Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Porsche and Kalia are up on the block

5:17pm HOh Rachel and Jeff They are going over what the POV comp is going to be like. Jordan joins them, says that Kalia thinks that Dani will win POV and save her.

Rachel points out that there are 7 people competing in the comp which is good odds. Jordan states the obvious Kalia, Porsche and Dani will all be fighting for the POV. Rachel wonders if Dani will use the POV. Jeff says he’s talked to Dani and he told her he would like the keep the nominations the same. rachel thinks she’ll use it. Jordan: “It doesn’t matter we have the numbers” Rachel asks them if Dani takes off Kalia who will they put up. Jeff says it won’t matter Dani and Kalia only have 2 votes JJSAR have the numbers.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Nominations ceremony over Shelly and Adam up

7:16pm Havenots Mini house meeting (everyone but Adam and Dani)
Shelly asks Porsche if rachel told her that Shelly wanted a final 3 with her. POrsche says YES Rachel did tell me that. Shelly Yells tahts A lie. Rachel: “But Shelly that is the truth you did say that”
Porsche: “I heard that you wanted a 3 person deal with rachel but rachel said no becuase she never trusted you.. You also said that you wanted it once Jordan went home”
Shelly shoot straight tells them that it’s all a lie.
Rachel: “Shelly it’s the truth you have been saying that.. There’s a lot of final 3 going around right now with you”
Rachel: “You said Hypothetuically that if Jordan went home that you wanted final 3”

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Big Brother Spoilers – Rachel and Jeff up on the block, Rachel: “I’m not coming back if I go”

6:59pm Havenots rachel and Jordan Rachel says to Jordan that right now they are screwed. rachel is crying says that Jeff is pissed at her he yelled at her told her he doesn’t want to hear any of her BLANK. rachel lost her fiancee yesterday and now she’s up on the block and going home. Jordan says your coming back Julie said the person voted out might come back.

Rachel starts to BAWL saying i’m playing for second place even if I win every POV and HOH there’s nobody in this house that will vote for me.. Jordan is trying to tell her to calm down explains to her that she has Shelly’s votes and people change when their in Jury.

Rachel goes off about Kalia and Dani “WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE.. WHO THE BLANK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE” Jordan: “Well they’re the ones in charge.. and it’s not looking good for us” rachel is mad because kalia called her Catty… says I ruin the Game and I’m bad for the house. ” rachel says that Kalia is being personal and she’s attacking Rachel’s character, first they attack her fiancee now they attack her. Jordan just keeps telling her to calm down and that they have to pull it together because “they” are going to pick them off one at a time.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Nominations Taking Place Dani to Rachel “If we Get POV we Have to Make a Big Move”

5:05pm Havenots Pacer and Dom Dom asks her if she won HOH who she would put up, Pacer says she doesn’t know. She thinks Kalia is a strong player and is really annoying, “She’s always complaining but she’s the one that never does the dishes”. Por says that she doesn’t have any one in this game and she’s looking for someone to pair up with. She tells him that she’s kinda with BR but knows she’s the bottom of the totem poll and will be voted out when they go down to 6. Por adds that her and Rachel are not as close as everyone thinks they are. Por thinks Adam and Dom are going up and Adam is probably the target. Dom wonders if he has the votes. Por says he’s got her vote she needs people to trust in the house. Pot warns Dom that she watched BB8 a lot and she knows how dani played she used Nick to further her alliance. Throughout the season she was always allied with her father and just kept Nick around to do what they needed to be done.

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Adam predicts an alliance split Jeff/Jordan Vs Rachel/Brendon, Adam Screams out “BROGADE”

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7:45pm Brendon and Dani Dani is complaining that the golden key is a stupid twist, Brendon agrees he wishes he was playing against all All Stars. Dani laughs tells him that then she would be playing with all her friends and Brendon would be all alone. Brendon laughs says it would be just like last year. Both of them are having are laughing away very much enjoying each others company. Dani is mad that she has the golden key because all there is for her to do is site around. She also is pissed that most of the people in the house are playing for jury. Brendon: “Of course they do” Both of them don’t want to play with players like that. Brendon tells her she needs to get stuck in with the other players and learn what is going in with them he was hoping Rachel would do that but she’s not she’s sticking with POrsche and unraveling his social game. Dani continue about the golden key saying that because of this twist you are building all the wrong relationships. Brendon: “Yeah it’s like we’re playing 2 games”

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers: POV Results: Rachel Chooses NOT to use the POV! Porsche & Keith up for eviction this Thursday!

12:35pm Big Brother turns the feeds back on. Rachel has decided to not use the POV and to keep the nominations the same. Both Keith and Porsche are still on the block for eviction this Thursday! Who will go home? Porsche? or Keith? Keith and Porsche are talking in the bedroom. Keith tells Porsche that no matter what happens he is sorry for what happen and that if he goes home he wants her to do well in the game. Porsche doesn’t except his apology and keeps telling him that she doesn’t believe him or that he won’t spread more lies. Keith says that he will only explain why he they should keep him and that he wont campaign hard against her. Keith tells her that she is going to win the golden key and not to worry about it. Porsche says that she knows he is good manipulator and that she still thinks he will try and manipulate people just to stay. Keith says that if he could do it all over again he would …and that he would have gone and made a deal with them upstairs.

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Big Brother Nomination Results Final 4

3:30pm Kitchen, Britney and Lane Britney has found Enzo’s coin in the flowers by the table. This leaves just her and Lane trying to find each others coins. Britney tells him she needs the money more then he does because unlike him she’s probably going home this week. Lane tells her that they can split it so she can tell him where it is, Lane wants to split it 80/20 for him. Britney says no way she wants half. Lane doesn’t think Big Brother production will let him do that he remembers reading in the rule book you can’t split the winnings. Britney: “How are they going to stop you from mailing a cheque”. Britney: “Cmon Lane I need some kind of consolation prize I haven’t won a thing”. Lane: “Me to”. Britney tells him she’s mad at him for him telling her that she’s never going to find his coin and that she’s dub. Lane says she misunderstood what he meant. More flirtatious banter.

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*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Ragan And Enzo up on the Block, Enzo is pissed Brit and Hayden can’t understand why

  6:02pm Hayden, Lane and Brit in the Kitchen Lane says he hopes Ragan isn’t too made at him. Hayden doesn’t think so its part of the game. Brit is chopping up food there chatting about the pandoras box punishments.   6:00pm Taj Ragan Ragan is studying he’s going over facial features that are distinctive […]

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