Big Brother Spoilers “I know what I said Roll the Motherf*** tapes yo” Ginamarie

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


9:48pm HOH Aaryn and Amanda

Aaryn says Jessie has been up Candice’s bumhole all day.
Amanda: ‘Why”
Aaryn: “they’re bonding because they are rejects”
Amanda tells her winning too many competitions gives the house a reason to put you up.
Aaryn: “They have a hundred excuses to put me up then”
Amanda says out of the people practicing today Aaryn and her have the best chance to win it. Amanda really wants to win it.
McCrae joins them
Amanda brings up her bad feeling that the vote will be 3-3-1. She’s certain Elissa, Helen and Elissa will not vote her out. If there is an odd vote tomorrow Amanda says it must come from Aaryn.
Aaryn: “If you feel more confident in Helen and elissa then I’m telling my information to the wrong person”.
Amanda says she trust her the same., ‘I know they will not vote me out.. McCrae knows that to.. if anything shady happens I know it’s not going to be Elissa”
Amanda explains she has protected Elissa throughout this game Elissa has no reason to vote her out.
Aaryn is getting upset, “ I show you every card I have ever held and Elissa has been a flip flopper and now you trust her more than me “
Amanda: “I don’t talk any game with Elissa.. I don’t have any alliances with elissa she has no reason to vote me out”
Aaryn: “and I do .. you said if the votes go wrong it would be me… taht implies you are worried about my loyalty”
Amanda: “thats not what I’m saying “
Aaryn: “I hate Candice more than anyone in this house.”
Gm joins them.
Amanda: ‘i think you are just getting paranoid”
Aaryn: ‘No I am not” Aaryn leaves

MC isn’t surprised that Aaryn is getting worried and pissed. Amanda told her that if the vote is odd it was Aaryn’s doing. That leads Aaryn to believe that Amanda trusts Helen and Elissa more than Aaryn,.
Amanda getting heated about this says she never meant it like that she knows Elissa is a locked vote.
Andu joins them
MC: “But you said 3-3-1.. indicate that someone is going to flip and it’s Aaryn”
Amanda yelling MC stop yelling
Amanda: “I hate it when you are f***oing this.. you always take her side”
MC: “I would be pissed too.. it’s what you don’t say.. “
Amanda says the only reason someone would be defensive about the 3-3-1 would be someone thinking about it
MC: “or sombody that is loyal”
Amanda: ‘She hates that I trust Elissa”

Amanda starts up the Aaryn hate asks McCrae why is he sticking up for Aaryn, “You always take the other person’s side.. you never take my side”

McCrae: “you and Helen do not understand the difference between threatening and nonthreatening..” He tells them what they are doing is threatening.

10:09pm Cockpit Spencer and JUDD

Spencer: “I hope it’s double eviction while everyone is till on the get Jessie out bandwagon”

10:20pm HOH McCrae and GM
MC is saying Aaryn will stir up sh!t about people in the house to him that is sacrey and dangerous. If Aaryn and GM are on the block he’ll save GM. MC: ‘Dud but you’ll have to keep that between me and you” GM says yes she’s not a rat f*** =they shake on it.
Amanda comes in
GM says what Aaryn was saying during Jeremy and Kaitlin being on the block really made her sick.
MC: “She’s scary”

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:24pm Cockpit Andy, Spencer and Judd
Spencer: “If you can like… forget about her Klan membership She;s actually kinda a cool chick”
Andy: “I agree”
JUDD: “Ya.. to me GM said worst sh!t than she did”
Andy agrees.
Spencer says he heard GM say the “N” word in front of Howard.
Spencer gets called to the DR
Andy and JUDD start talking about Big Brother Canada
Andy says Suzette called someone a redneck and the whole house acted like it was the worst thing.
JUDD joking saying he was a superfan of Suzzette and Kat. He brings up when Kat was talking to Suzette and she said “This is my HOH i don’t want to talk game”
JUDD: “It’s like Ginamarie winning the first HOH here..”


11:05pm HOH Andy, Amanda and McCrae
Andy says you really can’t take GM’s game talk too seriously ..

Feeds keep cutting out

They are all agreeing if it’s double eviction they will put up Spencer and Jessie with the plan to Backd**r JUDD. MC: “Worst case we take out Jessie”
Andy: “I’m ready to make that move”
Amanda: “Me to.. who would you take off if you won Veto”
Andy: “Spencer”
McCrae agree

Amanda says that someone was throwing Andy’s name out here as a possible nomination. They think it was JUDD. Amanda thinks Jessie will put her and McCrae up. Andy says JUDD is up Jessie’s a$$ all the time he thinks if she wins OH JUDD can influence it.


11:10pm Kitchen JUDD and Elissa

JUDD says Jessie feels like she’s going up next so she is putting random targets on other people which is putting the target on herself.

11:22pm HOH McCrae, JUDD and Andy JUDD wondering if Candice is leaving why is Jessie, Candice and Elissa so far up Candice’s a$$. McCrae: “Maybe they are being nice”
Andy says Jessie will freak the f** out if he nominates her. “She’ll be heart broken” . JUDD jokes if he wins the second HOH he’ll be like Hey Jessie we won the HOH then the next day he nominates her. MC: ‘I think she liked boys that treat her bad.. she’ll like you more after that”

JUDD says he gets nervous watching Double Evictions when he’s at home so he’s REALLY nervous about it tomorrow. “I’m more nervous than I have ever been in this game”

Amanda comes in. They agree the most brutle competitions are the have have nots.


11:26pm Bathroom Aaryn and Amanda
Amanda saying that GM told McCrae that Aaryn wanted Amanda and Elissa up this week. Aaryn says that was weeks ago. Amanda: ‘I know In know but she never clarified that to McCrae that it was when Jeremy was still here”
Aaryn: “Why would she even say that”
Amanda: “Don’t say anything please”


11:28pm Aaryn and GM Bathroom
Aaryn wants to know why Aaryn told McCrae and Amanda that she wanted them on the block this week.
GM: ‘I never said that.. it was weeks ago it was Jeremy and the moving company”
Aaryn: ‘They said me”
Gm says she’ll go up to HOH right now and explain it was when JEremy was here. Aaryn: “No no she already knows”

Aaryn mention that what GM said today caused a alot of sh!t between her and Amanda.
Gm heads up the HOH to clear it up
GM: ‘No a problem to me I know what the fu** I said”

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11:30pm HOH JUDD, Amanda, McCrae, GM, Helen
Gm going off about Aaryn cornering her and telling She told Amanda Aaryn Wanted to put Amanda up.
Amanda: “Weeks ago”
GM: “I go Aaryn honey I said that weeks ago”
Amanda: “I said Weeks ago.. I literally told her weeks ago ”
GM: “She said you are fighting at it’s all my fault”
Amanda: ‘We’re not fighting at all… whatever ”
Helen is leaving GM: ‘Will someone go get her .. “

Amanda asks them if she should bring up that Aaryn told her GM hates Amanda. JUDD and McCrae say no, “Too much going on tomorrow”

Aaryn comes in. GM explains they were talking about past things. Aaryn explains that Amanda and McCrae didn’t take it like it was a past thing. Amanda says when she told Aaryn about it she said it was all cleared up. Aaryn: ‘The fact it was taken that way is a problem.. nothing needs to be taken that way to begin with.. it needs to be clarified”
Aaryn leaves
GM: “She jumped at me dude.. she fu** attacked me.. cause I like to get down to the point.. wind this bird up.. people bring up Nick every day of course we talk about the past. did I say Amanda was annoying at first Ya .. Do I mean it now NO “
GM: “I know what I said Roll Motherf*** tapes.. I aint sacred and I’m not a motherf**** rat.. ”
GM: “Obviously we have to recap what happened because if there is a motherf**** quiz.. of course future, past and present are going to come up”


11:41pm havenots Aaryn and GM They clear things up and hug it out.
GM: “You’re good baby you’re good”


12:04AM Andy and Helen
Andy says if it’s double eviction he’s putting up Spencer and Jessie and telling them to win the veto they are not the targets. The target is JUDD. Helen agrees says she will do the same. Andy: “So will Amanda and McCrae”
Helen: “he wants me gone.. he’s a idiot”
They head into the storage room where Helen is telling him Amanda was the person taht told her JUDD is targeting her. Helen: ‘Don’t say anything Amanda would kill me”
Andy: “I think he’s too big of a wimp to put up you and Elissa”
Andy: “Taht will be great if we can get him out”
Helen: “And that will weaken Aaryn she is getting too close to him”
Andy: ‘Ok lets shut up we’re on the same page” (LOL)

12:18AM HOH JUDD, Andy, Amanda and McCrae
They are going through double evictions scenarios. Amanda is saying they are all safe going into the double eviction she doesn’t think they are anybody’s target.
JUDD: “Even me”
Amanda says GM, Specner, Aaryn and Jessie are the targets going into Double eviction.
They think Elissa will put up Spencer and Aaryn.

Andy: “Do you know we can’t use the name Goof Troop because it’s a copy write infringement”
McCrae: “You’re shiting me”
Feeds cut.

12:32AM HOH McCrae and Amanda
McCrae thinks they should maybe hold up a bit in getting JUDD out. McCrea: “He’s got to go of course but we are much stronger with him than without him”
Amanda: “He put me up.. honey he wants me to go home he said that to you”
McCrae wants Aaryn gone before GM. MC feels Aaryn causes way too much trouble for them and he’s never really trusted her.
Amanda: “We need Aaryn she is going to go after Elissa”
MC: “YA”
Amanda explains that Aaryn is going to become everyones target, “we need to keep her here as long as possible”
A: “That is why JUDD has to go because he’ll keep her here longer than me”
MC thinks they need to cut another alliance with SPencer. Amanda doesn’t want to say he can’t trust Spencer

MC: “Elissa scares me she’ll come after me before you”

Amanda: “Whoever puts us up will put a HUGE target on them.. nobody will do that”
MC: ”maybe someone will say f**** it I want to see this game burn” (PLEASE PLEASE BURN THIS GAME)

They get ready to sleep. THey agree Jessie is the only one that could put them up if she wins double eviction.

Cam 3-4 Slurping going on in the HOH with Amanda and McCrae
Cam 1-2 Candice, Helen, Elissa and Jessie talking about men, hearts, feelings, faith, the kinda things super friends would talk about.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Tonight’s Double Eviction better be
a Game Changer or I am done.


Honestly, Simon none of them would make a big move ’cause they’re all sheeps at this point. MAYBE JESSIE and that’s a big maybe ’cause Helen can get in her head and control her. Spencer is the only other person I can think of that would do WHATEVER HE WANTS.

Game Changer

Hmmmm… changer yes. Candice will be gone first then Jessie. So two people less will be playing…is that good enough. Oh you mean the house flipping, don’t hold your breath. This game is personal now. Amanda has mentally beaten down all the girls and guys. At this point their is no one would vote her out. They would rather vote for themselves vice vote to evict Amanda. That’s what making Amanda so crazy, who keeps putting her up? She has the house on lockdown and she keeps going on the block.


I think Andy would use the power of veto on Amanda even if they were both on the block

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

i swear to God if it goes Candace then Jessie or Elissa I will seriously honestly for the first time in 10 years, not give a $hit who wins.


Seriously, doesn’t Aaryn know yet that she’s at the bottom of the totem pole and if GM hadn’t won HOH she was most likely going to be up and evicted! No one is loyal to her, she’s disposable and even her BFF Gina was talking so much crap about her on BBAD to McCrae and Amanda. YOU’RE REALLY THE REJECT YOU STUPID, RACIST B*TCH.

Say What

Doesn’t matter! Hate trumps game play. Gina and Aaryn knew they were at the bottom weeks ago; However they still are getting rid of Candice tonight. If Aaryn, wins HOH tonight, she will choose from Spencer, Jessie and Elissa. Aaryn is going to take her chance that either Helen or Amanda will take her further in the game. So Aaryn is not flipping the house.


Judd or Helen being blindsided tomorrow would be priceless. I just hope that really happens, it would be so fun that Jessie would stay longer than either of the two. Although I’m still hoping that Jessie wins HOH and put up Mcmanda and get one of them out. :))

Party Downer

Helen, Judd, Amanda, Andy McCrae are really one team. Spencer, Aaryn, and Gina will do their bidding. Those three are jumping over each over to prove their loyalty to Amanda and McCrae. So there will be no big player leaving tonight.


I’d feel sorry for Judd a little bit. He’s actually stayed loyal all along. If he wasn’t loyal to Amanda she would be in serious jeapordy of going home. The not so funny thing is the moronic HG’s have decided Judd is MVP and noming Amanda. The are the dumba44es of sheeple. That is the only reason Judd is getting backdoored for most. For Amanda the process of evicting folks closer to McCrae than herself is now beginning. The funny thing is the more McCrae confronts Amanda the more I believe he actually understands BB better than anyone in the house. He is starting to grow on me as a very good strategist.

His big problem is Amanda has Helen and Andy. What’s more discouraging and becoming clearer daily is Helen has no intention of going after Amanda ever. Lord she is such a terrible player and a douchebag racist to boot!. So somehow McCrae has to keep Judd and Arryn for his game. Then pull in Spence and GM which wouldn’t be tough. Now is he smart enough to pull in Jessie and target Ellisa to weaken Helen or Helen to weaken Amanda. And can he only use rat boy Andy to get false info to Amanda/Helen? It’s a pretty tall order to flip Jessie for sure to go after Ellisa/Helen.

I gotta say I’m really beginning to root for McCrae FTW.


me too, i hate that amanda/helen are targetting judd for double eviction for no real reason! amanda says that judd told mccrae that he wants amanda out, is that even true? did amanda just make this up, or did mccrae actually tell her this? i don’t think spencer, jessie, mccrae or aaryn would vote against judd to go tmr, but some of them might be up on the block with him… amanda is SO wrong about judd wanting her out and SO wrong about elissa wanting to keep her and I would hate for that to ruin judd’s game.

i have always liked mccrae. he is my favorite to win, i think he knows this game best. i think he has andy more than you think. andy always said that mccrae is the guy he would go for, i think he really likes him, they would 100% continue to work together if amanda left. andy has said that amanda needs to shut her mouth more and has called her a bully, i think he will vote her out when the time comes, if anything just to protect his own game. mccrae’s also really close to judd, spencer and gm & aaryn both respect him. the only person to have specifically brought up him name is helen when talking about a possible (2nd) boys alliance. my worst nightmare tomorrow is jessie winning hoh tmr and putting up amanda and mccrae and bc helen wants to keep amanda, mccrae somehow going to jury :/ i doubt this will happen tho.


Andy, the snitch, would be good too. Who would Amanda have to give her information? She may be in a relationship with McCrea, but I think she trusts Andy more.


After watching tonight’s episode and BBAD and now reading this blog, I’m convinced McCrae is the only one that is using his brain and thinking about his long term game. Amanda is a sinking ship and M. needs to be careful ’cause she could end up costing him the money. Everyone said if he’s in the final 2 they vote for him so he should wise up and start distancing himself and let her go crazy on everyone. Pizza boy deserves that money if turns against her and gets her evicted at some point even if it’s not this week.


I agree. I thought MC was a pu**y because he is to laid back. He has Amanda in check just as much as she has him in check. Helen is right, MC has a plan B if Amanda goes early( the moving company might rise again).

Itty Bitty Britty

I like McCrae and Judd a lot more after seeing their diary room sessions last night. I hope Judd isn’t gone after double eviction. I wish Helen would get the ax.


what a surprise amanduh starting crap and gettin people fighting, she is scum of the earth, i cant wait til she finds out america nominated her

Roisin Dubh

The shit hits the fan after Thursday. Finally, let the games begin.


So, I finish watching “Big Brother After Dark” and knew more drama would follow! Glad for the read!

Roll the dice….in a couple of hours, double eviction time!

Let’s see how loyal can the HG be when HOH changes in power……alliances shall crumble tonight!


Come on Jessie win the HOHand take out Amanda or McRae


when will people realize she is ALL talk. she is a total wimp, if she ever made a move, she would cry for weeks or self evict if someone didn’t pat her on the back. this girl has SERIOUS self esteem issues, that will only get worse as she finds out how little she is respected.


mcrae’s downfall is his lack of a male friend in the house. he doesn’t have a ” bro”. mike boogie and will dominated because they had women voting with them, but also had each other. mcrae will lose Amanda, and have no true ally.


it is funny that a few weeks ago amanda was yelling at aaryn telling her how everyone thinks she is a racist and now they are best friends and amanda is making the same inappropriate comments. I never thought any player this season could be more hated then Aaryn but Amanda is now at that point. Seeing her on the show literally makes me not want to watch. If candice and spencer/jessie go home in the double eviction I’m done with this show.


Ahhh gotta love the constant, if so and so isn’t such and such then…IM DONE WITH THIS SHOW! To those of you that say that, do us all a favor and BE DONE WITH IT!!


Can I thumbs up this one 1000 times. You sir are so very correct.


I think its hilarious that aaryn isn’t close with Amanda for game reasons, or even because she likes her, but because she is so scared of Amanda, that she’d rather be on her good side than be where she was before.

this is why Amanda is almost perfect for this season of BB. they are all such wimps, that they deserve to be bossed around by her all summer. its hilarious watching them all stand there biting their tongue’s not out of gameplay, but out of pure fear

the Truth

I wish I was in the house this season….I’d have Amanda crying into her pillow (or that pussy McCrae) all season until she snapped and self evicted. No way in hell would I cower in fear of that bitch or let her run the whole house, I’d make her life fucking hell.


Why does amanda need to put baby powder on her vag what the hells going on down there and what did her and mccrae do off camera


Because Powder soaks up Moisture that can cause Vaginal odor, and since she is always giving it up she has to keep it fresh.Or at least as fresh as ‘she’ can.. Does Big Brother have a Lost and Found?maybe someone found Amanda’s ass..if so please return it to it’s rightful owner.


I would actually like to see Elissa get HOH, I think they would be surprised who she would put up. She has wanted to vote out Amanda for the last 2 weeks, but Helen keeps telling her they don’t have the votes. or it is not the right time. I actually think McCray might sneak a vote against Amanda after watching the CBS show, he is definitely over his attraction to Amanda.


I don’t know wether to hate or like amanda, i’m leaning on not liking her, but at the same time she has all these house guests at her finger tips. Good strategy or bad strategy… I am not sure. I do not like her as a person, at all. I am starting to like jessie more and more. I just wish she would act, be strong and rise above. I love how she straight up put amanda in her place, i don’t however like she apologized to her for it, she went from what the f*** to how do you like your eggs made within 24 hours. Wake up house guests and get amanda or helen out while you can!!!


If any of the house guest was smart they would keep Candice tonight and take down Amanda only people that really would be up shit creek 4sure would be Aayrin and GM as they should be racist bitches then take down Helen and Andy!!!!!


I remember at the beginning I had 0 respect for Jessie and I loved Helen.

Now I can’t stand annoying, brown-nosing, spineless Helen and I love how Jessie has common sense when it comes to the whole amanda situation.

Its so funny how roles reverse.


Helen controls the house. She acts like everyone is accountable to her and they give her the power. Judd went running to her after forming an alliance with others. Not one of them have a back bone, they do what she wants.



She is HIGHLY entertaining!!


Ummm are you watching the same show as everyone else? because unless you find completely racist and skanky behaviour ”entertaining” Amanda is nothing but disgusting scum.


Amanda is such a fucking bitch. End of story, go friggen home already.


I’m just waiting for the moment that McCrae snaps and announces to the whole house that he wants Amanda gone. Lord please let it be soon.


i wish the people who keep saying theyre done with the show would really be done with the show so i wouldnt have to hear their constant whining.


Trust me we would love nothing more then not to tune in to the show but because we are big brothers fans and watch it every summer we keep tuning in to see if people would stop being racist punk bitches


Big Brother Star And OK! Blogger Rachel Reilly Talks To Nick About GinaMarie’s All-Consuming Crush!

Interesting read.


Who has heard of the flooding in missouri?? Well here’s the thing i live in missouri but however i am so freaking happy that i am not in waynesville missouri but t the same time i feel so bad for theones there because there was a 4 year old boy that is already dead and the mother is still missing and is probley dead and its sad:(((( here is more rain coming towards missouri so that means more rain more flooding and ther is even like a pond on i44 in missouri and it looks bad:((( so please pray for the flooding here in missouri and i would also ask for prayers to find the woman missing in the flooding please pray thank you so very much:)


i hate candice but crapmanda was being the a-hole at the veto comp. this woman just does not compute how to shut her trap. yeah like she’s in charge of who can talk to other players. i think mcCrayfish is starting to clue in that this is not the type woman he wants to spend his life with.


ya, i was rooting for amanda at first, but her behaviour is ridiculous! what kind of person doesn’t even consider that america may have put them up as mvp…? really, you shout racist, sexual jokes at the veto competition!? you KNOW that shit will air on tv (although they didn’t even air the howard dick comment). andy and mccrae, your allies, were even telling you to shut up and you don’t listen. i don’t get why andy and mccrae haven’t sat her down and explain to her that her outburts and revealing information is hurting their game. they do tell her to stop, but she doesn’t understand. they need to make her understand and play the guilt card, that she is dragging them down. mccrae getting mad doesn’t seem to work, he needs to lay on the guilt THICK. from what mccrae said in diary last night, i wonder if he even cares if she goes at this point.

Aj Hollering

it be too much hoping if Candance were to stay and spencer or Amanda went home but oh well cant wait for the double eviction


Candice is really not bad at all Judd and them talking about she fights with everybody well lets see if you had people saying racist shit to you what are going to do sit there and smile looking like a crack head GM no they lucky shit just went at them with her mouth and not her hands and what really trumps it all is Amanda big Jim Kerry from the mask wannabe looking reject said called Candice Shanquia and said oh now Im a racist bitch you are the one that went to Aayrin telling her people are going to say you are a racist and you got mad at the response was then she keeps doing the same shit

The Black Fish

yo, simon. What’s in Aaryn’s head? I thought she was up Amanda’s ass, but I can’t tell who she is aiming at. Is she the one we’ve been waiting for?


BB15 is like Game of Thrones where all your favorite characters get evicted and the bad guys win.

Amanda is Joffrey, Aaryn is Cersei, Andy is Littlefinger, Jessie is Danerys, Helen is Varys, Elissa is Ros, Howard is Ned, Jeremy is Jamie, Kaitlyn is Melisandre, Candice is Sam, GM is an evil shit talking version of Sansa, Nick is some extra from Season 1, David is Loras, McCrae is a non evil Ramsey, Judd is a wildling, and Spencer is Hodor.


Jessie is Daenerys? Are you mad?

Or did you mean she is Daenerys BEFORE she grew balls (After marrying Khal Drogo)?
Because yeah, I would equate them pre-Khal, Dani was under her brothers thumb then.
But after? Dani is a bad ass now, Jessie is a weak little girl who just yaps once in
a while to seem bigger than she is.

Also would not make Howard Ned. Ned was smart and strategic, Howard, not so much.
Maybe getting cut down so soon applies though…..

Gods I miss GoT =(.
Wish we had 2 seasons every year….


Love Games of Thrones. Thanks for the remark


Helen: we should all win 500k for making it this far, its a LOT of work”

I mean….I’d voice my disdain for such a comment, or talk about how ridiculous it is to call voting out Kaitlin work, but this pretty much speaks for itself.

Everybody Hates Aaryn

Now is the time for Aaryn to go to Helen, Elissa, and Jessie to make a deal with them to evict Amanda; keeping Candice. I am guessing she will never do so because her ego and pride is much bigger than the whole house. If she was able to make a deal with Helen before, why can’t she suck up that pride and try to work with Candice? Aaryn is probably going in the double eviction if she doesn’t win HoH or she is going the following week.

Rock the boat

Please CBS/Julie – don’t tell them about the 9 person jury until after the two evictions this evening. But, prior to the first vote, let them know America was MVP for the past three weeks and that MVP is no longer a part of the game.

Dyanne j

Doesn’t aaryn know she’s the minority – she needs her Super Pill to acknowledge that. Stupid racist trash


These women are so catty and bitches which kills me it everybody has said something, but the story get back and it so elaborate. Amanda : OMG I hear GM hates me , but No Aaryn hates me…Is this game play? These dummies all deserve what coming from them, and if Jessie won HOH place Amanda & Helen on the block let see who fuckin loyal to who….

These are some of the dumbest chicks in the house. Elissa looks like a saint compare to Amanda, GM, Aaryn, Helen I hope when this is over they all get booed at the finale show.

This Season Blows

“Elissa looks like a saint compare to Amanda, GM, Aaryn, Helen”

….until you mention another woman’s physical appearance around her, then she becomes no better.


I was watching a bunch of them eating at the table the other night and was just stunned at how poor their table manners were. Judd, Spencer, and Helen, all talked and chewed with their mouths wide open. Luckily, GM just watched them eat, thank god.

Big Sister

I have been complaining about this since Enzo!. NONE of them have any table manners. And Andy is a professor and Helen a political comsultant?? I would be too embarassed to take any of them out to eat with me. The proximity of the microphones makes it even worse. I mute my tv as soon as any of them start eating. Disgusting to the max!


Someone needs to GET HELEN OUT!!


Spencer is an absolute disgusting human being. I hope Marilyn breaks up with his dumb @ss. Boy is he gonna be shocked when he leaves the house OMG lol

Grandma Smurf

It is disturbing to watch and hear Amanda. The bitch is schizophrenic!
Spencer is a pervert.
GM is just plain vile and nasty.
Can’t wait to see what the house looks like tonight after DE.


Judd needs to wake up. Drop the Atavan. Borrow some Adderal.

Just a thought

I was just thinking that if Jessie, Elissa, and yes believe it or not Helen vote to evict Amanda, it would just take one more vote and I think both Aaron and even McCrea seem to be getting very tired of her and one or both vote her out too. That would make a very good start to tonight’s show. After that if Candise or Jessie get the next HOH and continue to clean out the nastiness in the house. Then finish the night with the next HOH being someone who will continue cleaning up there might be some hope to saving this season of the show. Let’s just hope that something good comes out of tonight’s show.


12:55AM Slurping coming from HOH with Amanda and McCrae

Simon/Dawg, I just woke up and read this, do you hate us? I just felt the bile rise in my throat. TMI
Just kidding! You guys are the best, but please reserve such detail for some time after noon or not at all concerning Amainda and McCrae. LOL


lol duly noted


Oh well, if Judd and Aaryn can’t see or hear that they are being targeted besides Jessie then they both deserve to be evicted. Especially, since they could nip all this in the bud by electing to vote out Amanda. It would be Jessie, Elissa, Aaryn and Judd voting to evict Amanda and saving Candice. In one fell swoop Aaryn would at least save face and began the healing process between her and Candice. Since Aaryn alreadys knows that Spencer lied to her about the hat incident, which facilitated her downward sprial into racist rhetoric; she should take this opportunity to try to earn some redemption points.

But alas, they would rather let Amanda and Helen dictate their actions. Also have you ever seen in BB history that everyone is trying to be in a super-alliance; at some point they have to splinter.

P.S…Why is everyone trying to talk game and strategy with everyone else. Sometimes you should just say: IDK; Ya; Really; and/or Let me give that some thought.


I am not crazy about this MVP thing but watching Amanda speculate who has it was hilarious. It would even be more funny to watch her expression when Julie tells them that America was MVP


Apparently Amanda kept grinding on McCrae (or whatever she was trying to do) last night in the HOH bed and he kept saying “no”. But Amanda wouldn’t stop, and you can hear McCrae say “no” several times while Amanda was on top of him trying to talk him into doing whatever.

Forcing someone to engage in sexual activities against their will (sexual assault): NO means NO, Amanda.

Note to McCrae: Get yourself away from this train wreck!


Production is allowing this, smh! If that was a woman saying no, I would hope they would stop it. Amanda should have been stopped.


Queen Demanda marches on after the double eviction. Candice will go in the first vote and DimWit Judd in the second no matter who wins HOH. They will al do her bidding. Jessie is not the salvation because she will put up who Queen Demanda tells her to for a couple of empty promises. The Slug (McCrea) will continue to hide behind his Queen because he is gutless. Aryan will be presented with a small shiny token that will baffle her for weeks. Nothing exceptional will happen tonight. The Queen has laid out the script and now it just has to be followed.


come on jesse or elssia win that hoh tonight come on all the only too i like in the house i like you too candice in why is amanda think nobody would put them up i was like you ant nothing you dont have power lucky i ant there i want care i put all up then you come yeal at me i say look here im not here for you im here for me if i was here for you i would of never came in you dont borther me with your threats i eat that for lunch by the way you going home or your men you dismess

Canadian Godmudda

Simon Dawg.
Thanx for all your time and effort into making this such a great site. Unfortunately I do have a small complaint – I may be just a small town hick from Alberta Canada, but I just cannot understand Jersey. Had some time last night, and found a Joisey ta English translation for GMs posts. Here is how it helped me:

Aaryn comes in. GM explains they were talking about past things. Aaryn explains that Amanda and McCrae didn’t take it like it was a past thing. Amanda says when she told Aaryn about it she said it was all cleared up. Aaryn: ‘The fact it was taken that way is a problem.. nothing needs to be taken that way to begin with.. it needs to be clarified” Aaryn leaves

GM: “She jumped at me dude.. she fu** attacked me.. cause I like to get down to the point.. wind this bird up.. people bring up Nick every day of course we talk about the past. did I say Amanda was annoying at first Ya .. Do I mean it now NO “
GM: Aryn had a viceral reaction to my honesty….I get agitated…when I swoon over Nick, the young man I met here and knew for an entire 14 days (aka my obsession equal to my obsession for my hair dye) and discussed my distorted and psychotic views about the depth and intensity of my non-existent relationship with him ad nauseum with the other people that are confined to this house…I recall mentioning all the terrible things I said about you Amanda, prompting me to want your speedy exit from these premises…will I admit to having those same thoughts about you know in front of your face instead of behind your back…NO.)

Looking forward to BBCAN 2 with you guys!!


simon i got a felling that jesse or elssia going to win hoh tonight what you think


It is surprising to me, and encouraging, how upset many of you are about the racist comments being communicated in the Big Brother House. I am a black woman and the racist comments did not offend me one bit. I took time to evaluate myself and determine why I wasn’t offended. I realized I wasn’t offended because I have become accustomed to comments like that. I have learned to turn my cheek and not let those type of comments bother me. I thank you all for showing me that not everyone harbors racist thoughts. I heard a long time ago that everyone has racist thoughts, but some people are willing to say their thoughts out loud. Well, they may or may not be true. One thing for sure is that you all (commenters on this site) prove that this is more untrue than true.


These are the dumbest house guests, and I read Amanda from day 1 when she did all the talking in McCrae’s HOH room! Amanda is really abusive and I’m very surprised I haven’t heard any rumblings about what her employers think of her, or that she’s been fired. I know that this is a game, but I don’t like mean people. Yet here I am wishing Amanda ill. If I was in the house I would start telling Amanda that McCrae was talking about voting her out.


Gotta luv the comment from GM “Obviously we have to recap what happened because if there is a motherf**** quiz.. of course future, past and present are going to come up”….

Just think about that for a second about “future”…. LOL GM