BIg Brother Canada Final 4 Eviction Results Heather Vs Neda

Final HOH Part 1 ?
Final HOH Part 2 ?
Final HOH Part 3 ?
Final 3 Jon, Sabrina and Neda
Winner of Big Brother Canada 2 ?

Final 3

Before the live feeds went off on Sunday we knew Jon had won the Power of Veto and Sabrina had won the HOH. This means either Neda or Heather will sent packing. Given that Jon will be the SOLE vote in the eviction it’s safe to assume Heather’s time in the BIg Brother House has ended.

Final 4 break down
Sabrina won the head of household and nominated Heather and Jon for eviction.
Jon won the Power of Veto and will use it to take himself off the block. This leaves only Neda as a nominee choice.
Tonight Jon will hold the single vote to evict either Heather or Neda.

Final 4 Results

Jon votes to evict Heather.
Big Brother Canada Final 3 is Jon, Sabrina and Neda.

3 Part Final HOH
Winner from Part 1 and Part 2 compete in Part 3 for the final HOH. The holder of the final HOH gets to decide who out of the final 3 they want to take to the end.

The final HOH is played on finale night.
Tomorrow is the special 2 hour finale .

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Jon, you big effing dummy.
That’s all I’ve got to say.

meseyz (imoho!)

A Rhodes Scholar he is not!
S0Bs could win the game!!!
Each is almost equa-distant?

Pinocchio Obama

I’m not even sure who I want to win this. This reminds me of Andy winning the US version last year.

amanda cooch smells like onions

NOTHING was as bad as BBUS15 and Andy the ratfink…


I loved how Arissa told Heather how many fans she has. I’ve posted this Facebook page once before and will post it here again. For fans of Heather, you can write her a message on Facebook here: and hopefully she will see it. I’m glad she made it to final four. I only wish she was able to compete in the finale but look I forward to seeing her and the rest of the evicted house guests at the finale.


Since we are voting with 3 people left, what happens if our pick is not in the final 2? Our vote is wasted???!!


Looks like Neda gets screwed on this vote
If Neda goes to F2 w/Sab … Sabs could win the vote
because Nedas votes will go to Jon…possibly putting Sabs ahead in vote count
If the vote was Simply between Sabs n Neda then Neda would win Canada’s vote
BBCA is quite frustrating at times … but … those who count the votes, decide the winner.
The way they have been editing Sabs .. it doesn’t look like they want her to be Canada’s Fav


I would have to disagree. From the comments i’ve seen on the site, the rankings for the voting are 1.Jon 2.Neda 3.Sabrina. So it is fair to say Sabrina won’t get Canada’s vote against either of them


But Sabs wants a Rolex and needs money for Kreepng on the Kardashians.LOL

just an opinion

Oh dear! What will we do? We must STOP them. Stop the presses, Sabs is desperate for a Rolex… know we have to get her one, or she’ll cry and shriek us to death. Poor Sabby Wabby – life sucks, suck it up.



I’m actually now hoping Neda wins HOH and does evict Jon based on the clips I watched today. Arlie’s exit interview was leaning toward Jon because of the obstacles he’d need to overcome to get there. Although he left the door open for that to change.

Rachelle confirmed she would likely lean towards Neda BUT would vote for Sabs if she is there.

Alison said she would vote based on game play NOT HEART but I believe that as much as I believe she made big moves in the house NOT.

At this point the only question mark (surprisingly) was Adel who said he was planning on shaking things up with his questions. This could either be anger towards Jon or more likely some sort of shot at Neda to help Jon. Guess we’ll see tomorrow night.

Worse, while looking through the exit interviews and clips I found it super suspicious the lack of Neda content. There were HOH clips of Jon (two of him actually), Adel, Heather and Andrew (of all people) but not one of Neda.

There was a remix of the season which featured Adel, Sara, Arlie and Heather prominently as well as Kenny, Jon, Sabrina, Ika and Alison. Of the people who are still in the house or who went to jury only Neda had no spoken words (and possibly Rachelle but she was in clips with Sabs). They even featured Talla and Arissa! It’s as if Neda wasn’t even in the house. I don’t know whats up but it really does seem like production is trying really hard to not assist Neda in any way.

The clips of Jon in the HOH make it seem like taking out Arlie and Adel was his entire idea (which we know it wasn’t). Watching it I was reminded of how production can lead the guests to say what they want. Maybe they are trying extra hard to have a male win this year so it’s not females two years in a row, or maybe they want Jon to win now since he is the most popular. Not sure but it ticked me off that Neda had zero presence on the site! Her two HOH’s were some of the most pivotal this season so I find it really odd there is nothing on the video clips about it. I will say had Heather made it to the final she probably would have beat Jon even.

Anyway I’ve entered my Neda vote and will cross my fingers she wins the final HOH simply because I feel she played the best game and it truly does appear her gut instinct to cut Jon is correct given she could never win (by the looks of things) if she took him along. I’m hoping he will recognize all the F2’s he made and broke and won’t take it personally (just like he expected Adel, Arlie and Heather not to). If she does this its likely it’ll be Rachelle, Allison and Canada (based on split votes) going to Sabrina and Arlie, Adel, Heather AND HOPEFULLY Jon for Neda.

Really wish we could see whats going on in the house right now it sucks we aren’t getting any live feeds and hope BBCan corrects this prior to next season.

Good luck to everyone and their favorites. It’s been a fun BBC season 2 ๐Ÿ™‚


Think you got that opposite actually. Sabs gets screwed…….. but just a little. I don’t think there is any way Sabby gets Canada’s vote straight up versus Neda or this format. I do think Sabby would benefit slightly from straight up as there are fans that would not want a Neda win. Neda gets hurt a bit on a Joneda F2 as she likely would get more Sabby votes.

Truth appears to be the following based on our OBB poll. Jon has over 50% I think it’s a no brainer he gets an easy victory over either. The spread between Neda and Sabby is roughly 18% in the poll and Sabby couldn’t make that up with a 2 way versus Neda voting. The spreads appear to be way to wide for the ridiculously simplistic voting system to matter. Jon misses the final perhaps as much as 50% of the votes for the season get burnt and don’t count. Giant FAIL to BB production. Canada’s vote is a lock unless there is rampant cheating plain and simple.


Finale Speeches Part 2

Neda- It’s Sabby or me are you kidding? I backstabbed Jon on top of owning all of you. Give me MY money. Oh by the way I need it was just BS. I hate Canada and will never sing the national anthem again. I’m Persian through and through! Thanks for a better life suckers! You think my designs are wicked wait til you see my new line of printed burkas. “I don’t care about your country! ๐Ÿ˜›
Jon the only difference between you and a toilet seat is I care about the cleanliness of a toilet seat. You both got used. Heather you are the most hated person in the house. I can’t stand you! Oh crap messed up that’s for the after party!!! Check that………we’ll be best friends forever give me that vote beotch(sheds fake tears)! Allison hope you drank up a storm slut as I want that dumb azz super fan vote! Super fan my azz.
Adel your an idiot if you vote Sabby the money as her mafia parents wont help you put paper under your bed! ๐Ÿ˜› You can have distribution rights to my printed burka line in Alberta for 5 years. We’ll both make the money. ๐Ÿ˜› How could you not shed a fake tear just like Neda the last week?

Jon- I’m in the jury WTF?

Sabby- I played a great game but Canada doesn’t like me because I ran the front 1/2 of the game. I’m here by just finding bigger targets to get voted out. We’ll that’s actually not true slop’s decided to take out their own 1st. I’d like to thank Jon, Adel, Heather for handing me 20K. Thank you to Neda for throwing the 3rd part of the finale to me as Jon was soooooooooooo stupid to throw part 1 to Neda. Jon I wanted to take you to the finale as I know Neda is a cold hearted nasty person. Your just plain dumb as a sack of rocks nice guy thing isn’t deserving and I’m giving the 100K to Neda. By the way best of luck on the wedding. Your so dumb you’ll have Neda invited only to get RSVP……………..Jon one last thing if you vote Neda Canada will give her the win 4-3. If you vote me the win I’ll get 100K and Neda gets 20k she would have gotten sitting by you any way. I think your to dumb to see the irony Jon.


Probably whoever has the 2nd highest vote. : |


Jon for the win!! I’ll even be okay with Sabrina winning but DEFINITELY NOT Neda! Neda has proven to be a such a smug prick! She’s so fake! I absolutely hated her plea to Canada, it was so artificial and rehearsed.


Really? Rehearsed? Locked up with nothing to do but anticipate the end game and you’re annoyed because she was prepared to fight for our vote.. ?


Jon is one of the lucky few who seem to be completely comfortable with themselves, so when he addressed Canada, he was the most relaxed. It makes him really likable. Neda, on the other hand, was obviously less comfortable, so she tried to be funny. Hers ended up being the worst speech of the three, but I get it–I’d be the same way: awkward. So no, I don’t think she was a smug prick. She was just awkward–especially compared to Sabrina, who seemed perfectly rehearsed, and Jon who is ridiculously natural in front of the camera.


WHAT THE HELL WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE ON THIS SITE WANT JON TO WIN, Neda played the best game, fair and square. You guys are being bitter!


Agree that Neda played a very strategic game and did well for herself, however she could not have done it without Jon by her side the whole time. The reason I would NOT vote for her is because she was willing to sacrifice Jon for the win, whereas he has been 100% loyal. In sum – both played a good game as a team, but Jon wins on personality and character.


Although it’s true Neda could not have done everything without Jon, Jon would’ve been gone literally weeks ago without Neda. He was freaking trying to play with Andrew and Kenny back then who were both gunning for him!
Also you’ve not voting for Neda cause she was smart and weighed out every option whereas Jon didn’t… I don’t see your reasoning at all. I know everyone loves when two people are absolutely loyal (Will and Mike, Rachel and Brendon, whatever) but these people are playing for their families back home – leave emotions outside the house or else you could lose 80k at the end.

I love you Jon but...

I think it goes both ways. He wouldn’t have gotten far without Neda. Jon is a great guy, so sweet and lovable and loyal and he does deserve to win…but, everything Neda did was well thought out and calculated. Jon’s biggest strategic moves were listening to Neda. Which was Neda playing her own game and not Jon’s. She got my vote cause I went with my gut and yes I may LOVE Jon but I love Neda’s game more then Jon’s game. Second place isn’t so bad either…just as long as sabs gets 3rd I’m happy


Sorry but I disagree here a fair bit. See Jon’s game is transferable to someone else in a F2 alliance. That is because he turned out to be the most effective in comps and best social game. Neda on the other hand would need someone gullible enough to believe that everything she wanted done benefited her alliance and not her. We’ll never know what BB novice Jon would be able to put together strategy wise but it would not approach Neda’s level of understanding the game.


neda played a very strategic game on her own, thank you. jon was an ally who knew nothing about the game! he ended up doing alright, but he’s not the best. i love neda’s personality!! she’s funny! im voting neda as she’s the best game player and biggest bb fan!


Ok. Let’s work through your theory.

– If Jon wasn’t around, Neda would have had to implement her strategies herself – therefore could not go incognito and evade being on the block. He executed her plans but still played such a great socail game no one put him up until the end….

– If Jon had not won all the HOHs and Veto’s he did, their plan could not have been as successful. It is the power of being in those positions that allowed them to execute flawlessly till the end. (p.s. Neda did win some comps but she sucked at physical/endurance if I remember so she needed John)

– If Neda didn’t lose it at the end due to arrogance and insist on Adel’s eviction, telling Heather and Sabrina she’s taking them to the end and kicking John out while manipulating jury votes from them, she might have been in final two with him

– Teh drunk monkey episode probably didnt’ give John much confidence in her stability or loyalty at that point

BOOM – she needed him. He clearly could have made other alliances as he proved with Heather and Sabs.


I think it is the reverse. Jon could not have done it without Neda. Jon even stated in his message to Canada that he did not know how to play the game and learnt on the way. Who do you think he was learning from? I assert his primary locus of knowledge and advice was in fact Neda.

Neda on the other hand could have alligned with another and got as far. Heather, Arlie to name a few. Hell she could have had Adel as her primary confidant and still landed where she is at this moment.

Unfortunately the Jon supporters fail to admit the dependance Jon had on his relationship with Neda to have lasted as long as he has. Had Neda not controlled both her and Jon’s HOH’s, influenced Heather’s HOH, and removed those that were Jon’s physical competition and her mental competition Jon quite possibly could either be in jury or sitting with Kenny and Sarah.

Jon’s speech to Canada was weak. And for those that assert his loyalty to Neda as a notable quality, what about his loyalty to his other F2’s, Arlie, Adel, Heather. Jon asserting that his wins pleads to the sport mentality of viewers (winning comps), however, as most know he was not in control of the results of those wins. This indicates that he either is unaware of what really went on in the game or is taking credit for someone elses strategy, or a combination of both.


Nice histrionics there. It was Deli who controlled Heather’s HOH. She originally wanted to backdoor Kenny, and in the bathroom Adel told her, forcefully, no backdoors just put him on the block. And she complied. He completely ran Heather’s HOH; not Neda.

Also, saying that Neda could have just as easily aligned with another person is purely speculative, based on zero evidence. Unlike Jon, Neda had next to zero ties to the 1st 5. She doesn’t have the social game to just align with whoever she wants. Basically her and Rachelle were the original gremlins, and that was all she had. She tried to rally the girls against Kenny and Andrew, and she’s lucky her game didn’t end right there. She wasn’t doing anything before Jon, and there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that she could do anything without him. She tried to run Rachelle’s HOH; Sabrina ran it instead. She tried to run Ika’s HOH; Sabrina ran that too. She couldn’t do a single thing before Jon came along. And that’s a fact.


My assertion was that Neda’s skill set within the game gives a strong possibility of her still landing in F3.

I agree that my is assertion is speculative, but no more so than many of your assertions relative to Jon.

What I will reassert is that evidence to date on her skill set within the game is a stronger indicator than Jon’s skill set. Her removing Jon’s physical competitors assisted both. But without those moves Jon quite probably would not have won as many comps as he had.


All we know for sure is that Neda was trying to run things before Jon, but couldn’t (Rachelle and Ika’s HOH), so there’s in fact evidence that she could not have been as effective without Jon. Early on, Neda was inseparable with Rachelle, who was hardly a game player, and she didn’t have any meaningful ties with anyone else.

Jon had ties with Anfdrew and Kenny, Sarah, Arlie, Adel, pretty much everyone in the house. Sarah was campaigning to Kenny on his behalf. He had a very strong social game. Arlie would never have flipped without Jon. With his ties, his game could have went a million different ways. But there is evidence that Neda wasn’t nearly as effective without Jon.


BTW what threats did she remove that enabled him to win more comps? You couldn’t mean Kenny. She was trying to throw that HOH but couldn’t.


Jon all the way! Humble man.


He may be humble, but he’s a pig. It’s like he’s completely forgotten he’s on TV, with all the playing with his junk and constant talk of jerking off. Gross.

Either way, he played a good game, but I’m solidly in Neda’s corner. I think she played better. Neda FTW! ๐Ÿ™‚


I love Jon he is awesome and loyal but Neda told him what was needed to be done. You shouldn’t win because you’re popular but you are strategic. Jon hardly even knows the game. Neda is a superfan. She deserves to win by maneuvering them to the end.Jon only has one more comp with than Neda. It’ kind of hard not watching the 3 legs of the last HOH. Also the votes for one of them will be wasted and should have gone to the 2 left. That is not fair at all.


i agree, and also agree the votes are wasted by the simple fact of not knowing who is actually F2. The way it is set up now is no different from their Predictions game. I am predicting based on absolutely nothing that the person I choose, out of 3, is F2. But if they don’t even make it to F2, what happens to my vote? it isn’t like when Canada was HOH and the selection was larger, and then only the two with most votes got up on the block, leaving a ton of other people in the house. One of those 3 won’t even be there, will get votes that could have gone to someone who is F2.

At the very least, BBCAN will probably get a ton of complaints. All they had to do was allow us to rank vote the 3, then when one is eliminated, even our #1 choice, our vote for our #2 choice would still be counted, and be a much better reflection of what we actually choose.


I think Jon had the best speech, I thought Sabrina’s was stupid and Neda’s was a bit too silly- canada’s vote will go to Jon. The only big question tomorrow is if Neda will cut out Jon from the final 2 if she gets the chance. I agree with Neda, both Jon and Sabrina will take her to the final 2. But it’s not a big deal for Jon to take Neda to the Final 2, he will win against her, so it’s not some big sacrifice he will be making. But it would be for Neda to take him because she would ruin her chances of winning.


Really? Jon’s speech was pretty terrible imo…. “I should win because I won POV instead of Andrew and he went home, also I got two of my closest allies out when I was HoH”….


Exactly. I found that an odd speech. It was like saying I am a big lovable buffoon, vote for me.


it was lame, especially when you see the shows and know that he didn’t want to take out Adel at all. and that Arlie was not the original target when Arlie went out, and in fact all of Jon’s noms were removed, and replaced by two completely different people leaving them little choice at all about who was up. it was one of the most messed up HOHs of all time lol


Remember Canada, Jon and Neda only rose to power in the house because of a popularity contest (Canadaโ€™s HOH), so it is only fitting if a popularity contest decides it.

Donโ€™t vote for people that you donโ€™t like (Neda), because they only came into power in the first place because of Canada getting rid of who they didnโ€™t like. Because letโ€™s face it, if it werenโ€™t for Canadaโ€™s HOH, Jon probably would have been one of the next to go, with Neda not far behind him.

So vote for Jon!! Heโ€™s the coolest guy in the house! And thatโ€™s what really matters this season.


oh yeah “coolness” is definitely what you should base your vote off of *rolls eyes*


Did you vote for Andrew to leave, like everybody else did?

It would be poetic justice if this game was decided by a popularity contest; considering it’s the only reason Jon and Neda rose to power in the first place.

Two things I really like: poetry, and justice.

And I’ve got more points than Wayne Gretzky right now. I’m about to put them all in on BIG JAAN!


And I am going to negate your votes.

I’m putting my ubber mass on NEDA.


Well I’ve got more votes than Barack Obama, so good luck with that!


you are too funny.

I love you Jon but...

Don’t be bitter jury members…game play wise Neda wins hands down.. I’m looking to make history. A woman has not won against a man in the finals (unless topaz is on your jury) I have diamond status and it all went to nedballs ๐Ÿ™‚


I disagree, I think Jon deserves it more.

He survived the whole game being a target; he has a much better competition resume (one of Neda’s HOH’s she didn’t even want to win), he had a much better social game, and nothing that Neda ever did was accomplished without 50% Jon.

Meanwhile, where would Neda be without Jon and Canada’s HOH? She probably wouldn’t have made it without Jon, but Jon could have easily made it without Neda. Neda’s very lucky that The Stupid’s dissolved so early, or Sabrina would have told Andrew and Kenny that Neda is their biggest threat and it would have been game over. She’s had a lot of luck on her side. She’s not the master player that people are saying; certainly not one of the best female players of all time as some suggest.


Neda would be further than Jon if Canada did not have that HOH.

Why can you not see that her aligning with Jon made her as big a target as Jon. Her moves strategically and social (yes, Neda also played socially) maneouvrs assisted in keeping the target off both of them.


Huh… you just put him down then asking canada to vote for him (Jon) because his coolest guy?!
How about just to be fair and not be sexist!


You obviously didn’t understand his post.


My point is that the same people saying to vote strictly on game play, and not on who you like best, probably helped to evict Andrew from the house because they didn’t like him. Bit of a double standard there, don’t you think?


From comments on this site I assess that most people were voting to break up the 1/5. There was a strong segment that were promoting voting Kenny and Sarah on the block. The perception of Andrew as a strong physical threat and psychological presence within the house and Sabrina’s manipulations are what got them on the block. Although I do agree that their personal habits contributed to them receiving votes above Kenny and Sarah.


Jon all the way.


Maybe they aren’t playing the Final HOH ????


I enjoyed the challenges and games, costumes etc., this year. Would prefer the houseguests have more chances to change the game rather than a Canada vote thing. Such as the diamond power of veto. Or pandora box.. Canada’s player. Or an invisible house guest.


You’ll be shocked…… REALLY

I thought Neda had the best speech hands down. It’s the kind of speech goofie newfie should have given. If Jon’s speech in the finale is anything like to night he could make things close. A dry rendition of his accomplishments isn’t why he deserves to win the game……………BB is a SOCIAL game. Jon was the best social player!! The comps ect are gravy only. Sabs speech was all she could do for an argument. Second best IMO to Neda. Canada just won’t give her their votes despite a good argument why they should.

Jon gets Canada versus either and Neda versus Sabby. That system of voting is the kiss of death for Sabby. It also says clearly she needs Sabby F2 and not Jon. By the way the mix of humour and personality in her speech was terrific tonight. Likely moved several votes from Jon to her if you didn’t watch the feeds to see the “real” Neda. She has cried more tears(fake) since Adel left than all season together. To Sabby’s credit she is not crying she is “BB balling” FTW. Don’t think she has a chance. It’s almost like Jon’s speech was written by Neda to sabotage him it was that dry.


How Neda gets Jon evicted tomorrow is every thing. Don’t by into the production edit that shows her loyal to Jon. She is BB smart and has to know she can only beat Sabby. Which has been my position a long time. If she and Sabby play 7 questions it’s easy. She throws it to Sabs and Sabby evicts Jon. Jon votes for Neda with Heather and Adel plus Canada breaks a 3-3 deadlock. Neda has to evict Jon herself and there is a chance Jon votes Sabrina. That’s the only way Neda loses unless you think Adel would vote Sabby the money…. NO way! Jon you better win the third part of the 3 part final. Pick Neda and win regardless.


Jon would not vote Sabby.


I think both Neda and Jon played a good game so my vote will go to one of them. But now I also have to consider which one I think is most likely to actually be in the final 2 so my vote will count. It seems that the odds of Neda being in the final 2 are higher since both Jon and Sabrina would probably take her. I am just not sure how much I should let that influence my vote. If we had the final 2 (which is what we should be voting on….stupid BBCAN), I might make a different decision. Of course, my 1 vote won’t make a difference but what about hundreds or thousands of votes that will be thrown out because the person that people voted for isn’t in the final 2.

I am going to be quite pissed if this wonky Canada vote ends up giving Sabrina the win!!


my vote is worth 50, but others have more status on BBCan slice site, so their single vote will be worth hundreds, not just one. Racking up points on BB Can slice is what gives those registered voters more impact into the finale.


I’m okay with either Jon or Neda winning. They’ve each played a well rounded game. Neda, especially! I don’t get what all the haters are about.


I don’t want to vote for any of them. But if I don’t vote, I fear I won’t be helping the one I want to win the most out of who’s left. I think my vote would go to Neda if I do vote.


I hope Sabrina wins the first challenge,not because I’m a fan of hers. Just because I think Jon and Neda can get a little to cocky some times. The finally will be more exciting to see them battle it out.


I’m still kinda shocked that Heather would not take the costume punishment to get ahead- there is only like a week away? For god’s sake, what did it matter?? It’s almost like she sabotaged herself to lose, it was a really dumb move


The category WAS “How bad do you want it?” and obviously Heather didn’t want it badly enough.


not even a week, only a few days. She said others were all pretty close together in the game, the gain in accepting wouldn’t get her that much further at that point so opted out. if she had a cool outfit like Sabs or jon got, she wouldn’t have hesitated. Making me think that production chose the outfits for a reason: outfit most likely to be turned down versus outfit most likely to be acceptable. They didn’t want Heather to progress? For the conspiracy theorists, in other words, the game was rigged to keep her behind neda and Jon, who have always shown they want it more than she does. This is the same person who freaked out and pouted when put up on the block when there were few other options to go up, and it was her turn according to Jon.


meant to write finale


I regret that Andrew and Sabrina were put up by Canada instead of a houseguest because we didn’t see the fall out. I also regret that BB blocked out the feeds of andrews rampage and telling canada to eff off, I would have found it funny to revel in his suffering. I feel like Andrew almost got off light because no one in the house nominated him. I would have prefered if it was something like Canada voted for the nominees, and there was a regular hoh played, but sabrina wasn’t allowed to play. And the “winner” of that week would be forced by Canada to nominate Andrew and Sabrina but they weren’t allowed to tell anyone under threat of instant eviction.


Andrew probably has suffered. It’s much more insulting to be put up on the block by your own Country because everybody thinks you’re an asshole!


I think sabrina should win based in persuasion,
Jon in his social game and neda on her
Strategic game. I think if neda were to take
Jon to final 2, she would show she’s really
Heartless and that could cost her the game.
I strongly believe Jon is going to win this game.
As much as I dislike neda, I feel she would
Benefit from the money the most as long as
She doesn’t spend it on stupid clothes.

I feel like I want sabrina to win the game and then
Them say they made a mistake just so I
Can see her FLIP out lol OMG!!

I have a funny feeling Jon is in
Big trouble with his gf when he gets back home.
His speech to neda tonight was a bit over the friend line.


Had to come back the site! I am so used to typing it in my browser!


create a short cut on the desk top. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m to lazzzzzzzzzzzy for all that typing!


Joneda for final 2 & Mastermind Neda For The Win!!! Neda played a sickkk game she manifested everything & was the brains behind it all…Her & jon were like bonnie & clyde they brought down the house & stayed under the raidar…Sabrina is just dead weight & is only there cuz neda carried her that far….Neda Played The Gameeeee She Should Win!!!


Sabrina for the win over Jon, a zillion Hail Marys. The ungrateful lazy Neda who choose to not sing O’Canada not deserved of any patriotic Canadian vote. Sincere thanx to Onlinebigbrother for this Informative site 2014.


Ela, you continue to bring up this point. Neda was not alone in not rising for the anthem. Jon remained reclined as well.


Well boot both Neda and Jon out, simple as that. Sabrina played the game the way It’s supposed to be played, conniving, back stabbing, crying lying, enemy friend etc name It, she played the game to Its max potential. Again, Sabrina for the win ! Big Brother Canada 2, 2014.


I do not think they should have Canada voting with 3 choices. All other Jury members get to choose between 2. A lot of votes would differ depending on which combination is in F2. Top vote recipient might not even be F2. This vote is a joke.


I voted for Jon. I think he played a great game. He was a strong social player, competition beast and I enjoyed watching him as he’s a goofy and hilarious guy.


Competitive beast against who? He did beat Arlie at a puzzle … I’ll give him credit for that one
Then who was his physical competition? … The girls n Adel ???
And Heather nearly kicked his a&& in the rope comp
Just like the rest … He did ok in some comps and sucked at others
So Jon’s score … Comps = average … Strategy = cling to Neda?
The way I see it
Without Neda strategizing ,, Jon would of been long gone!
Neda has been 5 steps ahead of Jon the whole game
And Jon taking credit for Adel and Arlie’s eviction .. what a joke
That was Neda one HUNDO
Neda’s not perfect she sucks at physical comps and her social game needs some work
Neda understands the game and that is what got them to the end.
Over all … Neda played hard and kicked a$$ …
Neda for the win!


Jon won the most comps by far. That, by definition, makes him well above average.

And if Jon couldn’t get that far without Neda, Neda certainly couldn’t get that far without Jon. Before Jon she was unsuccessfully trying to run Rachelle’s and Ika’s HOH’s. She couldn’t influence anybody, and she was really close to painting a target on herself the way that she was unsuccessfully going after Andrew and Kenny.


Did he not win the most important pov yesterday? Neda was pretty close but he beat her. Yes Heather was close to defeating him in the last hoh but in the end, he won. If you are going to vote for neda go ahead. Everyone has their opinion and my vote is going to Jon. What’s with all the hate?


To the people saying that Neda should win because she has 2 Hohs and 1 pov. Her first hoh was basically given to her by Arlie. He wanted to throw it and if he wanted that hoh, he would’ve won it imo. Her second hoh was against Allison and neda beat her fairly, so I’ll give her that one. Lastly, the pov was against heather and heather even said she threw it . We all know heather is good in competitions so if heather needed to win, she would’ve beat neda. Neda played a very strategic game and yeah she played a good game. But did she do enough to get jury votes? Jon’s social game was a lot stronger so I think the jury’s going to vote for him, including canada. May the best player win!


My prediction
Jon vs Neda … 5-2 … Neda wins
Canada and Allison vote for Jon

Sabs vs Neda … 5-2 … Neda wins
Ro and Allison vote Sabs

I fully believe that all the Jury members
know that Neda played the best game
except for maybe Rachelle and Jon
they seem to be clueless

Neda for the Win!
Have at it Haters


Don’t know why I waited so long to watch the exit interviews, but I just did.

Arlie’s was the most interesting because he said his biggest mistake was UNDERESTIMATING NEDA! He said if he’d had it to do over again he would have aligned with her from the beginning and ran the house.

He thought (which is what I alluded to in a previous post) that he had more pull over Jon so he was really blindsided she played the game so well. In essence he said Neda out Arlie’d him by playing exactly the way he was trying to.

For anyone who appreciates good game play and strategy this to me was an interesting side note from the other strategist in the house.

He was asked who would have his vote if Jon & Neda were final 2 who would have his vote. He said he was leaning to Jon because of how hard it would be for Jon to make it there and if he did he would have to win to get there because he didn’t believe Neda would take him. He further said it would be STUPID of her to take Jon with her. He also said he’d have to see how the rest of the game played out but for now it looks like he’d vote for Jon. What may change his opinion is Jon put up Adel when he had a chance to take out Neda instead of Adel so we will see who is F2 and if he decides Jon’s safety was partially due to Neda’s influence.

So, for anyone thinking Neda is cruel to cut him the truth is the jury likely won’t recognize her loyalty it will only recognize her IF she cuts him!

I’m voting Neda because she played the best game personally but good luck to everyone and their favorites.


Not a huge fan of this seaons as the HG’s never took out the couple in the end, but for that I say Jon deserves the vote to win if he is in the final then he does deserve the WIN…. Go JON….


They didn’t BB CAN 1 either. It took gary to split up the couple, not one person came after them as a couple by putting both up, as no matter who wins veto, one is still going to be there. add to that they could both pretty much win anything they wanted to, and people still chose to pick off the week, not the strong? now that is stupidness.

another name

was it just me that rolled their eyes during the speeches? they won’t effect my votes, I’ve already said how I would be splitting my votes between neda and Sabrina if the final three was with jon. nothing personal. i just didn’t appreciate his game when compared to either of the other two. my opinion, my votes, hate away. lol.
Sabrina’s message comes down to i was loyal, i was strategic i was persuasive, i won a comp. her overall message, I’m a bb fan and i want money.
neda’s message comes down to i was never in any danger, i manipulated the game, i won comps i got rid of my enemies. she tried to come across as warm human and funny. it didn’t work for me but it probably worked for others. imo, if you play the strategic manipulator, make your speech come from a position of strength , don’t pander. her overall message, I’m a bb fan and i want money.
jon’s message comes down to i didn’t know how to play, but i played. i was a comp threat, my hoh’s got arlie and adel (his own allies) out of the house. so he’s pretty much saying I’m a nice guy that didn’t have a clue and now I’m at the end, but I’m still a nice guy so vote for me. the only thing that would have been worse is if he had said and i voted out my other ally heather too. overall message i didn’t know how to play i want money.
these are just my opinions and biases. i respected the strategies of Sabrina and neda. i didn’t respect jon strategically.
i know splitting my vote isn’t going to actually help Sabrina or neda against each other, but i would be fine with either winning. last too wordy and arrogant post for big brother Canada 2 from me. thanks to simon and dawg again.


Neda tried way too hard to be funny by using lines high school/elementary school kids use in their speeches…
*compliment voters/joke*
“in all seriousness though…”
*self-deprecating joke*

It’s just hard to watch her because she has no personality.


She was awkward–doesn’t mean she has no personality. Not many people can be as relaxed as Jon in front of the camera.


Joneda for final 2 & Neda For The Win!!!! Neda is the stylish genius & Manifested this hole game, all her plays & plans were executed perfectly & she owns this game hands up & downnnn!!! Sabrinas only there cuz Neda purposley carried her to this point using her as non-threatning dead weight to her advantage, she was the weakest link & just a number to use help evict her targets…Its almost like Neda had a crystal ball infront of her, she did not only focus on the small screens, she read these houseguests perfectly & saw the big Picture…She moved like a ninja & definatley has wat it takes & deserves to Winnnn…Gooooo Nedaaaaa!!!!!

I love you Jon but...

I went with my gut and voted Neda twice ๐Ÿ™‚


i had to vote for Dawg but Neda has played the better game.
Heather would have had my vote had she stayed. I also feel
that Sabrina has had one of the best BB comebacks ever!!!!
Jon ends up with the $20,ooo.oo 2nd place prize money???


You do know that you had to vote on the Slice site right?


My thoughts…

Jon vs Neda = Jon wins
Jon vs Sabrina = Jon wins

Sabrina vs Neda = Neda probably wins

I’m rooting for Jon to win the game! So hopefully Jon wins the final HOH. Sabrina won’t take him to final 2 and I have a feeling Neda the bitch will not take him to final 2.


My Opinion is the way they are having Canada Vote for the Finale is really messed up. First of all there will be a lot of non votes when the 3rd guest is eliminated as there is no either or. They should have taken the votes as in who wants who in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and then had some sort of calculation method or something. Or waited until it was down to 2 people and then have Canada live vote for 30 minutes between those 2 to figure out Canada’s decision. Also, when you vote your vote is like stronger depending on if you played those dumb twisto twist games and all that other stuff. Not a true vote at all in my opinion.
Therefore, if it is close and it comes down to Canada’s vote, I will think that we do not have a “true” and “fair” winner for this season of Big Brother Canada.
Anyhow, just my opinion. LOL


I said in an earlier post that the whole province of Newfoundland will vote for Jon, and that will make a huge difference. Well in reading comments, it seems I misjudged it. In actuality the whole Maritimes are gonna be voting for Jon, it seems. I honestly think that if he makes it to F2 he’s gonna win Canada’s Vote in a landslide.


Mel you are right. It is a stupid system.

Many people playing the point system accumulated points but did not have their level status reflect their point gain.

So the point system is flawed and the final voting system is flawed.


Apparently the people having those problems weren’t using Google Chrome. Chrome reads more advanced HTML script than the other browsers, so it was probably just too advanced for Firefox.


I am not sure what Google chrome has to do with the Slice site, but whatever.


I thought I just explained it. People using Chrome didn’t have those problems, according to the comments on the side bar. The HTML coding in the points system was too advanced for Firefox and all the other browsers. Firefox has problems reading advance HTML script.


Let’s agree on one big contention: the criteria for the winner are based on personal interpretation.
However, most would agree that the last three have outplayed the rest of the HGs: they deserve to be where they are.
From what I saw of the last POV, Jon and Neda were close in the end, despite Jon losing 3 stampeded comps!
Jon also was aware that he had to win to ensure his spot in the F3, recognizing that at this stage of the game, Neda would have probably chosen Heather had she won. It was better for Neda’s game. Heather is a stronger physical player than Neda. So he played the loyalty card and kept Neda. Smart play for jury vote. And Canada’s vote.
Once again, he knows that he has to win his spot in F2. Neda will probably choose Sabrina instead of him.
Accordingly, I would not be surprised if he decides to Sabrina for F2. He would show to the doubters that he can be ruthless for his own game.
On the other hand, he can also bring Neda and still win.
So all in all, Jon has trusted his own destiny in his own hands, regardless of what Neda’s intentions are.
He is a stronger player than Neda and also controls his strategy completely instead of relying solely on Neda.
Neda is a stronger player than Sabrina but her entire strategy is so dependent on Jon.
In the end, this is not a fair game, the jury can choose the winner based on soft criterias, not based on specific # of HOH and POV, etc.
At this time, no need to get too excited about the ultimate winner. Let’s enjoy seeing a great finale, irrespective of the vote pandering to the jury or Canada.


So, those not wanting Jon to win the final HOH have to hope that the physical component of the final HOH involves a puzzle.


Whoever is voting on personality and character should seriously be shot. THIS IS BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!! UGHHHHHH this is so frustrating. People are saying that they’re voting for Jon and not Neda because he stayed loyal to Neda and she didn’t. Jon did not make ONE decision without consulting Neda. He evicted his two BIGGEST allies because of her, and she personally evicted Allison AND Kenny, two major threats! And guaranteed if Neda was a man, people would respect her more. Seriously, they should only let you vote if you’ve watched enough live feeds the whole season, because all these casual viewers voting for Jon is ridiculously frustrating and stupid. HE DIDN’T CONTROL ONE OF HIS HOH’S!! people, vote for gameplay, not who’s the funniest.


Did you vote to evict Andrew and Sabrina, because of their personality and character? Be honest now.

Also, if Jon makes it to F2, then how can voting out his “allies” be a strike against him? Obviously it was the right move because it got him to where he is now. I’m sure he’d much rather be where he is right now, then in an F3 with Arlie, who is a well-rounded competition threat, with a much better resume than Neda or Sabrina (in the jury’s eyes). So how can anyone honestly say that that was a mistake?


Also, Neda evicted Kenny in an HOH that she was trying to lose, but she couldn’t even throw it. How does that count in her favor?


It should count in her favor because she actually controlled her own HOH whether she intended to throw it or not. Neda knew who the targets were and took aim and fired. That is one mark of a strong player: Identifying the moves that best suit one’s game and following though. Sure Jon won some comps as did Neda but he flipped flopped with indecision, talked too much, second guessed himself, made drunken decisions, allowed Neda to call the shots, and had no clear plan of attack or follow through. Jon totally winged it. It showed. Neda was running their game all the while Jon thought they were each others side kicks. This strategy worked for Jon mostly because Neda eliminated players that were threats to Jon’s game as well as hers. Neda had game sense and intuition. Neda knew who the threats or soon to be threats were because she could see past the weeks they were not in power. Jon had too much faith that people wouldn’t target him. Neda knew better. Neda knows the game of Big Brother. It shows. Jon would have been toast without Neda. Neda realized if Jon was in danger, her game could potentially be in danger too (she did not want to lose her meat shield), and she planned her game and actions accordingly.


Well laid out Name.


Everyone ran up to her and told her to backdoor Kenny, and she’s snapped about it. Even Jon and Adel knew what the right play was. It was only the most obvious thing she could have possibly done. I guess she gets points there for not being a moron, but there was only really one move for her to make, and everyone knew what it was.


GENIUS….which you are not……..IT”S A SOCIAL GAME!!!! Neda played a terrible social game LULU. How can you and the Neda fans be so BB stupid? Jon best social game of the season. Lord Jon could actually win 6-1 with only Heather voting Neda F2. But he has 4 votes in his back pocket including Canada. Enjoy the evening if Jon and Neda are F2. Then come back and rant about your vile unCanadian, cold hearted douchebag losing. Karma is a beotch. Please explain to Heather how it’s OK to crush the humanity of a decent person by lying to them about being a friend while you hate them. See Lulu some of us believe in common human decency you clearly do not!!!


I hate to encourage you, but I really do not know how you assert that Jon played a better social game than Neda. At one point you argued she did not consider jury management. She started to address that component, Jon did not, and then you moved onto faction of the social.


Neda played a terrible social game? What? I get that you are behind Jon’s social game. No problem. Rah rah Jon! More power to you, Stan. Jon might be the best social gamer of the season as you claim but it is subject to debate. I’m not buying it or at least not in full. It does not make me or other Neda fans BB stupid either. However, you aguing that Neda’s social game was terrible just makes you seem desperate to defend Jon’s game while ignoring the social and strategic game moves made by Neda this season. Instead you bring the concept of human decency into play when such ideals and lines are often blurred, crossed, and even ignored within the context of the game by all houseguests. Jon was no exception. I agree Jon is a likeable guy with a solid social game and that’s where I give props to Neda for aligning with him, playing with him, and playing him in the game.


People seem to forget that Neda was pretty much an original gremlin before Jon came along. She showed zero social game in the first half. She just clung to Rachelle. She tried to influence the girls but none of them listened to her. There’s evidence that she couldn’t have done anything without Jon. You throw Jon in any other season, and his strategy will be lacking, but his social game will make up for it like it did this year. You throw Neda in another season, and her strategy would mean nothing because she wouldn’t have any allies.


Simon and Dawg thanks for all your hard work for another season of keeping everyone informed what was happening in BBCAN house. You guys have done a wonderful job again.

I do not think these people would have made it to final 3 if not for Canada’s vote. So if we are unhappy then we are the ones to blame not anyone else. I would rather not give the money to any on these people. If Neda would have won the POV competition there is no way she would have keep John, she has been saying for weeks that she would not take him to the end. What she is forgetting is without John she would have never made it this far. She has had John wrapped around her little finger all season. When she wanted to get rid of someone she was relentless at getting her own way. Rather then have her angry with John he would give in to her and get rid of her pick. John has been loyal to Neda all season.

If John wants to get to the end and win he will have to win HOH and the final competition. I have watched BB since season 1 USA and I love this game so people saying she is a super fan and she should win is crap. Sabrina is a super fan as well does that mean she should win?


Sahraane, Neda would have made it as far as she has without jon…she is that good.


If The Stupids didn’t implode so soon and there was no Canada’s HOH, Sabrina would have told Andrew and Kenny that Neda was their biggest threat, and she would have been next to go. That’s how good she is. Rachelle winning HOH probably saved her game; which is ironic because Neda came in second in that competition and probably would have ended her own game if she won.


I vote Jon , yes I am a Newfie but in my opinion he played the better game. That is why I voted for him.


Neda deserves to win! Yes she played a great social game and not a great physical. She aligned herself with Jon (Physical threat) to keep herself safe even though she did not win the competitions. However, she did get 2 HOH’s and 1 Veto which shows that she is not only playing a social game. She also got out Kenny and Allison (big strong players). Not only that, she was the mastermind of all the people who Jon evicted. So basically, Neda evicted most of the people in the house since Jon was initially aiming to get out the weak players. So, overall, I hope NEDA WINS!!!!!!

The Truth

Neda and Jon played a very similar game.

They were both under the radar for the first part of the game.
They each benefited from the Twist
They lied and manipulated their fellow house members.
They won HOH and POV.

Right now there are only 2 things that separate their game play. Firstly, their willingness to betray their each other. Neda has already proven she is more than willing. Whether that will be seen as good or bad by the jury remains to be seen. Secondly, who will win the most comps and take control of their destiny? At this moment Jon is ahead of Neda as he won a crucial POV that could have taken him out of the game.He has forced Neda to compete with him in the Final 3.

Once I see how the Final HOH plays itself out I will decide who I want to win.

By the way I am irked about Canada’s vote. It should be based on the final 2. What a waste that turned out to be. Hopefully it won’t factor too heavily on the win as I don’t believe it will accurately portray the vote of Canada.

It’s been a decent season of Big Brother mainly due to this website.

Fantastic job!


I’m kind of annoyed, when I placed my votes for Jon the website only counted my votes as Platinum, when I had Diamond status.

Seems like Canada’s Jury vote may be “Topaz-ed” after all.


Neda used Jon purely as a meat shield. He took her to the final three because he’s dumb and actually thinks she will take him to the end. Anyone who supports gormless Jon is an idiot.

In a Jon vs Neda final he only gets Canada and Adel.

another name

okay, I lied, I did have something else to say…. sorry.
thought it would have been a better system if you had six boxes. first two jon and neda. second two jon and Sabrina. third two neda and Sabrina. voter checks the boxes for who to vote for in each of the two person scenarios. that way no lost votes. just my opinion, but seemed more logical.
then again, splitting votes three ways between two people is…. nope, can’t even pretend it is a good idea. but twistos twists have been a popularity contest all season anyway, and the biggest way to manipulate the game blatantly. surprised they didn’t have Canada as hoh again for the final three with a three part power of veto.
in some way, production will be working hard to make sure jury is a 3-3 tie so that the viewers can feel like they played too. heck, the viewers played more than some of the houseguests anyway.

Young Veto



What Heather did in that POV will be one of the dumbest moves she made (again with POV). How bad do you want it? I guess she didn’t want it that bad. She’s weird when it comes to POV competitions. She deserves to go. Unfortunately the two girls left are embarassments to the female population.


Why would the WOMEN (not girls) left in the house be embarrassments to the female population? I’m trying hard to wrap my female mind around your blanant ignorance.


*above should read: blatant ignorance*

Neda for the win!

I voted for Neda knowing it wouldn’t matter anyway, because there are more people that don’t understand the game who are going to vote for Jon. But I really hope she makes it to F2, and win it anyway. She played the best game out of all of them. In fact she’s one of the best female BB strategists. I hope her speech goes well and she gets to explain how she got Jon to put up and eventually get her biggest targets evicted (including his biggest ally).


to tell you the truth i dont even care who wins anymore
i really dont like all of them i was heather all the way

Young Veto

you mean heather the dumb girl that didn’t want a 100k even if it ment wearing the same outfit for a week? LMAO!!!


If Sabrina is in Toronto and I see her I’m going to sic my pitbull on her