Big Brother 16 Spoilers Nominations Today “Now I’m thinking Nicole and Hayden”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner 1: Amber HOH Winner 2: Devin
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 10/July 4
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

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9:38pm LIving Room Brittany, Hayden, POWPOW, Donny, Jocasta and Nicole
Brittany says Devin is going to do what he did with Joey and push everyone to vote her out.. She guarantees she will not go out with 12 votes if they allow him to do this to her he’s going to keep getting more and more power
She says they have to vote with their hearts “you’ve seen how he’s been for the last 2 weeks and you’ve seen how i’ve been”
Brittany says she knows how JOEY feels no people are acting weird around her. Everyone starts piping up saying they haven’t.
Brittany says it’s not them it is the other players, “I get it they don’t want the target on their back but iuf everyone was normal there would be no target”
Britany – “I’m not going to kiss his butt because he’s not a good person”

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9:40pm Who wants to see my HOH room

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9:44pm HOH room
Both Amber’s and Devin’s letter aer from their moms..

Devin reads his first, Amber doesn’t want to because she’s going to get too emotional.
(I didn’t get it all)
“Devin I want to tell you how much I love you I get tearful when I think I almost lost you at birth you are my baby… I prayed for 10 boys and got me me one boy with the energy of 10 boys.. you can light up any room you exude kindness with a generous heart.. we all pray for you .. I love you truly your mother”

“Hey Amby with you and your sister having adventures at the same time I truly wish the best for you I have no doubt in my mind that the two of you will achieve your goals.. I’ve lost 10lbs my curves haven’t gone but thats OK they are all in the right places.. I’ve been looking after my four legged grandchild.” Amber says her mom wants grandchildren

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9:59pm Derrick and Zach
Derrick saying he talked to Caleb and he said Amber is not putting Derick up 100% because if Derrick is going up Caleb will go up.
Derrick says if Amber puts him up and he takes himself off next week and he’s gunning for Amber the alliance is over. Derrick isn’t going to blow the bomb squad up cause that will hurt other people. .
Derrick points out that Amber was brought in by Devin he never wanted her to be in the bombsquad.
Derrick says Zach coming to him and telling him he learnt major points
Derick – “I’m going home or i’m going final 3 with you 2”
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10:11pm HOH Amber and Devin
Amber says she’s thinking about POWPOW and Hayden as her nominees.
Devin asks if that went thought about who would she be sending home POIWPOW?
Amber – “Ya I would rather POWPOW over Hayden”
Devin – “I was thinking POWPOW and Brittany.. I want Brittanyto go home”
Amber explains for her it looks better if she puts up a girl and a guy if she puts up two girls it won’t look good for her game.
Devin understands what she’s getting at, “I see Brittnay as a huge threat today.. I feel we go the head of the snake out now sweep out the body out with it”
Devin wants to think about it if he can’t put POWPOW and Brittany he would put up maybe Victoria and Brittany.

Devine says Joey was a strong player she just didn’t know how to go about it, Deivin thinks Brittany is th same as Joey. He wants to protect the alliance and that means Brittany needs to go.
Devin – “I understand you not putting up two girls cause it will look really really sketchy.”
Amber – “I’m not putting up Donny”
Devin – “Hell no i’m not putting up Donny”
Devin I’m playing this in an honest fashion and i’m playing with loyalty and i’m not putting up a bomb squad member at all.
Devin says he respects her decision she can do whats best for her game.
Amber – “Why did I have to win today”

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10:27pm Beehive Devin and Amber
Devine tells her they have 2 hours. “I want to pass on to you we have to make our decision and have someone in mind then bam bam”
Amber – really why did I have to win again”

10:24pm Frankie starts to cry says he misses his sister

BB16-2014-07-03 22-40-11-752
10:33pm HOH Derrick, Caleb, Frankie, Devin and Amber
Going through possible nominees. Ultimately they want Brittany gone they are just trying to figure out who to put up to piss the least amount of people off.
Derrick says Victoria is super close to Amber she will vote to keep Amber if she ever gets on the block. “She’s literally your bum buddy.. She’s obsessed about your body
Amber isn’t sure Nicole would vote for her.
Derrick says Nicole is playing a floater game right now because she’s not talking game with anybody.
Amber says Nicole will cry
Derrick – ’Nicole scares me she never talks game to me”
Derrick asks her who she’s the closest with out of the girls.
Amber – “Jocasta
Caleb says Jocasta is the biggest floater in the game
Caleb and Derick suggest HAyden and Nicole go up and they win the Battle on the Block Caleb will go tell Hayden he had a hand in protecting her.
Amber – ‘Now I’m thinking Nicole and Hayden”

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How tf is Jocasta the BIGGEST floater??..there’s only been one eviction..



1.If Amber nominates Paola/Brittany I hope the other nominees throw the competition, to keep Amber as HOH.
2. If Amber nominates Nicole/Hayden she can talk them in throwing the competition if they are on the same page to evict Devin.
Fingers crossed!


No if Amber was smart she’d keep Devin because as long as he’s in the house, that’s one more person that’s seen as a bigger threat/annoyance than her and judging by sneaky Nicole that’s just what she thinks of Amber even though she has never been given one reason to really hate any of the girls. Nicole and Christine need to be broken up—I rather Christine stay, I like her better–Nicole’s a little snake, one minute she’s smiling in Amber’s and the other ladies’ faces the next she’s saying how she doesn’t like them. At least Amber doesn’t make attempts to really hang out with Nicole and Christine (outside of their Bombsquad alliance). If Amber doesn’t get rid of Nicole soon, she’ll team up with Zach, Cody, and Christine and they’ll be gunning after Amber for no real reason.


That seems weird to me that they’re doing nominations the same day as the HoH! I wish they would do them tomorrow so everything would be more spread out over the week.


so the nominations are the same day they win HOH this year??

give me a break

Zach needs to cut Cody and just stick with Derrick and Frank……Cody gets to emotional….

Teri B

WOO-FRAKKING-HOO!!!!! I love a twist, and Devin in HOH is a huge one. Game on!!!


So everyone wants Devin out?? Why are they not setting this up to back door him! Amber use a pawn! Bob needs to be thrown by Devin’s picks to get him off the block! Then bomb squad other then Caleb needs to agree devins whack needs to go blah blah. They already don’t like him or trust him. Secure that whoever is up against the pawn they aren’t going home. Pawn wins pov and backdoor Devin! He won’t see it coming since it’s his own team. Sure it will make for an awful week but it has to happen now otherwise he will be sitting pretty.


It’s Amber’s nominee’s that have to throw it in order to dethrone Diva, am I right? It IS a bit confusing this year. “Somebody” must have said SOMETHING to Diva in DR to get this big change in him….personally, I give it about three more hours.


Kind of sucks because you have to think more about weak players than actually nominating strong players or players that are threat to your game.


It’s Deva’s nominees that need to throw it, am I right? Deva’s acting all normal tonight, what’s up with that?


Whoops! Sorry……thought my other comment was tossed! Thanx, Simon sweetie!

new to BB 14

OMG Amber please put up Calib and Derrick!!

And Devin you put up Brittany and Zach!!!!!


Devin talks too damn much!!! The fact that someone doesn’t think he is a bad person because he isn’t as bad as Dick or the racists from last season is a joke! Is that the standard now? So being a dick isn’t as offensive if you don’t do it as bad as someone else did or if u don’t resort to racial slurs?

Whether or not u like Caleb or not, giving him a pass for calling someone a Muslim monkey is RIDICULOUS!!! Him falling for a biracial girl erases the fact that he called someone a monkey?! I don’t understand your logic…

Donald Sterling called black people all types of names & slept with one almost every night so I guess he gets a pass too, right…


How exactly is Devin a bully?


Thanks for your input…now you can go back in that bigoted closet of yours. Bye bye. #outoftouch #whiteprivildedgeisreal

give me a break

Devin voice is annoying…..Devin told Amber, Frankie, and Christine that he won’t tell Hayden that him and Nicole are going up…..and what does he do….tell Hayden that him and Nicole are going up………this guy loves to talk ..


I didn’t think anyone could rival Helen in thinking they are a socially sophisticated but the opposite. Someone needs to formulate a supplement called STFU and he needs to take it. He literally has no awareness of how he is actually perceived and how socially dumb he is overall.


Annoys me that Devin thinks everyone is obligated to run their game to him. It’s so sad that this season is starting to look predictable too. Uhg. At least Donny is safe 🙂 you go groundskeepa!!


Well he’s annoying but it’s not like they have to do what he says because he challenges them to do so.


Devin just broke basically ALL the nomination rules, right after Amber read them to him.
Hopefully he screwed himself big time, loses HOH, and has another meltdown.


Like I said before if I was Amber Zack and Hayden would be my pick! Fuck the alliance let’s turn this game around and make it more interesting.


“Derrick says if Devin puts him up he will throw the competition to give Amber the HOH”
Eyeroll. Well, your genius undercover cop doesn’t even understand the rules. If Devin puts him up and he throws the comp, Devin will still be the HOH.
Seriously, Derrick isn’t half as smart as his job description makes him sound like. Sorry.

A Name

Oh please don’t act like anyone actually follows the nomination rules. Literally EVERYONE tells the nominees they’re going up. Everybody just wants to hate Devin for no reason. He’s not a bad person at all, he never says anything bad about anyone, yet he gets all of this hate? All he’s done is play a relatively bad game, but he aint the only one so get over it!

Day Yum Yum

“Devin hasn’t said anything wrong to anyone? ” REALLY?? Are you sure you are watching the same show?? If the a-hole hasn’t said anything wrong to anyone, then why all the apologies in his house speech and apologies to certain HG’s one on one, like Donny? Stop talking stupid, please.


I really the plan works and Brittany does home this week!


So what gives with Devin’s hate for Brittany?
Best game so far? Amber IMO – she shows no animosity for anyone.
Do the two HOH’s share a bed or do they sleep separately.
Side note: This fake glasses thing bugs the crap outta me – ‘nice glasses, too bad about the personality.’


Yes! I’m so over everyone saying “oh I love NIcole she’s so quirky,” I honestly for the first week of the live feeds forgot about who she was, she’s not memorable in the slightest but of course she’s the blonde “beauty” of the season so the blonde will always get played up. Sorry but not sorry, just calling out the pattern that I notice. I have a feeling America will nominate Christine and Nicole for Team America which is the perfect reflection for America too if ya get what I’m saying…Gosh I thinK BB is a great concept but BB America really does a fine job of showing America’s bigoted bias #season15 folks.


I was wondering if the winners of the BOB can be re nominated if the veto is played or once they win the BOB they are safe for the week. I hate that the house wants to be so united as to who they vote out. The girls are idiots the meatheads gonna pluck them out one after the other.


Ye once u win BOB u r safe for the week. It pretty good this BB year. If u get nominated u actually have 2 chances to get urself off the block. With winning BOB & POV. that’s so refreshing to know that. I’m just wondering who is running everything? Devin ? Seem like Frankie got the power but just not using it.?


That poor little girl who gets read ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ by monotone Devin – ugh. He quit baseball to raise his girl – yeah right – more like cut from baseball for being a dick and needing to get help. Someone upped his psychiatric meds last night.
Game this season is pretty exciting with a mixed bag of characters all full of pis* and vinegar. Competitions are really cool.


Why do the fans want Devin out? Don’t you want to be entertained? Do you not enjoy laughing at idiots?
Keep Devin and Caleb around as long as possible so we can get some laughs. Be careful what you wish for or will end up with a bunch of lame-O’s left in the house.

I paid to be entertained. Didn’t you?


All I gotta say is, things better not backfire and Nicole goes home. Fav girl in the house!


I’m seriously praying she goes home.


can’t stand that yappy dog (Devin) he has constant flow of DIARRHEA out of that mouth of his…please back door his ass.. girls need to start growing some balls!


Frankie, you so want people to know you have a pop star sister it is crazy. She isn’t that great, and no one knew who you were. You are a regular person – deal with it.


Now I see why most people dislike Devin. He flaps his mouth too much. Why do you have to explain to Nicole what Joey did and why you want Brittany gone? You talk too damn much you big lumbering idiot! Shut up for Christ’s sake……..a**hole!