“I know a lot of people are lying to me so I’m ready to shock the house” Helen

POV Holder: Jessie Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Aug 8th
Original Nominations: Candice, Jessie and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Current Nominations: Candice, Spencer and Amanda (MVP Nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard
Have Nots no have nots this week


8:10pm Storage room Helen and McCrae

MC saying Amanda is worried because apparently Aaryn wanted to put up Elissa and Amanda this week.
Helen: ‘Are you serious”
MC adds that Amanda thinks maybe Aaryn, Jessie, JUDD have a deal going and if Elissa votes out Spencer there will be 3 votes against Amanda and 3 votes against Candice. GM would break the tie and vote out Amanda.

MC wants confirmation that Elissa will vote out Candice. Helen is positive Elissa will vote out Candice she’ll talk to Elissa tonight.

Helen says after this vote they can brings Spencer over. MC agrees says Spencer stays up with JUDD late each night they might be closer than they think.
Helen tells him to stay up late with the guys.
MC thinks Spener trusts him because of the “whole moving company thing”
Helen says they need to get rid of JUDD next week. After the eviction MC will pull Spencer aside and tell him to join him and Andy to take out JUDD.
McCrae about Judd: “Like i’m scared… I’m scared of him like he trusts me.. (feeds block with fish).. he’s dangerous and he’s sacrey”

Helen suggest JUDD will target MC because he doesn’t think he can beat him in the final 2.


8:27pm Amanda and Aaryn Bedroom
Amanda is worried the vote is going to be 3-3-1 Aaryn says that is impossible she wants to know where the 3-3 votes are coming from but Amanda doesn’t tell her. Amanda dodges the questions says she’s just paranoid she’s going home.
(During the 1/2 way party they were given some time to off feeds. Amanda and McCrae went off into a room and did something s$xual)
Amanda: “You walked in on a horrible time”
Aaryn: “What were you doing”
Amanda: “Finishing up having fun”
Amanda: “A girl has her needs.. “
Amanda asks why Jessie is hiding. Aaryn doesn’t know she’s been in her room all day. They talk about JUDD making out with Jessie a couple days ago. Aaryn says she kissed JUDD, Amanda thinks is was a passionate kiss.
Aaryn: “Amanda.. I am not into him like that”
Amanda: ‘Is he a good kisser”
Aaryn: ‘It wasn’t a make out kiss it was only a kiss.. “
Aaryn: ‘You need to stop worrying I talked to Helen and she wants you here for a long time”
Amanda asks her who was the initial proposal for nominees this week
Aaryn says it was Candice and Jessie
Amanda: “was my name or Elisa brought up”
Aaryn says only Elissa’s was Amanda was never considered a option.
Amanda tells her there are strange things going on with JUDD and Jessie right now she doesn’t want Aaryn to get caught up in it.
Amanda: ‘I gotta put some baby powder in my Vag!na.. freshen up.. the boy needs to learn a few things”


8:49pm HOH GM, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, JUDD

Amanda says she doesn’t like listening to HOH music and she doesn’t like the parties. The parties throw her out off her game. She can’t step outside the game, ”I can’t shut off”
JUDD: “are you a club rat at home”
Amanda: “no, I just don’t like music I like knowing what is going on”
JUDD and Spencer leave

Amanda asks her about the conversations with the players about the votes . GM says Jessie was rude to her and wasn’t going to tell her who she’s voting for, “She was like I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS THAT”.
GM: ‘I was like OK goodbye”
Gm says Elissa is voting out Candice.
GM: “you see I talk to people.. no need to yell.. but if a motherf**** gives me attitude”
GM: “First of all there is no need for a attitude stick it down a notch.. cause i’m not at that notch.. you want to see me at that notch cause I can go there if you want.. ”
GM: “B1tches are crazy cause they don’t want to see Ginamarie at notch 5 it can go to 10 .. I was maybe a 7 when Nick left “
GM: “You don’t want to see me at 10 cause I will start throwing knives and stabbing the bitch”

CBS Interactive Inc.


9:06pm Cockpit Helen, Elissa and Jessie
Jessie is saying Candice told her Aaryn said something nasty about her during the party and Helen/Elissa laughed. Something about Jessie dancing alone.
Helen: ‘I didn’t hear her say that.. We weren’t laughing at you.. it’s possible Candice heard wrong to”
Elissa: “I think she probably did say it and I don’t think she changed”
Helen: “you know Jessie people have come to me and said you’ve been telling people Elissa and I don’t deserve the money”.
Helen: ‘People will say things you know to throw other people under the bus you know”

Helen says they need to squash it if they hear anyone bringing it up. Jessie agrees.

Helen wishes their original 7 would stick together. She doesn’t like how the super friends have turned out. People are being protected that were not supposed to be protected.
Jessie: ‘I’m not being protected and I was promised”

Elissa likes Ginamarie but thinks that maybe this game is getting a bit much for her. Elissa: “Something is weird”
JEssie: ‘Even Aaryn says GM has HOHitus”
Elissa says GM and Aaryn are similar personalities
Jessie agrees.

Jessie knows she is going up against Spencer if it’s double eviction tomorrow. Helen says not to be so sure, Double eviction is a time to make big moves.

Helen: “I know a lot of people are lying to me so I’m ready to shock the house”

They talk about the competition they got to practice eralier today. Helen points out Aryn was the best.

Elissa says it’s not fair that Aaryn get Adderall because Elissa thinks it’s a performance enhancing drug ‘They say in ivy league schools they don’t let the student be on Adderall..You can focus like it’s your job.. it’s not hidden that people abuse Adderall.. it’s not hard to argue .. it’s not fair.. it’s not fair.. if you are in a competition show it’s like you can take steroids”
Jessie says Aaryn is on another level because of the Adderall give her a unfair advantage.
Helen doesn’t know anything about it to comment.
Elissa: “it’s methamphetamine.. it’s synthetic heron”
Jessie: “It’s a super drug”
Elissa: “it’s methamphetamine”
Helen: “Well somehow they let her use it”
Jessie so basically Amanda and McCrae are protecting Aaryn now right


9:33pm HOH JUDD, Spencer, McCrae and Amanda

Specner says earlier today Aaryn was singing ‘Aint no lie Jessie bye bye bye” They all know where Aaryn’s head is at.

THey start talking about Elissa freaking out about Andy sleeping in her bed. Elisa told them she cannot sleep in a bed that has had a person in it with lotion on their body. She claims her skin is too sensitive. Amanda points out Elissa talks about spray tanning and that “Sh!t” is straight chemicals. Helen joins them to listen to music.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Whoever Amanda tells her to take out.


It’s tough enough you know listening to Helen you know talk like that . Reading it is you know brutal you know. :)

You Know

I watched that conversation on After Dark and I did not hear Helen say “you know” once. I am a little confused as to why people keep saying that she says “you know” and “ok” all the time because I have yet to hear it.

You Know

Well Simon you know she wants Jessie out because that is what the house wants.You know now is not the time to make a big move,You know Judd is acting very shady to her you know,like he is messing up her game so I would say Jessie and Judd

Eh Eh Eh

I hope that Helen thinks double eviction is the right to get Amanda out…I think based on Amandas past performances in competitions she wouldn’t win veto.


Helen is too afraid to make a big move. She has no idea who she wants out. If she is really nervous about a boy’s alliance then why isn’t she trying to get Spencer out? She could use this as a reason to keep Candice.


Helen is all talk. If it ever came down to it she will make the fewest waves possible then become a dictator saying the house wants it this way. We all know her act from her previous HOH


Judd…100% but she’ll settle for Jessie or whoever Amanda tells her.

If Jessie isn’t smart enough to see through Helen, who talks about loyalty as she cuts the throat of the first person who came to her side after she was nominated in week 2, talking about a secret boys alliance, and being on board to save Elissa…while all the others only jumped on after the veto, then she deserves to go home.


Jessie wouldn’t turn her back on Helen yet, unless she is willing to go against Elissa but with her current condition working with Helen and Elissa is her only chance of survival. As of now I think if she wins HOH she will put up Mcmanda and hopefully the nominations stay the same so one of them could go out. Both Helissa and Mcmanda are playing the ultimate floater game, shifting whoever has power and influencing the HOH by throwing one person’s name out. It is actually a good strategy but bad for viewing as it produces extreme sheep qualities.

As of now there are four strong pairs in the house, Helissa, Mcmanda, Mean Girls and Spudd. If one is to rank by the number of targets on their backs Spudd will be in the bottom, followed by Mean Girls, then Helissa while Mcmanda stands atop them. It’s fascinating how Helen maneuvers and lie to take the target of their pair out, as of week three the original goof troop are solid on taking her out but now Mcmanda are more inclined to work with them than Judd. Arryn also now seems to prefer working with her now in compare to Amanda.


Hi Carlos Helissa, Jessie final three???


I’d love for that to happen but I doubt it will, Helen’s gameplay involves sacrificing players who can be loyal to her to move forward in the game (which is selfish and can lead to her downfall but is also smart). Her place in the house allows her to team up with almost everyone except Spencer and Judd. Jessie will be the first casualty unless one of the three of them wins the next two HOH. I do understand her gameplay why she is keeping Amanda. Judd, Spencer and Arryn’s presence are still in the house and may have struck a deal with Mcmanda and they could steam roll to get people outside the house. Helen may vote out Candice this week but I think GM and Arryn would be easy to poach because she followed the HOH orders and perceive her as trustworthy.

The Helen vs Amanda is inevitable and the first person who will have the power to strike on the right time will definitely win. Helen may lose a pawn today but Amanda may have made a mistake already by targeting Judd.

Uri Dequad

McCrae is the one that should be scared
to be STUCK with Amanda as a girlfriend
I predict that he doesn’t move to Florida


Everyone’s telling Nick to run from GM which I totally agree, but I think McCrae needs to run from Amanda.


Helen will make a lame ass move like putting up Spencer and Jessie… no big game moves coming if Helen has HOH. I want McCrae to win it and put up Amanda, especially after he got lock jaw trying to please the Princess today.


I think she wants to take out herself .. lol.. one can hope ..

Ya I said it..

I’d love to back hand the dog piss outta HELL-EN… stupid C U N T


I didn’t know BB let Spencer on here.


LOOOOOOOOOOL!! I would’ve said the same if you didn’t already post that comment!

Elissa Yo

Elissa does not have the greatest face look wise but she makes up for it with that amazing body Woah.


“GM: “B1tches are crazy cause they don’t want to see Ginamarie at notch 5 it can go to 10 .. I was maybe a 7 when Nick left”

Wait til she finds out Nick never liked her, Alex Forrest is going to come out.


GM surprising Nick when he walks into his home after work one night: ” I won’t be ignored!”


I hope he doesn’t have a pet rabbit.


Who is getting evicted? Does anyone know? I would reach the convos but i do not have that kind of time lol. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me their educated prediction.


Candice is going but the house may neuter Amanda and evict her!? A girl can hope…or Spencer would be good!


Orrrrr….it will be 3 to 3 to 1 and GM will evict Amanda as the tie breaker. THAT would be great. Elissa voting for Spencer. I think Candice to go would be Helen, Andy, and McCrea.


I cant even tell if you are adding in the “you knows” into helens convos or if they are real! lol


Helen wants you to YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW

GM: Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over million descendants.

Candace: A snail can sleep for three years

Spencer: It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky.

GM: The longest word in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Aaryn: A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

GM: A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds.

Judd: The average person who stops smoking requires one hour less sleep a night.

Amanda: Whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound.


Ok, so helen’s you know you know is a new drink… so drink 15 times ok, ok, so drink


Has anyone else noticed Aaryn’s Rectal Obsessions?

Hello -

I haven’t heard (can’t hear) everything she says in her monotone voice, but have noticed that she walks as though she’s got something in her rectum and vagina at the same time…..


Aaryn does NOT walk, she waddles from room to room. UGH. it’s so tough to watch sometimes.


Aaryn seems like she dated some guy who was a real ass pirate! She is obsessed with that! Too bad Spencer and her don’t compare notes and get together.


helen is a plant by cbs.she does everything in her power to keep amanda in the house.if anyone brings up voting out amanda,she does not rest until she talks that person out of it.it makes no sense.you take out threats not actively keep them in the game.it would be different if helen thought she and amanda would make it to final 2 and no one would vote for amanda.helen has made sure every person left is a jury vote for amanda.she has voted out any person with any loyalty to her.again,it makes no sense. by the way,the idea of plants by production are accepted as fact in other bb franchises,bbuk specifically.bbuk house guests have numerous conversations about who might be a possible plant.


i liked last season better when it was frank vs the house and dans blindsides


Frank always gave off a weird Carrot Top vibe…he seemed like he was dirty too! I loved how in love with his wife Dan was…Danielle, could have lived w/o!


Lol…..Helen ain’t doing shit you know….ok cuz she is like all bark…ok and no bite…you know. These houseguest are delusional….if Jesse doesn’t win hoh next during double eviction she’s in trouble….anyone else wins and A Man Duh will be right on top of them threatening and telling them who to put up and insisting on who everyone votes out. Everyone will cower down and say Superfriends 4 Life…and this dumb season will continue drama free!!! Lame!!!

ADDERALL= Super drug……LMAO!!!! I take adderall twice a day and I assure you it is not a super drug or steroids…..it is amphetamine salts and yes it does help with concentration but only if you have horrible concentration to begin with…it help me most with my racing thoughts which keep me from being able to concentrate on what I’m doing…..adhd is a bitch…lol


I take it recreationally when I have alot to accomplish in a day… if I am having a big party I always take it because I become super organized and stay on task. Can’t eat when I take it, really kills my appetite for 24 hrs.


I use to take Adderall and YES it is a performance enhancing drug. It is not allowed in certain activities. And YES, people who do not have concentration problems use the drug and benefit. A lot of college students use this drug to study and cram for tests. I cant believe you are taking a drug and don’t know the history. Ask your doctor. Google it. It also suppresses your appetite. This drug is abused a lot. I was prescribed the drug for help with weight….. not it’s intended purpose, but that was my doctors suggestion. I noticed a HUGE gain in focus and mental clarity. Therefore i thought maybe i had undiagnosed ADD. I got tested and I didn’t. It was just the Adderall doing what it does. It should be noted that i felt this effect on its lowest dose. SO i do get why Elissa feels that way. I would too. Adderall would help in some of the comps that require extreme focus and concertration. It would also help with the studing of the dates and events in the house. ANd since it can supress the appetite it might make it easier for someone to be a havenot as well.


If you are referring to me as the one “taking a drug and not knowing the history of it” well big news flash Einstein I do know a bit about it and I will say it again….it is NOT a performance enhancing drug!!! The certain activities that prohibit the use of adderall are professional sports….not because you run faster or jump higher its because you can use it to mask real performance enhancing drugs…Steroids. I also know it is prescribed for obese individuals which it sounds like your doctor did in your case. It is also used to treat narcolepsy. It really benefits individuals which have a problem with neurotransmitters in the brain get past the synapse. The college kids you speak of which use it mostly benefit from being able to stay up all night and study. Now yes it will help you focus but it is very limited if you normally don’t have a problem with focus and concentration….however those of us that don’t have that luxury it almost gets us up to normal levels. Adderall can also make a person very agitated and irritable and along with sleep deprivation can lead to a case of paranoia. If adderall is such an advantage then why are the houseguest that are taking it such horrible competitors all the way around…maybe you should do your homework!


Needs double eviction Amanda and Helen. GM sounds dangerous. Aaryn is a spoiled brat and rude. She needs to go too.

Kelli Jo

Okay…for the record, adderall is amphetamines yes. But news flash Elissa, amphetamines are about as far away from heroin as you can get. The synthetic form of heroin is called METHADONE. I don’t use drugs, but with medical classes I know enough about them. MAN these people are dumbasses.

If Amanda Wins we Riot

I would think that with all these “medical classes” that you would have quickly realized that Elissa, who is not a doctor, was simply confusing Heroin with Cocaine. In fact Amphetamines are similar to Cocaine (please don’t make me explain the pharmacology) and are very clearly performance enhancing.


Why should Helen get rid of Amanda so she can become the biggest target in the house and lose a jury vote.


I am SO bummed no one is dropping clues to JUDD that he is in serious trouble!! he better win that HOH or Veto tomorrow night!!!
come on Elissa I thought you two had a final 2 deal!! lol let him know!


Candace told him. But you know those dam black people can’t be trusted. So if Judd refuses to listen to someone who has never targeted him, never done anything to him, because the house told him not too, then i guess he gets what he deserves. Bye Judd.


Once jury begins anyone is game to go home. Its whoever benefits your game to proceed further. God I hate this season. Amanda tweaks out too much.


McCrae and her are arguing like an old married couple and he seems to realize now that his showmance is killing his game. Amanda is delusional saying that she has not been campaigning this week. She was trying to control POV if Spencer won it. She is paranoid like crazy tonight. Fun to watch her squirm and I love that Aaryn interrupted her sexy times with McCrae when the feeds were off… she is so sexually frustrated tonight. And…what the HELL with using baby powder in your vagina!!! Is she trying to attract Spencer? Would be funny if McCrae loses Amanda and gets busy with Jessie still in the house.




Speaking on Helen, she looked really good in that bikini on today’s show with that cowboy hat on. A slutty milf she truly is


Are you kidding? She looks like a 13-year-old girl. You got ‘Spencer’s’ issues dude.

Amanda's Duck Feet

I don’t know about sl*tty, but she did look good.


i say candice goes home then helen goes home my predictions

hoh preditciton jesse
noms preditction amanda helen
mvp nom prediction golden power of veto to jesse
helen goes home
meet candice in jury my preditction


I have a feeling Jessie is gonna win HoH too…. but Helen wont go home. It’ll be either Amanda, Aaryn, and GM. Most likely GM because no one will vote out Amanda cause they’re scared and everyone’s coddling Aaryn. GM is just there at this point.

Although, if it’s a Q&A (Which is most likely will be so it goes fast), I think Helen is gonna get it.


How come I can’t get the iPhone app for my new phone? When I click the link above it says its not available in my country. I had it on my last iPhone and I live in the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Simon and Dogg, y’all have a great site. I’ve been coming here for years to get my fix!!!


Thank you for the update…

BBfan from Florida

So which HG do you think MC will confide in his desire to get Amanda out of the house? That will be a big move.


I think McCrea is smart…but not smart enough to see that the house sees Amanda as a heatseeker and somebody who can’t win competitions or the game…two attributes they do not see in McCrea. Amanda’s theatrics aren’t putting a target on her, they’re putting a target on him. McCrea would be smart to start planting seeds in Amanda to distrust everybody, then he can come in and smooth things over. In essence, McCrea wants more scenarios like tonight’s show where Amanda pisses of Aaryn, who in turn is also pissed off at GM, then McCrea can come in and be a good guy. Create a good cop/bad cop arrangement where NOBODY is comfortable with Amanda and EVERYBODY fears she could turn on them and side with somebody else. Either way, McCrea is facing the likelihood of needing to go on a comp run at the end to make it to final 2. And while he’s at it, playing on Amanda’s jealousies and insecurities would also be wise. Make Amanda’s presence without McCrea completely untenable. McCrea has to make sure, without a doubt, that Amanda will go before he does, so at least her eviction gives him the benefit of a warning shot.


Just some observations from tonight

Thanks to that moron Helen I’m now noticing almost everyone in the house saying, You Know, as a word filler. It’s driving me crazy. Today I even caught myself saying You Know a few times.

GM is a lost soul who know has no concept of time. She keeps saying things about Nick that make no sense whatsoever. She keeps saying Nick said this or that about someone but those things happened weeks after he was evicted. Where is her mind at? At first it was funny but now I’m thinking how severe her psychosis is and she needs help.


That blonde hair bleach and the too tight hair extensions are working some magic on her scalp. She may need to have her anti-psychotic meds checked. Judd seems a little dopey tonight too! The crazy in the house is contagious!


When will they tell the houseguests its a double eviction? tomorrow morning maybe?
Does anyone know.


Nope, they find out during the show tomorrow night.


Julie Chen will tell them right away when the show starts…” Grab a life jacket floaters, tonight is double eviction night!”…or maybe she’ll say, ” The KKK meeting at 10 tonight will be meeting late, this is Double Eviction night on BB!”…or, ” Pedophiles, Fudgepackers,Nazi’s, Retard Haters,and guys who don’t know how to go downtown on a girl, tonight is Double Eviction Night on Big Brother!”


Go take your Adderall girl.


Agreed, that was a little tasteless of me… :(


Reset tomorrow, MVP over, all 3 Noms saved, HOH Comp, Noms, Veto, & 1 eviction! NO WAY is CBS allowing an HOH win to GM! #BB15…….but before everything, Julie Announces double eviction & 9 People Jury..Bitvhes Are shocked and mad because
Either way Candice is still in the game.


Now that would be something.


Lol Helen thinking getting rid of Judd will shock the house….no you sheep, getting rid of Amanda will shock the house….


Judd or Spencer? She wants to evict a guy. She said all those remarks about poor Judd.
Did she blatantly lie to Spencer’s face when saying he’s safe? Andy got 100% grossed
out and tried to end the unpleasant conversation. if Spencer is “bums rushed” out, he will
think its everything he did in the first month of the game that came back to bite him on the
buttocks. If she is waiting to Mammy Yokum whammy Amanda with a total Al Capp logic…
then what is HER definition of an unexpected powerplay equal to the one IAN did to boogie?


What is it about Aaryn – her face does not move at all. She has the same look all the time. I think she is a sociopath (I’m not a doctor). Her voice is the same when talking smack or being ‘nice’ (if that’s possible). Weird.


The ADDERALL. She has trouble concentrating so she has to really pay attention to just one person. She cannot focus on more than one at a time to keep her concentration.


What is Adderall?

Adderall contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Both these medicines are central nervous system stimulants that affect chemicals in the brain and nerves that contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

Adderall is used to treat narcolepsy and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Elissa and Jessie are so stupid it almost hurts my brain listening to them speak!!


the shocking move helens talking about is when she self-evicts because jessie won HOH. one can hope :)

go jessie for willing to do for herself to win 500k.


Good grief these are just the side effects of adderall and it is used to treat ADHD and I remember Aaryn saying she takes it for that and she has trouble in social situations which a most that suffer from ADHA do:

Here are the side effects:
fast, pounding, or uneven heartbeats;

pain or burning when you urinate;

talking more than usual, feelings of extreme happiness or sadness;

numbness, tingling, or strange sensations under your skin;

tremors, hallucinations, unusual behavior, or motor tics (muscle twitches); or

dangerously high blood pressure (severe headache, buzzing in your ears, anxiety, confusion, chest pain, shortness of breath, uneven heartbeats, seizure).

Common Adderall side effects may include:

nausea, loss of appetite, stomach pain;

dry mouth;

anxiety, agitation, mood changes, feeling nervous;

sleep problems (insomnia); or

headache, weakness, dizziness.

These do describe Aaryn a lot especially the mood changes, anxiety, agitation, her actions, and her extreme sadness and happiness. I know the drug has good effects when on people with ADHA but wow these side effects are awful.


Common side effects of Adderall Oral:
Upper Abdominal Pain Less Severe
Chronic Trouble Sleeping Less Severe
Loss of Appetite Less Severe
Feel Like Throwing Up Less Severe
Throwing Up Less Severe
Nervous Less Severe
Easily Angered or Annoyed Less Severe
False Sense of Well-Being Less Severe

Infrequent side effects of Adderall Oral:
Feeling Restless Severe
Urinary Tract Infection Severe
Hives Severe
Fever Severe
Rash Severe
Trouble Breathing Severe
Allergic Reaction caused by a Drug Severe
Anxious Severe
Feeling Anger Toward Something Less Severe
Dry Mouth Less Severe
Incomplete or Infrequent Bowel Movements Less Severe
Inability to have an Erection Less Severe
Drowsiness Less Severe
Dizzy Less Severe
Low Energy Less Severe
Excessive Sweating Less Severe
Involuntary Quivering Less Severe
Taste Problems Less Severe
Weight Loss Less Severe
Head Pain Less Severe
Fast Heartbeat Less Severe
Heart Throbbing or Pounding Less Severe
Diarrhea Less Severe
Feeling Weak Less Severe
Sexual Problems Less Severe
Altered Interest in Having Sexual Intercourse Less Severe

Rare side effects of Adderall Oral:
Taking Habit Forming Drugs Severe
Depression Severe
Aggressive Behavior Severe
Worsening Symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome Severe
High Blood Pressure Severe
Heart Attack Severe
Abnormal Heart Rhythm Severe
Stroke Severe
Hepatitis caused by Drugs Severe
Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Severe
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Severe
Mental Impairment Severe
Hallucination Severe
Feeling Faint Severe
Seizures Severe
Chest Pain Severe
Life Threatening Allergic Reaction Severe
Giant Hives Severe
Reaction due to an Allergy Severe
Mood Changes Severe
Mental Disorder with Loss of Normal Personality & Reality Severe
Chronic Muscle Twitches or Movements Less Severe
Disturbance in the Ability of the Eye to Focus Less Severe
Double Vision Less Severe
Blurred Vision Less Severe
Dilated Pupil Less Severe
Feeling Unhappy or Unwell Less Severe
Hypertalkative Less Severe
Hair Loss Less Severe
Voluntary Movement Difficulty Less Severe
Numbness and Tingling Less Severe
Behaving with Excessive Cheerfulness and Activity Less Severe


That explains a lot! Not sure if the good effects of the drug outweigh the bad, but for someone that has ADHA I am sure it does especially in getting them to try and focus and deal with social pressures.

Geez Louise

Anyone hear that last weeks “live” eviction was actually taped to “avoid howard eviction issues”? Supposedly the first 45 minutes were taped and the last 15 min(exit interview) were live. That makes since why they had that meeting and why the feeds were down for so long last week… Am I just late hearing this?



thanks for posting this.


CBS micromanaged the entire episode…
they tend to do this when they must do
a damage control on their public image…


Judd or Jessie are out if they don’t win 2nd eviction HOH! Helen and Amanda are gunning for them. I think it all depends on who wins HOH and if anybody has the guts to go against “the house” aka Amanda! The smartest move is to get out a big player like Amanda or Helen but I doubt these HG’s will even get that!


I wonder how much of an advantage Aaryn is really getting with the Adderall considering that useless lump Amanda takes Adderall as well…

Keri Helen

Dear god, is there a candy bowl full of adderall in the kitchen? Is there anyone in there that doesn’t pop pills?

Also, since people are getting themselves into hot water with their bigotry and investigated for pedo talk, I would like to know when GM will be arrested and questioned for threatening to throw knives and stab a bitch.


I don’t understand why everyone wants Helen to vote out Amanda. Voting out Amanda doesn’t benefit Helen right now, just puts a bigger target on herself to get voted out the following week.


Hold the phone — Amanda doesn’t like music…?! Now I’m officially convinced that she’s a psychopath.

Rio Seven

Okay, why does Amanda keep putting baby powder on her va-jay-jay? I just thought it was worth mentioning that talcum powder is a carcinogenic and no one should do that. They find that shit in ovarian tumours!!!