Judd says Jessie gets so territorial, I don’t like it! I would never date her or move to Texas for her!

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 5th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week

CBS Interactive Inc.

11am Helen, Aaryn, Judd and Andy are on the backyard couch talking. Aaryn says that she feels bad for Candice because she is going to be going home in a clown suit. Aaryn says that she thinks Candice realizes that she is going home for the way she treated people in the house. They discuss how Candice expects other people to do the campaigning for her and thinks she doesn’t have to do anything. Judd says Candice’s whole campaign to me was I will make you breakfast. Helen explains that the public lynching was what made her feel bad for Spencer. If people want to get him out that’s fine, I just didn’t feel like that was right. Judd says that made her look bad if you want to do something like that you do it in private. Aaryn says that whole thing with Spencer ruined my HOH photo time. Judd comments that most importantly we need to make sure Jessie doesn’t get HOH this week. It would be just as bad as GM getting it. Two random people would go up. Helen tells Judd that she doesn’t think Jessie would put him up, she is in love with you. Judd says I don’t get it, I don’t act like it. She is even jealous about Aaryn and I. Judd says she needs to keep my damn name out of her mouth. Judd says I am 26, single and female attention is nice but she is just crazy. Judd heads inside. Aaryn asks if someone or if Jessie told Helen that Amanda wanted to back door her. Helen remember that Jessie did tell her that. If Amanda wants to do that so be it. Helen says that Amanda needs me. Aaryn says that Judd is going back and forth between her and Jessie. Helen says don’t worry I have your back. Helen says that Judd is just playing Jessie for her jury vote. Helen tells Aaryn that she should be leery of him. Aaryn says that she thinks Judd is the MVP. Helen agrees. Helen talks about how they can’t let McCrae play with those boys. Aaryn wonders if she would come after me. Helen says I will threaten her that if she puts you up we will not work with her.

11:30am Andy and Judd are in the lounge talking. Judd tells Andy that Jessie told me that Jessie had said that we had kissed but it doesn’t mean anything. Andy says oh I don’t care. Judd says benefits! Judd says I will vote her out. Andy agrees he would too. Judd says that hard part would be picking someone to go up against her. Andy tells Judd that he thinks everyone knows that there isn’t anything going on with him and Jessie. Andy says that he really wants this HOH. Judd says she just gets so territorial and I don’t like it! I would never date her. Judd laughs and says I would never move to Texas for her!

CBS Interactive Inc.

11:35am – 11:55am Judd heads back out to the backyard. Judd joins Aaryn and Helen on the couch and says that hardest parts is deciding who to put up with Jessie. Helen says that Amanda is not coming after us. Helen says we need to get McCrae out before Amanda. Andy joins them. They talk about how delusional Ginamarie is about Nick. Helen says that she really hopes Nick really does like her because I would hate to see how heart broken she is when she finds out he doesn’t like her. Helen says that she has talk about going on dates with him and their kids. Aaryn says that anyone that says anything bad about Nick they are on her radar. Helen says has anyone told her? Aaryn says that she tried to but Gina blew up on her. Aaryn and Helen feel really bad for Gina. Judd says we could all be really wrong though. Aaryn says no.. Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back that house guests are talking about random things. Candice joins them with her breakfast. The conversation turns to talking about eating placenta. Candice says she drank her girlfriends breast milk before. Aaryn says people say it’s bad to not drink breast milk as a child but I didn’t drink it and look how I turned out.


In the bathroom Helen tells Amanda that she would stay over McCrae. Andy joins them and Helen says we will talk later. Andy says what are you guys talking about I heard Amanda get called out for talking about production. Helen tells Amanda that people are gong to pit us against each other but we can’t let them. Helen says Candice is going home no matter what tomorrow.


12pm – 12:10pm In the lounge – Amanda, Helen and Andy talk about back dooring Judd if any of them get HOH. Helen says that Judd keeps talking about wanting Spencer to stay in the game. He wants himself, Spencer, McCrae and Andy to go against all of us. Amanda says that McCrae is skeptical about Judd too. Amanda asks is there any possibility of keeping Candice here? Or would that piss too many people off. Helen says it would piss too many people off. Amanda says Judd is at the centre of all of this. They say we need to get out Judd or Jessie next week. Helen says we need to nominate Spencer and Jessie, then back door Judd. Amanda says that scary thing about Judd is that he can quickly get back into your good graces. Helen says oh I know. Big Brother blocks the feeds and when they return, Amanda is doing her makeup in the bathroom. Meanwhile out on the backyard couch – Candice, Aaryn and Judd are talking about Candice being adopted.


12:20pm Jessie hides out in the havenot room by herself studying the past events of the house for the upcoming HOH competition.


12:25pm – 12:35pm Andy and Aaryn are talking on the backyard couch about their relationships in the house and the fights they’ve had with other house guests. Aaryn comments that Judd is being super shaddy. Aayrn says that she really wants to confront Jessie and ask her about who said Helen was going to back door Amanda. Andy asks do you think it was Judd. Aaryn says yes. Andys asks who Aaryn would nominate if she won HOH. Aaryn says Spencer and Jessie. Andy, Judd and Elissa get ready to run laps around the backyard. Elissa says we should stretch first. Judd says no, that’s the worst things to do before running. Andy asks is that a Judd-ism? Judd says yeah.


12:40pm Amanda tells Candice and Jessie that she thinks the cucumbers only work for your eyes. Candice says no.

12:55pm – 1:10pm Aaryn and Judd are in the lounge room. Aaryn says that she can’t wait to get out and see everything that was said about her. She says she knows it will be negative. Judd tells Aaryn that people only said bad things about her the first week. Aaryn asks what Judd said bad about her in the diary room. Judd says just about throwing holy water on her. Meanwhile Amanda is packing in the bedroom. Aaryn tells Amanda that Ginamarie hates Amanda. Amanda questions it and doesn’t understand why. Aaryn says its not a big deal its not personal its just game wise, she hated me before too. Aaryn leaves and Amanda tells Elissa that Aayrn just told her that Ginamaie hate her. Elissa says Aaryn lies and makes up a lot of stuff. Amanda says yeah I don’t believe her. Amanda goes back to packing her bags.


1:15pm – 1:30pm Spencer asks Jessie if he is still good tomorrow? Jessie says you should already know that you are good. Spencer says that he is just worried there is a plan to get him out. Jessie tells Spencer that he has nothing to worry about. Jessie says its good of you to check though. If I hear anything I will tell you. Jessie says it’s just crazy that if there really is a final four deal between certain people.. Spencer says yeah I know what you mean. Jessie says if it is true we would never have the votes to get anyone out. Spencer says that he is just worried about Candice pitching one last effort to get me out. Amanda joins them. They discuss the possibility of Candice having another keeping it real with Candi. Amanda says I think you and I are good Spencer we haven’t been talking about anything and hanging out more. Amanda says that next week is going to be the scare week. Amanda grabs Jessie’s butt and tells her she has a NICE A$$!! It’s nice and JUICY! You have an apple bottom. Spencer agrees. Amanda says I was told I have a pancake a$$! The conversation turns to talking about whether or not there will be a 9 person jury. (Which there is going to be – CBS officially announced it today.)


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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New World Order

Big Brother on CBS! ?@CBSBigBrother

BREAKING NEWS! The #BB15 jury begins this week with both evicted Houseguests from the Double Eviction on Aug 8! #BiggestBBJury!



Looks like this is actually happening


Amanda better listen because GM did say that!!


I’m sensing that with 9 member jury they are going to bring someone back from the jury down the road. It will get interesting when these sheeple idiots realize the need jury votes to win 500K.


Judd is scared of girls. Can I get a AMEN?!

Judd's granny

Why would Judd date Jessie when he gets out? He has seven girl cousins.


No, he is in love with Mrs. Thumb and her 4 daughters.


Ok, I’m Sorry But Can Someone From Production Give Aaryn Something To Reduce The Phlegm In The Back Of Her Throat. It’s Driving Me Crazy


It’s called “vocal fry” and she does it on purpose….or she forgot she does it.
Hopefully she will grow out of it.


Wow, I Googled It, Several Pages Listed. Amazing That It’s A Trend With College Girls. It’s Not Sexy, It Sounds Like Their Sick. Crazy

Big Sister

More importantly–Why can’t they find just ONE person who chews with his/her mouth closed??!!?? I am muting when they even go close to the kitchen. So disgusting!! Candice, put their feet to the fire at the finale!!

Jeremy's Boat

I wonder how many of these people will self-evict now that they have reached jury. This was the goal for most of them after all.


I think on Thursday is double eviction that both Candice & Spencer or Amanda will be evicted and next week I’m sure that Helen win HoH and puts up McCrae & Jessie and Backdoored Judd. That would be shocker moment.


Helen is the HoH queen. She’s HoH every week!

Aj Hollering

lol I thought Amanda was the HOH each week


Fucking Helen yo. I hope her ass goes right out the door by Amanda’s doing at this point. Serves her right.


Helen is setting herself us for a rude awakening and i cant wait for her to be the one to get backdoored. Amanda will surely vote to evict Helen before she evicts McCrae.


I don’t think Helen would not be Backdoored!!!! I’m sure Spencer or Judd is going up.


Man, I went from thinking Amanda was a looker to start the show to finding her absolutely repulsive. What was I thinking?


I feel the exact same way! Amazing how inner ugliness trumps outer beauty any day.


She Photographs Well&Has A Great Boob job. But She Is A Full On Monet


Women like this get a guy then totally slack off… she’s in sweats, old underwear with no lycra left in them, no make-up, doesn’t brush her hair, lives in some old person’s clothing… then, she is going to wonder what happened to her man when he doesn’t want to come home to that anymore! But, when she does her hair, fake lashes, flashes the fakies, and ball gags her mouth, she’s alright.


I hope Jessie starts winning competitions left and right, or at least survive double eviction. I’m hoping, but not expecting for her to win this game. I at least want her to stay and do as much damage as possible. Team Jessie!


jess looks amazing in that orange bikini

even amanda is jealous of jessies ass


I sick of Amanda, this girl never has clothes on!


she Needs To Cover Up The Most!!

Dr. Will Kirby

ok this cast is SO bad its become unimagineable how bad they are. So most of them cant stand amanda or at least know she has to go home, america hates her and nominates her twice now and hand delivers an opportunity that never existed in the game before yet the house still wont vote her out. Having america be able to nominate someone is absurd and delegitimizes the game as does the MVP concept in general. this season is an EPIC FAIL and production/casting themselves should be recast


The other day one of the cockroaches said they thought this was coming off as an EPIC season and one that would go down as one of the best season’s on record! Must be a real mindfu*k to be in that house and not see the forest for the trees!


LOL at Judd saying he would never date Jessie outside the house…she’s waaaay out of your league bro


Amanda is illuminati status… Wake up people!!!


excuse me while i rant. i’m really running out of people to root for here! judd is turning into a douche…non-stop trash talking jessie to EVERYONE. if you don’t like her, STOP MAKING OUT WITH HER. clearly she’s being led on to believe he’s into it, whether it’s a game move for her or not. my two favorites were judd and amanda. clearly amanda is just a lost cause now, but judd…dear ol’ judd, has lost my respect. and messing around with AARYN?! of all people? come on man. i am now rooting for jessie, and no one else, because everyone else in the house has hit a nerve in my brain that makes me want to backhand them all.
aaryn: racist, sneaky, bitchy mean girl
ginamarie: crrrrrraaazy, racist mean girl
helen: super annoying and very self-righteous
elissa: i just don’t really understand her gameplay whatsoever, and i think maybe she needs more botox….not.
spencer: just…disgustingly vile dirty prick
andy: rat. enough said.
amanda: rude, vile, selfish, queen bitch
mcrae: i don’t hate mcrae, i actually like mcrae, but i don’t like amanda, so hate by association. he should get rid of her.
candice: i liked candice this whole season, mainly because i have her in my BB15 pool (along with david….thanks life) and i wish she would stop moping around, because i’m sure if she actually tried, she could sway some votes towards amanda. but she’s not trying and making jessie do it for her. that’s annoying.

that felt good.


I wish I could give several thumbs up!

America Is Cheering For Jess

good luck on thursday Jess

hope you stay, but if not, its great you made jury

a significant number of bb fans will be cheering you on

hope you all consider voting for jess for americas favourite

team jess


So it seem its true 9 jurors. They will be making up big time with Jessie. Judd will hate them if he back door. Jessie and Candance will be the key votes.


I sick of Amanda, this girl never has clothes on! This season sucks big time!


when they did double eviction last season the feeds was off from wednesday night until thursday show because they recorded it … OR the feeds will be of all day thursday until the live show …


PLEASE!!! If America keeps the MVP, put up Helen! Not only would she freak but it’s the perfect blindside shake up. Come on, America!!

The Fist of Goodness

Come on America vote HELEN. She needs an attitude adjustment and going up on the block just might do it.


Yep, it’s time to put up Helen the Democrat strategist. Sorry name, but that is her party.


Jessie got the cake, if u not tryna to feel up on that… It’s a problem. Judd be making excuses for being scared. If I was his boy, when he gets out its it’s gonna be a roast… Unless he wins that 500 stacks. Then ima be like “man, u did what u had to do.

la la la

I really really want candice to stay! Spencer or Amanda should go, mostly spencer I can’t stand looking at him. Judd is annoying me like hell and no there are n no more words for hellen


So, now that 9 member jury is confirmed, I guess the game is over as that is all these folks seem to care about.


There is now a house guest I dislike more than Amanda…Helen! I can’t wait to see Helen evicted, hopefully at the hands of Aaryn or Amanda. It would be poetic justice; with Helen working so hard to evict the only people who actually had her back in this game (Howard, Candice, now wanting to go after Jessie). What pushed me beyond my breaking point with her is how she keeps using the phrase “public lynching” when talking about Candice’s going after Spencer last week…sorry Helen, but you know damn well that talking about a “lynching” in reference to a black player is racial code words – Candice’s tirade wasn’t even that bad, and is nowhere near a “lynching”. If you want to see a “lynching”, watch how Joshua tore down Amanda in Season 9 or how Evel Dick shredded Jen in Season 8. I love how Helen now pretends like no racist behaviors ever took place in the house, she is Aaryn’s and Amanda’s pet dog. I didn’t think it was possible to be more against anyone than Aaryn/Amanda, but Helen takes the cake. Her naivete will backfire; she is not nearly as good at this game as she thinks she is.


And when she know dam well the reason why Candice went off on Spencer was mostly because of her sorry ass trying to keep shit started I always think the reason why she keeps saying that about because she don’t want people to know she is the reason for it and she is trung to say if you keep Candice here this will happen but she isn’t telling it all really don’t care for Helen I did like her and I wanted her Andy, Howard, Judd, and Candice to make it to the last people in the house but what do we have left in the house 3racist crazy bitches that need to mental help 3 punks that lie and rats on anything and everything and im with one of the other posters that said McCrea is really not that bad but because he is up Amanda funky ass he needs to go!!!!

Elissa's Botox

lol at Judd being cocky, Jessie and Aaryn wouldn’t give your ugly face the time of day outside the house


GM is horribly immature.


Sorry in advance to JuddsGranny, but honestly, Judd is nothing to write home about. There is slim pickin’s in that house when that little dude starts melting panties. I would rather hook up with Elissa If I was Aaryn or Jessie. Trying to make conversation after sex would be painful, but Judd?????? Hell NO!


i know i sound like a complete asshole for thinking this, but i feel that when GM finds out that Nick is not interested in her at all she will become borderline suicidal and try to hurt herself. CBS should legitimately have a therapist on stand by for when she walks out the house


Let her….from what I’ve seen of her she’s useless to society anyways.


No let here go head and do it Kurt Cobain style the world really don’t need people like her in it also its better if she offs herself because not only is it safer for Nick but also the other players in the game that sent him out the door it might sound mean but She sade some really mean messed up stuff the bitch is Amanda Bynes crazy just saying and that’s real talk!!!!!

Aj Hollering

Are you a laycool fan love their real talk moments that would be scary if GM did go serial killer on everyone


i wonder if she is a crazy stalker with her REAL exes… not that anyone is going to come out of the woodwork to claim to be an ex! She is definitely clinically unbalanced.


“Helen explains that the public lynching was what made her feel bad for Spencer. If people want to get him out that’s fine, I just didn’t feel like that was right. Judd says that made her look bad if you want to do something like that you do it in private. Aaryn says that whole thing with Spencer ruined my HOH photo time.”

Helen – “public lynching” – you are walking on very thin ice with your word choices and I know you are you’re explicitly aware of them.

Aaryn – “ruined my HOH photo time.” – Seriously you can not be that self-centered and narcissistic. Who are we kidding, yes you are just that shallow.


I agree and she wasn’t nearly that upset over the bed flipping/Shaniqua incident, how Amanda said she had Howard’s **** in her mouth or how Jessie was attacked by Amanda. Helen is full of ****! At this point I would be just as happy to see her go as Demanda. These people too the most hated houseguest every week with their hate speech, delusions of grandeur and bullying. They really are a narcissistic bunch. Remember when Helen thought she would get MVP because the audience was cheering for her vote? I was LMAO. It is definitely time for a rude awakening. If MVP is still going, I’ll vote 5 times for Helen and 5 for Demanda. It’s a shame Aaryn isn’t even in the running anymore.


Making up a username like “Sociology” doesn’t make you an expert. You sound more like a cross between Jessie Jackson & Dr. Phil. You try to find racism where it isn’t, and then try to look smart by inciting. This is a game blog, take your “expertise” to a blog where someone might just give a damn about your BS. Thanks!!!

Judd come on

Judd you have the two best looking girls in the house after you Jessie and Aaryn take advantage of it man.I know I would.


When will the houseguests find out its a double eviction?
I’m guessing they will be told tonight or tomorrow morning, does anyone know?


At the beginning of the live show on Thursday.


Am looking forward to double eviction but its still not going to get Amanda out or Helen. I think they will go for the easy ones to evict – Candace,Jessie,Spencer,Judd) or GM,Aaryn,Elissa. I think they will save and compete with Andy the rat, Helen, McManda and whoever is left from the easy eviction players.


hoh i want jesse to win tommrow so arayn judd or helen or mcrae amanda or gm could go home so here goes candice go to jury then arayn goes to jury good day tommorow i hope this happen in i sill voting for amanda third nom if we can but america read the info cause it could say who you want to have golden power of veto so read it cause we dont want amanda to have it



Aaryn is throwing Judd and GM under the bus to build a greater trust with Amanda and McCrae.

King Goldy

With 9 Jurors they might do like BB-Canada or BB13 and let one of them return to the game to shake the house up. If Jessie is out I would vote her back in, but if she isn’t my second choice would be Candice, the only problem they cant win anything unless its handed to them like the POV to Jessie this week.


You will never experience less reality than when you are watching a reality show. You’re watching people who aren’t actors, put into situations created by people who aren’t writers and they’re second guessing how they think you would like to see them behave if this were a real situation, which it’s not. And you are passively observing this; watching an amateur production of nothing. It’s like a photo of a drawing of a hologram.


I love you Jessie!

America Is Cheering For Jess

she is a stunning girl

thats the wrong thing to do

It still annoys me how freaking helen had enough information on her to turn the entire game around. She knew MCcranda was plotting to get judd out and she couldve told them. If they get her out, I wont feel bad for that woman.


CBS want o keep Candance in the jury house to keep her from the Media Can’t wait to see what her response
Will be in regard to Amanda, Gina, Aaryn.

Remember some of the things they said she did not hear. She would go online to read. She would go off big time.
Also her Mother(s) would or sure be there for her to support her. Friends too. So I am not shock my this news. That’s
What they do, buy time, let the dust set. U kn the media is ready to pounce. So Arryn guys get some sleep.
They may even paid Candance more money to stay. Lol she may have the last laugh. Lol


Aaryn really is looking like a future Paula Deen in that first picture.


How will the double eviction work? Will the evict one person then do HOH and then nominate, POV and then put 2 people on the block or just evict 2 out Spencer, Candace and Amanda? If they do 2 out of 3 I think it won’t be that interesting because they will just vote out Spencer and Candace!


Same game, played fast! Evict, HOH comp, POV comp, POV ceremony, eviction, then a game for new HOH which will go into overtime. Can see result on BBAD.

The Guest From Hellen

‘Public lynchings’ are ‘classic big brother’…ok ok ok. Now somebody’s ‘got to go’. But it’s ‘not time yet.’


Just got word there is going to be a jury of 9 this year yo. Any truth on this?


so threatening people is not a form of bullying to helen … what.


GinaMarie is NUTSSSSSS! That is All!!


Queen Demanda needs to cover up that gut. That is not what you want to see on your Queen. Ah hell, throw a bag over her head so that way she is less obtrusive. Even if she had a great personality she is the second less than attractive woman on the program. Based on looks alone the list would be Helen, Queen Demanda, Elissa, GinaMarie, Aryan, Candice and Jessie. Worst to first list. Judd is a complete moron for not trying to form a bond with Jessie. If he did maybe he would grow a set and become enlightened to the fact that he is not in Queen Demanda’s court. Not to mention a hot chick once he gets back to the farm or where ever the hell he is from.


That photo of her in the hot pink sports bra is nasty… her boobs are in the wrong place, her gut is sloppy and she needs new undergarments. She should have taken this opportunity to learn a Sun Salutation from Elissa that would have given her the ability to stretch and breathe properly, and maybe eat healthier. Yoga is something you can do for life and men really appreciate a limber girl.

oh please..

I think their doing the 9 person jury to keep the media away from Candic till the game is over…wont want to give big brother a bad name…..haha…to late!!!


Amanda looks better with clothes on . I saw her in her bikini in the tanning booth and wow, I’m 60 years old and I wouldn’t have sex with her. McRae, what was you thinking? I guess you were just getting tired of having sex with yourself. But why did you pick the one at the bottom of the barrel? I guess it was a sure thing. Well, the best thing to do is go to Helen 1 hour before the eviction and tell her you want out Amanda now. You could tell Andy he better vote that way or you’ll will put him on the block next week. Tell him if he says anything to Amanda that you will tell Helen that he’s been ratting her out to Amanda this whole time. You would have Helen,Elissa,Jessie,McRae,and Andy. I’d go to Judd on the way to the eviction and tell him the plan ( if I was McRae) That way Amanda could not target him for breaking up with her.I’m sure everyone would be happy with it especially if they told GM they all have a pact to put up Candace next week & vote her out.(because GM really doesn’t like Amanda, but just worried that if Candace wins HOH she will put her up. She’s so stupid, she thinks that little talk she gave Candace would possibly save her. To bad so sad GM. You have no job when you get out ,you have no skills,it really is sad ,I just hope you don’t hurt yourself because that would really be a shame. I know a lot of the anger is because of the things that Candace has accomplished in her life and the jealousy you have of her.I mean your claim to fame is you won Miss Grand Supreme overall Pageant (and you were so proud of your accomplishment) Then when you find out Candace was Miss Louisiana & competed in the Miss USA Pageant and has a college degree and teaches speech therapy to children ,I guess it made your win seem insignificant.


it’s so annoying that helen is this “guys alliance” kick, all these conspiracy theories about judd. im really frustrated she would want to target judd and mccrae next, even andy! they are my favorites!!