Big Brother 15 Spoilers Competition Practice “Poopy’s on FIRE”

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


3:20PM Cockpit Random chit chat

Chatting about past houseguests who do p!rn or have done p*rn. Michelle BB11, Steven BB10, James BB9, Scott BB5, They think Bradon from BB11 may have and Ashley BB14 was involved in something. (Scott BB5 was in playgirl, Bradon had a full frontal scene in a movie and Ashley had relations with some bondage club owner)

Spencer: “What kinda name is Nakomis”
JUDD: “Some type of name she made up”
McCrae says Nakomis means a moon
JUDD: ‘She’s a lunatic”

3:38pm Spencer and Andy
Spencer: “have you heard anything .. i’m getting paranoid”
Andy whispers that he hasn’t heard a thing. He’s sure Candice is still going home. They start wondering why they are in lockdown. Andy thinks he should be counting things with McCrae and Amanda. Spencer doesn’t think it’s worth it.

They are joking about it being a Pandora’s box and Ginamarie is upstairs with Nick. Andy laughs say what if Nick is in the backyard and GM is trapped and can’t see him while the other players get to spend a hour with him. (We can all agree if this happened GM would chew through the walls to get to him)


4:01pm They have one hour to practice for a competition tomorrow

Aaryn gets the ball in almost every time. Andy, JUDD and McCrae have been calling Aaryn “Poopy” They keep singing “This poopy is on FIRE.. this poopy’s on FIRE”. Aaryn is considerably better than the rest of them.
Spencer, Andy, Amanda can get a ball in once every two tries
Jessie, JUDD, Elissa, McCrae can get a ball in every 4 tries
Helen, GM and Candice get very few balls in

5:53pm After about a hour of practicing it’s clear Aaryn is the best followed by Andy, Amanda, Spencer, Jessie, Elissa and McCrae.

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4:56pm HOH GM and McCrae
Going over votes. GM thinks they are A-OK for getting Candice out. She’s going to double check with everyone tonight and Thursday. She says McCrae, Aaryn, Helen, JUDD and Andy are all definite s.

4:58pm Storage Room JUDD and Helen

Talking about the competition and how the one they just practiced may be different than the one they actually use tomorrow. JUDD wonders if it’s double eviction tomorrow. Helen isn’t sure because that would mean they have reached Jury.


5:01pm bedroom Spencer tells AManda

Spencer whispers If he gets HOH and it’s double eviction he wants to Meet with Amanda and McCrae in the cockpit and they will plan out the move.
Amanda: “OK”

Spencer and Amanda agree there is an uneasy calm in the house. Spencer thinks something is about to happen he can feel it.
McCrae joins them, He says there is talk going around the house about next week but he can’t think that far ahead because he’s on the block. Amanda says Candice is going home.
Andy joins them (Drink)
Amanda says JUDD hates her. McCrae and Spencer haven’t heard him say anything.
Spencer: ‘My fear is with our checkered past a rumour will start.. to me that would be a easy thing to start”
Amanda isn’t worried. MC isn’t worried a rumour will harm them still thinks it’s possible someone will start it.
MC: ‘So are we all in agreements that it’s a double”
Spencer, Amanda, Andy “Yeah”
MC: ‘Unless it’s a food comp.. I doubt it”
Spencer about the comp practice: “It seems vetoish”

5:05pm HOH GM has been calling people up into the HOH to make sure they are voting out Candice. Most houseguests say Candice and chat about the double eviction. Jessie says she won’t tell GM her vote tells her she doesn’t want to discus it.


5:15pm BedroomAndy, MC, Amanda and Specner

Andy says he’s sick thinking about Double eviction tomorrow. JUDD join them and they start to comment about how it sucks if Candice makes it to jury because so few of them have gotten to know her.


5:19pm Havenots McCrae, Amanda, GM

Amanda: “Someone told me that you hate me”
GM :Who the f**** said that cause I will bash their face in”
Amanda: “Aaryn told me that you say that every day”
GM: “I don’t say that every day.. when Candice is in the same room do I hang around or do I leave”
Amanda: “You leave”
Gm explains this is what she does when she doesn’t like people. She threw a party for Amanda and she talks to Amanda all the time she likes her.
Amanda: “I don’t get it.. why would she go out of her way to tell me that.”
GM: “I swear to god I never said I hated you.. I never said I hated you I never said I wanted you out”
Amanda didn’t think it was truthful.

GM: ”you know how much shit she talked to me about Kaitlin.. she hates everyone”
Amanda adds that Aaryn told her GM wanted to put her up but Aaryn had to talk her out of it.
GM denies it says Aaryn is a sh!t disturber. McCrae and Amanda agree.
Amanda leaves
GM says Aaryn told her to put Amanda and Elissa up.

GM reports back about how her conversations when with the houseguests. GM isn’t sure about Jessie but everyone else is locked.

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spencer made me laugh so hard saying amanda asking me to use pov on her its like the joker going to batman for help lol


OMG, I cannot get why Candice did not fight to stay in the house. After the things Amanda did and said, if Candice would of just tried to make any deals they would of sent Amanda home ASAP!! DId you see their faces, Andy, Helen, ELissa, Aaryn, McCrae were horrified by what Amanda was saying. Geez, Candice if you would of just pulled Helen, Elissa, you, Judd, Jessie, Aaryn in a room they would of all sent that biotch home. All you would of had to of done is made a few deals and it would of been done. Amanda is a piece of sick work. I was shocked!!! I know you are going to jury but I just wish you would of went up there and worked crap out with Aaryn, and that is saying a lot and of sent that hate filled women to the jury house by herself. OMG, all of these house guests must be terrified of Amanda and after watching tonight I sort of understand why. WOW is all I can say!!!


So were you hired by Aaryn’s family to take the heat off Aaryn or what?
If that many people got together in one room Helen would make sure to change the subject or start a bingo game or something…ya know.

Dan's Mist

OK…OK, ok!


Did you not watch the show? Amanda is one horrid piece of work! Ugly on the inside and out!


Helen is so far up Amanda’s a$$ it wouldn’t matter what Candice said to Helen. Helen joined forces with Amanda a long time ago and Helen disconnected with Candice around the same time. They had their eyes set on getting out Howard, Candice and Spencer and that’s what they are going to do. Candice has tried to talk to others. The only one with some sense and listened was Jesse. Everyone else is brain dead.


There isn’t anything to pull them aside and say. They already know and see how Amanda is and don’t care as long as it isn’t them or hurting their position.

Big Sister

As sad as I am to say it, they are blinded by Amanda’s Mist. (By the way, in German, Mist means s***!) Let’s hope the smell gets to them ASAP!!

Jess is awesome

vote amanda for 3rd nom every week until she is evicted

vote jess for americas player

good luck on thursday, i hope you stay, but if not its great you made jury

america is cheering for you jess


Amanda FTW


Now these losers are worried about getting to know Candice? They got themselves into that mess for being racist assholes. I’m hoping Amanda or Helen go home, I feel like it would really shake things up.


Sorry, Lulu, this is the dumbest bunch ever, they WILL NEVER shake things up and get Helen and Amanda out……….I can’t believe how terrified they are of Amanda, and Candice and Jesse can’t get anyone else to vote her bully a… out……..


How do they know Candance in Jury? See this show is fishy smelling.


Looks like that snake-eyes comp Porsche won last season.


As per the BB15 announcement the double eviction and 9 jury could land Candice then Aaryn in the same house? Alone? BB15 officially starts in jury.


Candice and Aaryn can work out all of their differences. Candice actually said she knows that Aaryn is just young and stupid so Candice gets that, but wow I don’t think Candice and Amanda need to be in the same house together. Amanda is one horrible person and all of the other house guests saw just how awful she was tonight. It would not of taken much dealing on Candice’s part after that competition to of flipped the entire house. The other house guests and that includes all of them were just horrified at what Amanda was saying to Candice. Do not care if they liked her or not their utter disgust of Amanda showed on their faces during that competition.


You’re giving too much credence to the CBS edit. Candice could have offered anything and she wasn’t getting the votes and she knew it from last week. I admire her for refusing to beg, hustle, or degrade herself. She was blamed for the racism in the house and it killed any chance she had at playing the game. All the people who said or laughed at the racist s**t were convinced by Amanda and Helen that the reason they were being asked about racism in the DR was because the black people were whining in the DR. They were all afraid of what was being said about them, so they decided the black people were troublemakers.

Candice understands that Judd and Andy are not in play, which means all she can get is three votes. Jessie isn’t trying to save her. Jessie knows she’s low man in the Superfriends and is trying to reset the game by getting Amanda out. Candice has everybody figured out because of the work she did last week talking to people. She can tell when people tell her something that doesn’t add up, like “The house wants somebody out” when the players are the house and the players COULD do what is best for them or best for other players. Candice knows her game is over and she’s not going to grovel or play nice with the scum…uh..I mean “The House”.


I really don’t think Candice knew the first thing (socially or physically) about how to play this game from the beginning. She was doomed from the start because of that reason and not her ethnicity. Period. She glommed onto someone finally after a couple of weeks who could bear to hang out with her (‘Howie) and he got some action as a bonus. After he left, she was back to not knowing the first thing about making deals. Period.

That Might Be True

Lets assume what you say is true about Candice. She got action from Howie. Lets try explaining Amanda. Amanda makes a pass for Howard that he turns down. McCrae says there is nothing like a woman scorn. McCrae is to scared to get out of this evil relationship. However, Amanda never recovered from Howard saying no. But lets continue….Amanda gives hand j#bs, bl%w j&bs. and mounts McCrae all within on week. Now that’s a great player. LOL! If it wasn’t for McCrae calming Amanda down and watching her back….you could say Amanda would of been gone now.

Was Candice the only female that jumped in bed with someone. Lets see, there was Kait and Jeremy, Gina and Nick, Jessie and Judd, Aaryn and David, and least we forget Amanda and McCrae. However, you make it seem like a negative that Candice and Howie might of hooked up. LOL!

You don’t have to like Candice or her game, but at least be consistent with your flawed logic. Because most of single women in this house have hooked up. Only Elissa and Helen have not hooked up…and they are married.


Jury starts when there are nine people left. That means seven people vote. That also means there is one more evicted after Candice, then jury starts.


As per the BB15 announcement the double eviction and 9 jury could land Candice then Aaryn in the same house? Alone? BB15 officially starts in jury.


since aaryn rocked practice, look for demanda and her minions to reverse that stance about not trusting/deciding to try and use her again.

hopefully aaryn won’t fall for it though.

and ugh. i have to root for aaryn now? :(

pot calling kettle

I am definitely rooting for Aaryn because I do think with just a tiny bit of negotiations they can get her to put Amanda on the block. Her face during that competition were Amanda was going beserk was just total horror and she does not like Candice. All Candice had to of done at the end of that competition was sit down and of talked with Aaryn and Amanda’s butt would of been toast!


Who is going to get her to put Amanda up? As it stands, Jessie is the only one interested in seeing Amanda leave.


I sort of seeing Helen talking her into it if she wins. OH MY that would be EPIC!!

BB is scripted

Google “Big Brother 15 rigged” and a former employee released a FB message telling everyone that Amanda will win it and that CBS scripts the show.


so if Amanda doesn’t win it what will you and this “employee” say then?

BB is scripted

And if she does win what will you say dumbass.



by that logic it means that Amanda definitely won’t win because if it was rigged big brother wouldn’t want people to know it’s rigged so they would have to make her lose.


That was me, just kidding. But if you read it on Facebook it must be true.


simon and dawg,

do either of you have an email for discussing website stuff? i have a couple ideas to run by you to maybe add to the place.


i dont use twitter or facebook though


thank you and sent


Hopefully, Jessie has luck in this hoh tomorrow!


Hopefully, Jessie has luck in this hoh tomorrow!


LovinG tonight’s McCrae DR Amanda bashing sessions!!!! Wouldn’t it be epic if he becomes the person to “flip” and vote her out???? Scratch through drywall vs. vote her out!!! A girl can dream *le sigh*


that would be amazing… and just to put the icing on the cake, he should hook up with Jessie once she’s out.


Simon, does this site have anything to do with CBS? Are they employing you or influencing the post that make it on this site?

Get a clue

You would think they would all realize it’s DE night – GM was practicing the comp.


Wow, Amanda is not getting a good edit tonight!!! LOL


About time her true self get exposed, guess AG couldn’t “spin” this one.


It’s just finally a truthful edit…Amanda is a bully and bitch and she is FINALLY being portrayed that way. Unfortunately they didn’t air everything she said to Candice during the veto comp to really show her true colors…she is disgusting and I hope she gets the boot.

pot calling kettle

Are you kidding me how much uglier could Amanda of gotten. I mean she is one scarey “woman”. I understand why all the other house guests stay away from her and are scared of going after her. I mean did you see all of their faces? McCrae, Aaryn, Helen, Andy, Elissa, Judd were in total disgust and horror the more she opened her mouth. She is one ugly person inside and out. I mean seriously she is delusional and she is a Racist Satan. She needs a lot of mental help!


She told Candice that Howard wanted to stick his c**k in her mouth, not Candice’s…and this is after a week of pretending to everybody else that she feared Howard was going to rape her in the house. Funny but I don’t know many women who would brag that somebody they saw as a rapist wanted to f**k them. Call me crazy.

Production is still protecting Amanda, but when she shows her true colors during moments that have to make the CBS show, she ties production’s hands.


I cant wait to see their faces when they realize Candy is going to jury.

This Season Blows

Demanda getting a terrible edit. Pretty clear Rachelissa is STILL production’s pet, not Demanda. Sorry, Cat People.


Yeah this episode is for the people who said the game is rigged for Amanda.Wooo she has a horrible edit today haha


It doesn’t matter how they portrayed her tonight, if the MVP is over. In fact, if it is, I would bet they are thinking that the joke is on us, since we would no longer be able to nominate her.

You So Funny

Jeez, Amanda is getting dumber by the minute, no wonder America voted for her nomination.


after that veto comp the whole house (ok jessie not) still protecting amanda. crazy, crazy world!! these are fools.


Elissa wants to vote Amanda out and keep Cancice. Helen keeps threatening her., she will be all alone.

pot calling kettle

They are all scared to death of her. Heck I would send myself home if I was in that house with Amanda. She is a sociopath!! She is one terrifying human and those guys were terrified to tell her they would not take her off the block if she won, and then she goes insane and yelling at McCrae and wants Aaryn to be all happy that they would use it on her. Is she total nuts or what. McCrae got it then tried to explain it to her and she went nuts on him. They are terrified of her, and cannot say that I blame any of them!!


This years cast shows that productions casting criteria was poor sports, racists and damn fools…….well done production……if amanda is here next weekend there is no doubt its rigged,,,,funny how arryn isnt as racist anymore as the season progresses …..production has probably picked winner already.


if you read the feeds your commenting on you would know that Amanda is not going anywhere and why…just because someone you don’t like sticks around doesn’t mean the show is rigged.

pot calling kettle

Come on Amanda makes Aaryn look like a saint. There is no comparison of the two but wow you do not see one thing about Amanda on TMZ. Amanda is sick, sick, sick and scarey!

This Season Blows

“funny how arryn isnt as racist anymore as the season progresses”

People are actually mad about this? I’m applauding her newfound restraint. At least she’s actually trying to learn from her mistakes while others (i.e. Demanda) just spiral further out of control.


this episode makes me so madddd. i hate Demanda so fkn bad


Arryns mouth is weirdly shaped….and Andy is a full on rat in both senses of the word….


McCrae had me dyin tonight. He wants out of this relationship!


Feeling more and more sorry for McCrae…….would YOU want to bed down with that bully b……? She has bigger ba….s then he does……….


I want him to dump her and hook up with Jessie haha


Jessie is like half a person, not completely aware of anything. She pouts like a child.
And she’s a complete moron.

Big Sister

Watching tonight’s show… WHY is CBS always choosing Amanda to make comments like we need her to explain (her take on) what is happening?? Notice they didn’t include her crude remarks about Howard’s ****. Once again, an incomplete edit. WHY won’t these fools just VOTE HER OUT???? If Candice has to go first, let Amanda go second. What a week in the jury house would that be?!


Big Sister- what did that disgusting pig amanda say about Howard’s ****? I must have missed it…

Big Sister

Something to the effect that Howard wanted to do Amanda and not Candice, but in very vulgar terms. Simon, can you cite the exact post? I will look and see if I can find it. It messed with Candice’s head and made her doubt Howie’s character.


But did you hear Howard’s explanation of his comment. It’s obvious that
that was exactly what he said. Candice was a whiney complainer the
whole time he was there, why would he want her.

Big Sister

Yes, I heard it, but I repeat: NO ONE heard what he said. Go back and listen to Jeff’s interview. I hope he challenges her on it at the finale. I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.


love all these amanda and mccrae fights on tv tonight. hopefully they find themselves on the block together… so i can see more fights. hah.




Helen loves EVERYONE even the one that were talking the most shit about her… How Cute.


Amanda makes me sick. She is such a mean person and a bully. I wish the HGs would open their eyes to how abusive she really is.


REALLY DON’T WANT AARYN TO WIN A 3RD HOH!!! That means Jessie will go home asap and the house will be down to scum


I don’t want Aaryn to win HOH either. BUT if she wins the first HOH of the night there are two chances I might not mind it. If it lasts only 15
minutes within which she nominates Amanda and McCrae and orchestrates Amanda’s boot from the house then. Then someone else gets the HOH for the week. I will be totally fine with an arrangement like that

You So Funny

So is Amanda’s family going into protection this week?


Well Elissa made it to jury so she will win. Which is cool I guess. I’ll believe it’s rigged when the twist start coming to save Amanda from Eviction. If she wins, I will never watch BB again, and I’ve been watching since Season 1. Seems like we’ve come such a long way since then. It will be a sad parting but I’m not gonna put up with any blatant favoritism on Amanda’s part, she’s just as bad as Aaryn and they both should have never made jury as far as I’m concerned.

Oh and on a side note… WHERE THE FUCK IS ZIGBOT!!!!!


Zingbot’s zings for THIS cast might be a little harsh…


Sorry, but Amanda and Aaryn’s names do not need to be mentioned in the same breath. As awful as the comments were from Gina Marie and the use of the N word, or anything that Aaryn has said none of it comes close to the hatred and pure ugly that came from Amanda Zuckerman tonight. She is in a category all her own.

This Season Blows

Plus Aaryn’s actually making an effort to be less ignorant, whereas Demanda and Gina Marie spew more vile shit by the week and Candice proves to be no better.


Jury starts this week (9 members)


CBS had no other choice showing amanda true colors because they dont want to cause their show viewers … Not only is amanda estupid lol but slow no wonder she keeps getting nominated because of her attitude her nasty behaviour … REAL TALK in my macrea voice amnada mouth will always get her in trouble …. YET macrea HAS GIVEN HER MANY HINTS tone it down stop the drama … Macrea said amanda behaviour is like his ex girlfriends i really dont think they will last outside this house … Amanda wears the pants in this relations,,,, showmance she cant take the passenger side … I am glad macrea give her A reality check ….AND that shinqua comment holy shit i will never root for amanda she has shown us who she really is hope she is nominated again as MVP that would drive her crazy ….


McCrae is fed up with his “big brother bride”, I hope we get a showmance breakup this season, I never seen one before. He doesn’t need her anymore, everyone in the house loves him, if he makes it to final 2, the votes will e unanimous in his favor.

You So Funny

Aaryn’s mom: “Thank god Amanda is on this show!”

la la la

I love this comment! it made me laugh out loud!

You So Funny

You talking about the lack of competitions in bikini’s? I totally agree!!!


Simon, who is the unnoticed evil?


It’s HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!

am almost at hunter thompson's level of gonzo

helen may have voted for mitt instead of barack, but somebody said she’s into L. RON hubbard!!!!

if her control freak impulses resemble the cult phase rapid expansion of the movement, i cannot

blame ancient hoary elephant opines or glib glitteratii donkeysnark for her Napoleonic impulses…

L.RON was controversial in his day. if helen is actually the group’s celeb who is akin to tom cruise

or john travolta, and if her rich fantasy~life is found inside BATTLEFIELD EARTH most abundantly…

we must sit back and wait for part two of the fabled double eviction with a divine wise patience!!!!

Delilah Jones

I totally agree!


If any of the racists, misogynists, pervs, etc. wins this show they’ll need that prize money for round the clock security. Poetic justice!


The Ultimate Karma.


New Pandora’s box idea: They show her a picture of Nick and reset button. GM goes into the room and sees a card with the reset button. She must rename two nominees and the MVP must name another one. The rest of the house gets to spend a day with Nick.


@ TMC I was with you until you said MVP must chose another nominee. No thanks, we like the one we have lol


Did anyone else see where Julie Chen tweeted a picture of a reset button today?


She did? I don’t know if that would be true. I doubt they would use the same twist idea two years in a row with the reset..

But then again we were suffocated with returning players..


I think that’s just a fancy way of saying the MVP twist is over but idk…


Spencer expelled by tomorrow morning for his comments. Candice goes first. Judd or Aryn second then they bring back Jeremy or Howard to replace Spencer. Jeremy would be cool because he had the balls to go after Amanda or Helen. If this scenario doesn’t happen then I will be finished for the rest of the season! No Pandora’s box yet.?? They are saving it for Aryn or Amanda’s HOH….. :(

Butters Mom

They can’t bring back Jeremy or Howard… they have been out of the house and not sequestered.

The Black Fish

If it were Aaryn and Amanda F2, who would win?


Are you serious? There is not doubt that Aaryn would for me. Amanda was just beyond hate and this women works with people. Aaryn comments not nice but no way no how are they remotely in the same category as Amanda. Amanda is a horrible human bully bigot racist who just is filled with hate for all not just Candice. She went after McCrae, Spencer, Judd, Aaryn, Jessie and anyone else that does not do what she says. She is frightening just to watch. I cannot imagine these people being stuck in this house with Amanda. I would be terrified as the woman is a total NUT.


Amanda needs to go, she’s a bully!!


omg if aaryn wins another hoh half of me will die.

and the other half will be somewhat satisfied considering (ALL PERSONAL FEELINGS ASIDE) she at least has a head on her shoulders (which contains a bad mouth) but strategically, she’s doing ok and is 10x better the Demanda.

But would that be the HoH tomorrow, or after the second person is evicted? Because wouldn’t they have to concentrate so the ball doesnt fall off? And during DE they usually go really fast. It would take some time because everyone would go slow and steady. Right?


Tonight’s veto episode was both annoying and entertaining…..I don’t get Amanda. She must really think that everyone is playing this game for her. I felt bad for McCrae….she is definitely messing with his game. When will this showmance dissolve with Amanda’s eviction? Only time will tell…..

You So Funny

She truly believes her personality is normal and everyone likes her, counseling should be at the top of her to-do list after the show is over.

Keri Helen

“…they start to comment about how it sucks if Candice makes it to jury because so few of them have gotten to know her.”

…Gee, ya don’t say?!!! House full of douchecanoes, I swear! It’s not like you’ve had plenty of time and opportunities!!


Watching the show is so much fun because we truly get to see how much of a bitch Amanda is.


In my opinion Amanda is way worse then Jeremy ever was. She is so delusional.


I love amanda <3333333333333333
I do not agree with those things she said to Candy…
But hey….
I'm not going to change loyalties based off what a person says. Everyone is trash in that house in their own way. I'm gunna stick with someone getting the work done


I completely agree. She’s the only one keeping the game interesting.
Why are they putting people in the game who don’t know how to play it.

la la la

In my perfect world once julie annouces thats they have made it to jury and that its a double eviction, someone will say just evict amanda and send her packing!

You So Funny

Pot’s legal in Cali, give the HG’s a dime-bag this weekend, I wanna see what happens.


Helen would go into overdrive with the OK,OK, You Know, You Know.

Elissa would talk about production like crazy, and how special she is.

Spencer would be his vile self while raiding the fridge.

Amanda and McCrae would only leave the bed to raid the fridge, make a pizza, then head right back. No change

Judd, ok he’ll stay the same.

Jessie will try and rape Judd, to his horror.

GM would hallucinate and think Nick really likes her and wants to marry her, and is right beyond the “exit door”.

Aaryn would continue to be delusional about the way she was acting, not much change.

Weed wouldn’t bring much entertainment to this house. Now COCAINE on the other hand? Holy Shit


It would be nice to throw Rick James up in this bitch w/ a full on coke buffet. That would really get things poppin off. Might hurt Judd though b/c he seems to have a hard enough time to get his thing up when Aaryn or Jessie flirt w/ him. Helen would talk everyone to death though, us live feeders would have a nervous breakdown for all the houseguests then.


opps forgot about Andy

Andy would jump into conversations at an alarming rate getting himself exposed as a weasel.