Nomination Ceremony Results “Hundo is HUGE”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Sabrina Next HOH: Next HOH is final HOH
Original Nominations: Jon and Heather
Current Nominations: Jon and Heather
Have Nots None

Jon and Drunk Neda


Jon finds that Big Brother has removed everything out of the pool room. He quickly runs in the house to grab Neda The puke bucket, and Heather.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 19-00-51-757

Neda back up and talking
Neda “I’m not drunk I’m tired”
Jon – “You went drunk then absolutely f** than drunk again”

10:19pm Sabrina called into the Diary room. She comes out tells everyone nominations in 5 minutes. Neda Stumbles up to the bedroom to get ready.

10:26pm Feeds cut Nomination Ceremony

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 20-46-28-616

11:47pm Feeds back
Heather and Jon nominated for Eviction.

Heather asks them if they are aiming for the three of them in the final 3. Sabrina says yes.

Sabrina says she didn’t put up Neda because in the case where she won the VEto she didn’t want NEda to have to make the painful choice of sending Jon home.

They start speculating about the POwer of Veto competition tomorrow. Sabrina thinks it will happen 5 hours after they wake up tomorrow.

Heather – “Tomorrow is someone’s last day in the house”
Sabrina – “Tomorrow we have to enjoy the day no matter what”

Jon’s out of the Diary Room.
Neda gets called into the Diary room, Neda – “I apologize for the puke stains”
JOn is super excited for tomorrow can’t wait “I wonder what iut’s going to be Hundo HUGE”
Heather “Hundo HUGE”
Jon “Hundo is HUGE”
Jon – “Hundo”
Jon – “Yup Hundo”
Heather – “Hundo”
Jon tells them if the veto is prizes they should just take all the prizes and he’ll grab the veto.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 21-10-46-875

12:00AM Bathroom Neda and Sabrina
Speculating about what the “20 million:” on the screens was about. They think it might be Canada has the veto. Jon joins them. They start wondering about what the Power of Veto competition will be. Neda says it could be anything, endurance or even that “Stupid Egge competition that peter lost”.

Sabrina start picking at Neda’s whiteHeads. Jon say it’s gross and goes to bed.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 21-20-15-508

12:17am Bedroom Jon and Neda
Neda says she was crabby at Jon because she was drunk and puking she doesn’t like people around her when she’s like that. Neda – “It’s embarrassing”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-05-02 21-24-03-346

12:18AM Heather and Sabrina Bathroom

Sabrina telling Heather she doesn’t have the jury votes to win this game regardless of who she is up against.
Sabrina – “Can I ask you a question”
Heather – “Someone screaming”
(It’s Neda and Jon joking around in the bedroom)
THey agree if JOn wins HOH he’s taking Neda.
Sabrina wonders if Neda will evict Jon if she wins.
Heather – “I think she will”

Neda joins them. Sabrina says they are all worried about Neda if the POV isn’t used.

Sabrina says Neda’s head was in the toilet bowel.. “Not the whole thing just a couple strands”

Neda says she would take out Jon if nominations would stay the same.
Neda – “It’s a game”
Sabrina asks if Jon wins what happens.
Heather – “I go home”
Neda – “It comes down to being 3 to 1 odds”
Heather – “I have a feeling it a thing with luck on your hands but you are fighting”
Neda – “you think it’s going to be super physical”
Heather – “No”

Neda comments on how her parents are probably embarrassed by her, “They blocked the feeds when Talla was drunk.. ”

(Video coming)


8:42pm NEda getting up a bit thirsty

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Sabrina excuse for not putting up Neda is ridiculous. (So she doesn’t have to dump Jon.????) Neda is the only person now who gets to vote. Her choice is Jon or Heather. Neda has for some time said she plans to get rid of Jon. I hope either Heather or Jon win the veto. Neda is put up and sent to jury house..Then get rid of Sabrina.


Whoever is nominated this time is useless anyway. The power of veto has yet to be played and it will be stupid for Neda and Heather to not vote out Jon who probably has two secured jury votes (Adel and Canada, three if you add in Arlie). Hopefully this week Jon goes home and Neda wins the last HOH. Either way, after Jon goes out Neda will be the biggest target but hopefully she plays the “no one will vote for me” card well this week.


This week it doesn’t matter whether you are up on the block or not:If you are up and win the veto then you take yourself off and choose who leaves.If you are not up on the block , you keep the nominations the same and send home whoever you want to go.If you are not up and don’t win the pov then you will go up and maybe home.One needs to win POV 1 hundo if he/she wants to reach the final 3.

John O'Neil

The summary is inaccurate. Sabrina was discussing why she initially wanted to put up Neda. She later decided to let Heather and Neda do rock paper scissors for it and Heather lost


I think its very smart! Neda has flown under the radar and has gone to great lebgths to have people do her dirty work so she can secure jury votes. If she doesnt win veto then she will be forced to show one of the people she has been in cahoots with and has promised to go to the end with, that she is solely responsible for evicting them


Boy is this wrong! If Neda doesn’t win veto unless Sabby wins POV the winner will take them selves off the block and Neda goes up as a replacement. (shakes head). As for securing votes what planet are you on. She all but kissed Arlies vote goodbye with her nasty goodbye message where she basically tells him it was her not Jon…she has no further use for him. Yup that’s how you get no blood on her hands. Then she pees away Allison’s vote. Neda has the best F2 chance but secured jury votes atm she has none. She has potential votes in Adel or RoRo. Adel if it’s she and Sabby. Roro if it’s Neda and Heather. Note she gets her vote for canceled by the opposite of Ro and Adel. She really has gotten herself in jury vote trouble and her fans jury vote denial. That’s one whooping secured vote depending on who she’s F2 with. Yeh she is doing a fantastic job…. in your mind and a few others only. I have her down 3-1 no matter who she is up against of the 4 in jury now votes. She needs Jon, Heather and/or Sabby to get to 3-3 against who ever she’d sit beside F2. If she has to evict Jon kiss her behind good bye it won’t get to Canada’s vote.


The reason she did it wasn’t stupid. She doesn’t want Neda winning veto and voting out Jon. Not because she will feel bad for Neda, its because it will show the jury that Neda was ‘a big game player’ to vote out her ally.


Here’s where Neda fans claim that she ingeniously mixed slop with apple juice to smear on the carpets and fake the puke stains, so that she can pretend to be sick and stay off the block.


LOL you do not give up do you? The nom was decided(R/P/S)….. way before she got drunk, Neda’s fans do not have to come up with sh*t to prove she is a good player…that is already a fact by now, win or lose


I don’t understand why a lot of the users on this site want Neda out, she is the best strategic player left and deserves to win

another name

neda doesn’t automatically get the vote. whoever wins the veto gets the vote. whether on the block or not. in final four the veto holder has all the power.


Whoever isn’t on the block votes. Right now that is Neda. If Sabrina wins POV and keeps the noms the same Sabrina doesn’t get to decide who leaves, it will still be Neda deciding between Heather and Jon.


In the very unlikely even that Sabrina wins POV and HOH in he same week, she could easily veto her own nominaion and have neda go on the block, just to make sure heather is a 100% safe.


I know people don’t like Neda because she seems cold. I think the reason that Neda comes of cold is because she has been watching this game for a while now and she knows that when there is usually a boy/girl alliance (like her and jon), the girl is always looked down upon as floater “or not doing anything”. I think the reason Neda has comes off as cold and detached is because she wants to be seen as a jon’s equal in that alliance.

I also believe Neda played a great game, whether you like it or not!
Also I love Heather’s personality, I think she is a very sweet girl. However her game has been lacking, she won an HOH and basically did what her alliance wanted, then since then has been up Neda’s ass. Also getting rid of Arlie in the game was bad for Heather, it didnt seem like Arlie was gunning for her!


Everyone knows Neda has played a good game. I was just making a joke because even though she’s played a good game, it gets overrated at times by fans saying she’s played a ‘perfect’ game and that everything she’s done has been pure genius. Even her mistakes get spun as brilliant strategy.

One example is the acorn challenge where she lucked out with Allison going over. I re-watched it just to be sure, and there’s no way that she low-balled intentionally, brilliantly anticipating Allison to go over. You could see her counting in her head, and it was obviously her best guess. It’s just funny how no matter what she does, it always gets spun as some type of mastermind strategy.

The coldness part I disagree with. Everything I’ve seen and all my instincts tell me that that’s just how she actually is. Like when she was laughing at Ro for crying for example, or when she made that balloon of Arlie’s corpse. She had the same type of cruel glee to her in both of those cases which is completely non-game related and IMO shows her true colors. It’s moments like that that are why she has so many people that don’t like her. Not because she’s Dr Will-esque strategist that happens to be a woman; as her supporters often claim.

Personally I played hockey since I was 6. When a team is eliminated from a tournament, you line up and shake their hands. Even with your most bitter rivals. You don’t gloat, and mock, and rub it in the way that she did with Arlie. I can’t stand that; I think sore winners are much worse than sore losers. I was on the fence with her up to that point, but that was the moment where I decided that I really don’t like her. It was a hard episode for me to watch. She didn’t even have any reason to be like that either; there was no real animosity between them. At least with Kenny and Andrew, they were only mean in their messages to people who they fought with; with her though she did it completely out of some cruel enjoyment.

just an opinion

Well said, Michael!

I do have to say that I find many people become so deeply invested in their favourites that they overlook flaws more easily. If anything negative is said they get bent out of shape and expect everyone to justify why you may have a position that differs from their own. I like that you were willing to fully articulate your view. That is something I personally don’t due to not having the time to write lengthy dissertations.

To close, I believe each of the F4 have both their flaws, and good points in their game. AND opinion boards are exactly that, opinions and not personal challenges.

To each their own and may the best player (in everyone’s OWN opinion) WIN!!


Low balling on a number is a typical strategy. The fact that Allison chose accuracy was surprising, to me anyways.


Well at least you’ve been forced lately to admit what a good player she is. I have never seen anyone use the phrase, pure genius, or claim she is the female Dr. Will. But, if someone did, well they are a little over enthusiastic, but try not to blame Neda for that. I got the impression that Neda simply didn’t like Arlie, much like you simply don’t like her, but “cruel glee’, even if that description were not over the top, is certainly not something you can demonstrate as a pattern of behaviour. Also, her goodbye message to Arlie was not gloating or mocking. It wasn’t friendly to be sure, but she didn’t call him names, she didn’t laugh, she didn’t even smile. If anything, it was cold, as you say. Neda is someone who needs to keep her emotions under wraps, she feels embarrassed by emotional outbursts. That trait can also be very useful in a game designed to be emotional. Every player, especially when they get into power will have many people that don’t them, we all read comment boards we know this. It’s has way less to do with them, than us as viewers.
She is a great player regardless and I’m glad your coming around to that point of view, if begrudgingly. You don’t have to like her, it’s okay!


Sabrina Abbate wins season 2 Big Brother Canada !

just an opinion

Hmmmm. NO!

mark anthony

jon for the win. side question. did yall see that damian lillard buzzer to end the series. vs the rockets. god damn dawg what did you think of that?

Rockets Suck

Best goddamn comment I’ve ever read on this site!


Why on earth would Neda vote out Jon?
If Jon is F3 with Neda … and wins … he will take her to F2
Neda is the most strategic player this season. Sure she has made a few mistakes along the way
but still made it to F4
Jon is so lost without Neda … he even admitted not even watching BB … thats BS! how many real fans want to play?
Sabs has the gift of gab but no one is buying what she is selling … for quite awhile now.
Whats her strategy? Cry, Lie n Back-stab?
Heather … what a sweetheart … nice girl … but strategically .. not so good .. she was dealt a bad hand in the beginning
at least she was smart enough to try to partner up with Neda.
Arlie simply played a copy and paste game. Mr. Plagiarism
Adel hummmm????? not so good … i do give him credit for pulling off the veto move .. could easily blown up on him
other than that I hated the way he threw about every comp and his constantly changing game plans always sucked ..
last one backfired on him big-time.
Allison … I guess she thought her handy work would get her to the end?
I’d like to see Neda n Heather F2 with Neda winning.
most likely Neda n Jon in F2 though
Although it would be great to see Neda throw Jon under the bus
It would be completely opposite … usually the guys use the girls to get to the end
Tables turned would be great! …it would make future player think twice. If they are fans n watch the show?

Jon's veto

Jon’s got this in the bag. Just you watch everyone. Arlie would HAVE to vote for Jon if he makes final 2 cause Arlie said it was a bad game move (almost was) and Jon sitting there would prove him wrong. Jon has Arlie’s, Adel’s, Neda’s and Canada’s vote. Jon is going to win 🙂


No one in jury right now likes anyone but Sabrina. This is gonna be tough. Except for Adel, of course when he arrives. Allison said ‘dance puppet dance’ exactly like Liza last year. She watched Liza’s game too closely. Can we petition to get rid of Peter and Gary please?

another name

I’m not bothered so much by the coldness attributed to neda. she actively chose to come in to play a detached game. she actively chose to come in saying her word meant nothing she’d say anything. as a strategy, if it gets you further in the game… go for it. own it.
I’m only bothered when neda insults things in others that she has done herself. I want to explain so that I don’t just come off as a hater for haters sake. she complained about shunning of players early in the game. she admits that she was friends with heather in the first week, but then pulled away from her for a couple weeks before making her way back. yeah, that couple weeks she pulled away was when heather was being shunned. she was an active participant in that shunning. she has complained about Sabrina lying, but herself says her word means nothing as part of her strategy. she got angry at jon for revealing condimentgate without talking to her first; she reveals to adel he’s going home without consulting jon first. add to that insulting arlie’s game which was similar to her game. saying she has no respect for Sabrina’s game when they’ve played very similar styles of game. both were puppeteers.
I think neda’s played a good social game. the cocky hypocrisy moments bother me. that’s the only thing I think is faulty.


For the last few spoilers Neda has been saying I fucked up a lot to Jon – coincidence or just pre-planning? Either way, she isn’t as smart as she thinks. Can’t stand the Persian Ice Princess.


Hoping for Jon, Heather Final! Get rid of Neda now! Slob-whine-ria next! Fingers crossed!


…yup .9 second is enough time to get a shot in…. the western confernce 1st rounds have been awesome this year ………. lots off exciting games.


I cant believe how these young girls nowadays are always picking at themselves like a bunch of monkeys….PICKING LEAVES SCARS AND IT’S GROSS! Bunch of dimwits.


What a coward Neda is. She sees this as being a great strategist? She kept saying over and over I don’t like people around me when I’m like that and I’m embarrassed – bullshit. She would have stopped talking about it. Having a ‘blackout’ after two glasses of champagne is virtually impossible. Claiming she didn’t remember what she did? Really? Go home Persian bitch.


Quite a remarkable recovery for such a huge hangover!
Bad play, Gonads! Nobody falls for this pathetic attempt to get our sympathy.
Anyway, Sobby Sabs trying to cover all the bases with her mostly insignificant HOH by having arguments ready to explain her noms.
Does not really matter that much: forcing Big Baby Jon or Squeaky Heather to win to be in F3.
All the while taking Gonads with her, the least physical and least liked by Canada.
And in case Neda wins, she will have blood on her hands.
So all in all, Sobby Sabs made the best decision for her game.
As much as I dislike her, have to admit that if this is her gameplan, she is really good and deserves to get to F2.


Dawg, thanks so much for the amazing site. Same to Simon.

One question to clarify the process, if Jon or Heather wins POV, can they choose to evict Neda, as she is then automatically on the block with the remaining one?
If this is the case, then the noms have little significance, right?


This POV is so crucial – is it held tonight or Sunday live?


i hope jon win veto


Jon wins and votes Neda out! Sweet!
Heather wins and votes Neda out! Even sweeter!
So Jon and Neda should go back to their original F2.
Huge pressure on Sabs in next HOH comp.
Next HOH puts other 2 on the block. Then what? 3 part comp between the 3 to determine F2?
Or does BB change the process year after year?


hpw do u ask questions to the evicted house guests is it a youtube subscribed channel??


this is bs…. everyone should get up…. why is sabrina still sleeping? favoritism by production……..


I question why are they allowing ANY of them to sleep and recover?! They all had the choice to drink or not to drink OR how much, not like alcohol was forced on them! At this stage one should have used a better judgement call to ensure being in better shape mentally and physically to compete.
Kudos Heather girl for getting food in your tummy last night, you one upped em all. Sound the rooster BB… wake up and smell the coffee.


Apollogies to BB. They cut feeds to save for after dark last nite! We got to see wasted neda after all!


I guess all the girls are going to vote out Jon. Jon would vote out Heather. Does Jon have a clue, that Neda wants to vote him out. Sabrina and Heather should tell this to Jon. Unless Neda covered her bases and told Jon she is just lying to the girls.


Sure hope that Jon does not trust Neda’s word from now on.
Same for Heather, but not sure if she has a brain,… Poor thing does not seem to have much strategy going, even in the DR.

Can anyone explain how the next HOH noms and eviction process work?


No worry for Sobby Sabs only as she made it to F3. In essence, her only and huge advantage for winning HOH.
Leaving the other 3 have to duke it out.

Each and everyone knows that only a POV win guarantees that nobody backdoors someone. Talk or promises of final F2 is cheap. All bets are off.
And not much time for the winner to think through who to evict.

All the drama will be live tomorrow! Yeah!
And we get to see what kind of stuff Deli is stirring in jury house.


I hope POV is a Huge physical competition

Jonh wins

And Sabrina and Heather tell Jon that Nada was gunning for him before the vote !!
they both have a interest in eliminating her

And since production helped Nada with the advice on her arroguant attitude to jury
I hope DiaryRoom help John realise that Nada is his biggest threat left !

another name

can pretty much tell you how Adel will be in jury house: advocating for jon. even though jon was the fool to nominate him. meanwhile, the rest of the jury will be saying to Adel,” sorry man, but you should have followed through and took down jon and neda, you screwed up bud.” rachelle if she was capable of the thought would say, ” why vote for jon, he’s just the shadow of neda. jerk.” then arlie will get naked. Allison will get drunk, rachelle will pee in the jury hot tub, and they’ll all laugh and laugh and laugh. yup. that’s pretty much the jury house.