Jon how are you doing? “Totally f****d.. So cold.. shivers” Neda to Heather “3 against 1 really”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: Jon and Heather
Current Nominations: Jon and Heather
Have Nots None

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 05-58-20-179

8:45AM everyone up and about

Jon was dry heaving in the bathroom he says It was the pizza. Neda goes into the bedroom to offer Jon a ginger ale and water. Jon says it’s not a hangover his stomach feel sick. Neda say Sabrina is also feeling sick. Jon starts to shake. Jon and Neda try to figure out if it was something he and Sabrina ate or if it’s nerves. Jon says he thought it was the pizza but Sabrian never ate any.

Heather eating breakfast.
Heather – “Maybe my stomach does hurt.. from what though”

9:18am Bathroom Heather and Neda

Heather – “I’m so f***g scared today”
NEda feels the same way hopes that everyone starts to feel better.

NEda doesn’t want to get back into the onesie she puked on it yesterday.

Heather – “I’m so nervous Neda”
Neda tells her it’s going to be OK, the contest will probably be something they can all do well in.

Heather – “my only saving grace is I feel better and if Sabrina wins she’ll take the us because she can’t win against Jon”
They agree Jon will go home if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto.
Neda – “3 against 1 really”
Heather – “I just feel so bad because I know he’s counting on us both to win.. I know he is he thinks i’m bringing him to the next round”
Neda – “I know”
They agree they cannot beat Sabrian in the final 2.
Heather brings up Sabrina telling her she only has 2 jury votes (Allison and Racehlle) on lock but if Canada loves Sabrina and they get a jury vote. Heather adds 3 votes in the jury all Sabrian needs to do is convince one person with a speech and she wins.
Heather – “If I win I’m taking you nobody else but you”
Heather goes to see Jon he tells her he’s not doing well and has the shivers.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 07-03-09-010

9:40 Bathroom shower

Heather goes back into the bathroom and starts to shower. Says she feels so bloated today. Neda – “Didn’t you say you’ve been bloated since you been here”
Heather – “Ya but not to this extent”

Heather says she keeps catching Sabrina on some of her crap.
Neda – “She had so many lies she can’t keep them straight”
They agree they’re sick of Sabrian telling them they only way they can win is her in final 2.
Heather- “I’ll be so pissed if Sabrina won two competitions now”
Neda – “It’s our fault keeping her this longs”
Heather I’ll be pissed if it’s on dates and we got rid of Deli… PIssed… poor little meat balls”

Neda is embarrassed about last night.
Heather says production turned the live feeds off for her.

Heather wonders if Gary saw how fake Sabrina was., ==
Neda – “I really don’t think people think she’s fake”
Heather – “They love her Canada loves her”
Neda says some of the things Sabrina retells about her Diary room is really funny so who knows.
Neda – “I don’t the audience cares so much about the actual game play.. it’s more about the personalities.. ”
Heather They must hate my personality in there.. I never say anything fun”
Neda – “BAsed off the cheers I think you are doing OK”

Heather says if they go to final 3 with Sabrain do they tell her they are not going to take her to final 2 or do they say they are so she’s not going to try as hard.
Neda – “She’s still going to try hard”

Heather – “I don’t like the game she played”
Neda agrees
Heather – “She hurt people she’s legitimately mean”
Neda – “no one sees that anymore”
Neda – “In the end she does make it top final 2 it’s all our fault because we took out Deli”

Neda – “I don’t know how POV is going to work with 3 out of 4 people cannot move”
NEda explains that it’s only when she moves around that she feels ill.

(Video Coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 06-58-47-778

10:00am Sick

(Doesn’t seem as sick as jon )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 08-05-30-710

Jon asks Neda how she’s feeling.
Neda – “Tired and weak”
Jon “My whole abdominal region is sore”
Neda – “You are so pale”
Jon – “Oh ya I’m sick”
Jon thinks it might be the food last night because all three of them feel sick.

Neda says Heather has been excited all morning that Jon is sick, “She said it’s her saving grace”

Neda tells Jon to go to the Diary room and Ask to see a Doctor

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 08-29-10-288

11:22am Neda and JOn Bedroom
Neda tells him Sabrina doesn’t want Jon in the final 3.
Neda thinks the POV competition will be a cardio based physical.
Jon says Heather is out of shape.

Neda says she’s hoping it is endurance.

Neda – “I swear to god if I win POV I’m taking you to final 3”
Neda says if she wins this Veto she’s taking out Heather. SHe thinks in a final 3 Heather and Sab’s will take each other over her. Neda knows Sabs will take her if she wins final HOH and she knows Jon knows. Neda starts bringing up how the audience was reacting during the HOH and screaming like Crazy when she got stuff wrong.

Jon bring sup how loud the cheering was when Andrew left.
Jon – “Not one person clapped when Adel got evicted”

Nead against brings up how the crowd didn’t like that heather got the last HOH question wrong.
Jon asks what number Heather wrote down as her answer. Neda’s reply 300.
Jon -“She had 300 what a idiot”
Sabrina joins them looking very sick. Heather comes by says her stomach is sore but not as bad as everyone else.
Heather “I’m going to make some rice and some cajun chicken”

Jon – “My stomach just burns and it feels like my abb region is sore”

Jon hopes that the Veto is tomorrow but they all know it isn’t.

(Video coming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-03 09-16-27-363

12:05pm Kitchen Sabrina Heather and Jon
Jon says he’s feeling much better will be 100% when Veto rolls around.

Sabs now says she’s starting to feel better she thinks things will be good once she showers and moves around.
Sabrina – “Sucks that we I can’t even have a cracker or ginger ale”

Sabrina starts staring at heather eating (Image above)

Sabrina tells them the POV has something to do with raising and lowering the roof.
Nead – “Could have been a crane”
Sabrina – “No they’ve lowered it already.. remember at the prom”

Sabrina thinks that the Ceremony is probably tonight or early tomorrow orning.

12:37pm dining room Heather, Sabrin and Neda
Girls are talking about their leg shaving.
Heather about her legs “You can pet me I’m a cat right now I have so much Hair”

Neda talking about them having to get a second Twitter account that is special for BIg BRother but only if they plan to tweet Big Brother Stuff.

Jon comes back from the Diary room tells them he’s feeling great. Sabrina gets called into the Diary room.

Production tells them to go into the main bedrooms.

House guests think this means POV is starting. We get a short clip of Heather talking to Jon in the bedroom alone telling him she’s so nervous.

Everyone gets called

2:25pm The live feeds are still blocked..

3:15pm Still blocked..
6:39pm Blocked
8:25pm The live feeds are still blocked..
9pm Still Hush Hush..

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125 thoughts on “Jon how are you doing? “Totally f****d.. So cold.. shivers” Neda to Heather “3 against 1 really”

  1. heather puts on a pounddd of make up her skin must be badd she takes the longest sabrinas quick & looks good with or without makeup

    1. As much as I dispise Slobrina, I’m now pulling for her to WIN it all,
      As the great Eddie Gurrero loved to say, “lie-cheat-& steal, to win it all”
      The other HGs are Blind & naive, John is a loyal fool,
      Heather is a desperate person in constant need of pleasing someone,, Anyone,, in this case Neda,
      Neda is a sad selfish spoiled princess, who’s rode on John’s shoulders all game long,,
      I truly feel sorry for Jon, I have my fingers crossed that he somehow sees the light and wins veto and gets Neda the hell outta there…

  2. Does anybody know why those coffee mugs with pictures of stangers were brought into the house? Did they use them for a competition or nothing was done with them yet?

    1. I believe it was a twitter or facebook contest or something and the fans who won got their picture on the mugs in the house.

    2. They did the same thing in the last season of BB AU. There seemed to be no reason for it other just to mess with the minds and conjure up suspicion, as nothing ever materialized.

    3. I think Jon and Sabrina may have gotten food poisoning from the steak, Sabrina’s in particular. Last night at dinner Sabrina asked Jon if he wanted to finish the other half of her steak, which of course the growing boy obliged. And just before going to bed Sabrina started getting a rumblin’ in her tummy, and unsuccessfully put in a request for ginger ale to soothe her queasiness (as she is a have not).

  3. i call bs on this heather should also be able to go back to sleep … bb showing who they really want in the end………….

  4. Hahah Neda is misting Heather hardcore right now.
    Neda: “I can’t believe we haven’t done anything in this game!”
    Heather: “I know! Here’s Heather and Neda who haven’t done anything!”
    Boom. Heather takes Neda to final 2.

  5. maybe jon got food poisoning? remember last nite jon he was grabbing his junk before cooking the chicken…

  6. Okay Canada was HOH once and we have a jury vote.
    I think we need a POV to complete our journey.
    regardless of who wins this POV Canada should
    decide who goes home. That person hands down
    is Neda can’t stand her manipulative evil play.
    I hope it bites her in the butt.

  7. It could just be nerves because of the importance of today’s competition, but I really hope the house hasn’t been hit with a strain of ‘flu. That wouldn’t surprise me, though. They don’t really clean properly, from what I can tell. Doing dishes in running water and without soap is plain wrong, and ditto for just wiping the counters over and over with the same dirty cloth. I’m sure the toilets must be disgusting, too. Have they and the inside of the showers ever been cleaned properly? That bench in the bathroom is gross and the bedroom is an absolute tip. Only Heather seems to have really good personal hygiene in the sense that she doesn’t pick her nose or at her body, and washes her hands a lot. They had better let Neda wash that onsie or give her a fresh one because the bacteria from the puke on it could make her even sicker.

    I’m worried for darling Heather. I think if she loses the PoV today, there’s a good chance she’ll be going to the jury house, despite all the ‘One Hondo final 2’s’ floating around that house.

    1. Flu is actually a respiratory illness- short form for influenza. Gastroenteritis is what causes vomiting and loose stools. The Nurse in me just had to clear that up. Stomach flu doesn’t exist. I know, my Mom called it flu too but it isn’t.

  8. It’s obvious that Neda throwing up wasn’t because of her drinking she had the stomach bug and now Jon has it, possibly Sabrina too. I am hoping Jon wins veto still!

    1. Neda Was blasted! (intoxicated) how wasn’t that obvious? If you think she only had 2 glasses of champagne—ur wrong and you missed what I heard. Once before the feeds cut abruptly for the millionth time–they were talking about all the tequila shots that some of them had. —all day while Gary was there prior to the dinner and champagne!
      She really was wasted—flopping down anywhere after a few steps
      I say that would have been a lot more entertain if we would have been allowed to see everything.
      Feeds should be constant 24/7 for people who want them—people would pay $ for that! And that still wouldn’t effect the tv episodes at all–we still would watch anyway!

      1. I really blame production for this. In BBUS they strictly control the amount of alcohol the house guests are given. This is such a stressful time … I’m sure they were banking on some good footage!

  9. Nothing yet about the mugs.

    Neda is sleeping, or “resting” with a hangover, Jon sick and shivering, Heather feeling bloated and Sabrina not feeling too good. Should be an interesting PoV competition.

  10. Dawg/ Simon,

    Any prediction how the next HOH and other remaining comps will work out?
    meaning noms, pov and eviction to get to F2, or does the process keeps changing every BB season?
    Nothing is set, Right? For both the Hgs and the audience?

    1. When he was alone, shortly after having one on ones with both heather and neda, he said out loud ‘no one is taking me’

      I think he knows.

      There is one way neda can get more canada votes, imo, and that would be if she is the sole voter, she keeps jon. people would stop seeing her as totally manipulative, she can definitely make a good play for first. Plus keeping him, over heather, means she is smart enough to know jon wouldn’t take Sabrina F2. Imo she is no longer thinking things thru as well as she did when HOH and before the Jemmett fiasco. i call it a fiasco because they gave her advice which she totally screwed up lol.

      1. I am starting to agree that Neda can beat Jon, as long as she doesn’t stab him in the back. I think the strategy session with the milkmance threw her off her game. I mean after all, Jillian won by accident and Emmett didn’t make the end, the only reason he went to the end is because he won competitions and when he didn’t, he was safe. Neither of them are what I would call big strategists. They planted the “be nice to the jury” seed and she stopped being herself. If she keeps Jon and they are in front of the jury, Neda can say that she put Kenny and Allison out of the game because they were the biggest threats in the house. Jon can say that he turned on his 2 bros, Arlie and Adel and sent them to jury, and kind of hurt his own game doing that because it opened the door for the girls. Meanwhile Neda can say that getting Arlie and Adel out was her idea and Jon went with it and helped her game. If in the end she betrays Jon to go with one of the girls, she might actually lose votes. If at the end of it all she can say that she rode with Jon to the end and was at least loyal to the first alliance she made, it might tip the jury in her favour. I think Arlie and Allison will vote on game. Adel will probably vote who he thinks needs the money, Heather will be pissed and I’m not sure where her vote would go, Sabs and Rachelle are the two that will consider loyalty and if Neda backstabs Jon she might lose their vote. Canada for sure is for Jon over Neda because his TV personality is fun. I would much rather see Jon on the sideshow than Gary and Peter.

        1. Jon ‘s personality fun? are we watching the same show? he’s a puppy. Neda and Adel manipulated him all along. his bland , boring next door boy look aint fooling anyone!

          1. Jon is getting the fun guy edit. TV viewers are loving it. Game aside. Lots of viewers will vote on who they like, not necessarily the best game.

  11. everybody get the fu?? up … your playing for 100 thousand… bb ask them if they want to forfeit the game? watch them get better fast…. stop complaining you guys can always walk out the door, no one is stoping you from self evicting…

    1. Wow.You are such a compassionate individual. I think my heart exploded. The houseguests are human. Not machines. You know this right? Give them a break. I think their “complaining” is legit. None of them seem to be at 100% right now. Let them have their little cat nap.

    1. Heather keeps saying Neda all along, but then again she also has an original deal with Jon. I don’t know where her head is at. I hope she is not stupid enough to take Sabrina to f2.

  12. I wonder what would happen if all 4 of them got the flu?

    Better check all the crew that had contact with the HGs and also check Gary, who was with them yesterday, hugging them. Hospitals in many areas are closed to visitors because of intestinal flu so someone could have brought it into the BB house.

    The doctor better give everyone some Imodium pills and have them all rest for a few hours, then see if they are able to play in the PoV.

    It’s more important for people to get better than for viewers to watch a reality show. This is REALITY………………….people DO get sick!

    1. i agree, they all obviously have something. They need to also allow SAbrina something, it is ridiculous to not do that, when BB is the one who gave them all food poisoning with the awards meal.

      My guess is that they may be rethinking what they do for the POV comp. maybe rework it for the F3 HOH comps, and do something less intense for today’s POV. Also doing it later in the day and allowing nap.

      I don’t notice Heather really suffering. She hasn’t stopped eating since after the awards meal.

  13. this year bb can cast are such whining little cry baby…. this cast think they are all superstar who will be making tons of money and be famous, lmao……….

  14. I am seriously miffed!!
    Jon and Sab get two extra hours of sleep?!! That is just wrong BB. Bet if Heather was ill that wouldn’t have happened huh.
    I hope the comp has something to do with disgusting food smells that make Neda, Jon and Sab puke!!

  15. A lot of people on the live feeds are speculating that its food poisoning, but if it was, they would be fighting for the toilet because it would be coming from both ends! Literally, as Sabs would say. Neither do you talk about bacon burgers when you have food poisoning, as Jon is right now. You feel like you’re going to die when you have food poisoning.

    BB needs to make Sabs get out of bed. I don’t think she’s that sick. She’s laying there listening to her ipod and picking the mascara off her eyelashes with her fingernails. Gross.

  16. I cant wait for the POV – let’s see who wins so we can reassess our guesses. Shame about all the sickies. If ti is physical or endurance they will all drop out early. Well, at least it’ll be quick! So far it seems that Heather might be most up to the task. Unless she throws up IN the competition.

    1. For Heather and Jon, it’s win or go home, and they know it. Heather knew it last week too and won, but this time Jon is going all out. Looks like Heather is the underdog here.

  17. never liked neda shes a very insecure & negative person…sabrina the dark house has final 2 hands downn…they thought she was dead weight well the dead came to life just in timeee…Sabrina from the block has a horseshoe up her A**!!! Loved Her amazing social game & non-threatening stance

  18. I like nedas & sabrinas sisters….Neda is a nervous wreckk her insecurities r loud…paranoya will destroya & she’s pretty much loosing it & her attitude stinks…She could never of been able to handle wat Sabrina’s gone thru & still be Standing, which is y i give Sabrina proos, her positive attitude helped her get farr even when she lost her other half so ill be Happy & Proud if Sabs ends up winning!!

    1. Hoping whoever wrote this returns to see this response…

      I’m curious “NAME” how you feel about Sabrina speaking directly to the camera telling Jon’s girlfriend Janelle to leave him and lying to her saying Jon was f—ing Neda and further that is was Neda’s dirty vagagay that gave Jon a yeast infection.

      What exactly about those words and action showcase how positive Sabrina is? How does this highlight her ability to roll with the punches? And further how does attacking someone with dirty non game related lies directed at a family/friend outside the house warrant her ability to play a game or deserve consideration to win it no less?


      1. Woah! Did not see that piece yet, but it is as reported by TTOTAMBZ, Sabrina cannot be defended – one would hope BB is taking note and evict her for indefensible personal attacks. Such hatred, vocally expressed cannot be condone!

  19. Neda feigning fake Illness, she can’t be trusted. Hope Big Brother production doesn’t fall for her tactics and give her a sympathy pass.

  20. Jon had touched raw hamburger meat the other day,opened a loaf of bread while grabbing a few slices of bread in the bag. He didn’t wash his hands.Contaminating everything he touched!

  21. Sabrina showed Canada how mentally strong she really is & thats y she’s still in the game cuz despite her emotional outbursts & dramatic meltdowns, she still maintained good internal controls overall & was able to laugh things off despite having to sleep with her many enemies & gremlin haters, She ended up bouncing back every time she was put up on that BlocK…True success is determined by how u handle the setbacks & she definatley More than ProoveD herself!!!!! She’s Strong & just may be the last one standing…Survival Of The Fittest Is More of A Mental challenge & she showed the HG & Canada that she was definatley up for this Game/challenge!!!!!!

  22. Neda is a fixed thinker & that may be her ownfall, she does not think outside the box & doesn’t know how to go with the flow…she’s alot more weaker tha u think she’s not limitless she is paranoyed & i doubt she’ll win

  23. Sabrina is mentally strong,with her outbursts and her meltdowns!!!!That does not make her mentally strong it makes her unstable…..Besides, her outbusts were mostly created by her dellusional mind. Examples (Ika brushing her on the stairs, sugar taken out of hands, Ika threatening her,Adel calling her a cow).Also she needs to feed on her lies to make herself feel better about herself all the celebrities she knows and all the different jobs she has had, which sounds made up.She has psychotic behaviour she is not mentally strong.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. how is heather saying sabrina is fake ONG does she not hear how her pagent princess voice sounds??? Shes the most fake out of all of them sabrinas wayy more open shes alwaYs venting her feelings showing real sides even if annoying But heather is 1 hundooo veryyy fake shes like a robot shes sooo boaring & painfully Annoying

  25. Sabrinas gonna win & the gremlins r gonna r-unite & travel the world & MTV or Slice is gonna snagg them & make a reality TV Show !!

  26. The Adventures Of The Gremlins… they can travel to diff parts of the world either back pack or not & tgey can be filmed while doing so omg i think it will be a hit i will soo watch i’m a gremlin fan those two where like frick & frack but no lie they were entertaining!! The gremlins take on Manhatton lol

  27. opinions r like assholes everyone’s got one, but theres no no need to fight people’s opinion…if u fell the strong need to express urself, u can always like or dislike what someone has wrote

  28. It’s getting really intense! The only downfall if Big Brother so far is how belligerently rude and hateful the fans are. Every action a house guest makes gets scrutinized like they killed five first borns. Both on here, and on the live feed- a novel worth of hateful comments trying to drag some house guest to feel a bit superior. I’m honestly so surprised that reality tv fans are this judgemental. Talk about game moves, not their character.

    1. Production is just as bad though! They are encouraging hatred towards Neda. Especially with Peter’s villainization of Neda as he danced around the stage like a crazed person stabbing at everything in sight! Even the gowns the others’ were beautiful, but Neda’s made her look like Cruella de Ville!

  29. Not necessarily Jess. They could all be puking, so a lot of clean up going on……….just kidding :)

    They have had long black outs before where the challenge was over quickly but they all got time to relax, wash up and change. This could be one such time OR, you might be right and it could be endurance. We won’t know until the feeds return.

    Do like me, do a few chores around the house that got neglected because watching feeds was more enjoyable. That makes the time fly by faster :)

  30. So I think production gave them food poisoning by mistake from the food that they ate yesterday. Coming from a health background, the onset of symptoms and time period does match up with food poisoning. Also, a member from Big Brother CA has food poisoning / the stomach bug so it could be from the food they gave them last night.

    Uh oh.

  31. BB? Charge $ for the feeds next year! Get a better live chat and keep them on 24/7. Even during showtime! Get 1 cam at least in jury house too!
    Feeders would watch the show and watch the feeds simultaneously anyway! All this stop/start/reset the feeds really sucks! We would be willing to pay $ so—BBCanada let’s out-do BBUS with feeds next year!

    1. tell me why thumbs down? $? or you guys like the feeds out every few minutes? I wont contact my contacts then!

  32. Lol I dont understand why everyone’s hating on Neda. Shes played a great game. She hasn’t used harsh words against anyone intentionally to hurt them – like the gremlins have. Her “manipulative ways” have gotten her to final four. If Jon doesn’t realize that he’s basically doing Neda’s dirty work then he’s an idiot.
    Its funny how everyone seems to have forgotten how big of a bully Sabrina was for the first half of the game and continued on even after all of her alliance members were evicted.

    1. I think we should also give kudos to the Sloppy Seconds for their kindness and inclusion of the Gremlins. Sabrina keeps saying they were ostracized but that was absolutely not true … They chose to alienate themselves even though they were repeatedly invited to join the Sloppies. You can be assured that if the tables had been turned and the 1st 5 alliance were in power they would be treating the remaining two Sloppies like scum!

      1. in my opinion, the sloppy seconds don’t deserve praise for not ostracizing the gremlins.
        examples: neda in war room moves the bobble heads around ‘and we’ll put the gremlins here in the hot tub cus no one likes them or wants them around anyway.’ adel repeatedly saying no one likes you and no one wants you around. jon and neda enter a room where Sabrina and rachelle are sitting, tell them to leave so jon and neda can talk. bb gives the house a camera for 60 minutes. the sloppies keep the camera secret for over ten minutes so they can take the pictures they want without the people they don’t want in them.
        each time one of these events happened commenters praised the action and gave thumbs up ratings. they were happy to see an underdog group and wanted to see the group in power taken out. each time the sloppy seconds did something nasty, the words “but they weren’t as bad as the first five” came up to excuse bad behavior by pointing out worse behavior. imo, pointing out worse doesnt’ make bad into good.
        realistically: neda and jon were never shunned. they took part in the shunnings. jon was nice to adel on the down low, but would stay away from him around the rest of the house. neda playing the under the radar game for the first five weeks, she took part in every shunning.
        by week two there were 14 people. it takes more than 5 to shun someone in a group of 14. paul kyle and adel were shunned by more than 5 people.
        heather was shunned by everyone. jon and neda included. adel was nice to heather as part of his tactic to play the ultimate underdog defender of the downtrodden role for the cameras. in dr he didn’t have many nice things to say about her.
        the sloppy seconds were as deficient as the first five when it comes to moral compass and compassion. they just didn’t swear as much and say as many vile things. in action they were no better.
        I know people that like the sloppy second alliance won’t like this, and I know I’ve said similar things before. were they as vile as the first five? no. were they good? no. they were just as bad in action, their language was just cleaner.

  33. I know this is old news, but did anyone else think the family visit between Heather and Will was SO AWKWARDDDDD. I think it was one of those “holy shit” moments where you have been romanticizing the person in your head so much and then when you finally see them it’s hella awkward because you almost don’t recognize them… they had hardly anything to say except for Will’s suuuuper staged speech. Yikes.

    1. you are sooo right!—really I think they been dating what? 2-3 months? not over 90 days—-and the word “love” is there? it was indeed awkward—-and her saying “will” every few minutes in the house when they haven’t been together that long—–geez—-made me switch to other cameras everytime!

      1. Yessss! Why the down votes? I like reality, and in reality will seemed super sketchy in general, lips white as all get out (could be from nervousness) but did not seem genuine at all. Poor Heather, hopefully this show and her 15 minutes of fame afterwards will give her some self esteem and help her realize that she can do better.

        1. he didn’t even say ‘I love you’ back to her. after 2 mos telling the guy you love him – but then again heather told everyone even people that hate her that they’re so pretty and a lot of bullshit. she is really getting wider and wider by the day too and maybe will doesn’t like big fat asses.

    2. He could have just been really uncomfortable being on national TV though. I think most people would find that situation to be pretty awkward.

    1. looks like neda or sabrina won pov as the current noms r same as the original noms …I hope this isnt true & if soo Heather better be getting evicted over jon….If jon won veto would he evict heather

  34. Saw parts of the video with Sobby Sabrina put a good show or is it real?
    She has been so over the top that it would not surprise that this is all a big act and mindgame!

    In any case hope BB has blocked the feeds so that they can be checked medically, or else ther could be liability issues.
    Would not be shocked that the POV is delayed until later tonight.

  35. Sabrina or Neda Won Pov & the current nominations r the same as the Original nominations & it wasn’t like that 4 Hours ago…Neda Should Vote Off Heather & Stay True To Her Jony Boy Alliance Hundo!! NEDA JON SABS Final 3!!

  36. YES heather’s visit was sooo fake & awkward shes very fake & awkward i dont know how she lasted this far

    1. I think Will just isn’t made for TV, he felt awkward just like I would feel, I don’t know if that meant they’re both fake.

  37. Neda is a hateful person herself, she’s just not as deluded as Sabrina. I don’t believe for a second that her tears were real in that diary room session considering the person I’ve seen her to be throughout the whole game. I know she’s playing intelligently in comparison to others, but I hate her character, or lack there of.

    1. It’s funny, Neda was the only one who had to think long and hard about seeing her sister. Everyone else said yes instantly. Neda was saying “No… no…. no…” and then put her head down in resignation and said okay. Of course her sister flew all the way from BC to see her, is she honestly gonna say no? You don’t have a choice Neda! But she really did have to think about it.

  38. I’m pretty sure the season finale is Thurs, at least that’s what I got from Arissa. Meaning F2 & Voting/Jury is going to b Thursday… so tomorrow (Sunday) is probably going to wrap up Sab winning HOH, the award show, and veto comp/ceremony. Wed will be eviction and the beginning of F3 comp. Thurs will prob be a 2 hr show, wrapping up the F3 comp, leading to F2 and voting. That’s just my guess.

    It kinda sucks one of the twists wasn’t voting someone back in. Would have loved to see Arlie go back in.

    Anyone know what the 20 mil points was for? I remember contributing, just don’t remember the purpose.

      1. imo depends on if they could be treated and returned within 24 hours.
        they already removed heather to the hospital for a few hours due to her knee. she was under strict orders to not tell the players anything beyond ‘ya, people know who we are and we all have fans.’
        on other reality programs, people have been removed from the game for illness that would otherwise interrupt the programming. they won’t extend the season due to budgets, programming and advertising dollars. it would be part of the contract they signed when agreeing to appear on the program.

        1. sorry, the above is a response I meant for natyn’s comment a few comments down.
          not sure how it ended up attached to my own comment above. big wtf happened moment.

    1. Good stab at the schedule but………………………

      I believe Sundays show will have HOH and noms per norm. Don’t presume we are getting POV and eviction on Slice Sunday. How they handle Canada’s vote has something to do with this. I believe the ads and or Arissa said an eviction on Wednesday. If the POV win is juicy they may do both on Wednesday’s show. Leaving the show with the start of the endurance comp. I presume it’s a 2 hour finale. They’d get all 3 parts of the 3 part final in and the finale vote.

      As for real time line eviction F4 tomorrow then endurance which might be Monday and physical Tuesday perhaps. 7 questions should be live or short taping window before the live show.

      A friendly reminder Simon and Dawg do accept tips. :P If you had been planning a donation no time like the present! :) See you after the show on Wednesday if I don’t over the weekend. Got a bad feeling on Jon losing. I think they are taping BBAD and not a long endurance comp but my guessing are notoriously unreliable. :P

  39. What would happen to the game if one or more players were really sick and needed to go to the hospital?

  40. Heather is a joke dont know how she lasted this long her voice is utterly annoying i could not having to put up with her fake voice & fake smile alone is a challenge

  41. Bad omen on OBB. Jon has a slight lead as favorite to F2. That clearly shows he is not winning veto. We got 2 things we wanted this season. Andrew evicted and Allison entering the house. We really aren’t having a great year. :p If Jon’s going I hope Neda has to do it herself. Her fans can watch her peeing away the jury vote she needs for 100K. Since Jon’s leaving I sincerely hope he has the balls to vote for anyone but Neda. Unfortunately he hasn’t shown any.

  42. I don’t know about anyone else but, if I was in Nedas’ position I would much rather bring Jon to final 2, who has been but a true friend, the person that helped her get to this point with his loyalty. I would rather take my chances of losing against him, than to bring Sabrina, who has been mean spirited through the whole game. Sabrina does not deserve the money. Jon and Neda deserve the money the most at this point :)

  43. I will disown bbcan if slobs is crowned bbcan 2 winner. After the disappointment of watching Gary lose last season I don’t think I could handle anymore. I need these feeds to come on so I know that Jon is safe. This is his veto.

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