Big Brother Spoilers – Power Of Veto Ceremony Results! “Its a stupid, stupid game move!”

POV Holder: Chrisitne Next POV Aug 4th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Victoria
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players Victoria, Nicole, Caleb, Cody, Christine and Derrick

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11:20am – 12:05pmBig Brother blocks the live feeds for the Power Of Veto Ceremony results. When the live feeds return we learn that as the veto holder Christine used the veto on herself. As head of household Caleb then nominated Victoria as the replacement nominee.

All the house guests are sitting around the kitchen table. Victoria asks to taste one of Caleb drinks. Frankie comments to Victoria that he has a white monster she can taste. Caleb flips his eye lids and Victoria says I hate when you do that. Caleb says we’re waiting for them to say hey guys ..don’t worry there’s some people. One of us should go into the diary room and say hey we’re about to cook up a big feast .. are guys going to have a party or what because we’re about to cook it up. Frankie says I accept your mission.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 12-08-36-109

12:15pm – 12:45pm In the fire room – Nicole says to Victoria .. I don’t want to be in this house anyways with a bunch of wimps. I’m not even sad …its a stupid, stupid game move! Stupid, Stupid, Stupid! Get some guts! My game is over and I thought I had a little bit of a chance. You’re not even supposed to say who’s going home. You’re supposed to leave some anticipation for the live show. He’s speeches show he’s never watched that show before. He’s scared of a 5’2″ blonde girl. Freaking screw it, I don’t want to be in this house any more. Victoria says I thought he was going to put up Frankie. Nicole says I thought so too. Nicole says that was the stupidest move .. I am not going after him. He wasted his HOH on me. Victoria says Frankie controls him. Nicole says he made the easiest move he possibly could have. Nicole says that on Thursday she’ll come up with a poem. I’ll say something nice about you. If you win HOH will you promise me you’ll put up Christine and Cody? You should do what’s best for your game but you need to break up Christine, Cody and Caleb. Nicole says don’t go after Caleb. Victoria says I won’t. Nicole tells Victoria if you put up Christine and Cody you can just tells Cody that Christine’s the target and that you don’t want him to go home. Derrick joins them. Nicole comments on how she’s never seen a veto meeting where someone tells someone they’re going home. Derrick tells them that he walked in on Frankie and Caleb talking this morning so I knew. Nicole says Frankie is deathly scared of me. Nicole says I really hope we get a party today I am so hungry. Nicole says this HOH is going to be very important and you need to win it and seal deals. Do not let go of the wall! Nicole says I would kick A in that comp. Derrick says I think Christine will win that comp. Nicole says I bet 5K she’ll be sitting in the final two. Victoria says don’t say that ..words are really powerful. Nicole says its going to be a very boring week. Caleb just gave away the entire week. There’s not going to be any campaigning. Victoria gets called to the diary room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 12-27-56-338

12:30pm In the living room – Frankie talks to Derrick and tells him that he will never doubt any of them. The good thing about being with Caleb is that I knew what he was thinking so I pulled him aside last night. I could have been up in his grill all last night or I could wake up and talk to him in the morning. I wanted to let him come to his own decision rather than telling him he needs to keep me. Frankie says if I had gone up before the veto this would have been the last chance for me not to play in the veto. But now I know.. Derrick says it all worked out brother. Frankie heads into the kitchen to cook.

Big-Brother-16-2014-09-01 12-30-52-369

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CO Girl

If I were Nicole, I would blow up the house by telling everyone everything I knew and watch them scramble. She’s out anyways so she should at least have some fun before she goes!

River Song

I agree, she should unload on all of them. Even after she’s gone, and they’re walking in circles saying what a liar she is, the seed of doubt will be planted. And hopefully that stupid alliance will mimic their name and detonate.


Cody has no idea, but he has the most to lose with Frankie staying. Derrick is golden whether Frankie was evicted or not.


Cody knows, that’s why he was the only one really invested in trying to get Caleb to backdoor Frankie – without pushing too hard.
Derrick went from “save Frankie” to “save Nicole” to “I’m TORN!”.


If Cody was a better player he would have been able to get Frankie backdoored once it was up for discussion. He lets Derrick control his game without even realizing it, where at a certain point he resigns himself to the group decision. He knows he can talk to Derrick without it getting out to anyone else. He should have shown more commitment to the backdoor Frankie option in his private discussions with Derrick.


They are all morons, Nicole is right the whole season they all cried about not wanting to get blood on their hands….They are all just handing this game to Frankie, Derrick clearly isn’t that good of a cop if he can’t tell Frankie is just running around that house manipulating everyone…It’s even worse that these morons all sit there and go on about how they should get rid of Frankie and then just do the most boring predictable thing they can….Cody did it last week, and least mode is doing it again this week….Frankie isn’t stupid if he’s taking anyone to the final 2 it’s Victoria or Christine


told you so. stupidest damn season ever. I have never seen such spineless gutless men in my life. so damn scared of the girls. Caleb bet your brother is cussing up a storm to the dumb decision you just made. they just handed the game to Scum Bucket Frankie. He will cut their throats and laugh all the way to the bank . He is out for himself , if any of you think he won’t backstab you are even dumber than I thought . Be glad when this mess is DONE .


Where in the world are all the men at with actual BALLS to make a move here. I can not stand Frankie, but at this point he will be the winner of BB, which is very sad on multiple levels. These dumb asses that think that Nicole is a bigger threat are HILARIOUS, and I will be laughing my ass off week by week when they are all sent out the door wondering “What the fuck just happened” AGAIN- WORST SEASON EVER

Cough, Derrick!

They aren’t scared of girls. They don’t think of woman are as equally worthy. Working with females would make them seem not as manly. It’s the whole bro-culture mentality.


Is Cody in the girl category?


No sh*t. Derrick’s wife must be so proud to be married to a chauvinist pig. Literally.


Does that mean you will finally quit complaining and posting??? πŸ™‚ I’ll give you abou tree-fiddy to go away for good…

Zing Sting

It has been confirmed…. Caleb has no balls!


It is official, this season is the season of COWARDS!!!! Isn’t it ironic that this season, the men have dominated this “game.”

House needs another Zingervention.

I’m not shocked that he has no testicles. Frankie castrated them awhile ago and Derrick filled in the spot where his balls used to be.

Zing Sting

Ahahahaha. Good one

Team Caleb

Good move! Nominating Frankie benefited others and not Caleb. Frankie is Caleb’s biggest ally. If Frankie wins HOH, Caleb should tell Frankie how Derrick and Cody were pushing for Frankie to be nominated and Frankie should nominate Derrick and Cody.

Yest, Nicole, it was stupid stupid stupid because you’re going home. buh bye frootloop dingus whiner!


Frankie is nobody’s ally. A few words from Derrick and Cody when Frankie wins hoh and watch Caleb burn rubber on his way out the door. It will serve him right. I would hate to have him behind me on the frontline with a decision to make.


What a waste Beast Mode or as someone stated Bitch Mode! You took the safe route…WHY!? It was time to make a BIG move and you wimped out…you couldn’t pull the trigger…you let Frankie control you and now you and the rest of the squad just let him win the game…Congratulations!!! I hope you look back on this and see what a lil bitch you became and how you let that a$$ Frankie control you! Just when I thought maybe your were bluffing you disappointed us all again…


Is he still in the army, or has he been D/C? Because I sure as hell wouldn’t want him covering my as8.


I was hoping that Caleb was quietly planning the big move. I am heartsick that he did this. Where is his common sense? I could cry.
You all were correct, Caleb is not terribly bright. His family must be disappointed.
My heart goes out to Nichole. The only good thing is that Donny is doing well and seems to be enjoying his new celebrity status. I did go to you tube and he seems to be all smiles practicing for Bold Beautiful. Wish we could vote for 2 Americas favorites. Hope Nicole benefits in similar fashion when this stupid train wreck is done.


I can’t stand Frankie, but I hope he wins HOH and puts up Caleb and Derrick or Caleb and Cody, just or making this wimpy move!


just FOR making this wimpy move

Butters Mom

Thanks for all the hard work Simon and Dawg. I made a donation and I appreciate the updates. Im going to take a small break from BB …. but will continue to check in with you for updates.


I agree, Butters Mom….. unless of course you can send in your son, Professor Chaos. πŸ™‚


hey simon can you belive he didn’t put up Frankie
they got no guts they might hold hands at the end of the show
if one of their family member was in the game they put them on the block
what a wimp


Where does your sentences start and end? Can’t tell when you use ZERO capitol letters! lol


Or was that a attempt at a HAIKU???? lmao

Former BB fan

WTF!!! Beast mode cowboy your a freaking IDIOT!! I’m done watching this season just like BB15 we have stupid houseguests that are chicken shit to make a move. Thanks Simon & Dawg for all your hard work. I’m done watching these dumbasses! See ya next summer!


And next summer you’ll say the same when the underdogs don’t win. Worse than my 4 year old when he threatens to hold his breath when he doesn’t get his way.


Er, YOU have children?

time for action

what should happen is Production calls Frankie into the DR and says ‘ Frankie we have to evict you from the house take all your team America money and send you home to NY, we are getting thousands of email about your 2 comments to Victoria” get that on close up of his face!!!! and then tell Derdick he lost all his team America money for thinking it was funny about the rape comment about Victoria THAT WAS SO UNAMERICAN, America has decided! and show the look on his face!!!!

Ayyy lmao

Haha what a bunch of cry babies in the comment section. Theres 3 weeks of game to play, Lol at saying frankies won, just lol at threatning to boycott. Don’t you lie to me! You will tune in Thursday, Sunday and the Wednesday after that, so on and so forth. Can’t wait to see Nicole back in jury!

Big fan

Omg what a wrong move he should have put that peacock up and send his rude stuck up ass home I can’t stand the fack that he is still in there.


As usual, spend countless hours talking amongst themselves about who to nominate just for TV drama when as always it’s so predictable what they are going to do. Do the producers tell them to do that? Love that sense of “oh big move this week!”

Former BB fan

Oh, I hope Victoria wins now!

Deja Vu

Nope….. no big move. This should be called season of the cowards.


Guess Franks estrogen seeped out on all the boys, all that rubbing and humping was as it turns out, pretty effective game play. Can’t stand him or his antics anymore!!!! GROSS

Irked by the stupidity!

And there you have it folks…Caleb will go down in BB history for making the dumbest move ever! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Caleb has about as much beast in him as Winnie the Pooh’s little timid friend Piglet. Frankie will hand his ass to him and he deserves it. What a damn fool. He is the equivalent of a “dumb jock”. All muscle and ZERO brains. He doesn’t even deserve his stipend.


Psycho much?

Hey lawdymercy...

We know your type…You’re home alone, stinky, your socks do not match, your hair is greasy and sticking straight up and your computer is your only and best friend…loser. Leave these nice people alone. Go heat up your hot pocket and STFU.


Well know we know that both Caleb and Cody have no balls. Freakin year of the ennuchs.


OPPS “Now we know”. So pissed out I can’t even tupe straight.


I’m guessing you meant “type”? I’m upset too…

Irked by the stupidity!

Lol! I absolutely got tickeled by your second set of typos!!!! Typos make me laugh but when we try to correct the failure and make it worse…I am undone!!!!! TY for the earnest chuckle in the midst of Caleb’s debauchery!!!! I’m “pissed out” too!!! πŸ™‚

Irked by the stupidity!

*tickled! Geez!!! Lol


Its “eunuchs” actually…here:

plural noun: eunuchs

a man who has been castrated, especially (in the past) one employed to guard the women’s living areas at an oriental court.
an ineffectual person.
“a nation of political eunuchs”


Frankie comments to Victoria that he has a white monster she can taste? this is outright sexual harassment but again production and CBS does nothing!!!! truly amazing


what should happen is everyone should mass email the sponsors about boycotting their products for supporting a show that does nothing about Frankies rape comment about Victoria and this comment!!! wow way to go CBS you will sink to the lowest point for ratings I see


Boycotting the sponsors would likely get the show cancelled (no Big Brother 17) is that what you would really want?.

Err it's an energy drink....

Yeah I don’t like Frankie either, but I Think he was truly talking about the ” white Munster ” energy drink….not a sexual innuendo …….

All hail to the V

More likely, he meant it as double entendre.

Nope, saw the smirk on Frankie's face...

…he meant it to be derogatory.

Err it's an energy drink....

Ah! Didn’t see the smirk, well I retract myself then, you guys saw something I missed! He is truly despicable then

All hail to the V

There is something really wrong with this tool.

If they can’t (read won’t) outright point out to Frankie that his comments are over the top, they can still ask him leading questions for him to infer how he is being perceived. He seems to think he is so intuitive, let him intuit his popularity is nonexistent.

Likewise, they could do the same with the other guests. Derrick is no stranger to leading questions. Perhaps something such as: Do you think Victoria’s father laughed hysterically about the sexually inappropriate comments about and to Victoria after he broke the screen?

Frankie would be the first one to cry foul and have a tantrum if he was constantly derided for his sexuality and called offensive names.

CBS won’t do anything – petition or not. They won’t even give him an edit to show his true character – sexually inappropriate comments aside.

Too bad we can’t be flies on the wall when he faces the backlash when the game is over. Actually, he will be un-phased. He is constitutionally unable to feel remorse.


You do know that petitions mean absolutely NOTHING right? lol
Nothing is going to happen to Frankie, so might as well just start hoping the negative edit really starts taking effect the rest of the season. That is the most you can hope for…

All hail to the V

Um, I said that.


Caleb=Beast Mode Cowboy=Chicken $hit! Done with these wimps, hope something knocks them on their A$$es!


Did Caleb say during the Veto meeting that Nicole is going home? I didn’t think they could say that. Frankie got a slap on the wrist for saying that to Zach.

Another Anonymous

I wondered that too. I hope that it will lead to a penalty nomination where Nicole is taken down and someone else has to be put up. If we don’t get a Pandora’s box then they should at least do that. Production needs to do something to at least TRY to salvage this season.

I didn’t think a season could get worse than last year. I was wrong. This. Season. BLOWS.


Caleb has the ball and he is all alone! No one can stop him for the winning touch down! He’s at the 30…the 20…the 10! OMG! He FUMBLES on the 1 yard line as the clock runs out. Team Pink Skankies wins!! Glitter everywhere!!


Nicole is right!!! Waste of an HOH Caleb. When one of the precious bomb squad or detonators( whatever one Caleb is in) go on Thursday in the DE you will all be thinking we should of backfired Frankie!!!! Dumb HG!!! Derrick doesn’t have the control he thought he had!!

Team America needs you help on a new mission!!! Get Frankie to self evict and send Donny back in as a replacement!!!

Bullshit season! I am very disappointmented!

Give me a break

So when is something interesting going to go down in this game because they keep talking about the big moves but all I see is more of the same.


Well this is all I needed to see. I’ll check back finale night to see who won this awful BORING season

cowards of bb16

Penalty nom!!! Bunch of wussies! Where is dpov when you need one!! Nicole should tell them she will assure jury to vote for Victoria! !! Ugh! Screw bb..season sucks!


I don’t know who’s a bigger pu$$y. Caleb or Cody! Frankie-stein makes me f*ck’n SICK! Bye Nicole…..again. Sighs.


In response to who’s the biggest pussy…how about production for not enforcing the rules and CBS for allowing that fucking moron Frankie get away with all the fucking bullshit!

Pink haired turdlet

I like your name and it sums up pretty much how I feel!


This is all Devin and Donny fault. If Devin wasn’t so paranoid and make an 8 person alliance we wouldn’t have this stupid detonators/bomb squad alliance. Donny could’ve told everybody that there was a big alliance or he could’ve made a move when he and Nicole was HOH. (Like make an alliance with her and Hayden and Jocasta and maybe Victoria and Christine because they would easily flip sides.) Donny knew there was big alliance in the house. I still like the guy and hopes he wins Americas Favorite but he could’ve made waves.


Really? Someone evicted weeks ago is still controlling the game? You honestly think these idiots weren’t forming alliances/sub-alliances outside of Devin? They are a monolith of questionable intelligence. That’s why they are sticking with the original plan,even when it’s untenable for all but two people. Devin had his issues, but this is not one of them. Bad game play lies squarely on the current HGs shoulders.


I lost a good nights sleep watching the 3 stooges bicker about who to keep. It was looking good for most of it but ultimately Caleb chickened out because he was worried about pissing off America if he nominated Frankie…which is completely opposite. Caleb doesn’t want to ruin his chances of being famous after this but little does he realize they have causes too much scorn to ever make themselves look good. Offically calling it quits now on this garbage and ill hope for All stars next season because they clearly don’t know how to cast newbies anymore.

Done with this season

Nicole got it right! It’s a stupid, predictable move and Caleb will probably regret not backdooring Frankie this week. He could have saved this season!! I hope Frankie wins HOH during the DE and gets Caleb, Derrick, or Cody out. So they can see how stupid they were by keeping him – and they’re down in the jury house wishing they could turn back time to evict him.

At least last season they got smart enough at the end and evicted Amanda at around this same time. These Houseguests are pathetic fools who can’t even think by themselves.


All these guys are a bunch of pussies! Guys grow a pair already!!!

Frankie needs to go!!

Julie: Frankie due to the overwhelming emails and calls to CBS due to your ignorant comments about rape and people with disabilities we are evicting you from the big brother house. Nicole you are safe for now.

Former BB fan

Like that is going to happen! Last season had the MOST DISGUSTING CAST and CBS did NOTHING!!


You need to check the Nielsen ratings before you spew.. Thursday’s live eviction shows have been going up each week and are higher than last seasons shows.. So in other words… Frankie Grande is not negatively affecting the ratings at all. This year also had the biggest social media exposure of any season with #Zankie and #SaveZach trending at times worldwide. Say what you will about the players in the house but this season’s ratings are higher than last years which had the most vile disgusting people ever seen on Big Brother. Racists. homophobes, bulllies, sexists were all featured last year.. Several lost their jobs on the outside while America and viewers were outraged at their behavior.. Aaryn, Spencer, GinaMarie were all fired from their jobs while on the show and didn’t find out until the show was over. We all remember the loud boos from the audience when Amanda was evicted as well.. Frankie’s mouth may be vile at times, but he is not even in the same league as last years most repulsive house guests.


Ratings always go up the more disgusting something is. Notice how people always flock to scene if crime regardless of blood and gore. We are pathic and networks know it. Bb sure shows poor sportsmanship for a “game” but good sportsmanship went out long ago and parents don’t even think about teaching it to their kids


This is first time I feel some power could come in the game. If it doesn’t in next couple days, it won’t happen for remainder of the season.


Before or after Victoria becomes her own worst enemy.


I know that Caleb doesn’t know it (like most things) BUT his chance to rehab his image and be seen as someone more than an obsessed possible stalker and an all around dufus (fruit loop dingus) just went out the window when he nominated Victoria. All talk no action. Be prepared to pack up your man granny panties when you get the boot. NO FAME FOR YOU!!


I read “No fame for you” in the Soup Nazi’s voice. lol


If you’re so miserable then don’t watch. The commenters on this sight are such whiners.


You’re sounding just as whiny, complaining about the comments. If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them.

Hey lawdymercy...

…STFU…now does that sound whiny to you?


No. Just lacking in class and vocabulary.


Hey A-hole, what should we do…discuss what a fascinating season it’s been, how unpredictable everyone is, and what brainiacs theses HGs are? Get real. I like this forum better then the show….WAY more entertaining then the lame ass game play that’s going on! This season does suck. How many unanimous votes do we have to suffer?

Cody’s an a-hole too. He had the opportunity for a big move and goes all Cody on us and wimps out. Damn

Terms I am so sick of this season. “He/she’s a beast in competitions”. (Btw none of them are), “it’s what the house wants” ( or any variation of that) , “at the end of the day” and basically anything that spews forth from SkidmarkSkankie’s mouth.


Don’t forget the old overused “I did ‘X’ for the alliance.”


Victoria should have been gone a month ago. If she gets to final two, I’d vote for her for fun. Why should the jury play the came if the HG aren’t. I agree with Nicole. Stupid players.. Really stupid, stupid. stupid players.


If you don’t like the comments on this site then don’t bother coming to this site. BTW, why are you whining? Leave! One more thing…the other sites comments are pretty much in line with this site…but this site rules all the others!!! Go away…you bug me.

Skerry Sherry

This season has seen the majority of the house act like a clique of high school kids. They isolate and then bully. Skerry Christine goes over the top because for once in her life she feels she’s one of the “cool kids” and is making herself look like an idiot in the process. Once she gets nominated, ostracized, bullied and subsequently evicted…she’ll have flashbacks to her true high school days.


Looks like Caleb will be getting some summer loving tonight.

Jimmy 64

Hey Caleb I hope you follow Nicole out the door on Thursday .


I think your right. Now that, that Psychopath Frankie has been made aware that Caleb even considered back dooring him, You can bet the house that if Frankie wins HOH, the very first person he puts up will be Caleb! Especially if he can… ‘back door’ him.

Professor McGonigal

Caleb just blew it. And I hope there’s a package of pink Hanes for Her underwear waiting for him when he gets home, courtesy of his brother. He had the chance to make the big move of the season and he wussed out. What a f#cking dumbass! Believe it or not, this is making me lean toward rooting for Vapid Vic, just because it would PISS the rest of them off if she won.ARRRGGHHHH!!!!

Donny Bravo

Speaking only of Caleb’s game, not our entertainment, it was a smart move.

Frankie is not only his best ally in the house but also has a much bigger target on his back. Cody and Derrick are not gunning for him next week, so it’s dumb to put them up.

Victoria will certainly put Caleb up, but she can’t win anything. His biggest threat is Christine (Again, Caleb have the best probability of her not winning HOH).

Nicole going to Jury is the best move for Caleb, I really hate to say. If she stayed over Frankie, she would certainly have a power shift and Caleb/Frankie would go to jury next week for certain.

For our entertainment…..I realllly wanted Victoria to win POV (it pains me to type that) and pull Nicole off the block. Not so much I want either of them to win but it would cause so much drama seeing Cody put up lol


Frankie did save himself last night. His talk with Caleb worked. After that it didn’t matter what Derrick said, he was not putting Frankie up. That is why Derrick got pissed and said to Caleb you want to take an IQ test. Cody backed down like the puss he is and started agreeing with Caleb. Derrick was very frustrated last night and still is this morning.


The only reason Derrick would be pissed about this is because he feels like he needs to do a “dan” move and bring Victoria with him to the end. He knows Victoria could end up sending herself home.


i feel like faithful viewers of bb are owed a re-do season before this year is over. re-vamp the whole casting process, fire whoever conceptualized this season as the most twisted yet, and actually show luxury comps and have/have nots like they used to. its a shame that donny was the only person over 30 in the house( i don’t count derrick, he was just as childish as the rest) and felt like he had nobody to talk to. i get it’s a reality show and sometimes decisions are made for ratings, but the consensus i’ve seen from viewers is that this season sucks. production takes advantage of the fact that fans of bb will watch regardless and keep up the ratings but it’s really a slap in the face to people who want to expect the unexpected. i’ve expected every damn thing that’s happened in this house. sure, it might be slightly entertaining after nicole leaves this week because that means that caleb is about to see just who is on his side and if he made the right decision (which, btw, who really believes he did??). but seriously, it will only be 6 people left which means of course somebody has to turn on somebody. you expect the heck out of that. also, i hate the idea of team america. but, if they are gonna keep it, they should keep it with one person and allow america to choose different person each week, that way, if we turn out to absolutely despise the people chosen, they don’t continue to get 5k by default. i love my fair share of villains (the one you hate to love), showmances, and blindsides; this season was vapid, personal, and just downright boring. even when they got rid of brittany and amber and kept calling it “operation brittany” it was boring as hell because they weren’t those types of people to create drama.


in terms of game moves, as much as i dislike everyone left in the house, yes everyone, (let’s not forget when amber was on the block how nicole was sitting pretty and was just as mean as everyone else..i don’t feel bad for her, my how the tables have turned, and at least she knows, amber thought she was safe) i hope one of the girls win (victoria over christine) and puts the boys up. honestly, any of them going home would be great! the only thing i’m looking forward to is the end of this season and the reunion when everyone comes back to reality!!


If I was a lawyer, I would run TV commercials with an 800 number for you to call if you or a loved one got narcolepsy from watching BB16

that comment cracked me up!

Seriously, that is funny! Thanks, I needed that! πŸ™‚


See you in jury my friend……YOU FRICKIN PUSSY!!!


Is it to late for Pandora’s Box this week?


Only one thing left to say: C’mon Survivor, hurry up and get here! Screw Beast Mode Cowgirl

Any mouse

Yeast Load Cowpile!


You can say that again. Beast Mode Douchebag, Wankie, DePrick and all the rest of them have ruined this season. Once Nicole is gone there will be no one left to root for. At this point I’m pulling for Victoria to win…I don’t like her very much either after everything she said about Donnie and Nicole but it would really piss off the rest of them if she did win LOL.

Victorias parents

If I were you I would demand to have either Fakie or pmy daughter removed from this house! An apology just wouldn’t do.

Big Sister

I knew this would happen. NONE of these people deserves to win. Words just can’t describe this awful season. It will take a lot for me to even consider watching BB17, IF there is another season. I was willing to give it another chance after last year’s debacle, but I now regret that decision. Caleb is the dumbest piece of excrement there is. I will return just long enough to vote the maximum number of times for Donny to win the title of America’s Favorite Player.


Bitch mode cowgirl indeed! If next season is this full a pussies and bitches im done with BB!

Any mouse

Yeast Load Cowpile!


Next week expect the same to happen with, you guessed it, Veronica–err Vanessa…that other chic and Christine.


I think I have figured out how Frankie got cast. BB jealous that survivor had the most hated nellie on “reality” tv and Colton had too much class for this bunch…and that’s how Frankie was chosen.
Too bad HOH can’t just fall on Victoria so we can see Frankie gone Thursday. Or maybe production can give him a hoodie and have him sneak up behind Caleb.
Ok. I have vented and been as nasty as them.


Now that Nicole is out of the house, Caleb and Frankie will go after Derrick, Cody and Christine. Derrick is trying to set up a Derrick/Victoria F2. Cody/Christine are trying to set themselves up for F2. Both Caleb and Frankie know that – so they are going to go after the “couples” – hence 2 votes to get Caleb/Frankie. Derrick needs to win HOH this week, make a big move or he may be sitting on the block with Christine and going home.