hate Helen right now.


my god. amanda and helen in the final two…that would be horrible. that would be tied with maggie and ivette for worst final two EVER.

ps judd’s a douche.


Or Alison and Jun I think her name was. I remember no one even cheered for them.


Or Alison and Jun I think her name was. I remember no one even cheered for them.


I see Amanda being McCrae’s goat, with Elissa or Aaryn being Helen’s goats.


Don’t say the word goat around Spencer.


She can do that with Aayrin or GM for that matter and she would take Aayrin over Amanda only because she afraid of Amanda


And to think I was rooting for Judd. Eww I hope he gets backdoored tonight


This week (and last week) has been nonstop drama in the BB HOUSE! I can only imagine how tonight’s double eviction will bring out the worse in the HG….if that is even possible!

It seems like every week, someone gets picked on in this house. Why are folks so mean in this house? People have feelings.
It’s sad. :-(


Ummmm… Welcome to Big Brother dude, this show thrives on drama and fights.


Judd is an idiot, why is he trying something now, his team is still trying to get him out and he still sheeps for them? ROLMFAO

Could’ve at least waited til after HOH/POV and Jessie was sure to be evicted.


I really hope the plan to get Judd out succeeds and that the MVP lasts for one more week. Amanda will lose it when Judd is gone and she still goes on the block as the MVP nom.


Elissa wants Amanda out now.

She stopped drinking Helen’s koolaid!!

Big Brother

Why Judd? I understand that Judd has loyalty to Amanda and Mccrae and doesn’t know that they want him out but he, Helen, and Elissa should know Amanda is the biggest target. This year is full of sheeps, immature idiots, and attention whore. I don’t know who to root for other than Mccrae and Candice but she is leaving today most likely. Next season I hope they pick people that know how to play the game not in a personal level.


Judd is loyal to McCrea and knows that Amanda wants him out. If he had half an un-medicated brain he’d join the get Amanda out group and then could still keep his guys alliance.


Wish it was a huge multiple eviction tonight and we could get rid of all the houseguests currently in the house (keeping Candice and Jessie)and bring back all the ones who have already been evicted. That would be a real reset

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Jessie has not had much impact on the game, but she’s the only one who has the courage to campaign for Amanda’s eviction, and you can see in her reactions to a lot of the bigoted comments that she’s horrified by what’s being said. That’s more than I can say for Aryan’s new bestie, Helen. I hope Jessie somehow finds a way to become relevant to the end game.


Wow Judd is an idiot…I can’t wait for him to leave the house and realize it was his “friends” Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, Andy, and Helen (although he doesn’t like her so maybe she doesn’t count) that have been talking shit about him and wanted him to leave while Jessie had a plan that could of saved his ass if he reassured her of his vote (this was when Helen was on board to evict Amanda). He will get a rude awakening when and if he is taken out during the double eviction.
It’s sad though that I dislike ANOTHER houseguest this season. When Jessie leaves who the hell am I going to root for? All that will be left will be the two blonde racists, Demanda, Demanda’s b****, the rat, the man who makes disgusting and vile jokes (you know who I am talking about), the annoying dictator who thinks she is in charge but will probably fall because she was too stupid to take out Amanda early (I guarantee Amanda will be the one to go after Helen if she doesn’t leave soon), and the annoying dictator’s robot who will do as told even though she has the common sense to realize it’s wrong.


I guess Elissa wins your vote by default.

Elissa's Botox

Judd is a douchebag


That’s horrible, Judd needs a little doses of blindside.




Yes. Go Jessie….right out the door so I dont have to hear you whine anymore/

Candice is an idiot.

If Jess and Candy are the first 2 in the jury house, they can practice whining in Perfect Harmony! MEEoooWWWWW!!!


My predictions on who get put up depending on the HOH:

Amanda: Judd/Jessie
Mc: Judd/Jessie
Jessie: Amanda/GM
Helen: Spenser/Judd
Elissa: Spenser/Judd
Judd: AA/GM
AA: Judd/Jessie
Spencer: Amanda/Mc
Andy: Judd/Jessie

Anyone else?


Amanda: Jessie/Judd or Spencer
Mc: Jessie/Spencer or GM or Aaryn (would be really tough)
Jessie: GM/Spencer or Amanda/Mccrae
Helen: Jessie/Judd or Spencer
Elissa: Spencer/Judd or Jessie or Aaryn or GM or Amanda (seriously, I have no idea)
Judd: Jessie/GM or Aaryn
Aaryn: Jessie/Spencer or Judd
Spencer: Jessie/GM (for sure, they both have or have said they will put him up)
Andy: Jessie/Judd or Spencer (this would be extremely tough for Andy)

Basically everyone will put up Jessie, and then the other nom would be a variant of Judd, Spencer or GM. Jessie and Elissa are the only ppl I can see maybe putting up Mccranda this week and I personally don’t want Mccrae on the block at all.


I don’t think Helen will put up a female. And if anyone I thought maybe it would be Spenser who would be the only one to put Amanda and Mcree.
They have had several discussions about being on the same page if it were a double eviction. So if Judd don’t win tonight I think he will be blindsided. The only way he isn’t going up is if he wins, Jessie, Spenser or McRee win.


Don’t be so sure. Helen will be surprise if she puts up a female.


Ugh I hate Judd so much now. You are the biggest douchebag to do and say the things you do about Jessie. She has only ever had your back and then you go a tell her you hate her. You should be grateful she even gave your sorry butt the time of day because we all know outside of this house she wouldn’t even look twice at you. Hope you go home tonight followed by your precious skank Aaryn next week. The only thing that would make it so much sweeter would be if Jessie won HOH and was the one to send you home. #juddsadouche


Judd is a douche??? Holy s hit. What a bunch of losers! Forgetting how Jessie wanted Jeremy, Nick, McCrae??? They all declined
so she feels she must have some sort of showmance and in her words “settles” for Judd. Maybe a goofy country dude but he’s no bad guy.
Jessie is a whining loser with no purpose.


Name, you have been one of most favorite guests here but this is one comment I don’t agree with. Out of the bunch I like Jessie the most (up until now I really couldn’t find a favorite). We can agree to disagree. I liked Judd game play until today!! I don’t think he wants to have a showmance knowing it can make him a target. Doesn’t he realize that he needs to be nice to these people they are the ones that can win next week and/or vote to give him the money in the end. Wish Jessie was able to flip the house, like someone posted, stupid Helen is getting rid of the only people that would vote out Amanda ………. as of right now she is losing numbers really fast. The only way the game is going to go anywhere is if Amanda gets evicted. Where will Mc go? How will this shift the alliances?


If you don’t have the Live Feed, you’re getting a twisted, manipulated version of what is really going on. It’s UNBELIEVABLE the gracious edit CBS is giving Amanda. You just have to wonder how in this world one non player after another gets evicted, year after year!!
CBS is BigBrother for sure. The “story line” goes according to their plan and edit. Unfortunately, the majority of viewers watch the show only on the network and could care a less about game play. Most of them would beg to have Jeff and Jordan on every year, and win.
THIS is why CBS can have such a heavy hand in what happens :(


After readying GM = Gutter Mouth HOH blog, all I can say is, production must be assholes, couldn’t they have done a quick “spell check” for her? they known she’s dumber than a sack of rocks(no disrespect to rocks), Alex Forrest is flowing through her right now, she’s clearly obsessed with Nick.




You are right, Ill Will. They should have edited/corrected GM’s blog. I read it and thought to myself “OMG! No wonder she was crying.” She does have issues with literacy. As for her obsession or infatuation with Nick…at her age….makes me wonder if guys were nice to her in the past. She really shouldn’t be on reality tv. Wait until she finds out she got fired from her job…how is she going to pay for her therapy sessions? smh…..to be continued……


Why would anybody help that stupid racist b!tch out that’s prob why she hate’s Candice so much and the fact Candice is black. Candice actually should be having a ball about how really funny it is GM spew’s so much hate but then she cant spell and she is in love with a gay man that don’t want her old crazy ratchet stankin a$s!!!!!!


Such a bizarre year. The first couple weeks the house went after possibly strong targets (only due to MVP though). Then, it somehow flipped into a witch hunt to get out people that are disliked on a personal level (Howard & Candace), while neither of those players has shown any ability at winning comps or having social game.

There are these new breed floaters (Andy, Judd, & Jessie until recently) that are just going through the motions without ever really doing anything.

Everyone is overlooking Amanda, who is easily playing the best game (which is saying she’s the tallest little person). No one in the house can want to sit next to Amanda at the end. Other than last year’s SUPER-DUPER Bitter Jury, the player that “played” the most always won.


Helen vs Demanda F2. In your dreams Helen.


Oh so now everyone wants Judd out??? You’re all scumbags. First it was Aaryn and then Amanda And then Helen and then Judd/ who does everyone like? Candace and Jessie???? Lmfao gross. Sorry the game isn’t turning out how you want it too. Jeez.


That is the weird part about this season Name….I don’t have a way I wan the game to turn out.. or anyone I am cheering for… there is not one likeable person.. no alliance to root for.. it’s like watching kindergarten kids… how old are these people anyway?? (that is a serious question not being sarcastic) Mc is the only one I have seen talk reasonable and mature and sensible in this whole game when he was telling Amanda to stop .. he had common sense.. and I think he is one of the younger ones???


It’s not that the game isn’t turning out how we want it to…. It’s the point that these jackasses do not know how to play the game!!! They all need a pair of balls!! As a human being, how do u keep letting people run that house who are so mean and hateful and say such horrible things about others? Do they really think those assholes won’t do the same to them??? Bottom line…. Stupid game play by those chicken ass pansies!!!


L O S E R S!!!!!

News Update

Wow you really think pretty quick on your feet. You realized as the game plays on and we learn more about player’s personalities That we may start to hate those that we earlier liked, or vice versa. What, are you a Harvard graduate or something? Great job though, you figured that out. So now that you got a clue, mind if I go back to hating Judd? Because after this performance of his, he’s inching up towards my favorite dislike player. However, he has such strong competition. Mind if I explain…well thanks….let me continue, There’s Amanda, she keeps retelling this Howard story. The latest being Howard wanted to rape her, or it felt like rape whatever he said. I forget, let Amanda tell you on her next update, she tells it bigger and better each time she says it…….There is Gina, oh Gina, the Gina that shows her ignorance every time she opens her mouth. The Gina that you feel sorry for. Because you can see that she is mentally fragile. Then while you are trying to embrace Gina, she pushes you away with her hate. …..Aaryn, well see Gina’s comment but without the fragile personality…Now we come to Judd. There are two Judds. The is Judd on Meds and Judd off Meds. I happen to like neither Judd.

So you see my dilemma. Amanda is still my fav person to hate. But Judd is trying to make a strong case and overtake Aaryn/Gina.


Wow, bunch of band wagon jumpers!!! You all see what a huge piece of baggage Jessie is, how freakin dramatic she always is with everyone…but Judd made her cry so he has to go, he’s a “douche”, blah blah. Seriously??? You fall for that shtick of hers even after watching her rinse, lather and repeat it over and over and over again?? REALLY??? SMFH


Tonight during the commercials between the POV comp and the return to the live show…

“Judd makes a sly comment to Jessie”, he then appears with a bloody lip on live TV!

Candice is voted out 1st, Jessie gets the boot… then aMANduh gets backdoored… and likes it!

That would make for an interesting evening… Leaving the house with a little less drama!

ANDY ENTERS – AGAIN!!! &%@w#?&%$@!$%^&(*)&^%$# (DRINK)


OMG-UGHHH… Apparently GM has a pair of Jessie’s Dirty/Stained undies hidden
and shows Judd, McCrae and Spencer… she’s a crazy VILE ANIMAL, WTH!!


she’s such a piece of s***… I seriously think she never got much attention from guys (that’s why she’s so god damn obsessed with Nick when she knew him for 2 hours), and that’s why she tries so hard to fit in. what WOMAN shows off another woman’s stained underwear?! And the s*** she said about Candice’s birth mother… And the racism… GOD… I hate this cast so much

BBfan from Florida

If Candace gets evicted, it will be interesting to see their taped goodbye messages. Usually those are taped ahead of time and when they are taped, they do not know the DE’s will be going to jury tonight! I bet there will be some regrets.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I am not condoning the way Judd went off on her, but she is a HUGE pain. She may be the lesser of evils in that crazy messed up group of people but she’s not all rainbows and unicorns that you all are painting her out to be. In fact, I bet that if she were actually in the majority of the house she would be just as bad if not worse than the “other” side of players. The only person that is not getting a fair shake is Mcrae and Andy. Andy may be labeled a “rat” but he and Mcrae are not taking the game to a personal level like everyone else in that house has.


Thank you! I’m not sure where all the extreme hate for Andy comes from. I’m not saying this as a huge fan, but I don’t get the utter dislike for him. The fact he’s still able to get away with going back and forth like he actually makes me laugh. Though, McCrae is still my favourite…I’m not on the “Burn her she’s a witch!” hate bandwagon so many have going on with Amanda (nor am I defending some of her actions) but I do think she hurts McCrae’s game. That being said, I love watching him handle her and tell her like it is. The kids gloves have really come off with him when he deals with her; and doing damage control for her is actually kind of brilliant. It leaves him in a great place.

I’m kind of boggled how everyone has turned on Judd so viciously after what went down. I’m not defending him, but I also think absolving Jessie and painting her as innocent is a little disingenuous as well. She is a drama queen, she does scream for attention and frankly – with that many people on top of each other every our of the day, I’d be more shocked if we didn’t have encounters like this.

Helen’s role in this I actually found kind of hilarious because I really think she was actually trying to help things and not manipulate them right then. I think she was actually shocked it turned into what it did. She thought she was trying to put that fire out and instead grabbed the can with gasoline instead of water.


I cant wait for the show to begin .. I already have my tv progamme to start 9 on the dot .. I get so excited on thursdays


Never trust CBS better make it like 2 minutes before and after.

Dan's Bible

To bad Dan isn’t around to explain what the immaculate conception really means.




Does anybody really give a $hit about the Amanda and McCrae wedding? Do they think that is entertaining for viewers?


Pike, I think Amanda is playing up the whole wedding crapola to get more air time. McCrae on the other hand is probably trying to come up with something to get out of it. Unfortunately, he’s trapped in the BB house with his fiancée Godzilla.


If he only knew that Jessie was the only one who wouldn’t have been down with backdooring him tonight. This DE will be tough on him if he doesn’t get HOH.


It’s a shame when you’re looking to the jury house storyline more than the actual rest of the show. If Candace, Judd, and Jessie are next in line what’s left in the house is going to be a gigantic yawn. Helen, Elissa and Aaryn nail parties where Aaryn says she looks like a lesbian mule and Amanda and McCrae in the HOH bed doing the nasty with Andy popping in every 5 minutes.


EXACTLY, the only life left in this season, is if CBS puts a life feed on the jury house.


live feed*


Yes, that was pretty dumb of Judd to lose his shit on Jesse today of all days, but to be perfectly honest I don’t know how he’s kept quiet this long. I’d have lost my mind on her long before now. But yeah, his timing blows.


Judd been a douche bag before this incident happen. The middle finger he gave to howard as soon as he walked out the HOH room I knew from that point on I didn’t like him.




um, hello commenters, jessie is faking it too!!! she only kissed judd after elissa ASKED her too, for his vote. she has stated more than once that she is not attracted to him, would never date him irl and has even made fun of the way he kisses and the size of his dick. to me, that is way worse than judd making fun of the way she moans at night (and btw, ive heard several HGs say that she does do this, not her fault obviously). she is into mccrae (she admitted this to aaryn and mccrae himself) and only went for judd after aaryn (her rival) showed interest in him, plain and simple.

it was a stupid game move for judd to admit he is faking it, but it doesn’t change the fact that jessie is faking it too.


Just so I’m clear on the new rules: A man can’t get in an argument and raise his voice with a woman, without being a woman-hating bully?

So much for women’s liberation…



What happened to women power.

Honestly grow a pair.


Can’t speak for anyone else, but my issue with him is he lit into probably the only person who is not trying to back door him right now. Not real bright.


It was Judd himself who was worried he’d be perceived as a “woman hater”, not the women.

DR Hacker

Only person that might shake up the house by winning HOH is Jessie. I hope she wins. However, I have the feeling we are up for a disappointing double eviction night with Candice and Jessie or Spencer going to jury.


That’s what going to suck the most, in past seasons “double eviction” was a “game changer” but this season it will go as the rest of the season has been going.


Did Elissa watch her sister, Rachel, her first season? Rachel made the most hateful and mean and degrading comments about all the house guests and guess what she came back!! Elissa all that botox must of gone to your brain!


Why are Mcmanda so upset about Candice being happy. Not only have they created a hatred in the house, they want you to not be happy. I’ll tell you why, she is getting out of a house of idiots.

Just a thought, I get the feeling CBS wants to end this show for good for some reason. They have a cast of characters that have no filter on their mouths, say things that are rude offensive creepy and threatening to people. Of course they want to stir up the racial tensions to get ratings, but the actions of these people are beyond compare. Thus making it easy to just cancel the show. I know I could, and probable am off base here, but it’s an easy out for them.

Also, re watching season 10, probable the last really good season, and it is nice to see people make game moves. And how could you not love Jerry when he gets in an argument.


“Judd, Helen and Elissa talk about who would come back for an all-stars vs favorites season.”

CBS, please don’t subject us to another bullshit season of returning contestants.


This group has to be the worse in BB history. Take a note from Daniele from BB 13 who shook the game by calling out alliances and putting up Brendon and Rachel. That was the game-changing move that made that season thrilling. Not to mention the double-eviction with Daniele and Jeff (Best BB TV moment ever!!!!)


Hell yeah, that was GREAT TV, Jeff was winning that POV too.


If MVP ends tonight, which seems likely, I suspect Julie will let the house know that for the last 3 weeks, the audience did the nominations and I wonder how that might impact the house.

Part of Amanda, McCrea, and Andy souring on Judd is the conclusion some have reached that Judd has been MVP and once it’s clear he wasn’t MVP, I wonder if anybody except Helen will be very keen to get him out. I also wonder what type of meltdown Elissa might have when she realized the audience nominated her and if she does, what impact might she have on Helen with her concern for how they are being portrayed. I suspect Elissa will blame the fact that she’s associated with Amanda for her nomination and that the audience was trying to send her a message: Get Amanda. GM will also realize that she was nominated after Elissa, so of course she will meltdown thinking America hates her “Staten Island Sparkplug” routine. Amanda will likely take a f**k the audience attitude and will be annoyed by those who are bothered by America’s opinion…meanwhile the rest of the house will let the paranoia take hold and wonder what we are seeing that they are missing.

I’m just saying that MVP ending and Julie letting the house in on the twist could change some things up.


I like your thought, but c’mon, i doubt GM could conjure that in her brain :P lol


Hey man, don’t pee on my parade…but yeah, you’re right…


Who is Crazy?

Judd: Aaryn woke me up this morning and said “Hey, how about a blowjob?” I said, “You’re crazy, you don’t even have a penis.” and rolled back to sleep.
These blondes, thick as sh*t some of them.

Judd: Jessie say’s I’m crazy. I say she’s crazy I’m starting to regret all the effort I put into protecting her from the king of the potato people.

Jessie: “I knew it!”, “You have lipstick on you and it’s the same shade that Aaryn bitch wears! How long has it been going on, you bastard!? How long!?”

Juddd: “You paranoid bitch! She was very upset so I gave her a hug and I must have got some lipstick on me. The way your sick, crazy mind works is disgusting! You need help, professional help so you can be a normal person like the rest of the f*cking world and our friendship may just stand a chance! Got anything else to say you sad, twisted, pathetic bitch!?”

Jessie: “It’s on your c*ck.”


Wonder who the king of the potato people is?


Not sure but Judd has used the phrase dirty potato a few times. Your a dirty potato. Watch out or I’ll throw a dirty potato at you. Dirty Potato my ass.

Could be some kind of fetish with potatoes


Thought you’d enjoy this tidbit of information. This was copied from Wikipedia:

Dirty Potato:

The origin of the word is found in the culinary world where one mashes a potato while keeping the skin crushed along with the potato, thus making the potato seem to be “dirty.” However, when eating these potatoes along side a girl who is strikingly beautiful but suspiciously anxious to hop in bed, one can clearly make the connection that is the definition of a “dirty potato.” As you gaze at the soft, pleasant, tasteful aspects of the potato one can look up and find similarly beautiful aspects of the woman. However, when you get a taste of that sometimes bitter, unclean, downtrodden from years in the dirt only to be pulled from the ground to be enjoyed as a brief taste sensation… but surprisingly delightful and pleasing, only think back to the night before, when you both were engaged in the most vile and depraved acts of sexual misconduct you were ever lucky enough to be a part of, and one will finally see the true meaning of “dirty potato.”


Correction: the Dirty Potato explanation came directly from Urban Dictionary, not Wikipedia. Sorry!


No way that McCrae is throwing the HOH just to put Judd on the block, he’s not stupid!


Someone get some balls and put Helen and Amanda up!


Since when can you not tell a chick to shut the f*ck up.

Give me a break. All of a sudden you are a woman hater.

Dyanne j

Leave Jesse alone – Judd is just using her alone n she’s confused. He doesn’t act like her friend either. Especially now that he Actuallg thinks he stands a chance with the Racist trash – Aaryn. Lol. You’re next in line to leave Judd. You’re the one st the bottom of totem pole. Should’ve been thinking w your head n not your dick.


Okay, honestly the drama isn’t even entertaining anymore. There’s too much of it. It seems like every episode there’s always “so and so have a war of words” or “all hell breaks loose as so and so go toe to toe”. It used to be a sweet treat having fights on the show, now it’s getting annoying.


I know, right? in past season the drama was HUGE when it happened, 1 big drama spike this season(Candice vs the means girls) a bunch of weak spikes of drama, then it stops and goes back to boring. Not enough drama to draw the viewer in.

Either go BIG with the drama, or don’t do it at all.

Go jessie2

I love Jessie comment how no one wants to be a good Christian that was so innocent and sweet I hope she stays in the game with
God yay Jessie