Gina asks was Jessie raised on a ranch? Aaryn asks was she one of the farm animals? I hate her!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


1am Helen, Elissa, Candice and Jessie talk about how hard it is to be around and work with people is difficult. Jessie heads to bed. Elissa tells Candice that she can’t wait for her to get married. Candice says that she thinks her friends think she is crazy because she passes up all of these guys just because they don’t feel like a puzzle.
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Meanwhile in the lounge – Ginamarie and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn says she (Jessie) was being so.. like jumping on the coffee table. I was like who are you were you raised in a barn? Gina says um you’re going to break it, get your fat a$$ off it please. Aaryn asks who does that, like who does that? Who were you raised by that you think it is acceptable to jump on a coffee table? Gina asks was she raised in a ranch or on a ranch? Aaryn asks was she one of the farm animals? Like I am confused. I hate her! Gina brings up how it would be a whole different game if Jeremy hadn’t voted out David. Gina says that she wishes Nick told her about the moving company so that she could have saved him. Aaryn says he didn’t tell you because he thought he had the votes.
The camera switches to Spencer and Andy in the bedroom. They complain about the girls in the havenot room talking so loud they can’t sleep. Andy opens up the havenot door and tells them he loves them but shut the f**K up we are trying to sleep. He tells them to go talk in the cockpit or that bathroom.


1:10am In the lounge – Aaryn and Gina continue to talk. Gina says she is going to bed soon. She says if she (Candice) doesn’t shut up soon she is going to have to go in there. Aaryn says it’s okay she can run but she can’t hide. We are coming after you clownie! Gina is worried that Candice is talking to Elissa, Helen and Jessie about flipping the votes. Aaryn says that’s only 3, they would need one more. Gina asks what about Andy. Aaryn says nope, no chance, no chance! Gina and Aaryn head to the kitchen to eat Pizza.

CBS Interactive Inc.

1:15am Up in the HOH room – Amanda and McCrae eat pizza in bed. Amanda says I feel much better about this eviction than last eviction. It’s like I am used to it. McCrae asks I wonder if anyone is going to try and take a shot at us. Amanda says no, it’s too early. There are 4 other targets in the house before us. McCrae says it still would be easy to get to if it was a double eviction. Amanda says whoever tried to take us out, everyone would go after that person because everyone likes you. I think everyone likes me too, most everyone. Amanda says it’s too early, it would piss off way to many people. Don’t you think so? McCrae says some people don’t think about that. Amanda says the only person would be Jessie but she would asks Helen or Andy and they would tell her not to. Amanda asks I wonder if you or I would go if we were on the block together. McCrae says if it was everyone that is here, you would go. Amanda asks why? McCrae says because with you gone I am weaker. With me gone you are the same strength. Amanda doesn’t agree. McCrae says I think Andy would keep me over you. Amanda doesn’t agree and says I tell him more stuff than you do. McCrae says the only reason they would keep you over me is if they want a bigger target in the house. McCrae says if I was up on the block against you I would tell them I want to work with you guys. Amanda says EWWW! McCrae says I will work with whoever keeps me. Amanda asks you would campaign against me? McCrae says I would campaign for myself not against you. Amanda says you’re a jerk. McCrae tells Amanda that he is pretty confident she would go before him. Amanda says as long as we were in jury I wouldn’t campaign against you because I love you and care about you making it far in this game. McCrae is worried about going home and not making it far. Amanda tells him he needs to grow some balls, she has been on the block and he hasn’t. You need to get some tougher skin bro! Amanda tells him not to worry. McCrae says if I walk out tomorrow I would be f**king pissed. Amanda and McCrae count out the votes and realize that McCrae could be voted out over Amanda if Jessie won HOH. They continue to go through scenarios depending on who won HOH. McCrae says that he doesn’t want to be the one to put up Judd. He then says if he has to he will.


1:30am Spencer meets with Ginamarie in the bathroom and she tells him he is good. Spencer says hopefully you and I make it to the jury and then we are straight! Gina says I hope so, I am so f**King excited, I can’t wait. She isn’t going to know what hit her. Gina and Spencer head to bed. Elissa and Candice are talking in the living room. Elissa asks what am I going to do? Candice says I don’t know – win HOH, put Aaryn and Ginamarie on the block and get her out of here. Elissa asks what if you two go to jury together? Candice has a shocked look on her face. Elissa says it would be a nightmare.



1:33am – 2:30am McCrae goes to get out of the bed and has a d**k slip. He says oh no d**k slip! (Chick here for the Flashback Time Stamp) Amanda and McCrae shut off the lights and continue to talk. Amanda asks do you think although I am up on the block every week do you still think I am in a decent position in the house. McCrae says yeah. As long as we ride with the 5 each week we are fine. We just need to get HOH two weeks in a row and we are set. Amanda and McCrae watch Candice and Elissa on the spy screen. Amanda asks what are they doing up anyhow. She says Go to sleep, stop campaigning you are going home tomorrow. Amanda asks McCrae this doesn’t bother you at all? McCrae says it does but they don’t have the numbers. Amanda says maybe they are enjoying their last night together. Amanda says she wants to sneak down and see what they are talking about. Amanda says I love how you farted around me once and not you feel like you can do it all the time. You’re a fart factory. You’ve even crop dusted my face. She says I still haven’t done it around you because I am a lady. Amanda says if I leave before you and you ever share a bed with anyone else I may just come back in Pandora’s Box and strangle you to death. McCrae says there is no way I leave before you if Judd leaves. Amanda asks what are you talking about, you and me final two. Amanda asks are you not going to want Judd to not go? McCrae says I don’t know. Amanda asks is this really happening right now, are you really contemplating not getting rid of Judd? He put me up as MVP two weeks in a row. You know how dangerous he is. McCrae says yeah. Amanda wonders if they should separate once the MVP twist is gone. Amanda asks if you want to do that but Judd has to go. Amanda starts getting mad thinking McCrae wants to keep Judd over her. Amanda comments that we both are friends with different people. She says that people would feel guilty about putting him up because no one is targeting him. Amanda says she can’t even contemplate how he is thinking of keeping Judd after he tried to get her out two weeks in a row. If anyone put you up I would be gunning for them forever. Amanda asks is there a way to keep Judd here and not have him go after me. McCrae says he doesn’t know. Amanda says it’s you and me to the end, final two. McCrae then farts really loudly right on Amanda. She says it went in her butt. Amanda and McCrae go to sleep.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Lois Lane

Google Fox News for that latest info “BB Contestants make more racist remarks, comments about child p..n” The article is an interesting read…. I’m beginning to feel like a ‘stranger in a strange land’



Thanks for the heads up; I normally avoid Cluster Faux News like the plague.

This is the most damning part of the article:

Author Jennifer Pozner, who wrote “Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV,” said she has a hard time believing show producers didn’t get exactly what they wanted. A show like “Big Brother” is cast with people to increase the likelihood of table-flipping fights, drunken hook-ups and offensive language, she said.

“You know what — it’s appalling, and you created it for that exact reason,” Pozner said. “Why should we believe that you as a network did not get exactly what you wanted?”

Read more:

Lois Lane

Sociology, that’s why I suggested it was ‘an interesting read.’ Wasn’t my intent to light a fire about Fox – had I wished to do that – I would have also mentioned the chatter on MSNBC…



Can’t stand the truth huh? With a tag like sociology, you sure know how to show your ignorance.


Hey Lois tell Clark hi . Anyway now Amanda has them all going after Jessie and making hate filled remarks about her . Amanda has used this type of mind control before . She says certain stuff to certain people to plant mind bombs then they start u all thought how Andy telling Howards plans so much messed Howards game up . Howard was right about Amanda and Helen they were the ones everyone should be targeting . Helen will maybe win they are gonna have to change plans for Amanda to win . Jessie gonna be the new punching bag til she leaves

Lois Lane

I’ll tell him you said hi! I’ve asked him to keep an eye on Jessie, but he told me he can’t see past production – I guess the house is lined with kryptonite.


FARM ANIMALS, FARM ANIMALS , now they are talking hate against farm animals . Anyway most of america use to be raised on farms and ranches years ago are grand mothers and grandfathers why would you hate on people that live on ranches and farms .


Wow if FOX News is reporting on Racist behaviour in the Big Brother House, you know this Shyt is really bad and has gotten out of hand!


Aaryn would be clueless that next week she will be the member of the jury.


WHY ARE AMANDA IN THE HOH ROOM AGAIN ? Amanda acts like she owns HOH . Judd STOOD up to her once . Jessie tried to stand up to her . Howard was right . Helen and Amanda were the ones everyone should have been going after . They are all acting like little children they cant go use the rest room unless they ask AMANDA OR HELEN .


*SP0ILER ALERT* Amanda is running the house. She is the illuminati of big brother, every one knows it but scared to do something. Hopefully the house gets flip tonight.


McCrae is in an enviable spot, he gets to have sex with his goat.


@Patrizio LOL


It is really disturbing how these girls can continuously say that “hate” Candice and Jesse. Why do you hate them? Maybe they need to look up the meaning of the word…
This cast is the worse I have ever seen. I would love to see Elissa win the whole thing


I find it very disturbing to they are all a bunch of High School drama queens!!! But I cannot wait and am so excited for tonite when they find out Candice and Jessie when she leaves will both be in Jury!!!


NO, it isn’t unusual or disturbing when you consider we are watching a high school drama house. None of these people act like adults; they all act like high school catty girls and horny high school guys. I don’t think there is an adult brain in the entire house. Seriously, adderall is a meth amphetamine. Come on now! These people are not the brightest tools in the shed! It is seriously scarey when you think Andy is a professor at a college or perhaps that explains it all. They learn these type of actions at college with professors that dumb!


So many people fired from their jobs. It’s incredible for one person to lose their job from big brother, but for 3(or 4 idk if spencer got fired yet) in one season just doesn’t have words. What happened to those people who found Janelle, Boogie(even though I hate him, but he’s a legend), Dr. Wil, Evel Dick, Allison, Erika, Howie, Maggie. If the next season is bad i’m giving up on big brother for good well at least bb us.


And also just stop the hurtful comments. I get all of you guys are self conceited, but it’s not nice to bully then act nice to the person and bully them again. I hope Jessie wins hoh because she’ll break up the house.


I like McCrae so far in this game. He fights win competitions and makes deals. Perhaps having Amanda taking all the heat is working out for him in a bad cop vs. good cop. I see his strategy now.

Hmmmmm…….he has the potential to win $500k…..he has never been on the block….along with gossipy Andy.


UMM…OK, if McCrae wins the $500K, can you imagine Amanda? She’d really try to get her hooks further into him and probably claim half of the money for herself, saying he wouldn’t have won if she didn’t help him.


Omg I just saw the show. Demanda is vile. She really doesn’t understand what a bully she is lashing out at Jessie then Candice. She acts so entitled. As Mccrae says, for no purpose.

Of course America loves her! She should be the next Bachoralette. That would be hilarious. But I don’t think I could stomach her in The Amazing Race. Mccrae would suicide.


Bachelorette …


Omg Mccra! You are ruining your game by being so honest w/amanda. Omg no no. You are now more enemy than boyfriend.


Demanda and McCrea on Amazing Race!!! Almost peed my pants at the thought.


Andy and Judd would be a better pair. They would be hilarious.


Amanda, you are an idiot. If Judd was MVP and wanted you out he would have jump at Jessie’s attempt to flip the house.

Amanda- you are no lady. farts or no farts.


ya, she’s so confident judd is MVP and wants her out, but on the flip side, she is so confident everyone likes her and she has the votes (including judd’s) to stay. which one is it!? mccrae needs to speak up about judd, it just doesn’t make sense.


NBC and ABC both have articles too. Sad thing is the more controversy Big Brother has the more people will watch and their ratings will go up.


There are three people left in the House (Helen, Amanda and Andy). Helen jumps around Final 3 Final 3 then hugs Andy. Helen then proceeds to tell Andy its not the right time to vote out Amanda, there is a time and place for that she reiterates, Andy agrees then runs to Amanda and tells her everything about the conversation he just had with Helen. Andy also explains that there was a plan to vote out her (Amanda) but he squashed it. Amanda storms outs of the room stating how dare someone even think about voting me out! BB ends as a stale mate and Helen jumps around again stating you know..

hunter thompson is my version of bb's nick

Lois Lane, like the intrepid DAILY PLANET fixture that she is… is picking up on the legs that the story has had.
i rattled off places like HuffPo, E Online, gossipingpens, gossipcop and in a posting yesterday
that got lost. the initial story about Spencer’s extremely uncalled for remarks has gone from BB fan~sites to the
mainstream media. FOX news tends to be tabloid, it is biased and often superficial, it like PBS came into being in
the wake of the three great TV networks of the 1950s that had their roots in radio, namely ABC, CBS and NBC.
i think CBS has a professional reputation to defend & has rationalized their damage control strategies. They have
one HELLUVA problem now, not reprimanding or fining Spencer creates a new low of filth for the live feeds, yet
if they evict him now and land hard on him, they must explain why it took them more than a day to even comprehend
why hiscruel remarks shattered the last vestige of decency inside the remnants of the old HAYS OFFICE code.
the problem with the live feeds having a loose degree of censorship is that anyone can wander into a room when
they are on, whether we speak of TV sets or laptops or mobile devices or computers. the concept of morality and
decency should not have to be spelled out to the contestants… i am not expecting worse out of them than anything
that has been inside PlAYBOY, PLAYGIRL or even COSMOPOLITAN magazine. Spencer had made remarks like the
prose inside LARRY FLINT’s vintage HUSTLER magazine. The mainstream media reaction to Spencer could ultimately
lead into a cancellation of this series, or at least a change in the way things are done. Normally the BB live-feed fan
sites have their own version of “what goes down in Vegas stays in Vegas” as they provide an info “fix” for people
who are trapped inside a 9 to 5 treadmill at work. Simon & Dawg are good at picking up powerplays as they also have
the most thorough coverage of what is going down inside the Big Brother House. Given that FOX is biased and political,
they can rouse up the “social conservatives” inside the GOP who yearn for the Eisenhower era. i think CBS has to diffuse
a can of worms, i hope Candice avoids being evicted, and that perhaps if Helen gets Spencer out, he can cool down for
a very isolated week with only one more person around him before another of the bigots joins him in the JURY mansion!
Spencer has not been physically violent like a certain said Hantz family member or given to obvious moments of hazing
and bullying like Aaryn this season. He when “moving company” let Jeremy slide into the role of mob muscle. I think CBS
had problems when the remarks were simply politically incorrect, but now things are 100 times worse given that his remarks
triggered the morality clause of the HAYS OFFICE code and the Jack Valenti code that replaced it in the 1960s. Johnny Carson’s
remarks in the 1960s were perceptively clever about the NBC censor, but Spencer Clawson’s remarks remind us why mass
media has to have a censor. In retrospective, once again we recognize that both Helen Gurley Brown and Hugh Hefner were
not threat to public decency or morality, even though each in their own way could be very libertarian about our private lives…
Julie Chen’s slow witted stupider half is going to be carefully viewing the more questionable moments from the live feeds for
the rest of the season. I’m hoping the program can survive any attempt to turn this into a political football. I’m a Johnny Depp fan!
I’m a Big Brother fan! i like a show where a vote can hypothetically split 3-3-3 or 3-3-2 or 3-3-1 as an unexpected twist resets
the game’s landscape. I like a few of the ‘exceptions to the rules’ that can newly arrive each season. I indeed sat in a movie theater
and watched the film version of FEAR AND LOATHING. Rum Diaries had me thinking pore auld Hunter Thompson died way too soon…


Dude, you may want to reduce the dosage of adderall you are taking

Perry White

FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the like are actually all alike (jut pick either the your right or left hand)! And TMZ, Huffington Post and the like, all play in the same sandbox of celebrity gossip. There’s a spin to all media – real news reporting is sadly becoming a thing of the past! I’m neither left nor right in my political stance – I attempt to learn and form opinions based on what little reliable sources there are.

I really don’t care who carried this entertainment news – I’m just grateful that the blogosphere was able to call BB production out early on and has continued to lean on them. Am I glad that lives have been ruined, not at all, am I glad the curtain is finally being pulled back on BB, you bet your life!

Now, go Jessie…… Maybe Lois will be able to summon some help for you!

Jimmy Olsen

The story is now flashing on MSN and reported on ABC… but I guess some people always blame the fox for eating the hens….


I hear ya.
I think the “live feeders” just shat in their own nest with all this “outrage”.
Spencer will have to give a statement saying his remarks were facetious.
His union should protect him from losing his job and rightly so he is not representing the railroad he is on vacation for christ’s sake.
Big Brother live feeds will be censored from now on.
BB 15 will become a trivia question….god only knows what the answer will be.

New World Order



I get what you’re saying, you’re right though, the comments and actions of the guests this particular season could have serious and unwanted consequences that may impact both the format and content of the show itself, including the live feeds, throughout future seasons….hopefully though, if/when that does happen, it will remain enjoyable and entertaining to the viewers without the possibility of deeply offending us


I think MVP twist should end this week or next week!!!!!!!!!

Say What

So the Mean Girls got their new target and its Jessie. So after Candice leaves tonight, Aaryn and Gina’s new public enemy is Jessie. So Jessie will get all the anger and hate now. Gina, give it a rest, you won. Candice is going home and you are still hating on her. Gina is upset by the very fact that Candice exists. Gina states if Candice doesn’t stop talking she is going in there. To do what Gina, challenge her to another fight? To give one of those up lifting speeches of yours that attacks someone’s character? Just maybe you want one last time to remind Candice how much you hate her. Ah! Gina I was really starting to feel sorry for you, but you are just so hateful. I don’t think the fact that you lost your job will change your attitude. You will blame Candice for your job loss and still think you did nothing wrong with saying all these racial comments.


I strongly feel the possibility of the reset button coming back will ONLY benefit production wanting to keep her in the game now and this their way of helping?? Keep America as MVP!!


simon and dawg if we are going to get drunk when andy walkS in on conversations . When HELLEN talks we should address her as ,, LOVE YOU FRIEND ,, LOVE YOU FRIEND,, OK OK OK OR YOU KNOW YOU KNOW LOL SHE DRIVES ME INSANE


McCrae is playing a smart, mature, low key game and Amanda is screwing it up by playing a personal, immature, obnoxious game. He’s thinking long term and she’s thinking short term. AND MCCRAE IS THE YOUNGER ONE!!!! I guess it’s because $500.000 would change McCrae’s life but for Amanda it’s just added money to her high life. He would cherish it and she would say “okay the plan with Grodner worked out”. Ugh!!!


I think Amanda’s high life is pretty much done. Her web sites have been pulled and even her parents neighbors in their high end gated community are not happy with them.
I thought I heard that on one of the live feeds she was talking about shenanigans with closings. Does anyone remember or know anything about that? Because playing fast and loose in a closing can cost Amanda her real estate license. Even the appearance is bad business especially in the FL real estate market.


I truly love the way Elissa and Candice are playing this game. They could care less about what everyone else in the house is doing and they are not trying to scheme everyone. Amanda has seriously become a nuisance to television and I cant wait to see her removed from the airways.

After watching the episodelsat night, I hate that Candice didnt clown on Amanda…no pun intended. It would have been so easy to gather 4 votes against Amanda but she didnt try. Maybe during the double eviction Candice and either Aaryn or GM will go. Thats the show I want to see. Especially if they get to watch back all the footage together.

Now that would be a show!


She tried but Helen and Judd refused. They are afraid to vote out Amanda


God Bless her little heart but Candice did not campaign. Candice and Helen and Elissa should of tried to make a deal with Aaryn and Judd to keep her right after Amanda’s attack on Candice during the competition but Candice didn’t and she lost a golden opportunity. They were all disgusted with Amanda during that and you could see it on their faces, but Candice wanted Helen and Elissa to do all the work and her to just stay in bed. She lost a great chance.


Nah, I don’t think it would have been easy maybe because you are thinking normal. Especially when you have catty ignorant hateful b*tches like Aaryn and Peter Pan Gina Marie. I don’t think they care how Amanda is as long as they she’s putting all her energy on people they hate or someone else.


I like Elissa and Candace too but their game is not as great as u say it is! They voted to keep Aaryn twice!!! They r voting with “the house” and that’s why they r in the mess they r in now. They r aligned with Helen and she is the root if all evil in that house! They need to wise up and make bold moves and quit doing what Helen wants!


i’m worried judd will be the second victim of the de tonight(not spencer), unless he gets a clue and works to change a few minds about his trustworthiness.

please, don’t send j-u-double-d, party daugherty home tonight! he’s one of only a couple of likable hg left!


Don’t worry, Judd is not going up. Spencer is!!!!!!!


I kind of like Judd. But if he goes, it will be mostly his own fault just like the other people who have been evicted. He’s had more than one chance to flip things in his favor to be at the top of an opposing alliance. But chose to play it in the middle of the pack and be cowardly like the rest, and even participating in some of the unnecessary smearing of people. These people don’t take into account that things can shift on that other side of the house and you can go from Superfriend to enemy #1 in no time. Looks like it’s tag he’s it.


“McCrae then farts really loudly right on Amanda. She says it went in her butt. Amanda and McCrae go to sleep.”

…such a lovely couple.


Where’s your game?

Amanda- certainly running the evictions and controlling the house. Has king rat Andy in her hip pocket. One thing that rarely gets brought up on these blogs is the value of information in the BB house. Amanda is getting the best and most accurate info in the house. In this house of rats it’s far from perfect but better than anyone else. Only real question for the dominant player at this point is what is her true end game…. F4 and F2? F4 looks like Andy, Helen and McCrae but I’m not buying it personally. The classic end game has her sitting beside a “zero vote” HG and an easy win. I had Arryn pegged but that sure doesn’t look right after their exchanges this week. Interested to see what “weak” player she chooses going forward for F2.

McCrae- I give him a 50/50 chance to go after Amanda using another HG to nom her. I think he knows his game suffers because of her and is not getting better. All Amanda offers him is protection on the upside. He’d need to bring Judd in rather than let him get evicted plus keep Jessie around which looks like a tall order.

Andy- king rat best positioned for F4 at the moment. Everyone is buying what Andy is selling for now. 2 surprise HOH’s in a row and he goes to the bottom of the totem pole as Amanda and Helen look to save themselves. Other wise he’s the toughest to beat F2 because of his social game. You know folks… the part of BB most of the HG’s haven’t bothered to play! Andy is miles ahead of them all and has yet to get nominated or had his name thrown around for eviction.

Ellisa- principled person playing in a season of racist douchebags and rats a plenty. She likely is only cut out personally as a make the jury player if she wasn’t Rachel’s sister. .Add in the MVP helped keep her week 2 but going forward only an abundance of other HG’s to evict has kept her around. She would be a mediocre player at best and will get voted out as a sacrifice by Helen to save her own douchebag a$$.

Arryn- racist no question. She has been in scramble mode for weeks. Had done a decent job of doing what Amanda wanted and thus staying in the game. Helen only thinks she was controlling her. Her limited power was going between Helen and Amanda going forward. Since they do not look like they are going to knock heads she is becoming a target again. She has done good to get this far but needs to realign with outsiders or win HOH/POV weekly.

GM- zero game, ,vulgar racist trash mouth with a stalking complex. LOL Who do you hate more? The people in the jury or in the house. Which ever you dislike more that’s where you want GM til the end of the game to make peoples lives miserable.

Spence- Just saved week after week because a new idiot every week makes themselves a bigger target or has black skin in a house of godless racist trash. You know the racists America; Helen, Amanda, Arryn, GM and Andy. Spencer will have to become useful to someone’s F4 asperations to stick around a lot longer. Amanda may see him as a useful way to get rid of Ellisa but I’m guessing he would not go for that idea. He looks like one of several people hooking their wagon to Helen over Amanda looking to get farther in the game. It appears that Amanda and Helen are tied at the hip so it’s a bad strategy for Spence, Jessie ect. All you have to do is ask Candy how aligning with Helen worked out tonight!

Jessie- wants to play but has only sheeple. The target on her back is permanent and the folks she thinks are friends like Helen are working to get her out ASAP. Truth is the “kiss of death” in the house is not being a sheeple!

Judd- one of the sheeple but is seen as a mastermind. The only thing he did that was brilliant was orchestrate Kaitlyn’s exit. Then the duma$$ bragged about it. “Dead man walking” ever since. His time is beginning to run short.

Helen- what hasn’t been written on the blogs about this douchebag racist. Dillusional in every way. Thinks she is running the game while voting out person after person who could have helped her. Today she is voting out Candy. Helen is the worst strategist and game player this season and one of the very worst ever. The unfortunate part is it looks like Amanda and Helen are actually working together going forward for quite awhile. The game going to be boring likely til September at minimum.

Unlike the “State of the Union” this season is very hard to nail down. The only absolute seems to be outsiders get picked off every week. If this continues indeed Jessie, Judd, Spence go after Candy. Then it’s Arryn/GM time unless any of the 1st 3 win an HOH. They will be convinced to target Arryn/GM sooner. Sure looks like the only one who can effectively change the game is McCrae. I’m afraid all he’ll do is continue to engage Amanda in conversation until he gets back doored likely with the help of Helen and Andy and Amanda’s approval. Unlike last season where pimple popper had no idea what Dan was going to do when she took him off the block Amanda will know and approve McCrae getting voted out. The only real question other than who sits beside Amanda F2 is are these idiots ever going to target king rat Andy?


Drug addicted mean girl but racist no! Amanda spewing hate racist bigot bully YES!


Best observation of the HGs so far this season….

I like posters that bring the FACT instead of making utterly pathetic excuses for the racist and vile pigs in that house, that is essentially nothing more then defending their actions.

They’re getting nothing more then what celebrities get when they do the same(jobs lost, being sued, bad reputation, ect) , Reality TV contestant are mini-celebrities and are held in the same regard, and should be liable for the same consequences..

Only very few of the comments that were made can be defended, most of them CAN’T and that’s what people are talking about.

Them getting fired had nothing to do with the fans, dipshits, co-workers and bosses at their jobs ALSO watched the show and did much needed “damage control”, because some of the contestants work in the public, and the companies don’t want to be associated with these people after hearing and seeing what they REALLY think. Who wants to be associated with bigots?


If Jessie and Candice are farm animals then I don’t know what Aaryn and GM are! They’re worse than PIGS!!! -> GM: Illiterate, -> Aaryn: racist PIGS!!! I really hope one of these b*tches get evicted tonight during DE just so the fans don’t have to hear the ignorance that’s coming out of their mouths, it has nothing to do with game, it’s all personal, petty, stupid jealousy from these 2 broads!




Well sorry but want kind of an adult with a brain jumps up and down on furniture especially a coffee table. I know my dogs jump on my sofa, but not my leaded glass coffee table. She may not be a farm animal but she acts like a 5 year old child, and if she jumped on my coffee table I would of said a lot worse to her. It is called respect other people’s property.


You are right about stupid petty and yet that does not make you a Racist; also partly about Judd too!! Funny, Aaryn and Jessie fighting about Judd; Judd enjoying all of the attention.

Elissa's Botox

People with tickets to the live eviction tonight got emails saying it was cancelled so they are probably taping it all during the day and using CBS employees as the audience again..kind of kills the drama some knowing it’s not live


CBS knows they can’t controll the boos. Boo boo. Just in case Amanda comes out. Lol

I can't remember who I am

If there feeds are down I guess we’ll know that’s true… Simon/Dawg thoughts?


BB went into its total lockdown mode shortly after California woke up…
there is a new thread on this. Aaryn once again was mean to Candice.
Simon + Dawg will have the same wait we all have, b4 more live feeds!


I figured it would happen again. Last week Howie kept talking about his speech on live tv. This week Candy has done the same. BB can’t afford to let this get out of control. Especially on a double eviction night. They can’t go over their hour.

BBfan from Florida

Thanks for including this…….”McCrae goes to get out of the bed and has a d**k slip. He says oh no d**k slip! (Chick here for the Flashback Time Stamp)”. I am not interested in looking but at least I have the option. It makes me feel better about your blog site being a little more objective regarding the various slips:)

Thank you Dawg and Simon!


I know right. I actually cringed when I read that part and am SO glad that I cannot see THAT. UGH!!! Eww. It’s probably all mold and maggoty given where it’s been. yuck!!


Burnin’ Rubber 5 is also a way cool video~game, too.
you also have a pretty neat net moniker in light of any
epiphany Helen may eventually have about M & A ~!!!!


or do M + A have a box of vintage roaring twenties
normalcy era “rubbers” on hand an’ they went thru
at least 4 of ’em in a very fast & predictable manner?


I haven’t had time this week to read but is the plan to still evict Candice tonight or will it be Amanda leaving? If someone could reply as to who is voting for whom, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


Candice is leaving and so far everyone is voting for her except for Jessie…. She will not say who she is voting for. That house is full of chicken shit losers who r afraid to vote for Amanda’s nasty ass!


I got the live feeds a week ago and I have to give Simon/Dawg credit for doing what they do every season of BB…having to listen to annoying people talk all day long (Helen), listening to their disgusting eating sounds, dealing with the frustration of the feeds cutting during a conversation about game talk, keeping up with two conversations going on at the same time, plus the conversations about eating placenta and childbirth….you guys deserve an award or payment from CBS.
It’s too bad Jessie couldn’t convince people to flip the house on Amanda, it would’ve made the next week in the house pretty darn interesting…instead we get another week of Helen and Amanda talking out of their asses. I don’t see anything exciting happening in the double eviction tonight, the sheep will do as they’ve been told all week, such a disappointing season so far.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

totally agree… those dudes are the bees knees. I can’t afford the time for the feeds so these guys make my life so much easier!!

Big Bully Bull - Amanda

Unfortunately, they have pretty much figured out that it is a double eviction tonight. The only hope will be for Jessie to win HOH, but the others will still be be to scared to vote the BBB (Big Bully Bull ) Amanda out. I can hear Helen now “You know, it is just too early, you know, she needs to the fifth person in the jury, you know not the second, you know. I love Candice dearly, we just can’t have Amanda in there with her, you know. What does the house want? Oh since the house wants me to go, I guess I will nominate myself, you know. You know, we have to go with the house, so off to jury I go, you know…”


All the women cast for this season are THE WORST. These girls are unapologetic in their idiocy; they are absurdly vain, catty and jealous to the point of hilarity. And did i mention that they are all dumber than rocks yet?


IS that spencer rubbibg out under the blanket he reminds me of JOE last season lol


Could there be a twist????????????????????????????????????????????

Candice is an idiot.

Aaryn, Judd, Jessie and Elissa may surprise Amaconda. Don’t tell Helen, the Adder.

derick alaska

Wouldn’t it be great if Julie Chen sticks it to Aaryn when she gets evicted and says “Oh before you go Aaryn, I made you a special bowl of rice, seasoned with love and equality. Enjoy”

Nick Uhaus needs to make a video about how he feels about GM racial slurs and anti-gay comments. Nick bro, if you are out there, I have the best advice for you when it comes to dealing with dumb broads like GM



The one thing I want to see in tonight’s episode besides who is going to be leaving in the Double Eviction is if Helen’s message to Candace is going to be as asinine as all the rest of hers have been.


I mean to add one of the worst messages was that one they showed to Rachel of Britney impersonating her in a not so nice way. And then they let Rachel back in the house. It was a good think Britney didn’t make it to the final 2 because she could have used that against her since it was obvious how Britney felt about it in that

Ex Fan

Amanda fits the description “battleaxe” perfectly. Whenever thunder thighs comes into to a room I take a shot of tequilla and yell “Battleaxe Alert!!”.

What a freaking hefer.

Ex Fan



my favorite part of this was —

“Gina brings up how it would be a whole different game if Jeremy hadn’t voted out David.”

GM, are you that stupid? YO BOY voted out David. I can’t wait until she finds out this happened, and even goes further off the deep end about the gay boy Nick. I still think Candy Land will be going home tonight, but I pray for Aaryn to win HoH; and make the big move to evict Amanda.

Evicted David:

Evicted Elissa:


If this knowledge was ever let loose to GM/Aaryn, they would definitely be on the eviction bus to send Amanda to jury.


McCrae is dumping Amanda as soon as this show is over and it’s funny. Amanda is this big shot real estate person and he’s a pizza boy but she is patheticly clingy theres no way he would want to be with her after this.

Elissa's upper lip

Im the principled one in the house. My principles are, in no order

my breast implants,
my lip injections.

Thank You


I have been bb fan until janelle got screwed in season 6 and 7 when I believed she was a “fabulous” Gamer. It wasnt until the buss about all the articles, bloggers and friends informed me the bb15 season was way beyond what CBS continued to express the game is and always has been a “Social experience.” Yes there are uneducated, hateful, hurtful and bitter ppl in the world. As I’ve been watching (starting the 2 week) I’m ashamed to be apart of a society that believe its okay that CBS hasn’t stopped the madness. Racist comments and homophobic comments it to close to home for many Americans in my opinion. This has become an enlighting game, that our country can’t come together when we allow this kind of malice hate is condoned. CBS become an example to the public that the actions of the cast of bb15 doesn’t represent the America I want to be apart of. Candice game sucks, but in her defense I’m sure her energy is put Into holding her head high, being proud of who she is and knowing that she was true to herself and $$$ wasn’t going to change her character. (Btw- her confronting spencer “keeping it real” is better then being 2 faced and fake). If CBS wants to redeeme their name and this game, give the money to charity and let the HG go home and work on making a difference in the world.

Mccrae Files For Divorce

Likeability Rank
1. Howard
2. Nick
3. Mccrae
4. Jessie
5. Candice
6. Elissa
7. Judd
8. Andy
9. Helen


How do you rank a player who didn’t do anything all game #1? Are we watching the same show? Jessie has easily moved into this spot without even realizing it!

Aaryn has definitely moved up this regardless of her past actions. Amanda is definitely #16 in my book.


1) McCrae- backbone is showing and has game. Lose the G.D. bandanas!
2) Judd- The MVP twist is killing him. Has no idea he’s a big Amanda target. Oh my Mumbles
3) Jessie- player with no one to play with…. B double O T Y… B double O T Y
4) Ellisa- decent human being, mediocre player. “What’s new pussy cat”?
5) Jeremy- you get the straight truth. It may not be pretty but it is genuine to who he is. Get a tat to remember your BB stay.
6) Nick- would have been around to the end without the MVP. The 1st victim of Super Friends
7) Kaitlyn- liked her but couldn’t see the truck coming. Another victim of trust Helen
8) Howard- nice person but no game would get run over any season of BB. Definitely not a Frank Eudy!
9) Spencer- filthy mouth but at least has played the game some. Defines male chauvanice pig perfectly
10) Candy- some mouth on her too. Terrible game player
11) Andy- rat racist extrordinaire. Loved by racists and non racists alike.
12) David- do not like surfer dudes! What’s with the coif dude?
13) Arryn- racist
14) Helen- douchebag racist
15) GinaMarie- trashbag racist
16) Amanda- worst fowl mouth in BB history. AG must be very proud of this seasons lightening rod.


what have andy and helen said that was racist? is there examples? i know andy sometimes laughs at innapropriate comments/jokes and helen said that “black vote” thing, but i don’t think either of them are actually racist…? and against what race? they are both friends with candice and each other…


How can you people shine a light on Slug McCrea’s game? What has he done in this game except to wreck the Moving Company. And what was his reward….to share some romantic moments with Demanda. Did anyone watch his paranoia as the first HOH, he set the tone for this season (yawn) of the house rules evictions. Other than that this Slug has done nothing except play in the petticoats of power.

Elissa (throw up in my mouth) has no game and no sense at all. The ONLY reason she is here is because of her sister!! the only reason she was spared the first weeks was because they weaponized the MVP (hahahaha) Oh yeah, and Helen saved her. (ROFLMFAO).

Aryan is now a conformist whose game collapsed at the get go. She too was saved by Helen the Great. Her spirit broken she sold her racist soul to the demon Demanda. Aryan hates those who are different than her and who are prettier than her.

GinaMarie disgusting self hater who joined the program to find a friend. (I am sure). But she found her future husband, whether he likes it or not.

RatBastardAndy. Well you have seen this thing scurrying from here to there to gather intelligence for his evil Mistress.

Judd is just a damn DimWit. Dumb as the day is long.

Jessie YUMMY