Big Brother “Candice please change your batteries.” Aaryn says this is your last time b***h!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am – 10:10am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.
When the live feeds return – Andy, Spencer, Judd, Elissa, Helen are in the bathroom getting ready for the live eviction day.
Up in the HOH room McCrae and Amanda are still sleeping. In the rainbow room – Aaryn, Candice and Ginamarie are waking up.
Ginamarie heads up to the HOH room and tells Amanda/McCrae that everyone is coming up here in 10 minutes!
Amanda gets called to the diary room and leaves. She tells them on the way out that she woke up with her f**king period this morning!
Aaryn joins them up in the HOH room. She starts to lay down on the HOH room couch.
Gina yells that’s my spot I set up Nick’s picture beside me. Aaryn says no problem and moves over.
Big Brother tells Candice please change your batteries.
Aaryn says this is your last time b*tch! Aaryn and Ginamarie laugh. Aaryn says make me an animal bit*h!
Amanda returns and complains about being in pain and says she requested pamprin.
Aaryn says they never gave me pamprin, I think they wanted me to be PMSie.
Aamanda says today is not a good day for me to be PMSie.
Amanda comments that she found out that the photo booth has another camera in it besides the camera that takes the photos. Amanda laughs.
Aaryn says so they (production) told you they saw everything yesterday. Amanda says we were just heavy kissing.
All of the house guests gather up in the HOH room.

10:10am Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the HOH lock down.

12pm Still TRIVIA..

12:40pm The live feeds return the HOH lock down is over. Amanda and McCrae are in the HOH bathroom. McCrae is complaining about someone that was sitting next to him and taking up all the space. He says that every time he moved she took up more space. He says she is like a Frankenstein Monster that doesn’t know how to control her limbs flopping all over the place. Amanda laughs and says you’re hilarious. Meanwhile the other house guests are in the downstairs bathroom getting ready for the day. Helen starts her run inside the house.

12:45pm Andy is bopping the other house guets on the head to see who’s head is the hollowest.

1pm In the bathroom – Candice then teaches Andy how to dance the “Lean with it, Rock with it” song. Andy, Spencer McCrae and Amanda head to the bedroom. Candice asks if anyone wants a hot dog. Andy says no, go f**k yourself. Candice says I can’t! She says that next time she has sex its going to feel like she is a virg!n because it’s been so long since she’s had $ex. Andy takes a nap. Amanda and McCrae head to the lounge room.


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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I can't remember who I am

So, is tonight’s show live or is it memorex?


Looks like Memorex! Someone in the last post stated that the audience for tonight go emails stating the lice show had been cancelled. I figure that after the big POV fight they had to edit combined with Candice talking big about what she’s going to say in her “please don’t evict me” speech that BB doesn’t want to lose control over the hour especially as it’s a double eviction. The want to able to edit out any ugliness if everyone isn’t on their best behavior. Honestly before the show started they should’ve laid down the law with these HGs.


Dont get mad women on here i got a question ? Why dont more women get that shot that lets you get your period every 5 to 6 months ? Just a question i got on my mind ?

B.B. Momma

Black Lion women should not get those shots. It’s not how nature intended us to work. Wait until the ladies that do get those shots come down with cervical or breast cancers.


If i was a woman i would take those shots .

CBS not Keeping It Real

So there is no love eviction tonight. That’s not keeping it real. I can easily see Gina doing an Ian on Candice and say, “get to stepping b$%t#h”. Oh snap! Although Gina’s possible comment and Candice’s reaction would make great TV, the FCC might not like it. CBS wants to show us them playing nice. Obviously, CBS wants to avoid the old axiom of when keeping it real goes wrong.


Tonight no big moves will be made..
Tonight should be exciting, but won’t..

These houseguests are all lemmings.

Lemmings Union

Saying the house guests are lemmings is insulting to lemmings. I am not saying the house guests are like deer in the head lights just waiting for their turn to be evicted. All I am saying, if Jason from Friday the 13th walked into the BB house right now and said I have to take one of you, and you guys get to vote who goes with me. They wouldn’t vote for Amanda.

Dan's Mist

Yes! Why are they SO scared of her? Secretly every person in the house except Andy has mentioned their distrust of her and wanting to cut her (Even McCrea in his Diary Room sessions was griping about her) I think they are all more afraid of everyone else backing Amanda and not wanting the numbers to come after them.

Beware the ides of BB!!

Amanda would just look at Jason and say “Dude, what are doing with my Freakin’ mask?!”. Come to think of it Freddy might be a better fit for her with that fake and bake skin of hers.


Can’t wait to see Ginamaries and Arryans face when they find out Candice is headed to the jury house! LOL!!! If them or Spencer wins, I think I might cry…. Hope elissa wins HOH to put up those two yahoos.


What makes you think Candice is going to jury? There’s 11 people now – the next eviction goes home and the one after that goes to jury. Why are you so sure?


9 person jury.

11 people left
9 jury
2 finalists

Candice is a jury member.


CBS already confirmed yesterday that there will be nine jury members, so add the final two, that’s 11, the current number of players in the game.


9 person jury and two houseguests fighting to win 500,000= 11 people needed to make it possible. Candice should be going to jury if that is the case.


My bad, I meant aMANduh would be first jury member. It doesn’t hurt to wish!

bbl announced yesterday that CBS said they would have a 9 person jury this year. Maybce CBS wants to make sure that some of the sentiments toward certain houseguest might be defused by having them in jury so the audience has time to foget the trouble they are causing. Or they are afriad that Amanda will be voted out and want a way to sequester her so they can bring her back into the game. They have to say something before the eviction so it doesn’t look like they are favoring anyone.

That's the wrong thing to do

It was announced yesterday that it would be a jury of nine instead of a jury of seven.


It has already been announced that Jury starts with both of tonights evictions… so we are definitely sure.


CBS said it would be a 9 person jury this year. So the two evicted tonight will both go to Jury. that will leave the remaining 2 for them to vote on.


Also may be the reason for 9-person jury is to have an excuse to gett rid of MVP early.


Per Entertainment Weekly…

‘Big Brother’: Surprise! Jury is starting this week

The motto of Big Brother is “expect the unexpected,” and the contestants are going to have to do just that.

EW has confirmed that this season will have the largest jury thus far in the franchise, with nine members instead of the usual seven. This means whichever two houseguests are evicted this Thursday (it’s a double eviction) will become the first two members of the jury, as opposed to the last two going straight home.

Jury members move to a separate sequestered house, where they will ultimately decide who wins Big Brother 15. Because they remain sequestered, it’s also possible that one of the eliminated contestants will return to the house in some way. It’s interesting that with so many particularly unlikable people this season, CBS is opting to continue to keep even more of them around (and, as a result of that, putting more money in their pockets).

The news will be broken to the contestants during this Thursday’s live show.

eli rules

What I find interesting with the expanded jury is how long the evicted HG’s will be living in the sequester house. They just passed the halfway point of the season. The two evicted tonight will live there for 36 days. It’ll be like experiencing a second big brother season.

If they think they were bored with in the bb house, just wait for sitting around with no game left to play. No comps, no strategizing…just living with people you can’t stand!


cameras in the jury house I don’t think so, well let the fighting began

Kimberly Duso

I would rather watch the Jury House!


You obviously didn’t pay attention yesterday since it’s been officially confirmed that there will be a 9 person jury, so tonight’s evictions go to jury.


Because CBS has already announced it.


Thanks everybody – I’ve been alittle out of the loop. Appreciate the update on the jury news. :)

That went well

Aaryn finds out Candice goes to jury doesn’t hurt Arryn or Gina’s game. No one other then the possibility of Nick would vote for Aaryn or Gina to win. I think Aaryn’s concern will be round 2, that will commence in the jury house without Gina, if Aaryn gets there first. There is not even going to be a pretense of liking each other now. Additionally, sequester means nothing. Gina and Aaryn will find out they have no jobs while still with Candice under the same roof, that will be the final round. Once Aaryn/ Gina find out they loss their jobs. all their frustration will be unleashed on Candice. Oh boy, forget the BB game. I want to see what’s happening in the jury house once Aaryn and Gina gets there. If Aaryn’s publicist was smart, she would tell Aaryn to clean this mess up before she leaves. Aaryn is going to need Candice to help rehabilitate her image. Aaryn needs Candice to say that Aaryn is not a racist. The only way that happens is she start kissing up to Candice while in the jury house. Also Aaryn is going to show us all the pictures with her black friends, all two of them….her nanny whose name is Shaquia, and butler named Holke Colburn.

As far Gina when she finds she loss her job while sequestered. That could end in two ways. Gina could think that by losing her job, Candice has got in between her and Nick and it Candice’s fault. The other way Gina may think is that she loss her job and….who am I kidding…..there is only one way this ends with Gina, and it all leads back to Candice through Nick.

Dan's Mist

It reminds me of the excitement of Jeff and Danielle being in the Jury house together on BB13, I was more interested in what was happening there than I was with what was happening in the house.


They will not find out anything while in jury and Aaryn’s was not a job; she was let go by her model agency. The model agency only represents her; it is not her employer. Candice gets Aaryn is young, stupid and wanting to be liked. I think the two of them actually will talk in the jury house if they were the only two there, but now Candice and GM or Candice and Amanda in there production best get extra security.


If either Aaryn, GM or Spencer are voted out, will these sequestered jury members find out at that time about their employment issues and the turmoil surrounding each of their on-air comments?

I thought while in jury, they still don’t get access to TV, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines,etc., but that they do get DVDs, CDs on a limited basis. I remember last season, the newest jury member also brought a tape of what was going on in the house for the rest to watch. Other than that, what they have is very limited. Is that still the same?


I’m pretty sure they went to 9 jury members in case A-man-DUH was evicted. Then they could pull a BBCan move and pretend she won American’s vote to return to the house. Honestly, isn’t there some kind of ‘Standards and Practices’ game shows have to adhere to?

The Camera

Hopefully Simon and Dawg will capture that.


In an earlier post Amanda & Mcrae were discussing getting rid of Jessie. Andy said “I’m ready to make that move.” This is coming from a guy who’s only been able to move his bowels and nothing else while in the house is the height of arrogance. I agree with the majority of contributors, Amanda has to go. I would not however, be disappointed to see Andy follow her out the door.


Andy is such a weasel, I can hardly stand to look at him.


Say what you will about Andy…weasel, rat, flipflopper, tattle-tale, etc. For him, it works. This is how he has decided to play the game. It works for him and he is still there and liked by everyone. It may not be the way you would play the game but lil ole Andy is making it work for him. Mark this down…Andy will be in final four!!

The Inventor

Someone needs to create a Whac a Mole game with Andy’s head popping up and down.


Looking forward for double eviction of Candice leaving, but it will be Shock if Aaryn or Amanda leaving as well.


This is one of the sites to watch it live


What is the name of the site I can watch tonight’s live show on?? Is being preempted by NFL preaseason in my areA


Lucky for me our preseason game is on Fri this week. Unfortunately my time will come – LOL!! BTW – if you do decide to record the show, make sure you set it for the show before & after. I didn’t & got burned b/c it either started earlier or later than the scheduled time.


Why is the HOH lock down blocked? Didn’t it used to be visible to Live Feeders?


they’re taping the show for tonight – it won’t be completely live… like last week.


I don’t understand why GM would allow Amanda and MC to have her HOH bed! I mean, WTF! I really do not like Amanda, but you have to give her some credit. Those scared people just give up their bed so someone can F*** in it! SMH!


If a group of people who believe the world is flat started talking to GM, within five minutes she’d be the loudest one dog-cussing anyone who thinks Earth is round. She’s an idiot and a 100% follower. Thanks to her complete lack of self-awareness, she thinks all the loud, tough-talking Jersey chick bravado is garnering her respect, when in reality, she sounds like a fool. She’s really gonna have a tough time when leaves the house.


GM held a contest for impersonating her..McCrae won it and gave first prize to Jessie, which was attending the McCrae got second prize..a night in HOH room. That’s why they are there…I know it’s hard for many people but there is no need to hate on Amanda for it this time.


GM let them sleep there because of a BBQ comp and because she is a psycho. GM wants to keep her bed down stairs she shared with Nick. It obviously has some creepy sentimental value to her because Nick slept in the bed with her. If someone told GM, Nick wiped a booger on the wall next to the toilet she would wipe it off with toilet paper and probably kiss it and sleep with it on a pillow next to her. The bitch is cuckoo for a young dude that probably does not want a old unemployed, unintelligible poopy mouth.


BB Thursdays are not exciting anymore, not with this bunch.
Cant hardly wait for the double eviction tonight because ……. YAWN


REALLY hoping for the double eviction of some of the VILE CRAP in this house!


Agree or Disagree???


With Spencer and GM to follow…


Someone JAM the door already!!


Keep talking like that and he will be walkin in on these internet conversations too. BOO!!

Andy enters and

Damn right I will! I’m everywhere you go BITCHEZ!!!!


When the HG’s return on live-feeds:

CHAOS IS ERUPTING… almost everyone is arguing…

-Aaryn pops Candice in the mouth (AARYN GETS KICKED OUT!)

-Judd trips Jessie into Demanda, pushing evolves and Demanda
swings but Jessie’s cat reflexes (surprises herself) help her to duck
and JUDD gets popped in the eye (DEMANDA GETS KICKED OUT!)



Nah AG would claim the cameras didn’t catch Amanda hitting Jessie, but they did catch Jessie hitting Amanda, and Jessie would be expelled.

^ This outcome makes more sense the way most of the season has been going


come on, candice – it’s time to go all chima on this house! wonder if they’ll tape tonight, too?


Chima was a diva spoiled brat – why encourage that vile behaviour?


when she hasn’t been praying with howie or elissa, candice has already shown hints of chima behavior. i guess i’d like to see the house liven up a bit, even if it’s done with a display of diva!

Hello -

I’m pretty sure we’re going to see some head-rolling, ‘urban’ behavior from Candice tonight. Can’t take the **kk8#4 out of the girl. She likes to think she’s better but….we’ll see.


You might have not written “Shaniqua” or “the black will come out” but you definitely sound like Aaryn and GM, which is definitely not a compliment,

Hello -

I am describing exactly the behavior she has displayed – it is the truthe. She snaps her fingers in the air. rolls her head (see the footage of her screaming at Spencer) and the night of the ‘mattress; while she was talking about getting her bed back you can see the ‘drum line’ statement and something else I couldn’t make out but all the mannerisms were there. I did not say Shaniqua.


Watch the Bad Girls Club. Damn near every female on that show snaps there fingers or claps there hands while yelling. So if you are trying to say its a black thing then I would say otherwise.


Another stereotype. So only black females roll their head and pop their finger or whatever nonsense you are referring to. As a black female I find that offensive, because I nor any of my friends act that way. Also, the term “ghetto” is not related to race, and if you immediately think it does shows your ignorance. The reference is more economic driven than race. I know their are many that like to believe only blacks live in the ghetto, which is another stereotype. Pure ignorance.


I have the utmost sympathy for Candice. from the moment she entered the house she has been the victim of racial bigotry, racial slurs, harassment and vile filthy comments from Gm Aaryn and Amanda, and for the most part she has been able to hold her composure. How would any of us react to this stupidity? She wanted to verbally react when Howard came under the same nonsense, but he made her back down. I would imagine that her own integrity would make her want to stand up to these insensitive bullies.


The orange colored trailer-trash girl with the horrible grammar seems very ignorant and hateful, her wild “trailer” reaction when Nick got evicted seemed very violent and out of control.

I can’t understand why the white-skinned Nazi twins hate Candace so much, it’s kinda weird to hear unemployed trash call her “Shaniqua” as if she isn’t a former beauty-queen with a college degree working as a speech therapist with the name “Candace”.

This has been an awesome season of BB because we get to see the true side of American society that normally gets censored.

i'm tall

tape what? did i miss something production has down?

i'm tall

y did i get a tumbs down? i was just asking a question since i didn’t get the tape reference. geez

i'm tall

it is safe to say that gina marie is certifiable nuts! i’m sure she is disappointment to her fam but from the looks of them i’m sure she isn’t. i’m afraid to see how she reacts when she leaves the game to find out she has no job. it’s one thing to be dumb and ignorant but it’s another thing to have a some sort of mental disorder. i’m not sure where she falls in the groups. i just find it odd that she makes time to judge and make fun of others but cries because she was teased and called dumb in real life (it’s clear she can’t read nor can she comprehend simple things) so it makes me wonder why would she be so mean to others when she is full of faults?

New World Order

Oh how I would love for the houseguests to wake up and realize that they need to flip the house if they want something done. Maybe during the time they get word it’s double elimination they can think “hey, we can get out 2 big targets in one night”. However, it’s been said time and time again this cast is about as sharp as a dull pencil.

Big Brother

This is unlikely but hoping the reset button save candice.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

I was hoping for that too… its possible! just not at all likely lol


Mc: I just found out Amanda is having her period..I caught her red handed…

Andy shows up

Spencer: I got really scared when I realized that my girlfriend hadn’t had her period in three months……Then I remembered, she’s eight.

Judd: One time I was in a fancy restaurant with my ex-girlfriend and said “I can’t wait to get you home tonight, I’m going to f*ck you all over”.
She said, “Oh sorry, we can’t tonight. I’m on my period!” She continued talking, but I didn’t hear what she said. I was too busy staring into the bottle of wine I’d just wasted a hundred f*cking bucks on.


Judd: I was lying in bed with Aaryn last night when she said, “I think my boobs are too small, I’m going to get a boob job.”

“Hmm,” I replied, “my hands are too small… what do you think I should do?”

“Do you want a hand job?”


that’s our judd – always with his eye on the prize!


Big Brother tells Candice please change your batteries.
Aaryn says this is your last time b*tch! Aaryn and Ginamarie laugh. Aaryn says make me an animal bit*h!

These two amebas are trifling and crass to a fault. I hope their unemployment insurance claims get rejected.


Is Aaryn the meanest bitch EVER on BB? Or have I overlooked someone?


Amanda from this season tieing Britney Haynes as contenders for that title and Ragan Fox with third place.
Oh wth, Evil Shlong too.

production rigged it

@Burninrubber234 and @Patrizio

Have both of you had your head up Amanda’s ass too like McCrae and Andy, Britney was nowhere near as vile and disgusting as Amanda has been. Sure she ragged on Rachel but she never made any racist comments or was she as vile and vindictive as Amanda is. She was hilarious in the DR the best I’ve seen since I started watching. Her goodbye to Boogie was the best I’ve ever seen, an all-time classic. You 2 need to pull your head out and see Amanda for who she really is. Oh and Patrizio as far as us who liked Britney being shorthand for I’m an asshole, then people who don’t like her like you is shorthand for I’m a jealous bitch.

production rigged it

Sorry burninrubber 234, ignore what I said about Amanda I messed up, I agree with you about her but not about Britney though.


Ok, apology accepted but there is absolutely no need to attack others for stating their opinion whether you agree with them or not, you know, that is what the thumbs down button is for. It doesn’t make you any better than Amanda to act like that and that goes for other commenters out there as well. (Spoken like a true Canadian and I hope you learn a thing or two from this, lol).
I hate aMANduh, why would I defend her for any reason? I hope she is 1 out of the 2 that leaves tonight.


Are you serious? AMANDA!!! Aaryn plays like she is still in high school and trying to impress the cheerleader, Amanda!! She is still of that mentality and hey being called bitch is catty but what do you expect from someone who is dying for attention from the Satanic Priestess, Amanda!! Aaryn is so enthralled with Amanda that she cannot think on her own, AMANDA tells her what to do? Gosh, I HATE AMANDA!! She has got to go!


I know, right? Ragan Fox has the nerve to send an open letter to CBS about bullying amongst these HGs, I could’nt believe it. He and that Britney were so nasty, it makes these people look like amateurs. I taped the episode when the brigade told her about their alliance, whenever I felt a little down, I would replay it because I loved watching that miserable bitch cry. Whenever I read that a HG is a Britney fan, it’s usually shorthand for, “I’m an ASSHOLE”.

This Season Blows

Demanda, Jen, and Rachel come to mind immediately.


Jen was NOT a bitch! She was the perfect example of how to deal with bullying. In my opinion, ED bullied her, and she was bouncing it off her shoulder’s by saying “okay!” “okay!”.

Hello -

Uh – no – she actually taunted him a few times. She sat with him knowing he absolutely despised her. She tried to grab his cigarette out of his hand which is a f**khead move then accused him of trying to burn her. Go back and watch the tapes dude.


He harassed her by blowing smoke in her face… then she tried grabbing the cigarette (yes okay maybe that was not very smart), but you could clearly see him lunging the cigarette towards her hand! “YOU’RE BURNING ME ON PURPOSE!!!” LMFAOOOO omg I love Jen plz BB God bring her back for all stars.


Aaryn is one miserable bitch, no doubt about it. If she’s talking, she’s trashing someone. What gets me is just the plain stupidity of her behavior.

In a game where success or failure depends completely on your relationships with a small group of people, why would you ostracize ANYONE? Right now, Aaryn’s relationship with Jessie, Elissa (even though they’re somewhat playing nice), and Candice can be described as mutual hatred. And she’s going downhill fast with Amanda and GM. Can this chick not add? There are only 11 people left!


I would classify Aaryn’s “meanness” in the category of a “Britney Wanna-be”. I had the live feeds during Britney’s first season on the show and that girl was really vicious. People had long left the house and she was still tearing them apart. I think Andy is a graduate cum laude of Britney’s School of Duplicity and Treachery.

God bless the recent birth of Britney’s adorable baby. I hope motherhood will help to improve her character and she actually grows up to be a decent human being.


Exactly and they were both I think the same age. Neither had outgrown that high school mentality of wanting to be like by the “cool” kids. Then thankfully we all grow up hopefully, except in the case of GM and Amanda and and others!


okay… BigBro went into BIG BROTHER total lockdown?
tonite is going to be looooooooooooooonnnng + bumpy!
maybe this total cbs control freak thingie is a good sign!


In order to see an intriguing double eviction Jessie HAS to win HOH. I’m thinking Elissa winning HOH wouldn’t be so bad either because I think Elissa does what she wants, she just hasn’t had the opportunity to do it. If anyone else wins HOH I think we’ll either see Jessie (maybe Judd most likely Jessie) going home. *YAWN* JESSIE FOR HOH.


Jessie or Elissa going to the jury would suck because it only strengthens Mcmanda’s side of the house, I’m really hoping Helen, Andy, Elissa or Jessie wins this HOH and send Judd out the door. Although he is innocent with the MVP accusation, he is a strong player that also kisses Amada’s ass and it will be Amanda’s first big mistake to evict Judd. Also, Judd being evicted (had he not only showed his stupidity when he didn’t listen to Candice and evict Amanda) will be a “great” power move against Mcmanda’s team.


The coach’s twist was wasted on last season. If there was ever a group of nitwits that needed coaching more than this group of assclowns I beg you to share!


Hoping something exciting happening tonight is false hope..
Though, I guess with the outsiders gone ie: Candice and Jessie, the super friends will turn on each other faster..



Just FYI: The actual casting director for BB15 is Robyn Kass. She is responsible for picking all of the houseguests. Just Google her name and you’ll find articles that include one from Dan Gesling (sp?) saying she changed his life. My guess is that she reports in somehow to Alision Grodner. But Robyn definitely has chosen the crème de la crème this season!


It seems like Amanda is trying to be just like Brittany. She tries so hard to be funny/sarcastic in her diary room sessions.. But they just portray her as an idiot. Pretty pathetic.


She’s highly entertaining and without her this show would be a total bore!!



Amanda has no game. She’s had McCrea whispering in her ear and if she doesn’ t keep her mouth shut she’ll lose that. Helen can definiately go after Demanda. She’s had so many opportunities for big plays and has chickened out. Ok Ok You Know


“This is your last time b***ch??”…. The hatred for Aaryn is growing stronger, she’s very ugly on the inside. I can’t wait for the rude awakening she’s gonna get when she comes out into the real world.

Roisin Dubh

Wait till she finds out that Candice is going to jury. She’s really gonna lose it and knows her game is done, end of story. Her stupid friend, the one that can’t spell will be just as angry once somebody explains it to her.


While I want Candice to stay and fight on if she does go Aaryn or Amanda could be next. They would be locked away together and I bet Candice could hold her own 1 on 1. Time for the Mean Girls to see what’s it’s like having to stand alone. Then again if Jessie goes I’ll be bummed but at least Candy and Jessie can enjoy of week of peace. They’ve earned it.


Candice is a bitch. Notice how she started bad mouthing Amanda during the POV game, right in front of everybody. Then Amanda jumped on her and tore her a new asshole, deservingly so. But people some don’t see that or the fact that Candice and Jessie have been talking crap about everybody, trying to stir things up. Then when one of the girls calls them out on it and, yes, uses vulgar language to do so, tears flow and suddenly people feel bad for Candice and Jessie.

As far as I’m concerned, they earn the treatment they get, weekly.

By the way, did you see how Candice went into the ghetto speak-mode yesterday? Oh my. When Aaryn did that, she was called a racist. Now I wonder if people are going to call Candice a racist also. Oh, wait. Double standards.

Hello -

Would you mind telling me when Candice did this ‘ghetto-speak’ mode thing you’re talking about so I can look at live feeds. So many people here defending her like she’s some fragile flower. Anyways, thanks. What room was she in and with who?


It was during the POV competition.


This is BY FAR the best comment I read on this post!!

Amanda is the only one with balls enough to call people out. She ONLY states the truth and everyone jumps all over her for it.
So what if she is a bitch?! she knows what she wants and she gets it….



Your name speaks for itself. Candice was tell Judd the truth. Amanda did say that she KNOWS Judd is MVP. Amanda lied and sd she didn’t say it that’s why Amanda was ear hustling. Candice was not talking loudly. It show how you and people like Amanda feel like Candice shouldn’t be able to game play. Because I guarantee that if Amanda had whispered some that was that was truely said during a POV people would be writing how great of a game player she was. Double standard and entitlement! A true “ghetto” girl would have beat the shit out of a chick telling her to shut your big fat mouth. Amanda displayed more of a “ghetto” mentality than Candice. BTW ghetto does not refer to ones race. Unless you are prejudice by thinking only non whites live in the ghetto.

Team Candice

Goofy please go back and watch the entire show and dont miss anything…..AMANDA started the whole argument in the back yard so NO she didnt tear into Candice… must be watching a totally different BB, because your are misled!!!!! If you dont subscribe to live feeds then you should do that too. They have not liked this girl from day one and why….she’s done nothing to any of them….maybe its because she is intelligent and smart and she’s everything they are not!!! They did everything they could to get her to react in a way to get her evicted but it didnt work, they are nothing but a bunch of RACIST IDIOTS!!!! I’m so glad that Aaryn and GM has lost their jobs and with the true Amanda coming out, she will never sell another house again, well yeah maybe she will but it wont be high end!!!! KARMA IS A WHAT……EXACTLY and they will all get theirs in the end, what a disgrace!!!!!!

Love Doctor

Gina’s reaction to Aaryn sitting on the couch has now officially gone mental. It’s almost as if there is an invisible Nick still in the house. Gina your action around this whole NIck escapade is just not healthy. Its not even funny anymore, if it ever was funny. Now you have shrines of Nick in the HOH room, shrine in what you refer as the colored room, you can only sleep in the bed that you and Nick shared, and you make a point of kissing his picture every night. Gina you are setting yourself up for a big mental breakdown. So it seems that just the mere fact Nick was nice to you, was enough to win your heart. Gina, are you confusing a guy being respectful of a woman as being a come on. Gina you have the right to expect that guys are respectful of you as a woman. However, it doesn’t seem that you are use to that level of respect. During Nick’s interview with Jeff, its not like Nick felt he was in any relationship with you, or their was some bond between you two. So this relationship is definitely one sided. Ah Gina, BB better have some follow up counseling available to you…..its not if you will need it….its that you will need it.



LOL you been killing it as of late.


Can someone tell me how a house guest is chosen to get coup dea ta? I can’t find it on the Internet.


Ahh- tried to send the link to the Compendium on this page – probably went to a spam folder.
So if you go to the top of the page & look at the blue bar – click on Compendium then scroll down & you’ll find what you’re looking for. Simon & Dawg have info on all the things you need to know there.

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

Dont you guys think MVP twist is gone tonight?? How would they announce the third nominee during the second eviction without exposing that obviously no body in the house cast a vote??


I think that’s what the “reset” button hint is about. Resetting the BB noms back to just 2. I don’t think there’s much else to reset – can’t imagine them resetting the whole week, but who knows…


i was thinking the reset would come after the first eviction – resetting the season to 2 noms, no mvp, right before the first hoh comp started. that’s when i figured the 9 hg jury reveal would be, too. but who knows?


But then what happens in the incredibly odd chance that nobody hits the reset button? They’ll still have to do MVP somehow?


So last night Elissa said if there was a double eviction she didn’t want to win the first HOH b/c she wanted pictures & a letter from her family. I hope nobody tells her that even though the first HOH in a DE doesn’t get the room they do get a basket of goodies, photos & a letter.
Anything to keep her from trying to win the first HOH so she can maybe go up. :)


I am hearing that football might be on tonight instead of BB, does anyone know a website I can access to watch the live show?? I live on the east coast (in nyc) if that helps at all……


this is the site – regular east coast time. If you plan on recording it as well – record the shows before & after so you don’t miss anything. I’ve been bitten both ways before.


thank you so so much! very appreciated :-)


Can someone explain to me (I do not watch live feeds), other than Candace’s voice, why don’t the girls like her?


Because she’s black and knows what’s going on in the house, she doesn’t fall for bs.


wow…stereotype much? animosity towards candice by the girls has a little to do with race, and everything to do with her behavior. it’s what happens when you call a house meeting and yell at people. it’s gonna bite amanada in the butt, too, just more slowly, because she picks fights one at a time.


Also more slowly because she is white… their dislike of Candice is based on that and has been from day 1.. the only reason Aaryn has chilled a bit is production spoke to her. The good thing is.. despite getting away with this disturbing behaviour on tv… (which is making money for execs so they are being used in the end too which is nice) they are already losing their jobs and will be judged once out in the real world. Thankfully!!!


The toward maliciousness started WAY before Candice’s house meeting.


The racist comments were before he house meeting Candance call. Maybe she just fed up with people. If it was me, Production would have had
To shut down, and rebuild the house. Live feed would no longer be in the BB House, but you would be watching from LA Medical Hospital with knots all upside
Aaryn, Gina, and Amanda’s head. Well maybe not Amanda, she would be downstairs in the freezer.

Hello -

I think that’s exactly why you don’t know how unlikeable Candice is. It is after watching her on live feeds that you can understand how her conversations and lack of social skills make her ‘not that easy to live with’. The other things were at the beginning she would take things and borrow things from other girls (sometimes without asking) and leave them around the house. She was disrespectful in that regard. She told Kaitlin that she could keep the weave that she put in her hair and that wanted it back, etc. etc. Not that nice IMO. None of this had anything to do with her being ‘black.’


First: she’s black and they are racists. From day one they called her Black Candice. Second: she is intelligent, educated and has a career (pediatric speech therapist). Third: she doesn’t usually take crap. Fourth: is she knows this game and has figured out all the secret alliances before anyone else. Candice is everything the Mean Girls aren’t and want to be. They have verbally abused her like a pack a jackels. While Howard was in the house, he help Candice stay balanced which is why they wanted him out. Once he was gone they were free to do and say whatever they wanted to try and get her to lose it and get thrown out. She had hoped the others would have seen what she was going through and listen to what she was telling them about secret alliances but they are too chicken to do anything. Only Jessie and Elissa have any backbone–who’d of thought?


it started with the first have/havenot competition. kaitlin said that candice got heated and told her to shut the fuck up. candice definitely does have an attitude. then gm and aaryn got on the bandwagon, but these girls are really catty and racist. candice has also gone off on helen, spencer, mccrae (week 1) and amanda and she REALLY dug her grave by fighting for howard when everyone wanted him out/no one trusted him. there’s a few houseguests like judd and mccrae that she virtually has no relationship with. i think she is a good person, but with her attitude and unwillingness to play a good social game i actually do think she deserves to go tonight. ive read some ppl on here saying that she did try to campaign, but all she did was ask helen if she could campaign for her. there’s quite a few houseguest that she hasn’t even bothered to ask for their vote at all. she just doesn’t deserve any of the racist or stereotypical remarks, obviously, no one does. i worry for her in jury house, might have been better for her to just go home.


Why they want Candice gone is completely confusing to me. The girl hasn’t won anything, and she already has a huge target on her back. The houseguests would be foolish to think that getting her out would “help” their game.

If I were currently in the big brother house, I would keep Candice and get rid of Spencer. Spencer has shown that he can win comps, and he is smart in the sense that he gets people thinking.

I would keep Amanda based solely on the idea that she cannot win a comp to save her life and NO ONE in the jury would vote for her.

I know Amanda is racist and a bully but when you’re playing for 500K I would keep my friends close, and my enemies closer.

I would then go after McCrae and Aaryn who are the biggest comp threats. (I am a McCrae fan, but damn he is playing a good game).


Simply put it is not about race. GM has always wanted to be a pageant queen (big deal NO) but it is to her and she isn’t and Candice is!! Aaryn not racial either but Spencer lied about Candice sitting on Aaryn’s hat and apparently damaged it and no one has bothered to correct it so she is holding that against Candice and they also wrongly think that Candice got Nick and that other guy that Aaryn liked out of the house, and I think I am correct here but I may not be Candice. Production should of stepped in and corrected the crap about the hat up but no they want the drama and it would not be what it is now if they had. The first night when they were doing the fashion show all the girls liked one another and then the lies started. Candice on that first night did tend to be a bit bossy and with women that can sometimes irritate them especially women that still act like they are in high school. Also, the bed flipping thing Candice was outside running her mouth about the guy going home and saying other crap and Gina Marie was in there egging it on so that did not help matters. Bottom line is it grew and grew with the first two guys going home and Candice got the blame. Jeremy and Kaitlin also egged on the hate for Candice when they were there as does Amanda at any chance she can and with the high school mentality with wanting to be liked by the head biotch, Amanda, they act like idiotic high school teenagers or maybe sorority girls in college where cattiness reigns supreme.


people who are racist, but who know it is wrong find excuses to dislike people of other races. Their “reasons” for “HATING” Candice are silly. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that racism is behind their feelings. If she were white, they wouldn’t be as bothered by the things Candice has done. They just feel like they have to find excuses to hate her.


Gina Marie and Aaryn are both bigots and ignorant. And another bigot poster or person who has bigoted attitudes isn’t going to see that and will tell you they aren’t racial. They are.Any little thing about Candice was exasperated. So yes it is about race and having some sort of internal prejudice even if they won’t admit it or if they aren’t aware of it. They think they are entitled to hate her for the same stuff they accept others from others including Amanda. They don’t have to like her but to go as far as hating someone that really hasn’t done anything to them is on another level. Although they do think she victimized them, part of the reason they don’t like her is because they think they she is the cause of Aaryn being tagged as a racist when she did it herself with her own words and attitudes.


I hopefully that double eviction for Amanda or Aaryn leaving.


Hey everyone! Andy is ready to make a move!!!!!! Evict Jessie Amanda says, Andy the Troll says, Yeah!!


There’s no way he’ll vote out Amanda. He tells her everything. I don’t like Andy.


If these HGs were smart as soon as they hear everyone from now on is going to jury they would flip the vote and say bye bye to Amanda. Candice gets to vote for winner && some of those people need to get her on their side if they want a chance to win. Same with Jessie!

&&& please someone tell Judd Amanda wants him out! MC now is the chance to separate yourself from her! (Wishful thinking)
Yayyyy it’s Thursday (:


all i say is please let there be a reset button in press that button come on house guess presse that button candice desivre it

Aaryn FTW

I know it is highly unlikely but I would love for her to win the game to piss of the haters out there. LOL


Yes, Aaryn, Amanda, GM and Spencer are pretty crude and say a lot of effed up stuff… but I swear, the more all you root and pray for them to lose jobs, friends, unemployment, get publicly shot or burned at the stake outside the house on the live show, or basically be shunned by society as a whole…THE MORE I root for them and hope you all get egg on your faces!

I would not be surprised if at LEAST 5-6 of you total whackjobs on this board are sending out death threats to these people’s families.

Are they all save for Amanda, subpar gamers?? Yep. Do they need to seriously STFU a lot?? Yep. Do they deserve the “Kill them mob mentality” that is taking over the BB fan world and shitty internet tabloid news in general???

Hell no. Get a grip people. No better yet, get a life.




You read that too? thought I was the only one.

bd22 must be running out of catnip.

Candice is an idiot.

Sociology even speaks Candicese. I don’t. Could someone translate waah waah waah?


They’re literally getting no more than what they deserve, then what a Celebrity would be getting if they do the same thing, so do yourself a favor and get a life and STFU.


If you aren’t smart enough to type something into the top field in the reply section, and you come back with Name, then literally, you’re an idiot and your opinion doesn’t count. And (lol) if you are seriously comparing these hgs to real celebrities (what a joke) then you are even MORE of an idiot. Same people losing their minds and wanting the Amandas and Aaryns of the world dead are the same 19-cat-havers that watch and get mad and cry at daytime soaps.


Name was making sense there, but I guess you wouldn’t notice, being a closeted cat person and all.

Haters talk shit about what the HGs does. Cat People make excuses for it.


you figure Aaryn the racist would be tough enough to call candice a bitch to her face, oh wait, racist are not brave, they are cowards who actually hate themselves, just aMANDUH to already be giving excues on why she wont win tonite, vote her manly ass out!!!!

This Season Blows

Aaryn’s said plenty of nasty things but the Cat People are reaching when they whine about this. How’s this any different from Janelle’s “bye bye, bitches”?


It is not a bit different THAN WHEN Janelle did it or when Rachel called people bitches or worse. On all seasons of BB the women are always calling each other bitches. Seriously, WOMEN DONT LIKE ALL WOMEN!! Geez, some of these people need to try staying in a sorority house or an all women dorm because bitch is probably the nicest word that gets thrown around., and it has nothing absolutely nothing to do with RACE. Women are catty always will be and this season is no different. All those hormones and no where to go!


Guess what? You OUT of a JOB B*****. Candace will have the last laugh and perhaps the make it or break it vote.

Roisin Dubh

When these idiots find out that jury starts tonight, they’re gonna flip out cuz they know that the people that have been wronged will get their revenge.


Anyone else come to the rational conclusion that Gina Marie is a borderline sociopath and has shown stalker tendencies. Reminds me of the movie “Fatal Attraction”.

Poor Nick, he better relocate to the West Coast and change his last name. Also he should just show the police the archived live feeds of BB15 and he will be granted an instant restraining order of protection


Nick should be thanking her, she’s making him more famous, not many people who got voted out in the second week gets remembered.


I’m thinking feeds will come back before the live show? I hope it’s not going to be taped ahead of time! Does anyone know?

Foghorn Leghorn

I say, I say, I feel like I am watching Looney Tunes this season. Everyone is a cartooned stereotype version of themselves. Any of this gettin’ through to you, son? If not go away, I say go away boy, you’re bothering me… Nice kid, but a little dumb.

I hate Amanda

Amanda is trying so hard to be Britney Haynes in her DR sessions. The only difference being I could watch Britney’s all day and Amanda’s make me want to punch her in the face after 5 seconds. No-go.


The best was when Boogie got evicted and Britney imitated the type of phones call chilltown would make in their DR sessions. LOL

production rigged it

Yeah that one was an all-time classic!!


So sick of seeing/hearing Aryan, Alex Forrest, and Orange Glo!!!


The thought of hearing GM talk about Nick, or just talk period is annoying me. I want her to go home, but then the thought of seeing Julie Chen talk to her about Nick, or GM talking about anything period is making me sick. How can we make GM disappear? Ugh.


This is the first time I subscribed to live feeds. After hearing the rumours about Amanda’s preselected win; I will no longer subscribe but will most likely watch AD but because Amanda seemed to have escaped eviction (twice now) with all people knowing she is the biggest threat, I could easily become convinced that people were discouraged to put her up or she was somehow aided behind the scenes. There is no other reasoning. It defies logic and reality. I do hope that what is left of televised ‘reality’ is actually mostly ‘reality’ but I just have a bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing.


If tonight’s show isn’t truly live, thats degrades the entire series. I need to see Candice destroy these people verbally, without the help of editing.

Elissa's Botox

It is ridiculous that it isn’t live, I hope someone leaks what happened on twitter…CBS is too paranoid, live evictions are the main draw of the show for casual viewers…just knowing it really isn’t cheapens the moment…at least that’s my opinion as someone on the East Coast…I don’t know how West Coast viewers do it


You do realize,contrary to belief,none of the evictions are live.they are on 10min tape delay,per the rules once a show is tagged with a disclaimer,like bb is.just like wwe,pathetic


I really wanted to see Howard or Candice stand up and directly accuse them and show their strength .. I understand why he held back.. but sometimes.. you need to also give it em! I also think Helen should feel ashamed of herself. She was one of the first crying and upset over how she was being treated as an Asian woman.. and now she is forgetting humanity and what is right and keeping Aaryn to win money. She is “with” them and I find it degrading… they needed to forget game play for a moment and vote out the offenders Aaryn, Amanda and Gm.. and then just played the game like it should be played… lying cheating and backstabbing and rants while crying in the bushes.. not keep people who are ignorant racists

Alessandro Loves Shakira

This cannot be the end of Candice, there’s gotta a way to send Amanda packing!!!!!!


You told me you love lol