Helen tells Amanda we need to blind side Jessie and Judd, I don’t want them to know it’s coming.

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return, Judd is up and out in the backyard. Jessie is in the bathroom stall and yells for Andy to grab her toilet paper from the storage room. Andy goes and grabs her some. Ginamarie is in the kitchen frantically looking for Crystal Light in the kitchen. Andy heads out to join Judd on the backyard couch. Judd fills Andy in on how Ginamarie flipped out last night. Judd says that Ginamarie had a tear running down her face. He says Gina said that’s her’s and Nicks bed. Andy was supposed to save it. Andy says if I was more immature I would call a house meeting and say that no bed is no ones bed! Andy says just because we were havenots for week one we now don’t have a bed because we couldn’t claim one. Judd says yeah we got f**ked out of a bed. Judd says Aaryn doesn’t have a bed, she hops around. Andy says Jessie is one of the smallest people here and she has the biggest bed. Andy says Ginamarie would have an aneurysm someone took that bed from her.

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Gina says I want NICK’s bed BACK! It’s not my fault Andy is a fudge packer and can’t f**king sleep with another guy!

1:45am Gina and Spencer are laying in the hammock talking. Spencer tells Gina that her HOH is pretty much over, it’s just the bedroom now. He says he is ready for Candice to high step it out of here. The house will be a lot better without her. Gina agrees and says look at how much quieter it was tonight without her. We didn’t hear her voice or nothing, it was awesome! Spencer says man I am ready to see some people leave. Gina says I am going to stay chill Wednesday, then have everyone up in my room. Spencer says talk to me last. Gina says yeah and then what I am going to do is sleep downstairs tomorrow so that people wont be down stairs talking because I will be staying up late. McCrae and Amanda will be up in the HOH. How do you like them apples? I will stay up all night to make sure no ones talking. I don’t need energy for Thursday, I ain’t competing. Spencer tells Gina that he doesn’t want to get HOH this Thursday. I would rather someone that will keep me safe get it. Because going into jury next week, I would rather win it then. Judd comes out to join them.

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The Bachelorette party “Please god don’t let me be like these people.. Every day I pray”

10:17pm bedroom Elissa and Candice
Elissa is inviting her to the party. Candice doesn’t think she’s up for it.

Elissa says she doesn’t like sangria she told Amanda and all they saved her was a little bit of wine. Elissa offers to get her a beer. Candice says she’s just going to go to sleep.

Elissa says she wants Candice to be able to enjoy her time here. Elissa is worried that she’s going to start picking up on the bad habits of the house. She says she prays every day to god that she doesn’t start acting like Amanda, Aaryn and GM.
Elissa “Please god don’t let me be like these people.. Every day I pray.. You know how you can pick up bad habits being around people right”

Jessie rolls in .. “It’s a bit nippy in here” Jessie offers to Candice alcohol Candice says she just want to stay in bed.

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“You People are CRAZY for keeping this showmance in the house she can sell a coffin to a dead man”

7:35pm Backyard Helen, Jessie and Candice.

Jessie is saying it’s bullsh!t that Amanda can say all this sh!t about Elissa and get away with it but everyone else gets raked over the coals by Amanda.

Jessie points out the name of the game is how far you can stick you head up Amanda’s a$$. Candice agrees. Candice seems more occupied to get Spencer out but Jessie wants Amanda out. Helen says she’s already tried to get the votes and can’t. Helen tells her they do not have the votes. Jessie says they did but they’re flip flopping has lost them the one vote they needed.

Jessie says they only need 4 votes and they can get that fourth vote.

Helen calls Candice out for going against her and Elissa last week.

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Jessie sums up the BB15 game “Who can Stick their head the furthest up Amanda’s A$$”

6:55pm Hammock Spencer and Jessie

She’s was working on something but Helen shut it down. Jessie doesn’t understand because it was Helen’s idea to start with. Jessie says she stuck her neck out and nothing happened she feels like she’s the main target in the house noe.
Jessie isn’t going to give up on trying to make a big move. Spencer tells her to get HOH.

Spencer says it’s going to be hard for them to do anything until MVP is gone. Jessie agrees says MVP is annoying as F*** “If they don’t get rid of it this week they’re handing them the game”

Jessie: “Dude.. JUDD has such a short fuse.. it’s hard because we’re supposed to be so close but sometimes he directs it at me”
Spencer: “It’s a tough game”

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Big Brother Spoilers “Nick never made me feel stupid.. EVER.. that’s why I really Likeded him”

3:00pm Cockpit Helen, Andy, Andy, Ginamarie
Ginamarie is power crying because she struggled writing her HOH blog. She thinks people are going to think she is stupid. .
GM: “People are going to make fun because I can’t spell or right”

Helen is very vocal trying to calm her down and pour praise on Ginamarie. “you have something so special I have never seen it before in my life “
Helen tries to tell her the fans don’t want to read about How plato’s theories relate to the game they want to year from Gina MArie YO YO YO staten island”
Helen: “No on likes perfect.. missed spelled words and sentences that are grammatically imperfect.. no one likes perfect OK.. They want to se the Ginamarie you are”
Andy: “Everyone loves who you are”
Helen: “you are so special it’s going to come through the page.. it’s going to come through the page.. Your are not going to be writing the same type of blog I would write, JUDD would write or
McCrae..OK.. You have to realize.. i’m not kidding you have a thing about you that is very unique”

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Andy says what if Gina got a Pandora’s Box with a new power and she had no idea how to use it.

1:20pm – 1:35pm Jessie and Judd are out on the backyard couch. Jessie tells Judd that he is worried. Judd tells her not to be. Jessie asks don’t you want me to tell you when I’m worried. Judd says yeah. Jessie says if I don’t win HOH I will be going up. Judd says he won’t put her up if he wins. Jessie asks who he would put up then. Judd says I don’t know there are 9 other people that could go up. Judd asks you would put up Ginamarie because she put you up right? Didn’t you say that last night? Jessie says yeah. Jessie says that that is an in balance of power in the house with Amanda/McCrae/Helen/Elissa. Jessie says that she thinks the order of eviction will be Spencer, her, Aaryn, Ginamarie, Judd, Andy. She says until it’s just McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa. Jessie tells Judd that she thinks he is in a great spot right now but it’s only a matter of time until he goes too. Judd asks Jessie who she is working closely with. Jessie says just you and Helen/Elissa. Judd says that he trusts Helen.

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Andy says Gina kissed Nick’s photo. Judd says she said Nick should be scared when I get out..

10am – 10:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return Judd and Helen are in the bathroom. Judd heads out into the backyard where Andy is sitting on the couch. Judd asks Andy if Candice thinks she is safe. Andy says he doesn’t think so. Judd comments that she only offered that she could cook for me. I would think about it if she at least offered me something good like being loyal to me or something. Andy says that Candice said she was not going to campaign because she isn’t that type of person. Judd says look at who your up against it wouldn’t be hard to campaign. Andy agrees. Judd comments at how bad it would have been if Ginamarie really had nominated us. Andy says oh yeah. Judd says we can’t let Ginamarie win another HOH. I told you it would be a fiasco. She is loyal as sh*t though. Andy says Ginamarie can’t be promising everyone safety though we’re running out of people. Helen comes out into the backyard and starts running. Judd wonders why Ginamarie didn’t automatically think I wouldn’t vote out Candice.

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Jessie tells Candice I am doing all the work, last night I made out with Judd.

1:35am In the bedroom – Elissa, Jessie and Candice are talking. They talk about trying to get Judd’s vote and ask Jessie to work on him. Jessie says I am doing all the work. Last night I made out with him. Jessie tells Candice maybe she should campaign. Candice says maybe I should offer him my HOH if I get it, he asked me what I was offering him. Candice says that Andy doesn’t want to get any blood on his hands because he is in a good position. Jessie says that the longer the power couples have in the game the more power they have. Jessie says I have already over extended myself and I can’t do anymore. Elissa asks Jessie if she thinks she has over extended herself with Judd. Jessie says um well I mean.. Candice talks about there being two story lines Helen/Elissa and Amanda/McCrae and eventually they will go against each other. Elissa says it kind of puts a target on my and Helen’s back when you keep saying that Helen and I are running the house with Amanda/McCrae. Candice says its not just me, it’s how the entire house perceives it. Elissa leaves. Jessie says that she thinks Amanda and Elissa are working together.

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Jessie’s done campaigning to get Amanda out “Candice is a time bomb”

11:47pm Bedroom Elissa, Jessie and Helen
Jessie says she’s done campaigning to get Amanda out.
J: “I don’t fully trust her she’s in a really big power position skilled with words and intelligent she’s a strong person her social game is rock solid.. everyone talks to her tells her what’s going on in the house.”
Elissa asks her if the talk with Amanda Changed her mind or it was something else.
J: “what changed my mind today is not feeling like the timing is right. Just Just hope that I can trust her… Are you frustrated with me Elissa”
Elissa: “I’m not frustrated at all”
J: “I Want to do what y’all want to do and make decisions together”
Helen: “one of my worries is if Amanda leaves McCrae, JUDD, Andy and Spencer will form a guys alliance and the girls will need to band together”

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Candice has been in bed all day “It’s the Jessie method when you’re on the block”

6:22pm HOH Gm getting her hair coloured by Elissa. Helen and Aaryn on the couch talking about hair, Make up etc etc

Aaryn tells them how Jeremy and Kaitlin were strategizing against Aaryn when she was in the bed right beside them. Aaryn tells them tthe poem Jeremy made up for Kaitlin. “Roses are red your eyes are green when I think about you it’s just like a dream.. Something something unreal..”
Aaryn tells them that Jessie was saying the name of the game is to keep “Princess Elissa” and “Princess Amanda” happy. They all start bashing Jessie. Aaryn tells them Jessie is trying to get her to go against Elissa and Helen.
GM says a lot of guys probably f*** Jessie then “Bounce out” Just random bashing

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Amanda says she looks like a slave and GM losses the cone “KILL THE CONE”

3:55pm Amanda gets called into the Spray tanner. After it’s done she catches Andy around with the plan to rub the orange paint on him. She chases him around the house but never catches him. The dance music starts again singling Amanda to go into the Spray tanner again. (This is the first time she’s been called twice in a row)
Andy is laughing up a storm.
Spencer: “You look like a dirty child like a orphan”
JUDD: ‘You look like a dirty potatoes ”

Amanda is crazy tanned now. She says people are going to think she’s wearing “Black face”

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