Big Brother Spoilers Nominations “I’m tired of being a pawn for all these guys”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 21st
HOH Winner 1: Frankie HOH Winner 2:  Cody
Battle of the Block Winner ?/?r Next HOH/ Next BOB July 24/July 18
Original Nominations: Brittany/Victoria(Cody) Jocasta/Amber (Frankie)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-07-18 12-15-49-879

12:16PM Feeds come back nominations are up Amber/Jocasta and Brittany/Victoria

BB16-2014-07-18 12-20-29-505

12:20pmAmber and Christne
Amber saying she’s a strong competitor but even though the target is Brittany she could end up on the block and that is scary as hell
Amber mentions how her alliance is always putting her up, “I wasn’t expecting that.. I’m tried of being a pawn for all these guys.. why can’t Zach, Derrick.. we’ll Caleb’s done it”
Christine is nervous for their group
jocasta and Brittany roll in Brittany tells them they are all safe this week she’s the one going up. Amber tells them the reason they gave to nominate her was “Devin… uugh could we stopped mentioning him”
Brittany is pissed.. “I’m not even going to the finale i’ll tell you that right now”

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BB16-2014-07-18 12-27-26-075

12:29pm BAthroom Amber, Jocasta, Brittany.
Brittany is pissed during the nomination speech she was called a player like Victoria. “To compare me to somebody whose not even trying.. don’t compare me to that”


BB16-2014-07-18 12-44-08-760

12:30PM HOH Derrick and Cody
Derrick says Brittany ran and pouted in her room right after the nominations. Derrick adds Brittany wants them all to run in her room and find out what is wrong. Tell her everything will be OK. . Cody says Victoria went to Hayden and got him to come talk to Cody “like What am i scary or something” Cody says Victoria trusts Derrick 100% so why isn’t she trusting him.
Derrick says more than likely VIctoria won’t go and the fact she’s running to Hayden is good for them.

Cody asks why caleb is pouting.. “He’s pouting like a little b1tch.. if I see him staring my way i’ll be like Dude what you pouting for”
Derrick – call him out on it
Cody – I’m going to its pretty annoying
Derrick – we have the numbers bro ..



Alliances (Some Of these are dead)
Zankie = Frankie/Zach
Bomb squad = Caleb, Amber, Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Christine, Zach, Hayden
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie
Nicotine = Christine/Nicole
Not a showmance= Hayden/Nicole
Los Tres Amigos = Derrick, Cody, Zach
Feed watchers = Derrick/Nicole
We hate Devin = Christine and Zach
Outsiders = Brittany, Victoria, Jocasta, Donny
Old timers = Jocasta/Donny
Stalker = Caleb/Amber
Quad Kings = Derrick, Zach, Cody and Hayden (still being built)
Trilogy = Nicole, Christine & Hayden
The Detonators = Derrick, Frankie, Zach, Christine, Cody
Final 2 Deal “The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick

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Just to put this out there, if Donny was the one controlling the house and not the Derrick, Cody, Zach alliance, would you still be complaining and asking for a shake up in the house? I have a feeling that many of you wouldn’t…


I would.. I still want Donny gone.

I hope Britanny and Vick wins BOB.. Britanny wins veto on Jocasta… Donny goes up vs Amber and Donny goes home


As a viewer, I don’t want to watch the same group of people control the house. I like the guys more than I like the girls, but I still want the girls to band together and go after the guys. Especially if Donny and Hayden work with the girls. I think it might work if it weren’t for Christine and Nicole. Those two girls are under the disillusion that they are with the guys.

I Don't Like Derrick

If Donny was controlling the house, there would be a different set of nominations,, like maybe Zack, or Derrick. That itself would be a shake up. I think people want to see the side that’s getting picked off to fight back, and not just hand Derrick or someone in his team 500k.


The only reason people dislike Derrick is because he’s a formidable player. He’s played a smart game thus far, lying low at first, observing, then making the moves that need to be made.

I Don't Like Derrick

I don’t dislike anybody because they play a smart game. The hypocrisy is so annoying, saying Devin was messing with his money and family, because he put Zack on the block. He and his team were planning on backdooring Devin, before that happened. This is Big Brother, so what does he think people are supposed to do? Write him a check? It looks like that’s what’s happening. And everything Devin was accused of, which he actually wasn’t, would better describe Derrick.


All the whiners are just butthurt because the people they are pulling for aren’t running the show. Deal with it, not all seasons go the way you want.


That’s not entirely true… to me anyway. I’m not really pulling for anyone as they ALL kind of annoy me one way or another. lol I just like some drama and excitement. If its just all the guys left in the house it will get boring real fast.

Frankie is the only one really entertaining on the feeds now as he’s off the hook taking advantage of being HOH and getting as much free feels on the guys as he can. It’s hysterical. I mean he was so entangled with cody last night…and his hand up hayden’s shirt as they were lying there was too funny. He’s trying to get with Caleb who is squeamish and he doesn’t bother with Donny or Derrick.. lol


Beast thing for CBS for this week is…
Brittany/ Victoria win BOB
Caleb wins POV… Emphasis on the Caleb/ Amber relationship to see if he uses the POV on her.
Caleb doesn’t use POV on her
Caleb uses PoV on Jocasta
Frankie puts up a male competitor because he figures out he’s the odd home out in the alliance
A guy gets backdoored


Really, Amber?? You weren’t expecting your douchebag alliance members to put you up? SMH


What alliance, Amber? The Bomb Squad Alliance you were in? That alliance, I thought, was blown up and no longer exists. Does Amber think that the alliance still exists? People have all moved on and created other alliances with other people…most of them have anyway. As far as I knew, that was the only alliance that Amber was in so…What Alliance, Amber? The Bomb Squad IS DEAD ! Wake up and play the game!!!!


Lets think positive.

BOB winners – Britanny and Victoria

POV winner – Britanny

POV used – on Jocasta

That leaves Amber vs ??? Christiane??? … I don`t wanna see another girl leaving again, But these 2 stupid girls gotta pay for their stupid game….. if Amber goes will be bittersweet


Another possibility:

BOB Winners: Jocasta/Amber
POV Winner: Anyone but Caleb
POV used on: either/or
Cody’s replacement nom: Caleb
Everyone will vote Caleb out b/c he’s more stressful/annoying/threatening than either Brittany or Victoria


Like that scenario but I think if that happens Donny goes up and goes home.


Exactly. We don’t need Brittany to win POV because she would be save if she won BOB. We need DONNY to win POV and take down Jacosta (just to piss of those bigheaded idiots).

Also, Amber should be wondering why Christine isn’t the pawn as well. WTF? I don’t understand why they couldn’t have put up either Christine or Nicole.


Keep dreamin.


Of Amber vs Nicole


I feel bad for brittany why is she even nominated and whats even more sad is she is nominated by the guy that went all out to save her what the heck is Codys problem i dont get why he is so mad at brittany for what did she do to make him now want to evict her? can someone here explain to me please simon or dawg help im confused.


Derrick told Cody to put up Brittany and he wants her gone.

Cody has a crush on Brittany, but Brittany does not care for Cody.

Derrick wants Brittany gone, because Brittany is a pretty good looking women, and his wife weights 300 pounds.

and all the guys are chicken and wont put up each other. Amber, Christiane and Nicole are just been played by all of them.

That leaves Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria… That`s why they want them gone


I suspect you’re not far from the truth. Derrick has had unexplained issues with Brittany for weeks. Every chance he gets he insists she go on the block. What has she done to him expect refuse to talk to him one night after Devin revealed that Derrick wanted her gone. So he wanted her gone before she did anything to piss him off. At least anything that’s been reported.


So you are saying he doesn’t care enough about his wife because, as you put it, she weighs 300lbs (Did you obtain her medical records for this factual info?) and therefore has to kick out Brittany becasue she is thinner and a temptation to him??? I don’t think so… clearly you are just a shallow, ignorant and judgmental person. Like any season of Big Brother there are people who are targeted or who just don’t mesh well together and players will push to get them out until they succeed.

I hate when people decide that because a person is overweight that they are somehow less desireable to their spouse and there for could easily be replaced. That may be true for someone eho is ignorant like you – but obviously he married her because he loved her…. I don’t think his wife’s weight has ANYTHING to do with him wanting Brittany out of the house. Give me a break!


Exactly!! Some people assume that everyone has a brain the size of a pea. As I said before weight can be lost stupid is forever.


First of all Im not overweight but Im still ugly and horrible.

I don`t care if she is overweight or not.
(but we saw photo)

But Derrick do seams to have some personal issues with Britanny. And yes I think Derrick finds Britanny distracting in the house, and he knows we will get in trouble with his wife.

Its my opinion , suck it up


well, no I really don’t think Cody is into Brittany romantically. I think you’re wrong there, maybe he just thinks she’s hot or whatever, but I think his interest is in Amber. However I do think there is something weird with Derrick, almost like he has a sexual attraction to Brittany he is trying to fight and it’s driving him nuts so his reaction is to turn against her and want her out of the house. almost like sexual frustration or maybe even a sexual threat to him. very weird. There is no other explanation I can think of for why he is so adamant that she go and for why he makes fun of her one minute then talks about her being hot the next. For all we know he cheated on his wife in the past, and with a girl like Brittany and he is afraid of his wife’s reaction watching this.

Mister E

Because she told Cody that she wasn’t going to be all up on his junk like the rest of the girls. I think that made him nervous or broke his heart or something.


Brittany did nothing wrong, this is all Cody. Poor Cody and his fragile little ego. He wanted Brittany since he first saw her, probably more than Amber. Always talking about how hot she is and whatnot. He’s the kind of guy that knows he’s good-looking and gets the girls. But Brittany’s not throwing herself at him and it pisses him off because he’s probably not used to being turned down. So, just because Brittany’s not interested and because she has enough self-respect to not “rub up against Cody” to sway his nominations like Derrick suggested, he put her up.


100% agree with you.

the things is, all these guys Caleb, Zack, Cody and even Hayden. Came to the show for a showmance, just show off to their friends etc.

But all these guys are so so imature, that all the girls have 00000000000000000000 interest in them.

Of course CBS wants and planned for showmance.

Cody x Britanny
Caleb x Amber
Hayden x Nicole
Zack x Victoria.

too bad none of these will work out


isabella, r u victoria’s sister?


Devin has a daughter, Brittany deserves to stay because she has sacrificed everything to be there, and Caleb is the best at everything, except when he isn’t – then it’s a crapshoot. It’s often a crapshoot apparently. OK. We know.
Given how often Caleb has said “I’ll win the next comp, I bet my stipend on it!”, I’m afraid he’ll end up having to pay BB a lot of money, not the other way around…
I liked Brit up until a week or so ago, but she’s been acting really poorly recently, like they owe her to drag her along despite her attitude. Cody seemed really miserable when they met in the kitchen last night, and she pretty much blew him off and didn’t even say good night. Well deserved nomination – I still hope the POV ends up getting used and Caleb walks out, but that probably won’t happen yet. 🙁


Brittany said she won`t kiss any HOH ` ass… She knows what is going on


she may know what’s going on NOW that she has been nominated and is the target, but she has also been blindly voting with the house every week, going around saying derrick and cody are her closest friends in the house (when they are probably the furthest from that) even after she got into that little tension situation with them when Devin nominated her. She didn’t want to listen to Devin so she remained a follower of Derrick, trying to infiltrate his alliance, and all these days later, she has made no traction. She is still an outsider trusting the wrong people. Brittany seems like a very nice woman, she is actually one of my favorites in the game, but she is just not good BB player. And for that, she is going to go. So it really has nothing to do with Derrick or Cody or kissing HOH ass. I want to think she is smart enough that if she had watched it more, she might be better at strategy and reading people, but maybe just not enough experience.


If Derrick, Zach, or Cody had been on slop 2 weeks in a row and been on the block 3 times, they would be upset too. Why are people acting like she doesn’t have the right to be upset?


I know this is no excuses..but when you have kids is a different story. Especially a single mother.

Derrick has kids, but he knows his wife is taking care of everything.

And everybody has its own issues and are missing or wondering about something.

But a mother being away from her kids is the worst thing ever.

( I could not even leave my dogs for a 1 week)


I am betting the girls now wish they had listened to Joey and formed an all girl alliance. See, two guys get HOH and ALL girls get nominated. Wake up girls.


ill never understand why donny is so loved lol. he is nice and all but like really? but than again i never ever understood the jeff/jordan fandom (puke)


People just feel sorry for Donny.

When you have 15 people that looks like A and only 1 person that looks B. Everybody will like B.


That may be your opinion, but it’s not true for me (nor for the people in my life who watch the show and like him).

I like him because he’s sweet, sincere, works hard in the house, and treats people with respect. In this game you have to lie and manipulate, but you don’t have to be vile (which most people are). Especially this early in the game the way most people are so hateful, it’s disgusting.

I like Donny and I like Hayden (although I wish Hayden would stop crushing on annoying Nicole) for the same reasons.


So all Americans that voted for him are A

I Don't Like Derrick

Dumbass, Please. No one feels sorry for Donny. He is not one to be pitied. He is smart, and so far, he is the best competitor, in the house. He has very likeable, non superficial qualities. That’s why people like him, not feel sorry for him. DAMN!!


I gave a thumbs up to your reply (don’t understand the Donny love) but I was too fast cause I love Jeff and Jordan!! no barfs. They are the most beautiful houseguests ever. deal with it. lol

dan smith

I’m sorry but putting Amber up is not a power move. No money for Team America this week.


LOL ikr. I’m pretty sure america was not thinking “oh yes, amber the incredible amazing physical threat, nominate her!!”


I agree. If BB gives them the money for this move it means this twist is all bs. Weak production.


Oh did you think voting for Team America was going to get Caleb out…lol.


Well, what’s stupid is that they kept saying they were ready to get Caleb out, so why not try to get him out this week?

The other thing is they should make a choice: A) are you wanting to get someone out who isn’t really playing the game (Victoria/Jacosta) or do you want to get someone out who’s a “threat” (too many to mention). It just doesn’t make sense that their targets are Brittany and Donny.


Lol, they’re so stupid, that’s another chance to put up Caleb without him realizing who actually put him up


Yes, any time it’s lopsided, I want a shake up. I don’t want houseguests to keep rowing til they sink, I want them to think of a way to patch up the hole.

Amber, please think, if you were an integral part of an alliance or even a part of an alliance, do you think you would be on the block.

Depends on what the battle of the block is, your so-called “strong” player may not be so strong.


Good for the girls. Now they see where their foolishness has taken them . When Joey wanted them all to work together they ratted her out. Christine thinks they will protect her? She will definitely go before the ‘main’ guys go. Stupid girls. I just feel sorry for Donny because I know they are targeting him bad. After watching his family yesterday, I really do think he should win even though I know that is extremely impossible because the younger guys are threatened by him. That money 500k would change his life for good but not his personality. I can’t say the same for the others . All they keep talking about is how girls will line up and run after them and all crazy stuff. It’s just so sad.


I really wish they would have decided to use Donny the way the guys used Jerry back in BB10. At least THEN Donny would have a shot. 🙁


I don’t feel sorry for Donny or the girls. Devin told him and several of the girls what was going on, and they chose not to believe him and to vote him out. {Besides if Devin hadn’t apologized to Donny, Donny would never of known anything} All you heard was, Devin is a bully, or reminded them of bullies. That is the biggest load of dog doo doo, going down the pike. I have been bullied in my life for being short, { I am 5 foot tall} Devin is a jerk, but not a bully. The house wanted Devin out because of his competitive skills not his bullying, regardless of the garbage they spew out. Most of the people this year in the BB house are jerks. Their game play this years is to call somebody a name and let the house run with it. Not much sportsman ship this year in the BB house.

Caleb has poopy pants

Ladybug, spot on!


The problem with that is two-fold. First of all, Devin said a lot of things that weren’t true; he was very erratic and couldn’t be trusted. Second, he knew he was going home so people found it difficult to trust him for that reason as well.

Also, I think if Donny thought he could get the votes, he would have kept Devin; however, considering Devin went out 11/0, obviously that was an impossibility. I think the only person Donny may have been able to sway would have been Brittany, but that would be futile.


Is there a way to get rid of the side bar of old season posts? It blocks the commnent box. So I can’t even see what I am typing right now.


Why can’t these girls just freaking pick up their game and bond together!! Pffff


So who is the physical threat? I am lost. BB should not give Team America a dime this week.

Lady Luck

Amber, your alliance does not care about you…..Get a clue!


I know she should start using Caleb to her advantage and get with the Girls along with Donny&Hayden
Except for Christine who is a rat and thinking she is guy


I am weary of watching smart, competent, talented girls with potential play this game as if they are stooopid. Focus on winning and not using a bunch of over-confident, meat-head guys to shield you, save you and carry you. And stop being to damn passive. You are in the house to PLAY A GAME so do it!


They’re weak little girls who follow the guys around like puppy dogs. Except Brittany, she’s a threat to their manhood because she obey their every command. Derrick is especially threatened by her.

Here's your clue...

If the girls would spend half the time that they do putting on their make up,
and start playing the game instead, they might have a chance.
But they are too into themselves and looking good for the cameras,
that the $500,000 just blew right past them…


I agree 100%!!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why the women are so passive. The only thing I can think of is their misconception that they can’t beat the men at the comps and therefore need to be protected and carried by them. Wake Up!! Janelle would have never went out like this!!!


I think I might be done with BB this year. Unless these women organize and stick up for one another, there isn’t much point anymore. I blame Christina, Nicole, Pow and Victoria the most. Those should have never been selected. At least Amber and Britt talk like they want to play, but there is no one to play with. I am not entertained. I don’t like the guys. I’m sick of Frankie cuddling everybody. I’m sick of all the pink. I’m sick of Caleb. I’m sick of this cast. Last year was explosive, but it kept my eyes and ears to the screen. This is a snoozefest with a predictable outcome.


in what way has this become a predictable outcome

that there may be 1 -2 girls left in 4-5 weeks?

ok. but there are other players. it sounds to me like you only watch for girl power and the girls to win, and now that it appears that only Nicole has a legit shot, you are done with it.

there will still be a huge fight between 7 guys


I still like Brittany but she is getting quite annoying, you’re not going to the finale Brittany, why? Because you got nominated? Really? This is Big Brother stop pouting and work your ass off to save yourself. Point blank.


britt must have thought she would be queen of the house for the summer. if she’s so scared she might lose her kids in a custody fight, wtf did she ever sign up to do this show? in california, it takes a lot more than being on a reality game show to lose custody of one’s kids. she obviously did it for the money and exposure. so stop using the Single Mother sympathy card, britt. i’m sure caleb’s mother didn’t go around boo hoo’ing about being a single mother. accept it, you lost your marriage, lost cody, gave up alcohol for the summer (might be a good thing), and probably going to lose BB. should have learned the game before signing up for this show.




And so much for the two HoH twist to change power from week to week. I bet they never anticipated an 8 person alliance. But I also don’t feel bad for the girls. Joey tried to warn them, and then later on Donny, and they still didn’t listen. I bet Donny is sitting back like “I tried to tell em.” Even Nicole wasted her HoH. She could have set herself up for a good game, but her and the other girls were so focused with getting Devin out when they could have used him for their game. Especially for Brittany and Victoria (PLEASE EVICT! SHE THINKS THIS IS SUMMER CAMP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!), because no one would have suspected them working together. But Brittany cannot get over her emotions. I am tired of her crying about her being a single mother and wanting to support her kids. Like her and Devin have more in common than she thinks. Now look at the girls! They kept Caleb around and he doesn’t even help their game. He’s aligned with the guys who put him up lol. Horrible, Horrible gameplay.

I really don’t like how this season is going. I don’t like how it’s always guys vs. girls.


Who appears to be the target?


The girls should have listened to Joey!!!!! These guys are on a power trip and have been the ENTIRE game!! Lets go Brittany show them you are the strongest female in this house!!


Cody is doing the same thing to Brittany as Caleb did to Amber. He is “mad” at Britt because she didn’t sufficiently “appreciate” him (by not hanging all over him like the other girls). Caleb & Cody have the same mentality – “Hey, I did you a favor – the least you could do is give me a B.J.!” Geez – these guys are so full of themselves. I admire Brittany for not “sucking” up to these morons. And though I still think Derrick is playing a smart game – he did the same thing, when he got mad at Britt for not coming to talk to him when he was HOH. These guys want Britt out because they can’t manipulate her. Unfortunately, they are probably gonna get their wish – because Britt is not aligning with the girls either. Although Amber did say she was getting tired of these guys & it was time for some girls to win HOH. I would so luv for Amber to switch sides. If Amber, Brittany, Nicole, Christine & Jocasta – plus Donny & Hayden, could get together – they could put a dent in the “Brat Boys” alliance. In the end, I still want Donny to win. He is smart, can win comps, & is witty without being mean (yes, it can be done). I thought it was hilarious when Amber kissed him on the cheek & he said “Now don’t anybody go gettin the wrong idea – we’re JUST friends!” And please – calling Donny a pervert is just silly. Geez, he’s only 42 – not dead – & has a pretty girlfriend! And one last note – if Derrick did indeed help Cody & Frankie then they should be disqualified. And NO WAY should B.B. allow T.A. to put Amber on the block as their “physical threat.” That defeats the entire purpose of the challenge & they certainly shouldn’t win any money for making such a (literally) pu$$y move!!


for once can donny win hoh in turn this game around amber is a snich she tell every thing why did they put her up she not a physical player i told all we shouldnt have derrick or frankie in this america allence cause they against our team look how they want donnny goning i wish they go home all we need is donny by choicing amber to go up they choice their team over ours derrick and frankie cant blame donny cause he said yes to save joscast or brttiny frankie and drrick you had cleab right thier they protecting the suad allence over donny and america i cant wiate for krama


May I introduce you to capital letters? May I introduce you to punctuation? A , or a . or even an !, perhaps a ? Really, it would make your posts much more readable and understandable. Think about it!!


May I introduce YOU to kindness? May I introduce you to compassion? And mostly, may I introduce you to tolerance? You know absolutely NOTHING about the person who wrote that post….think about THAT!! MY turn to be rude and snippy: Do you by chance live in Victoria’s cul-de-sac? Have a heart, little girl.


LUV You Suze!!

Donny’s Visor

Let’s just hope Brittany and Victoria win BOB and Jocasta gets taken off the block and Caleb is put up in her place. I’m definitely ready for an Amber vs Caleb eviction (not that I think this is actually possible with Victoria’s lack of basic skills).

Victoria's Secret

Her lingerie nightgown – gag. This slut is willing to jack off the guys without their permission – I’ll take it if you’re ‘handing it out’ Victoria the virgin.
This girl makes me sick. No game, no looks, no personality.
Israelite xenophobe, ethnocentric bitch.
Zach does not have a crush on her people (idiots), he actually hates her (justifiably).
I want to see her cry too and be told what a slut she’s acting like.


I think she might be too dumb to cry.

Ancient Spirit

Sorry Victoria’s Secret. No disrespect to you but I was once unlearned, as most people in the world except the arabs who know this bit of information! The Ancient Israelites were of dark color mixed in with the Ancient Egyptians who were also dark which is why Moses passed for an Egyptian to the Pharoh, the prophets, and Christ were all of dark color. Google it!!! Type in Hebrew Israelites and don’t be afraid of what you may come across. So Victoria is a european who family converted into Judaism. Just a piece of history that the world don’t want you know. There is a different between the Ancient Israelites and the european Jewish today. BIGGGG Difference. The truth will soon flood the earth !You can continue on with BB now!

Reclaiming the heritage!

Victoria's Secret

Uh – who gives a shit? She is ethnocentric and a wh*re j*cking off guys on tv.


Good One Vic’s Secret !!! I literally laughed out loud 🙂
Was thinking the same thing when I read that long ass, drawn out,
unnecessary little piece of history that no one asked for, comment of hers.


I thought Cody told Amber she was going up last night.
Don’t worry things will change, those 4 guys cant have the power every week.
Its Big Brother things tend to even out when one side is dominating …. hopefully before its too late…

Bullet Bill

Well, this season has been uneventful. No one wants to band together and fight the power. So annoying! The best player up until this point has definitely been Derrick. I don’t really care for the guy but he manipulates everyone. It seems like he literally has influence on everyone but Donny & Jocasta. As much as I hate to say it, I guarantee the winner of this game will be Derrick, Zach or Cody. I really don’t see the others going against the main power of the house. 🙁

new to BB 14

Donny or Calib will be backdoored guarantee it

Assignment team America ‘get physical threat on the block if they do it by veto its still a win and Donny is a physical threat.
I like Donny and want him to win but hes a threat to the house because he 1 cant be bought(persuaded) 2 honest,3 likeable

Donny will win Americas HG


The physical threat has to be agreed upon by all three members of Team America, I doubt Donny is gonna agree to nominate himself.


Dallas, I was going to post the same thing.

To make it a “physical threat” person, it needs to be either Caleb or Hayden, IMO.

The thing I don’t understand, though, is I thought they asked in the DR if Amber would meet the TA requirement; I would guess they were told yes if they went ahead with nominating her.


These girls need to smarten up and realize that they are being played by all the guys. I hope that Amber, Brittany, Nicole, and Jocasta form an alliance and start taking these boys out. I don’t want another season of big brother where the boys dominate. It’s annoying that every year big brother casts mostly strong males and then put only two strong female competitors in the house so that the women are easily picked off.


They don’t need to put strong males in to dominate the women. That is just life. Even Donny is winning comps. I mean really.

I Don't Like Derrick

Donny is also winning comps against the perceived stronger males, not just the women. So far, he has won the most competitions, 3 I believe. I don’t think anyone else has won more than once. Most have not won any. Never judge a book by its cover. Although, most people believe that, they do it anyway.


big mistake nominating 4 girls. you need to at least pretend that you aren’t going to eliminate one after the other


see, I think we all know by now that these aren’t the girls to overthrow this group of guys. it is a VERY tough group this year they really stacked the deck. there isn’t one Jeremy, there are a couple, then the other guys are big gamers and play the social game very well.

I am at peace with the girls getting taken out 1 by 1(other than Nicole and maybe Christine) Brit-Jocasta-Victoria—–THEN you let the guys who spent the past month working together…..tear at each other’s throats.


i’m sure joey is laughing at all these dumb women

smd nicole

i hate brittany so damn much….. she has absolutely zero respect for the game of big brother…… am i the only one that notices it? hopefully she won’t go out china style or jen style


Of course she doesn’t have “respect” for the game. She didn’t know anything about it before she agreed to go in the house. There’s no way for her to understand the way the house works because she’s never seen it before. She’s really at a disadvantage, IMO.


Victoria’s Secret: You make ME sick. Get help.

Caleb's Abs

amber wants a free ride, i like how she caught herself when she said about no one going up in her place, now that she has cody, she will use him


Is it just me, or is this Team America thing completely stupid…? At least the saboteur had fun missions. This is just another way for Derrick and Frankie to kick out girls because they are too afraid to go after big players. It doesn’t even seem like Donny is apart of this. They just tell him what to do. Lol.


Once again this year, I have to blame BB casting for such a boring year so far. Probably half of the people selected to play have never even watched the show and know nothing about how to play the game. I think that makes for a really boring show because most of the players don’t have a clue what is even going on.I think it should be a requirement that you have watched the show and know how to play the game to be chosen for the show.


The girls couldn’t see that they dug their own graves when they sent Devin home. He would have been an ally to help them fight against the other side of the house. “Why you crying now? Only yesterday you were at the memory wall celebrating and jumping for joy when Devin was evicted.” Be careful what you ask for. I wonder how many of them will fall for the “…don’t worry, you are not the target…” line?


HAHA, SO TRUE. I thought it was so rude and mean the way they were cheering and jumping over Devin leaving last night… seriously, wtf?? He did nothing to them that was as personally insulting to deserve such an exit. Hell, Aaryn and Amanda didn’t even get that. Yeah, Devin had a bad social game…really bad, but I didn’t see anything he did that deserved that treatment. These girls have no foresight. They are all looking to the guys and trying to figure out which GUY they can trust… HEY, HERE’S AN IDEA, maybe instead of competing and hating each other and fighting over douchebag Cody’s attention, you can wake up and try to join forces!


Am I the only one that wants Christine gone?? I still want Caleb and Frankie gone too, but Christine thinks she is such a great player when she really does nothing. It will be funny when they reveal that Have-nots are based on the activity trackers and she finally has to be one, because she is one of the least active according to the website.


That just mak/es me smile.

I want Christine gone too

I’m with you! I don’t get why the guys trust her and place her in their alliances when she does dick all. Nothing against the girl but she hasn’t stepped up yet. Poor Amber. I actually do like her but she’s not playing the game right. Use the guys like they use you girls and form a small powerhouse alliance with a well rounded group of girls + donny

Detroit Girl

You are not alone. People got upset when I predicted Christine as a have not, saying she runs three miles a day. Since when? Not in this house