Week 10 Nomination Results “If Nicole wins POV Victoria is going out simple as that”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 1st
HOH Winner Caleb Next HOH Sept 4th
Nominations: Nicole and Christine
Have Nots Derrick and Nicole
POV Players ?

BB16-2014-08-29 14-04-31-086
2:00pm Nicole and Caleb
Caleb – It’s nothing personal.. it’s a game.
Nicole tells Caleb it’s just a game she doesn’t take it personally Hse just hates being kicked when she’s already down.
Nicole – I was just shocked
Caleb – LIterally.. it was hard it was a hard decision
Caleb says there is no way he’s playing in a veto this week

BB16-2014-08-29 14-08-43-792

2:04pm COdy and Caleb HOH
Caleb is trying to figure out who should go up beside Nicole.
Cody says Frankie is rubbing people the wrong way. Caleb’s name isn’t coming out of a lot people’s mouths.
Cody – THe people that are going to protect me are you and Derrick
Cody says Christine is getting really close to Caleb because he’s starting to be a goof ball “She loves you”
Caleb – If I put her (Christine) up that might change.. If I put Victoria up I have no reason to be scared.. but it gives Nicole a better chance of winning..
Caleb – I put Victoria up now one of the people I want to play may not be playing in it.. One of the studs may not be playing.. I would rather Victoria not play.
Caleb – If Nicole Win POV Victoria is going up and Victoria is going home simple as that..
Caleb will tell Christine all this if she trusts us she won’t fight them on it. “Noms are coming up soon and I don’t know what to say to Christine”
Caleb doesn’t want Christine to be pissed at him.
Cody suggests they all tell Christine if they win the Veto they will use it on her.
Caleb is down for it.
Derrick joins them.

Cody – I love Frankie dude.. yesterday something came up that I didn’t like.. christine has been talking to me a lot she’s getting turned off by frankie
frankie went to christine and told her that Caleb was trying to save Donny , “that is a bold face lie.”
Caleb tells Derrick he’s have a issue who to put up Christine or Victoria.
Derrick – I’ll throw a crazy idea at you both
Caleb says he wants Christine to play because it raises the percentage of Nicole not winning.
Derrick says Christine is a beast he’s thinking Nicole isn’t as big of a competitive threat as Christine.
Derrick explains the danger of not putting CHristine up is she might realize they are not going to keep her she wins the VEto takes Nicole down then you have to put up one of the boys.
Frankie joins them. “I don’t want Victoria to play in this Veto Period”
(Feeds were on fish for a bit.. they are still having a conversation about who to put up Claeb doesn’t sounds convinced that putting up Christine is best for her game)
Frankie says Caleb needs to tell Christine that Nicole told her last night that Christine will win the HOH because they have been studying a lot together.
Caleb – IT was something along the lines if Nicole doesn’t win it Christine will win it
Frankie – You want us all to be here right..
Caleb – ya
Caleb is concerned putting Christine up and she wins HOH next week his a$s is going on the block “ it’s my game… this is my game “
Cody – ya

Frankie – from this point on every HOH will have to make tough decisions.
Derrick says if Nicole wins HOH and CHristine goes home Nicole will be equally pissed at caleb.
Caleb explains to Derrick if Christine doesn’t go up and wins the veto she save saves Nicole then Victoria would go home. They don’t have the votes to get out a guy so unless one of them flips they are fine.
Frankie – THose two girls are coming after us.. If i was christine and I win the Veto I would use it.. this is not BIg Best friend.. those two girls are coming for us they would be stupid not to work together”
Derrick says putting up Christine and Nicole guarantees Nicole or Victoria go home this week.
Derrick – it’s us four.. this is what it comes down to the brigade
Derrick says they will have the brigade conversation.
They start ranking the girls in their competition prowess Caleb doesn’t think CHristine is smart she just had a good vocabulary because she reads a lot of books.
Cody says none of the girls are really good competitors he doesn’t know why they bother using it as a criteria for them staying in the house.
Frankie says if Nicole leaves CHristine will put up Victoria and one of the guys she won’t put up two guys.
Frankie says Christine loves Cody and she will not scorn him
Caleb calls Cody a home wrecker
Franki – it’s game
Caleb – holding hands on the hammock is a little much
Cody – When do we hold hands.. (all the time)
Frankie – if you have to f** her a couple times that’s OK to
Caleb – you’re ruining a family
Frnkei – you can have s$x with ehr.
Cody tells them all to stop people are watching this.
Derrick – only a couple thousand

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BB16-2014-08-29 14-50-22-855

2:43pm HOH Everyone but Nicole
Caleb says this is for everybody because they are a group they have been a five and they’ve made it this far together.
Caleb says I do not want Nicole to stay in this game I need someone good to
be in this competition.. You will not go home Victoria is the backdoor option .. If I put Victoria up she’s a waste of my week.
Caleb explains one of them has to go up to ensure Nicole has the maximum competitor’s..
Caleb adds her going up will increase the chances of Nicole going home.
Frankie – this makes sense it’s a smart move..
Caleb says if Nicole wins they send Victoria home christine has nothing to worry about.
Frankie – with any luck it will be all of us playing (in the veto)
Caleb says he’s not going to do the competition if it’s physical because of his knee.
Caleb says Nicole was up in the HOH last night throwing everybody under the bus “It fell on deaf ears.. she literally threw everyone here under the bus”
Frankie says he’s getting teary eyed because Caleb is being such a good leader.
Caleb says he just wanted to explain his “theory” to the group says this will be the largest alliance to make it this far.
Frankie – it’s time to play the game and i’m on board..
Derrick – I’m in
Caleb – we the bomb squad made it final 5 and controlled the house every single week.
Frankie says the alliance members they sent home were the worst players to have ever played the game.
Caleb says they should just tell Nicole she’s not making it to the end she should just throw the POV and go to Jury where DOnny can tell her stories. . Frankie says if Caleb says that in his nomination speech he will jump up and kiss him.
Cody leaves.
Frankie wants to have a celebration when Nicole leaves. Caleb wants them all to tell Victoria about their alliance brigade style

They have a good laugh about Jocasta almost coming in back into the game the one competition she would have ever won would be the buy back.
Frankie says they did 3 times more laps than Victoria in the endurance competition.


BB16-2014-08-29 14-55-03-373

3:12pm Nicole and Victoria Bathroom
Nicole knows she’s going up there really is no point talking to Caleb any more. She tells Victoria after she goes this week the 5 person alliance up in the hOH will have to start turning on themselves. Victoria knows points out that only 1 person can win the money.

3:29pm Nominations Ceremony
4:27pm Christine and Nicole were nominated

BB16-2014-08-29 16-31-55-527

4:32pm Storage Room
Cody tells her if he wins the Veto he’ll use it on her. Christine knew she was going up she’s not worried about it.

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174 thoughts on “Week 10 Nomination Results “If Nicole wins POV Victoria is going out simple as that”

  1. I would be totally ok with Victoria winning POV and using it on Nicole…then Caleb has no choice but to make a big move.

    1. The only way Victoria could win any comp is if it’s literally 100% random. I think if it was a mental comp and CBS gave her an earpiece and fed her the answers she would not win.

          1. She still came in 2nd and made some good shots. She also did well at dominoes BOB with Caleb.

            She’s not a great competitor but she does have her moments. And she’s definitely a bit better than Jocasta and Paola were.

            1. victoria has won nothing…she won 1 battle of the block where the other team threw it and she won 1 pov where caleb actually won but he took the money and let her get the pov…she sucks at the mental comps she sucks at the physical comps she is a complete waste of space…the fact that she is still here while people like donny and zach are in the jury house is sad

        1. victoria was given the POV by Caleb, who actually won but chose $5k. His was the last ball hit, and he had the higher score (or however the comp worked.) ‘win’ is the word she uses.

          i wanted to see more with Cody talking about Frankie :( but of course Frankie walks into the HOH room, after all he is HOH. oh, wait. no he’s not.

      1. We need someone to yell Derrick is a cop. That would knock him down off his soap box. Since everyone trusts him so much.

      1. hahahaha, I can’t agree you more. Victoria will1000% follow the cop’s order. Or Derrick can make Victoria to vote out Nicole by herself, just by giving Nicole more hugs and more loves………….

    2. I’m beginning to see Frankie as a woman hater. I wonder if he is really jealous of his sister’s success and his taking out on the women of the house. Also Calab needs to pull up his boots and play his own game.

      1. No surprise that Frankie HATES WOMEN because we already know he is a BIG OLE RACIST!!! Frankie is one sick mean hateful person.

      2. Caleb is Frankie’s bitch, he has picked up the fear of women from Frankie and is going to give Frankie his HOH. Just like everyone else did this year. Frankie has taken ownership of the HOH room more than anyone because he is a suck up liar who will do anything to win… His sister isn’t playing BB, he is . He should have left this game long ago but lucky for him he is in a house filled with players too afraid to make a big move. Derrick telling Cody not to put Frankie up may have cost him the game. BB has been helping Frankie all season and the HG followed. Good gameplay was not in the BB house this year.

      3. I agree…Frankie is a women hater. He is jealous of women and he wants the male attention women get. Frankie is gross….ugly….ugly feet…..quirky body. ..huge nose….big mouth….how can something that foul compete with a women….even a women like Christine. He has to be aids tested a lot because all men want him for is either a blow or a poke. After they use him they kick his gross ass to the curb. I hope his followers see the real him….He is a nothing….A repulsive puke!

      4. Frankie is 100% jealous of his sister! Havent you seen him get snarky when anyone suggests his sisters fans will vote for him… and he snaps and says… you mean MY fans!

      5. After seeing how Frankie is I wonder if his sister talked CBS into putting Frankie on this show not to promote her but to have him out of the way when her new CD was scheduled to come out.

    3. I love Donny alot in this game and would have loved him to win but it’s bittersweet. I am loving Nicole now more than ever – I am totally rooting for her to win this. She can do this!!!

    1. Christine has been part of their alliance from the beginning, yet they never considered her a full member. The only reason I can see why is that she’s a woman (she’s not the only one of them with a vile personality).

      1. Christine is in for a rude awakening when not only her husband, but her parents are livid at her behaviour. She has alot of explaining, apologizing and repenting to do. Based on Cody’s family, his actions are no surprise.

      2. The guys in an alliance never consider the girl an equal member. She’s always the first to go over any guy. Why don’t the women ever realize this?

    2. Here is the thing , do you think Julie Chen is actually going to tell these house guests at the finale , how America really feels. No she’ll ask the same dumb questions as to who played a better game. What they could have done. Did they think this game was worth it. I think America should ask them questions. I mean we did participate in it somehow. I want these house guests to know how we felt before they leave. They all think everyone will be after them when it’s done. All kind of money deals. They need to drop down a level or two. They came in as a nobody and will leave as a nobody. Except Donny.

      1. this isn’t BBCAN. There is no half hour wrap up after show, where things can actually get discussed. This BB will be like all the others. Winner named, they come out, and no one talks to either winner or followup. America’s Favourite will be shouted out over the random noise, and you’ll have to watch carefully to see who wins it.

        They could do a lot more with the finale than they do.

        1. This week’s 2 choices for the Team America mission are:
          1) All THREE members of Team America must say “God bless America” in the Living Room.
          2) TA, your mission is to just go F yourself.

    3. I think you nailed it MB. It has been very disturbing to see the way these men want to belittle and control the women. I don’t understand why the men didn’t want to form a mixed alliance. Maybe that is why everyone loathes the remaining players and why everyone loved Donny. He treated the women with respect. Frankie is the worst – most vile person. The way he is personally attacking Nicole is horrible.

      1. Beast Mode is a fool. His target is a person who is outnumbered 6-1 and his replacement target is someone with 0% chance of winning. All he knows is he wants to eliminate another woman.

        He will regret not taking a shot at Derrick & Cody. You can’t afford to waste an HOH this late in the game.

        This has been the most predictable season I’ve ever seen. No power swaps or big moves. Never has a Pandora’s Box reversal been more needed just to inject some life into this season.

        1. Frankie dancing on the second floor and no one downstairs is paying him any attention. He knows he is not the big man on campus anymore. He is running scared but still using others to do his dirty work. Caleb is a good one because the guy has no functioning brain. He is one of those people that when a seed gets planted he runs with it. He had one focus with Amber. In the last competition it was one focus because they had to beat the girls never thinking about the ramifications. Now his one focus is get the girls out because Frankie planted the seed and Caleb doesn’t have a functioning brain to see how it is Frankie’s game, not his…

        2. You’re forgetting that Caleb doesn’t even care about winning himself. He’s already said he’s happy just to make it to the final four and that he’ll be very happy if Derek wins. These people are all ridiculous. Frankie and Derek are the only two who really want the money most. The rest don’t really care. They want Twitter followers.

          Damn this game sucks. How can CBS be happy with all this unanimous voting??! Such bad TV.

      2. Which is why I don’t understand why Nicole is not spilling her guts to a house meeting about all the stuff that she knows. I am so fed up with the two on the block starting out their comments with, “I love you all.” Hell no, I would be as serious as a heart attack at this point and open their eyes to the truth. What does she have to lose?? Why not hurt some of their games?? They don’t deserve to skate by.

        1. They would all sit there and tell her is lying just like she had done all season because no one has believed anything she has said thus far.

        2. No one would believe her. They are all too stupid and delusional. Derrick has them thinking she is some evil mastermind that only tells lies.

  2. My dislike for the detonators vary each week, and as of now Frankie is at the top of the list. Hopefully he’ll get evicted before F2.

      1. They should all know by now that America loves Donny and told Frankie his competition sucked ass. Poor butt lode cowchild, he wont get asked to be on any show!

  3. I really hope people are super mean to the little bitch fakie when he gets out… like so bad that he has to live a Casey Anthony type of life in seclusion. BTW- These dbags are so bad, that people would probably rather vote for Casey over these guys… I know too far, but you get the picture.

    1. Wil Heuser has a good stockpile already waiting for Freakie, and Wil must be delirious right now given the current state of affairs. Julie with straight hair, the BB Broadway apple pie debacle, Donny’s applause & Bold & Beautiful gig sending Freakie on a murderous Caligula style rampage ordering his beast mode gladiator to feed a young blonde girl to the lions. This stuff writes itself. Wil couldn’t write anything this fkd up, he might even have to tone it down to make it less offensive.

      But if Wil needs to add any touches, I would really love to see Colton come shrieking in wearing a wrestling outfit & challenge Freakie to the reality bitchfight championship of the world.

    1. Derrick’s chances of winning are dwindling. He has great jury management, but when you don’t make it to the final two, it doesn’t matter. If he doesn’t start figuring a way to get the male members of his alliance out, he’s screwed. He is the weakest male competitor in the house with the fewest enemies. If he isn’t trying to figure out how to get Frankie out this week, he’s an idiot.

      1. for someone who has managed to manipulate who gets nommed, or evicted, and avoided being nommed, he is also really clueless about some of the decisions he’s been passive aggressively been pushing for. Donny going, Nicole going, Hayden going, none of those things will really help at this point of the game. Having Victoria around, etc. He should have not been so cowardly and stuck with Hayden and Nicole when they had the chance, because now Caleb is HOH, and Frankie is staying, and this is actually the time of the game where they need someone like Frankie and Christine to be gone, keeping someone like Nicole who is less able to win and more likely to be greatful to stay

  4. Spoiler, it’s a How Bad Do You Want It based competition, Nicole wins, Victoria goes up.Anyway, I know a lot of people are considering Derrick a mastermind at Big Brother; well he’s not. He’s playing the simple “Ally With Everyone” or “Be Everyone’s Best Ally” strategy, which anyone could have played with such a gullible cast that is too scared to make big moves. Also, it’s very difficult to be liked by America using this method, which is why SOME of the more liked players had played shitty social games and just beasted the competitions like Janelle. Derrick WILL get far for sure, however, he is not a mastermind.

    1. Derrick is not a mastermind, but it may look like one in comparison to so many feeble-minded house guests cast this season.

    2. If Derprick doesn’t get to the F2 its because he didn’t have NoBallsCody backdoor Fakie. This late in the game when you get your shot you have to take it. Fakie will go after Derprick the first chance he gets. It was Fakie who asked DR if there is only on TA member left will there still be missions and $$. He’s just waiting to win the HOH to take him out.

  5. I don’t know why Frankie hates Nicole so much. Ok, she tried to get you out- big deal! You keep saying it’s a game, so get over it, you giant baby

    1. Frankie is so jealous of Nicole he can’t see straight……she’s the cute, feminine blonde he wishes he was. This guy is full of hate (for himself) and it shows.

      1. Agreed. He found out that America hates him, so now he’s bitter and decided it’s safe to spew his anger toward Nicole because he thinks she’s leaving.

    2. Fakie said he had been playing to be liked but when they heard the cheers for Donny he said that was done. Now the true vile disgusting Fakie is coming out and will just worse and worse. The good news it Wil H will have a sooo much fun with this.

    3. Frankie is hating on Nicole so much because it takes the target off of his back. They all do it but Frankie is so obvious that it reminds me of some child actor auditioning for tv. Disturbing to say the least. Of course they put up with it because once again it takes the target off of their back. Riveting TV…..NOT!

  6. “Cody tells them all to stop people are watching this.” — Right because all this time, they’ve been ignoring the two of you make fools out of yourselves.

    1. So……… its okay to wreck a marriage……….as long as you don’t talk about it????? Its a good thing they didn’t cast him for his brains.

    2. Cody is dumber than I thought. He is finally realizing Christine’s husband, his/her parents, other family members, friends, co-workers, and viewers of BB have been watching his behavior with Christine. WOW!! Two months of disgusting disrespect for their families by both of them on national TV and he is trying to act like a man of character. He should be apologizing to everyone watching his repulsive behavior instead of pretending to care what people think of him. He certainly does NOT care about Christine. She is his latest TOY – until BB is over!!

      1. Christine holds just as much responsibility as Cody does. Nobody forces her to hold, caress, play and flirt with him every day. But you cant blame her though, she probably has never been flirted with by a guy as good looking as Cody all of her pathetic life.

  7. Omg!! These boys are the most stupid bunch of Idiots!! They are not playing the game! None of them have made a big move!! None of them deserve to win except NICOLE!!! Frankie he Is awful. SPOILED ROTTEN BRAT!!!!!! Cant stand him!!!

    1. Nicole seems nice, but she does not deserve to win. IF she survives this week and makes some moves…maybe. She has been a puppet the whole season. Don’t let her underdog status trick you into thinking she’s a better player than she actually is.

      1. IMO Nicole is the ONLY person this season who tried to take on this stupid alliance. At least she can see Frankie for what he is- hateful and spoiled.

  8. I’m certain this was mentioned – have been out of town and not able to keep up with all the comments – but I so want to see Frankie’s face when he learns that Donny will be on an actual ‘real’ television show…. I think production zinged Frankie…. I do apologize if this was a matter of discussion – just needed to type it!

    1. Caleb’s talked a lot about Haydenis his favorite BB player. He badly wants to re-create the Brigade, and doesn’t even want to think about doing it any other way. That’s why he’s the last one to turn against his alliance. He doesn’t realize that he’s the only remaining HG that’s Brigade material, and the rest have no loyalty whatsoever.

  9. I hope that when Frankie watches these episode he truly discovers how awful of a person he is. Instead of these idiots being MEN, they lie lie lie like littles bitches. This game isn’t entertaining or fun like it should be. Its disgusting and goes to show that there are some really disgusting people in this world. So tired of these lying ass men.

    1. Unfortunately, Frankie really doesn’t look that bad in the episodes because Production edits them to make him seem likable. Only live feeders get to see how awful a person he really is.

      Fun to look at his Facebook page and read all the comments. People HATE him.

      1. Agreed. What he was saying to Cody was disgusting. Crazy how crazy Caleb is the only one concerned that what Cody and CHristine are doing is WRONG!!!

        Frankie, you seriously continue to show how horrible of a human being you are. It’s sad.

      2. No, he’s pretty unlikable with the edits. I think early on Production was trying to frame him in a better light, but as time went on, they said the hell with it as his behavior got worse. I’m fairly sure he was a huge pain in the ass in the diary room, as well. Frankie’s the type that would ask for a hand surgeon to treat a hang nail.

    2. Fakie won’t see himself as he really is. He’ll blame everyone else. I think if anything could get through to him it would be at the finale his sister doesn’t show up for the party. Instead one of her people do with his sister on the phone saying stay off the web, catch the first flight in the morning to FL and don’t say anything to anyone. She was all over TV this past week and never mentioned him once. You know her people are watching the feeds and social media and are going to have to keep distance between them or it will hurt her career. That is going to be the thing that kills Fakie.

  10. Frankie… ~shiver~ I can’t even say his name without a disgusting grimace. I wouldn’t piss on his feet if his toes were on fire.

  11. OK – this IS THE BEST BB site – but have to mention when Hamster Watch puts a player on permanent IGNORE for the rest of the game – that says a lot about the character of a player. Oh, if you don’t know it is Frankie.

    Simon & Dawg you guys rock – but had to mention the HW ignore!

  12. BMC what a disappointment. And Frankie just gets meaner and meaner. Go Nicole win that PoV! Because I just can’t bring myself to root for anyone else!

  13. All Nicole has to do is win POV, and Crustine goes home to her husband/ maybe 2nd cousin..

    Derrick will not let his pet go home this week..

    1. all he has to say is ‘look how close she got’ in the HOH, and Christine could be gone, even with Victoria up there. vic is still not going to win anything, plus even if she fell into it because everyone DQ’d themselves, she won’t put up Caleb knowing he ‘saved’ her.

    2. Would love to see Victoria and Christine on the block just to see how much power Derrick really has in this game. If he can’t convince the others to keep Victoria over Christine then he has lost control and might not even make it to F3.

  14. I can’t stand Skankie!!! That’s all I have right now :(
    Just had to say it again. He’s not a villain he’s just a waste of skin!

  15. Caleb, Caleb, Caleb…Whyyy, did your brother tell you, “You have enough friends outside of the game”, ..”Put your man pants on”. Reallllllllllllly, you put up Christine and Nicole, that is putting your man pants on?????

    1. frankie told derrick last week or so we have to target each other but wait till i can play for HOH. i dislike frankie but he should of talked caleb into taking a shot a derrick/cody.

  16. Funniest thing I’ve read here: Caleb says he should tell Nicole that she’s not making it to the end that she should just throw the POV and go to jury where Donnie can tell her stories. lol

    Caleb: Priceless! Funny stuff here.

  17. At this point I hope Victoria wins POV and used it on Nicole!!!
    Then Calib HAS to put up Frankie derrick or Cody!!

  18. I said it before, I’ll say it again. Nicole is a dingbat. See she could’ve went up to Caleb last night and straight up told him that the only way you win is if you’re up against Vic, Chris and she should’ve thrown her name out there. She could’ve said they were talking game in the jury house and could’ve laid it out who could beat who in a F2 situation. Seriously, how dumb is this girl? Then she brags about being a superfan and watching the show since she was 8. I wish Hayden would’ve came back, his presence alone would’ve made someone slip up big time. Dingbat.

    1. i agree, she should be using her jury experience to her advantage, but let’s face it this is Caleb. He does not believe a thing anyone else in the house says. period. There is nothing she could say or do to change that, or change the fact that she is not in his ‘alliance’ and so he will not do anything. Plus, really, who would he put up other than her, given that 4 out of the 7 are guys?

  19. I hate all of these jerkoffs!!!!!! One of these disgustings pigs is actually going to walk away with a half mil & I feel nothing but apathy regarding the outcome. Thanks CBS. Great job on the casting………On a happier note, Donny you my man will be having a great future! Christine awaits, Zach & Hayden will put a long awaited smile on your face at jury & America won’t hide her feelings for you! Good on you man!

  20. Tell me, who didn’t see those noms coming? The gift of blah just keeps on giving this season. Not a single shocking twist.

  21. So predictable…… Bb16 the season that never was … Such a big disappointment . no one left with a brain. Wonder what they will think when they go home and think back at this season and wonder what would of been if they actually played their own game and not someone else’s….oh wait, that too requires a brain .

    1. unfortunately, it is unlikely anyone will, because if a HG says something that makes themselves look really bad, awful, and that gets gossiped around, that HG is not going to get a lot of votes, or so it would seem. Maybe they can calculate that saying the ‘right’ thing’ like calling Frankie out, will make themselves look good, but most of these guys are pass-aggs, and afraid to stand up for anything.

    2. Dont worry… Im sure Derick will have a heart to heart with America via the camera about how wrong it was… just so we all know that he knew it was wrong and doesnt really approve of it.

  22. I’m onboard. That ridiculous 20 minute speech by Caleb in the HoH room was my undoing. There were 3 alliances in that room and Caleb still thinks there is only 1. He’s a huge FOOL! His older brother tried to warn him with that letter but Caleb is just too dense and on a continual power trip. The reality check he is going to recieve when he’s leaves the house will have him in tears…again.

  23. I would absolutely love to listen to Donny’s stories. Over coffee. And chewing tobacco. I don’t dip but still. Just saying because I can’t bring myself to publicly acknowledge these people.

    1. I love a show where Donny goes to different cities and towns and talks with people, makes observations, general good humor and dry wit…oh wait! That’s the show Fakie wants!!

  24. Okay isn’t this last week replayed with Donny’s name deleted and Nicole’s name dubbed in. CBS is saving money I guess.

  25. fankie behaviour since Julie said over whelming NO… has gotten worst then it has been, who does this snot nose spoiled brat think he is? Who does he think he is treating the females this way. Your sister, mom must be real proud of your actions. Production needs to step in here and give this dbag a wake-up. what he said about hating America is disgusting, and the names he has called these females let alone what he said Cody could do to Christine. This is not good TV or live feeds.

    Caleb needs to go back and read his letter there is a message there. Is he that stupid he can’t see what his family is telling him. Caleb does not even get these guys have another name for there alliance…

    Derrick taking the money in the HOH shows his greedy.

  26. I have been watching BB since the first season, but have never posted til now. Frankie is unbelievable. Set aside the fact that he is gross, disgusting, and crude. The man (?) is delusional. The more time goes by, the farther his mask slips. His fierce hate for Donny, now fierce jealousy of Donny is sad. His nasty comments about Nicole, because she played the game, are showing his alliance that he, not Zack, is the loose cannon.
    I have never seen a more narcissistic, self entitled, self absorbed, coat tail rider ever. I think no matter who wins next week Frankie is done. I just hope Nicole has the pleasure of taking him down, for herself and for Donny.

  27. What is so sad about the whole dingbat Nicole thing is that this isn’t that complicated. Common sense would dictate that you are fighting for your life in the game and you might as well go for the jugular. Donny told her what they did to him and what they would do to her but she didn’t believe it. Completely naïve. I mean no one is protected anymore. There simply are not enough people left in the house. She needs to come out swinging, right now. Why meet in secret with people who are only going to use it against you. She now needs to get off the pity pot and focus on winning. She should be drinking protein drinks, eating slop, tofu or whatever to get her strength back, so she can win.

  28. Could bmc have been more obvious with his nominations? Little does he know he is on the outside looking in. He is next on the “hit list”

  29. I agree. Nicole is a dingbat. I don’t know why she is getting alot of support. She was a really mean girl against Britney, Amber and Victoria. Now that she has been sent home and her HOH a wast of time and abandoned by slut-tine, she is hanging with Vic. Her loud singing voice is annoying. No way is she even comparable to Jordan. Send her out the door!

  30. Skankie is rotten on the inside and outside. BB play was the worse. He looked like a demented, untalented diseased HO. No wonder he needs to see a doc constantly. Infection runs rampant deep in his soul. Can’t wait til he sees Donny was the most talented one .

  31. I am so tired of these supposed tough guys bullying and belittling the girls in the house. It will be interesting when they turn on one another. Frankie and Cody will fold like lawn chairs! Caleb will try throwing his weight around occasionally But I am dying to see how Derrick handles things when the darts start flying his way. A few kind words won’t go far if and when they all start scrapping for the power and prize money. CBS has completely lost control this season and that is disappointing to me.

  32. Production…. these house guest’s brain cells are dying at an unfathomable rate….. maybe check for asbestos poisoning …..I vote we just get them to put some skittles in a bag and draw a winner and get this over with already!

    1. I would love if CBS just cancelled the remainder of the season and sent everyone home. It seems like every season the people just get worse, I have no doubt there are some good gamers out there that don’t bother to apply for the show for fear of being subjected to a place with these type people for 3 months.

    2. I have watched every season of Big Brother. I read a lot of the comments. This is by FAR the funniest and best post I have ever read. I think it would be a fitting end to the worst season ever! BB is supposed to be a game. Most of the house is not playing a game. I don’t think they really care about winning this money. I think they believe that they are going to be famous for just being on the show and that’s how they will become rich. CBS didn’t cast competitive people. CBS casted people who are bidding their time in a house in hopes of being famous afterwards. I hope we “America” send the message that it is a privilege to be picked to play in this game by not giving them what they want afterwards. Please don’t give them the attention they are seeking. This is not entertaining. This is disgusting. I hope the houseguests really reflect on their actions this summer. Frankie at this point is hurting his sisters “brand”. I believe he is a 30 year old man. Its past time he acted like one. Own your mistakes and make your apologies and figure out what that hate in your heart is about. Cody was a Division 1 college athlete. Where is his competitive drive? Christine is married. It is supposed to be a sacred vow. Caleb needs to see the world is bigger than himself. Nicole you never competed. I can’t figure out why you wanted to be on here let alone come back. Victoria must be in it for the fame. Derrick at least competed. I might not have chosen his methods but I can respect the fact that he is playing the game. The house ganged up and disrespected probably the hardest working man in the house-Donnie. I see wanting to get him out because he would beat you in the end but I can’t see the disrespect and belittlement. I am embarrassed for CBS that that is the part of America that Donnie got to spend his “once in a lifetime opportunity” with as a lifelong fan of the show. I hope he gets another chance. Now pull the skittles and pick the winner!! LOL

  33. Christine is barely figuring out that she should play for herself because she is at the bottom of the totem pole. Bet she regrets Joey’s offer for a girls alliance, now. lmao. She deserves what she gets, don’t feel sorry for her at all! I would be perfect if Nicole would have been the one to send her home. But maybe Caleb will get a clue and send Christine home now and Frank-stink-nasty-ass next for double eviction. And Nicole team with Caleb.

  34. Frankie is a f–king punk bitch. Saying that he would punch Nicole in face proves this. He has his head so far up his ass that he can’t see that America hates him.

    1. He knows America hates him and that’s why he’s getting even worse. He expected everyone to love him and root for him. Now he knows that will never happen and the mask is gone. The true hateful vile that is Fakie is now without filter or control. It will just get worse.

  35. Frankie: Oh Caleb, you’re my hero!, So strong and commanding, my little old heart just can’t take it anymore! PUKE!

  36. Dear CBS: You really don’t have to keep Frankie around to meet your gay quota. Turns out Cody is an undercover gay and will better represent the community than TwinkleToenails Frankie. Crustine is obviously Cody’s beard, there’s just no other explanation for that weirdness. Dear Julie: Please be prepared for full on theatrics when Frankie is finally and thankfully evicted. It’s OK if you don’t hide your glee while shoving him out the door. In fact, just skip the exit interview altogether, as no one cares.

  37. Ever since the “overwhelming NO!” and Donny’s exit to overwhelming applause, Frankie has been imploding. He is a seriously mentally sick man. Little sis’s managers must be getting cramps in their legs from running sis as far away from him as possible. He’s a walking, talking career-killer.
    Derrick is making a vital mistake getting out Nicole instead of Christine. And he WILL NOT allow Victoria to be evicted. She is the only one who has accomplished less than him in the game. He needs her to be in the final 2 with him (heaven forbid!)

    Since I can’t root for anyone other than Nicole…& I think she’s gone this week :( ……
    Here’s to Victoria winning the $500K….if only to watch these airheads faces….would be priceless! None of them deserves any $$.

    Derrick got his $5K back that was lost in Frankie’s horrendous TA play. Also not sitting well with Frankie!

    UGH….CBS….get a new casting director………NOW!

  38. Been on this site for at least 3 year (maybe 4). Thank you so much for all your hard work. I am always amazed at how right on you and Dawg are in your re-caps. Your site is awesome and the pics that you post are hilarious; they tell a story too. Your comments are right on and sometimes I thinking the comments and then read them. Love it! Will the Houseguest be able to read the posts to get a clue at what your followers think? Just curious, how many followers on this site?

    1. Omfg this would be gold. If Nicole gets evicted imagine Victoria not winning 1comp, getting picked for the final 2 then winning? Lol … Then watch these fools sit through her talking about what a great game she played … Rofl

  39. Really, no one wants to see Nichole die a long slow death. She did that once already. Donny’s long slow death was hard to watch too.

  40. Nicole needs to use the “apple pie” issue with Caleb. Cody and Christine have already questioned what it meant and I think are still thinking about why it came up with Frankie. She needs to start planting seeds with him like why would Julie use words like “overwhelming NO.” It seems like Julie was a sending a subtle message that there was some kind of VOTE going on with Frankie. Then let Caleb go tell the other guys what she said. Derrick and Frankie will freak out, but Cody will start talking to Christine and it will raise some issues that could have Cody and Christine campaigning to Caleb to get Frankie out before either of the girls. Nicole should do some thinking instead of giving up and letting them send her back to jury. Frankie’s look was very telling he was disappointed with the answer. Then he ranted about Donny not doing anything for America. She could really get some tongues wagging in her favor if she can get Caleb to start questioning Frankie and his motives about the apple pie. Derrick is going to go along with house on this one because he does not want to be outed as part of TA. Frankie and Derrick could go up against each other rather quickly if the topic keeps coming up. She needs to play these people the way they have played her all summer.

    1. Evil Dick mentioned the other day he had something to do with the last megaphone wall callers and he said it was time for them to make another run. Let’s hope the HGs will listen this next time and really think about it.

      1. I love Evel Dick and this sounds like something he’d do! He HATES Frankie with a passion, and he isn’t too fond of Cody and Christine, either. Oh please, oh please, do another BB drive by, Evel Dick – it would be brilliant!!

    2. I so agree!! I wish Donny could have whispered to Nicole when he was evicted, “don’t dismiss the apple pie comment it’s big.”

  41. Stankie is just a vile vile vile person. It didn’t take long for his true nature to come out on camera. To call any woman the “c” word is low beyond low and to encourage Vagody and Skanktine to have sex is beyond reprehensible and no forethought that she has a husband who’s watching and has gotten a major bucket of poop already for her with No Balls.

    He’s a grown man who should know better and there’s no excuse for his words and actions. stop squealing like a 12 year old. your act is not endearing and loved by the viewers. it’s having the opposite effect … we are beyond REPULSED!!!!! Grow the hell up and learn what respect means. if the HGs treated and ostracized you …. you would be wailing at the exit door to be let out. you get what you give. We (the viewers and fans) can’t wait for you to be on the block and evicted. when you step out of the door you will be greeted by complete and utter silence. You are not worthy of being booed.

    Nicole has done anything to be treated this way by Skankie and the rest of the bullies minus reflectionVic (she has no impact or presence).

    I say shame shame shame on you all!!! this is the worst bunch of HGs evvvvvvvvvvver!!!!!

  42. the more and more we see of Frankie the more I get sick knowing that this asshole is going to win. He has been such a piece of scum all along, but last night hearing him call his own sister a smoke bomb and how she is HOT, that just creeped me out. Then listening him react to Nicole talking to Derrick, like no one is allowed to talk to her. He reminds me of a mean girl and the worst of them.
    The only thing he has against her is she went after him and is a HUGE threat to him. And he is jealous that she is having fun with the guys, and he is supposed to have total control over them…in his mind.
    I know in my gut he has got this in the bag as no one is bold enough to make a big move, they are just handing this to him. But I just wish there was a way to get this scum out of that house!

  43. I’d just like to point out that during all the bashing going on in the HOH room, Cody is the only one who’s not participating at all.
    Frankie, Christine, Derrick and even Caleb are bashing everyone and everything, and he doesn’t.
    (Meanwhile, Nicole and Victoria are in the HaveNot room, bashing everyone in the HOH room…)

  44. If Vic wins Veto (or Derrick throws it to her) He could convince her to use it on Nicole and put Frankie up. No blook on Derrick’s hands, and Nicole will be more loyal to Derrick (and easier to beat further on) than Frankie. Christine is a 100% vote for Cody and Vic is an 100% vote for Derrick. If he can get Nicole for !00%, he could take them both to final 3.

  45. So this has nothing to do with this post, but I was thinking, back in the day if Frankie was straight and he made some of the gestures and comments he does we would have called him a “pervert.” Because he’s gay he gets away with it? Urban Dictionary Says: pervert. An immature loser who can take any sentence and somehow make it about sex

    1. Frankie is a really awful representation of gay men. He is absolutely a pervert, but it of course has nothing to do with his homosexuality

  46. I have been watching BB since season 1 and I have to say this is the first time that I remember people treating people like these guys are. I mean what happened to humanity? Like poor Donny being avoided like the plague, I mean they could’ve had a general conversation with the man and treated him like a human being. Instead of leaving the man alone and letting him cry himself to sleep every night. And what they are doing to Nicole by putting her on slop another week, someone should’ve said she was on slop last week, make someone else do it this week. Even if they plan on sending them home, they can still treat them with a little respect!
    Frankie’s actions are getting uglier by the day. He walks around like he is something special. I bet now that people have seen his true colors he has a lot more enemies than he does fans. I wish that I could be there to see his reaction when he finds out that he is not as special and loved by people as he thinks he is. In fact I haven’t seen too many people on here declare themselves as Frankie fans, lol. I wish someone would knock all these boys down for a week and make them sweat a little to see how it feels. But I really don’t see any one with enough balls to do it.

    1. These writeups have shown he is now aware he isn’t so well liked. His fash turned ashen when Julie gave him the news about the apple pie. He then told Derrick he was done with trying to please the fans because obviously, they don’t like him as much as he thought. He’s probably somewhat unstable and I hope this experience and reading any posts doesn’t unglue him when he’s done.

  47. Caleb does not have a brain at all. At this time in the game I would rather cheer for Victoria because they are all too stupid to see she is just floating by. No need for them to be mad when she finally make it to F2 because they let her so I’m going to cheer her on (don’t have noone else to cheer for, lol). Instead of making a move he puts up Chris/Nic on Derricks and Frankie’s wishes. I hope BB flip the house!!

    Caleb always talking about Beast Mode this, Beast Mode that, but sleeps with a pink flamingo EVERY NIGHT!!! I’m done!

  48. Maybe it’s me, but not a huge Donny fan. I will give him mad props and respect, he carried himself further in the game than I thought he would, playing a solo game and having Jocasta as his strongest ally.
    Big Brother is a game that is mostly a mix of strategy and social skills…Donny had the strategy and was a keen observer but waited too late to implement the social skills aspect and when he did, he ended up trying to guilt people into keeping him and wanting them to jeopardize their game all the while knowing about their other alliances. Oh, then he (and Nicole) basically hands Cody the Power of Veto.
    And now CBS is playing his eviction up as if the man has DIED…it’s a game and he got evicted.
    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel he was treated badly by the other houseguests, but so were other evicted houseguests. I think Zach may have had it worse than Donny; Donny was always the loner, Zach was part of the “Cool Kids” alliance(s).
    So while I do feel badly Donny’s game has come to an end, he can have the full BB experience by joining jury, where he can socialize with the few friends and allies he did make in the game.
    And Zach is getting my vote for America’s Favorite. He was just as honest as Donny and was more entertaining.

  49. I am literally feed up with these dimwits use of the word literally. I am willing to drive a bus to California and literally throw each one of them under it. I mean it, I’ve literally gone over the edge! Frankie first, whose with me? Plenty of room on the bus!

  50. CBS…Julie Chen….Production…..HEAR THIS!!!!
    We are the people who PAY you’re salaries…The FANS…TRUE FANS…NOT the person who watches now and then, and does’nt read blogs or feeds…BUT US! The ONES who spend our summers invested in this game, who LOVE this game! YOU NEED TO LISTEN to the TRUE FANS!
    1} The most twisted season ever!…..BULLSHIT….Has to rate on the low side of twists…compared with other years. And unless you are gonna throw a whopper in the for the next 3 weeks….you have lied to your BREAD AND BUTTER….FANS DO NOT like to be lied to!!!
    2}There are some disturbing things going on in this house!…..The mean and nasty things to get further in the game….SO WHAT ….It is BIG BROTHER!!!….the making girls cry??? SO WHAT….It is Big Brother!!!….the running around spreading rumours and lies….SO WHAT …It is Big Brother!!!
    BUT THE VILE and REPULSIVE ACTS, WORDS and GESTURES are WAY over the top this year. I am a mature person…who has SEEN IT ALL, and DONE ABOUT 1/2 of that…..There is NOTHING [up to recently} that when I see or hear it….makes me cock my head….and say WOW….and rewind to make sure I saw or heard correctly….And I will tell you AGAIN!!!!!..NOTHING makes me cock my head and say WOW….And PLEASE DO NOT GET ME WRONG CBS….this is NOT A GOOD WOW…You should probably get a HANDLE ON THIS…considering last season….I would of thought you would have gotten your SHIT TOGETHER….maybe you got better ratings last year….but BELIEVE ME…..NOT GONNA HAPPEN THIS YEAR…UNLESS PRODUCTION MAKES IT CEASE!!!!
    3} Here is a suggestion for your TWISTY, TWISTEST SEASON EVER….DO SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE ALL THE SUPER FANS …..COCK THEIR HEADS AND SAY WOW! and do it a good way! HELL here is one….let the VEIWERS VOTE OUT the person on the block…Do not tell house guests until it is time for them to vote…..NOW THAT WOULD BE A TWIST! Damn BB…I am not in TV…and I can come up with GOOD TWIST….What are you PAYING the employees for???

    1. One of the main problems with this season is the twists were poorly conceived and not well thought out. Production was totally clueless that the twists could be used to add more control to the house. Mix in a large alliance with a couple of manipulators and a bunch of brain-dead loyalists and you have a season of disaster.

  51. I think actions should be taking towards the one that is threading phycial harm to another player if not it seems to me bb has no problem. With. A threat of. Bodily. Harm to another humane. Being

  52. Nicole needs to grow up. She got herself into this game and no one else signed her up for it. STOP making it seem like she’s being attacked personally. If anything Victoria was being attacked personally because of her personality. This is not a job, it’s a GAME. Maybe she should just expect the unexpected and stop whining! No one said Big Brother is fair and that the person who’s the nicest should win, so get over it. She’s had ample opportunities to win, like everyone else, and even won her way back into the game. I didn’t see her crying when she got to enter the house again. Boohoo, you didn’t win the HOH. GROW UP! It’s not cupcakes, rainbows, roses and here’s your 500K. It’s win comps, be in an alliance, or have a social game. GROW UP!

    1. And as I recall, Nicole said that it was completely worth it being in the Big Brother house during her exit interview, So everyone putting down the season, you’re just negating what Nicole said about it being worth every minute and calling her out for what she believes was time well spent.

    2. If. Getting. A punch. In the face is playing the as frank. As wanted to do to her than. U need to go. ASP. To the nearest. Jail an. Sign your self in for life were your kind belongs. ,

  53. If BB comes back next Summer; I think the fans should be able to put people on the block and vote people out. BB can mix it up so Houseguest’s won’t catch on.

  54. Christine is gone this week. No matter what, unless, and that is a BIG unless, Derrick is a HUGE idiot, she is over. Derrick, Cody, Victoria vote for Nicole to stay. Derrick Cody Nicole vote for Victoria to Stay. hurrah!! That leaves that HUGE scumbag Frankie “just who is Donny???????” to hang with Caleb. Let Caleb beast mode be mad. He is a misogynistic blowhard. He only scores on the charm in regards to he men. Especially with Frankie who I believe he thinks will help his singing career?

  55. I am NOT a fan of Derrick. He has played these final 7 leftovers like a bunch of tools!!! None can think for themselves! When Nicole or Donny have spoken to them about what they see are their options. They call them out as liers. They NEVER consider the other perspectives & really evaluate their own games. If they had we would have had a better season to watch! I believe 100% Donny should win Americas Favorite Player. Hopefully Nicole wins POV & Caleb will make big moves. Ya right on the big moves! It isn’t a big move getting out Victoria. Grow some balls Caleb!! Quit letting your cowboy hat squeeze your brain too hard!

    1. well these 7 leftovers ARE tools! as in “none on them can think of them for them selves!”, therefore Derrick will think for them!! They refused to listen to Nicole or Donny. I do think Donny or Zach should be America’s Favorite. But Caleb, come on… the guy is all brawn and no brain and a misogynist to boot! you don’t remember the Amber obsession all of a sudden? Derrick is the best player this year. you may not like him, but he has played these fools like fiddles and I hope he continues to do so and succeeds. He is the only worthy player in this house of misfits and idiots. He is the only one playing Big Brother this year!!!

  56. After this week, when Nicole will most likely be evicted. Can we watch the remainder of the season in the Jury House? I think it would be more entertaining.

  57. They need to switch the BB After Dark cameras over to the Jury House. BBAD is such a waste of air time. I bet there’s more excitement going on in the JH. I am a big Donny fan for the entertainment value, but Derrick is the ONLY person worthy of the 500K. He has actually thought through every move he’s made since Day 1. Like him or not, he’s played smart, he has more brains than the rest of those idiots put together. And Nicole hasn’t made any smart moves since she came back (cause she’s playing scared), but remember why she got evicted? Cause she was the ONLY person with balls enough to go after the boys, even Donny put her up to it instead of doing it himself cause he was scared of them. Should she win, probably not but Kudos to her for making the ONLY big, non-predictable move so far in this lack luster game. I won’t even get started on CBS production. Its just been crap! They haven’t even tried to do anything to force these yahoos to stir it up, if nothing else for some freakin entertainment value. I’m watching Derrick right now, he plays along with the stupid shit they say and it’s obvious he’s thinking he’s surrounded by idiots. Just give him the $, end it now and put everybody out of their misery.

  58. Give em alcohol, woohoo! Looks like everybody is drunk but Derrick & Nicole. Cody and Victoria are really wasted. It was funny as hell to watch Derrick tell Victoria to just “hug him, walk away and don’t say anything ur gonna regret later” then push her away. And Cody’s drunk ass trying to talk game (slurring his words) to Caleb. Haha! Caleb doesn’t seem so dumb in a conversation with a drunk. Wonder what’s gonna happen between Cody and Christine tonight, he’s to drunk to remember she’s married (and ugly). By the way, Frankie has a FILTHY mouth, he’s gross and needs to go!

  59. What everyone needs to do is stop watching this garbage. Change the channel do not give CBS the ratings it’s like giving attention to little kids that are misbehaving. This site has more information on it about what is happening in the House than the three 1 hour episodes anyways. This is where I’ll be getting my information till this season is over and that will be it for me I’ll never watch another season after 16 seasons.

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