McCrae and Andy talk about making sure Judd don’t win HOH this week. He NEEDS to GO!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


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1:50pm Up in the HOH room – Spencer tells Ginamarie that he is really worried about something funny going on and that he is worried he might be going home. He asks Ginamarie if she will keep her ears open and let him know so that he will have time to do something about it. Ginamarie asks who is saying things. Spencer says that he has just seen and heard people coming in and out of the havenot room all morning and things something could be up. He says that it might be nothing but you never know. Ginamarie tells him that she is calling everyone up into the HOH room tonight to talk to them and make sure they’re all voting out Candice. She says that she is also sleeping down stairs and will stay up all night to make sure no one is scheming. Spencer leaves the HOH room and starts playing a game of chess with Helen. She tells him that she feels bad for him that he is up on the block again for the third time.


2:15pm Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge room talking. Amanda is worried about the votes flipping. McCrae tells her that she is okay and has nothing to worry about. Amanda leaves and Andy joins McCrae. McCrae talks to Andy about Amanda being worried. He tells Andy that he reassured her that she has nothing to worry about. Andy says that there are four people that he doesn’t care about being cut – Spencer, Ginamarie, Jessie and Judd. McCrae agrees. Andy tells McCrae that he only really trusts him and Amanda and Helen. McCrae tells Andy to keep Helen on a short leash. Andy says that he is also staying close to Judd to get information. McCrae talks about Jessie being a sh*t disturber. McCrae says after this week the house will be divided. Andy isn’t sure it will be that clear cut. Andy and McCrae talk about how its getting to the point in the game where they will start making enemies. McCrae says that he doesn’t like that Spencer and Judd stay up late talking. Andy says that he thinks next week it has to be either Jessie or Judd going. They talk about trying to make sure Judd does win HOH. McCrae says that if Jessie wins HOH she said she would go after Gina and Spencer but who knows if she will do that. McCrae says that he needs to make sure Amanda stays quiet because others or Jessie will use it against her and put her up if she gets into it again with someone.


2:40pm Meanwhile out in the backyard – Aaryn, Elissa and Judd are sun tanning.

2:45pm – 3pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lock down. Aaryn uses the backyard shower and they all head inside. Amanda asks are those my panties on the floor? Andy says yes. Amanda says can you pick them up with your teeth. All the are inside – Helen and Andy play a foot ball game on the kitchen bar.

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New disclaimer for tonight’s show:

“Big Brother is a reality show about a group of racist, idiots, child , child molesters who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the Racist, idiots , and child molesters may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS fines very entertaining and would love to share with the public. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the racist, idiots, child molesters speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Only what we fine to be highly entertaining and which bring in the most ratings. Viewers Wanteded. Viewer discretion is adviseded”


ain’t it the truth!!!! tis true!!!
well said!!! i am in awe!!!!!


I’ve been watching BB since season 10, and I must say, this season seems more like a true social experience than a game show, 16 players, you got bigots and you got the victims of bigotry all on the same show? This can’t be a coincidence.

You can defend other seasons, but there’s no way to do it this season without sounding like you condone it. People have/are tried/tries and fail miserably.


Exactly. I can’t believe these people don’t give a second thought to a filter. It would be different if it was just a comment or two but it’s just the whole tone of the house since day one. And yes, people have tried to condone and end up looking like they are on the same level as the people on the show when they do.


Some of the BB15 cast are worse than some of the people on those prison shows! After Spencer’s latest vile commentary, it can’t get any lower…


Wow spot on comment. Funny but sadly true. With the exception of a few House Guest’s they should turn the BB House into a scene from SAW and let these losers fight for their lives to escape the house.


The Helen edit:
“Big Brother is a reality show about a group of racist, idiots, child , child molesters, you know, who have no privacy 24/7, ok. At times, you know, the Racist, idiots , and child molesters may reveal prejudices, you know,and other beliefs that CBS fines very entertaining, ok, and would love to share with the public, you know. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest, you know, are those of the racist, idiots, child molesters speaking, ok, and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS, ok. Only what we fine to be highly entertaining, you know, and which bring in the most ratings, ok. Viewers Wanteded, you know. Viewer discretion is adviseded, ok”


It’s so hard to read the Helen updates but I giggle every time Simon/Dawg throw in all the “you knows” that come out of her mouth. How does it not drive the people in the house who are stuck with her crazy?


Poor Judd, he’s been madd loyal to the “sheep hoarders”, but they want him out for no reason. I wish he could get wind of this.


judd will notice any change in behaviors, and will act accordingly. despite his shortcomings, he has been fairly sharp to pick it up in the past. he will be going all out for the hoh and pov wins, for sure.

j-u-double-d, party daugherty, for the win!


If Jessie does win HOH, I don’t think she would waste a nom on GM, better to pull her in closer and make a move for the 500k. This is a GREAT week to make a move especially since jury is this week.

ROLMFAO @ all the cry-babies mad that there will be a 9 person Jury.

Some people can’t count, there were 16 players playing for the top prize, so the Jury has to be bigger.

Normally there 11-12 all are playing for the prize.

Last season there were 16 people in the house but only 12 were playing for the prize, the twistbrought them in the game 4-5 weeks later.


I think the reason many did not want to go after the big targets was because they were so focus on making Jury. I wish they would announce before the vote
That Jury starts , perhaps they may change their vote to kick Amanda out. Would be very interesting who would want Candace to stay now.


I think Julie let’s them know before the vote before the 1st eviction, but that wouldn’t change the sheep.


Or Julie announces before they vote that America voted the 3rd nominee…..Helen, Elissa and Andy want to be on the “good” side so if they know America wants Amanda out, they might do that along with Jesse…..Judd and Aayrn may vote that way too. Julie!! Please let them know it was America who voted Amanda to go on the block!!


But, Elissa was voted by America’s MVP the first time so does that make her a bad person? Elissa got her Rachael army to pull together to vote for Amanda so that there was no way Elissa would go back up as America’s MVP. i think the producers told Elissa that it was America that put her on the block. She seemed so embarrassed by being put up. She just could not believe that so many people disliked her.

big brother fan

they wont vote amanda out because they dont want GM, aaryn, or mccrae mad it doesnt have anything to do with jury.

big brother fan

or the fact that america put her up, so julie announcing it would actually have no impact on the vote

Jeremy's Boat

Spencer for HOH, the creep we get, not the one we want.


I think Spencer is little bit worry that he will get evicted this week, but most houseguest targeting Candice.


I think if he can, depending on the HOH, McCrea will do all he can to get Helen out next week, especially if Jessie leaves during the double eviction. He’s giving lip service to Andy. I don’t think he’s at all worried about Judd or Spencer.


I think Helen is not going anywhere. The only leaving next week is either Judd or Aaryn.


I think MC is well aware that Andy is the rat go-between and is telling him what he knows will be reported back to Helen.


Amanda would be going home this week if it wasn’t for Andy… Andy isn’t on anybodys team except for high school drama queens team. He gossips JUST to gossip. Has nothing to do with gameplay. I think Elissa has a very good chance of winning BB..


Andy is pretty much useless anywhere else so I think gossip is his game play. It’s sort of a deflection off of him to other people. And she’s a kiss ass which I guess is his game play too because he appears agreeable an cooperative. With these season ridiculous cast the easiest most obvious tactics used by just a few seems to be working.

That's the wrong thing to do

I’m seriously hoping that Jessie wins this hoh tomorrow.


Man, i’m going to be cheering so hard for her to win hoh. Crazy because two weeks ago, I wanted her to self evict after all those pity parties. She has now become one of my favorites. Her and JUDD. I’m really glad she finally woke up and started playing


Lurker001 is my Fav poster besides simon and dawg !!! Keep them coming :) … And simon thought this week would be boring !! Lol … I am looking forward to double eviction !!!


BB15 has made the HOH position a joke!

From the bedroom to the nominations and evictions…..AMAZING!


my boy spencer keepin it classy as always…….

New World Order

I’m currently in the process of training a parrot certain phrases like “America Hates Amanda”, “Amanda is targeting you (leaving it random)” & “Helen and Amanda have a final 2” in an effort to shake things up. Now I just need to train it to land inside the yard by tomorrow morning.

Need something to make this season interesting…


Keep working on that.


How was Candice recruited for the show?

The Black Fish

I just hope Marilyn is over 21.


Well according to Spencer, Marilyn is Ms. Palm and her five daughters (i.e., his hand), which would make her about 31….


I feel so bad for marilyn and her family! No wonder Why her parents didn’t like the guy!


If this is true, 9 person jury, I sincerely hope Candice declines and opt to go home. Enough is enough, being lied, being hated, racist comments, personal attacks.

The clown suit really and GM’s rant last night and this morning, in essence blaming Candice for Elissa/Helen sleeping in her and “nick’s” bed. They don’t want her around, then when she self isolates, they don’t like that either.

I think CBS should just let her leave with what little dignity she has left. This has become somewhat hard to watch, the cruelty, is just of the charts and one of her closest allies, Helen, leading the charge. Jessie and Elissa tried make a move but failed. An unselfish Candice tells Elissa to play the game, says a lot about who she is, whether you like her or not.

And Helen so loose with describing what Candice said to Spencer as a “public lynching”, poor Analogy, especially around two southerners. The problem with that is she started the lie to get Candice Going. Constantly seeking white approval, Ignores the racist comment directed her. Now she calls the offenders her friends. When Candice leaves, they will need another racist punching bag and that Ms. Kim will be YOU! Go luck back in Chicago, your gonna need it


Candice has also lied, Candice has also made racist and bigoted comments, Candice has also personally attacked others. So why is it mistreatment when it is done to her, but it is okay when she does it to others??? No one beside Aaryn and GinaMarie disliked her until she had the “house meeting” rampage. Candice brought a lot of this on to herself, just like Amanda did.


What has Candice lied about that was part of game play? Do you really call her saying something about Spenser being a white a$$ racist? Realy. Maybe I have missed something but please tell what were her racist comments. It will serve them all right that Candice is the first person voted to jury. As Judd said none of them took the time to get to know her and now who ever is in the last two will need her vote to win the money. How ironic!


Everyone in the house is in Jury, HA that’s GREAT!

They should find out tomorrow night…

it’s definitely going to be a KODAK moment!


Let the scattering of the rats commence!


Okay so Judd is the next target. I was wondering if they were going to follow suit since the campaign against him started even before Howard left. Too bad he didn’t take the Amanda is threat more seriously and attempt to get her out last week instead of voting to get out Howard. Someone that would have worked with him as a number. Some of them don’t want to make waves but it doesn’t matter if you do or don’t if they decide who the next target is. I guess they pretty much think they have Spencer where they want him since he’s not a target.


I heard that Julie Chen just tweeted a pic of a Reset button. What does that mean?!?!

New World Order

Sadly there is no way to really “reset” anything since there are no teams or coaches this season.


hoh Comp will be trivia ?

Dog Days

My guess only two people will go up after the first eviction and MVP goes away. If so, hope Julie tells them before the first vote that America was MVP. Maybe HGs will figure they should do what America wants and vote out Amanda.

Guess What

MVP is done.


Loss of MVP or, MVP goes back to HG’S?


If you think this season is bad, wait until next year. All the houseguests will be to scared to even talk or argue or joke around. They will all have a fear of how they look to the internet viewers. Scared that some “superfan” will stop at nothing to get them fired from their job.
I hate a lot of the shit people say on this show and a lot of the other seasons too. But Jeez…some people are way over-reacting. It’s a dumb reality tv show (that I love).


Absolutley correct FckHayden. good post.


Funny part is, it wasn’t a fan that got them fired, it was their job doing much needed “damage control” after getting wind of what was said on the Live Feeds.

This isn’t a situation like when cat people tried to get Shelly fired and sending her family death threats for lying to Jeff and Jordan.

This season, wasn’t just some random HAHA mildly offensive jokes(like in past seasons) that people are trying to dismiss/defend, the comments that were made were down right malicious, and they got exactly what they deserved for it.


FYI, joking about g@ng-r*ping and murdering another person isn’t funny and those that would defend that need to get some help.


FYI, I never said it was funny. And I’m not defending it. But some people make those jokes in the real world. Sometimes people think they are funny when they aren’t. Sometimes people say things offensive. That’s life. Relax and get over yourself.


dude give it up, there are waayy to many crazed idiots here to be rational. These people on this board WANT BLOOD and they are gonna stop at nothing to get it! I cant believe that comment, “Funny thing was, it wasn’t a fan, that got them fired, it was their job doing much needed “damage control” after getting wind of what was said on the Live Feeds. ”

Really, Einstein??? And how do you think they got wind of it??

Wayward Irish

Nailed it.


Another crap shoot comp? I wanted to see a “knock-out”


It will be great if Spencer gets called to the DR for making that joke about molestation and never comes out like they did with Chima. BB might just do a double eviction two weeks in a row just to try and get rid of some of these idiots as quick as possible. I’ve been watching BB from season 1 and I have never seen a cast this bad. Not even Evel Dick. These people are all nuts. I can’t wait for them to come out of the house and Google their names to find out that they do not have the fan base they think they have. Wait until they see that America thinks this is the worst BB cast ever.


Too bad some of the people defending these HGs wasn’t around during season 11, I can see it now “Why expel her she just threw expensive equipment that didn’t belong to her in the water, no harm done”


It is known.


After being charged with racism today, Amanda thanked the judge and vowed to clear her name.

Adding, “I bet it makes a nice change to see a white person in here for once your honour?”


Aaryn: I was in court last week being charged for racism,

The judge asked me “How do you plead?”

“Not black” I said

“What on earth do you mean?”

“Sorry your Honour, I mean not guilty”


“I’m a kleptomaniac for God’s sake!,” Spencer screamed at the court, “I don’t belong on the sex offenders register!”

“Well, stop stealing children then,” replied the Judge.


Oh no, McCrea told Andy to keep Helen on a short leash, he just called her a dog! Time to cancel BB!


By the way this is sarcasm. Anything anyone says people act all crazy!! Freedom of speech people! Don’t like it stop watching!!!


I just need to say this because i have seen A couple of people throwing the “freedom of speech” card out there. I believe freedom of speech has its limitations. You can’t just say whatever you want whenever you want in general. The houseguests are a perfect example of this, their comments have consequences.


Have they ever done a Reset? What does that mean? Guys don’t make me go all GM–input needed.


They used it last season for when the “coaches” entered the game, no idea how it could work this season.

Jessie Fan

Jessie is the new Jordan,…… GO Girl !!!


I know it is early for this but vote Judd for Americas Favorite! He is the best person in the house hands down! I have to say, the season with Brittany, Rachel, Brendon, Enzo, Ragan, etc..has been the best season in awhile. Before that it was Dr Will and Evil Dick seasons that were the most entertaining!


Judd is very mean and hateful and cray cray. Especially when he has not had his meds. I would rather not vote at all than vote for Judd

CBS is Guilty

I guarantee you all that CBS knew that these contestants were going to do what they have done. This is all part of their plan to get people to talk about the show and thus increase their ratings. They have purposefully set up these individuals to fail.


Candice is having a pity party. Everyone asked her to come to the party. Everyone is being nice to her (yes they are talking behind her back, but everyone is talking about others behind thier back–including Candice). Most of the racist comments made in this house have been about Asians. You don’t see Helen whining and complaining how she is being mistreated. Candice is mad because people keep lying to her. Of course they are lying, they are playing the Big Brother game. Candice is furious with Helen because she didn’t keep her “Howie” (can’t stand it when she calls him that and Howard doesn’t like it either). Candice has also made racist and homophobic remarks but no one seems to care. I bet when Candice is voted off she will come out and play the victim to Julie about how she was so mistreated in the house. She could have gotten out of the bed and talked with everyone and had fun. She was the one who chose to stay in bed all the time.


How was Candice recruited for the show? Sorry folks, I keep asking because nobody is answering the question – instead giving thumbs up or down. How was she recruited?


Everybody cbs post a reset button on Instagram!!!!!


Puhlease people get over your politically correct self!! Every season has had bullying, backstabbing and inappropriate comments . Yes mean and spiteful comments early in the season has now put anything they say on the feeds in question plus a boring cast i guess you have to look for things to be entertaining
Prfevious years they were entertaining soi we over looked the comments anyone remember the season with the jocks and geeks and misfits there was alot of bullying then

Just get over it and wait for BB16


They should have America vote for the final winner, along with the jury, and tell the houseguests that America will be voting, and that America was MVP who put Amanda up..If they know America is voting then maybe they will start cleaning house by getting rid of Amanda, GM, and Spencer


Nine-person jury? So if Candice leaves Thursday, she will be first one in the jury house?


Could Andy be attracted to McCrae?


Everybody is surprised by racists and homophobes in the BB House. BB 4 was the first Racist BB House Guest. Erica linden (ironically asked back for All Stars called Jee a Gook) , Homophobic comments have always been in Big Brother. The twins from season Adria and Natalie/ Homophobes. It is not unusual to hear and see Racism on BB. Jeff (yes that Jeff of Jeff and Jordan.) Big brother 11 was in a controversy when he made Homophobic comments about Russell in a fight.
Braden of the same season made Racist and Homophobic comments.The producers had a controversy because they edited them out of the show.
Russel was attacked for being Muslim/ Arabic.. even throw he Catholic from Lebanon. Rachael Riley called Regan a F***** during a fight. Jeff again the Dumbledore comments.

This is not new on Big Brother it has happened in almost every season, at times by fan favorites. Every Season people show the ugliest side of themselves, every season people become outraged. This is not new. There are probably tons of examples. Of Racist, Misogynist, Homophobic, weightest and ageist etc. These are not new. Even Gina Maries insanity is not new.. does not anyone else remember the insanity when Jesse was evicted in Season 11. Those girls where practically holding a wake, like he was dead or something.
Wasn’t there something about “Homophobic death Threats” to a house guest on BB Canada. then ther is what happens on the International BB that makes the US crap look tame in comparison.
Honestly in 6 months after the last show all of this will be forgotten, Like the guy on BB4 who was evicted for tearing the House up was actually kicked out for having genital warts and having sex with a female house guest knowing that. CBS also edited that out and changed the perception that he was evicted for throwing chairs and his tirade.


#TeamAmanda if she left this season would be even more boring…all everyone does is complain how boring bb15 is…so u want to get one of the more entertaining ppl out and not the one who doesn’t even campaign to stay because she don’t even like BB…


i heard this was the last season of bb, did anyone else hear that?? and jessie the new jordan dont think so


i know bb is a game and people back stab and lie but really all the racism on this show is terrible aaryn started it all and ginamarie is making herself look like a flipping fool over nick if that was me and after the show i watched it i would be totally embarassed and would not want to show my face oy vay this season is crazy i just hope mccrae wins it all ;) mccrae all the way or andy and maybe elissa but she really hasnt done anything on the show


Freedom of speech… anyone ever hear of it? I’m not saying the opinions of the houseguests are right or wrong but EVERYONE in this country is entitled to have an opinion and say what they life whether you agree or not… It’s part of the laws we live by and in OUR constitution.